Big Brother Spoilers – Shelly assures the vets She likes their Koolaid Better

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3:09pm HOH Jeff and Jordan They are going over what just happened. Jeff says nothing new happened it all just out in the open. They both do not trust Lawon but Jordan thinks that Kalia might turn around with her. Jordan warns him that he better go play nice with Kalia because they will need her vote down the road. Jeff isn’t worried he’ll smooth thing over with her. Jeff comments that Dom really went after Shelly.. they are both curious of what Shelly thinks.

Jeff cannot understand why dom was defending Dani.. “it’s her fault he’s going home” Jordan and Jeff seem worried about Adam and Shelly, Jeff said Adam kept quiet most of the time but he was making facial expressions that kinda made him think that Adam is pissed at Jeff. Jeff makes it clear that he wants Dani gone, Jordan adds that the entire house will be gunning after her now (hmm not sure about that). Jeff really wants to talk to Shelly… Jordan says she’ll grab Shelly as soon as she gets out of DR. Jeff: “I want a Lawon and Kalia week a week I don’t need to battle” (Last week was your lawon and Kalia week) Jeff mentions how much of a BLANK dani is and how she’s all attitude.

3:20pm Fortune room Brendon and rachel Talk is about how the newbs had the advantage and them running around complaining that they’re hands were tied the entire time was BS. She points out that if the newbs would of stepped up their game and won a comp they might of been able to have a bit of power. Brendon says it’s stupid of them all to sit there and say they are getting picked off one by one. rachel says she’s starting to feel like last year she feels if they don’t win one of them 4 will go up. Brendon says that dani has to go first.

3:25pm Dani and Porsche Dani is saying she’s owning up to everything was said but much of what BRJJ is saying has been twisted. She points out that those 4 have a final 4 arrangement so what are the rest of them suppose to do? There’s a lot of whispering going.

3:27pm Kitchen Shelly and Jordan Shelly tells Jordan I am 100% with JJBR, there’s no way i’m siding with dani and dom. jordan says all 5 of them need to talk upstairs. HEr and Jordan head up stairs to the HOH to talk with brendon and Jeff

Shelly is telling them everything that the newbs are planning saying it’s ridiculous that they actually think it’s better for her to stick with them then with the vets. Shelly: “they actually think what they are proposing is beneficial to me” Shelly says POrsche will not flip she understand why they are worried but she’s in the same spot as Porsche and the deal is not favorable to neither of them. They all take a round saying how stupid dom and Dani are thinking they can actaully pull this off. Shelly says they are all huddled in the have nots room trying to get me to keep Dom, “i’m 100% with you guys “Brendon: “as soon as one of us goes your the partner” (LOL go Shelly) Shelly says the newbs truly think they will take BRJJ out and run the house she doesn’t see that happening.. Shelly: “none of them downstairs have won anything what makes them think if they keep dom that they will have a chance”. Brendon: “There all drinking the koolaid down there.. Dani is a horrible person”. Porsche joins them says they are starting to try to pull her in so she thought of escaping up here. brendon: “they are all stupid.. they want you guys to save DOm so dani and dom can run the house”. They ask her what Kalia was doing.. Porsche says she never heard Kalia talk game they are all just talking numbers and p**** talk (Brendon jerking off). POrsche says they think they have me and Shelly’s vote.. they laugh.. (Ohh BLANK the newbs are screwed) Porsche: “it’s dani and Dom.. the rest she doesn’t know.. those people are ridicoulus they all voted against me week one why would I be with them”. brendon goes on and on how he’s played a straight up game with his alliance and dani turned on them. He tells Shelly again that she’ll replace one of BRJJ when they get evicted. (LOL Shelly is drinking the koolaid) Shelly points out that she has a better chance making it to the finals with BRJJ then with Dani and Dom’s newbs she’s been with them since day one and she’ll conitnures to be with them till the end. They all start to laugh when brendon suggests Shelly and Porsche make dani and dom think they are going to vote to keep dom. Brendon: “It’s like week 1 all over again”

Porsche and Brendon are left behind Shelly and Jeff head Downstairs for drinks.

Porsche is saying that theres no way she’s sticking with the newbs they don’t win anything she’ll stay with the group that makes the moves and holds the power. Porsche calls them all crazy. brendon says that dani has brainwashed everyone in the house. ..

(OK folks so Shelly is 100% with BRJJ not sure if Dani knows that but I suspect she does, POrsche on the other hand is playing it a little more cool. I’m pretty sure Porsche will go to whatever side has the power. Adam I have no clue but I think he will side with Dani. the numbers how I see it right now
1) dom is going to be evicted only a twist can save him
2) SHELLY +BRJJ are a group
3) DANI + Lawon + Kalia are a group
4) Porsche goes with power
5) Adam goes with power but i suspect he’s with Dani a bit more than BRSJJ
6) Unless a NON BRSJJ wins HOH and a NON BRSJJ has some twist thrown to them their goose is cooked.
7) Tomorrow’s Endurance HOH will be the biggest in recent memory.. will the newbs step up and win or will the vet continue to dominate?

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112 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Shelly assures the vets She likes their Koolaid Better

        1. At least Dani and Dom had the guts to go up against the four-headed monster. Shelly is just a pathetic ass kisser.

  1. I’m so sick of Shelly kissing everyone’s ass. Is it a stategy? Yes. Is it working? Yes. But that doesn’t make it anymore annoying to watch. Just bombarding everyone in the house with compliments and kissing there ass to no end. I honestly don’t know how they can’t see it.

    Also, I feel pretty certain Adam is definitely against the vets, meaning that if he won HoH he would have no hesitation putting them up. Obviously he’ll play it cool with them when they have power so he doesn’t go home.

  2. Sheldon better hope either brendumb or JJ win HOH tomorrow so she can be safe again and be their house rat

  3. Yeah, go Shelly! With the Vets odds of winning thus far and how all the Newbs have been sucking at comps, I pretty much assume that a vet (or if they throw it to Shelly) will win.

  4. CBS should actually pick people to play the game for the prize…. Not Shelly who want to kiss ass with JJ cuz she is a fan of them.

    1. It’s clear that Shelly has been playing this game FOR HERSELF from day 1. She’s’s GREAT at it too. She flies under the radar but is praised by the ppl who hate “floaters”.

  5. brenchel acting like they already won the POV (I know they do but at this point they havent even played it yet on cbs) and brendumb rubbing rachoes feet. BARF it was all I could do to keep my dinner down.

  6. Hahahaha…. Shelly Trash? As long as BRJJ win HoH she’s safe and if one of the other players win HoH then they will be going after the Couples not Shelly. If you ask me she’s playing very smart.

  7. I’ll try again. It’s lights out for the newbies. Porsche and Skeletor Shelly sealed the fate for the newbies. But newbies shouldn’t been so afraid to play instead of hiding.

    On another note, anybody else notice the bikes and the bike rack in the kitchen? Are they real? Were they always there?

    1. the theme of the house is outdoor park. hence all the bushes, plants, benches etc… bikes have been there from day 1.

    2. bulldyke hillbilly shelly is a 2 faced dyke. does she think the vets give a shit about her just because she is a snake and backstabbin trouble maker? i cant stand hillbillyshelly

    3. bulldyke hillbillyshelly is a 2 faced dyke. does she really think the vets give a shit about her just because she is a 2 faced snake?
      ps simon the comments dont post I had to type this one twice.

  8. danyawn is giving it away that she wants to go to the final 2 with a partner (dom) she should have been more sutle now she has brenchel and jefdon on her back. and why are kaka and lawnman even on the show? cbs only shows them for a sec and they never sompete.

  9. Don’t you think that tomorrows comp will only be for the 3 couples? Why would there be a golden key for Adam if it’s meaningless? So JJ, BR, and the two dipshits will compete for HOH. JJBR win. Then they have to fight their asses off again for the POV.

    1. I wondered that too, what is the point of the last golden key? Maybe the two couples who don’t win HOH will automatically go up for noms.

    2. They have to bring someone back before the HOH comp starts, otherwise there will only be B, J, J, K, L playing for HOH and everyone except golden key holders would play in POV (6). It’s a pretty shitty deal to have an HOH with only 5 people playing when there are still 10 people in the house. Everytime BB has done a couples season, they bring an evicted house guest back.

  10. OMG It’s Rachel……

    LMFAO BB was watching her in the tub with brenda and decided to create a comp staring her…. TOO FUNNY

  11. I just watched dom throw the pov , funny that racheal and brendon thought he was trying to win -_- dom could of won easily why did he have to throw it , i think he could of won because he is a biology major and their alot of big words in biology (not 100% about the biology major but something around science) hoping for a twist to bring him back !

  12. Seaweed & Sardines, Black Licorice & Blue Cheese OR Parsnips & Prunes

    Hmmm what would make them the most irritable, and possibly cause drama? Decisions Decisions

    Seaweed & Sardines it is

    You guys vote that too, or I will come after you in the night with a plastic spork ;p

  13. Shelly might go down as one of the most intelligent players ever. It sounds like she runs a successful business at home. She is playing the game and playing everybody and they are all believing her BS.

    1. jus cause she wants to munch on jordumbs carpet and is 2 faced, backstabbing and asslicking does not make her smart or anything else she looks like an asshole nothing more nothing less.

    2. Yea a part of me commends her on her gamplay so far. But I just hate her as a person. I’d actually respect her more if she just came to the DR and said “Yes, I’m going to lie, be fake backstab and do whatever it takes to win the game, because its part of the game”, but instead she comes off so fake to me. She’s not the great person she thinks she is. She’s pretty much an evil two faced bitch just like Kalia….just not as dumb.

      1. Not as dumb and not as emotional. At least Kalia, for all the BLANK myself and others have given her, has shown she has a conscience from time to time.

  14. Never ever, EVER throw a POV. You’ve been schooled. This message has been brought to you by the letter D and the number 2. Dom is a dumb shit. Get it? Letter D and Number 2. I keel me.

  15. Shelly’s is really loyal with J/J… She’s pretty smart! She’s not totally lying. She just had to. Everybody has to lie. LOL. I’m giving her credit for playing atleast.

  16. Dom didn’t try to throw the POV lol. He was just not good enough for the comp. If he did throw it out, then he’s dumber than dumb. lol

  17. This is teh Brendon and RAchel show!

    Adam, Khalia, Lawon, Porsche were hardly shown, if at all, during this episode. Much like their game play!

  18. alison grodner is a producer of this show (1 of em) so what she gonna do fire herself? this show does seemed rigged which takes all the fun outta watching it. (especially when jorwhoe guessed that bay watch from a pair of opera glasses and 3 pieces of soap). was it a ploy to make jordumb look smart.

    1. damien – I thought that myself. No way would that girl be able to come up with that herself. I think production were conversing with her about The Hoff for her to even come up with that. No way, no how she did guess that right.

  19. Exactly. It’s like BB 101. NEVER throw a competition when you are on the block. It’s as bad a move as Marcellus not using the Power of Veto on himself in BB3. DUMB MOVE!

    1. yep – and Keith did the same thing. Clearly they cast a bunch of idiots this season. They must’ve been chosen this cast to play this seasons BB from a freaking country fair raffle.

  20. i honostly think Dani is going to win tomorrow. I just have this gut feeling. If she does, she’ll use it to get back in with the vets or she’ll either use it it to get rid of them. My prediction, brendon or jeff goes home this week. I just dont see Dani getting off tomorrow and its more then likely a knock off competion. What do you think Simon?

    1. I noticed on the episode that aired tonight at the end when they were doing the voiceover they said…..and who will win HOH……and guess who’s fave was shown???? Dani’s! The fix is in. They know if she’s gone there won’t be anyone stirring up drama in the house esp with BRJJ getting along so well. Either way, I think Dani is a lock to make it through this next week

      1. Maybe the 4 keys will open 4 different boxes that can be kept or traded by the holders as they get eliminated??? No limit as to what might be in each box – unlock them as the HOH competition goes on, or held over to the end??? Just a thought. Havng a player return seems too predictable.

        1. it would still be neat Kathie if something came out of those keys because they have been nothing but a dud.

    2. Yes, I agree with you, Mike. BB wants to create as much tension and drama as possible, so Dani will win. I hope none of the five of them kiss her ass when that happens.

  21. Agtree with you 100%, but it’s rigged for there to be a showdown between the Most loved couple Vs the Most hated couple Brenchel and either Jeff or Jordon will win.

    1. absolutely you are so on. it is a battle of evil vs good, but what if dick had stayed? how would that battle have played out. evil vs evil vs good / (cut to shillbilly eating a piece of carpet while daydreaming about jordumb)

  22. The announcer teases, “How will the houseguests react when another twist shakes up the game?” now im really excited about tomorrow live episode , i hope the twist is dom gets brought back in the game

  23. Dani will win the HOH. It would be really interesting if JJBR win HOH, I would like to see how Dani reacts. It would be very good TV.
    In the new TV Guide there is an interview with Allison Grodner. She says that Dani will be the winner of BB13, so she will win tomorrow and then every other week. We all suspect that Big Brother is fixed, so we will see tomorrow night.

    I am a fan of Jeff and Jordan. I cannot figure out why Dani thinks Jeff is her biggest competition. Seems like it would be Rachel. Except she knows Jeff won
    America’s Favorite and she did not. She is slimmey. She would not have come in 2nd if not for her Dad. He really helped her. Remember all she did was lay in bed with Nick. He did her dirty work. She was counting on Dom for that.

    1. I dunno….I think it’ll be more interesting if Dani wins HOH tomorrow with the huge power shift it would cause in the house

      And something tells me that Jeff isn’t Americas favortite anymore, because he’s being a bit of a jerk this season. Then again…there aren’t really a whole lot of choices.

    2. Dani knocks out Jeff and pulls (dumb) Jordan to her side. In Dani’s perfect world, she would’ve had Jordan,Shelly (shelly comes with Jordan), Dom, Kahlia, Lawon, in her corner against Porsche, Rachel and Brendon. Adam would’ve gone home. That being said, Jordan would’ve wanted to avenge Jeff’s dismissal and been gunning after Rachel and Brendon. with Brendon going home next, leaving RAchel vulnerable and emotionally shot .. Everyone else would be doing Dani’s dirty work.

      Follow me?

    3. All she did was lay in bed with Nick? She spent more time on the show without him being in the house than she did with him in the house.

      And she won the most comps for one season of BB when people actually played comps to win and didn’t throw them for the sake of hoping to make deals.

      I’m not on the Daniwagon at all but give the girl some credit. Saying she got to the end because of her dad really oversimplifies how she actually ended up there. Her dad saved her and took her off the block one time but she busted ass during gameplay in order to get to the end.

      Selective memory is a misleading thing.

  24. Theres going to be a twist tomorrow. I’m betting they are bringing someone back. Or the golden keys people are the only ones allowed to play for HOH.

  25. Re: the draw for the POV contest, how can that be rigged? (This is a genuine inquiry, not a sarcastic comment) If Production only put certain players names in the bag, wouldn’t the person who draws the names know this because the bag would be empty after drawing…? And if Production put duplicates of certain persons only, they would all know if the same name was drawn twice. So doesn’t everybody’s name have to be in the bag to prevent Production getting busted (with the exception of the keyholders, which is unique to this season)? I’m saying if I were to draw big chips from a bag, I would know the difference between, for example, 3 or 6 chips in the bag, just by feel.

    1. Production would put duplicates in the bag, which doesn’t matter because only one chip has to be pulled. So if there are 3 couples then there will be 3 of the same couple.

      As I said, the important aspect is that only one chip needs to be pulled, making it very easy to put 3 of one name in the bag. Also, on the chips is a couple, not just one name, so one chip has 2 names (one couple) on it

      I’m not saying it is rigged, but it’s extremely easy.

      1. Ahh, I see. I haven’t watched the show this season; I just read this site. So this season, due to the couples and keyholders, it is easy to rig….but not so much during a regular “singles” season.
        Thanks for explaining :)

      2. Zach – I agree. I always thought that darn bag was rigged and tonight I know for sure it is. The vets cannot be that lucky. No way.

    2. It was posted earlier and I agree that the only ppl that see inside the POV bag is Production.
      With the keys not playing there are only 2 couples possible, hence two JJ’s
      After the selection the bag is closed and returned to Production
      After the key immunity is finished (maybe this week) it becomes harder to manipulate

  26. Wouldn’t you all shit if the last golden key was the twist. Meaning….last golden key is HOH?! That would flip everyone out. Of course that won’t happen since their already on indoor lockdown, but it sounded good huh?

  27. I really don’t get why so many people dislike Shelly and Dani. They both play incredible social games. Dani’s was figured out,but if she wins HoH,it shouldn’t matter. And Shelly is playing the game wonderfully. I just don’t get why everyone thinks that what she’s doing is bad. Morally,yes,but this is a game. If all of you were in the house,how would you play?

    1. No one is knocking Shelly’s game play. What most people can’t stand about Shelly is that she continuously puts herself on a moral pedestal above all others about how she won’t lie, she won’t cut deals, whatever because her daughter is watching and no matter what this game does or takes her, she refused to be a bad rolemodel for her daughter.

      Except she has lied and done all the stuff she said she wouldn’t do. If it was all in the name of the game and she said “sometimes, you have to lie, cheat, and steal” to survive in the game, people would be OK with what she’s doing. But when she does lie, even after the fact when it doesn’t matter anymore in Cassi’s case, she doesn’t own up to it and suddenly becomes Big Bully Butch and tries to intimidate people who dare question her integrity.

  28. I wish Dom either stays or comes back in the house cause he seems like one of the more capable players for competitions. The only ppl that have a good chance to win anything are Dani, Dom, Jeff, Brendon, Rachel and maybe Adam (knowledge) /Porsche (physical). But since JJBR are in an alliance, if Dom left the comps would suck. If they bring someone back I’m not sure who I want back: Dom or Cassi?

  29. Adam would be crazy to not be gunning after Dani considering she is campaigning so hard right now to keep Dom & get rid of him. That is a perfect excuse to get a big player out and have no blood or lose jury votes. Adam is just laying low, but I’m sure he is a little worried people will flip. Dani is not thinking straight right now. It is sad to see her game play crumbling. Not even just the move to back door Jeff, but now she is building even more people against her by her desperation to keep Dom. I am sure Dani will be around until at least jury house cause it makes things interesting, but she has really shot herself in the foot & her damage control has not been good.

    1. Elle- Adam should be chasing down Dani and getting her to side with him. Dom is gone and he needs to be on an alliance now with someone not JJBR. Dani is a good player but she underestimated the greatness that is Rachel. That woman is unstoppable.

  30. I hope anyone but the foursome wins hoh. I’d love to see them squirm and beg for mercy. I don’t like or dislike any particular hg but I would love to see a newbie win hoh ie: lawon, and see how brendon and the others react to his victory and try and manipulate lawon. And then after all that I want to see one of the vets sent home and watch the vetovers go ballistic and talk trash like “how dare they (newbies) do this to us! (like they haven’t been doing the same all along). Then repeat cycle. Ah, this is what hell must be like

    1. That is so true. She’s always having a fantasy about them have children, or meeting her husband and going on a double date, or, the one I found REALLY weird was when she was watching sex-deprived Jeff stare at Jordan while she (Jordan) was stretching. CREEEPPPYYYY.

  31. I can’t wait to see Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly go on the block. But we all agree Dom is gone. This twist is lame if it involves bringing somebody back in the house. That has been done too often. I think it has something to do with the Golden Key.

    I swear if Jordan/Jeff or Brendon wins HOH, I’m done for the season. Would be interesting if Little Richard (Lawon) won…hahaha..I can’t even say that with a straight face.

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