Big Brother Spoilers – Pacer and Rachel have a plan they’ll get Dani to put up Lawon and Kalia

10:51pm Have Nots Porsche and Rachel

Rachel is going to try and convince Daniele to put up Lawon and Kalia
Brendon comes in asks them what they are doing.
Porsche: “We’re trying to think better not harder”
Rachel says that she’s going to offer Dani 1 week of protection from BRJJ if she puts up Lawon and Kalia. Dani told her to talk after she gets her HOH room. Rachel says she can’t stand Kalia so she’ll take her out next week when she wins the Head of Household Competition. Porsche is asking if she should go make a deal with Daniele. Brendon thinks she should. Rachel comments that

Brendon says next week Dani is gone she can’t play HOH. Brendon: “Everyone on our side has a good shot of beating her next week” Porsche points out that Daniele will understand that she can’t piss off everyone in the house so if she take out one of Brendon, Rachel, JEff and Jordan then she’s f’ed (Comedy Gold freaking comedy gold). Rachel says that Dani has no followers anymore after what she did to Dom and Jeff.. Brendon: “After what she did to all of us”.

Pacer calls Daniele a mental person says she only cares about the game and she “totally discredits Rachel” Rachel says that Dani is trying to do some massive game move that she will be remembered by and that’s all she cares about. Brendon: “We still control the votes and we still control who goes home”. Brendon: “Kalia is a F-ing loser” Brendon says that he knows that that Dani is scared right because she knows that next week she can’t compete for HOH and she’s going home. Brendon: “She’s going to try and milk this power for all it’s worth, she’ll want to make a deal with one side”

they all agree that Rachel cannot be seen alone with Daniele because they can’t have Jeff and Jordan think that she’s trying to make a deal.

Brendon leaves. Porsche starts throwing Shelly under the buss. She says that something is up with Shelly, she’s playing both side and Porsche never really knew how deep Shelly was in until today.

Porsche: “Daniele is our biggest threat.. it sucks that I left Shelly up there but I just couldn’t hang on any longer” Porsche feels like she could be a target because Shelly is close to Dani and they can all say that Porsche was the person that wouldn’t go with keeping Dom in the house. Porsche says that they need to get Close to Jeff and Jordan in case Brendon goes home because if they don’t and Brendon leaves they have a very difficult battle ahead.

11:00pm Bedroom Jeff and Jordan Jeff is telling her that Daniele’s nominations are going to be him and Brendon.

Jeff: “The only problem is I don’t know where Adam Stands” He recommends that Jordan go get close to Kalia because he’s going to need the votes. Jordan will take it slow she’s not going to be kisses any one’s butt. Jeff tells her that Jordan shouldn’t get down they still have the the POV to play. Jeff wishes he would get some power to help him out. they both agree that BR is going to try and cut a deal with Daniele. Brendon comes in tells them that Dani is going to go to each group and try to cut a deal with them and she’ll pick what side gives her the best deal. Jeff thinks he’s the target she’ll play nice with Brenchel. Brendon: “All we can assume right now is Jordan is not the target” Team Bacon joins in tells them when he wins the Power of Veto (POV) he’ll call a meeting and they can all discus who to use it on. Jeff says that Daniele is going to be real nice to Adam cause she’ll want a deal to save herself next week. Brendon: “It’s a long week ahead of us”

11:24pm Kitchen Shelly and Daniele Daniele says she’s really upset that PT (Dominic) is gone. Her and him were good friends in the house. Dani adds that everyone thought they were talking game all the time but she really was just hanging out. Shelly notes that Even when Cassi was around Cassi and Dom didn’t talk much Game. Shelly: “You can tell he was VERY popular when he left… They (CBS Big Brother production) probably really wanted him to stay and they were looking at every angle to try”

They starts talking about twists this season. Shelly thinks that one is around the corner. Dani: “considering what is going on in the house right now this could be the time for a twist” Shelly thinks they might bring back one the first 4 evicted maybe have those 4 compete and the winner comes back. Dani thinks it’s going to be America votes back a player.

11:40pm Dani and Kalia Dani gives her a run down of her conversation with Rachel and how insane Rachel is. Dani adds that Rachel wants to make a deal with them but she told Rachel that she’ll need to talk to her in the HOH room later tonight because there is a couple of options for her right now.

Dani brings up how Rachel is playing the victim again but that they talked about what was said the last few days and are genuinely sorry about it. Dani is going to feel bad about sayign her speech tomorrow but what she plans on sayign has to be said. Dani: “I truly was trying to do what I thought was the best for us but they made the choice to turn on me”

Lawon joins them they all share how sad they are that PT (Dominic) is gone. Lawon points out how ugly it was during the comp when Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Porsche didn’t say anything to Dani and Kalia when they were up there but they were shouting out support for Shelly. Lawon: “I feel like we’re in high school and it’s the popular kids against…” Dani: “the Offbeats”

12:29am A divided house, Lawon, Kalia and Dani in the kitchen Everybody else in the living room. Shelly is in the middle playing her awesome but infuriating Shelly game (Shelly’s game is tight.. she better look out for Porsche though)

12:35am Dani gets her HOH Room. She wants to read the HOH letter alone. Rachel asks who it’s from. Dani says it’s her grandmother. (didn’t dick get a letter with a secret message sent to him in Big Brother 8) Rachel, Shelly, Lawon and Adam are the only ones talking to her the rest just sit there. Jordan looks the most pissed.

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174 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Pacer and Rachel have a plan they’ll get Dani to put up Lawon and Kalia

  1. simon i know you are canadian so you cant get on BB USA but you can just fake a birth certificate like obama did. worked for him, he became pres of us

          1. I wouldn’t have known… Simon wasn’t from US…. til it was told here. He has accumulated all the US points to stay here as far as I am concerned. And benefited all you sleek spinsters who never watched a damn thing for yourselves.. nor experienced a fight in all your life either.. Simon and I were bed mates at one time.. and plead innocent, cuz we were too young to know different. lol This, what is going on the house.. is exactly what needed to happen.. to keep the viewers interested and the game at least appearing to be fair. America was pissed… the world was pissed.. and CBS was losing viewers because of it. It’s not that difficult to understand.. but it might be somewhat of a fluke for those just peering in. Danielle needed this if not for just this week… but if only to ensure her future in the house.. for another week. Ps… I was just kidding about the whole simon/ me thing. *bats eyelashes* just couldn’t help it.. grins~

      1. My fellow Canadian, so would I!! I don’t think I could stand being secluded in such a small place with the likes of BR,

      2. Just a thought but, perhaps those who feel the need to tell people using this site, to FU, could clarify (name) to whom they are speaking?!

      1. For all we know you could be a high school dropout. Do you really think anyone will take your word on the internet, where the truth and a lie are interchangeable???? That comment was ignorant and irrelevant to the game.

      2. Do you really expect us to take your word on the fact that you received an “education”???? You sound pretty darn ignorant to me. There was no need for your comment: it was irrelevant and clearly showed a lack of thorough research on your part.

    1. Ares, I agree it was a stupid comment and especially on a BB site but perhaps you were a little harsh in your wording. But, I agree it was stupid and certainly not true.

      1. really did you not see the photo cropped birth certificate that the press put out? thats why america will become a third world country soon. Because americans cannot think for theirselves. Is santa claus real too?

              1. if you want miracles go to church – if anyone who has the feeds and wants to post a more in depth blow by blow, go for it. Simon and Dawg have always welcomed others… you cannot expect them to type down every single thing. I come here for their take on the BB even if I don’t agree with who they favour I still think it is awesome.

        1. I used to like Brendon, then came Rachel, I liked him less, then this season especially I notice how he is really a bully, I like him not at all now. Talk about how one bad apple spoils a whole bunch, thanks Rachel!

          1. I’m with you Mike. I liked Brendon at the start of his season until I saw the sparks fly when they were talking on the hammock and Rachel admitted to receiving the same science journal as him. From that point on he was her puppy on a string! Everytime he says “Baby, you’re so beautiful, I love you” I throw up a little in my mouth :(

            1. I actually thought about cheerig for them when they first walked into the house, but that didn’t last obviously. Brendumb is especially an asshole this year and Rachel’s atitude is actually a bit better than last year even though she often says dumb things…like how on BBAD last night she was saying how she has more followers on twitter than Dani when she was discussing strategy with her pet Porksha.

      1. Oink Oink Pig Pig do away with the pork…the only time I eat meat is with a steak knife and a fork….. Obama never balanced a business budget or a state budget but he’s qualified to run the American Power Machine? Um NO! That’s why we are loosing our AAA credit rating!!! WAKE UP!! I call BS but I think all politicians are BS so I’m not picking sides. Bush was the biggest BSer of them all – robbed America and let the SACS advisor cash in 400+billion in stocks w/o paying taxes on it to become his advisor… EFFING AHOLES the lot of them!

        But since that’s not BB related… I think Simon should be on this show! If Canadians can get on the Bachelor and Bachelorette let’s open up BB to them too!!!!!

    2. Oh, so you’re a Republican! Nice to know but what has that got to do with BB? Any excuse to swipe at President Obama, hmmm…oh, and I am Canadian…

      1. Brandon needs to get his ass sent home. Seriously dude claims to be educated but really he’s a donkey. He yells and talks down to women, treats Rachel like poop. Feels the need to resort to childish name calling. These are not the traits of an educated person. I don’t like Rachel at all but clearly she has esteem issues as she is clearly in a relationship with an abusive loser. My heart broke watching Dom leave. He was right when he said no one in there knows how to play the game. It’s tragic really. I thought this game was about strategy. Not seeing that. : (

    3. Or maybe he can just switch places with you. We need smarter people who don’t think in droves just because they don’t like somebody, so they believe propaganda. But that’s not the first ignorant comment you’ve made. So not surprised you have that type of thinking.LOL

  2. i agree it will be america’s vote because dick left so she should send home one of br because i doubt america would put either of those back in over dom

    1. I wish you would effing turncoat cocksucker. I hate fans that cry quits all the time. BB doesn’t need your pathetic viewing.

    1. Oh yeah! The BEST they can hope for is Brendon or Porche leaving. I want Brendon to leave. I hate him more than Rachel.

  3. Dani is a smart cookie she already figured out that the twist will be one of the first four evicted house guests will return and it will be Americas vote. So if she follows that logic she sould make sure JJ doesnt get sent home this week cause they will get voted back garunteed and not Dom but if she votes out Brenchel no chance in hell America votes them back so a better chance for Dom to come back.

    1. you never know because i would love to see dani send one of brenchel home and come back. I would vote for that just to see dani’s face like. She would be like america voted you back in give me a break. It would be funny, villains always win. Just think last time rachel came back for the day last year after evited. I thought then she was back for sure. so it could be dajavoo again

      1. If America. Were to vote, who says CBS wouldn’t lie about who is chosen? They definately have their hand in the game. I think Jordan was given David Hasselhoffs name for the luxury comp and she was prompted to have the house meeting by production. JMO

      1. I would love to see Janelle? (Think its spelled right) sorry. come back, she said you want to win,then win the competition !!!!

  4. How bloody hypocritical Rachel & Bremdan in particular are. They can’t believe that Dani would have the nerve to try and take control of the game when what the hell have BR been all about. BR & JJ have made & broke deals with newbies from day 1 but, selective memory now has them trying to convince us that they’ve been loyal competitors … OGMAB! Loyal to a select two and even then they considered throwing members of their alliance under the bus. Dani just had the balls to try it sooner and, without the approval of BR (King & Queen over their plebs). Kick some butt Dani!!

    1. kinda hoping rachel or brendon go home. jeff is funny…he has no clue whats going on half the time. he cant win any comp…so no chance of winning power of veto if he gets put on the block this week, lmao! it would be cool to see jordan win pov…then take jeff off the hot seat.

      1. I’d prefer either B/R to go home just so Dom has a better shot at comin back if we get to vote back in a houseguest.

        1. Dom aka Pretty Virgin Boy can stay home and get laid now that he’s got all of these fans. Whoever they bring back will probably be back out the door. I think Rachel has enough non-feed-watching fans that with CBS’s spin of her she could get back in… NOT BRENDON THOUGH!! He’s a capital DB.

          1. Rachel doesn’t have that many fans. She’s a trainwreck and people will watch, but to actually like her, you have to have some serious issues personally to see her in a positive light.

            1. I agree, yet she has the audacity to count how many Twitter fans She has vs. Dani. To point out that she is more popular than Dani. Rachel has some serious issues with regard to self esteem and acceptance. She has to be liked at all cost and she defines her self worth by it. You can tell when people ignore her, dislike or disagree with her she gets depressed and in a funk and begins to try and pull them back in. She did that with Dani after She knew Dom was leaving she went in the kitchen and told Dani she really liked him blah blah blah looking for Dani’s approval again. Dani was like, sorry you’re the one sending him home?

              I don’t hate Rachel per se as I don’t know her personally. I strongly dislike some of her bad behavior, and I suppose I don’t respect her at times but mostly I just feel sorry for her.

  5. As if Dani will even put of Kalia! Pacer simply need to vacate the premises. BTW Obama is truly an American and did not fake his birth certificate!

    1. ARMANIBOY27, I agree with you that Dani isn’t going to put up Kalia! And, I agree with you on the President, too.

    2. agreed with you on everything. Honestly, at this point I really wouldn’t mind seeing Porshe leaving instead of any of the others.

    3. Pull your head out of your ass and wipe it off! Seriously…WTF does it matter…Obama is in the big seat now and has been for YEARS. What does matter is what has he done in it?….huh?….. oh right. NOTHING! ….oh wait…he rammed a BS health care bill down our throats that bankrupted America. Good Job Dear Mr. President. (come take a walk with me…)

      1. A2A, I don’t often comment that I agree with someone. But your dead on about One Big Ass Mistake America aka OBAMA.

        1. This is the last comment for American politics i’m going to approve. I don’t know what is going on with the republicans or democrats so I can’t properly filter these comments anymore.

  6. JJ would just have to stage a conversation making sure big ears Kalia is in the next room say that in his DR session production let it slip that next week America will vote to have someone return. Kalia will stampede right to the HOH rooom and tell Dani and bingo bango they are safe for the week. Not sure JJ are bright enough to figure that out but i think Dani will on her own…

  7. Who will make a deal that will ensure that Dani is safe next week; JJ or BR. Should be an interesting week. During tonight’s show Jeff claimed that he doesn’t play that backstabbing game. I wonder if Russell would agree?

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinkin when he said that yo. I’m thinkin shut up Jeff you turned on your final 4 on your season just because he would’ve gone after you first within the four. Always says its just a game, but when someone wants him out all of sudden its personal. Get outta here yo.

      1. Remember though he turned on Russell because Kevin, Lydia, and Pigpen convinced Jeff that Russell had already backstabbed him. At that point, he figured he was playing defense

        1. Really? I could see defending his actions on 11, but after witnessing his true colors this season, I wouldn’t piss on Jeff if he was to burst into flames.

  8. I cannot read all the comments during live shows and when there is a lot of activity on the feeds. I just scan them. If people have problems with someone send me a email and i’ll look into it. Gay bashing and racial slurs are not allowed.

    1. @Simon if you cant read all the comments then maybe you should get some help because otherwise no one wants to come to this site to read racial,gay slurs and bad comments about our president and it makes your site look bad!

      1. @Renaidhead Grow thicker skin and don’t threaten simon. This is the BEST site for reading coverage in the house. How about you just not read the comments???? There will always be pathetic little people that think its cute to say COMPLETELY inappropriate things so just ignore them.

      2. Really Renea? Step off. Simon and Dawg are doing a fantastic job on this site. You seem to be the only one bitching about how well Simon & Dawg are managing this site. Stop reading the comments if you are so offended.

        1. Amen, there is plenty of content that is only show related. The comments section is freedom of speech at its finest. If you’re too thinskinned and fully drinking the OBAMA koolaid, then you will want to avoid all comments sections on every website out there. No president is above criticism, especially this one.

    2. I’d rather help Simon myself than gripe to him about his wonderful site. Maybe we could all do so and get these trolls out of here. So if you see someone going denigrating someone via narrow minded stereotypes then how about we all post a simple & short comment that would bring the offense to Simon/Dawg’s attention.

      For example:

      Racial Bias!
      GLBT Bias!
      Obama Bias!

      Let’s give it a shot people.

        1. LOL! You nailed me. I *may* have been a “teachers pet” at some point in my life. No Shame. No Apologies.

          But seriously, when you create something from the ground up like BBSpoilers seems to be, a random criticism from someone who may be new to the site is out of line. If you’ve read a few posts you know that Simon and Dawg are serious BB gamers and not just capitalists. They consistently speak to the culture they want to see here while still letting the colorful characters show their humor.

      1. Great idea! If I had the funds to donate to the site I would!! This is the best site ever! I love it and I am willing to help them to keep it what it should be!! Thanks for the great job you guys do on this site!!!

    3. @ Simon. It’s hard to monitor every single comment. Some of the comments are more shrouded than others. So unless you are aware of that than it’s impossible to monitor or to know how to read in between the lines. But at least you publish responses to ignorant comments. Because I don’t think people have to ignore a comment if they don’t like it (whether someone thinks they should or not). So I don’t have any complaints because there seems to be a balance of good and bad, and isn’t a reflection of you or the site. I personally, may not like things someone may say, but I also am intrigued on how people think. Let’s you know what kind of people you are dealing with and how they think. Anyway,great site and I enjoy your underline humor in your updates.

  9. its funny how bredan called kalia after the hoh in the room im pretty sure she outlasted all of u so u suck, wat was the fight between kalia and rachel like, dani should stick wit kalia and lawin and later trust adam for a bit dom prob coming back

      1. Luke, I think Kalia surprised those guys with staying up there so long but I doubt that they would ever acknowledge it.

        1. Brendan & Rachel, admit that there are other people in the house that can play the game and even outlast them in a competition? Never, as their narcissistic nature wouldn’t even allow such a possibility to enter into their thoughts.

        2. Kalia sure surprised me! I hope she remains loyal to Dani and herself… Lawon too. And that her competition performance wasn’t a fluke. Dani would make a good coach. She is totally focused on the end goal, good strategizer, able to lead diverse people, tough skin, and seemed to inspire Kalia to an amazing performance. Now if she can just get something out of Lawon and Adam, smh. GO OFFBEATS!!!!! Go Dani!!!!!

    1. Yeah! I was really upset that more details weren’t included about their fight :( We were at a concert last night and completely missed everything so I hopped on this site this morning in an attempt to catch up since I can’t watch the feeds at work :(

  10. Brendon needs to go,and I hope Shelly is next! She was the one who acted like she was with Dom and Dani,then ran upstairs and told evryone.She is really the reason Dom left. Can’t stand her!

  11. Gonna be a tough ass week for team vets. You cant win em all. Skank Dani will get 1 of them out. She must know she cant run the gauntlet and win POV each week and HOH every 2 weeks so whats her move then? Her “team” is weak so hopefully its just a matter of time her goofy ass smile is sent packing. Go team vets!!

    1. i’m team vets too. I know that dani is out the door soon. I just hope jordan is the one this week as she is the weakest of the team vet group, plus she has won already. I hope it goes like this. Dani nominates jeff and brendon, rachel wins pov takes brendon off and jordan goes up and they vote to evict jordan. Reality of it all one of the stronger vets are more likley to go, jeff or brendon or rachel. SAD! Hope one come back and gets to take her out. and the couples can stay together the summer.

    2. I know the newbs arent great but realistically most of the challenges have huge luck factors….cmon like when Jordan won teh golf putt…Coulda been a newb and its a totally differnet game…Believe this we wont see too much more trivia…

  12. Having been responding as much this year but finally something I get something I want. Dom n Dani were n are my favorites. She actually has a back bone unlike Shelly, Kalia, (who still didn’t have the balls to vote for Dom even after BRJJ called u out. I loathe Brenchel so the minute my fav veteran teamed up with them I hopped of that slow sinking ship. Dani needs to get Brendon out. He is the head of the vets and America will be much happier with him gone. If CBS is fixing this season like I think they are, then getting Brendon off is imperative. Rachel is shit without Nerd Boy…

    1. I have to agree. Everyone knew that Kalia and Lawon wanted to keep Dominic. Why not vote for him and show your support. That was just dumb.

    1. I respectfully disagree. Get rid of Brendon first. Neither one of them are going to vote for Dani either way since they’re both going to vote emotionally.

      However, Rachel plays and thinks more emotionally than Brendon. I couldn’t imagine Rachel being able to get all her ducks in a row without her Bookie there but I can see Brendon being able to focus more without Rachel. Plus you also take away some of Jeff’s bravado if Brendon’s gone. I like Jeff but you know part of the reason he’s being so ballsy is because he feel like he has backup with Brendon; he was the same way a few seasons ago when he had power and backup.

      I also see being Brendon being more obnoxious and vengeful toward Dani if she gets Rachel to go rather than Rachel being a nuissance to Dani (beyond her natural personality) if Brendon goes.

      Just my two cents.

      1. Damn CJ, you stole my thunder. another possible plus to sending Brendan packing, is that JJ seem to tolerate Rachel, but like Brendan. It wouldn’t take long for Rachel being Rachel to end any allegiances JJ had to them. As a viewer, you know how annoying Rachel can be, imagine being stuck in there with her and she didn’t have Brendan in there to reign her in. It would be can’t miss TV for sure.

  13. Does anyone know who won what in the five snowballs? I read that Jeff won the money but what was in the other snowballs?

      1. The feeds cut out while the eliminated contestants opened up the snowballs. Simon or Dawg didn’t miss anything that the feeds showed. Don’t be disappointed with them.

        As a feed subscriber, I’m disappointed they cut away when the snowballs were opened. Part of what I pay for is not having to wait until Sunday to see who got what. That being said, here’s what I gathered from watching the feeds after the comp:

        Adam has to wear an elf suit for a week.
        Lawon is a Have-Not
        Brendon is a Have-Not
        Jeff won $10k
        Jordan is a Have-Not

      2. you have no idea how busy yesterday was for me.. Updating this site is just one small piece of keeping it running. Our servers were getting hit by hundreds of thousands of requests in a very short period of time. I had to edit the static page manually in a vi shell which is a lot harder than doing it in wordpress. I also had to listen to the conversations on the feeds, attempt to bring the database back online, reply to emails, manage twitter, facebook, tumblr, our screen capturing program then once the database came back I had hundreds of comments to deal with.

        This is why the updates were sloppy and rude comments made it through to the site.

        Our little BB spoilers site became very popular last night. Thanks to everyone whose giving us their support and understanding it’s appreciated.

        1. simon – you should shut down 90% of everything on Thursdays and just update yourself. You don’t need the fuss of the whining comments or deal with any comments when you are trying to update and get us the news fast. I’m all for it. just my humble opinion of course, you can do whatever you want but it might make it easier.. 3 or 4 people will complain about how the site sucks but they will be back using another handle as per usual..

        2. Simon I think you did a FANTASTIC job last night. I have to confess to being glued to your site for entire comp – refreshing my page every five -ten min just to see where things stood. (I know it was only adding to your site congestion—I was just so excited about this comp).

  14. I told my husband this last week that Rachel should’ve given the hoh to Brendan, since they were the last 2 left, so that in case this weeks was an endurance comp she would be able to play! But no the stupid girl has to win everything & doesn’t think ahead! Now their alliance is in the crapper & their all running scared! Stupid, stupid girl! I really can’t stand dani, didn’t like her the first time around & really don’t like her this time! She needs to dye her hair, starting to look like pepe la pue!

  15. i would LOVE if Dani put up brendon & Jeff– maybe they would all have to show who they are in an alliance with & could cause a rift b/t br & jj and again. It would be so much fun to watch the 2 self proclaimed BB experts scramble for votes ESP if newb wins POV.

  16. I love how cocky Brendon still is even after karma has set in. He says that Dani will be gone next week as if there is no such thing the Power of Veto comp. For all we know, he’ll probably be out the door with all that shit talking he has done and is doing.

    I’m Team Dani now that PT is gone…unless Big Brother somehow brings PT back. I think since Dick had to leave they may bring one of the evicted house guests back, and America will probably vote for the one they want to come back.

  17. It’s pretty sad when you know with at least a 99% chance that Dani would win this kind of endurance comp. It was just like Matt last year on the surf board. Dani has the slim body to stay against that wall and last the longest, we all new this last night before we went to bed. THE GAME IS FIX AND THE PRODUCERS CONTROLL ALL.

    1. Your logic doesn’t work because kalia hung on longer than the rest of the ‘skinny’ people. I am now a kalia fan!

    1. I’m far from a Kalia fan. However, I’d rather have the non-stop chatter in my ear than Jeff and Brendon pounding on their chests and yelling and interrupting every time they have to prove a point.

  18. Stop talking about politics on a game shows website. obviously if you have to talk about that stuff on here you are a pathetic person…. let’s talk about big brother because that’s what this site is about.. want to comment on politics go to or

  19. if Dominic didn’t open his mouth to shelly, he might still be in the game! that’s what upset me the most! Shelly, until tonight had a golden ticket, why would you open your mouth to her or anyone who had a ticket, because they are already safe, they could vote against anyone they felt is a threat, and set therself up in an alliance, that will keep them in the house longer! Oh Dominic, so young, gone to soon,LOL And why is Dani saying anything to shelly, bad move!

  20. As long as JJ stay on good behave it will be either BR going home which makes me happy I was never team JJBR but I am team JJ :)

  21. This HOH competition makes me laugh yeah we know Dani won but Rachel was not playing so we really don’t know how Rachel could have done up there sp please don’t start people i think one of BR/JJ is going home this week and i hope it’s jeff he gets on my nerves he has to go

    1. maybe, but to be fair, we don’t know how dani could’ve done in any of the competitions that were played in the first 3 weeks, either. including the first hoh, which she threw to rachel.
      and i agree, jeff gets on my nerves as well. but i wouldn’t want him to get evicted if the twist really is that america votes for a houseguest to come back, because we all know america would vote jeff back in a heartbeat.

  22. BB is great for ego drama and a wonderful escape from the “real dramas” of this world, why does someone have to bring up politics? What’s next, relegion, racism, economics? Snooooooze, Yawn…….Guess I’ll find a new BB site.

  23. What Dani should do is simple. Put up BR, if one of them win the veto, replace with Jeff. That way one of the vets is gone, Dani will have Kalia/Lawon?/Adam/ and maybe Dom if he comes back. I cannot imagine anyone else winning america’s vote.

  24. Dani needs to pt Brenda and Rachoe up. If Brenda wins POV he would be dumb enough to use it on Rachoe, if Rachoe wins you know she will save herself. Once Brenda is gone we could just sit back and watch Rachoe implode.

  25. I like how Jordan says she would go home cause she has won before and Brendon says that’s not going to happen she wants to take out strong people. Really? Jordan has won an HOH already and I don’t care what they day, there is a very good chance brendon and Jeff would not have won if they tried. Jordan won the luxury comp. Jordan outlasted both guys in the endurance comp and Jordan is the only one in the house who has won the whole game, dani the only other one in the house that got close. Go ahead and keep underestimating Jordan. That’s how she won her season.

  26. Dani has to make a good deal or her HOH can also be a curse for her next week. The vets side has the numbers (even if a new housemate comes) still and they are pretty tight! Dani’s side has to win HOH every week. We shall expect and HOH comp tailored for women & the petites. lol.

    1. Brendan and Lawon both got slop passes with the snowballs they picked after HOH comp. Adam gets to wear an elf suit and Jeff got 10 Gs

  27. It’s so satisfying to see Brenchel scramble after watching them being so smug since the show started. Def. think Dani would be smart to get out Brendon. Not sure if Dani would be really that in jeopardy after that since the house doesn’t really like Rachel that much. It’s early but my ? is who would Dani put up if Brendon or Rachel win the POV? I’m thinking Porsche.

  28. only play for Dani is to put up BR and if one of them win the pov you back door Jeff, the only problem i could see there is if Jeff won the pov and used it on either brendon or rachel, but Jeff would be throwing his girl under the bus if he did that, I just hope Dani wins the pov so none of that matters

    1. best thing for dani to do ( i hate to say this) is not to evict Jeff under any circumstances. CBS is just waiting to send someone back into the game and we all know they will send Jeff back. Put up Brenchel with Brenden leaving. of course, i would love to see” righteous” Shelly leave before jury

  29. And how about that amazing twist they advertised all week long HA ill never trust cbs anymore after that epic letdown

  30. Jeff hoping for some special power from america to save him, I hope to god not because then we would know for sure the game is being rigged for a showdown of JJ vs BR, He already got hooked up his season when he was an underdog, no reason he should get more power since they have been in control since day 2, i would definitely give up on this season if that happens

    1. I was waiting for someone to bring that up! I totally AGREE!!!! You already had the producers save your ass once Jeff (shit for brains…) and it totally pissed viewers like me off, during his season. How dare you ask for some sort of special power to save ur ass, AGAIN!!! Get Jeff the hell out already, he gets on my damn nerves!!!

    2. Good, I am glad that others picked up on that too. I was like WTF Jeff, don’t you ever want to say you earned something on your own in this game? I think CBS knows that they are walking a tightrope with their audience this year and if they push the vets too hard down our throats, they will lose ratings.

      I am wondering why Dani didn’t play the I have feelings for Dom angle to the two couples. Not like they could say anything about it, this is where they hooked up. I am really surprised she didn’t pull that card.

  31. Anyone notice on the live show about Brendan’s knees? Why were they bandaged? Was it from carpet munching Rachel too long?

  32. Dani must make a good deal or she’s bye bye nest week. If non of Dani’s team wins HOH next week, she sure is going home simply because the vets alliance are quite tight and gunning for her to go. They also have the numbers. Dani is also a strong competitor so no one wants to bring her all the way… Kalia/Lawon& perhaps new housemate has to win hoh to save Dani’s ass.

  33. Rachel needs to go she’s the only one who’s won head of house hold out of them (I don’t count jordon because brenden threw the game so she could win) and if brenden goes she’ll go bonkers if she goes brenden will just be depressed it’s in dani’s best intrest to get rid of Rachel

    1. Jordon did pretty darn good in that HOH comp…they threw it but chances are they never would have gotten as close as she did…so they can say all day long that they threw it to her, but the fact remains….she NAILED it and they prob wouldnt have beaten her ANYWAY….JORDO is way underestimated.

      1. I agree she’s way underestimated and she prob would have done better than them and my money is on her winning the whole thing again but the fact remains Rachel is the biggest threat in the house every hoh she’s been in she’s won

      2. I agree. Last night Jordan said she would go home since she has won before and Brendon says that wont happen causr Dani will take out a strong player. Umm, jordan won an HOH that Brendon and Jeff probably would not have won. Jordan won a luxury comp and she out lasted Jeff and Brendon. People will keep underestimating her and she will slide to final 2 again.

  34. I hate watching Kalua / Kalia. Rachel saying Dani won’t get America’s HG – I think whoever sends her home will get it! Worst HG ever! I am sure though she, Ragan, and crazy Annie will be BFFs with Dani when they all leave. They can have each other. Brenchel/Porche were dead on when they said that Kalua must have gotten casted only by some odd survey about her weird phobias. They should shave in Kalua’s bed. Make her cry. Send her home.

  35. dani should put up rachael and jordan, this way brendan and jeff can battle it out. they will both want their girl to stay in the game and will be seriously campaigning against each other. their 4 person alliance will be shattered and they will both have to make new alliances with everyone else in the house. this would really mess up their game.

    1. That would be the smartest thing to do at this point but I am a fan of Rachel, Brendan, Jordan and Jeff… :-( But yes, strategie wise, great move!

  36. I bet Shelly is happy. Remember she becomes the new partner if one of the vets get evicted. she is slimey but playing a great game…can’t wait till she get caught

  37. I am surprised to see so many people on the vets side. During, Danielles season I HATED her…..I also despise Rachel and Brendon. I hate BR may more than Danielle….and they did leave her out to dry. Also, why didn’t Danielle say to Jeff that BR at least entertained the idea of a backdoor for probably a day and a half (correct me if I am wrong). Jeff should be just as unhappy with BR as he is with Dani or Dom.

  38. i cannot believe dani is trying to act like her original alliance tried to screw her when all she was doing was TRULY trying to help them. how is it trying to help your alliance when you’re trying to backdoor one of its members? reality check – it just makes you look like you cannot be trusted. brjj knew eventually they would all turn on each other, but they all think it should’ve come after a couple more weeks. just so everyone is aware i do know that jj considered doing it to br and that br considered doing it to jj. but when it came down to it they didn’t. dani screwed up when she didn’t just fight for dom to stay, she also wanted jeff out. if she would’ve just pushed for dom to stay and when br said they weren’t going to backdoor jj for sure, instead of calling them stupid she should’ve said yeah, you’re right let’s backdoor lawon and kalia. she also lied saying is was because jeff was her biggest competitor. give me a break, jeff doesn’t win that much, she should’ve been trying hard to get rachel out. that would be her biggest competitor, then brendon. it was a bs excuse. i give props to brendon for when dani tried to call him and rachel out about the backdoor plan, he admitted to considering it, she just kept refusing to admit she planted the seeds. and i don’t understand why dom wasn’t upset with her, during the blowup he was taking most of the blame when it was all her idea, if she wanted him to stay so badly, she shoulda made it sound like he did it thinking he had no choice and stopped hanging with him so the vets might have considered keeping him thinking that he was mad at her for screwing his game up. brendon is right, the only thing dani is concerned with is being known for making a big move no matter what it is. she also wants jj out cause she’s afraid she can’t beat them in the end. she’s so sure she’ll win against b or r in the final two. she fails to realize quite a few people are liking rachel more than her cause at least you know what’s up with rachel, dani is way too shady. it’s funny too how dani worried about stacking the jury for votes for herself. she is playing too far ahead. yes you have to think about it, but what good is a jury that will vote for you to win if you’re not in the final two??? and i cannot believe kalia with, but dani is my friend. she didn’t want nothing to do with you til week three, then she got up your butt. jordin didn’t stop talking to her. they were working out together getting ready for the hoh endurance. kalia is that girl in high school who has got to have all her friend be up her butt 24/7 but they can’t be friends with anyone else. not talk to anyone else, even the other friends up her butt, or they aren’t trying to be her friends anymore. if only she knew how dani speaks about her behind her back. kalia thinks she’s all that and that everyone want to be like her, wait til she sees the tapes after bb. she won’t want to be friends with any of them( not that they want to be friends with her) and props to brendon one more time trying to make sure rachel doesn’t sell out jj. i hope he sticks to that but i have a feeling if rachel cries enough he’ll back off after a long lecture and do what she wants

  39. I LOVE RACHEL AND BRANDON and Jeff and Jordan, hope they stay! Get the floaters out…they are so boring to watch!

  40. Simon, you’re amazing, and the job you do here is, too. I think the majority of us just ignore the stray comments here and concentrate on the valid ones, so don’t worry:) It should all be forgotten when the newest update shows up:) Thank you again and again for your time, your energy, and your dedication:)

  41. I just cannot be on Dani’s side. She’s so smug about everything. Meanwhile, she’s the one who fell in love with Dom, after she figured out a way to get Dom’s best friend Cassie out. Everyone LOVED Cassie so much, yet do not seem to care anymore that is was ALL Dani being in Rachel’s ear to try to get her out. There’s this group that think Dani/Kalie are the underdogs, when Dani manipulated the situation (poorly) to get them that way, and now everyone is praising her. I just don’t get it.

    Now it really sucks because everything has gotten JJ/BR closer and they are not going against each other, both said they wouldn’t sell the other out, which is what EVERYONE wants. I know people hate the BR/JJ controlling things, but if they get a few more people out then they can turn on each other and we’ll see some good fights. Instead, jeff might go home and Jordon will just sit around to get sent home. I’m hoping Brendon gets kicked out and Rachel can go apeshit-vegas-rachel on everyone.

  42. Have a real problem with Tea Party idiots blowing up this site with their stupid garbage, go to the Fox news site and spew your racist comments.

    1. It’s a shame that people are abusing this site to spout political idelogy.There are plenty of sites to argue American/World politics on. This is a nice diversion from the real world. I would hope everyone respects the intent of this site and stick to the BB game.

  43. Kaila is now growing on me which I can’t believe because I really disliked her. I also have a new respect for Dani. Some may say it was rigged for her to win,which of course that type of competition goes is in her favor. But Dani seems to take care of her body and is in good shape physically, so it’s not like she didn’t have to work for it. Rachel could have gave her a run but she won HOH the week before. But I think part of Kaila’s motivation was the disrespect of how Brendon and Jeff think they can speak to people and run the house. She also saw that she wasn’t really a part of the Vets. So when she and Dani connected it may have helped her show some spine. Dani is a confident and smart girl so I’m sure that had to help Kalia by having her on the same side.

  44. Wow! I guess I’m the only one on this board that is rooting for Rachel/Brendan and Jeff/Jordan. All Dani did last time was ride on her father’s coat tail and then she treats him like dirt. You can tell that she is spoiled and selfish.

    1. I am as well Sandy! lol I do like Daniel as she and her dad were my favourite in their season but as for this show I would love for any of the duos (Rachel, Brandon, Jeff and Jordan to take it home! If Evil Dick was still there, I would be rooting for all three duos as they all play an amazing game. :-)

  45. Dani is a lying backstabbing snake. Her father’s persona is EVEL DICK (note spelling), he’s crude and would do anything he could to get his way. But he told you he was screwing you. He didn’t lie about, but did it to your face. Dani doesn’t have half the skill he did to manipulate things his way.

  46. Rachel and Brendon are a special brand of delusional. They actually still believe they are in power. There problem is they never plan for times when they aren’t in power bullying everybody. When they’re without HOH/POV they have no game plan other than to sulk and complain about being wronged.

    Dani would be crazy to put up anybody other than someone from the BRJJ club. The only question should be whether or not it’s a backdoor situation or just straight up putting them on the block.

    If Dani could get Kalia and one other ally to actually play this game, they have a fighting chance to take out the BRJJ regime. I don’t care which one of them goes, they just need to get going!

    On to another note, the more Rachel talks, the more I doubt she has a chemistry degree. I was baffled that Pacer of all people had to explain to her trademarks and copyrights last night.

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