Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tries to make a deal with Dani ..without Brendon.. Dani gets mad when she threatens her with jury votes..

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1am Jordan and Kalia are talking. Jordan is telling Kalia that no one hates her. Jordan says that people are mad because they know that if they didn’t win they would be the ones going home. Kalia says the newbies are too. Kalia says that she doesn’t want it to be wierd now. Jordan says that is how it is in the big brother house. Kalia and Jordan start talking about Dominic. The talk about how from how loud the crowd cheered people must love him. They talk about Dominic’s speech. Kalia says that it was mainly directed at the newbies. Jordan says that everyone has a chance at winning the competitions. They talk about how tomorrow they will be on lockdown and about how the POV is going to be tomorrow night. The conversation changes to talking about random stuff and diets..

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1:30am In the bathroom Rachel and Porsche are talking. Rachel is wondering if she should go talk to Dani to make a deal. Porsche tells Rachel to talk to Brendon and then says that Brendon doesn’t want her making deals without him. Porsche says that Brendon and Jeff didn’t want to make any deals. Rachel isn’t sure what to do. Porsche says that one will go and that there will still be 6 of us left. Rachel doesn’t agree and says that Jeff said the deal is none of us go up and that if one of them goes home … Dani is BLANK. Porsche tells Rachel again to talk to Brendon and not to make deals without him. Rachel says that she didn’t think they meant no deals. Porsche says yeah he did and that they all needed to talk about together. Porsche tells Rachel she can’t be making deals or Jeff will think you aren’t making deals for the alliance. Porsche warns Rachel to be careful and that it’s better to talk to Brendon first…

In the lounge room Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are talking about if they should make a deal with Dani. Jeff asks Rachel if Dani came to her. Rachel says she thinks Dani would make a deal. Jordan tells Rachel to make sure that Dani doesn’t tell Brendon and Rach one thing and Jeff and Jordan something else. Jordan asks how they can trust Dani now? They talk about who they could get Dani to put up as part of the deal. Rachel says that if they can get her to Lawon… we would have the votes. Jordan says that Dani wouldn’t do that. Porsche says that she will stick with Rachel if Brendon goes and Brendon if Rachel goes. Porsche says that she doesn’t think they should make a deal. Rachel explains that one of them goes home though! Rachel says that they have to make a deal. Jeff says that his deal is if she keeps us safe this week, then she is safe next week. Jeff says but if one of us goes home.. then we swear she will never have their votes in the jury house. Jeff says that’s four votes on the jury.. it doesn’t matter what you do to the other three houseguests you can’t win the game.

1:50am Rachel heads up to the HOH room alone to talk to Dani. Rachel wants to make a deal with Dani where if her, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan keep Dani safe for a week or two after this week ..then she keeps them safe this week. Dani tells Rachel that she has severe trust issues with them. Dani says that if it had been one of them winning HOH this week she would be the one on the block for eviction. Rachel says that she would talk to the others and keep Dani safe and put up Kalia. Rachel tells Dani that it doesn’t make sense to not work with them. Rachel says that now that Dani has the power she should be making deals. Dani asks who says I won’t be making deals? Rachel tells Dani that she could put Lawon up and get rid of him, he’s a floater. Rachel says that Lawon is not helping her game and he isn’t going to try to win anything for you either. Dani tells Rachel that she think they play two different games. Danis says that she isn’t here to just get to the jury house. Dani says that she wants to win. Rachel tells Dani if she sends Brendon or Jeff home this week she will never win. Dani tells Rachel that maybe she is willing to take that risk and maybe she isn’t. Dani says that Rachel wants to play off emotions but that she thinks it’s stupid to come in this house and vote because she likes this person or that person. Dani tells Rachel that she would vote for the better person. Dani gets mad and says that Rachel is threatening her that she will lose her vote. Rachel says that next week there are four people playing in HOH next week and that Dani can’t play for HOH next week. Dani says that Rachel talks like she is the only one playing the game. Dani says that because of the golden key she has been sitting on the sidelines and that it’s not her fault. Rachel says that Dani was playing ..she was HOH Dani tried to back door Jeff. Rachel tells Dani that she tried to manipulate her. Rachel tells Dani that it would have been a great move if it had worked. Rachel says that she couldn’t have done it because it put Brendon in jeopardy as being the biggest target. Dani tells Rachel that she was the only person she had a final two deal with. Dani says that she didn’t even have a final two deal with Dominic. Rachel asks how she can trust Dani to stick to a final two deal… if she won’t even stick to a five person alliance?? Dani says that it hurt Dani’s feelings wheh Rachel said that Dominic would turn on her. Dani says that Rachel didn’t her and that its hard to find someone you trust in this game. Dani tells Rachel that she has Brendon. Dani says that after her dad left she had to search for someone she could trust 100% and that she did trust Dominic 100%. Rachel says that she understands and that she wanted Dani be able to find someone she could trust. Dani says that then you went to Jeff and told him and you lied to my face. Dani asks what was I supposed to think? Rachel and Dani talk about the house meeting and everything that was said….

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Rachel says that she is sorry that Dominic is gone. Dani says that she know Rachel liked him and that everyone liked him as a person. Rachel says that she is sorry and that she isn’t good at talking without getting all emotional. Rachel says that she will offer Dani whatever deal to save her and Brendon. Rachel says again that she is sorry and that she will give Dani whatever she needs. Dani says that she doesn’t know and that she just wants to talk to everyone else. Dani sasy that she isn’t going to make any rash decisions. Dani says that she obviously isn’t in a good spot next week obviously. Dani says that if what she did to Jeff was bad game play then whatever.. Dani says that they just need to pick it up and move on. Dani says that she doesn’t think people need to take it to a personal level. Dani says that she will think about what Rachel has said. Rachel tells Dani that the nominations are tomorrow. Rachel asks if she should keep talking ..and that she doesn’t care about kissing her ass. Rachel says that she wouldn’t normally kiss ass but that when it comes down to this situation she will. Dani says that she doesn’t want people to kiss her ass period. Dani says that they still have tomorrow and that she wants to sleep on it. Dani says that she will talk to everyone ..but that she will do what she wants to do for the first time in this game. Rachel tells Dani that she knows if she is willing to make a deal with the four of them, we won’t go back on it. Dani says okay. Rachel tells Dani thank you for talking to her. Rachel then leaves the HOH room.

2:20am In the lounge room Brendon and Porsche are talking. Rachel comes down from the HoH room and then joins them. Brendon gets mad at Rachel for talking to Dani without him. Brendon asks her what he told her not to do?! rachel says not to talk to anyone without him. Brendon says that its really inconsiderate. Rachel says that Jeff and Jordan told her to go talk to Dani. Brendon says oh really? Porsche says that Jeff and Jordan weren’t going go up and do it. Porsche says that they should have all waited for Brendon. Porsche asks what Dani said? Porsche asks Rachel if Dani is going to make a deal? Rachel says that Dani didn’t make a deal and that she said she would think about it but that she needed to talk to everyone and weigh her options. Rachel says that she told Dani about how if she put one of them up ..then she wouldn’t get any of their votes. Rachel says that Dani asked if she was threatening her. Rachel say that she told Dani that if they could make a deal they would stick to it. Brendon says that Dani is being a BLANK. Rachel defends Dani and says that she’s not being a BLANK. Rachel says that Dani just thinks we BLANK her. Brendon asks what like she BLANK us when she tried to get us to put Jeff up to go home. Brendon says that if Dani can make deals with people and then not stick to them, then he will call her out in front of everyone! Rachel says that and Dani said that Kalia destroyed everyone today in the HOH competition. Brendon laughs. Rachel says that she asked Dani if she was going to roll with Lawon and Kalia. Rachel says that Dani said that she isn’t going to roll with them. Rachel says that Dani said that she knows she is in a bad position and so she will talk to everyone. Rachel tells Brendon that Dani has major trust issues now. Brendon tells Rachel to not talk to Dani any more without him. Rachel tells Brendon that Dani doesn’t want to talk to him though. Brendon says that he doesn’t want to talk to her either if she wants to put me up and get me out. Brendon says that if she wants to put me up and get me out ..then she is going to be gone…I hope she realizes that.

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Brendon says that he thinks its funny if Dani thinks Kalia can help defend her. Brendon says that Kalia did was hold her fat ass up there. They talk about the Shelly and Brendon says that Shelly was just trying to hid their alliance with her. Brendon say that he isn’t going to let Dani make deals with anyone and then still take one of us out of the game. Porsche says that Shelly says she doesn’t lie in the game but that she was telling them everything. Brendon says that he knows Shelly is on our side 100%. Porsche says that Shelly saw Rachel go up to talk to Dani. Brendon says that they can’t fix that now. Brendon says that is why he told Rachel not to go up there. Rachel starts crying. Brendon says that it’s okay if he or Jeff goes home. Brendon says that he is not selling himself for this game. Brendon says that he is not selling his integrity and then says that he doesn’t even know why she would do that! Brendon says that we discussed that before we even came into this game.

2:30am Meanwhile, up in the HOH room Dani is talking to Kalia. Dani tells Kalia that she followed Rachel down from the HOH room and heard Rachel tell Brendon everything they had just talked about. Dani says that Rachel said Shelly is not with them and that she didn’t want Dominic to stay. Dani says she believes that and says that she is going to ask Shelly point blank if she was lying about being on Dominic side. Kalia says that it’s Dani’s HOH but if you leave Brendon and Rachel in game they’ll get me out and they will forget about you. Dani says that she doesn’t think they will forget about her. Dani says that Rachel hates you Kalia…

2:50am Brendon, Rachel and Shelly are talking. Shelly says that she will go up to talk to Dani and them a deal but then say that she isn’t going to do it tonight. Brendon says that they need Dani to get rid of a floater. Brendon then says Lawon. Shelly agrees. Rachel says that she told Dani that they would do anything. Brendon says that if he of Jeff goes home this week there are no deals anyone. Brendon says that everyone has to work to get Dani out. Shelly says that they need to let Dani feel like she is the queen. Shelly says that Dani is really wrapped up in jury votes. Shelly asks Rachel if she talked about that? Rachel says yeah and says that Dani asked if I was threatening her? Shelly says that from you it would sound threatening but if it came from me it might sound like an idea. Shelly says that she will talk to Dani and try and make a deal. Shelly says that Dani trusts her. Shelly says that if I win HoH, I will break that deal in a heartbeat. Rachel talks about her conversation with Dani and then says that Dani doesn’t trust anyone now..

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3:40am Up in the HOH room Dani, Kalia and Lawon are talking. Dani is telling them about her conversation with Rachel. Dani tells them that Rachel talked about the jury votes and how if she didn’t keep them ..that none of them would vote for her at the end. Kalia says that she would feel back if Jeff and Jordan got split up. They talk about what would happen depending on who wins the power of veto. Dani says that if Rachel stays it will be her and Porsche and maybe Shelly. Kalia says that she thinks that if Jeff and Jordan stay Shelly will be with them. Dani says that Kalia and Lawon need to be really careful what they say to Jeff and Jordan. Dani says that they need to be careful what they say to everyone. Kalia say that she thinks Adam and Shelly are the least likely to use the POV if they won it. Dani says that Shelly told her that she couldn’t believe that Kalia didn’t fall off and take one of the snow balls because of how you can’t stop talking about how much you need money. Kalia asks who said that? Dani says Shelly. Kalia asks what is she doing? Dani says that she doesn’t know. Kalia says that she only mentioned money once. Kalia says that it bothers her that there are too many things that come out of Shelly’s mouth because she wants to see if you are going to tell me. Lawon says there is just something about her. Kalia says that she wonders if Shelly and Porsche have some deal together? Dani says that she doesn’t know. Dani says that Shelly is always playing the I’m so honest card. Lawon says that Shelly is sneaky. Dani says that she doesn’t trust Shelly. Lawon says yeah and she’s like.. I just don’t know why people have to lie in this game. Kalia says that she can understand why people don’t want to tell others something’s like that you are a rocket scientist. They talk about how Shelly said that she was only here to push everyone else along to the finals and that she has such a great life at home. They talk about how even if she does have a great life she still came to win the money.

4:20am – 5am Dani, Lawon and Kalia are up in the HOH room talking about random stuff, no more game talk. They all decide to go to sleep…

8am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

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Brenden makes me sick he is so egotistical….acts like he rules the roost and everyone else is there to take orders from him


Brendon is a prick. Should I draw him a little picture. Sick of him and his cry baby girlfriend.


Can Someone Please Tell Me Whose Dani’s Real Target Is ¿


The vets.


anybody who gets in her way.


I hope Brendon goes home this week. The way he treats Rachel is just wrong. Last year Rachel screwed Brendon and this Year Brendon is screwing Rachel. Rachel you can’t talk to people when i”m not around because your stupid baby. Now me I’m into rocket science. That means I know how talk to people. I wonder if he brings out the worst in her. We’ve never seen her on the show without him.


i agree


i hope she doesn’t put up Rachel. and than Rachel and Dani end up playing together. and Rachel can have a side alliance with porsche and Dani can have one with Kalia.


That is EXACTLY what I’m dying to see happen!!! Bye Bye loser jack off Brendon!!! Maybe he can go skype with some more men while she is in the house and he is NOT!


I’m certainly no fan of Rachel but I was wondering the same thing about how would she be/play the game with out Brenden. He is really more annoying than her….or is it just them together? Man who knows. They are just like a train wreck you hate to watch but you just can’t look away!




Is it just me or is this season more interesting theese first few weeks? I always thought it was a snooze fest in the first 3-4 weeks.


Time to expose Shelly as the one who blabbed about Dani’s plan and got Dom voted out.


Absolutely agree!!!


Jeff and Jordan would be stupid to not go for a deal with Dani to take out Brendon ro Rachel (Preferably Rachel). Brendon’s a weaker competitor and will be easier to take out in the future as opposed to Rachel. Althouhg, my Rachel hate is on the DL right now since she’s been acting diferently. I reall ythink it’s Brendon that brings out the worst in her. He’s a disgusting person inside and out. Never though I’d feel bad for big red! Besides, then JJ can look at this as having Dani do the work they would have to eventually do anyways, why not make Public enemy No.1 do it now?

Id on’t understand how BB + JJ can think they’ll get by without making side alliances or side deals. They won’t. Either way. One of them is gone this week guaranteed.


when rachel and brendon have the power they walk around and expect ppl to bow down to them. dani hasnt been hoh for 24 hours yet and rachel is already kissing her ass and acting pathetic.

Uncle Cool

Exactly the same as last year.

When she was in charge, she ruled like a dictator, when she, or her friends, are not HOH, she is a whiny, suck-up.

I abhor her and brenda.

And Jeff for that matter. I want Jordan out too because she will float to another win because she’s ‘pretty’.


Hey uncle Cool you must be ugly is that why you are worried Jordan will cruise and win because she is pretty it a game you knuckleheads you win what ever way works for you and floating is a strategy also

Uncle Cool

Jordan won her season because she floated like a soap bubble and was a ‘nice person’.

I am pretty ugly, but that doesn’t matter because I’m cool.


Gotta put up BRENDA AND RACHEL, that way even if one wins the POV the other goes home…


i think Dani will keep BR. cause she is gonna play the nice guy act in the diary room and say things like how she doesn’t want split up an engaged couple. cause either way one of them is going home and one is going to the jury house. and when it comes to Dani she just doesn’t wanna make herself look bad to America.


But I can also she the other side of things like she shouldn’t break up Jeff and Jordan because they are Amercia’s Sweethearts. Amercia would possibly go against her for that. When I say Amercia I mean the people who do not watch the feeds.


Why is brenchal in havenot room


Thanks for the post Dawg, I cannot believe Rachel’s shit ass deal to Dani I spit up my morning coffee reading that.


I think it would be best if she made a deal with the ve


I think it’s a low move to threaten her with jury votes. It’s whose playing the game and she clearly is and they get mad and take it personal but they use the it’s just a game when they do something. I no longer like any of the vets. They are getting desperate and honestly have no game. They need to bring Dom or Cassi back NOW!


That is how BR play, they threaten people, remember last year all they did was THREATEN people…and have pity parties when they had no power…


I was a Jeff/Jordan fan in Season 11 and even felt bad for B/R last year. I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but this season I can’t stand any of those 4.


I agree completely! The vets (besides Dani) are assholes this season! I want Dominic back in the game because I think he’s as strong as Dani and can really fight! Jeff and Brendon both talk to their girlfriends like garbage, and they let them! And then CBS edits that out so of course America (the casual viewer) is typically still rooting for the vets (especially the “Sweethearts” Jeff and Jordan). *gag me, they’re not so sweet when they actually have to play* Anyone who disagrees, watch the LIVE feeds and get the real picture. Just saying… it’s completely different from the CBS edit, that’s for sure! I hope Dani gets out Brendon this week. Otherwise, if Jeff/Jordan go home, CBS will use that “twist” to bring him or her back. Just watch… so lame! I want Dominic to come back and the only way to do that is if Brendon or Rachel go home, because America dislikes them as a whole and would be more likely to not vote for either of them to come back (even though Rachel seems to be getting better). (I really don’t like Jeff or Brendon anymore though).

Ok, rant’s done. lol


Can someone tell me if one person goes up or two? People are still suggesting Dani put up two but I thought the duo’s were dissolved.


Dani has to nominate 2 players for eviction . duo’s are over so Dani can pick whoever 2 she wants.


there are always two on the block and the house votes on who goes home. And has anyone noticed that Jeff and Brendan may be the big bad guys in the house but they havent won an HOH and only Brendan won a POV? Who else is in the HaveNot room with Lawon/B/R? Why are they in there? I missed that…anyone on slop?


It’s Porsche in there and that’s because some of the snowballs from the HOH (first five dropped out) had have not cards in them. Rachel’s just in there to be “with her man”. Brendon, Porsche, and Lawon picked snowballs with those in them…


Also, I think her real target is probably Jeff, although she should just go in for Brendon and break up BR, before it’s too late.
I personally would: Nominate Rachel & Jordan. Get the POV used and put up Brendon in Rachels place. And watch their true coniving ways come out to campaign for votes. I don’t want Rachel to go just yet, I haven’t seen VEGAS come out yet and I’m waiting for it!


If I can appreciate anything about this season, it’s that this is the first time I haven’t wholeheartedly found a single player to root for and stick with, and I like that this is the case. I adored JJ from their season, hated BR from their season, thought Dani was a floater from her season, was almost vomit in my mouth disgusted that BRJJ is an acronym actually being used. The newbies had me feeling just as let down, and now all of a sudden, everyone’s on their toes, and honestly, I just don’t care about actual players nearly as much this season as I’m starting to care about the strategy I’m seeing start to happen. Two seasons ago, I was livid when Jeff went home, happy as hell when Jordan won. This year, I’ve come to realize that no matter how much I loved them then, I’m just not obligated to be as dedicated to them now, and am more likely to appreciate the gameplay that sends them home just as much as the gameplay that might make them stay. This is the first year I’ve watched where the one player I’m a loyal fan of is not any of the players, but the game… so far!!! We all know how things can change at the drop of a hat. I’m kinda hoping this will be one of those seasons:)


I’m with you…havent found a single person I am rooting for yet either. found likes and dislikes with all of them.


I’m surprised so many people are on Dani’s side. Everyone loved Cassie, yet it was Dani that conspired to get her out, so she could be closer to Dom. She was in Rachels ear to get her out the whole time. Then she makes another poor decision and gets Dom kicked out, who, again, everyone seems to like. Everyone is acting like she’s this underdog, when she’s made shitting decision after shitty decision to get to that point. Now she’s aligning with Kalia/Lawon and…Adam? Shelly will stab her in the back, and so will JJ/BR since she’s already turned on them.

Now, the thing I was really hoping for, a BR/JJ war, looks like it might not happen since Dani has welded them together and both teams said they would not throw the other under the bus. Dani winning HOH was bad for the drama of it all. Jeff might go home, then Jordon sulks the rest of the show. Maybe Brendon can get kicked out and Rachel will go crazy. Either way, no real BR vs JJ feud.


Dani winning is great for the drama because now the coupls are starting to question each other’s loyalties

Rachel Is Boy George

The BR/JJ war WILL happen if Dani can get Jeff and Brendon on the block after the pov because they will have no choice but to fight each other for votes to stay in the house, all hell will break loose


I don’t know man. This is the first time I’m actually interested in the game now that Dani one. It’s just too bad the only people she has in the house are suckers. I liked that dude Dom and would be happy to see him come back. And I’m sure there will be some BRvsJJ too eventually, but don’t want any of them to win although they probably deserve it more then half of these twits in the house. Dani should try to make a deal with JJ and cut Brendon if she can. She’s in a tight spot and will definately need luck on her side next week. I respect her for actually having guts.


I agree completely. I was NOT a fan of Daniele in season 8, and I am even LESS of a fan of hers now. Her decisions were dumb, and if ANYTHING, she was NOT loyal. Yes, she was loyal to her pet Domenic, but not to the Vets – to whom she originally made an alliance. She used her Key as a way to become friends with the Newbies, and now has turned on her original alliance. She was so mad at Rachel for NOT putting up JJ, that she decided to be “done playing with them”… But it wasn’t her decision to make! The blood would have been on Rachel’s hands, not Dani’s, and JJ were still a part of the Vet alliance. I am also really hating Jeff and the way he speaks to Jordan (not to mention his homophobic comments from the feeds). Ultimately, I wouldn’t be sad if Adam won the game.


I think she was mad because BR changed their minds on the backdoor AND on keeping Dom around as their no. 6. I think she would have still been okay and worked with them if anybody but Dom had gone home. They sent her out on a mission, she did it well, and they reneged. …on the Dom deal

Lady E

I was not a fan of Dani during Season 8, and I started to like her in the beginning of Season 13, but now I sorta don’t. I think she really messed up on her strategy. Dom and Adam were on the block, and she could’ve tried to get Adam out, even though I want him to stay and win. I just think that she could’ve turned her focus on Adam instead of Jeff and made herself less of a target. I think her emotions got in the way.


I agree completely. I was NOT a fan of Daniele in season 8, and I am even LESS of a fan of hers now. Her decisions were dumb, and if ANYTHING, she was NOT loyal. Yes, she was loyal to her pet Domenic, but not to the Vets – to whom she originally made an alliance. She used her Key as a way to become friends with the Newbies, and now has turned on her original alliance. She was so mad at Rachel for NOT putting up JJ, that she decided to be “done playing with them”… But it wasn’t her decision to make! The blood would have been on Rachel’s hands, not Dani’s, and JJ were still a part of the Vet alliance. I am also really hating Jeff and the way he speaks to Jordan (not to mention his homophobic comments from the feeds). Ultimately, I wouldn’t be sad if Adam won the game.


Just want to throw in there that Adam is the safest person in the house right now. I don’t have a problem with floaters – isn’t that how Jordan won the game? Daniele was not loyal to her alliance, and I think that she should never have tried to get JJ out with BR. She is super lucky that she won HoH or else she would be packing her bags




I totally agree!! She is the only one that’s really playing. She’s very strategic and good in competitions. She should totally win.


Dani’s problem is that she had no one to back her up. Everyone is being flaky…..this may scare her into putting up shelly/lawon/kalia


Naw. I think she has more guts then that. There’s no point in doing that other than buying time, she’ll have to face them in the furure anyways. I say she take one of them out (brendon or jeff) because she has just chance. Jordan and Rachel are much weaker by themselves. Are the nominations today??


Does no one else see whats really happening here w BR and porka? Porka tells rachel to not talk game without brenda. Porka is the ONLY female in the house that brenda doesnt talk shit to. Its clear that brenda and porka have a thing going on and want rachel to leave so they can pursue it. Now THAT would make a great sitcom in itself. Camera flashes to the jury house where rachel sits all paranoid that brenda is getting some porka poochie. All the while its true. Then kalia gets evicted and sent to the jury house, where her vendictive side comes out and tells rachel that porka and brenda have been making little egotistical baby satans together. Rachel snaps, breaks out of the jury house, somehow gets back to the BB house, breaks in and maims both brenda and porka then turns on herself. Just got rid of three birds with one stone. So to help get this motion started……Julie I vote to evict Rachel


I vote to evict you………………….


someone needs to tell brenden to just STFU. he hasnt studied rocket science lol. hes a swim coach at a high school for christs sake. the closest hes ever came to studying rocket science is watching the jetsons reruns on saturday morning. I mean jesus dude, you want so badly to be a somebody, yet all you end up being is another nobody. Im sure most of you dont realize that when you apply to medical school, your name is put on a public records list as you will be interacting with live patients in your internship. brendens name shows up nowhere on the california records page anywhere in the last 4 years. therefore I call bs. This guy has zero life outside of reality tv and the internet. Such a sad life to wish to portray someone or something you will never be.


I never believe he was or that Rachel is a Chemistry grad


No Dom told them not to make targets outta themselves by being the lone votes and vote to send him home. Dani didn’t care.

Rachel Is Boy George

If Dani can some how get brendon and Jeff as the final 2 on the block after the POV she will have exactly what she wants, the vets going after each other because they will need to fight to get votes because i don’t see either brendon or jeff saying its ok man ill go home u take the votes no way!!! come on Dani don’t mess this up or your screwed for good


I tried to vote for the have-not food just now & the ovting is allready closed? WTF!


Personally I think Porshe has a thing for Brendon. Rachel better hold onto her man! lol


Hey, Simon and Dawg…. when are you guys going to change the cast photos into the hilarious new avatars you do every season? Forgive me if someone’s asked already, and I know it’s a little early, but I really look forward to seeing their actual pictures replaced with hilarious photos of things like cookie dough;)


GO Shelly!


Dani is screwed either way. Either she sends a floater home or she loses due to the jury votes.

Her plan to backdoor jeff was borderline retarded. She should have kept her final 5 deal with brjj and been the swing vote when the couples have to compete with each other


Dani doesn’t even need to be thinking jury votes because as it stands she might not even get past next week. She needs to take out a vet. What are B/R J/J going to do all summer? Threaten people that if they take one of them out and don’t let them sail to the final four, they won’t get their jury votes? They’re delusional. Bye bye, brendon or rachel.


Dani is a will not put up the vets, they all belong to the same culture (reality club) if she did they would hang her out to dry, and her Dad is probally yelling at the TV, the dr room will tell her who to put up, and if you think they don’t do this than you are in denial.


They are going to put her up and anyways no matter what she does, BRJJ only play personal never strategic like they like to claim


I’d bet money that even if she made the deal and BRJJ they would put her up if they won next week , because they ONLY play personal.


Why wouldn’t Dani put up Jeff and Brendon. If one of them wins the POV – put up Rachel. I think Dani could work with either Jordan or Rachel. It is Jeff and Brendon that seem to think that only they can “control” the house – get rid of one of them and find some weak links. Rachel will work with anyone that compliments her and Jordan is just Jordan. If no one wins the POV – Jeff or Brendon – gone…and hopefully it is Brendon – which I don’t think would be hard to convince the rest to go along with. It isn’t “rocket science” after all! They should be working on getting Adam over to Team Dani as well – make him feel a part of the process….and somebody NEEDS to call out Shelly…CAN NOT STAND her either – what was the eviction speech all about – she is such a two faced player…hate people like that …don’t be such a weasle!


I’ve actually thought about alumni voting and seeing if that would work. Get 12 people from previous BB seasons to vote. Of the over 100 players they’ve had come and go, I’m sure getting 12 to watch the season and then fly out to LA for one night wouldn’t be so difficult.


Dani was a floater during her season??? What the hell are you talking about??? She won 5 POVs and 2 HOHs – during THAT SEASON, so for you to call her a floater back then is ridiculous. Dani was (with the help of daddy) a force to be reckoned with, and if the newbies grew a spine and helped her a little she could be this time too. BRING back DOM or Cassie PLEASE.


Dani already mentioned earlier that she thinks the twist is America’s Vote, bringing a houseguest back. So, I’m pretty sure she knows if Jeff or Jordan go, they’re gonna Dom and be right back in the house gunning for her. Doms applause is a topic of conversation inside the house so Dani has to know that Dom will beat out America’s hated Rachel and Brendon.

She gets Brendon out. Dom comes Back. The sides will be (JJ+Shelley)+(Rachel+Porshe) and Dani+Dom+Kalia+Lawon+Adam. That’d be interesting game ha.


I so agree with you.. Its too bad others who post here dont watch as much as you have or see whats obvious. Anybody who thinks she should keep the vets together does not understand the game..!!


Or they DO UNDERSTAND and they just hate the newbs and want a vet to win! Douche!


This whole season is like deja vu. Rachel wins 2 HOH, targets people out of jealousy and insecurity. Brendon wins the spelling comp with the same word as last season. Jordan wins the golf comp. Dani screws Dom over by overplaying too early just like she did with Nick and the turns around and wins the endurance comp, just like her season. It’s like watching 3 reruns. Hopefully that is over now that Dani has the power. Please put up Brenchel. Please let anyone but them win POV and keep nominations the same. Please send Brendon home before jury. I can’t stand him. He is a true sociopath. He thinks he is an expert on everything. He thinks he rules. He thinks him and his bimbo can bully people and treat them like crap, isolate themselves and rub everyone’s noses in their victories, they can make and break deals like they did with Dom, but when someone else takes power Brendon expects them to not play the game for themselves and let Brenchel have their way. Otherwise they are traitors or “floaters”. I just cant stand his self righteous arrogance. (insert Brit’s apeman walk). Dani will have to align with someone capable of winning competitions or she will have to win every week to stay in the game. Unless Dom returns. I was hoping for a Cassie return because that would be explosive. Dani dislikes her and Rachel hates her. Dani is smart. She is going to use the day to see how they all react to her HOH. I say it’s time to give Rachel some booze and let her cook Brenchel’s goose.


When will everyone get it that Rachel and Brendon found out Dom was lying concerning not getting them outed………….. Everyone is lying…….why is it always put on Rachel and Brendon… do you account for all their wins…….I’m done with the boring ones that can dish it out but not take it and I don’t mean Rachel and Brendon…………… Shelly is the biggest con ever …don’t see everyone jumping on her case………… What a fake in more ways then one…………….


Dom will be coming back with Americas votes. He clearly is loved by Americans and viewers and with CBS’s rating dropped they will be bringing him back. I hope so anyways


As much as I think Dom would have been a player in the house I dont think he would be voted in if one of the Vets get voted out this week. Lets say B or R get voted out this week. Can you imagine the drama in the house if the other got back in the house it would be nuts. Crazyness equals more viewers.


Ewww, I hated Dom! He was arrogant! He thought he was better than he was. Bring back Cassi!


she wont put kalia or lawon up she needs them their the closests to them, everyone called down dani bu tlawona ned kalia stuck to her bu ti don tthink have them the closest trust the most then trust jeff and jordan for a week after turn so get brendan out and i have afeeling lawon or kalia will win the next hoh aand if i was them take out shelly or prsche they need to break the bvotes of the vets so0 that rahcel has her self and jj have shelly if she stay but jj,br wont win the game itll be a newbie i hope


please let someone else type out your posts………


If Dani really starts to think about America voting in an evicted player, there is no way she is going to vote out Jeff. She knows that there is too big of a chance that America will vote Jeff back into the house. America may love Dom, but they already have a love affair with Jeff…plus, CBS show Jeff in such a good light. They definitely do not want to lose him from this season. Dani is smart in that sense. She will really try to make a deal with JJ and get Brendan or Rachel voted out. This is coming from someone who is a Jeff fan, even though I think he is outrageously cocky and arrogant.

Also, I wonder if it will be like season 9 when America got to vote about who to send back in, but then the people in the house voted on the mystery person or the person just evicted from the game. That is the only way that Brendan or Rachel could get evicted and possibly be safe. The only way I think that would happen is if after Sunday or Wednesday’s shows they had us vote on Keith, Cassi, or Dom coming back.

Interesting week ahead of us…


Brendon makes me sick. Everyone just assumed she wouldn’t do well in the HOH comp, but she rocked. Dani needs to send him home. He’s a pompous asshole and a sore loser.


“She” being Kalia. Forgot to specify – whoops.


Get rid of Kalia!!!!!! She just wanted a shomance with Dominic. Well, now that D is out of the house, go send her to harass D some more. Oh wait, maybe that won’t work because Cassi has already wrapped her claws around the virgin.


Dumbest thing I’ve read on here


so far today …yes it was


Are you kidding me? Kalia is going to be Danielle’s downfall. *Nobody* in that house has any strategical or entertainment use from her, especially now all she’s going to talk about is devirginizing Dom. And as long as she is there, nobody will trust Danielle. Send Kalia home, and Danielle can begin to repair her relationship with the vets. In this case, two wrongs would make a right. Then Danielle can make a secret alliance that can actually pan out. Get rid of Kalia!!


Kalia wants a showmance with Dominic.


There’s no way that I can see Dani winning this game now. If it were me, I’d knock out Jeff or Brendon just for the disrespect they’ve shown towards Dani and the rest of the newbs.

And Simon: I check this site daily and this is my first post. Thank you and Dawg for the long hours you guys put into this. We wouldn’t be able to follow all this craziness without you!!


I honestly doubt that Dani would be set packing the next week – even if she can’t play for HOH – and if she does get put up – she can dominate at the POV and safe herself and then win the next HOH. The girl has some fire in her…and I love it! Nothing like having the feeling that the entire house is against you. Wait and see…if she can hold on to K + L and possibly Adam and swing R over… her and R could work together to pick the rest off and she would win in the Jury votes – I highly doubt that JJ would vote for R …. she won’t get R or B’s vote – but the other two can recognize good game play….

Do not waste your HOH on not getting out a vet – at the end of the day – you can at least take one out now!

Go Team Dani….


I just do not like Brendon anymore. I can not stand controlling people (which is a big sign of insecurity) and I hope those two get those issues resolved before they get married. On another note I got the live feed to watch the competition last night and bleh how boring was that??? I am a JJ fan but it is nice to see someone else get the HOH and stuff from their families, etc. (how does one cancel the live feeds? This site tells me all I need to know!!!)


LOL don’t be delusional. The only vet that would consider actually keeping a deal is Jordan and Jeff. Brendon and Rachel will put Dani up anyways. So, no Dani doesn’t need to make a deal. A stupid person would make a deal with those four. And even if they did honour her ”deal” that buys her what? A week tops? No game. She needs to break up B/R. If there’s Americas vote; Dani will have DOM to play with as well. If they can take out another vet next week; it’s a different game.


Tired of everyone commenting that the other guy is the liar, cheater etc…If you don’t like what the other guy is doing don’t do it yourself… should have stayed home for Sunday School….. it should be all about game play………you need to be aware at all times who is saying what to whom………… Tired of complaints concerning the houseguest that cause havoc yet I am so tired of the ones that sit back and do nothing..’Sit back and watch’ is their game ………( so sick of hearing them smack their food and chewing with their mouths open…….yuck………) Rachel is a true competitor as is Brendon…….who cares if you don’t like them………… At least they get your blood going and you comment on line………..Evil dick is another one that makes the game more fun to watch…………. We need to back the house guests that make us want to be a part of the game and be there to compete against them…….. This is not suppose to be a ‘tea party with manners’


It sounds like Americas vote is happening THIS WEEK. But with Danis HOH win, I’m having the gut feeling they will prolong bringing someone back until one of the power four leaves.


CBS will wait until Jeff gets evicted to pull the last twist for the season out.


I agree with simon. America loves Jeff and drools over every egotestical word he says so they will wait in case he ends up being sent packing to bring back a houseguest which of course will be Jeff or they give him a special power.


Thank god someone agrees with me! CBS and “America” loves Jeff but he’s an asshole. I finally know because I get to see the live feeds. I want so badly for Dani to get Brendon out so Dominic has a chance of being voted back in…


I disagree. Her best move is to get rid of Brendon. America won’t vote him back in. If anyone comes back it will be Dom. When Rachel sees that America chose Dom over Brendon she will be pissed. She will melt down and JJ will have to distance themselves from her or they will go down with Brenchel. She will be alone. She will be a hot mess. Porsche will probably abandon her too. Rachel will base her jury vote on emotions but Jeff and Jordan won’t. The only way JJ won’t vote for Dani based on her game play is if one of them is sitting next to her, and Dani is too smart to let that happen. Honestly, if Dani makes final two with anyone but Jeff or Jordan she will win. Brenchel is the only thing standing in her way. Cut off the egotistical sociopathic head and Rachel is hopeless. And just because Dani can’t play for HOH next week, don’t count her out. She is the POV queen and she always seems to pull off the win when she needs it. And if Dom comes back, he can compete for HOH.


How can Rachel and Porsche not realize how disgusting Brendon’s game play is. He almost 100% controls everything they (Porsche and Rachel) do and say. It also seems that Porsche is more on Brendon’s side than Rachel’s. Now Porsche even influences Rachel to not go and talk game to people without Brendon. Dani should definitely try to get Brendon out of this house this week and then she’d probably just win the POV next week and Dom might be voted back into the game by then.


I think the nominations will be one of the following combinations:

Brendon and Rachel (if she blames them for Dominic)
Brendon and Jordan (if she wants Brendon gone)
Rachel and Jordan (if she wants Rachel gone)
Brendon and Jeff (if she blames the bullies)
Jeff and Jordan (if she wants Jeff gone)

I believe my first choice is how it will go, ensuring one will go, but the other four are real possibilities.

I assume everyone else are 100% safe unless they really screw up (Shelly and Porsche this means you)


I have to agree with whoever said they can’t believe people are on Dani’s side. Yeah, Daniele was a smart player… LAST season. But now? She was ultimately the one who got Dom sent home because she put him in that position and basically let him take the fall for having the idea of sending Jeff home when really it was her in the first place. And she was kinda the one that sent Cassi packing as well. It would be the best move, IMO, if she put up like Kalia and Brendon or something. Kalia does nothing for the game… I guess she did good in the HOH competition but up until then.. she has won nothing and really not proven herself at all. As for Brendon, I’m not gonna say I hate him because I don’t.. but him and Rachel together is just not helping their game at all. All they do is fight. Rachel gets yelled at by Brendon all the time. I honestly think Rachel would be a great player if it wasn’t for Brendon. She might even be able to win the whole thing.

And really, I have no favorites this season so far. I like Lawon just cause he’s funny and entertaining but other than that… my opinion of everyone goes back and forth everyday. One day I like Rachel and then the next day she makes a stupid move and it makes me not like her so much anymore. Same thing with Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and Dani. And really, all of the newbies are not really doing anything.


*** I didn’t mean last season for Daniele… I just meant during her season.


During Dani’s season, I hated her. But I hate Brendon and Rachel more. Also, if you get right down to it, it was Dom’s own fault for getting evicted. If he had not of told Shelly the plan, JJ would not have found out. If you remember, it was only after Jordan went to HOH room and told BR what was up did Brendon confess the conversation to JJ. Which makes me wonder why Jeff is not also just as mad at BR as he is at Dani. After all, I think that BR was really considering pulling a backdoor on JJ. Also, I guess I like the underdog. In this situation the underdogs are Kalia and Dani. Dani REALLY needs to get someone with some game on her side. If Dani can keep Kalia motivated maybe she can win HOH next week? Yeah I doubt it too…..but maybe Dom will get back in somehow. Anyway…that is why I am on Dani’s side…….for now.


Completely agree. I like Lawon, but not for any game reason. He just says funny/ridiculous things and makes me laugh. If he were only more deceitful, he could actually do a little damage in the house. As for who should go home, I think Brendon is the one who needs to go. Besides the fact that all he does is bring Rachel down, he’s also annoying and there’s NO WAY anyone would vote him back in the house.


I like how people are making it out that Dom is america’s sweetheart. He was a complete douche the entire time he was in there, made a horrible POV choice, then gets railroaded by Dani and now he’s this lovable loser (not to mention a horrible exit speech). If one of JJ do not get evicted this week, he would get the votes from America to go back in the house, but that’s only because the choices would be Keith (who?), Cassie (snooze), BR(Everyone hates) or Dom. That is not really giving America much of a choice.


AGREE AGREE AGREE. Dom is NOT America’s sweetheart.. he’s just like the lesser of the evils. lol
Exactly what you said.. if it comes down to Keith, Cassi, and Dom… OBVIOUSLY it’s gonna be Dom. But really
he wasn’t this “great, amazing” player. I’d honestly like to see Rachel or Brendon get voted out and then have
America vote them back so it adds some more drama and shows Dani that she shouldn’t have messed with her
alliance in the first place. But is America gonna vote Rachel or Brendon back in? HA HA.. no.