Big Brother Spoilers – Dani wins HOH.. Dani says: “And She’s back in the Game Folks” **Updated**

9:05pm Bedroom Kalia and Dani

9:06pm Dani: “My speech is going to be AMAZING”
Jeff won 10grand
Adam has to wear the a Elf outfit

9:17pm Kitchen Dani is bringing up how back in the past big brother season (Pre season 8) the endurance comps were very hard core
She brings up season 6 in particular when there was one that lasted 17 hours.

Everyone playing nice with Dani except for rachel and Brendon they are sleeping in the other room. Jeff has really started to turn up the charm on dani.. Porsche being a bit distant and Shelly has finally removed her mouth from Dani’s Ass.
They’re talking about how Porsche was wearing gloves even though Both Shelly and dani were told they had to take their’s off.

9:31pm Inside the havenots Brendon, rachel and Porsche are Sad. Porsche tells them that Brendon and Rachel will most likely go up and Dani will do a deal with Jeff/Jordan.

9:31pm Inside the havenots Brendon, rachel and Porsche are Sad. Porsche tells them that Brendon and Rachel will most likely go up and Dani will do a deal with Jeff/Jordan. Porsche recommends that BR should go socialize, Brendon: “Dani is dead to me”. Neither of BR want to hang out with any one in the house. Rachel is saying somthing about Dani playing an emotional game, “She wants to be the one that Takes out Brendon and racheL”. (this is gettign good these are the B/R We knew to HATE from last season, When JJ are playing it cool these 3 are boiling over with hate)

9:40pm Dani and Kalia Dani is excited about her

Dani is talking about hearing Porsche say “This jellyfish votes” they both laugh at how ridiculous POrsche was. Kalia points out that Porsche was going around telling the newbs they weren’t jelly fish. Dani says her HOH Letter will give her renewed strength. Dani says that JEff is acting normal but BR are freaking out.

9:51 Rachel and Dani

rachel says she’s sorry that her friend left.. Rachel asks her what she’s going to do. Dani says she doesn’t know yet she has a couple options so she’s not sure.. “What do you want me to say to you”

Rachel: “You called me a iriodt”
Dani: “I’m seriously sorry about that”
rachel: “You said Everyone hated me and it was a repeat of Season 12”
Dani: “I meant that the way you were acting was making you look like season 12”
Rachel: “alright i accept”

dani says that rachel was her only final 2 she had and she felt that Rachel was her closest ally in the house and then Rachel and Brendon chose JJ over her. Rachel apologizes that she said Dani had a black heart.

Rachel says she’s really sorry dom left she liked him a lot. Dani explains that Rachel and Brendon said some pretty nasty things to Dom this week about her and that hurst her a lot because dom is a person that is going to be her friend when she gets out of this house.

Dani explains that her plan all along was for BR Dani and PT to team up and wipe the house out.. Dani understand how rachel saw it differently but “TRULY TRULY TRULY” her plan all along was to for a 4 person allaince and wipe the house out.

10:12pm rachel asks her why she didn’t give the HOH to Kalia. Dani says that she promised PT, She’s never had a chance to compete had to prove herself and she really needs a letter from home right now.

10:30pm everyone being quiet.. Looks of worry on Jordan, POrsche, Brendon and rachel. Team Bacon was taking a shower and it was HOT.

10:50pm Brendon, Jeff, Adam, Jordan talking about the BB11 HOH comps

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159 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Dani wins HOH.. Dani says: “And She’s back in the Game Folks” **Updated**

      1. No way, BR both need to go home. I respect how Rachel wins at times, but I can’t stand her. Bottom line, w/o Brendon Rachel will be nothing. Bottom line, Rachel the most disliked player in the history o the game.

    1. I agree 100% brendon is a jerk and i’m sorry but he probably acts like that in real life to. He needs to come off his high horse. Plus I think his ego is bruised because Dani said that Jeff is her biggest threat and not him. He really needs to get over himself. He’s corny! I love Jeff but she’ll have to put him up if Brandon or Racel wins the veto, those are her biggest threats right now.

    1. I agree 100%. I’m a diehard BB fan, but this entire season has been planned out, plot by plot, comp by comp, back stab by back stab, by production. They likely planned the comps around who they wanted to have power in the house manipulating peoples fears and egos via the DR. I just feel like the entire season is being manipulated by production and not authentic. I don’t think anyone is suprised that Dani won HOH. Not hating on the win per se, just wish that there had actually been a battle.

      1. I agree 100% I was sooo looking forward to this season, however now I am watching BB9 on youtube, and even though I have seen it before, I like it more then this season

    2. How are any of the comps geared towards one houseguest over another?? That makes no sense, they all have an equal opportunity to win any of the comps they’ve played. If they can’t hold on longer than Dani than that’s their fault!!! They knew going into the comp that if it was endurance Dani was the one to beat and they dropped like flies! They can’t say it had anything to do with being small either because Kalia did just fine!!!! Stop making poor excuses for the vets. They didn’t outlast Dani, plain and simple.

      1. Was it just me? Or did Dani’s hips look mesmerizing swaying back and forth. I’d like that swing in my backyard.

    1. I agree. I don’t see how they could guarantee one person would won over the rest of the house. Thats just asinine.
      How great would it be if Dani sends Brenden home and Rachtess to the jury house and split them up for the summer! Haha Rachel will have a meltdown. Good times

      1. this is what i named her COWLEEEAAA CHEW AN CHEW AN CHEW OO I FEEL FAT lololo wonder why? smack them lips let the big lip on bottom flip up like a widow shade…….just look at the side shots of her goooodgawddddd women

  1. dani needs to stay wit kalia they both can work good together she needs kalia the closest then have som eother followers the way i see it is she will get brendan out and lawon or kalia will win hoh next week i have feeling one of them will and jeff will be gone, i would like brendan and jeff gone then porsche and shelly two game on hoping for some good fights

  2. Not the happiest about her winning. Wished Por,, Adam, Shelly or Kalia would have won. Dani clearly has a side she is on so there will be no surprises, but it is much better JJBR winning. Have a feeling this may set for an interesting 7 days for next week though.

    Also, Dani is somewhat screwed because her alliance will most likely not win HOH next week.

  3. I love it rigged or not dani won and i love her now. shes my new gf LOL please dani put rach and bren up. ( even if one of them wins the pov the other would go!. break that nightmare up. ( just our luck the twist would be someone comes back and right when dan sends b or r home they come back then go after her .

    1. I disagree. Without the BR melodrama, I’d be bored. If Dani takes out all the people that would actually cause conflict it would be a snooze fest. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing a Shelly and Dani show down.

      I’d like to see Porsche play a cool under the radar partnership with Dani. She’s turning out to be the least annoying newbie on my list as of late.

  4. Prediction:
    Dani puts up Rachel and brendon with brendon going home or a smaller chance Jeff going home and dani then tries do f2 w Rachel or f3 with BR if Jeff goes home. Unless there is a big blowup I doubt Rachel or Jordan will go

    Just my $0.02 great job Simon who cares about spelling. I’ve noticed when i go to Toronto to my hometown alot of ppl are bad spellers.

  5. wait Dani heard Porsche while she was voting to evict?
    what the hell, that’s so messed. doesn’t that mean people could just figure out who flipped by listening in.

    1. No, Porky told her allies that when she voted she said that ‘this jellyfish votes out Dom’. I heard her say it as Dom was hugging everyone goodbye.

    2. lol i think Dani heard her say the jellyfish thing after. When they all got up after to say goodbye to Dominic, she mentioned that she said “this jellyfish votes to..”

    3. Before Dom is even out the door, Porsche says “I said something cute, I said ‘this jellyfish votes to evict Dominic!'” Seriously, this was 10 seconds after he hugged her goodbye.

  6. Send Brendan home, he can go back to beating off on a webcam. Or would the drama be better to send out Rachel and see what happens between Brendan and Porsche. Tough call.

    Also, I think the JJ connection is for show only. I am beginning to highly doubt they are the couple they protray to be and that they are back in the house hoping to rekindle that spark. I could be wrong, but the body language just seems all wrong for a couple.

    1. I was wondering the same thing myself about JJ until I heard Jordan say that they are purposely not being ” all cuddly” this year, although she didn’t say why. I miss seeing them like that, they were fun to watch.

  7. Well, I hope Dani as the HOH will bring some excitment to this show and not just everyone changing their stripes and kissing her butt. Even if after this week, should the other 4 and not one of the newbies win HOH, Dani probably would win POV should they put her up. Isn’t she the champion of POV’s? This season has been so slow. Hope it starts hopping now. Still don’t have a fav, tho.

  8. Endurance comps are not made for larger individuals, athletic or otherwise. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Dani is a badass though. I wanted the newbs to be swept though. See the battle between good vs. Evil in the end. That’s def. Not transpiring now. Let the scheming begin.

  9. I am not sure how the producers did it, but they sure had the best HOH comp for Dani to win. I guess they figured if she really wanted it, she wouldn’t go anywhere. I was just surprise to see how the vets dropped off so easily. I guess they were over confident or something. I am glad she won though, it stirs shit up in the house and that is what the house needs is some good shit stirred.

    I guess if I dont have ED to root for, I’ll pull for his daughter. Go EDD!

  10. Dani did some mad psychological pumping to kalia! Kalia hung in there.
    Looking forward to the excitement.
    Looks like dani still wants to work with br so jj may be the ones on the block.

  11. Dani should get rid of either porshe or shelly since they are both working with the vets. That way she knocks out a vote for either JJ or BR (depending on who leaves) and keeps the heat off herself by not directly putting them (JJ/BR) on the block and staying within their good graces..

    1. I vote yes to that!! Dani is cool and an all-time fave of mine, but JJ are on my list higher then her so as long as she doesn’t get them out this week I’m happy! She can later but I’m not done seeing JJ yet! So yea maybe dani will side deal with jj?! We shall see….

      1. would be a stupid move for her to do that, she has to take out either jeff or brendon, they are stronger competitors. I would for sure like to see the pacer go possibly shelly but first off is either brendon, or jeff, in that order.

  12. Im still sad about Dom, he was so entertaining on live feeds ='( …Bad day today and also a very good one because of Dani winning HOH.

  13. Brendon needs to go because Rachel will fall apart. Jeff cant control both Jordan and Rachel. Jeff will get sick of Rachel’s whinning and emotional outbursts and turn on her. Rachel will team up with Dani, making Jeff the one next to go. LOVE IT!!! If I was Dani my noms would be Brendon and Rachel with Brendon being the focus.. If Jeff or Jordan wins POV you can trust they will not use it. LOL If Brendon or Rachel win POV, then Jeff as the replacement Nom.

      1. If Brendon is sent home, and Jeff turns on Rachel, who do you think she would run to???? Jordan does Exactly as she is told by Jeff. Shelly has no game except for playing everyone. Porche talks a lot, but has nothing to back it up. Lawon is La’ Lazy. Adam follows the power. Kalia does not like her. Rachel would’nt have much options now would she.

  14. Rachel is letting Dani manipulate her again. I can’t even watch this train wreck. In real honesty I feel sorry for Rachel because she is so desperate for approval & for people to like her & yet she has a BF that talks down to her so she is always going to be on this train wreck. I really hope after this show she can see the light. I have been a huge fan of Jeff, but I lost my last ounce of respect for him this week when he told Jordan to shut-up and go find something to eat. I had even been defending him because I guess I was blinded by his abs, arms, and smile. I also can’t stand all the trash talk he’s been giving & then Kalia stayed up there longer than him. I never had any respect for Brendan. I find Dani to be a coward (letting others take the fall for her actions) & really no different than B&R. I don’t know who to even root for any more this season. :-( Porche? Shelly?

    1. It’s just the way they are with one another. I saw Jordon snap at him to stop it when he was about to go at it in the purple room with Kalia and it was funny because he shut right the hell up!!

      1. I agree that they talk to each other in a certain way & Jeff has a sharp tongue. I know Jeff even admits it. Simon can probably attest to that I have defended Jeff all over these comments. But for me, it struck a chord because the go eat food comment is really an extremely LOW blow to a girl and I lost the last ounce of respect I had for him. That is just how I feel. Others may have a different level of tolerance for this kind of thing.

    2. dom made his own bed and deserved to go, even julie told him never to trust anyone and never throw a pov comp if you are on the block. dani did nothing wrong she tried to keep him if anything so back off dans a hero not a zero. GO DANI xoxoxox

      1. I am not referring to her making the move, or even that being the reason Dom leaves, but the fact that she sat in the background and said nothing for almost an hour while 2 other people tried to protect her. She also let Dom take the fall by letting the vets believe it was his idea & regardless of who went home I think it was pretty cowardly IMO. When Dom came down from his chat with Brendan and Jeff a few days ago, the first thing she asked him was “what did you say about me?” & continued to press him for what did they say about her & what did he divulge. I realize this is a game, but she is the one that claimed to be his true friend & so I am looking at it as a real friendship. That to me is not what a friend would do.

        1. Dani is constantly scheming 24/7. Not necessarily in a mean way; she’s just always thinking about the game. Her brain never stops. Watch her eyes, her expessions, listen to her comments. For anyone in the house to believe otherwise is ludicrous and they deserve the bliss of ignorance that will send them out the BBH door kicking and screaming.

    3. I so agree with you. Jeff is soooo nasty to Jordan, but what shocks me more is that Jordan allows it! =/ I really liked Jeff in his season nd then he went and let his ego go to his head!! Dani is a coward for letting Dom take the fall for her “master plan” She needs to own up to her actions.

      1. For you and everyone else that’s on Dani’s case about “letting” Dom take the fall: what was Dani supposed to do? It’s not like she could put herself up on the block in his place or even compete in POV because of the golden key.

    4. I’m coming around to team Pinto and Shell Shock. Pinto’s playing mad game, Yo. She was the one that got Brenchal out of the misery Hole! and she’s the one that first called out how stupid it was for Dani to stay up when she should have let Kalia win so Dani could play next week. And Shelly Belly is still good with both sides even after all she’s done!!! Go Team Pinto and Shelly. And Rachel is going to throw all kinds of grenades after nominations, yo!

  15. Ill Will, Brendon used that same reason last year about the comps designed for small feet when he didn’t win.

    1. OMG! That’s true! He said that last year! No surprise, last competition he said he gave the HOH game to Roachel to get her out of slop, uhum… yes Dear…he uses excuses every time he loses, BTW I don’t believe anything regarding Brendumb and Roachel background, they will say anything to make believe they are Einstein and Madam Curie! What a supposed ‘chemist’ is doing as a homemaker with no children or anything. Chemist are always in demand with hefty salaries, so Roachel, plizzzzzzzzzz take Exit 7 to leave Fantasy Land….. not everyone is a dumb as you two are

  16. Site should be back 100% might be a bit slow but at least it won’t crash.. it’s a exciting night time to crack the red bull and toss some grenades YO

  17. wow!!! if i was ever in this game…and had an argument like the one from yesterday, i would never insult anyone. cause karma is a b…a capital B!!! just watching showtime and already rachel is one on one with dani. even though this is a good time for dani to get rid of a power player. like bredon just said…she’s screwed next week if a vet goes home. dont think any of the other newbies can beat the remaining vets in a hoh. but…since i read a comment about a evicted houseguest returning next week, wouldnt it be crazy if dom walked back into the house…as jeff or brendon is going out? rachel just told brendon she wont sell jordan and jeff out….yeah right!!! maybe she meant TONIGHT she wont!!!

    i think i’d send home rachel. she is the strongest player. backdoor style of course!!! it would make good tv for her to be crying the last couple days. and freaking out about her man in that house with the remaining females!!! ha ha ha…please, if there really is a tv god…send rachel home!!!

  18. rachoe said it last season too when she did not win that everyone in the house hated her, she was not gonna talk to anyone blah blah (and bren follows her g string) thats why they were so alienated from the house last time. this time they have no one as well. ( member how Bren talked to kaka) shels loyality is with JJ, adam does what the HOH wants, porch may stick with em and jj themselves are only gonna worry bout themselves at this point (jeff made that clear to dani)

    1. are you friggin kiddin me? would you rather it be brendumb, jordough, or jeff? better yet pacer, kaka , adum or lawnman. please dani is the best choice now the show takes off. let the games begin.

  19. OMG shelly is a moron that thinks she knows everything about everything…..
    “Tylenol is processed by the liver, and ibuprofen is processed by the stomach”
    Really? Where did you go to school exactly? Stop giving advice about crap you know nothing about dummy.
    Sorry i had to vent, That’s like the 5th IGNORANT thing I’ve seen her say. why does everyone listen to her????

  20. Oh I guess I should clarify… Tylenol affects the kidneys, ibuprofen affects the liver…. And not a damn thing is processed by the stomach.

    1. Actually you have that backwards…tylenol is processed through the liver and ibuprofen is processed through the kidneys. But you are still right about the stomach part.

  21. Any suggestions about the twist next week ?? im assuming their brining someone back because no one went on the early morning show after being evicted im hoping dom comes back i like cassie too , thats why i hope dani doesnt take out jordon or jeff cause america would bring either of those 2 back in a heartbeat because their all american -_-

    1. i liked cassi too. if she could be voted back in by america…rachel will freak! im kinda thinking another two players from seasons past will show up and move in. like janelle and kaysar…or howie!!! just a wild guess…

      1. Julie said americas vote is going to make the twist , long shot but if they brought dom and cassie back *double trouble* this way they could have a double eliminiation somewere down the line were as now they cant because dick left early . who knows im also hoping dani gets to open pandoras door this week i always liked that twist

        1. Here is what I would love to see. propose to the house 3 guests who have been evicted, give the people in the house the chance to vote on the one they want to come back. Then let the one with the least votes come back, that wold really throw a wrench into the house and would be a great twist

  22. I hope that shelly comes out with a mouth full on shit and pukes it all over BR faces with as much ass sucking as she has been doing since dani won hoh

  23. I am guessing it has more to do with his height. With the way the wall was leaning forward. His height pushed that empty dome of his out further past his feet than say someone much shorter than him. Which would push weight out further and cause more you to exert more effort to stay on. Guessing foot size has little to do with that. You would expect someone going for a PhD would be able to come to this conclusion. Then again, they could have Dani tied to that wall and I wouldn’t have cared, I want to see a shift in power and this house turned upside down. The HOH was overflowing with JJBR’s cockiness and a change was needed. Well played Dani, time to send someone home for the summer.

    1. I agree!! needed a shift in power! who wants to watch a football game if only one side has the ball the entire game? I think Brendon should go home. Then I would like to see what Rachel is able to do on her own or would the rest of the house be lining up with her? If Rachel goes home then Brendon will go berserk! Which would be good tv!

  24. I dont think Dani is the best player but she is strategic and a risk taker. She cant trust BRJJ and she knows it. And Rach saying she never breaks a deal is BS.
    So now BB fans it is entertaining except for the newbies who are still pretty clueless. There is still a lot of game to be played. thanks Simon and Dawg for the awesome work.

  25. you Know I think the best idea would be to put up the two Girls rachel and jordoan and tell the two big dummies .. sure win the veto ..or get your girl pulled off .. then the last member of your alliance can go up .. she played her game .. she should play it out hard ..

  26. Like everyone else is saying, if Rachel teams up with Dani after Brendon leaves. Dani and Rachel will be hard to beat and Dani will take Rachel to the final two because she knows that Rachel won’t win no matter what.

  27. Oh yeah…. and obviously most of them haven’t seen BB8 because they forgot how much of a competitor Dani is!!!….Big Mistake for the vets!

  28. Please tell me you caught Rachel trying to make herself look good by saying she has more Twitter followers than Dani.

    1. Like twitter followers really mean anything, besides Dani hides her tweets, I wouldn’t doubt she would have more if she allowed anyone to follow her

    2. I couldnt of said that better myself.. lol .. and to add to that.. when brenda stated it would be smart if Dani put up Kalia & Lawon, that shows how piss poor he really plays this game to think anybody is that ignorant.

      1. Bring back Dom!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna watch Dani and Dom romance, maybe he can lose his virginity hehe. Go Team Donato!!

  29. Wow….Rachel has 17000 twitter followers…. God I hate that chick and Brendan is going to regret every marrying her. That’s if he ever grows a pair!

  30. is anyone else pissed off that the twist wasn’t revealed tonight? :\ julie made it sound like it was gonna be revealed on thursday for sure: “and thursday, find out how the houseguests react when a new twist forces everyone to rethink their strategy” … so we saw rachel upset that there’s a twist and dani excited that there is one. that doesn’t exactly tell us what the twist is, so don’t get my hopes up so high big brother, damnit!

  31. I watched the live feeds season 11 JJ season and jeff being the same way now like he was in season 11.. Yes he a tad bit more cocky. Thats the way jeff and jordan are with each other they were like that on amazing race too. Jordan seems to know how to take his comments and she does come back with it. I believe they are not putting on a show and they are together.. I really hope dani puts up BR and sends one of them home they are the worst losers. I think the twist will be americas player or the person evctied next week will get to go back in the house. I don’t think dom or cassi is coming back. I think dom went to jury. there 10 people left which means next 8 to leave the house goes to jury there are 9 people in the jury house..

  32. I like Jeff so much better when he’s the under-dog. He even said himself that he feels better when he’s down and out. Should be a very interesting week…

  33. Not an Audrey fan, but i was really shocked that she lasted as long as she did. Got a little respect for her now

  34. OH, FOR GOD’S SAKE! Bremdan now has Porcha telling Rachel what to say and do as well. Don’t get me wrong, i find Rachel to be incredibly neurotic and annoying but Brendan is such a controlling and cocky jackass. I so hope he gets his sorry ass kicked out of the house. Well done Dani! Now stick to your guns and vote out Brendan (or Rachel) …. though it looks like Jeff is the target right now.

  35. So I have a question. Why are they not allowed to sing in the house. You are always hearing “Please stop singing” Why?

    1. They can’t sing because if they sing a song they have to pay the artist of the song they are singing. I don’t think they would be told to stop singing if they made up their OWN song.

  36. I think Dani should have let Kalia win the HOH. She would not have been the target and would have had a chance to play in the HOH competition next week. I really hope an evicted house guest gets to come back and I hope it is Dom. I had to stop watching Showtime after dark it is boring without him being there. I know it is only one person, but the mood has changed.

      1. From Kalia’s point of view, throwing it makes sense. Instead of having BRJJ try to convince her for days to put up Dani, her only real ally at this point, she knows she’s safe. If Dani’s up next week, she can win POV. If Dani’s backdoored next week, that’s a risk they have to take. From a selfish perspective, Dani having power this week makes Kalia’s life easier since she doesn’t have to draw first blood on sending one of the Big 4 home. From an alliance perspective, Dani is probably in a better position to get herself off the block than Kalia is.

        And who knows what happens next week in the HOH comp? Kalia surprised 90+% of us this week.

  37. Maybe they will do another Diamond POV or another americas player/saboteur thing for a few weeks. Thats what I think the twist will be.

  38. Dont mess up the donato people on the big brother, I would like Jeff to go home Rachel and Brendon to go home too. because thier peace a shit on the game. lol jeff, brendon, rachel and jordan the dump and no brain blonde bicth. love dani but not all blonde are dumb only jordan in the big brother.

  39. Dani still made a bad decision and still has a big head. She has the power for now, but I’d like to see her go. And heck no, I don’t want to see Dom come back.

  40. Way too funny how they kiss a** now that Dani is the new HOH. I am soooo stoked for Dani and couldn’t be any happier.

  41. As is I new Dani was going to win HOH.. But it would have been better 4 JJ n BR 2 fight it out at the end.. Don’t care to watch Dani any longer so pls BB set it up where she gets evicted nxt wk

  42. What I hope happens is this: Dani puts Jeff and Brendon on the block. I would assure Jeff ahead of time that Brendon was the target. This only works if Rachel does not play for POV (big if). Jeff or anyone else wins POV and takes Jeff off block. Dani throws Rachel up there with him, and then stand back and watch the sparks fly as Rachel throws Brendon under the bus, Brendon pouts for a few days, and then they dont see each other for the rest of the summer because the next eliminated person goes home while the other stays in BB house or is on the jury and is in jury house.

  43. Put up Jeff and Brendon, Dani!!!! There are no other physical players and they’re both scumbags!!

    The ‘dream team’ has to be cut down.

  44. Go Dani Go!!!! I hope that now that she is HOH she can rid the house of all the babies (Rachel), and they can play the game like adults. I am so tired of Rachel whining and crying and throwing those damn tandroms.

  45. Finally, everyone is on the move again! LOL. It’s going to be great! I think Brendon will go home or Jeff if Brendon wins Veto. I don’t think Dani will send Rachel home since Rachel is easliy manipulated.

  46. Dani needs to put Bren and Jeff up against each other. That way if one comes off she can put Rach up against them. She needs to kill the vets

    1. I agree Dylan. Brendon or Jeff and make them both squirm. Rip them apart and take no prisoners. Turn them into bitch boys. If one of them saves their self with a POV, their partner goes home.

  47. She’s going home next week I think. Cuz she can’t play HOH, and she’ll have one or both of the couples after her. She should have given HOH to Kalia so she could play next week. I want Brendon or Rachel to go home! Or Maybe Kalia. I just can’t stand her either (even though it’s not going to happen),

  48. You Knew before the HOH that Dani was the next winner — the house had to turn that way. Also, Dani was dressed for the event. Production clearly is manipulating this show — and that is, after all, what it is — a show. Dani needs to put two people up and have someone use the POV to backdoor Brendon. America needs to vote Dominic back in (or Dick should come back) and then it is clear sailing for Dani.

  49. I finally realized why Brendon is with the Sea Hag.
    Brendon is in dire need of anger management and I am cetain he is abusive. A Donkey’s A$$ who never let’s anyone speak the guy can’t spell or figure out puzzles what is his fake Phd in ?… self analyzing in the mirror. The guy is a ticking time bomb ready to jump down anyone’s throat. ? Your ignoramus loudmouth fiance can dish it out so let her take it! Instead of verbally attacking and threatening the woman or does that make you feel better about your insecure,close-minded and passive/aggressive personality.
    As well, I dunno who Shelley seems to think she’s fooling, she couldn’t be anymore of a man and the hooker liplined lipstick may fool the blinded folks in your neck of the woods, but I am expecting a Wenis to pop out anytime now. I suggest she sticks to her original plan because her so-called integrity and sincerity is about as effective as Paris Hiltons’…I’m getting tired of reality shows rehashing the haz-bin pathetic people trying to get some more exposure because you took away the opportunity for 6 new psychos…the 3 old pairs had their opportunity already and thank god that reject of life Evil Dick left…what an immature dirty looking scum bag who fed off the misfortune of other’s people like that shouldn’t be highlighted they should have their own Island so they can eventually turn on each other …your on public television ..TAKE A SHOWER Greaseball.

  50. I stayed up last night watching the live feeds and it was priceless to see the desperation in the faces of BRJJ when their hapless alliance started to fall one by one. The contempt they had for Kalia and Dani was palpable. Dani and Kalia acted like champs though, they entertained each other while they both hung on. NOBODY in the house was really cheering for them.

    Kalia’s staying power was surprising to me. I honestly didn’t think she had game play in her. So glad Dani won though! And, as usual Rachel and Brendon started falling apart. I fast forwarded through everything with them in last night. Even normally sweet Jordan was in a pissy mood. I LOVE IT!!

      1. This past week has been great to watch. I was sad to see Eye Candy Cassi go but the house got a lot more interesting when she left. She just may have been too nice for the game.

        Although I would like to see how she would react once she finds out Shelly threw her under the bus. I think we’d see the model mean streak come out.

      2. It was definitely an interesting night. Finally others have power and options. I hope I can make time to see tonight’s feeds!

  51. I am happy that Dani won HOH. I loved her comment about being sick of living under a dictatorship. Jeff was acting as though he really believed people were supposed to come and “confess” their plans and schemes to him. And Brendan, who talks a good game, but rarely delivers, seems to feel “entitled” to be in power. Rachel does the heavy lifting and he takes the credit. When she doesn’t win a challenge, in addition to beating up on herself, she has to worry about getting a lecture from Brendan. Or, we have to witness his endless pep talks about how beautiful and smart she is and how jealous everyone is of the two of them. She is barking mad to begin with and I am sorry for whatever happened during her formative years that turned her into the attention-starved, insecure woman she has become.

    As far as nominees go, Dani might just as well go for broke. She is a target and that won’t change no matter what she does. As for threats from the 4-pack (I’m including Jordan only because she is 1/4th of the pack), there is no guarantee they will win POV or HOH. The newbies need to stop acting as though they have no chance against the vets. Don’t believe the propaganda machine. So what if Rachel has a temper tantrum, or goes on a crying jag, or gives everyone her famous stink-eye glare. These are the tools of her trade and she uses them to discourage people from crossing her. In truth, there is nothing she can do with these weapons unless they let her.

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