Big Brother Spoilers – Kalia figures Adam out “he’s the male Shelly” and Dani tries to regroup **Updated**

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7:05pm Havenots Kalia and Dani

Dani is trying to weigh the pros and cons of turning on BRJJ next week. She says if she takes Brendon out then Rachel will go after her like a bat outta hell. Dani is pissed at this season she came here to play big brother not hang out. Kalia is saying it obvious what will happen unless someone shakes it up int he house. The vets will picks us all one by one.. Dani will be number 6 and either Kalia or Shelly will be 5. Kalia comments that it must be boring for the fans to see the BRJJ alliance run thought the house. dani says one one side if she doesn’t strike next week and tries to hide under the radar she runs the risk of getting backdoored. If she strikes and sides with the newbs she has to fight and win every week. Dani: “Lets be honest whats left of the newbs isn’t the strongest group of competitors” Dani: “If I win HOH I can cut a deal with the new people that I am helping them by taking out their biggest obstacle” She adds she will still have to win the POV the following week. Kalia says the way these newbs are acting “you better pull out your check book and write them (the vets) 500K because there is no way you will win..”
Dani: “I’m just afraid one of them Rachel will win HOH..they are going to backdoor me they are not going to give me a shot to play for POV” They start going through the numbers if they get rid of jeff next week and Rachel wins HOH how many votes will they have. Kalia: “Shelly, Brendon, Jordan.. Porsche?” Dani: “Yeah we’ll have adam, Kalia or Lawon” They agree that they need to get close to Porsche, Dani doesn’t think she can because they are too totally different girls. Kalia says she trying but it’s tough because all Porsche does it follow Rachel around.

They start talking about how absolutely full of shit Shelly is she walking around the house saying how she a straight shooter, she plays with honesty, the only deals she has is with her family, she has a child at home that is watching, she doesn’t lie.. etc etc etc.. dani lays down all the lies Shelly had rolling and how she threw Cassi under the bus and had a deal with JJ BR. Dani says that Shelly has a deal with JJ since week one. Kalia adds that nobody out of the newbs trust Shelly any more.

kalia says she talked to Jordan earlier today to ask why things have gotten weird with them lately.. Dani: “Becuase Jordan put a muzzle on her” Kalia: “Pretty much yeah”.. Kalia continues on about how Jordan doesn’t want Jeff to go home she’s keeping quiet because she wants to get to sequester so they can enjoy the summer together. Dani: “Ugh that all they care about is to spend the summer together.. they cam here to play a game… Nobody is here to play big brother”.. “It’s strong people carrying weak people around so they can spend the summer together” Dani thinks that maybe she’s too into the game because so many people are not playing it they’re just coasting along. Kalia: “It’s not a lay down.. lay in front of the pool bully the shit out of people.. it’s stupid and boring”

Dani wants to talk to Adam. kalia warns her to watch what she says to Adam. Kalia: “Adam is the male Shelly the 2 of them are doing the exact same game”.. Dani: “I have to win HOH” Kalia: “yup you do… Lawon will not put Brendon and Rachel he’ll put up Porsche and adam”. Dani doesn’t think so, Dani thinks it’s bull that JJ and BR want to spend a summer together and Fake being each others friends, she came to play BB.

7:57pm bathroom Shelly and POrsche they have spent the last hour in front of the mirror. Porsche get called into the DR.. she’s all happy because now she gets to look “pretty” in the DR. As she walks out Adam tells her he’s made steaks… Porsche Squeals with delight “Yummy Yummy”

8:21pm Backyard Shelly and Kalia Shelly is going on and on how honest she is and how she has nothing to gain by lying and how she never lied once in the house.. she’s played a honest game now and will continue to do that until the end. “I have a 8 year old I refuse to have her go back and see that I didn’t play a honest game”.. Shelly goes on and on about how you have to take what you’re told with a grain of salt. Kalia: “Can I ask you something and get the truth” Shelly says of course that’s all she speaks. Kalia: “Did you vote to keep POrshce” Shelly: “Yes and so did yo but you lied to me about it” Kalia: “I did but I needed to” Shelly goes back to sayign how honest she is and how that is the only way to play this game.. she’s got morals etc etc (It’s awesome how Kalia listens to all this shit Shelly is shoveling at Kalia, kalia now knows the extent of Shelly’s game)

Kalia tells Shelly that the way it’s going is the newbs are getting picked off one by one. Shelly: “from a human being to a human being you gotta think strategy”.. Shelly says people are trying to manipulate each other and will turn on yo in a second. Kalia says she’s feeling burned because she’s gotten close to people and they kinda used her. Shelly: “You really need to be careful who you’re listening to cause They’re feeding you BS” … “there’s people in here that will help you get farther in this game”. Kalia starts to cry : “Shelly I can’t trust anyone”, Kalia says she feels that she’s being included in the backdoor jeff alliance just because of the company she keeps. Shelly doesn’t think that the case asks her whose been tell her that. Kalia: “I just hear it around the house”..

Shelly basically tells her to stop Listening to Dani and Join Shelly and JJ and go home in a couple weeks. Kalia tries to argue that how the hell is she going to beat Brendon, Jeff and rachel in the finals. Shelly says she doesn’t think about it she just goes in and if she wins she wins. Kalia: “How am I going to beat Brendon and Jeff in a endurance comp”.. Shelly just says that She thinks they can beat them and win. Shelly now starts saying that Dani is going around talking shit about people and Kalia needs to stop talking be with her.

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peterbilt is such a ding bat
She always looks spaced out


Dani keeps saying she wants to play BB…you are already playing Dani. I have no idea why she moved away from her alliance so quickly. If I were JJ or BR I would have brought her to final 3. She had 4 allies and she swapped them for Dom who was on his way out? Maybe you don’t know how to play the game Dani. The newbs weren’t going to go after her they would have gone after BR first and then JJ.



Dani’s thinking that she can wincomp her way through the season but her social game is shot – she’s burned bridges both ways. Where are those same people who were raving about Dani’s social game a week ago?


I’m still a Dani fan, if she can get the newbies to work together her social game is still better than most if the others.


I’m with you Vick. I still think Dani can get through this. I don’t think Dom is going to make it past Thursday unfortunately….:(


I agree with you Vic. I like Dani atleast she has some guts. Unfortunately Shelly is to stupid to get on board with the newbies to go after the vets.


right on Dani is just talking to these newbs so they get close to her and maybe they will go after them instead of her some ceazy plan like that she is desperate


No balls, no balls at all on these lame newb bitches yo. What a disgrace to the game. Big Brother had months and months to put a good cast together and this is the shit they come up with,,,,,,WTF Yo.


face it, if this was a stacked cast of competitors…I would say yes…lets get rid of the vets…but its a sad group. and we will get better drama from a br/JJ breakup near final 6, than we would from an earlier exit, followed by weeks and weeks of lawon, kalia and porsche talking


Dani better go down on Dom tonight cause he just might erupt with tears coming out of every orifice.


Hey newbies, welcome to the game. Too bad you’re a day late and a dollar short.

And Shelly has all this integrity BS going but she didn’t have the backbone to tell Cassi why Cassi was a target and Shelly was never even mentioned for possible eviction. Even if Shelly saved it for the goodbye video (which I recall her saying she did to someone else but it was edited off either way), that’s not something someone with integrity would do which is wait until the other person couldn’t fight back.

It’s Big Brother and you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do but Shelly should not mount her high horse and say she’d never lie or be disingenuous because her daughter is watching because she ends up insulting her daughter’s intelligence. Shelly pretended to care about Cassi so much as she was throwing her under the bus.


Amen CJ!!


I couldn’t agree more. I’m somewhat disappointed in this season. While I do like the vets, I wish the newbs had started playing a better game; rather than whimping out and joining on the vets side. (although the vets have been kicking butt in the competitions). I’m bummed for Dani, cuz I wish her dad could’ve stayed in the game (reason I was most excited about this season). It would’ve made for an interesting house this year. I can’t understand what Shelly, Adam or Porsche are thinking. They are going to most likely be led to the slaughter. Why did they come on BB? Didn’t they come to try to win the game, rather than “help the vets to win”. IDIOTS!!! Sorry to see Dom leave, he seems to have a good head on how the game works, but because he’s a newbie and stuck with other newbies who play stupidly, he’s pointed out as the “ringleader”.t would be interesting if some players would finally make a dramatic game-changing move, but it might be too late for the newbies anyway.


really kalia…you are crying?…she feels like she is being included because of the company she keeps….duh…its big brother…thats the point…if you associate in private until six in the morning with people you are going to be associated with them….plus she doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, is always asking for others food when they are cooking and to be honest is one of the most annoying people in the history of BB….she likes to hear her own voice way to much….please get her out for my sanity….


Could you imagine if Whamber was on this season? Good God…


Jeez, thanks for THAT visual…..


if you lay with dogs you get fleas she aint foolin no one


Kalia figured something out? Call the Book of World Records..not!


And it wasn’t food in her teeth that she found? give her an award.


Almost as monumental as Porsche figuring out that the vets were going to dump her the first chance they got earlier in the week.


Kalia wants to know how shes going to compete in an endurance comp.? Dont u think your fat ass shoulda thought about that when u applied… in other words u should of got yo ass in SHAPE plumpy 🙂


The funnist thing I heard Peterbilt say was the vegetarian (Kaliah) is eating all the chicken and meat.


Dani is so full of it. What a barf bag?!! Her holier than thou attitude and whiny moaning is horrendous. I thot Rachel had a warped perception of reality…Dani is taking it to a whole new level. She’s actually believing her own BS. Wow! What a complete psycho!


she has made rachel look spectacular lately any girl that has issues like she does with her dad needs proffesional help and cant be trusted shes a spoiled brat that wants things her way and EVIL doesnt play that the picture gets clearer everyday every minute every second


I don’t think it’s fair to address any issues she has with her dad. None of us know that story. It probably wasn’t easy for her growing up and know ing bothered your parents ditched you. I’m sure it has a lasting effect. You wanna say she’s whiny and criticize her game play then fine. But don’t act like she may not have valid reasons for not getting along with her dad. Or that they don’t get along bc she’s a spoiled brat who doesn’t get her own way. It’s not fair.


Dick admitted he wasn’t the greatest father during their season. But I have this hunch that the reason they haven’t spoken in three years has more to do with Dani than Dick this time around. The attitude, even in those few short days, was completely different. Dick saw BB8 as a chance to get close to his daughter but he came in with a completely different mentality during BB13; he was so nonchalant when he said “we’ve spoken once in three years” that it gave me the vibe that he tried and Dani just didn’t want to.


I don’t know. I think Dani livraison her dad too and has tried but he just sens, to me, the type that lets her down. For instance, I know she’s had bad game play, but I feel when she gets out of the house that he’ll throw it in her face. I think, a good parent, supports no matter what. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons Dani feels the way she does about her dad and I personally have to give her leeway with those feelings bc im sure it’s hard for her to depend on her dad when for the most part she was abandoned by her parents as a kid. Any kid that’s ever felt disposable will have a hard time moving past those feelings and trusting again. It’s not something that’s easily let go of. And just bc her dad says he loves her doesn’t mean he’s good to her or supports her. Actions speak louder than words. And I personally don’t see Dick as a loving supportive dad who can understand why his daughter has the issues she does.

Danielle’s father ( Dick ) and his mother… brought Dani and her brother up. He was not a dead beat Dad. The mother left, not the father. Even Danielle’s brother said in season 8, that she always had issues. When Dick won, he bought her a new car, and took them all on a trip to Europe. Danielle also won 50k, but she wanted more from her father. He said, that he also had to share with his son. Danielle is a very selfish girl, if she doesn’t get her own way. Maybe she was spoiled too much…who knows?


You don’t know for sure he puts her down. It’s just your assumptions. Just because he was a dick (not pun intended :D) in the BB house doesn’t mean he is outside of it. And maybe he treats his kids better than he does to the housemates.


Im going to make a bold perdiction – i think Pinto is going to have some game, not social but she will compete i think. We only saw her in one comp and she held onto the bannana much longer then any other newb. I think she has been bulking up these last 3 weeks and when the golden key twist is over she is going to come out swinging. Call me crazy…


I would love it if Pinto did a 180 and decided to play, win HOH and put JJ up. Not a Porksha fan, but what a turnaround for BB


HAHA Porksha…Good one


I would love for someone to put JJ up. I am tiredof people giving them credit for floating through their season and getting a sympathy Coup de’ Jeff…lol I would love for Porche to turn around and shake things up.


LMFAO @ bulking up… she bulked up 2 weeks ago, she don’t need to anymore but she keep eating. her and Audrey II


Porsche is the player with most game out of all the newbies. She’s playing the dumb blonde role and keeping herself under the radar while making herself look unattractive so Rachel won’t pick on her. I wouldn’t be surprised If she ends up in the final 3


she weighed a lot less then


If it was the same comp as Week 1, she might actually try to eat the banana at this point.


He used some of the money he won in 8 to put Dani to college and took her to Europe. That sounds like support to me.


That was supposed to be because she had such a big hand in helping her win. We also don’t know for sure how much money he actually gave her for college. Even if he did it doesn’t mean he still wasn’t or isn’t a shitty dad. I just think Dani is entitled to feel however she wants bc only she knows exactly how her dad is towards her and what he has and hasn’t done for her. It may sometimes be a case of too little, too late. You can’t always make up for mistakes in the past. And basically, ditching your kid is a big one and that’s hard for kids to get over. She may always feel like shes been abandoned by her parents. Not easy to mend those kinds of broken hearts

Dick didn’t ditch her and her brother. He and his mother brought them up. The mother did the ditching.


Well it sounds like he’s making up for whatever bad thing he did. She seemed to have forgiven him when he took her to Europe, I don’t see what other thing he could’ve done afterwards to her to make her stop talking to him in three years.


The guys screwed…. it looks like the women rule…this season.


I hope Dom gets out this week, I also hope JJ BR make it through to 6 & duke it out with whos left… Watch the final 2 be Jordan & Brendon & we all know who will win because everyone loves to hate Rachel therefore Brendon as well…


Dani ur such a victim. Kalia get some manners. Stop talking with ur mouth full, stop picking food out of ur tunnel with fingers n maybe an excuse me when u regurgitate. All these slobs make me keep my volume low.


We get it Shelly you have a daughter. I would hope she knows you are playing a game and not giving her a road map to life and high morals. And not telling someone the truth or keeping silent is letting someone believe a lie. It’s okay if you lie in the game it’s not real life, it’s a game. Get over yourself.


I’m not so sure Shelly has a daughter or a freaking husband.

She screams butch lesbian.

If Shelly *is* married, then he must be gay lol I don’t see a hetero male wanting a woman as manly as Shelly.


I was thinking the same thing, there’s not a feminine bone in shelly body, and she’s old as dirt. From her conversation gives one the impression her kid is young….she lying! Dani playing the game as its suppose to be played. Vets are using the weak to nock off the strength, what’s left, the chump…Kalia, and old ass Adam….stradegy is to break that alliance, you break any of that pair..alliance is done! Great game play Dani, she just has to get Adam, and gamble on Porshce,


You got that right




Everybody Paranoid… PLEASE let a Newb or Dani win HOH this week so it can get interesting… the BRJJ sitting too comfy, time to puts some rocks on that seat.


Yes please let their be a shake up in power!! I want to see JJ and BR squirm. I’m so sick of their egos. Last time I checked BR didn’t won yet they act like they are the best players ever


Holy shit, AD has been on for 45 minutes and Kalia hasnt stopped jamming food into her mouth..


dom and dani in the kitchen right now are actually kinda making me sad LOL i’m ashamed to say it. i wanted them to go to final 2 together soooo bad. 🙁


Not sure what anyone else is thinking, but Dom is entertaining as HELL on BBAD tonight, talk about a guy who isn’t caring anymore. This is the Dom that should have been out and about, he might of outshined Adam enough to be kept by the Vets.




Thats Hilarious…Its so true


Awww I hope Dominic stays! He was the only newbie that ever had a shot against the vets!

The Rose

Glad to hear that Kalia bothers others. She drives me crazy with the on and on stupid things she says. She ends her sentence with ‘And a…’ so that she can continue to hear herself talk. And this crap she says about wanting to go home, I think is just a con because she knows her playing both sides is coming to an end. I would love to see her called out. She is the biggest floater of all times. She is a horny lazy player. She can win crap, Who is trying to fool? Herself? Hopefully, she will be out soon even if the fat lady sings. And Dani is a big disappointment. She may have won competitions in the past. But her social game sucks. She must have depended on her dad for that in the past.


I don’t care what any of you say, shelly is a man and her “husband” Toni is a woman. That will be the last twist of the season and it will be revealed at the finale.


if there is a returning houseguest, i hope its dom!


Unfortunately, the golden key aspect this season made these first few weeks weird. Dani wouldn’t be in this pickle if she was able to play in comps. She hasn’t been able to compete for power since the banana comp, and as a result she got sloppy with her social game because she was trying to shift some power off the rest of the vets. If only she wouldn’t have fallen off the banana to let Rachel win that first HOH, Dani might be doing better. She got restless and now she has to do some serious damage control to fix it.


aww ill miss dom


I feel exactly the same!!! I hate shelly. I hate all these holier than thou ppl this season. They act like the only schemer (game player in my opinion) is Dani. Meanwhile they’re all scheming and throwing each other under the bus


i know right? and as a sidenote, i love how shelly is all “they’re gonna have to shoot me down if it’s an endurance competition.” um.. pretty sure you smoke and never workout and there’s 10 other people that will outlast you in a heartbeat.


I think shelly really thinks it’s all mind over matter. I really, really hope that Dani slays them all. If Dani goes, I’ll stop watching. I don’t wanna see Jeff and Jordans summer vacation or the brenchel show. The newbies all sick so much and have no balls even though they now they’re just sitting ducks. It all sucks!!! I wanna see some real gamesmanship/competitiveness and i don’t think we’ll get any of that


i’m sure someone has said this already but notice how Porkshe (whoever came up with that name is a genius LOL) has worn sweatsuits EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? LOL. either the sweatsuits or that pink thing she’s wearing today. for a girl who claims she’s the hottest in any room, she certainly doesn’t dress like it, just sayin’. oh and daniele is fkin sexy.


It’s really funny bc in one of Dani’s DRs production told her she needed to start making herself look prettier. Ummmm….. But Porsche can walk around in the same outfit looking like a slob everyday? Even dresses down Dani looks better than Porsche. I guess Dani is just more popular with viewers and production wants to play that up for the male viewers


She’s wearing the same things over and over again because production took away half of her clothes because they were branded.


What if Dom and Dani were able to convince JJBR into a “Final” 6 deal? The reason I ask is because they have all essentially betrayed (or almost betrayed) each other at some point this season, but always backed out of evicting one another before it was too late. So Dom could use this to his own advantage and Dani could as well: we did what you did and vice versa but frankly, we are the only ones worth two shits in this house so let’s guarantee each other a spot in the final 6 and once we all get there, it’s gloves off for everyone (knowing this will keep 3 duos). That ensures one of the lazy fat ass good for nothing losers does NOT win the game and more importantly, it ensures said losers do not stay in the house and irritate the f*ck out of all of us viewers. They need to get rid of Cowlia, Porksha, Lawon, Shelly, and Adam (no offense to Adam, I hate to group him in with those other dillweeds).
I’d like to see the good players knock off the lame asses one by one (regardless of how much I personally do or don’t like the “good players”).


For whatever reason Dani doesn’t seem to want to bring up the fact that she wasn’t the one who first came up with the backdooring idea. I don’t know why. I think her best play right now would be to go to Jeff, tell him that yes, she pushed to backdoor him, tell him why but then make sure he knows that she only pushed bc BR brought it up first. She could say just like when you considered backdooring BR. I think coming clean with Jeff is her best move. I think it shouldn’t be a group meeting but just a personal conversation btwn the two of them to clear the air. I really think Jeff could possibly be reasoned with especially if he’s not around BR

I’ll go along with that…Best idea yet!


Jeff n jordon atlease top 6


i’m sure someone has said this already but notice how Porkshe (whoever came up with that name is a genius LOL) has worn sweatsuits EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? LOL. either the sweatsuits or that pink thing she’s wearing today. for a girl who claims she’s the hottest in any room, she certainly doesn’t dress like it, just sayin’. oh and daniele is fkin sexy.


I think the only time Porkshe wore something nice was a dress on eviction night when she was on the block so obviously ahe needs to be on the block to dress nicely…


Same here. Shelly is disgusting to me and I throw up in my mouth everytime I see her….lol


I don’t know if this has been addressed or not because all these posts are wonderful, but I am kind of hoping that for next weeks HOH, the only people that can play would be the Golden Key holders. That would surely get one of the vets out. (except if Shelly won)



I’m pretty sure the only nice thing Porkshe wore was on eviction night when she was on the block. I think she needs to put on the block and sent home so at least she is wearing something besides sweat suits…


Porsche will make it far! So far, she is the safest among everybody else in the house. No target on her back at all. And also, we know she has the ability to complete in physical games. She don’t need it now yet. She didn’t have to win any even after her Key is useless. Both sides of the house think of her as someone they can sway on their side if they have power. It’s funny but true. LOL. When you are in big brother you’re only left with two choices to make it far. Use your brain or play dumb. LOL.


I think Shelly also is playing a good game but her days will be numbered because of the target on her back. Wether we like it or not, she did play the game, atleast. People in the house hates her and even the peeps around her hated her for merely playing a game. lol. If I have to think about it, people from outside hate Shelly because of the outcome of her action. After siding with the vets, this season got so boring & Cassi, the only person that doesn’t take Rachel’s shit went home because of it. Apart from that, she just played the game she is expected to play.I believe Shelly did feel bad she was the reason Cassi went home BUT between herself and Cassi, she has to make a choice to fight or go home. And her only choice was to fight for her life so she never told Cassi or anyone what she did. That’s just how I see it. I didn’t like it too but I respect, it was part of her game. Cassi was just too strong and appealing to not be noticed and feared of especially by Rachel. Jordan’s alliance wanted Cassi out. And more than anything, I think it was a good decision for JJ because if the newbies had their chance, all the vets would have been gone by now. As much as I dislike BR, they are strong competitors and key factor for JJ to further their game because those two are beast when it comes to competitions.


admit it Dani screwed up. I think she was planning on daddy carrying her through till the end, and he left. She was lost!!! She turned on her allies to early and put her and Dom in a bad spot. I agree Dom is the only comp for the vets, but he aligned with the wrong people. Everyone is comdemning Shelly but she is playing the game her way and has managed to keep herself safe. Did anyone think that if Dani left instead of Dom the game would get interesting? Maybe Cassie would come back and stir things up. Dick dosent deserve to after his leaving let Dani float for so long.

Jordan fan

admit it Dani screwed up. I think she was planning on daddy carrying her through till the end, and he left. She was lost!!! She turned on her allies to early and put her and Dom in a bad spot. I agree Dom is the only comp for the vets, but he aligned with the wrong people. Everyone is comdemning Shelly but she is playing the game her way and has managed to keep herself safe.I think the vets are playing the game and I hope Shelly and JJ go to final 3. Did anyone think that if Dani left instead of Dom the game would get interesting? Maybe Cassie would come back and stir things up. Dick dosent deserve to after his leaving let Dani float for so long.


does anyone know what the shirt dani is wearing here? its the gray tank with pink detailing???

sue says

I really do not like the crying that is going on this season. Why did Rachael and Brendon come on the show if all they do is make Rachael cry? If she does not get her way she cries. I wish they would get rid of her. I like Adam he is funny as the others are so BORING!!!