Big Brother Spoilers: Lawon says that Brendon has schooled him since day one ..and he appreciates that.

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11am -11:25am Brendon and Shelly are talking about how happy birthday, the pledge of allegiance, and the star spangled banner are all copyrighted songs that they can’t sing. Shelly, Brendon and Kalia are talking. Kalia is telling them about her twitter and facebook accounts. Big Brother keeps cutting the feeds in and out because Kalia is talking about people she knows and people posting nude photos of themselves on facebook. When the live feeds come back, Brendon heads inside. Rachel is so amazed at how stuff didn’t stick to the pans. Shelly says well you need Teflon non stick pans and you can’t use metal utensils on them. Rachel talks about how she loves walmart and can’t understand why people hate walmart. Right then big brother cuts the live feeds. When the feeds come back, Brendon is asking Shelly about what countries are good to import clothing from. Shelly talks about Mexico, Vietnam and Canada.
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11:30am Brendon heads out to the backyard to get ready to workout and sits down to talk to Shelly. They talk about Kalia and how annoying her stories are and how lazy she is …Shelly says that she is sloth like .. Shelly says that there are some people in this world that are born to whine. Brendon says that he can’t wait to evict her. Shelly says that she will complain about the jury house too. Brendon says that he doesn’t even want her in the jury house. Adam joins them. Brendon is asking when the other went to bed. Shelly calls them the LNNGTC … the Late Night No Game Talk Crew. Lawon joins them.

11:35am – 12pm Shelly and Adam head inside. Brendon asks Lawon what they said last night. Lawon says that Dominic was trying to push for me to vote for him. Lawon tells Brendon that just between me and you, I want him gone. Brendon asks what Dani was saying. Lawon says that Dani didn’t say anything …she was real quite. Brendon says that doesn’t sound like Dani at all. Lawon says yeah, I though they had been talking earlier and thats why she was quiet. Brendon says again that doesn’t sound like Dani at all ..that she had nothing to say all night. Brendon asks who Lawon would put up if he was HOH. Lawon says that he would come to Brendon and Rachel right away if he did. Brendon asks but who would you want up? Lawon says Kalia for sure .. I would go straight in to cut the fat out.

Brendon asks if he heard anyone else say what Kalia had said about him. Lawon says no. Brendon says thats surprising because she was telling everyone. Rachel comes out to lay out in the sun. Lawon keeps talking to Brendon. Lawon says that his goal is to keep listening to Dani and Dominic. Lawon says that he is serious he wants Dominic out. Lawon says that he wants his game to be tight and Brendons to be tighter. Lawon says that he wants Dominic out …and then his partner Kalia out next. Brendon says that he wants Lawon to keep in mind that the vets have won things in this game and the others haven’t won anything …just keep that in mind ..we can keep you safe. Brendon says that he is able to trust Lawon more because he hasn’t thrown his partner under the bus. Brendon says that they will try and get you to do the dirty work for them and then we’ll be after you. Lawon says that Brendon has schooled him since day one ..and he appreciates that. Brendon says that if Lawon wins HOH and doesn’t put them up …and doesn’t back door them ..then he is cool in his books and he will trust him. Lawon says I know, I know. Adam comes out to join them.
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12pm – 12:15pm Adam heads inside to take a nap. Brendon starts getting mad at Rachel asking her if she put sun block on all over. She says she did but Brendon doesn’t believe that she could reach everywhere. Brendon rubs lotion on her and then goes to workout. Meanwhile, In the kitchen Porsche and Dominic are talking. Porsche asks him if he thinks he is staying or going? Dominic says that it doesn’t look good, but that he is going to talk to some people today. Jeff comes into the kitchen. Dominic yells big Jeff! Dominic complains about sleeping in the havenot room. Jeff asks why Dominic is still sleeping in the havenot room… why not just squeeze in with Dani. Dominic says yeah I don’t think I will sleep in there any more. Porsche and Dominic head into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Out in the backyard, Rachel is in the pool, Shelly is laying out suntanning and Brendon is on the elliptical.

12:20pm – 12:45pm Rachel and Shelly talk about practicing for the endurance competition by standing on ledges or hanging off the stairs. They talk about how it is just mind over matter. Shelly says that she has a huge motivation. Rachel and Shelly talk about how Dominic went from Cassi to Dani. Shelly says that she doesn’t understand it he is playing the girl game ..not the game. They talk about how Cassi just liked Dominic as a brother but that Dominic told Shelly that he actually would want to go out with her.

12:55pm Meanwhile inside Dominic climbs in bed with Dani. Dani aske what everyone else is doing. Dominic tells her. Dominic asks Dani how he can put the blame on someone else but not you. Dani says that’s what she has been trying to think about. Dani says that she has dead kittens in her mouth. Dominic says so they think its all from me? Dani says I think they think its from me but …they know that it was me but they want to make sure we are still okay just in case I get HOH. Dani says that everyone is scared of her because she won 5 vetos and 2 HOH’s. Dani says that Jeff said it was really obvious because I stopped talking… but he was the one that stopped talking to me. Dani says that there is just so much damn paranoia. Kalia comes in and says that she is just really sick of being here. Kalia leaves. Dani and Dominic whisper and talk about how stupid this all is.. Dominic then gets called to the diary room..

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In school, Allison Grodner learned how to count cookies, but she did not learn how to count calories.


You would think with rachel being back there would have been plenty of fights by now, but she wants america to like her so this season been pretty boring imo.

great updates simon/odawg btw =]


She still acts like a baby….. her and Brendumb area joke


hey Simon, how often do you guys watch the live feeds, it seems like the only time you guys stop posting is when they go to sleep


roughly on the Weekdays I watch from 2-3pm to 1-2am dawg watches from 2-3am till 2-3pm.


OMG that is amazing…what do you guys do when BB isnt on? I can’t believe you dont catch these guys getting it on this season…or like Dom said, “Best part of my stay was Jeff jerking off.” Haven’t heard you mention it at all.


we still miss a lot after 8 hours of listening to the feeds you start to just focus on game talk and the odd funny comment. It’s insanely hard keeping this up 24/7 2 months out of the year and there’s a lot of Shit we have to deal but at the end of the day everyone here is cool and we have a blast slamming BB spoilers down and chatting with our BB pals.

Uncle Cool

I want to take the opportunity to thank you guys for the fantastic work you do.

I am not watching the show on tv any more.

Just reading here.

If I had a job, I would certainly donate to the site.

I am SO hoping and praying that Dani gets HOH and POV just to see Jeff and Brendon grovel.


Thanks, glad you appreciate the site!

Lennon's Ghost

There should be a job opening at CBS for a new casting director after this season…


Uncle Cool

Man, if I could pick the contestants, there would be a bloodbath in the house.

I didn’t like this season’s concept from the start and think they are running out of ideas.

It’s to to get back to basics.

Bring in complete strangers from all walks of life, all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

Maybe an all female cast next season… That would be nice…


all female cast and call it Big Brother 14 No mans land


Uncle Cool


Nudist college cheerleader lesbians!!

The ratings would never be higher.


you know, Julie said that next week there would be a big change in the house…so Ibet they will start splitting up the couples…


She sure is a pretty monster isn’t she?


Oh shit Audrey II have morphed into the Sloth from Goonies? WHOA


Erm pretty sure you stopped talking to Jeff first Dani and tried to spread lies about him. I’m not a huge Jeff fan but Dani is just terrible at warping reality to suit her. Pathological liars just think the reality they live in is actually real. What a weirdo!


Her big problem is she refuses to ever admit any blame and always points the finger. She’s such a victim and lies to guilt people into believe it. She is so proud and unwilling to admit any wrong doing, she’ll lie to prove her point and I think she’s so wrapped up in it that she believes half her lies.

The bottom line is no matter how fantastic she is at winning comps, she WILL NOT win if she does not improve her social game. Mark my words.


I concur. Dani didn’t win her season cos she never actually played the game. She won comps which is great but then again…BB comps are a crapshoot so it’s not exactly a skill. I will say that she’s very astute with learning numbers, days and stuff like that. But her social game is poor. And at the end of the day, that’s what this is. In Survivor, ppl look at strategy in the end but that’s only 39 days. Rarely does a social gamer win solely based on that. In the BB house, you’re around ppl for 3 months. Ppl take everything personally and emotionally. That’s why Dani needs to start mending bridges. It might be too late tho.


Her social game would be great if Brendan and psychic vampire werent so immature.They were the ones who opens the door to talk about evicting Jeff and then flip flopped like paranoid psychopaths.


Her social game has never been great. It sucked Season 8 and it’s what lost her the grand prize. When this season started, it seemed like she had matured and I was really rooting for her. It didn’t take long to realize she’s the same Dani people (including myself) couldn’t stand Season 8.

I realize people can’t stand Brenden and Rachel but come on…you can’t blame them for Dani playing too hard too soon and getting herself into such a big mess.

I can’t stand B&R like the rest of America, but it is ridiculous how everyone blames them for every single thing simply because they hate them so much. They aren’t responsible for Dani (or anyone) having a bad social game. You give them way too much credit. lol


Not entirety true. Dani admitted yesterday in the feeds that she was her own downfall. She knows she screwed up. We don’t know for sure exactly who stopped talking to who first. I know Jeff made comments about no one mentioning Dani as a threat quite early. So he may have started being leery of her and stopped talking game with her first. Dani is on the hit list now anyway. Why doesn’t she call out both JJ and BR for being the ones to bring up the backdooring ideas first. It was contemplated by BOTH couples when they had HOH and Dani didn’t give themthe idea to do it. I think she pushed the idea too much with BR bc she though they would actually do it and it would be a good move for her. Just didn’t work out bc BR back pedaled on the idea and now they’re making it sound like it was ALL Dani’s idea


Agreed. At the very least she needs to have a sit down with BR and remind them that it was the 2 of them that were pushing to get JJ bd’d before JJ could and would do it to them (during that week both sides distrusted the other). Brendon and Jeff are the egotistical hypocrits for not fessing up about this. I really think Rachel and Jordan are being quieter than usual about this whole thing because deep down they do know the truth and are leary of pointing out the obvious to their other alliance members because they don’t want the wrath poured out onto themselves.


I think since she’s toast she should just call me all out in front of everybody. What bothers me the most is that BRJJ are just acting so sanctimonious and selling Dani out to everyone and trying to turn the whole house against her. It’s one thing to hold game against ppl, it’s another to throw around insults and call her a bitch and the numerous other things they’ve said about her. It’s just, for me, a case of people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It’s just messed up to make it SO personal when BRJJ had their backdoor plans.


What Dani needs to do ASAP to have any chance:

Re-align with vets.

Rebuild their trust. Explain she needed Dom because she lost her partner and she also thought it would be good for their alliance.

Prove the trust by voting with the vets to evict Dom.

She needs them to believe she’s with them for now, otherwise she puts a HUGE target on her back the rest of the game. There’s no point looking at the end game if you are already in a deep hole week 3. Work on fixing the immediate situation.

The only problem is, even if she does all of the above, her personality will probably still screw everything up. She doesn’t think she does anything wrong or take any responsibility, so I don’t see a miraculous personality change anytime soon. It’s the same reason why Rachel probably won’t make it to the end.


Simon, do you know what game Dani is playing?? She seems to have just given up on her alliance but what good did that do her?? All she has once Dom is gone is Kalia and Lawson maybe Adam and that’s a big Maybe. The other side has the 4 plus Shelly and Porsche and maybe Adam. Don’t you think she would try to go over board to mend that fence with the 4 instead of pouting about Dom leaving. I don’t understand what she’s doing. A lot of people keeps saying how smart she is but I don’t see it. And what happens if she does manage to get one of the Vets?? 3 will still be there the following week. I don’t get it. Also Thanks for such a great site!


dani knows the other side wants her out next, once dom is gone she the next big competitor they’ll put her up. BB+Jeff’s arrogance has reached a apex, even though those 3 have said in the past that it would be impossible to get to the final 4 their actions and the majority of their cocky conversation say otherwise. The only obstacle they see after dom leaves is dani.

I think she’s probably betting on winning a HOH comp and taking out one of BRJJ to shake shit up. I also suspect she’s hoping for a twist to level the game out a bit or at the very least shake the alliances up enough to give her option thats not apparent right now. She’s tried hard to get Jeff Backdoored then she tried hard to save Dom but there’s nothing more she can do BRJJ will not vote to keep dom he’s done for and she knows it.
This is how I see it
Pending a house twist or a break in the BRJJ alliance dani has to win at the minimum 2 comps in the following 2 week to survive (HOH+POV or POV+POV or POV+HOH). If she can do it then the house dynamic should be changed enough for her to start rebuilding her social game. If she cannot then she goes home and all hopes go back to resting on Adam.

I think she was a week too soon pulling the trigger she should of waited until she got a HOH.. Plus her lies got a bit too much and people caught on.

Uncle Cool

I am hoping Dani gets HOH.

If not, she is doomed because most of the newbies are star struck and are just doing whatever they are told.

The only ones I see who would ‘dare’ put up any of the self-professed final four, is Adam or Lawon.

Shelly may put them up, maybe, when the numbers dwindle.

I hope this season does not end up with Jordan winning because she’s the most likeable – again.


I think your right about her needing to win those to stay in the game. I love to bash these guys when there ego gets the better of them. Dani’s ego got the best of her as well thinking she had BR wrapped around her finger. The twist is the key for the newbies to strike back. I just laugh at all of them getting so over confident that they show all there cards when It’s so much better to play it quit and smart. Everybody bashes on Jordon for being dumb but being dumb is not that bad of a strategy. Nobody really is sure where she is and everyone thinks they can work with her when everything shakes out. That game play won her the last game. Funny that NO ONE has taken a page of that book.


Is that green sweatsuit the only clothes Porshe brought with her????????


There’s also a pink one and a grey one.

And they are all sweatsuits that she wears for days on end.


if Dominic is playing the “girl game” he has won. LOL not with Cassi but with Dani. you can tell she is smitten, just like how she was with Nick.


Yea but she gave Nick some pussy, she not feeling dom like that, too bad for dom


Well, Dom also has no game.


Simon, did the vets have their talk with Dani? I thought I read they did but I don’t remember any details, just that they mentioned they talked. I skimmed back through some recent posts but I didn’t see it. Please let me know or give a link to the post. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


dani is soooooooo stupid she needs to kiss ass until she can kick it . even though she knows they are after her dani need to start mendind fences to get the newbie to work with her . if she goes home next its all on her whinning about a virgin




everyone is assuming


can anyone tell me what jeff did to dani that she wanted him backdoored?


nothing, she just got overconfident and pushed the whole br vs JJ thing…which was a mistake considering it was going to explode on its own, without someone to blame for it. she basically cemented BR and JJ as a final 4


thanks, yeah! i was just wondering where the hate’s coming from.


JJ considered bd’ing BR when they were HOH and in that same week BR were talking with Dani about bd’ing JJ when they took control. BR brought Dani into their bd plan and Dani ran with it. The idea was for her to gain Dom’s trust since they were already flirting, so Dom would be with them in the plan to bd JJ (because they see that Shelly is closer to JJ and they worried Cassie would be saved and on JJ’s side too). Unfortunately for Dani, Dom blabbed about the bd plan to Shelly who then went and told Jordan who in turn brought the info to BR. Now Dani is the bad guy left holding the bag and BR are totally denying that they were the instigators of this whole plan.


He didn’t do anything. She just thought it would be a good move. Knock out a strong competitor and keep 2 couples out of the jury. She figured if you had 2 couples on the jury eack couple will give the same vote as their partner so it could stack the deck for one person in the final 2. It’s actually a smart assumption to make. Unfortunately none of it worked out for her and BR wouldn’t listen to her reasoning


thanks, matty. but why the hate on jeff up to now? her plan flopped and she should be angry at rachel and brendon, instead of jeff. just confused because i am new to big brother. my very first.


The hate originated with Rachel because Jeff dared to yell at her after the POV comp that Dom won and because JJ didn’t nom Cassie like BR wanted them to.


i see, but shouldn’t she be gunning for rachel and brendon instead because they were the ones directly responsible for her downfall in the veterans’ alliance? Had they not talked with Jeff, her scheming would have been a success.
Furthermore, these two are way better than jeff when it comes to competitions and strategies. Why is she so focused on Jeff? Really confusing.


Shes gunning for all of them now but the reason she initially targeted getting Jeff out was bc she needs Brendon and Rachel in the house bc no one likes them whereas Jeff and Jordan are extremely likeable and have a lot of the other players in the house on their side so targeting Jeff was the smartest option at the time. She may still be hoping for a slim chance back in with BR but I don’t think she really believes that’s an option


I think just bc Jeff has been a bit of a jerk and he’s isolating Dani in the house and constant trying to turn the other HGs against her especially with attacks on a personal level. He’s a hypocrite


When did Jeff start trying to turn the other HGs against her? Was it before or after Dani tried to throw him under the bus?


Simon/dawg are the best… you guys should play for BB :)


the more this goes on, the more it seems like dani will 100 percent win HOH, no question, no doubt about it.

Id seriously bet big money on that. and it has nothing to do with her past challenge wins. Although if this was kalia we were talking about, it wouldnt be possible, dani will somehow get a comp only she can win.

otherwise, the vets will have so much control that its basically over if they win hoh next week


I’ll bet a Canadian beer she wins HOH


Does anybody really think Shelly is a physical threat? I mean really, she smokes a carton of cigarettes every few hours and they say she has a metal rod in her back so unless the competition is sitting outside lighting up, she’s no threat.

Brendon thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes with the questioning of Lawon. Are you kidding? I’d just make up random crap to tell him. It doesn’t take much to get that crew paranoid.


…and your little dog too!