Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says come Thursday he is going to DESTROY Dani..

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7:30am – 9am Shelly wakes up, makes coffee, does laundry, cleans the house and then relaxes and has a smoke in the backyard. 9:45am The houseguests slowly start getting up for the day. Adam, Shelly and Brendon are out in the backyard talking. They talk about being woken up to be called into the diary room. Adam says he got called in and didn’t bother putting pants on, that he just wore his underwear.

9:50am – 10:30am Brendon, Shelly and Adam are talking in the backyard. Brendon tells them about how Kalia told him that the late night crew never talks game. He says but then she said that they have talked about who was on the block or who they think they might want on the block… Brendon says that she said ..but that’s not game talk is it? Adam says that Dani is going around planting a lot of seeds.

Shelly asks what can Dani keep telling Dominic that she can flip the house over and over again. They talk about how they are sick and tired of Kalia talking about masterbating and private parts. They say they want to puke every time they hear her talk about that stuff. Shelly says that Dani doesn’t want to admit it but that Dani has a crush on Dominic. Brendon says that Dani is so dumb.. she is going around threatening them on about back dooring Jeff. Shelly says Dominic says what he needs to say and then runs and tells Dani. Shelly says that Dominic is playing the girls more than he is playing the game. Shelly say that Dani is lost without Dick here. Shelly asks does Dani really not think that Brendon and Rachel will talk to Jeff and Jordan about the shit that she has been telling each other about the other pair? Brendon tells Shelly about how Dani told Rachel that everyone in the house hates her. Shelly says that is so rude to say and not true. Shelly says that Dani says all the houseguests are scared of her. Brendon says that Dani is insecure and an egomaniac. Shelly says that she loves that the four vets put Dani up against a wall. Jeff tells Brendon that if he wins HOH next week proves he is best Big Brother player. Brendon says come Thursday he is going to destroy Dani. Brendon says that Dani thinks she is an unbeatable player. Shelly says that she has been writing things with pool chalk for upcoming competitions. They talk about how this Thursday nights competition might be a knockout competition. Kalia comes out into the backyard. Brendon heads inside the house.

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10:40am – 10:50am Shelly and Rachel are cleaning the lounge room pillows. Brendon starts helping them and then starts hitting Rachel with the pillows. Meanwhile, Adam is in the kitchen making breakfast. Shelly and Rachel go inside and start making slop pancakes.. Lawon is in the bathroom getting ready..

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I thought no one was on slop this week?


Rachel got slop for 2 weeks from the POV comp but is allowed to eat the food in her HOH basket


Ohhhh OK…. I thought because she won HOH it trumped the 2 weeks of slop… thanks


Tired of BRJJ getting mad when anyone else talks game when they’re not around. The Hitler mustaches are coming in nicely.


CJ you and me both. I am sick of them and hope that they get split up this up coming week.


Agreed. But I think only Dani could do it. JJ wouldn’t be so bad, it’s Brenchel that brings out the worst in them. If Dani could make a final 3 deal with JJ (provided Cassi doesn’t come back) they can split up Brenchel, but this season, take out Brendon first and then leave Roach to the dogs. HAHA! Roach would use Porsche as a life vest and that would last one hot week.

The rest of the houseguests are completely worthless.


Not going to happen. Jeff has zero trust with Dani, he’d never believe that she would stick to a final 3 deal. Can’t really blame him since she couldn’t stick to a final 5 deal for 3 weeks without trying to backdoor him.


Big Brother has been becoming a bit mind numbing. IS Porsche doing anything other than sticking her nose up Roach’s ample ass? I gave a breakdown of all the newbs the other day, and I forgot about her gameplay, because, frankly, I forget she’s even still in the house.


You used the word ample, in the wrong context. Go back to school.


Her ass is anything BUT ample lol


Works for me…

1: generous or more than adequate in size, scope, or capacity


You used a comma in the wrong context and should go back to school. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…


commas are lame


LOL — Good One!


Exactly! Like its a damn game…EVERYone shud be talking game at SOME point…duh!


I don’t think it’s the game talking that they are mad about but the fact that they are lying about it. They’re pissed cos Dani, Kalia & Dom think they’re stupid. The 3 of them stay up late with Lawon and “don’t talk game at all” as Dani put it last night. I think that’s why Jeff and Brendon are mad. It’s just plain silliness all around the BB house again. Something needs to be done Thursday to shake this up.


The constant complaining from BRJJ has been going on since the game started. A few nights ago, Rachel was getting livid that other HGs were talking when she was using her HOH TV to spy on them. Nevermind that the game wasn’t even being discussed.

Of course people are going to talk game and then lie about it. Everyone does it. But BRJJ act like it’s treason to do so, Dani isn’t the only one they do that with.


If Dani wins the HOH this Thursday I’m going to fall in love with this show again. But if Brendumb or JJ win I think I’m going to be sick.

So if anyone from production is reading this…………..


ya production if your reading let Jeff win lol


If BR or JJ wins this thurs it will continue to think that production is rigging it for a showdown between the most loved and the most hated couple. Sorry I can’t see Dani loosing against either of them fairly. They all suck in endurance when compared to Dani.


I wouldn’t mind a “shake up” – it’s always good to keep the show interesting, BUT I’m so sick of people’s conspiracy theories. I don’t think BB gives a rat’s behind who wins the game. No matter what, there are people who are going to not like what’s going on so there will always be conflict that drives people to watch the show and watch the feeds.


Why because you admire a habitual liar? I bet in real life she shop-lifts, writes hot checks and steals her neighbors newspapers! M


You must not have read chimas blog about production.Also one of the other houseguests spilled their guts but can’t remember it!


I hope production is reading this. They helped Jeff in season 11 and Matt in season 12 to break up the strong crew. They need to help some more underdogs this season. Let Dani win!!!


I really hope that I newbie wins, time to mix it up a little!


I agree, Im so tired of JJBB running the game, Dani needs to win HOH, and split one of the couples


Dani had more comp wins in her season (7) (8) than BR had (6) in their season combined. She also had just as many wins as JJ had together in their season. She doesn’t need the comp to be rigged, she just needs a chance to compete.


Yeah, but Danis season everyone was allowed to play POV. The others seasons they drew who played pov. So I don’t think you can compare the 2. Dani’s a bitch and needs to go. Her voice is annoying and so is her ridiculous flirting.


Yeah…good point, because Rachels voice is a pleasure to listen to and the way Rachel and Brendon act in the house isn’t the least bit ridiculous.


HA HA HA HA I soooooo agree with you!!


I don’t think it has to be an either or thing. I can’t stand the 3 of them. Or Kalia. They make Lawon, Dom and Porsche almost seem likeable. (almost….)

I doubt BB helped Jeff in his season. Everyone else was such a lying piece of garbage or a bully it was obvious that either Jeff or Jordan were going to win America’s Favorite.

I thought Dani was bad during season 8 – but boy she’s just as easy to hate with a few more years under her belt.


no they didn’t, they drew for POV during Season 8 too – you can see on you tube where all BB videos from every season are posted


Uh no…players were picked from a bag in her season too…


Sorry this was meant to be a reply to EB.
And yes my name is Dani. I didn’t type Dani as my name because I support the player necessarily.


Guess I was wrong. I remember when everyone used to play for veto, I thought they changed it the past few years but guess it was longer than that.


Wrong sir not everyone played for veto in her season it was random draw too.


Not true. Don’t you remember the magic ping pong balls?


She also had Dick then


yeah but you have to look at how many total comps dani competed in vs. how many total BR competed in. Seeing as how Dani lasted longer in the game, it would be expected that she win more – and seeing as how she won only 1 or 2 more than BR yet was in the house several weeks longer indicates that her overall winning percentage is LOWER than BRs (who were able to amass a comparable number of wins in much fewer competitions).


No matter how you want to defend BR’s or JJ’s winning of comps or break it down by percentages or what have you to make it look better, we’re still comparing ONE PERSON’S comp wins against two people’s.

If you want to break it down to percentages, throw in Dick’s comp wins to make it a fair comparison in percentages and I’d bet the Donato percentage would be higher.

I’m not a Dani fan by any means but trying to downplay how she did in comps during her season is insane.


Also, if you separate Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan as individuals, their winning percentage as individuals would be lower compared to Dani’s as an individual. Brendon’s win percentage would be the only one who came close. I wish I wasn’t at work right now on a break that ends in five minutes, I’d crunch numbers out of boredom.


Jeff 1HOH, 2POV
Jordan 1HOH, 1POV
Total 2HOH 3POV

Brendon 1HOH, 3POV
Rachel 2HOH, 0POV
Total 3HOH 3POV

dani 2HOH, 5POV
Dick 3HOH, 1POV
Total 5HOH 6 POV

I think these are correct numbers, so going by these numbers Dick and Dani have the same combined comp wins as BBJJ combined


Dayum! 11 wins for the Danatos. No one can deny they’ve won more comps as a duo than any other duo in BB history. Mad game.

I will always wonder if Dick was being fed info by production though, especially after him vetting out all of and only the non-regulators to join up with the vets this season, and within the first 5 days.


yeah but she was there twice as long….thats the reason they were such a threat…give either one of them a full thirteen weeks in the bb house and they would be right there with her…


i cant stand brendon and jeff anymore!!
they complain that dani thinks she is the best…have they listened to themselves?
i hope dani just DESTROYS them on thrusday!


Jeff’s an old lady and Brendon’s a little girl. They pray for that unitard every day.


I cant believe yinz are crying about these guys playing and managing their game you know what QUIT WATCHING where do they find these people


Me too, I hope they get spanked!!


i would love to see dani’s feet.


I don’t know what sounds worse: Slop or Slop Pancakes.


Don’t knock it. Oatmeal pancakes are the bomb. But if you’ve been eating nothing but for 2 weeks, I guess it would be kinda like trying to polish a turd.


Wow the best BB player their egos are getting too big. If they were with all stars they’ll be out in the first couple of weeks


daniele’s is way overrated as a player…all she did during her season was stay in bed with with nick..yes she did win some comp….but didnt win when she most need it to….this year is the same,you only see her with dom in bed whispering on the feeds,and we cant hear shit..she thinks that she just going to start winning once dom leaves on thursday??? i dont think so….


Everytime someone say ” so stupid” all I Can think about is how Dani says it in her annoying way


“Juussst kidding!”

That’s the one that drives me bananas.


Simon: You’re right. I wasn’t a huge fan of her cos she treated Evel so badly. She was always playing the victim and she kinda is again but she’s the only one that can actually break up this B/R/J/J thing. I would actually love to see what would happen if it’s Brendon & Jordan that have to work together if they’re left or even better Jeff & Rachel. Jeff might just DQ himself if that happens. LOL.


I was pulling for the newbs…..but they are so stupid….I doubt if any of them stand a chance to win…..I wouldn’t mind if JJ won but seeing them now….I have second thoughts…I guess at this point I don’t care who wins…..

brendumb….talks tough and looks like a wimp while doing it…. and he is so extra about everything.
Rachel….is always acting like a baby, wanting everybody on the house to kiss her a**.
Jordan… just clueless
Jeff…thanks he is gangster and us can’t keep his emotions in check either.
lawon… a big liar…and he’s bad at it.
Kalia….is the house hobo..and she don’t even know it…she’s pathetic
Shellys……nothing but a boot licker….she was crying…about what she did to Cassiopeia saying what will her kid think….what will your kid think about you going around kissing everyones a**.
Adam……is shrek
Dom……..played himself when he got with mani and tries to back door jeff when he was on the block….that’s a move you mak when you HOH. So you can make sure your Target gets out the house….they were gonna keep him and Mani screwed him.
Dani… a sneaky snake….she tried to make a power move and got caught I’m ready to see her go….she didn’t deserve to get where she was on her season.


cant stand shelly, she lies so much she needs to gtfo


how did she lie…i watch 24/7 feeds and i have never heard her lie….none of the newbies ever actually asked her if she voted for keith or not…they just assumed….you cant name one timed she actually lied….


She did lie. They went around the HN room asking who voted for Porshe to go, they all said that they did.


Why is the last picture in this post a screenshot from Gorillas in the Mist? Great movie, but a bit out of context.


Well done.

Eric CA

What is going to come next Thursday is that Dani or Newbie is going to win the HOH.
If it is Endurance lets face it Brendon is going down like a sack of potatoes and so is Jeff.

Which makes their safety dependent on Jordan winning the HOH endurance. Rachel can not compete.

If it is another type, they may retain the HOH, because Dani really sucks at HOH comps and like the blood to be drawn by here pawn.

They make it a comp that favors another house guest. Here is my plan for the Nominations. Nominate Brendon and Rachel so
that they both can win the POV. Then those two have to decide who wins it and how it is used… should make the crying boo hoo, Brendon
being chivalrous for his lady (hey the house does not have Skype so Brendon is a gentleman.). Rachel will probably use it on herself or
Brendon on Rachel. Then nominate Jeff to replace Rachel and just sit back and watch the drama unfold…. get some popcorn because this
will be one brutal fight. Jeff’s major trump card is Jordan… That girl could charm Satan to get your soul out of hell. Brendon has Rachel… poor idiot.


I like the way you think.
This NEEDS to be the outcome.


Dani would have to win for me to be happy with that. I just don’t like any of the newbies enough to want to see them successful. I mean Kalia and Lawon are just major floaters, Dom screwed himself by aligning with Dani and playing to hard. Shelly is just annoying with the whole lying thing. This is big brother you’re gonna lie, GET OVER IT! Adam could have potential maybe and I forget Porsche is even in the house. The only people I could stand to see win at this point are J/J.


I stop watching the show on Thrusday when Rachel and Brendon were the last two and Rachel won HOH. I am starting to think the show should be call THE RACHEL SHOW. I will proably start to watch the show again once Rachel and Brendon get kicked out of the house. But, who are we kidding, the final two will probably be those two. Really sucky season.


final 2 is jeff and jessie.. Thats the twist, jeff and Jesse are given a golden key until final 2. Jessie? … not even in the game you might ask but wait theres another twist Jessie comes back mid august in a box the houseguests are given the choice keep jessie in the house or walk out the door and forfeit their stipend.


I’m getting very bored with it..and come thursday If dani doesn’t win and we have a another brenchal/JJ week I’m prob going to stop watching *who am I kidding of course ill still watch* BUT THEY NEED SOME FIGHTS!!! I’ts getting pretty boring..its like everyone in love with each other and afraid 2 cause drama….where is the old rachel at :@@@@


This season has not been exciting at all, it has been said before and I will say again, the “boom” of the season left 5 days (ED). Ever since, it’s how the newbs have just bowed down to the vets and broke up any chance of the newbs banding together to get them out. I am a JJ fan, but right now, the only way I would pull for them is if they backdoor BR at some point. The newbs would jump on JJ side in a heartbeat and make things more interesting.

The Golden Key thing this season has just been too damn dumb, by this Thursday, you will have four people sitting in the house not doing anything until next week (if I understand it correctly).