Big Brother Spoilers: Dominic jokes that he just wants to hang out with Dani so that he can have some good times before he throws her under the bus…

1pm – 1:15pm Dominic comes back from the diary room. Dani tells Dominic that his attitude blows. Dominic says that his her attitude stinks more than her horrid breath. Dominic asks did you really think they would back door Jeff and Jordan. Dominic tells Dani to get Jeff out first. Dani says that now she thinks Jeff isn’t playing to win, but just playing to get to the jury house. Dani says that if she does go against them and they all four end up in jury there’s no way she can win, because it will be four to three. Dani says even if she takes one of them out, the other three will be after her all the time and she’ll have to win everything. Dominic tells her to get Shelly out then. Dani says that the four will be playing they’ll win… and then says this is so stupid. Dani says that they were on board to get rid of Jeff and then the next day they weren’t. Dominic says lets talk about where you are going to take me out to dinner. Dani says OMG! Dani talks about wanting to plant hairs in Kalia’s drawer. Dominic says yeah. Dani says she thinks the easiest way to get Kalia to walk out is to put a bunch of Rachels hairs in her bed. Dani says I think anyone would walk out after that though. Dani teases Dominic about how he can hang out with Cassi now ..and that all he did was follow her around while she was here. Dominic says no I didn’t. Dani says yes you did watch the tape. Dominic says I would really still be here if it wasn’t for you. Dani says he probably would have won the veto. Dominic says so really you have done nothing for me. Dani says shut up. Dominic says his best move would be to go with Porsche. Dominic says maybe if I can convince Porsche that I am really in love with her. Dominic says that it would be so hard to do it though… he could until she opens her mouth. Dani tells Dominic that Brendon hates Porsche. Dominic jokes that he just wants to hang out with Dani so that he can have some good times before he throws her under the bus… Dani tells him to go back to his bed.

1:20pm All four cameras switch to Porsche and Rachel talking out in the backyard. Porsche talks about how her dad was pushing for her to be on the show for so long and that he thinks it will catapult her career. Big Brother then cuts the live feeds. Porsche is talking about how she wishes she could just go live somewhere else for awhile. Porsche comments how cheap CBS is with Big Brother. She points out the no name groceries Rachel tells her she should be happy with what CBS provides them. Porsche starts to agree.

1:35pm Kalia, Dominic, and Dani are in the candy room. Kalia and Dani are talking. Dani talks about how they don’t like her and they don’t trust her. Dani tells Kalia all about the conversation she had with Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel last night. Dani says that she told them that obviously she isn’t going to try and keep Dominic now because it will make her a target. Dani says that they said that just because someone is trying to make out with you ..doesn’t mean you can trust them. They end the conversation and Dani goes to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

1:40pm Adam and Dominic are in the kitchen making and eating lunch. Dominic is joking around in the kitchen talking about Dani, whos in the bathroom. Dominic talks about how good his pool game was last night. Adam agrees and says that he didn’t even want to talk to him ..thinking it would mess him up. Dani comes through the kitchen. Adam tells her that she looks like angels came down and touched her. Dani says eww! Dominic says lets play who will be friends longer after this game. The cameras switch to Jeff and Kalia in the candy room. Kalia is complaining AGAIN about how much she hates being in the house. (BLANK leave then! Walk out the door, no one is holding you there! I swear whoever cast her needs to be fired! There are so many people that would kill to be in the house and you complain day in day out!!) Jeff tells her to go listen to the cd in the HOH room it takes you away from the house for a bit. Jeff leaves and says get comfortable ..cuz you’re gonna be here for a bit.

2pm Dani, Lawon, Adam, and Dominic are in the kitchen. Dani and Dominic are joking around he jokes that she is only 5’2″ and that he’s giving her an extra 2″. Adam says that not the only time he gives you 2 inches! They all laugh and say burn. Dominic asks who has shown the most private parts so far? Adam says Kalia! Dominic says ding! They talk about how Keith showed his ass to Dani and Porsche. Dominic, Lawon and Dani are in the kitchen talking and joking around about random stuff. They joke around that Dominic looks just like Wilmer Valderrama from that 70’s show. Dominic says no he doesn’t. Lawon says you should like that ..he gets around in Hollywood! Kalia comes into the kitchen and continues to complain about how she would rather be at home. (Kalia is saying all of this in front of Adam and Dominic who are on the block for eviction.)

2:25pm – 2:50pm Jeff is telling Brendon that he wants to have a talk with Adam later because he is sure their little talk with Dani is probably being used against them. Jordan talks about how Jeff seems really irritated today. Jeff says that he didn’t mean to take it out on her …that he just needs to get through this next week. Jordan says that she feels like whenever one of them goes inside, another one comes out. Jeff says yeah, ..that he is positive that they sent Lawon out here to spy on them. Shelly comes out and lays down on the lounger. Jeff tells her that they will tell her all about the conversation with Dani last night. Shelly says Okay! Dani comes out soon after. Porsche comes out and says that they are all doing Disney Trivia in the kitchen. Brendon asks if Rachel is winning. Porsche says no …Dominic is. Porsche asks Brendon what kind of shorts he swims in? Brendon says the speedos that are longer. Jeff asks what like the boy shorts that girls where? Brendon says yeah. Jeff laughs at him…

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Dani was sitting pretty until she pushed way too hard to back door Jeff. Stupid….

chick from louisiana

Simon, since this is the last week of keys, does Rachel get to play for HOH?


Jordan is basically nonexistent in the house.


Poor Dominic. He still has not realized that the reason for his pending downfall is Dani. If he used his brains, he wouldn’t be in this position.


Not enough blood for both heads…..


I really hope Brendon and Jeff are the 1st to fall off during endurance just to kill their egos. Except that Brendon’s going to have an excuse for losing, just like he had an excuse for every competition he lost last year…
Hoping for Dani to shake things up by putting up Jeff and Jordan (so she can still claim loyalty to BR), and evicting Jeff. Since it looks like Dom is leaving (hopefully he comes back?), I’m going to have to root for a Dani/Adam/Lawon alliance, with Dom or Cassi, whoever comes back (Let’s face it…it won’t be Keith). I don’t think Cassi will align with Shelly again if she finds out about the vote, which Dani or Lawon will probably tell her about.


Yeah me too I’m really hoping we get the chance to vote someone back in (Dom). I can just see the look on BRJJ’ s faces Dani wins HOH, and then Dom walks back in the house. A man can dream. *sigh*


Them being legitimately beaten by a girl with crush their egos.

Day Yum Yum

Who said anyone is coming back, anyway? How do you know this?

Day Yum Yum

Do not worry, game is just beginning because Dani will win every upcoming comp as she is that strong of a player in the HOH’s and POV’s!! Look the hell out Rachel because you may never rule the HOH room again as long as Dani is around and believe me, she isn’t going anywhere no matter how much she supposedly “screwed up! “


I’m rooting for Dani till the end but she can’t win HOH every week. And I’m sure if she goes on the block its gonna be a back door situation bc BRJJ are such jerks they won’t give her a chance at POV. She needs these punk newbies to step up and help her out!!


Why does it not surprise me that Dom would be winning a Disney trivia contest.


So True!


I hope Dani can see he’s gay. Every day I’m more convinced. His cuffed jeans also didn’t help his case today.

Jordan K.

Simon, are you gonna fix the pics of the houseguests on the side? It’s a mess… lol


I think updating the events in the house is of greater importance 😛


whats wrong with the images?


“Dani says she thinks the easiest way to get Kalia to walk out is to put a bunch of Rachel’s hairs in her bed.”


Day Yum Yum

No, taking away her food supply would definitely work!


ED would have done that…


My god I wish I could just go into that house and rip Jeff and Brendon a new asshole. They think they are these high and mighty players who know the game better than anyone. Listening to them speak makes me want to throw myself out a window. Boo friggedy hoo Jeff someone wanted to backdoor you, it’s a game and you weren’t backdoored in the end so get over it.


they had a friggin alliance with brenchel and danny so yeah if they’re even had the thoughts of turning on them which rachels a big baby i’d be mad too especially since jejo had the opportunity to backdoor brenchel and didnt


I seriously do not see how everyone thinks they’re A**holes. When I watch the show and the afterdarks, i don’t see them as that…..


I don’t think J/J are neccessarily a-holes, I’m just tired of seeing them. That’s my problem with this entire season; these people had their shot already. If they wanted to bring them back for an All-Star season great, but these new players deserved to play their own game without being at a massive disadvantage. Maybe the newbies look stupid and overmatched because they are intimidated and could play a decent game if they weren’t terrified of the vets ( ok, just SOME of them ).


Dani acts like she has no hand I’m Don doing home….its all her fault.he is so stupid. This season is so full of a** hole that you don’t want to root for any of tjem


Dani was so jealous of Cassi.


So True (again)!


and i really hope that dom does expose shelley/shelly come thursday night. she’s been a really big snake and she’s a large part of the reason cassi left. in my opinion, i don’t see her talking game at all. she goes up to BR/JJ and tells each of them what they want to hear and just agrees with them and nods her head. she hasn’t fought in any competitions and she’s floating while good players like dom continue to have to fight both physically and socially.

Rachel Is Boy George

I hope to god someone does soon, she deserves to be exposed, she has been this seasons Ronnie and she will have the same fate as Ronnie did when gets found out

Day Yum Yum

They will keep her until F5 because she cleans the house everyday. Anyone notice how clean the BB house is this year!! She is the first one up everyday and cleans like a madwoman!! No way they want her to go until she has to.


The only people this info would help are the newbies. The vets already know this info so if it’s brought out now, it will only draw shelly closer to the vets and the noobs are already too far down in numbers and weaknesses for it to make a real difference.

Josie’s mama plays with honesty (also known as flat out lying to everyone’s face and denying the truth when asked), integrity (also known as backstabbing, ass kissing, spying, tattling and crying to get sympathy) and she’s always a straight shooter (also known as blowing smoke up someone’s ass, exaggerating, embellishing, gossip queen while bashing others on a personal level while claiming she’s above all that). What a great role model for trying to get some money that you don’t even need.


Just was watching the first hour of after dark and hating shelly even more. She’s saying horrible things about Dani and its not even true. Plus she’s saying that Dani came to her and tried to make a deal. WTF?!? First of all shelly went to Dani. Second Dani never said anything about making any deal with her. She just laid out the situation and shelly agreed. Then shelly said they keep touching base. Dani approached her……smh….. Shelly is the biggest shut talker in the house and may be just as delusional as BR


Wow jeff told Dom, that him and Dani can;t be trusted, but didn’t they tell Dani that she’s back in with them to make her feel better? Hope Dom runs back an tells Dani, so she can go hard in that HOH comp. I know brenda won;t last that long but she can knock out jeff too


OMG!!!! People people, this is a game for HALF A MILLION !!! Won’t you lie, cheat, backstab and throw anyone under the bus if their in your way. Indeed not clever to do so soon but Dani (which I don’t like) had it going well but her mistake was pushing to hard for Jeff. There is a twist and the twist will twist our brains not only theirs. The Key holder’s can’t play HOH this Thursday, they can’t compete for FOUR WEEKS! Therefore only JJ B Kalia & Lawon will compete! Next week is when the game will change!!! A whole new game!!!!!!!!!!


Golden Keys get the HG’s immunity until there 10 HG’s remaining. That will Thurs when Dom goes. Unless a twist changes the HG’s from
10 to 11 everyone plays for HOH except rachel. So you are misinformed.


She’s Dr. Will’s brother best friend. Can you believe that tenuous link gets you on BB?


hell yeah


PeterBilt would give her a run for her money/food.


Kalia is a waste of space! I would love to be there, as would a million other people, and all she wants to do is bitch and moan. Who is casting these people?????


Kalia is starting to pick it up now.. after a couple weeks lol