Big Brother Spoilers: Lawon says he is still going to be nice… he isn’t going to go around banging pots and pans.. there’s calm before the storm..

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12pm Shelly goes up to the HOH room and tells Kalia that Lawon is outside acting all mad about being put up …and that he says that he never volunteered to go up. Shelly asks Kalia if Lawon actually volunteered because he’s downstairs acting enraged. Kalia says what?! Kalia tells Shelly that Lawon volunteered to go up. He was the one telling her that she had to do what she had to do… Shelly says well he is not acting like that now …you should see him outside right now it’s hilarious! Shelly says thank you for not putting me up. Shelly leaves and Kalia goes back to sleep. Rachel then goes up to the HOH room to talk to Kalia. Rachel says that she doesn’t really know what’s going on, but that she thinks she understands what Kalia is trying to do. Rachel thanks Kalia. Rachel gives Kalia a hug and then leaves.
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In the backyard, Jeff asks Lawon if he had any idea? Lawon says that he had no idea. Jeff says well why don’t you go talk to her? Lawon says that he will he just needs to calm down. Adam says that he though he was going up. Jeff says that he thought Adam was going up too. Lawon says that he was 99% positive Adam was going up too. Shelly tells Lawon that Kalia is asleep now. Lawon says I bet she is …that just gives me more time to think about what to say. Shelly says I want to be there. Jeff says I don’t!

12:10pm In the havenot room, Rachel and Jordan are talking. Jordan says that if Kalia really wanted to get you out she would have put up me or Jeff. They talk about how Lawon actually volunteered. They talk about how there needs to be some kind of motive behind it. Rachel says that they probably did it so that they don’t make another enemy, so that they keep me at bay and if Lawon goes and comes back then he can’t be mad because he volunteered. They talk about Porsche. Rachel says that Porsche isn’t safe if she wins HoH. Rachel says that she is not stupid, when I needed a friend, guess who was there? Jordan! ..not Porsche.

Jordan and Rachel are talking in the backyard while they get ready to workout. Jordan says that she heard he volunteered and that all he cares about is getting into the jury house. Rachel says that she doesn’t believe that. Over on the couches, Shelly is still questioning Lawon. Shelly keeps saying that she just doesn’t get it. Lawon says that he is still going to be nice… he isn’t going to go around banging pots and pans.. Lawon says like my grandma always told me theres a calm before the storm. Meanwhile, Jordan and Rachel continue to workout and talk .. Jordan says that Lawon is definitely going home. Rachel says yeah. Meanwhile, Jeff is cooking catfish on the BBQ. Rachel heads inside to eat. In the kitchen, Adam, Rachel and Porsche are making and eating lunch as they talk about when you get married and the groom takes the garter belt off the bride and puts it on the girl that catches it.

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1pm – 1:25pm Rachel and Lawon are in the kitchen talking. Lawon says that he doesn’t think he is coming back if he goes home. Rachel says that’s the twist …if I go home I guarantee I am coming back. Lawon says that maybe I need to start thinking like that too… Cuz if I come back this BITCH IS BRINGING IT! Rachel asks Lawon if he volunteered to go up as the pawn because that is what she has heard. Lawon says no …that is not in my character! Lawon says that he would not volunteer to go up. Lawon says he would have at least liked to have been told that he is going up. Lawon heads out into the backyard. Jeff starts talking to Lawon and then says you go other things on your mind don’t you? Lawon says yeah ..I wasn’t answering you was I …They laugh. Lawon heads inside to change. Lawon is talking to Kalia. Kalia asks Lawon why is he telling everyone that he didn’t know he was going up. Kalia tells Lawon that everyone thinks that he is faking it. Lawon says that he is just trying to calm things down. Kalia tells Lawon that he should tell people that he had a feeling that he might go up but that he didn’t really know. Kalia then goes to talk to Porsche… Kalia tells Porsche that she told Shelly that Lawon knew he was going up, that they talked about it. Porsche says that Lawon is going around telling people that he never knew he was going up. Porsche says that she asked Rachel if she wanted her to vote for her to stay. Porsche says that Rachel said yeah why wouldn’t you vote for me to stay?! Kalia leaves the candy room grabs some food and heads up to the HOH room.

1:25pm – 1:35pm Kalia says that she doesn’t know what Lawon did right after …but he went out there and was super pissed and acting like he didn’t know he was going to go up. Kalia says that she just talked to Lawon and told him to relax and that he needs to tell people that he and Kalia talked a few days ago … and that you were just confused and worried about being put on the block. Kalia tells Dani that Shelly told her that Lawon is being really weird and that its totally obvious that he is acting. Kalia says that then Rachel came up and was all happy and thanking her. Dani and Kalia agree that they need to convince Rachel that she is done and gone. Dani says that we talked to Lawon. Kalia says thats what Lawon does …he get amped and geeked out and shoots himself in the foot. Dani says the only thing about waiting till thursday to make a deal with Rachel is that what if someone else makes a deal with her first… then we get screwed out of it. The only reason we need to wait is so that she doesn’t have time to tell anyone else about it. Kalia says that she doesn’t get why Shelly wants to get Porsche out so bad. They talk about how everyone was shocked that Kalia put up Lawon.

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167 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Lawon says he is still going to be nice… he isn’t going to go around banging pots and pans.. there’s calm before the storm..

  1. Pots and Pans! That’s crazy Lawon. Kaila, this is your fault. You listen to Dani and now. You have no alliance. Wait till next week. You no longer control the house. The JJASC will control the house again. Now, Dani vs Kaila on the block. Jeff better be careful. Don’t use the POV on Dani or Kaila. Keep the nomination the same.

    1. Dumb put Dumber on the block and poor Dani is sink with them because their all she’s got. Hate to say it, but she should have stuck it out with BRJJ longer.

        1. Especially, Tean DPK is going down. Team JJASC will stay Strong and ever. Thanks UNKNown. You know what, You should officially be part of Team JJ. Beside Team Dani is gone. Thanks to Rockstar. YOu are the best member ever. Thanks.

      1. I Know NAME, Smart but Smarter, Put EVal Dani on the block is best move. Thanks Name, I know Dani sucks this game. Don’t worry NAME, Dani will go to Jury House. First Time. Cool Huh!

      2. I agree, but it has to be painful to be in the same room with BRJJ. I know I couldn’t tolerate it for long without being too honest with them. For 500K she should have, but I can’t blame her for not wanting to play with them. I mean really, how long can you hold your tongue. It would be brutal. No TV, no internet, no music and Brenchel and their drama, uggh. Oh and don’t forget Jordan and her dumb questions. Is Canada a 3rd world country? No Jordan, but apparently your education was.

          1. You mean Rainbows and Unicorn, Wow CJ. Dani needs to stop thinking about it and focus on competition. Wait she probably be end up on the block and go to Jury House. Thanks CJ. (Team JJ Official member).

    2. Shelly has to be a post op transexual. She sits like a man, sounds like a man, walks like a man, looks like a man, behaves like a man.. Shelly has GOT to be a man. Tony – the sexually ambiguous named “husband” is another woman. and her kid JOSIE .. is a cat.

      Something just seems so OFF with “her”

      1. Bahahahaha. So true! I hate Shelley and her ‘I’m such a straight shooter’ BS. I hope her lies start to unravel soon.

        1. The votes will definitely be in the millions which is why i think cbs will throw it to Brendon, it will be so close between the big 3 and i think they would love to see the drama of having BR back together, It will make me vomit but i will be soooooooo shocked if Brendon isn’t the winner and he will mow down Lawon to get back to Rachel and stick it to Dani

          1. aren’t they voting out Rachel. Then of course CBS will put Brendon back in but only to battle Rachel and then he will throw the comp.

            1. No….Lawon is going to be voted out. Shelly and Adam already said they would vote out Lawon if he went up in replacement of Jeff. Those two votes, in addition to JJ’s two vote, will secure his eviction. Additionally, I would bet anything that Lawon cannot & will not beat Cassie, Dom, or Brendon to come back into the house.

    1. This poll came from an independent polling in the Boston Globe in Boston which called 2000 house and ask if they watch big brother and who do they wish to come back as well as who they would go up against I was one who had suc a call and tey posted the results this morning

  2. I think it is so funny that Kalia thinks she is still actually in control of anything. I was rooting for her but she is a punk. She got scared and backed down. Poor Dani needed her to just stand with her and they could fight together, but Kalia couldn’t do it. This season is really starting to annoy me and if Brendon comes back I am done watching.

    1. of courase Brerndon is coming back he will face off wit law and then the vets will take charge again and vote of the dysfunctional Daani

    2. Did you seeDani Bashing Evil Dick he really was not a great player hed just won those HOH’S at the the end and she said it was BS that he went up against two people. All these years she is still mad at her dad for taking the money from her

      1. Dani is just a vindictive personality. She completely plays the game on a personal level but pretends not to. She puts people down under a veil of sarcasm and calls it funny. I just think she has a lot of hurt and rage in her. Her hypocrisy has no bounds.

        1. No bounds, except when compared to RacHELL, Capt Skype, Jethro and Ellie Mae. Then her hypocrisy seems pretty insignificant.

        1. Unfortunately, I see Brendon coming back simply because I’m under the impression that people who can’t stand BR (or JJ for that matter) have pretty much split their votes between Cassi and Dom.

      2. I agree with you, Evil Dick played the best over Dani. She is trying to play like her Dad but will never match up to him. Dani is a poor loser.

  3. Do Dani and Kalia not recall the convo in the kitchen with Lawon where he said he was going to act all pissed of so he could see what the other side was saying? Apparently that is what Lawon recalls!

    1. I was thinking the same thing!!! Poor Lawon, they’re letting him out to dry….and he won’t even make the jury…..vwhat an alliance!

    1. i bet shelly does really well in business after witnessing all that hard work and negociating she was doing yesterday. she pretty much gave kalia the idea and then had kalia thinking not only was it in her best interest but also mostly her own idea. kudos to shelly for pulling that off. especially since adam told kalia he would understand if he had to go up as the replacement nom to get rachel out

  4. Lawon is a bad actor, Kalia is still a follower, Dani is just screwed because JJR will put both K&D up in a heart beat!!

    They are catching on to shelly. I would love to see Rachel or Porsha win it all because everyone is bypassing Porsha

  5. Wow Kalia (marselles) not sure who wins for dumbest move. I’ve seen all seasons and there were a lot of freaking stupid moves but this is up there. Top 10 worse move ever

  6. Here is how I think it will go, and correct me if iam wrong Simon.
    Lawon is evicted
    Lawon vs Brendon
    Brendon wins
    Brendon enters house
    BRJJ back at it and DK go crazy.

    BRJJ vs DK and then adam, shelly, porsche float.
    Shelly might leave. Porsche will be taken out by Jeff when he is HOH.
    Thus adam vs one of the vets could win BB13. i think adam is a good guy. he deserves it.

    1. I agree with the first part but, after Brendon enters the house, it will go like this:

      JJBRSA vs DKP

      They fight it out for a few weeks. D, K, P, A and Jordan are war casualties. Final 3 are Jeff, Shelly and Rachel. Final 2 are JR. I have no idea who would win out of the two but, hopefully, it’s Jeff.

      Team JJS all the way!!!!

      PS: Simon, I’m sorry I answered but, it was too tempting, had to put in my 2 cents : ) xoxox

  7. Man I’m so pissed. Kalia thinks she’s some super genius mastermind when she’d actually dumb as hell! It sucks too, because she’s messing up the game for Dani and the chance for Dom to come back. Ugh…I wish Kalia would just STFU! Also, she thinks she has a deal with J/J but watch when they get HoH Kalia butt is going up, and then she’ll have a stupid look on her face.

    1. Sorry, but I think Dani messed up the game for Dani. Anyone that thinks forming an alliance with Kalia and Lawon is a good thing, is uhhhh….what’s the word I’m trying to find………..stupid!

    1. I was wondering that myself – but I think Dani said something to Kalia about making her own moves if she put up Lawon. I think Dani is planning on trying to get Rachel out by Thursday’s vote – so that’s why the stall.

      For a laugh – have you checked out the HOH blog? . . . .bet Dani is regretting what she wrote about Kalia . . .

      And a big SHOUT TO SIMON & DAWG!!

      I work in IT – but nothing like what these guys pull off . . . . they are crazy amazing!!!

      For those of you that complain about the spelling – just read it as fast as they are typing & you get it. If you read it likes it’s old vinyl, you’re missing half the fun : )

      DONATE NOW – so worth the price of admission to this zoofest . . . . .

  8. On feeds Dani & Kalia just decided that they are going to keep Rachel.. which since I’m a Brenchel fan excellent news to my ears.. the only thing that could bite dumb & dumber even more in the ass would be if Brendon returns to the house! Fingers crossed that he does!!

  9. cannot wait til thursday to see dani’s and kalia’s faces. PRICELESS! it’s too funny they think they’re gonna make a legit deal with rachel when rachel already knows whats up and since she’s in a good position now she will keep her cool and play her part. it’s gonna be awesome. so glad rachel sees who stood by her when her so called best friend didn’t

  10. As a young black male I feel embarrassed because of these two. Not trying to make it a race issue, just sayin’, you just try to root for them in the begin.
    Oh well what can u do???

    1. Very true Blah. Someone did something from my town and it was in the news and I honestly felt embarrassed to be from there. Doesn’t matter if you are black, people think it, it might not be said but they think it.

      1. I don’t like black people is probably what people will read and then start freaking out but I assure you that it is not the case at all. When you are a minority, sometimes, you should take a little bit of a stand because you are a role model in circumstances like that.

    2. stupid is as stupid does…period.

      with all due respect…why even mention race?
      why root for players based on race (as you indicated you initially did)? You do realize you are basically saying you are racist, right?
      You are part of the problem, not the solution.

      1. And you, I’m afraid, just showed that you are ignorant. How did that, in any way, shape or form, make him/her a racist and “part of the problem”? If someone on day one decided to root for Adam because he is from NJ and so are they; or someone decided to root for Dani because she has issues with her father and so do they; or root for Shelly because she is the only Mom and they are also a Mom–is there anything wrong with their choices? Of course not. So why is it a problem if someone decides to root for Kalia because she is Black and so are they? IT’S NOT. Take care of your own principles and values and stop judging others’.

          1. If you read that thread and still think you’re the one with a valid point, I won’t know whether to laugh or cry. I think you just got scared because makes too much sense and its not within your intellectual capability to counter back. Or you know you’ve been schooled and don’t want to bury yourself in deeper shit.

            1. ok…I’ll explain it to you…

              You are born with race and gender, and in come cases, religion.

              To choose or prefer a person solely based on race (which is what she said she did) is racist.
              Similarly, to hire someone (or choose not to hire someone) solely based on race is racist and is illegal.
              To refuse to rent property to someone solely based on their race is racist and is illegal.

              1. The situation is much more complex than that. It isn’t as black and white (no pun intended) as someone just choosing a person because of his or her race. Its the how and the why of the choosing that makes the difference. All the points you brought up ARE valid, yes. But even those cases one can make some good rationalization. They might be offensive but they’re still rational. To pick a Chinese person over a black person to work at a Chinese restaurant can seem racist to those who view it that way but some can also argue that it simply makes sense. They know the language, know the food etc. Unless of course said black person grew up in China then fine. I’m a minority myself and have experienced my own unsavory encounters with racist people but I understand not everything is intended that way. For a black person to feel more connected to another black person than a white person isn’t racist at all. Its a fact of life.

                1. I didn’t say it wasn’t rational, in fact studies show it is human nature and is very rational, which is why it is so difficult to eradicate racism – there is an involuntary component. “You look like me so I identify with you and feel a connection with you”.

                  What I am saying, is by definition, it is racist to choose or prefer one person over another based solely on race, which is what was done here.
                  The OP said they were originally cheering for someone based solely on their race.

                  My comment, which was put very politely but attacked very harshly by several people, is factually correct.

                  anyways…we can agree to disagree.

                  1. Okay, one more. Sorry. But the OP was actually written harmlessly enough. I understand what you mean, its human nature and by god it is. BUT what you’re saying makes it seem like ‘racism’ is ALL bad. Now, before you take that the wrong way, what I mean is racism, reduced to its basic definition, free from all the horrible connotation that it’s gained through out the centuries, is simply the belief that there are inherent differences between the races. That’s neutral. Not bad, not good. Just true. There ARE differences between people that are exclusive to races. Its the supremacy, the elitism or however you want to put it that makes up the bad version/reputation of racism we have today. What the OP is saying is that because Kalia and Lawon are black, he/she offered support and hoped they’d do good. He didn’t say they should win or deserve to win because they’re black. Just support. No antagonism whatsoever. Its a race thing (I wouldn’t even call it an issue per se) but not ‘racist’ in what we define as racist today.

                    1. so let’s look at this another way…

                      there are 8 people in a room, 7 white and 1 black. They don’t know each other or just met.
                      1 white person and 1 black person are competing.
                      If all the white people cheer for the white person to win, is that racist? I think so.

                      reverse it

                      there are 8 people in a room, 7 black and 1 white. They don’t know each other or just met.
                      1 black person and 1 white person are competing.
                      If all the black people cheer for the black person to win, is that racist? I think so.

                      the decision on who to cheer for is purely based on race.

                      Racism has more than one definition. I think you chose the former and I chose the latter.

                      1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
                      2: racial prejudice or discrimination

                    2. I don’t know if you’re gonna get this since there’s no reply button (maybe they’re trying to tell us to stop) but I don’t agree with your first definition of racism. The ‘superiority’ is what’s out of place. Race is a big part of someone’s character. Just like being a woman, out political, a mother etc…Its how one approaches racism or chooses to use it that makes a difference. Is there something wrong with wanting to root for someone because they’re the only girl in the competition or someone because they’re from the same country? No. So why would it be ‘racist’ – again, in a negative way – to root for a fellow black person. If the person rooting started to make comments about the other players or make trouble about how the black player should win over the others (if only because he’s black) then there’s a problem. But in your original reply, you write, he/she is “part of the problem.” The OP is hardly harmful. If every race comment, good or bad, is deemed racist then are you trying to say race shouldn’t BE at all? Race isn’t a bad thing, we should take pride in our race but its how poeple have treated others for it that makes it such a negative thing now.

    3. I agree anytime a minority(black, Latino, Mexican,Italian) is put on a Reality show they always choose the most stereotypical person to go on the shows and they ALWAYS show their ass in one way or the other making the “white viewers” assume that this is the way every persona of that race acts, been going on for far too long, it should stop. Prime example, Jersey Shore

    4. Did anyone see how much those on Jersey Shore are getting paid to do a 4th season? they demanding 250k each per episode and MTV agreed to it…..

    5. Yea, blah, it really appears you can’t do anything with these idiots. It does kind of suck. Well, maybe Kalia will smarten up once Lawon leaves. She needs to realize that she has to play this game for herself, not Dani, not JJ, only herself.

  11. @DSM

    I lived in Massachusetts and based on previous voting habits, they all have their heads up their (you know what).

  12. Anyone know the answer – after last week everyone figured that all would make it to the jury now, BUT if all they’re really doing this week is replacing someone that’s out with someone that’s still in the house (or bringing this weeks evictee back), then whoever gets voted out this week probably won’t be in the jury – does that sound right?

  13. Ethics? Who said anything about Ethics? Here we go again another blind tunnel vision JJ fan with rocks where their brain should be.

  14. CBS will bring back who will give them the most tooth and nail drama filled season.

    CBS only cares about ratings so Keiths or Dawg are coming back.

    1. Be careful production, your starting to make me believe this is the reality show version of wrestling. Where each competition is “pre-determined”. Then when former houseguests are saying that production manipulates them during the DR sessions. Yes, JJ fans, I said rasslin is pre-determined, that means that they know who is to win before the match begins. I figured I would save you the trouble of looking that words meaning up.

    2. I thought Rachel was being evicted this week. And of course I think CBS will bring back either Brendon or Dom.

    3. I said something similar earlier. When Kalia kept running into the DR asking advice, they gave her exactly what they wanted. They saw a weak player who doubted herself and so desperately wanted to be liked by the popular kids (the dummies Jordan and Jeff) and they just fed her, the line of putting up Lawon. Clearly he has been a disappointment to them overall as a HG so they found a way to kill two birds with one stone: Protect their vets (J/J/R/B) and get rid of the obviously useless Lawon.

      I know most of us are rooting for Dom to come back, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if in fact it’s Brendon we see coming back in the house so they can continue this stupid season of love crap. Kalia was duped,but it’s her own fault. Now anybody attached to her is screwed. Dani would do well to detach and run away from that mess right away.

    4. You’re right. Why not just let Rachel get evicted so she can compete against Dom and come back? That’s why I’m starting to think Brendon is coming back. No other scenario makes sense give the recent set of events that have occurred. It just seems like it is a perfect set up for Brendon. Rachel stays and Brendon comes back. It would just cause so much drama in the house on top of increasing the competitiveness in the game. However, I could be biased because I am on Team Rachel.

  15. It would be awesome if whoever wins the comp between Lawon and ( Cassie or Dom) automatically becomes HoH and has to nominate 2 people immediately after winning. They don’t get to talk to anyone in the house. Dom would out up rachel and jeff and Cassie would put up rachel and jeff. That would be classic.

    1. AngelaM It would be great if somehow that came true. I can’t watch Rachel anymore. And I would love to run into Jeffs temper one day. He needs to be knocked off his high horse.

  16. my comments must roll-over into spam before they are approved… it takes forever… by the time they are posted there is a new blog out. Why bother!!

    1. Hi Anonymous, We’ve had to make drastic measures to remove trolls and I ended up monitoring a lot of IP’s we will slowly start finding out who is legit posters and who is coming to this site to ruin the comments section.

      I’ve taken these actions due to all the complaints I received from readers about the improper comments here.

      1. How immature! 1- that people would ruin the comment section, and 2- that people would run complaining to you! C’mon!

        I hope rachel is safe, and that brendon comes back! Not because I like them (I’m a jj fan) but because I can’t deny that they’re entertaining!!

      2. Simon – it’s a shame you have to deal with disruptors! You work hard and have a great site for those of us without feeds who love the show. You and Dawg keep up the great work.

  17. Shelly says this is probably my last week of being able to stay under the radar….., Shelly is talking about dealing with Kalia and who to put up. Shelly used to in teaching and PYSCOLOGICAL BEHAVIOR.

  18. Y would u guys want Brendon to come back n see the vets pick off all the newbies and dani and c probably the most borin final 4 in BB history. Evryone should vote for Dom this way the house is divided and each side has an equal opportunity to battle it out. It would make for far better tv 2 c dom dani kalia n porsche battle it out against adam shelly jj n rach.

  19. *facepalm* Idiots!

    Yes the noobs are idiots.

    Sidenote: As often as everyone claims that had it not been for the vets in the house this season would have been boring as hell… the problem with that line of thinking is that we have no idea how 6 other noobs would have played had the 6 vets not taken their spots this season. At the very least it would have been more of a level playing field with the potential of bringing great gamers into the public eye as opposed to having people in there that are predictable. The Brenchel and Jordeff show makes me nauseous.

    1. I could not have said it better! This cutesy couple crap should never be a part of the BB game. Unless it’s a showmance that develops during the season naturally (well as naturally as anything can develop on a show with heavy Production influence).

      All I wanted to see was a new season with all new HGs. Not previous losers who still haven’t managed to do anything with their lives since being on BB.

  20. Poor Dani (my ass) She had it made had the gloden key could have and should have stayed with her alliance, but she thought she was so much smarter then the other houseguests… She is getting just what she deserves… COME BACK BRENDEN!! GO JJRBS…

    1. I don’t think anyone should feel bad for Dani either, i feel bad for myself and the viewers for having to sit through Rachel’s annoying fake laugh the rest of the summer

  21. Vote 4 Dom. It would b the best tv to have Porsche kalia dani and dom battle against jj shelly adam n rach. It would b terrible tv to see brendon come back n pick off all the newbies.

  22. Of course Brendon needs to come back because then we see Dani going crazy. At the very least it will keep this summer’s BB very funny to watch!!! BRENDON COME ON BACK and lets start having some fun!!!!

    1. So true. Rachel would have to be a complete idiot to buy their BS now. I’m sure Rachel will listen and let their crap go in and out the other ear. It’s a shame because Dani could’ve been teamed up with Brenchel and they could’ve been running the house. Well, Dani made her bed, now she has to lay in it with Kalia and Lawon. The look on Dani’s face if Brendon comes back,…just priceless. You can’t ask for anything better than that.

    2. If kalhia and Dani wait for Thursday to make a deal with Rachel they will be way too late. she won’t make it, she knows she is staying, and that way if she wins she can put them both up, without going back on her word

  23. Lawon probably be mad for something. Gee! Lawon, calm down. Dani will get hers next week. Jeff will get HOH next week and POV twice. BTW, Bring back Pandora Box,

  24. Right now, I just don’t see how Lawon is staying in the house. Right now I am counting Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Shelly, and Porche voting out Lawon to keep Racheal and only Dani voting to keep Lawon. This was just not the right desicion at all to do in this game. Even if Dom is voted to be the returning house guest and beats Lawon, Dani and Kalia is sending one ally home and having another ally back in this house, make it the same as it was before. This has been one wasteful HOH if you ask me.

  25. lol lawon has to be the worst player ever… these newbs are all so bad at this i honestly hope they all get picked off and its an all vet final 5 (assuming brendon comes back) because none of the noobs besides shelly deserve to win anything

  26. Ok, at this point, I’ve got to ask…. who do you guys think really is the biggest idiot: Kalia or Lawon? Or do you have someone else in mind? I really would like to hear your thoughts!

    1. Kalia continues to sabotage herself by putting up one of her allies, by allowing herself to be munipulated by Shelly, and by thinking that RJJ would ever keep their word. For all her claims to be intelligent, she is proving herself otherwise.

      Best case senario, Dom comes back with automatic HOH, sends Jeff packing, Dani wins following HOH sending Rachel packing. Then it’s game on for the noobs with Dani still having the advantage of strategy and comp wins.

  27. Has Rachel been kept in the dark throughout these shenanigans? Why? She must not know which end is up at this moment. So, is the situation that with Lawon on the block and therefore not able to vote, Team Dani now has not got the votes to evict Rachel? So Lawon goes out and has to compete with America’s choice of Dominic, Brendon or Cassi?

    Lawon doesn’t stand a chance. Any one of them can beat him in a blindfold and with one leg tied up. Poor Lawon, the hapless guy.

    Does Rachel know that she is relatively safe? How I hope Brendon comes back to join her and the vets with the very able game player, Shelly (soccer mom’s unite!) and Adam. what a turn of events!! Kudos to Shelly!! I hope she wins, her negotiation skills are world class! (manipulation skills??) SHELLY FOR THE WIN!!

  28. I’m done with the conspiracy theories and I’ll wait till Thursday to see what will happen. But nobody start yelling out rigged if their faves don’t come back.

    1. Tori, have you ever watched Dick at Night show? Or heard any interview with former HG’s not conducted by CBS? Then you don’t know what happens in the DR. And if they will manipulate the game in that manner, why stop there. They (production) will do what they feel is best for ratings. Ratings mean more to them, than anything. More than the HG’s, more than the game. I really don’t think you know what you are talking about, or are taking a rather naive view of the situation. It’s all about the money, always has been.

  29. I think they found the dumbest people to cast for the newbs, I don’t think race matters, all the newbs were dumb as rocks equally

  30. Hey guys what does catfish taste like? Is it something like Haddock? I was thinking about trying some one day, but if it tastes funny I don’t wanna waste money on it…

  31. people talk about a boring final four with the vets but imagine a kalia, adam, porsche, and shelly final 4…. the season of the floater

    1. You can’t call Kalia or Shelly floaters, both are playing hard 24/7 right now

      Wait, now K/D actually WANT people to vote Lawon out and keep Rachel? LOLOLOL, they really think this ‘coming back’ thing is a shoe-in don’t they!

      1. Shelly isn’t a floater, but Kalia is a big time floater. I gave her credit when she put JR up. But now she is back pedaling. She is trying to please both Team JJ and Team Dani. You can’t try to please all of them if you are not a floater. If she is on Team Dani, she shouldn’t give a crap about what Team JJ think. Kalia is such a floater. Shelly is just a straight shooter for JJ, therefore she is not a floater.

  32. ok so Captain Lawon gets to go to the Jury house? I think he’ll enjoy it alot more than sitting around in the BB house. At least maybe he can watch tv or something. He did absolutely nothing for the game, so being without him wouldn’t be much different.

  33. i think CBS must have gotten a lot of flack for barely having any blacks. the ones that they have are always voted off early even if they are good players. They had Monet last year and she was a light skin black and they couldn’t wait to get her out of the house.

  34. I dont understand why Kalia feels the need to be liked by JJ so badly, this isnt high school, it is just a game! even Jordan refuses to talk to her.

    1. BB is just a microcosm of real life. Some people need validation and want to be liked by the PRETTY and POPULAR crowd (jeff and jordan). Clearly when Jordan wouldnt even SPEAK to her after being buddy buddy with her early on, she should’ve gotten the message that they could give 2 shits about her, but what does she do? Even after a grilling and a threat from Jeff, She tries to appease them by not putting up Jordan and doing something that would help make them like her again.

      That, in my opinion, was PATHETIC. Her insecurity and weakness (wanting to be validated and liked) allowed Shelly to penetrate her and adjust, even further, how Kahlia played this game.

  35. Lawon is one strange dude. He’s actually been an odd duck since the beginning but, his latest antics (pretending to everyone that he’s pissed and surprised that K put him up) is just bizarre. K tells him that everyone pretty much knows he’s faking it and he responds my saying “that he is just trying to calm things down” – WTF????? Good riddens L! You and K are both morons and, don’t deserve to be in the house. I’m still for team Dani but boy, does she really know how pick’m!

  36. This is a way worse move then Marcellis…I will explain why…. What Marcellis did was only impacted Marcellis. What Kalia did upset the balance of power and basically is getting three people evicted…Dani, Kalia and Lawon. Its the worse move in BB history PERIOD!

  37. I don’t think I commented something trolly… lol… How come my comments don’t appear? Not that I feel important. Just wanna contribute my thoughts.

  38. I hope Rachel realizes she has a chance of staying in the game now that Jeff won POV and considering shes got votes from JJ and possibly Shelly and Porch

    1. The thing is Adam and Porsche have reasons to get rid of Rachel. Then Kalia will send Rachel packing.

      Lets see……. have Lawon in the house that will not win one comp or Rachel who has a strong alliance with JJ and can win comps.

  39. Is it 100% that there will actually be a competition between evictee vs americas vote winner? I was just thinking…..what if BB just seperates everyone in the house, and they take a vote between Lawon and unknown ameicas vote winner? Couldnt that be the comp?

  40. Gameover for JJR if Dani wins HOH.

    She will 100% get rid of one of them. Nothing JJR could do about it.

    Same goes for Dom if he gets back in the house and wins HOH.

    1. Really, what a shocking revelation, of course dani will get rid of JJR if she wins HOH just like JJR will get rid of Dani if they win HOH. It is how the game is played. Except this week, this week is put up your alliance member and send him home week…

  41. Kalia must be the biggest dummy on the planet. How can she set up a plan, hear out from people included in the plan and then go “wtf” when one of the members of the plan actually does what they said they were going to do?

    And then, on top of it all, Gabby Gossip tells the lethal Straight Shooter her whole damn plan!!!!! Seriously?!?!?

    I’m sorry, but if I was Dani, I would’ve whooped Kalia’s backside from here to Manitoba! Dude…IDIOT.

  42. May I say that the poll that simon has here do not represent America I see this site like almost all the posters wants Dom to be back but I went to other sites just like that people were voting for Brendon to be back and there’s 2 groups voting for Brendon let say 1)Rachel fans 2)Brendon fans 3) people who wants to see drama…remember everyone doesn’t have the feeds so all of people thinks that Rachel is leaving when it’s not true so their voting for a batlle between Rachel and Brendon………and do not forget CBS

  43. if cassi comes back she haven’t prove that she is good at comp and i am sure they will surely send her back out

  44. its not even about wanting the vets to win, the newbies are playing stupid not for themselves & not picking their own moves so I definitely voted to bring Brendon back, if its not Brendon it will definitely be Cassi; Kalia & Danielle will feel stupid Dani is way too arrogant would love to see Brendon shut it all down would be great I must admit.

  45. really are the vets playing a smart game? I don’t see many making impressive moves, Jeff made himself more of a target by confronting everyone and calling Dani out wouldn’t it have been smarter to hear the info from Brendon and Rachel keep it to yourself then backdoor Dani, instead you draw a line in the sand letting Dani know she had to fight for her life in the game. Also Rachel is the reason her man is home, they didnt have to backdoor Jeff, but instead could’ve told dani they were not interested and then they wouldn’t have been targeted last week, As for Kalia, didn’t Shelly (a newbie) make a move, by making someone make an obviously dumb move for their alliance because they trust her. Also is Lawon really a lost to any alliance, he doesn’t win anything, stir up anything he is just there, so there is no big lost to your alliance if he goes if anything, if Dom is america’s choice i like his chances against Lawon instead of Rachel who is a good competitor. I’m not all that impressed with any of their games.

  46. everyone’s is saying that Kalia is dumb and I agree. but shouldn’t Dani be saying NOOO DO NOT PUT UP LAWON!!! so really if Danielle was smart at all she would realize they do not have the votes. Even Porsche isnt a guarantee to vote Rachel out much less Shelly and Adam. stupid Dani…

  47. Unless the comp is who can put together the most ridiculous thrift store outfit timed comp. Then his goose is cooked. Lawon is hands down the most worthless and incompetent player I’ve seen ever.

  48. On BBAD last nite I thought Dani almost convinced Kalia not to put Lawon on the Block, but wouldn’t say who should go instead. Kalia deserves this backfire. Can DK ‘adapt’ and get Adam to keep Lawon. Adam does not want a Vet to win, maybe he will come over to the ‘dark’ side. We’ll see if Dani is as good as her father and gets the votes to a tie so Kalia can evict Rachel after realizing she screwed up. CBS would not put Brenda against Rachel. Rachel would lose it and drown herself.

  49. I’ve been team Dani all the way, but OMG, reading about Lawon trying to act like he had no clue and never volunteered is hilarious.

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