Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia nominates Lawon as the replacement.. Lawon says that it feels like someone had sex with me ..without a condom!

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11:30am When the live feeds come back, Adam and Porsche are in the kitchen making lunch. Rachel heads from the kitchen to the diary room. Lawon is nominated as the replacement. In the havenot room Jordan is saying that she thinks Lawon was just acting mad… they all knew this was the plan. Jeff says that Kalia and Dani are so DUMB! Jordan says that she went up to Kalia and told her thanks for not replacing me. Jordan says that Kalia told her she would never, ever put her up.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Lawon is in the kitchen talking to Shelly. Lawon says that he is not stupid …he would not offer himself up as the pawn. Lawon says that he doesnt think anyone is coming back. Lawon says I am not stupid …I am also not going to go around being sad. Lawon says talk about a bad game move …I would not go up as the pawn. Lawon says that he did not volunteer his ass to go up!! Shelly says yeah unless there was a pay off for it. Lawon says like what?! Shelly says like money… maybe you’re America’s PLAYA! Lawon says no …I’ve got some questions for her… I need a damn smoke up in here. Lawon says I wanna know why …why?! Adam tells him to go ask her now. Lawon says oh I am!

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11:45am Shelly goes into the havenot room where Jeff and Jordan are laying down. They talk about how STUIPD Lawon was for volunteering to go up and how he is acting all mad now. Shelly says that they knew Porsche wasn’t going to be nominated when they saw she wasn’t all dressed up. Jeff asks Shelly if Kalia thinka that you’re voting Rachel out? Shelly says that she didn’t even ask me how I was voting. Jeff says that we just gained two people on our side. Shelly says that she felt like she was at work the other day when she was trying to strategize to get the best deal. They start asking about what Shelly does for a living.

11:50am Shelly heads out into the backyard and tells that she better see some fire in him now! Lawon says you know it! Shelly asks so why is everyone saying that you volunteered to go up? Lawon says that he asked Porsche that… and Porsche has been up there and she should have known. Lawon says why didn’t I get a warning? What the BLANK! Shelly says that it is just so fishy because you two are tight as hell!! The only reason someone would do that is if they got money to do it or if they were Americas player. Shelly says that it just doesn’t make sense why she would put you up… you are with them all the time ..why would she put you up? Do you swear you didn’t volunteer? Lawon says that he doesn’t know …that he is mad right now and needs to calm down ..because if I go up there I am going to slam that door. Shelly says there is just something contrived about it .. something smells fishy! Lawon says that Kalia has an agenda. Shelly says that she thought it was going to be her or Adam. Lawon says yeah I thought it was going to be Adam… Dani is controlling the game. Shelly says that it makes no sense …and I am going to figure it out! Lawon says that it feels like someone had sex with me …without a condom! Shelly says that something is going on… everyone knows something is going on … no one volunteers to go up …

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237 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia nominates Lawon as the replacement.. Lawon says that it feels like someone had sex with me ..without a condom!

  1. can someone ANYONE please explain to me why this is such a bad move for Kalia?? wouldn’t it be worse to get rachel out when she most likely is coming right back in?? what does it hurt to get lawon or porsche out? i am not getting why this is so bad? if she helps rachel out, at least she has a chance of appeasing her and not being rachel’s immediate target – if it weren’t for the twist, then i can understand, but if R is coming back then this is damage control, isn’t it??

    1. I’m with you Crissy. I also think this will help expose Shelly. In fact, I think Shelly needs to be careful b/c this might end up blowing up in her face. I am hoping that Dom comes back. B/c of this twist Kalia is pretty much screwed regardless.

      1. Shelly says this is probably my last week of being able to stay under the radar….., Shelly is talking about dealing with Kalia and who to put up. Shelly used to in teaching and PYSCOLOGICAL BEHAVIOR.

      2. Shelly says this is probably my last week of being able to stay under the radar….., Shelly is talking about dealing with Kalia and who to put up. Shelly used to in teaching and PYSCOLOGICAL BEHAVIOR

    2. Crissy your 100% right i agree with you its not a awful move but Kalia is still a moron, she doesn’t want people to be mad at her, then why did you win HOH you should have kept floating, if Lawon goes its not awful Shelly gets exposed and Adam then Lawon or DOM can come back and go after the vets.

      Vote DOM!!!

      1. You do realize that voting for Dom doesn’t guarantee he is back…he has to battle to COME’re just voting to pit him against the evictee…Dumb Dom put his hope in Dani & it sent him home….Cassie didn’t get a chance to play because of Dani’s insecurities (and Rachel’s)…Dom IS the replacement for Nick for Dani thats it…or so she thought. Kalia would be better served if she strayed from Dani

      2. THANK YOU jb and fuzzy very very much…i was beginning to think i was going crazy….and i agree with both of you, this HOH is a waster no matter what she does and she should have tried to make as few enemies as possible but too late
        and kalia is stupid esp. bc she tried to make power moves and then started freaking out over them…drunk with power and then she woke up i guess
        this whole time she has been saying it’s “all part of her plan” but she is lying to herself (aside from talking to herself) bc clearly she does not have a plan

    3. It’s about numbers, they would lose one person in their alliance. Also depends on who’s coming back, if Brenden comes back it would be HILARIOUS because this plan backfired in the worse case possible. This move might just have sealed Kalia and Dani’s fate.

      1. This season is full of morons. Cant stand Shelly – but she is probably the smartest in the game. Even BRJJ would get their clock cleaned if they played against past BB greats. Kalia’s family probably want to disown her for being such a naive idiot. And Lawon is just a waste of space anyway – who gives a shit if he gets voted out. Too bad for Dani, for such a competitive player – all she has on her side is dumb and dumber. And now dumb is getting rid of dumber.

    4. Only reason it is a bad move is because Dani and Kalia lose a vote once Lawon is gone. They don’t know what the twist is so the think they are playing it safe because everyone is supposed to be going after Rachel.

    5. the reason its a bad move is because jeff told her shes done rachal will lie no matter what she knows it she just feels bad for putting jeff up so she is tryiing to cover her ass because she thinks that he might win hoh next week.. now if she stuck with her plan she would for sure have dani and lawon and now por but now dani is going to be pissed at her por will follow power lawon be at home with his boyfriend i like JJ but this was a bad move from Kreepy Kalia from the start she should of just put up shelly and racheal or adam and rachal not jeff bad move GO JJ

      1. Brendon needs to come back…I want to see the look on Dani face. Bringing back Cassie or Dom is a wate and boring. Let’s balance out the house so the drama can begin again. This week has been boring w/o the Vets making power moves. On a side note, I hate to say this mut I am starting to like Shelly.

    6. nope, now that Lawon in gonna go home they have no votes. Rachel, jordan or jeff is gonna put dani and kalia up the first chance she gets. If you watch the live feeds you will see how jeff jordan and shelly are laughing and so happy that kalia is so stupid. What if lawon goes and brendan comes back..then there really screwed!!!! Kaila just made the biggest mistake of the season so far. they all hate here and all say that there lying to he and wontkeep any promises. The first newbie takes out another does that make sense. She just ruined everything dani worked for. if you watched lastnites live feed jordan even said if rachel goes home there screwed for votes and they will get picked off. Kalia is so stupid!!!!!!

    7. It’s a stupid move because she is trusting people that are not on her side. She still thinks it’s gonna be rachel walking out the door…not lawon. Then when brendon walks in after kicking lawon to the curb in the comp, then kalia will realize that instead of getting rid of an enemy, she evicted an ally and another enemy walked back in the door. The only way this will work out in her favor is if dom comes back but I don’t see that happening. But this is really not a good move for kalia and a waste of an hoh except for the fact that it saved her from being evicted this week. If brendon comes back and rachel doesn’t leave them kalia is responsible for pretty much negating dani’s hoh and evicting an ally. We will have to see who america’s vote is to determine if this is super stupid (like up there with marcellus) or possibly salvageable. I never thought I of all people would be saying this but here it goes…VOTE FOR BRENDON!

      1. It will work because Dominic should come back. At least I imagine that’s what America would do. Keith and Cassi don’t know how to play the game (Keith accused everyone of working with the veterens and Cassi didn’t want to fight for her stay) and does America want Big Brother to be a soap opera by bringing Brendon back? Dominic may have lost to Rachel but he will certainly beat in any duel (skill, quiz, or endurance). Kalia probably should have nominated Porche instead, though.

    8. I agree….Kalia just appeased at least 3 people in the house….she just bought herself a couple of weeks, if not more….they only people complaining are Dani’s fans and the people against R&B…..since I’m team JJS I couldn’t be happier : )

      1. I think Kalia unknowingly chose her Renom well. Keeping Rachel in the house means Rachel remains the “go to” eviction target unless someone else pops up that the rest of the players want to get rid of first. Hopefully Rachel will show some appreciation to Kalia but I doubt it. Lawon will get voted out for numerous reasons (ultimate floater, no game, doesn’t win comps, etc.). According to BB, the person evicted (Lawon) will have to compete against the person America votes for as the return player. I believe this person must win the competition to be allowed back in and I think they’re back for good. Of all the four that could possibly return (I hope it’s Dom or Cassi), I can’t imagine that Lawon would beat them in a competition. The competition will not be a quiz or true/false since the player who returns has been out of the house for a while (except Brendon). The comp will be a puzzle or something physical. Lawon won’t win no matter what it is. Either way, if Dom or Cassi return (God willing), I’m hoping they side with Dani and Kalia and maybe even bring over Adam since he wanted to be in an alliance with Dom in the beginning. I can’t wait to see what happens.

        P.S. I can’t stand Shelly but she’s playing one heck of a game. She could possibly win the whole thing.

      2. what are yo talking about? Jeff and Rachel have both said that they would still put her up next week. good thing your not on the show, then we would have another idiot

    9. She is never gonna appease Rachel. Seriously, imagine Brendon walking back in: he did hear Kalia’s farewell message. Do you really think Rachel would keep Kalia after that? If Dani doesn’t win HOH, Dani and Kalia are going up. Then Dani may win POV and it’s bye-bye to Kalia’s moronic ass. And why does everyone think that the evicted HG is guaranteed to be back? Is he or she supposed to compete against America’s vote? If it’s something which is taking place during the live show, with the results immediately known, well obviously it won’t be something physical. So why is Rachel is most likely to come back if evicted?

    10. Do you all understand the twist, the person who is evicted will go hesd to hesd with one of the previous houseguest who were evicted and the winner will stay….GETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


    This is definitely going to be discussed in the finally – like the dumbest move in big brother history… EVER! Hell, maybe in any game show. I was SO pulling for you Kalia, but I’m sorry I can’t do stupid. SUCKS for Dani… she should have taken Rachel up on her offer.

        1. I would bet that the women’s vote is on team JJ, so they would not vote for Dom to come back. Most people don’t watch the live feeds or look at spoiler sites so all they see is the favorable CBS edit of JJ.

          1. And prostitutes, sure they can relate to Rachel too. I’m quite sure more than one of them woke up half naked in an alley clutching money in their hand too.

      1. Yes, if you look at it straight up it’s a good trade. However, they had a chance to get Rachel out and get Dom back. That’s a better trade because you’re stripping the other side of a vote while adding one to your own. In the end it would make Lawon an extra piece that could be shed in a couple weeks. While this might work it was still a terrible idea.

        1. Sorry your wrong…..they have no clue the evicted HG has to compete against the other 4 evicted HG’s….so saying they made this move to get back Dom is wrong.face it Dani fans pretty boy isn’t coming back and you got,got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Cassi is going to be a wild card she hates dani and por and rachal so i think she might work with JJ because jordan and her get along or Adam and shelly will pull her with JJRAS

      2. I don’t think the house is even considering a previous evicted HG to walk back in. They are only looking at this week’s eviction. SO…that is why it is so stupid for Kalia to get rid of a vote for the newbies. But sadly, her stupidity may be redeemed if Dom or Cassie come back. On the other-hand…look out of Brendum walks thru the door.

    1. Hiphop0- you know what happens when you “ass-u-me”! We have no idea where things stand, regarding “America’s Vote”.

        1. I think Cassi might be back… its definatly not for sure Dom is the man… It honestly could be any of the 3… Dom, Brendon, or Cassi…… But we are all stupid for guessing…CBS will make the ultimate decision.

  3. Lawon is a tool. Shelly is an evil genius and Kalia and Dani are in big trouble.

    More than anything, I can’t wait to see the HG’s faces when Lawon goes home.

    Dani’s lips are going to be more pursed than we’ve ever seen them.

    Rachel bugs me personally, but I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing her stay in the game and exact a little revenge.

    1. Wouldn’t it be great for Brendon to come back in the house. The look on Dani and Kahlia’s face….PRICELESS!!!

      1. I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen, Lawon is going home, then he’ll compete against Brendon and Brendon will come back in to the house and Dani and Kalia are screwed….then Rachel will be on the Rank….’ain’t nobody coming between me and my man!”

        Would have been such a different game if Evil Dick would have stayed.

  4. I’m just disgusted with the entire cast this season. None of them are very good BB players, if they were in the house with just about any other seasons cast they would all get destroyed. Shelly and Dani are the only ones with any kind of game. The downfall of Shelly will be that she is in an alliance with a real life couple, what does she think is going to happen? There is no way they are going to turn on each other, she is doing all of this for nothing. If the final three are J/J/S, the final 2 will be J/J. The problem with Dani is that everyone she allies herself with is a dumbass, kalia has lost her mind, lawan is useless and I think porsh is probably smarter than she lets on but she isn’t doing anything in the game right now.

    Go Team WiLL!

    1. If Final 3 is JJ and S, Shelly still has a chance. Its always a 3 part HOH when it comes to final 3, and one part is usually endurance…. Shelly showed both JJ up last time…

    2. this is a good cast what is so disgusting there is real drama with these ppl not just game drama but with there personal life and everyone is complete opposite i lve this season this one and bb11 my favs in last 5 years.

    3. I have to disagree with you on one little reminder…the final 3 still have to play in the comps for the final ‘hoh’ comp so it all depends on who wins BUT even 2nd place gives you $50K

    4. I think anyone who goes to the end with JJ has a really good chance to win because I think the jury will hesitate to give the prize to Jordan/Jeff a second time around. If the third player is Shelly, she has a great chance to win. Her social game is genius.

    5. I agree with you on Shelly, but Dani has no game. Every season she plays, she gets hooked on a guy which messes her up every time. That’s why Dick had to get Nick out and BR had to get Dom out. This girl has a serious mental problem. Also, Dani chose to take out her own alliance, so no matter who comes back (Dom Cassie Brendon), Jeff/Jordan/Rachel will be gunning for her and she will eventually be evicted. Even if JJR don’t succed, guess what? The newbies will get her out because they have the numbers. Does Dani really think that when it gets down to final 4, the newbies will actually keep her around. Sorry, but at the end of the day, it is still newbies vs vets. So, what I guess I am trying to say in a nutshell is that DANI has NO GAME.

  5. What a crazy night…I thought for sure Rachel was going home so I thought there would have been a number of scenarios with her battling various evicted HGs to return and it almost didn’t matter who returned it could have been interesting, but now after the epic face palm that Kahlia drafted up…I’d love to see Brendon back FOR SURE!!!

    Besides…she didn’t pack enough birth control to get her to the end of the season anyways!!! (as per BBAD last night!)

    – and now Lawon is going on about having sex without a condom…there’s a whole lot of potential BB babies…these Houseguests shouldn’t be reproducing…Kahlia is “a whole lot of stupid”…and Lawon – you’re fooling no one!!

    Bye bye Lawon…welcome back Brendon….and it’s been a slice Kahlia!!

    now go get some more pills!!

    1. If Brendan wins America’s vote and comes back in this house, things will get crazy. Would love to see Danielle’s face for that. As long as Dom isn’t the choosen one, then all should be good…

      1. Unfortunately I think Dominic will get the majority votes, which is why I wanted Rachel out, since it’s not to much time the competition is gonna be a quick one, most likely a quiz, or skill type comp, Rachel does good with quizzes and shes alright with the other types. If it were Jeff or Jordan voted out this week, in a quiz against Dominic, they would’ve lost me thinks. Aw crap I like Daniele but I don’t like Dominic and I like JJR and liked B&D when they were in too, dam newbies.

      2. Same can be said if Cassi walked back in… She would side with Shelly and JJ… Rachel would be a mess, Dani would be pissed…. who knows… if Cassi came back, Rachel and Dani could be forced to work together

      3. Kahlia is retarded #1. Lawon is retard #2. SSS is so evil but her scheming helps Rachel stay in the game. Vote for Brendon x10!!!

    2. If Brendon comes back its just more “Rachel I love you,Don’t cry,your the most beautiful woman in the world”
      If Dom comes back it will be a fun show.

  6. I was never a Shelly fan but if I were in jury she would have my vote! That was asinine for Kalia 2 agree w/ such a thing! Wow Shelly…

    The last comment from Lawon is super gross. Eww

  7. “Shelly says that she felt like she was at work the other day when she was trying to strategize to get the best deal. ”

    It wouldn’t surprise me in Shelly conducted her “work” business with the same integrity she has used in this game.

    Too bad nobody there is smart enough to realize what she is doing, even though people on both sides have said they know Shelly is playing both sides and lying…they still trust her! WTF!!!

    Kalia deserves to go home for this.

    The only goo out of this is that hopefully Dom or Cassi will come back…although Brendork is creeping up in the polls here.

    I would love to see Cassi get revenge on Ratchel

    1. I agree with you, Rachel’s shrink: These people are SOO STUPID!! Shelly is a Business Executive and she is working these players so obviously but no one tries to put her up OR try and question her. I can’t believe that after FIVE weeks, NO ONE has caught her talking secretly with EVERY VET in this house? And, don’t they wonder WHO went against Keith the first week besides Kalia? Idiots. I can’t stand Shelly and if her ‘collegues’ are watching her; I hope they rethink signing with her company because she is a shady business woman with ZERO INTEGRITY! I HATE PEOPLE who SPEW that they are all about HONOR and INTEGRITY, yet they show NONE OF IT!!! At least you know with Brendon & Rachel you are going to get CRAZY….Shelly has got to be the worst human being playing this game in BB History. Dr. Will played everyone and at least said that he hated all these people and he enjoyed manipulating them. I would have MORE respect if Shelly talked straight in the Diary Room like Dr. Will BUT she doesn’t want her precious daughter to see her in a bad light. Well, Mr. Man…you are already in a bad light from what I can tell and there are many others out there who think you are a vile player and you are only trying to get to know these people so you can lie & cheat. And, you make over 100K, right? Do you really need the money? Are you getting your kicks off of everyone? The ONLY way this chick (and I use that very loosely) will be redeemed in my eyes if it is revealed that she was set up as The Saboteur by CBS and she was FORCED to play this way by them. That would make sense to me and would redeem her actions in my opinion.

      Ugh…I’m so frustrated with all this…. After the mess up in Week One, I was almost tempted to not watch. How perfect of a plan that DOM had if only stupid Shelly & Kalia followed suit. We would NOT have to sit watching B&R or J&J. I have youtube if I want to rewatch their seasons. Come on already, CBS…can’t you find any interesting people to make a NEW CAST? The only two worth watching the second time around was Dani & EVIL DICK. The others — BORING BS DRAMA.

      1. This is the best…would LOVE now to see Brendon be voted as America’s choice just have him duke it out with Lawon, win & come back in saying I’m baaaack bitches!!! Can’t EVEN imagine the look on Dani’s face…now THAT would be the drama you’re craving. Also Shelly IS playing the game to get to the end. The idea that you come into that house with the idea you DON’T backstab, lie, and ‘get blood on your hands’ is totally moronic. Shelly is sticking to the strongest duo & if the others decide to listen to her well then so be it.

      2. I personally wouldn’t do business with Shelly after seeing this show…and I am in the same job function as her.

        Almost every time I have been screwed by someone, it was preceded by them telling me how honest they were at some point or another.
        Honest people don’t have to tell you they’re honest – they prove it with their actions.

        1. I cannot stand Shelly but I think her game play is wicked. She attached herself to JJ whom everyone knows is loved. She knows Jordon is a dumb bimbo, she knows Jeff is a neutered bimbo tooo, thus, stay on their side, people will love them and go after Rachel/Brendon and Dani because they are strong players and the smart thing would be to take the smart and winners out. Makes a lot of sense to me and if I liked Shelly, I would be screaming for her to win but she annoys the shit out of me so I can’t. But I give it to Shelly. She has the game in the palm of her hand and honestly Trump would be proud.

        2. My God what in the hell are you people spouting. THIS IS A GAME NOT REAL LIFE if people came in and acted how they are in real life how boring, they are trying to outsmart and outplay others GAME. So people who are putting people down for game play come back to REAITY THIS IS A GAME.

      3. “she doesn’t want her precious daughter to see her in a bad light” Too late for that.
        Also, she always says “everything I do is to set an example for my kid” (Like chain smoking)

    2. It is not Rachel she should try to get revenge on, it should be Dani, Dani was the one who wanted Cassie out, so she could have dom all to herself. LOL Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.LOL Dom is not a white knight

    3. Shelly is not playing both sides she is with JJRA but using the other side so she doesnt get put up great game move be nice to everyone no blood lsat resor for nom thats the way to 500k

  8. Lol! OMG!
    Lawon, who is terrible at winning competitions, is put on the block. Nice one, really nice one…. NOT!
    Now i really hope that Brendon comes back. :P
    To be honest, I only want Brenchel to be on the jury so I can see more of them. lol.

  9. Can’t wait for Shelly’s lies to be exposed. Your family must be so embarrased. If your daughter is anything like you then I feel sorry for you. I know this is a game but you can play with more dignity than that. Take a good look at Adam, you have a thing or two to learn, man lady.

    1. Not sure why her family would be embarassed. Yes, she’s lied and she’s playing everyone, but that’s obviously her strategy. I think you’re forgetting that this is a game and not her life outside of the house. From the beginning she said she wanted to play with JJ and so far she’s stuck to her word. It seems pretty obvious that she aligned with them early on so if she can convince Kalia and whoever else that she isn’t with JJ anymore, then it’s their own fault for believing her BS. It’s very rare if even possible to win or go far in BB with being 100% honest! No, Shelly isn’t my favorite, but right now she’s been playing the best social game and if she makes it to the final 2 she deserves to win! I think you’re forgetting she’s playing for $500,000. If you ask anyone in the BB house if they would tell a few lies to win I’m sure they would all say yes.

    2. Clearly you don’t get that this is a game. If I were in there for 500K I would lie, cheat and steal your unborn baby to win! This is not a reflection of the person she is outside of the BB house at all, she’s just playing the game and I must say doing a bang up job.

      1. Not all people win the 500K by having the lying, cheating, stealing mentality… Look at Jordan…she one and is not the brightest star in the sky. I didn’t watch her season but everyone I spoke to said maintained being a nice person and not doing all the things that most people would resort to do to win the money. You can still win by strategizing and manipulating but do it in a way that reflects good character. it’s been done before…

        I think Shelly tries to play as IF she has all those stand up qualitites but she doesn’t.

        1. Jordan had Jeff do it for her… If you didn’t watch Jordan’s season STFU .. I’ve watched every season and at some point they all lie. At least Shelly didn’t go ghetto crazy and start screaming at people. If the worst she’s called someone is witch than I have to say that’s pretty good.

      2. We don’t know if this is a reflection of Shelly’s life outside of BB. True.
        However, she may very well be a pathological liar.
        IMO, she doesn’t come across as being intelligent.
        She claimed her business guests spent $4,500 for a bottle of Petron.
        The most expensive Petron is about $250.00 a bottle.
        She told Kalia that there aren’t many Blacks in Baton Rouge, when the
        highest percentage of Baton Rouge’s population is Black.
        Her ignorance regarding basic foods is below Jodan’s level.
        She has told some HGs that she can help them outside of the house. How?
        Teach them how to lie and keep a straight face.

        Is she savvy or a pathological liar?
        I hope she prepared her daughter for her BB experience.
        If not, at school her daughter is hearing various comments about her
        mother’s BB game and the word, “Liar” has to be at the top of the list.

  10. Oh you MORON Kahlia! Shelly just played you like a fiddle. You don’t deserve to be in this game given the way you play!

  11. Wow! How moronic!!!!

    Yeah, it could basically be trading Lawon for Dom, but that’s not as good as having both Lawon and Dom with Rachel gone.

  12. Shelly is dumb along with all the other HG except Dani. They can’t see down the game JJR won’t knock each other out. Especially JJ, Duh

    1. Shelly is NOT dumb – I don’t like her but she’s a great manipulator. Kalia and Dani are being stupid now and playing a terrible game. Same for Lawon. I’m team Dani but …….. geez…. how stupid can ya be?

  13. this year the cast is like Dumb & dumber & dumbest & floater & spoiled brat & anger management & Pinocchio & player

  14. What a waste, what a waste,what a waste. I’m so disgusted. There is absolutely no guarantee that Dom is coming back. For sure Lawon is gone, which I don’t mind. What I do mind is that Rachel stays, and now possibly Brendon comes back into the house.

    Kalia just sunk the ship big time. This undoubtedly is one of THE dumbest moves I’ve ever seen.

  15. Wow Wow Wow. I was rooting for Dani & I cheered when Kalia won HOH bc I thought it was a GOOD thing. Boy was I wrong. Kalia has to be mentally retarded. Nothing else explains this. I actually have to congratulate Shelly, she is playing this whole house perfectly & doing a damn good job.

    And didn’t Lawon confirm with Kalia that he was going to “pretend” to be mad to gather info from the side?? Why would she go blab to Shelly that he volunteered ruining the whole performance!! She’s so beyond ignorant I can’t with Kalia anymore.

    1. Because she trusts Shelly and thinks they have a final 3 alliance. If she didn’t trust Shelly, she wouldn’t have listened to the whole insane idea of not putting up Adam or Porche.

      1. They had all JUST discussed how much they can’t fully trust Shelly even though they want to but they know she’s playing both sides and feeding info, and what does Kalia do? Tell her EVERYTHING! she’s just so desperate for JJ to like her that she has tunnel vision and she’s making stupid moves to try to reach that goal, but she doesn’t realize its futile bc they Hate her! Oh well I’ll cheer when they send her packing next week.

    2. I agree here too!! I would just love to meet this Kalia ding bat in the future and ask her why is she so dumb? Everyone KNOWS that Shelly is playing all sides of the house…so the best move you make is tell her what Lawon is planning to do?? DUMB!!! DUMB!!! Obviously, the family PICS in her HOH room didn’t bode her well AT ALL!!! Poor Dani…..She has got to be so frustrated with this by now!

  16. Shelly and Dani have game? You’re half right. Shelly just pulled a coup and Dani dumped her alliance with strong capable players for one with the weakest one in the house who thinks the object of the game is who can get JJ to like them the most!

  17. Rachel and Jordan just figured out the whole plan from Kalia/Dani, that Kalia didn’t want to make enemies out of JJ and also not piss off Rachel in case she came back. Nice.

  18. In the event Cassi comes back, she’s in an interesting spot. She hates both Dani and Rachel. I’d like to see it play out DK vs. CSA vs. JJR with Porsche trying not to commit to a side, and Straight Shooter continuing her style. I’d be all aboard team CSA: BB13!

  19. Even though I don’t like how this turned out, I must admit that this is quite entertaining. BB is all about the power shifting & those game changing moments. And now I wait for Dom to come back & win the HOH. (or maybe the evicted houseguest gets handed the HOH, who knows? all wishful thinking) Then we watch the vets scramble & panic again.

  20. This is only a bad idea if dom is not the one to come back!!! They don’t know the full twist like we do!!! So ease up on the Kalia trainwreck lol

    1. True. America might save Kalia’s Train Wreak, but no one can
      ever forget, it is KALIA’S TRAIN WREAK.
      I hope America does come to the rescue.

      (Kalia must be related to Jordan.)

  21. Kalia may still the error in her ways and with a 3 to 3 vote (D/P/A vote to evict Rachel, J/JS vote to evict Lawon), she could stilll break the tie and evict Rachel.

    1. I dont think that Adam will vote to keep Lawon. I believe that his thinking is that as long as Rachel is in the house, the target will be away from him.

  22. Lawon thinking. Thanks Guys, I’m on the block and coming back. Don’t worry Your the pawn, Rachel going home, DOM/Cassi/Brendon/Rachel comes back. Dani and Kaila, watch out, they coming after you. Better luck next time if you got evicted. Think again. Jeff (HOH, POV Twices) Nomination stays the same. Bye Dani, Have fun in your first Jury House. Don’t worry, your dad is watching you.
    Next week live eviction (Dani vs Kaila):
    Jordan: Vote to Evict Dani
    Shelly: Vote to Evict Dani
    Adam: Vote to Evict Dani
    Porsche: Vote to Evict Kaila
    Lawon (Remain the game): Vote to Evict Kaila
    Rachel/Brendon or Cassi/Dom: R/B/C-Vote to Evict Dani, Dom-Vote to Evict Kaila
    4-2 to evict Dani (First member of Jury), 3-3 tie (Jeff decided vote: Vote to Evict Dani) Dani Evicted.
    This week live eviction (Lawon vs Rachel)
    Jordan: Vote to Evict Lawon
    Jeff: Vote to Evict Lawon
    Adam: Vote to Evict Lawon or Rachel
    Shelly: Vote to Evict Lawon or Rachel
    Dani: Vote to Evict Rachel
    Porsche: Vote to Evict Rachel
    4-2 to evict Rachel or Lawon, Rachel or Lawon evicted vs Brendon/Cassi/Dom
    Rachel defeated Brendon
    Brendon defeated Rachel
    Rachel defeated Cassi
    Cassi defeated Rachel
    Lawon defeated Brendon
    Brendon defeated Lawon
    Rachel defeated Dom
    Dom defeated Rachel
    Lawon defeated Dom
    Dom defeated Rachel.
    Rachel comes back or Lawon comes back/Brendon comes back/Cassi comes back/Dom comes back
    Final 9: Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Adam, Kaila, Porsche, Dani, Lawon/Rachel/Brendon/Cassi or Dom.
    Jeff wins the HOH: Kaila and Dani Nominated. Jeff wins the POV: Nominated stays the same.
    Dani goes to Jury House.
    List of members of BB13 Jury House:
    Dani (1st Jury)
    Kaila (2nd Jury)
    Porsche (3rd Jury)
    Dom/Cassi/Brendon (4th Jury)
    Rachel/Lawon (5th Jury)
    Adam (6th Jury)
    Shelly (7th Jury)
    Jeff vs Jordan Final 2.
    Jeff wins the 500K+25K (American favorite player) or Runner-up
    Jordan wins the 500K (Twice)+25K (American favorite player) or Runner-up.
    Next year BB14 Allstars. Winners edition, Heroes vs Villians, Rivals (Former HGs must work together).

    1. I know right. It was Rockstar idea. Rockstar come up with the prediction and HE/She was right. I totally support it. Thanks Name. Ask Rockstar. Probably knows more than I do.



    You can just SEE productions fingerprints ALL over this shit. LOL>

    BRENDON IS BACK IN–Any wagering on it.

    1. I’m so over this whole “production will just rig the votes”, as if no one will be voting for Brendan. I have been voting for Brendan and it sure seems like alot of others are as well. Even just on this site Brendan is pretty high up there on the votes so no rigging necessary. People just seem to want some entertainment on their summer guilty pleasures. This would sure be entertaining to see Danielle squirm if Brendan came walking back in the house!

      1. Yepp, I’ve voted for Brendon to come back 10 times on every email account I could make from multiple IP addys. This site is like the CNN of BB and there are others that are the FOX News version of BB. Just because this site is flooded with LDK supporters doesn’t mean that’s the fan base. Other polls on other sites have a leading JJBR fan base. Its gonna be CLOSE! Too close for comfort. I hate brendon, but I like trashy drama in my BB. How funny would it be if Lawon beat brendon. I would laugh my ass off.

    2. Production won’t have to intervene because Brendan will win America’s vote fair and square….either him or Cassie.

  24. Kalia is a dumbass! Haha, I think last cast was the worst…. Boring as the brigade picked off everyone…. Let’s just say Brendon will return! And I hope so, so we can take out these floaters! Heck yea, I love Dom, but want brendon to come back. :)

  25. “Shelly thinks she runs the house they need to get her out before she win this game”

    She HAS been running the house. Again, I think Shelly is a how in for final three RIGHT NOW. Been saying that for about 2 weeks now. Girl is playing a great game. Working BOTH sides can be dangerous, but if someone is capable of doing it and MAYBE winning a competition somehwere down the line– WINNING!!

  26. Just be a straight shooter…..Shelly is playing the best mental game thus far. Don’t care for her personally but a game player….KUDOS!

  27. The brigade wasn’t a smart alliance. They killed their leader right away. They did nothing, looked stupid most of the time and handed Hayden a half a million dollars for standing there with that stupid hairdo and his mouth open. That was sad and depressing

  28. For all us Dani supporters all is not lost. What needs to happen is for Lawon to lose to Dom in the comp to get back in the house. If Dom wins Americas vote (big if). Then, as long as Dani, Dom, Porsche win HOH….then the DDPK alliance will survive. Boy Kalia is royally screwing up.

    1. Okay Johnny. For JJASC Alliance. We will do it. Let take out DKP. There done. Rockstar do it too. HE/SHE also JJASC alliance as well.

  29. Yeah, let’s bring back Dominic….what did he accomplish in his three weeks on the show?..He managed to….

    1) form the worst alliance ever….”Regulators!”…lol…more like “Evictees!”
    2) Get Casey kicked out
    3) Get himself evicted because he bought Dani’s BS….

    Yeah, lets bring back on of the least competent players possibly in the history of the game….

    GREAT IDEA folks!

    Something tells me these are the same folks that made the Twilight movies and Maroon 5 so popular.

  30. “Would be amazing to have Brendon back! Dani would have a heart attack!!!”

    That’s exactly what “I” predict is going to happen. LOL. I knew Dani screwed up but aligining herself with this intellectual stump had to be the WORST MOVE of her season thus far–and turning on the vets was already a DUMB move. LOL.

    I love it.

  31. This move is either good or bad depending on Americas Vote. If it turns out what it looks like to be they could be trading Lawon in for Dom. Even if Cassi comes in if Dani plays her cards right she can get Cassi on her side since Cassi would want the vets out then take Dani out later.

  32. I think Dominic will get the most votes but I will be very surprised if he comes back. CBS and AG know that they will have better ratings with Brendon. If he comes back then I know the show is rigged – well I know already but just saying…

    1. LOL, love this tactic. If what I want to happen doesn’t happen then the show is rigged. Uh, okay… essentially another version of: If I don’t get my way then I’m going to cry and pout about it.

    2. I don’t suspect CBS is stupid enough to rig this vote.

      People who are voting by phone are paying to vote because they are under the impression that their vote will make a difference in the outcome…that is what they are being “sold” or led to believe. Taking their money and then rigging the vote is fraud.

        1. I’ve voted for Brendon to come back 10 times on every email account I could make from multiple IP addys. This site is like the CNN of BB and there are others that are the FOX News version of BB. Just because this site is flooded with LDK supporters doesn’t mean that’s the fan base. Other polls on other sites have a leading JJBR fan base. Its gonna be CLOSE! Too close for comfort. I hate brendon, but I like trashy drama in my BB. How funny would it be if Lawon beat brendon. I would laugh my ass off.

      1. From the CBS website – terms and conditions for voting…

        6. Conditions for Voting: Administrators reserve the right to disqualify, block or remove any votes from any individual who votes by any electronic, mechanical or automated means, or otherwise tampers with the Program, or for any other reason, as determined by Administrators in their sole discretion.

        1. Isn’t it always the “fine print” which does in most people?

          Conclusion: CBS will set the BB Table.

          I wonder how the VETS from this BB would do on a BB All-Star?
          Probably not well at all, which is why CBS came up with this lame season
          combo of Vets and Newbies.
          CBS has got a lot of love for their PR darlings, J/J. Gag!

        2. “any other reason” does not include intentionally fixing the contest.

          It is advertised as a contest with the intent being that a person believes their vote will have an effect on the outcome.
          They are charging for this.
          When you vote by phone, do you have to read or accept those T’s&C’s? I don’t think so.

          You can’t just put stuff in the fine print that is illegal and call it good.

          It would be like a manufacturer selling bottles of apple juice that are clearly labelled 100% apple juice and then randomly substituting piss and saying “well we had that in the Terms and Conditions” on our website.

    3. I would say that once that the POV meeting is aired, there will be a bump in the voting in Brendons favor if only for the drama it will create between Brenchel and Kalia/Dani. Dani will ABSOLUTELY HAVE to win HOH or she is gone.

    4. Since the person evicted and the winner of the vote compete, I’ve been absolutely dying to see Rachel evicted and put up against Brendon to win their way back into the house.

  33. **** CAN WE PLEEEEEASE SEE A PICTURE OF DANI’S FACE???**** I’m sure she wants to MURDER Kahlia!!! They had the numbers… I just DONT UNDERSTAND!!! Poor Dick, I can’t wait to see his show tonight. Bless his myocardial infarction prone heart.

  34. I want Brendon to come back so bad to see the look on Dani’s face, LMAO! To think I was rooting for her in the beginning and on her previous season, now I hate her.

  35. ” (D/P/A vote to evict Rachel, J/JS vote to evict Lawon), she could stilll break the tie and evict Rachel.”

    Nope, Adam is in the JJR bag. You oinly need remember who’ was Adam’s biggest BB rush coming into the game?

    Rachel. He’ voting for het to stay. Shelley is already working him good AND ALL Rachoe has got to do is kinda give him some attention and that vote is SEALED..

  36. this why the got kalia to switch up everything, they know Dom is being brought back in an they knew Racho could beat him with ease… it makes the most sense.

  37. Dumbest move ever Kalia! I cannot believe how she was swayed so easily! Although I’m team JJ, so this is great for them. Not a huge Rachel fan, but the live show is gonna be hilarious! I kinda hope Brendon comes back just to see Dani’s face. Come on Thursday, this is gonna be great! I WAS bored with this season, but not now, thanks Kalia! If Cassi comes back, I think she would go with JJ!

  38. I have lost faith i’n this game completely it’s absolutely ludicrous how khalif dani are playing it’s absolutely surreal jordon and jeff bullying seems to work if brendon comes back then bullying and tough guy tactics prevail

      1. And so is coconut…there are many ways to eat it and you can drink the water, which is nutritious, refreshing and delicious. Poor Jordan doesn’t like either…she says she’s a picky eater but she should try them, she may like at least one of the ….I would think anything is better than slop….I should trade places with her….I love catfish AND coconut and hate pickles (which she likes)

  39. This is a terrible move anyway you want to put a spin on it. It is less terrible if Dom comes back but essentially this is just a wasted HOH and can get actually worse if Cassi or Brenda come back which is just as likely even more likely to happen. Spin it all you want this was one of the dumbest moves in BB history by Kalia and just proves that Dani is no Eval Dick and that she did ride his coat tails to the final in season 8

  40. What a waste of space…can’t wait to see him go. He’s totally clue-less. Does he really think that his “ACT” is believable. Why doesn’t he know that Kalia’s told everything to Shelly and she’s told everything to the other’s. He totally missed that conversation. No one other than Dani and Kalia have EVER really spoken game with Lawon so why does he think it’s going to happen now that he’s on the block. Go on the block to get the “inside scoop”. Dumb dumber dumest. Soooo stupid makes me wanna Hollah!

  41. I have been a BB fan since season one. Anyone who knows BB knows that there are playmakers and there are just players. Having said that bringing Dom back is useless, he was only there to be a player. Now bring Cassie back you got a playmaker, ’cause Cassie was not liked by Rachel of Danielle. Bring Cassie back and this just might force Dani and Rachel to work together. That’s a playmaker!

  42. Are these newbies for real???? First they throw POV competitions while on the block (Keith & Dom) and now Lawon volunteers to go up on the block?? It’s entertainingly sad watching them play this game.

  43. Here’s my take on this season: First of all Dani is a dumbass for making that move so quickly. Up until then I was rooting for her to win but making a careless mistake like that cost her the game and my vote if she somehow makes it to the final 2—which is not likely after aligning herself with dumbass Kahlia who I also was rooting for in the beginning. Being a writer and a huge fan of the show you would think that she would make smart moves but so far all she has done is climb further up Dani’s bony ass.

    Dani’s big mistake is aligning with weak-minded people just like her father said—if she was going to align with Dom she should have waited a while before making it obvious that they were in an alliance. Speaking of Dom if he does come back I doubt he will be reunited with Dani if J/J/S/R get HOH Thursday, because they are most likely going to put up Dani and Porsche—putting up Kahlia and Dani at the same time is a bad move Imo (better to backdoor Kahlia)

    But anywho next on my hit list is Porsche who I couldn’t stand from day one…she’s almost the equivalent to Regan and Britney, the way she flip flops. Sometimes I am at lost of who has the biggest brown nose in the house…first it was Porsche with Rach and now she’s moved on to Dani and Kahlia. But no I think Kahlia takes the cake of brown nosing but Shelly is the queen of it. Ugh I can’t stand Shelly and I hope she goes after D/K/P and in that order.

    Adam and Lawon are not even on my radar. They’re gameplay is as good as Enzo and Kathy from BB12 and which is not saying much.

    Cassi and black dude? forgot his name sorry…can stay wherever the hell they are because let’s face it they were boring. Cassi is a sweet girl and all but let’s be real…she was only there to be eye-candy and the drama for Rachel like with Hayden’s girl last season (forgot her name too).

    I love J/J in their season but I don’t want Jordan to win again. Sorry. She’s a sweet heart but she won the 500,000 before and I don’t care whether she plays a good clean game or not…its not fair and Jeff needs to be knocked down a peg or two. He’s become too much like Brendon these days and that’s a scary thought. I also don’t think he should be in the final 2 because he got 10,000 already.

    And now to the most entertaining ppl of the season…Brenchel. I am not a fan of catty, immature, and manipulative people but you have to admit they kind of make this season and they totally made last season. The cast these past couple of seasons have been boring and Brenchel just makes it fun and let’s face it, America loves watching ppl we love to hate and if you put aside the cattiness, the immaturity, and the melodrama that they bring…they are actually really good players (competition wise) and I would love for one of them to be in the final 3 just to see how well they do but I don’t think either of them would win final 2 if they were next to JeJo or Dani.

    And I don’t really get all the hating and bashing you guys do when its just TV. I’m pretty sure they don’t act like that in real life…well maybe Rachel does but when the stakes are so high in this game and no one can really be trusted…you’re bound to lose it…even sweet ol innocent Jordan lost it for a minute there. So stop judging (because you aren’t actually there with them) and just watch and enjoy the show.

    And at this point as long as none of DDAA (Dani’s dumbass army) get to the final 2, I’m happy.

    1. Can’t believe I just read all of that but yeah you’re right. Jeff def needs to be knocked down a peg or two and Dani messed up big time esp w/ aligning herself with the likes of Kahlia and Porsche. But if Dom comes back and she takes herself off the block w/ Veto assuming that J/J win HOH next week then I’m confident that Dani will strike back and win this thing.

  44. I’m blaming Kalia for Kalia’s downfall. This is what the JJ Crazy Fans can’t fathom for some reason. I don’t know if they want to fight or if they really are that dumb. Has nothing to do with Dani, Dani won POV and HOH in her season and won HOH here already and would have won it twice but gave it to Rachel. If Dani is on the block Dani wins POV. Do you really believe that Kalia’s ass is going to win POV? Really? Honestly?

    1. Actually, Jeff wins the HOH next week and POV twice. IT’s no brainer. Dani will be on the block and stay there. Len ask you about joining team JJ. Okay. Welcome to team JJ Len

  45. Why does everyone just assume that if Dom comes back he will play with Dani? The last couple days he was there, he threw her under the bus and literally as he was walking out the door, he told Lawon to NEVER trust her. Same deal with Cassi…she’s not guaranteed to come back to Shelly, esp since she never did anything in the first place, other than sit around and piss off Rachel. And if the HGs that are there are smart (which they’ve proven they’re not), they’ll turn around and vote out whoever comes back in…unless, of course, it is ne-an-der-TALLLLL and JJR get HOH.

    1. Sadly, the only one guaranteed to come back and make it interesting is Keith, because he wasn’t even there long enough for anyone to know what the HELL he would do….but we allllllll know that won’t happen

  46. Kalia is an idiot. Why is she so afraid of Jeff? He hasn’t won any HOH competitons. kalia left Jeff bully her, she should have nominated Jordan if she wanted Rachel out of the house. kalia is a wimp!

    1. I agree BBfan. Kalia was praising herself for being so intelligent and then does such a dumb ass dingle berry move?

  47. I dont like rachel or brendon but every VOTE BRENDON.. because i rather watch those two entertaining competitors than this group of stupid useless newbies who do nothing…… GO TEAM JJ

  48. LOL at those that think Jordan and Jeff get a “favorable” portrayal. I was a Dani fan until I started checking out this site more. Dani is so lame, she got to coast for four weeks because of who her daddy is. She got every advantage and didn’t have to compete at all, would love to see all this blow up in her face all over those gigantic teeth. And LOL at those whining about “bullies”, bunch of simpering pathetic crybabies, it’s a game. Here’s to the villains! Vote for Brendon and keep the New Kid on the Block Dom out of the house. More drama, more horrible “mean” people!

    On a side note I hope it’s Jeff and Dani at the end and the final competition is just trading punches to the face until somebody drops.

    1. while Dani did get a free pass, she lost her partner, the strongest person in the game in Evel Dick and she became the 5th wheel in her alliance of two unbreakable partnerships and her.
      I think if you asked her, she would have rather had Dick (no pun intended) than the golden key.

  49. Shelly is playing all sides of the house, but its obvious shes aligned with JJR for real.
    Can’t wait to see Lawon walk out the door!

    BRING BACK BRENDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Ill bet money Dom gets voted back in that’s why productions had kalia switch up, because her actually listening to a word Shelly says, is suspicious

  51. I hope Brendan comes back in, and he realizes what a train wreck Rachel is and then the next time he goes up on the block he lets Rachel go into jury. He is the stronger player, plus he can keep it together mentally. Brendon and Rachel are not bad people they were probably bullied when they were in school. Now they want to fight back.

  52. Anymore mentions of Justin Beiber or Casey Anthony will be sent packin’. or so I say and well my say means nothing but it’s fun.

  53. If Brendon comes back, everything will be as it was in the beginning. The vets will start picking off the newbies one by one and we’d have to watch Brendon and Rachel do the goo-goo gah-gah thing in the meantime. WE’VE ALREADY SEEN THE BRENDON AND RACHEL SHOW!!!! Please bring back DOMINIC to stir things up. Enough of Brenchel, eeeeeeeeeewwwwwhhhhh!!

  54. Please someone help me understand.
    If Lawson is a pawn…..Rachel the real target

    Why is everyone acting suprised that Lawson was the replacement nom
    or that
    He offered himself up

    The goal is getting Rachel out. I do understand they plan to backdoor Lawson,

    I just to not understand why the HG’s are acting the way they are

    It seems like their actions are drawing more attention that things are not on the up and up..

    I truely would appreciate someone helping me understand……..Thanks

  55. Something seems really fishy about Kalia flipping the script on Dani like that and was downright adament with it, too. Like…no compromise whatsoever. Either she really is this dumb or (conspiracy theory lol) those in the DR had a nice chat with her.

  56. I am in total shock by the stupidity in this season. Shelly looks like she’s a good manipulator, but she isn’t. It’s just the fact that the newbies are even dumber than Shelly. Seriously, one of us in there listening to Shelly’s reasoning, we would crack up right in front of her. Kalia is obviously gonna go down as the biggest idiot in BB history.

    Those saying Dom hasn’t done shit? Well pretty much all the other evicted newbies did literally nothing. Keith screwed himself and his alliance by calling out Kalia, which made him lose her vote. Cassie was too nice to campaign against Shelly even though the Snake sealed Cassie’s fate by betraying the newbies. Dom on the other hand took Dani away from the vets, won PoV to save his ass from the block. Yes, Dom hasn’t done as much, but the guy wa sin there for 3 weeks and on the block 2 weeks in a row.

    I honestly don’t wanna see Brendon back because I am sick and tired of the 90210 drama bullshit that’s always happening between them. CBS waste like 10 mins of air time just to show those 2 cuddle, cry, bitch, cry, bitch, scream…

    I pray to God america votes Dom back in. Like some of you said, if Cassie comes back she’ll probably get evicted in no time. Keith is just wrong for the show. If Brendon came back then the newbies and Dani will just get picked off one by one and the season will be lame. If Dom comes back, at least it keeps things interesting.

  57. Who are all these retards that wanna see skypeman come back to whine and stroke Psycho’s ego and tell her all type of total bullshit feeding her delusions?????????

  58. What an idiot, who ever cast both Kalia & Lawon need to get fired!!! Nonetheless, it’s all good for ratings!!! OMG!! this is going to be be either vets, Shelly & Adam with Cassi or Dani, Kalia, Porche & Dominic!! If production was to see rating’s go up, bring back Brenden…make it happen and you will get ratings!!!

  59. VOTE FOR BRENDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Drama on Thursday. Emotional drama on all levels. VOTE FOR BRENDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Imagine Dani’ face, Kalia’s face, even Rac. face, Shelly’s face etc when Brendon walks in.

    VOTE FOR BRENDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you want an entertaining Thursday. We need a dramatic game not an obvious game. you will see how Dani is going to get interesting and strategic.

    VOTE FOR BRENDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. A few scenarios.

    1) Brendon comes back Lawon goes home
    BR + JJAS alliance will fracture into 2 pieces when it happens depends on the HOH but it will most likely occur right away.

    2) Dom comes back Lawon Goes home
    JJRSA Vs DDKP for at least a week then the house will reorganize

    This coming week is going to be very exciting. What we’ve learned is this
    1) Kalia is very easily manipulated she thinks she’s smarter then she really is she’s dumb as shit in Big BRother, being played like a fiddle in this game and laughed at around the BB world.
    2) DANI is screwed again but if enough fighting happens around the house she might survive and sneak past
    3) Shelly is still playing a insane game if she’s not figured out his week I really don’t know if she ever will be and could win the game.

    there’s still a lot of game left and I’m confident regardless of who comes back it’ll be fun and we will all find a houseguest to cheer for

    1. Why would JJ and BR fracture, there are still alot of FLOATERS to get rid of before that happens plus Dani and Kalia will be target number 1 and 2 and then the FLOATERS(LOL), the alliance will fracture eventually that is a given but there is alot of common enemies and hate that needs to be revenged before they turn on each other

    2. The number of comments on this blog site has increased like CRAZY since the Dani/ JJBR split! I use to be 1 of 20-50 comments on a blog entry but now I’m having to skroll through pages of comments to see a replay – Drama is good for business, eh? :)

  61. Insecure+clueless+gullable+idiot=kalia I was never much of a kalia fan but I disliked rachel more than I disliked kalia so I was rooting 4 her but now after she just made 1 of the biggest mistakes in reality tv history, as much as brenchel makes me sick 2 my stomach I hope the neandrethal(brendon) comes back and wipes kalias stupid ass out and dani bc she was stupid enough 2 align herself with such a dumb ass. We have just seen what happens first hand when somedody wants someone 2 like them. What a insecure idiot. Maybe next time she should try liking herself.

  62. If it weren’t for this twist, this would be the stupidest game move ever (never put up your ally, it takes one of your votes away), but as it stands right now RJJS think they’ve won some grand prize by keeping Rachel safe this week (gloating over their sheer genius) when in reality all it’s going to do is trade Lawon for PT which will strengthen Team Dani (dani, dom, kalia, porsche vs jeff, jordan, rachel, shelly with adam floating in the middle). At the end of the day Team Dani still has control with Dom winning the evictee comp making him automatic HOH. Then they can go after Team Straight Shooter.

  63. Shelly doesn’t get all the credit for this coup. Some of it goes to Jeff for intimidating Kalia into this dumb, dumb dumb move. Kalia’s gone from egomanic to scared rabbit in 4 days. I hope Rachel can keep her mouth shut until Thursday so that the vote will come as a complete surprise to Kalia and Dani. Oh! and Lawon of course. The big question is how it will take for Porche to become the new HOH’s best friend.

  64. Come on people it’s a game… Shelly is not evil, she is just in it to win $$$ and she is pretty good at it… for now.

  65. I dont see how it would benefit adam to vote with the super alliance since he only a vote and jjs are the real alliance it would be better for him to jump ship and get shelly in trouble by blaming her for flipping

  66. Omg, of all the seasons I’ve been watching BB and following this site and the comments to the updates, I have to say that I’m smiling at how much more game strategy I’m seeing talked about in posts here lately, not to mention the actual game changes sparking these comments. I don’t even care at this point whose side anyone’s on nearly as much as I care about how things are finally starting to mix up now:) That said, though, I still have to be hyprocritical and say that the one single hope I”m still clinging to strongly is not that any particular player wins, but that Rachel doesn’t. Not good of me, I know, it’s not healthy to loathe any BB houseguest this much, but I do… I loathe Rachel on just about every level a person can be loathed on, and hey, it is what it is. I just think that if Rachel even makes it into the top four, and if GOD FORBID, she actually won, Big Brother would enter into the dangerous ‘Jersey Shore’ kind of waters.

    On another note, Dom got my ten votes, after giving me a shitload of trouble with typing in the validation code, whose L’s looked like sevens and kept refusing my vote for ‘validation failures’. For a second there, I got paranoid and was convinced that once I clicked on Dom, the validation code automatically tried to mess me up, but in the long run, that wasn’t the case.

    Anyway, I’m just happy to see some game here, even if it doesn’t go my way:)

  67. There is no rigging. No matter how much people don’t like brenchel they actually do like brendon. People think it was stupid to leave her in and take himself out. So he will have the votes. I said it last night. Lawon is out bremdon is in. Dom was useless. Even if he does come back he’d be out quickly after dani. People do like the vets. Shelly is a goner when brendon comes back in. Jj will realize taking her to the end would ensure her the money. Dani’s days are numbered.

  68. I waited to vote until today because i wanted to see what happened with nominations. Given Kalia’s terrible move i decided to give all of my votes to Brenda. I don’t even like Brenda and Rachel but anyone stupid enough to put up lawon in this situation deserves to deal with consequences. It would make for great TV if lawon gets voted out and Brenda beats him and comes back. I dont understand how not one person in the house considered the possibility that someone else besides the evicted house guest may come back. Vote Brenda !

    1. I wish i would have waited also i gave my votes to Cassi but i had no idea Kalia/Dani would make such a bonehead move and now i want to vote for Brenda as well just because Kalia and Dani are too stupid and desreve to get buried in this game…

  69. Well… All I can hope for is Dom to come back in the house. Then Adam would return to the Newbies and they will have 5-4 advantage (APKDD) VS (JJRS). Hopefully this time around the Newbie will realize that THEY have the power and has had it all along. Just stick to the plan and evict the Vets. Shelly would have to be considered a “Converted Vet” and shown the door, because none of the newbies at the point has a chance to win against her.
    This is so annoying. Does Kalia needs friends that bad?????? I mean, come on with a 1/2mil you can buy some new friends if you wanted to !!!!! j/k :)

  70. I’ve noticed that the comments to the newer and newer updates are growing at one hell of a great rate of speed here lately, and love it:) However, I hope that the contributions to this site are growing, too. I swear, I”m not affiliated with Simon and Dawg in any way, shape or form other than being a fan of this site like everyone else. I’m honestly just hoping that the growing numbers of folks loving this site lately will donate a little if they can.

  71. Honestly I think this season of BB is one of the best I have seen….Other seasons you knew where everyone was going with there votes, Seriously you have no idea from day to day where anyone is going with the game….
    (DOM give Dani and Kalia a chance to get back in game)
    Honestly I would love to see Cassi to come back cause her and Rachel hate hate each other..Then it would force Rachel to stoop down to Dani and Kalia cause she would feel left out if Cassi came back Shelly, Jordan and her are buddies..That would cause some madness just be funny!!!
    (Porsche nah she doesn’t matter)

  72. Did you hear that Kalia’s aunt had a heart attack……Her Aunt was a BB fanatic and saw her niece making the biggest blunder in BB history!!! 2nd was Dom throwing the veto!!! Where did they get these moroons!!!

  73. If Brendon comes back into the house it’s because you morons voted him back in!!! It has nothing to do with Production. How can any of you enjoy watching Brendon or Rachel???

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