Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia & Dani talk about how and when they’re going to tell the others they are keeping Rachel..

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1:40pm Kalia and Dani continue to talk about the nominations. Dani tell Kalia that if anyone asks she just needs to tell them that she was tired of making enemies and that Lawon was the only one that was okay with going up. They talk about making a deal with Rachel. Dani says that she is worried that Rachel will tell Jeff and Jordan …then she will tell Shelly …its just better if no one knows. They talk about how its interesting that Rachel thinks she has Shelly. Dani says that she thinks that Rachel just thinks Shelly is on the fence and that it would be easier to push her over. Dani says that we need to figure out when to tell everyone that we are keeping Rachel. Kalia says that Porsche already knows… They discuss how no one can know about the deal they have to keep Rachel. They talk about how they will say that they are keeping Rachel because this week someone is coming back and they can’t take the risk of her being mad at them. Dani says that we need to make them feel benefited because we are the ones benefiting. Kalia says how do I convince Shelly to vote out Lawon when she hates Rachel.

Dani says that everyone is going to try and cop a deal with Rachel if they know she is staying for sure. Kalia and Dani discuss how they will tell people they are keeping Rachel. They say that they will make a deal with Rachel first and tell her that if she talks to anyone …they will call a house meeting and tell everyone she is a liar …it won’t be hard to convince everyone ..since no one trusts her… and she will get voted out. Kalia asks what kind of deals could other people make with her anyways. Kalia says that everyone now thinks that by not putting up Jordan or Adam …they know we have a deal to keep Rachel. Dani heads down stairs to sleep and tells Kalia that if anyone comes up to talk to her …just fake that you’re sleeping.. Dani heads down to the candy room to sleep.

2pm – 2:50pm Shelly, Adam, Jeff and Lawon are talking about the missing items in the house. Shelly says that she is convinced that someone is making money on the things they haven’t found and that’s not right …we need to find that stuff.. it has to be here somewhere! Shelly asks Lawon if he hid the stuff… you wouldn’t lie to a mother would you?! Lawon says nope! I learned a lesson to day ..don’t play with emotions …sometimes you have to though.. Lawon starts talking about how he is good now … that he just got really nervous about being on the block. Shelly and Lawon are relaxing in and by the pool. Adam is in the hot tub. Jordan joins them in the backyard. Shelly starts talking about the guy she goes to for tailored suits. Shelly talks about everywhere she flies for work. Shelly talks about how her company once paid $10,000 for her to fly to China because it was last minute. Jordan and Jeff talk about the amazing race… Jeff says that Jordan ran up to the counter telling them they needed two tickets to China. Jeff says that they needed tickets for Chile .. Jeff says it was our first leg …yeah we’re gonna do great! They all laugh. They continue to talk about the amazing race. Jeff says that they took their clocks out of their room and that they had to wake themselves up or they would start without them. They continue to talk about Amazing Race and Big Brother. The conversation changes to talking about sports and other random things…
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2:55pm – 3pm Jordan and Adam talk about how Lawon is surprised he went up but that he really volunteered. Adam wonders if he just really wanted more air time and so that’s why he volunteered. Rachel joins them in the backyard and the conversation ends. Adam heads inside to take a nap. Jordan, Rachel and Shelly are doing their laundry. Inside Adam and Jeff talk about how they don’t understand what the benefit was for Lawon to volunteer to go up. Adam says its a strange world! Jeff tells Adam that they (Dani & Kalia) just BLANK themselves. Adam says oh well. Jeff says have a good one! Out in the backyard, Rachel, Lawon and Shelly are relaxing. Jeff and Jordan are making something to eat in the kitchen.

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Okay Kaila, Get rid of Rachel is smart thing. Next week, Team JJASC will control the house and Jeff definitely win HOH next week and Win POV twice and the nomination stay the same. Dani vs Kaila on the block and Dani get evicted, Eval Dick is not to proud of Dani’s basic Strategy. Dani should listen to her dad.


Yup. Dani has no idea how to play without dad.should have waited til final 6 or 7 to make a move. Dick rules…dani is dumb. Brendon or cassi come back and its over.

cruddy's bitch

How would she. Know what Dick was saying outside the house?


Vote Dom you idiots, level the playing field..& for Rachel fans, you wouldn’t want to upset her.. she always says she wants competition if Dom comes back in she’ll have it!


lol i like how call them idiots


i like how you no know how make sentence.. & you wonder why I call ’em that 😉


dom is a fool, all he did was cry about how everyone ruined his game, instead of laying in bed with the girl with bad tattoos he should have worked the house…….

Tickling the Berries



i no vote dom


Gail, Dom. should of that about all of that before he decided to stay in bed all day, or stay up Dani’s a$$ all day and night!! So the only one that is an idiot is Domi. and the ones that ones that want him back in


“We need to figure out when to tell everyone we’re keeping Rachel”

Uh….everyone else is on Rachel’s side fools!

UGH THEY ARE SO DISAPPOINTING! I can’t stand any of the players this season. Shouts out to Shelly for changing the game and making Kalia’s HOH a bust. She’s def playing a game.

America..please bring Dom back so I can have someone to root for. Please please PLEASE.


I Agree! Only Dom coming back could clean this horrible mess Kalia created. Why did Dani let her go through with this dumb plan? Could she be just as retarded as Kalia?


Dani tried time and time again to convince her not to go this route, but Kalia was sure this was the better move. Cowardice ruled the day and Kalia as HOH had her way and Dani couldn’t push too hard, she didn’t want to end up on the block. Yeah, CBS screwed up because when a vet wanted to flip there is no one worth a damn to work with. And Kalia, you were earning so much respect till this mental meltdown. Its baffling, its like you were possessed with the brain of Jordan for a day. Lawon might be the only thing saving you from making the dumbest move of the season, but if you combine the two for an alliance move, then this is the dumbest alliance move of all time. Dani needs help or she’s gonna be spending the rest of the summer in the jury house.


That is where she belongs…….she even bad mouths her own father who got her where she landed last season…… She did ‘Dum Dom’ wrong thinking she was so clever……. Some of the Vets really liked him until they realized what was up with their alliance….her timing is so off……………..and then ‘Dum Dom’ came down………. Those of you that want him back for what you think will be better ‘game’ play……..please explain what he ever did to make you think he has game’…………. hmmmmm … =^..^=


Im hoping Rachel doesnt actually keep this deal that Kalia and Dani are proposing. It’s in her best interest to stick with Jeff and Jordan, especially now since Brendon has a chance of coming back. Gosh, I loooove this game!


Excuse my French but ……WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
In what universe is the possible reunion of B & R on national TV, a good thing? Watching these two narcissistic, codependent whack jobs is like Chinese (no racial innuendos) water torture. Anyone who is even remotely interested in having these two back in the house, must be a glutton for punishment.


my gosh, i will quit watching if brendan comes back into the bb house. i want rachel GONE. i cannot stand her. just the thought of hearing her and brendan rejoice while they run around and tell everyone what amazing players they are, makes me want to drive to the bb house and bust in the door and BLANK slap somebody.
people PLEASE do NOT vote brendan back in the game. ugh.
i was rooting for jeff and jordan, but idk what’s up with them now. they’re acting like kids just like B&R
if rachel doesn’t win she cries. then her and brendan fight then they ew make up
jeff and jordan just kinda lay around and don’t do anything. jordan is starting to act like amber, crying all the time
im siding with dani….just not kalia dumb a$$


She won’t. Rachel is out for Dani…the secondary to her. No one gets between her man and her you see. Lol. Should be a crazy Thursday either way.




Kalia and Dani are really dumb. Everyone knows that Lawon volunteered. They are gonna try to call her a liar at a house meeting when everyone already knows they’d be the ones lying cuz they all know the plan. They screwed themselves. Bye Lawon, good luck playing which ever old HG comes back. Hope Brendan comes back.


Is this a joke? I am a Rachel fan, so I am just in complete awe that it appears she is safe with everyone in the house. Just the fear of her coming back after being evicted has gotten so many people scared. And to think, I was so scared after the HOH comp that she was going home. Dude, are Kalia and Dani both dumb, or is it just Kalia?


Looks like lawn will be voted out unanimously


OMFG!!! You see how they are acting cause they think they have the power. For some reason things dont work out the way they want, its back to playing the victim. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!

Dis Ain't Rocket Science Yo

Kalia says how do I convince Shelly to vote out Lawon when she hates Rachel.



Hilarious! I can’t believe how good Shelly is, oops I mean, I can’t believe how dumb these ppl are to not see through her!

A Nono Moose

Thank you for voting!


Share With Your Friends
I just voted for Cassi to come back into the game!


I just don’t get it. Kalia can’t be this stupid. Trust me, I have watched almost every season to its entirety. I have never seen someone make such a dumb ass move then blame it on wanting the enemy to like me. Huh? This baffles my mind. Can she not hear the whole house laughing at her? They all are really convinced the person walking out is going stand by the doors and wait for production to say “go out and talk with Julie but leave your stuff .” OMG kalia you’re an idiot. By idiot I mean top5 dumbest moves EVER!! WHO PUTS UP MEMBERS FROM YOUR OWN ALLIANCE? Someone you said you would be at the end at that? Sigh sigh sighs…. I hated Shelly but I think my respect for her game as ranked her #1 past my old favorite Dani.. I’m still team Dani… kalia I hope you watch how stupid you are when Julie ask you, “according to the nation, how do you feel when your move is percieved as the dumbest move in BB history?”


This reminds me of I believe season 8 when I can’t think of his name but ED called him Princess volunteered to go up as a replacement for Dani when Dick to be the one took her off the block with his veto. He wanted to be the one to send Dick home and he was sent home. Stupid, Stupid move, but I love it!!!!

Big Jeff

His name was Dustin…..and ya that was pretty stupid but the reason Dick stayed was because of America’s player eric. America voted for him to keep Dick or else Dick would have been evicted. I know Dick was a good player but his greatness is slightly overrated because he would not have made it as far as he did if not for America’s voting. He owes a lot of credit to CBS for how they edited the show to give him a favorable image despite his antics. By the way, since this if my first post but have followed this website for the last three seasons, I just wanted to thank Simon and Dawg for all of their hard work. Keep it up guys. Oh and jeff is my name, not pulling at all for JJ.



Midwest Fan

Shelly talks about being an “Outdoors Industry Executive.”

Does she work for a Billboard Company?
Billboard Corporations are usually listed as “Outdoors Industries.”


I believe that it’s more along the lines of hunting/camping gear.

Midwest Fan

I mentioned her job listing to a friend and he said that most “Outdoor Industries” are
classified as Billboard Corporations.
I wondered if she was lying about her job?
Who knows for sure?
She sure doesn’t come across as a “Corporate Executive.”
She is s smoking joke.


OH!! Is that Brendon catching up to Dominic and Cassi in the polls?


GO BRENDON! <3 I hope he comes back.


It’s going to be a sickening week to watch J/J/R gloating. They will be back to their sense of entitlement ways and add to that Brendon re-emerging on the scene and we’ll have a fresh new level of hell to watch.

On a side note, I wonder if dumb Jeff is aware that there is a wake-up call offered by almost every hotel I’ve ever stayed in,so clock or no clock you never have to oversleep.


Yeah genius, and the front desk has no idea? U need a wake up call


Wow Dani and Kalia are making the worst move in BB history even worse, the only positive to come out of this was that Shelly and Adam were going to be exposed and now that is not even going to happen. Shelly will remain undetected to continue her mind games, this truly is the turning point in this game. Any deal they strike with Rachel wont be honoured cause Rachel knows she has the votes with or without Kalia and Dani. Rachel should just play it cool and pretend to make a deal and then show them how the game should be played and throw them under the bus if she wins HOH…


Trust that I will stop watching the rest of this season if Julie announces that Brendon won America’s vote. Yes, I’m serious. I will be that furious. Unlike the HGs, I do keep my word. We all know that BR are the most hated HGs and Brendon does not deserve to come back, especially after all the bullshit he’s pulled this season. BRJJ’s behavior has been dispicable and they deserve to walk out the door and stay out. I refuse to watch the BRJJ show for the rest of the season. I will find something else to watch on tv then tune in when BB14 starts. If Dom or Cassie get voted back in, I will watch the rest of the season in hopes that Team Dani pulls out the win with the bullies getting what they deserve.


Who cares is you watch it any longer. You are only one household.


Yep, who cares.

Floata Hata

Goodbye cruel BB


For every one that voices their opinion that way, you can bet there are probably 100 more that feel the same way but don’t say anything. BB will do what they feel is best for ratings. CBS has to know that they could stand to lose the interest of the Dani fans so bringing Brendan back isn’t in their best interest to keep that demographic. Besides, they know the real drama is with Rachel. She’s always a mood swing away from Vegas Rachel. So I don’t see them risking losing viewers over bringing Brendan back. Had it been Rachel leaving, I could see them bringing him back, but otherwise it really makes no sense. Sorry Brenchel fans, but there is a growing groundswell of fans that are just over the whole Brenchel thing. Its no longer amusing, its just tired and pathetic.


Gonna laugh when he walks in the door,can’t wait to read your lame excuse then,better back peddle fast,now it sounds like you have Jordans brain,sorry meant Kahlia’s!!!!!!!!!


I was hoping The Discovery Channel would start a new season of ‘The Colony’. That’s usually what I watch when I cut out on a BB season. It’s a mix between Survivor and Big Brother but without all the staged drama.


I’d rather watch a show full of nothing but commercials than watch the BRJJ show the rest of the season… And I hate, hate, hate commercials.

I kept meaning to watch The Colony but kept forgetting what day and channel it came on.

I watched the last season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, until they brought back Speidi (against the wishes of the contestants and viewers). That was it for me, I didn’t watch it anymore. Although I loved Lou and Salley, I hated Speidi more. I feel the same way about BB and the BRJJ show this year.


We are on the same page. I record almost every show I watch so I can FF thru commercials. I won’t watch the B/R and J/J lovefest either. I wish BB would reach back to the older seasons when it seems the unknown and true game play defined the season instead of this ragtag knock off of ABC’s Bachelor Pad’ they’re showing us this year.


Me 2 BB4ME: We are on the same page. I record almost every show I watch so I can FF thru commercials. I won’t watch the B/R and Dani/DOM lovefest either. I wish BB would reach back to the older seasons when it seems the unknown and true game play defined the season instead of this ragtag knock off of ABC’s Bachelor Pad’ they’re showing us this year.

I was thought about that one. Jeff and Jordan much better than Dani/DOM. Thanks BB4ME.


ACA i’m not understanding your comments. you flood us with soo many and they’re really strange


simon – you are not the only one. I log off for a while and come back to find where I left off and crazy town there keeps posting to me. I don’t know if I should laugh or sleep with one eye open. hahaha I think whenever someone posts that they like someone other then J&J, crazy town decides to try and use reverse psychology and repost them as being JJ fans.


Awesome DEAnNE1233: I’d rather watch a show full of nothing but commercials than watch the DKPL show the rest of the season… And I hate, hate, hate commercials.

I kept meaning to watch The Colony but kept forgetting what day and channel it came on.

I watched the last season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, until they brought back Speidi (against the wishes of the contestants and viewers). That was it for me, I didn’t watch it anymore. Although I loved Lou and Salley, I hated Speidi more. I feel the same way about Dani and Kaila show this year.
I totally agreed with you Rather watch commericals than DKPL. That messed up. I agreed with you on that one. Team JJ is supporting you 2.


You, are a sock puppet. Sad.


Actually it goes way beyond sad.

Bring back Brendan, he can resume his secret Nut 2 Butt alliance with Jeff. They can take turns backdooring each other.




Giggled like a school girl at that one, not even gonna lie! LOL


Oh Great… Now who’s gonna pay for the labotomy I need to get that picture outta my head??


There’s a new thing out called a tv remote….use it and quit your whining………..Team Dani sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am sure u not watching will bankrupt the show. 7 million ppl watch. Stop watching now


Unless the show gets rigged by production, there’s no way that Brendon will get voted back in.


You will be the only one who stops watching. Go watch the Oprah channel.


Then so be it. And no thank you.


You can’t be watching the same show as I am………… If Brendon comes back then that means that we voted him back or Production thought he should come back…….either way who cares………at least there will be game…………The newbies except for Shelly haven’t brought much to this season………. boring….. boring that is until Shelly started her own campaign……………… I think she was laughing so hard in that one picture due to being in shock that Kalia was going for her bull………. loved it!!!! dan-yell is all talk……….can’t wait to see the shock and tears in her cold eyes when it all hits the fan ……… She’s had so much to say about Rachel………. conveniently forgetting that she Dan-yell started it all by breaking her alliance with the ‘oldies but goodies……….. Yeah the OWN network would work out better for you………… say hi to Oprah………………………… =^..^=


I so agree!!! If brendon and rachel are reunited I will def stop swatching BB…


U can never get too high or too low in this game. Just a few days back D&K held the power but w/ the possibility of keeping Rachel & possibly losing Lawon & gaining Brendan would really suck 4 them! I can’t imagine the look of horror on their faces if it plays out that way. Rachel would instantly turn back into being a cocky player… I guarantee


So, basically, Shelly admits to Kalia that she is in a 5 person alliance with Jeff, Jordan, Rachael, and Adam, and if she puts up Porche, then she AND Dani would be protected. This would be a 7 person alliance in a 8 person game. Kalia calls Shelly’s plan BRILLIANT!!

This confirms that Kalia is the dumbest lifeform in the universe. Oh, but wait, enter Lawon to compete for the title. Kalia didn’t want to put up Jordan who has already won 500G. She didn’t want to make anymore enemies? Well, now the whole world hates you. Good Job.


What a bone-head K is. Seriously, someone’s clearly been dinking the kool-aid! K & L deserve to get the boot after their moronic actions.


This was my thought listening to Shelly’s plan. Kalia, she is TELLING YOU that she is in an alliance with Jeff, Jordan and Adam for sure with Rachel on their side too. What in the world was Kalia thinking!?? That should have told Kalia right there where Shelly stands in the house AND where Adam stands. She should have put up Shelly or Rachel so that Jeff and Jordan had to choose to vote between Rachel or their newbie floaters that some how are ok even though JJ HATES floaters. It would have been fun to see JJ vote to keep Rachel but Rachel still leave and show Adam and Shelly where they stand in the pecking order. I have to admit though that Shelly is an evil genius.


I luv her


So dumb… the lot of them.

Scallywag in Canada

I am shaking my head in disbelieve at the stupidity of Kalia. She had the game by the balls and let go. Now I am looking forward to when she gets put on the block, and voted out and realizes what a dumbass she is being. Now I really hope Dom come back since Dani is so lacking in allies with at least half a brain.


The Snake aka The Hypocrite says to L: “you wouldn’t lie to a mother would you?” What a lovely example this woman has set for all mothers. She should write a book when she gets out and entitle it: “How To Justify Your Dispicable and Immoral Behaviour To Your Young, Impressionable Child And Delude Yourself Into Thinking Your Actions Are Those Of A Good Mom.”


I completely agree, DR!!! I’m a mother also and she makes me sick at the way she is acting. I am also a business woman just like her and have worked for major fortune 500 companies for the past 20+ years and she would NEVER, EVER last nor would they keep her job in the way that she is representing herself. I cannot stand her and hearing all this bs from the live feeds is making me SICK!!! I don’t think I will be watching BB next summer.. This has GOT to be the WORST season EVER!!


I’m with you there Laura! I’m a parent, as well as a teacher and it’s mothers like S who send mixed-up messages to their children and confuse the hell out of them. I don’t think I’ll be watching BB after this season either.


Shelly can no longer call herself a straight shooter after this week and have anyone in the house believe her. When this all blows up in Kalia’s face she will KNOW that Shelly was playing her. Also how can she keep saying she’s a straight shooter to Jeff and Jordan when they know she’s lying out the ass to Kalia right now? Do you think once the dust settles and they aren’t drunk on happiness that Rachel is staying they will start to question Shelly’s manipulation skills and stop trusting her? They all keep saying they don’t trust Shelly but actions speak louder than words and they all spill their guts to her and believe any line of bull she feeds them. It’s sort of amazing actually.


One can only hope Nena, that all of S’s lies blow up in her face, and sooner than later. I hope she gets called out in front of the whole house for all the lying, manipulating and betraying she’s done, while all the while professing to be a moral and upright mother who would never set a bad example for her daughter. Talk about hypocrisy!


I hope kids don’t watch this show, otherwise her daughter may have a real hard time at school. No kid needs to hear other kids calling your mom the names that they may end up calling her. I don’t feel bad for any flack that Scaley gets, but her daughter unfortunately may be the true victim of her lies.


BBXposed – I too hope S’s daughter doesn’t suffer from the fall-out of her mother’s selfish behaviour. If only S had thought about the consequences of her actions before she went in pursuit of “The Almighty Dollar”.


That is too funny! Shelly is so worried about being a bad influence on her daughter by lying, yet every time we see her she has a cigarette in her hand. What kind of influence is that on her kid?


Jacquelyn, I hear ya! Though I have less problems with her (chain) smoking, than I do with betrayal of “her friend” Cassi and, the high morals she professes to have, while in the same breath, lying and backstabbing everyone. Play the game, fine but, don’t lecture to others in the house about how your daughter means so much to you and how much of a straight shooter you are, when the reality is that you left your daughter for months in pursuit of the “Almighty Dollar” at all cost to any morals or values you may have had.


You people are to funny the whole point of this game is to lie and deceive people and Shelly is doing that brilliantly. I love how Shelly is playing this game and she is fastly becoming my favorite player in this game.

Scallywag in Canada

Does anyone else suspect this is a CBS way of making sure whoever is already out of the house gets back in since Lawon can’t win shit and it’s a given that the evicted house guest returns now?


I wish DK weren’t planning to keep Rachel. It would be much more entertaining seeing their faces if they thought they had the votes to keep Lawon.


I think its about time someone sends a banner to fly over the house and tell dani that shelly is on JJ side and is not a straight shooter!!!


I had this same thought!!! Someone needs to send a banner over that house and tell Dani that the STRAIGHT SHOOTER IS NOT SHOOTING STRAIGHT. Saboteur = Shelly. Tells everyone their business and is the MASTER MANIPULATOR!


Wait…can you really do that???


Yeah,it’s been attempted in earlier seasons but BB Production has been pretty good in keeping it from happening more often. BTW,All the HGs have talked about not trusting Shelly so it wouldn’t matter if it came from a banner or the voice of God, these people are not comprehending the obvious.


there is 2 things that are guarantees for big brother 13 they are
1) No one will figure shelly out no matter how big the lie is
2) jeff could kill a kitten on the feeds and his followers would still think he’s awesome



So true..they’d blame the kitten for being born!

Floata Hata

The kitten was probably rabid


Hope all vote go to Brendon, this will make the game . Cassie coming back will do nothing, she doesnt need the money, (she a top model). Dom will only be Dani lap dog. (she will be surprise that he a virgin) he doesnt really like her, after all it was her fault that he got kick out. Dani: Dom is not your type,So bring Brendon back so we can see the house go upside down. It will make good TV. Kalia you pick the wrong girl (dani) even evil dick said his daughter is playing stupid.


Models make crap.


I think its so funny how Kalia and Danny are the only ones in the house who are getting played and looking like fools….lol….Pay back is all I can say….

Kalia is a hottie

I am soooo confused. Is Kalua playing Dani too? They think they have a secret alliance with Rachel? Does Rachel know about this secret alliance?


LMFAO …… i almost peed my pants! They are definitely out to lunch.


missed basicly the last 2 days. please eplain this. what happend to kalia and daniele? was it shelly in kalias ear? or its just a dumb move? whats the idea behind this. im confused….

and now brendon has to come back. only one look at danis face would be woth it!


this is going to be a long night.. ugh

kathie from canada

… but you are such a trooper ;-)) Seriously you and dawg are the best!!


I swear Dani lets me down more and more everyday that she is in the house. Which is why I want Dom back in the house. I really hope Kalia is the next person gone. I can’t stand her idiotic strategy and she talks too freaking much. Let them keep Rachel in the game. They’ll be shocked when she turns the competitive switch up.

Oh yeah, and Lawon vs. C/D/B = automatic C/D/B win.


i sooo badly wish that dick was an option to vote back into the game.

Kalia is a hottie

I HATE Kalia. Thus, I stopped watching big brother. Curiosity caught me back in what I heard Lawon and Rachel are on the block. I’m soooo confused. Is Kalia lying to Dani about wanting “to keep Rachel?” Is she really trying to keep Rachel? What’s going on?!?!? Is Kalia making a good game play? I’m sooooooooo confused.

I’m sorry to ask this after tuning out for a few days! The thought of watching Kalua on the live feeds i thought could kill poeple.


The best part about all of this is how powerless Dani must feel. That should take the smug smirk off her face. Kalia is a nice person who almost found her footing. She was naieve to believe anyone in that house. It’s every man for himself and they make no concessions for friendship, at least not really. I am glad Shelly stepped in, using her ample negotiating skills to manipulate things in the right direction (or at least the desirable direction from her point of view).
She was skillful and should win big brother. Rachel owes her a debt of gratitude as do J/J.

Dani’s dying her hair was a mistake, it brings out her selfish nature. Dani is beautiful but mean. Bring back the blonde hair Dani! JMO


Make no mistake about it, Jeff’s bullying had more to do with Kalia’s turn than Shelly’s negotiations did. Kalia put Jeff up to show that she wouldn’t be bullied from her original plan but everything he yelled at her sank in a day later. Shelly just said out loud what Kalia was already thinking about because of Jeff.


Dick did for Dani what Brendon did for Rachel, just with better results, which he had no way of knowing. Dani is smart, but she likely would not have done as well w/o her dad season 8.

Lots of people are hatin on Shelly, but she’s playing a great game. She did well on the ski competition but didn’t need to win. We don’t know that she can’t win, and it’s good strategy to have a strong social game, if she can win comps, and only later in the game start winning them, when it becomes important to win.


Is there any positives for team dani this week?


ONLY if Dom comes back as the new HOH, which I honestly think whoever comes back will be the new HOH, them doing 2 comps in 1 night is going to be tough.


maybe if dom returns. then dani can cuddle back in bed with him. 😉 every1 relaizes that only reason dani chose dom is becuz she can easily use and manipulate him. #LOVESPELL


Let’s see. It’s only Monday? Rachel will eventually fall apart again before Thursday? That’s all I


Only if Dom comes back with the HOH for the week.


Actually, Everyone supporting Jeff and Jordan. They wanted Jeff to win HOH and POV twice. Especially, ILL Will wanted to see Jeff to win HOH next week and POV twice. So the nomination stay the same. I’m only positive of BB13. Same as Rockstar. Rockstar wanted Jeff or Jordan win the HOH Next week. Simon, please believe me. Everyone supporting Jeff and Jordan than Dani. Everyone would said Team J & J yo.


Simon, I wondering, do you find this guy to be bringing anything useful to our chats here. He’s basically a troll spamming the same thing over and over. Sadly, he can’t seem to figure out how to put together sentences to make sense. And he’s obviously personally attacking Rockstar and ILL WILL when accussing them of being JJ fans. I know I would consider it a personal attack on my character and judgement.


BBX – I just read your comment and honest to God I spit my tea all over my laptop. Thanks a lot. While ACA or AA or whomever they decide to post as at any point in time is annoying technically they have not threatened me however as you so eloquently put it they are attacking my good judgement. hahaha That is brilliant. I think you found a loophole in the guidelines & rules of the site. haha


Sorry Simon, All the HG’s are content, no BBAD drama cause Kalia got skerd.

Fuzzy Capone

Yea more than one Shell and Adam gets exposed Dom comes back and she gets to play for HOH, also she’ll realize Kalia is a moron.


They are positively idiots! Does that count?


The only silver lining would be if Dom came back, Dani or Dom won HoH this Thursday and, R was once and for all evicted from the BB house, never to be seen again on TV. Again, the only silver lining to this colossal bungling job by Team Dani.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =^..^=


I love it! If Rachel goes, she will come straight back. Nothing changes except Rachel will be back with a vengeance. That’s no fun. Now with Lawan on the block and probably looking at a unanimous vote to evict him, he will be so shocked that anyone could beat him. He goes home, doesn’t even make jury! If Dom comes back, Kalia will need to scramble to join up with the vets again, or she is screwed. If Dani or Dom win HOH she will be safe for a week, but it anyone else wins, she is in serious trouble. Dani will be tighter with Dom than with Kalia, so all in all, Kalia is the one that gets screwed the worst.

If Cassie comes back, then I think things will really get mixed up. Jordan and Cassie were close, but I don’t know if Cassie would be willing to team up with her after getting the back door. If Cassie learns that Shelly screwed the newbs over she will have to forgive and forget or align with someone more trustworthy, but none of them are trustworthy. Cassie and Rachel won’t be able to work together, because Rachel won’t be able to set aside her insecurities and play the game strategically. Dani will be kissing Cassie’s ass and trying to recruit her. She will throw JJ and Rachel under the bus and blame them for Cassie’s eviction.

In the off chance that Brendon returns, which I hope doesn’t happen, Dani is screwed unless she wins HOH and puts the two of them back on the block. At least Brenchel will be able to chill at the jury house together and Rachel won’t have to worry about Brendon being alone on the outside with a skype account.

I can’t believe Kalia and Lawan are so stupid. I think Dani might be figuring out that Dom might have a chance to come back.


I am laughing out load reading everyone’s comments about how stupid this move was of Kalia and Dani. I really hope that Brendon comes back in to see the look on their faces. I thought when everyone voted to keep Rachel it would be priceless to see the look on K and D’s faces. SInce they are now so stupid that they are voting this way too, getting Brendon back in is the only way to now see it.

Kalia is a hottie

Do Kalia and Dani suddenly have a secret alliance with Rachel??!!?

Not a PHD student

Will someone please explain to me why no-one will put that d-bag Jordan up? Am I missing something ??


No one sees her as a threat. Which is exactly how she won BB11.


maybe because they know money can’t buy her a working brain.


SS is a pretty perfect abbreviation considering she’s playing the psychological warfare game with everyone in the house (propaganda so her boss can rule the world)

only person who will make this show more interesting is brendon. want to see kalia and dani’;s faces when brendon comes walking inside and maybe wins HOH then he puts dani and kalia up on block. then rachel would technically have no blood on her hands since brendon came for revenge.


If you found the first four weeks of the house interesting, then by all means vote Brendon back in. He’ll just repeat himself over and over, be an ass to all the newbies, enable Rachel to be a nutjob, and be a condescending nuisance.


Haha yeah I agree with u bro…. Everyone who wants Dom back, can go suck themselves off. Go brendon


If this is the response of the typical Brendon fan, I’m glad I’m not a Brendon fan.

I'm your biggest fan



i meant loud, opps


I like the idea that Rachel will go to JH, she will walk out of there to be with her man. I hate Rachel, both faces. Lawon deserves to go home. Dani will win the next HOH and send Rachel to JH. Whomever wins the 1 on 1 comp gets a golden key for a week IMO.


1) Thought Dani was playing risky, turns out she caught dumb.
2) Lawon has too be feeling stupid with everyone calling him out for volunteering to go up.
3) I so hope DK call a house meeting and they are blown out, not Rachel.


I was SO looking forward to Psycho(Racel) breaking down again……… boring week no drama everybody happy, CBS YOU, SONS OF BITCHES


Don’t worry. We are only at the mid-point. There’s plenty of drama left in Rachel. We know anything will trigger her!

I'm your biggest fan

Once he returns we will get ton’s of tears and fighting, it will be grand!!!!

Team 500 G's

Can these Hg get any more stupid? I mean SOB!!!!!!!!!! Shelly must be a hypnotist….she can look these idiots in the face and tell them how and why they should do a move and make them think they thought of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got to be kidding me. Production is putting something in their food or something. Maybe thats why they always go in the DR…to get hypnotized….I mean SHIT!!!! How else can you explain such stupidity?

Dani and Kalia: How can we tell everyone we are keeping Roach….Are you friggin kidding me? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL The rest of the house is trying to figure out how they can tell these two that they just made the worst move in BB history! What idiots…..Any chance of Dani and Kalia winning the money is going to walk out the door with Luanne…

But wait there is more….All of you think that just because (if) Brendumb comes back in its going to be JJ/BR all over again. No….there were more then just Kalia and Dani who voted him out. He wont forget that. He has a long list of people who will be his targets. Thing is Dani is at the top of his list. The first chance he gets (after Dani) JJ will come next he will not let that chance slip away again.

If Dom does come back it spells trouble for JJ also, Roach will flip like a coin and run to Team Dani shifting power once again. Especially if Dani wins HOH. Both Jeff and Jordan will be on the block. No matter who comes back. There is no way JJ wins BB13…you can take that to the bank.

Once again Shelly is comming out smelling like roses, Why all of you keep saying she is a no good mother just puzzels the shit out of me. ITS BB!!!!!!!! Its a game played by backstabbing and lieing…for heavens sake! If you play the game with integrety and honor…you might as well stay home. It simply dosnt work that way. Look at any BB winner, they ALL played this way. Thats why we love the show so much. It brings out the worst in the people in the house. Its a train wreck and none of us can look away. We come to this site to witness the aftermath. If all of you who think Shelly is so bad why do you watch the show? Why are you patonizeing such behavior?

Floata Hata

I’d be proud as sh*t if my mom played BB like that


Shelly is playing the best game ever hope she wins!!!


my comments wont post?


everyone’s is saying that Kalia is dumb and I agree. but shouldn’t Dani be saying NOOO DO NOT PUT UP LAWON!!! so really if Danielle was smart at all she would realize they do not have the votes. Even Porsche isnt a guarantee to vote Rachel out much less Shelly and Adam. stupid Dani…


Don’t be fooled, Dani knows that she’s hooped in an alliance with Kalia (and that Kalia’s the one making the stupid decisions). Kalia will be the fall guy AND Dani will have time to plot, scheme or win her way to a position of power.


If freaking Brendum manages to get back in the house .. it will be the most obvious fix since Clay VS Liston .. just frick …


Unfortunately, I do see Brendon coming back simply because the BRJJ haters will split their votes between Dom and Cassi.


Poor Sport!!!!! =^..^=



I the Amazing Race you cannot get a wake up call. It is part ofthe rules.


Is this Dani/Kalia plan or Kalia going solo? As of last nights BBAD, Dani was trying to talk sense into Kalia….