Big Brother Spoilers – Kalia love Tips

9:30pm JJBR backyard couch talking about dani and how she flipped so early. brendon now claims that he had it figured out that Dani was going to flip several days ago but it wasn’t until She got mad at them for telling dom to throw the pov comp that he knew for sure she was flipping. Jeff calls her Anakin sky-walker she gor seduced by the dark side. Rachel tries to defend her says that Dani was just feeling paranoid because nobody was talking game to her. JJ think that’s BS they talked game to her all the time. (not true) . brendon: “I can read her like a BLANK book she’s not as good as everyone thinks”. Jordan brings up that SHelly told them Dani said she dodn’t come on this season to see a big brother wedding and to see a couple hang out for 2 months. Brendon: “She’s just mean.. she’s got a lot of anger built up” Jeff: “It’s like she’s mature but then childish all at the same time.

10:00pm Backyard couch Kalia, Jeff, Brendon, Adam and Jordan chit chat.. there was some talk by Kalia that women don’t like **** s$x because they don’t have a p**stat*

10:16pm Jeff, Adam, Jordan, Brendon Jordan brings up that how easy it is for guys to pee they can just “whip it out” any were they want. Jordan brings up a story when she was 12 her dad was playing tennis and a guy at the tennis court was sitting down and his balls were hanging off to the side.. it was really gross.
Adam: “he was hanging brain”
Jordan asks the guys about blue balls, she wants to know if they hurt in the morning, “You know do they hurt unless you take care of them”… they all laugh. Back to playing with the dieing bee on the ground.

10:25pm Storage Room rachel and KAlia rachel is saying the target is Lawon but that Lawon has been given 3 chances and he blew it, It’s time for him to go. Rachel says he was coming after us with Keith, coming after us with Cassi and now trying get us to backdoor jeff. Kalia: “Ohh yeah thats too many chances. in this game.” Rachel: “Heaven forbid he wins HOH… Pff like that would happen” They leave the storage room.. Rachel tells Kalia she better stop singing production must be getting pissed.

10:42pm Rachel asks Pos whys she’s doing the dishes. Por doesn’t know why she just is, “I’m outta it tonight.. i dunno if it’s the sun or my bikini top is on too tight.. I’ve just been out of it” Por shares a story about one morning when she drinking the night before she woke up on her period and every time she had a crap she would puke.

10:49pm Boys playing pool one of either Rrendon, Dom or Jeff said to Adam “Lets go gestapo” Adam: “What the hell why call me gestapo”. (Didn’t catch the whole conversation)

10:55pm Shelly and Jordan Shelly is saying that the vote looks like it’ll be 4 to 4 and rachel will break the tie. She tells Jordan that she found out what Lawon does, “TV attorneys assistant.. he was a file clerk and we worked his way up”. Shelly brings up that she overheard Kalia and rachel in the storage room and Kalia was asking who the target was and rachel told her it was Lawon.

11:20pm HOH Rachel and Kalia Kalia doesn’t think Lawon even has a job she thinks he’s broke. Kalia says that Lawon is planning on taking 3 weeks off after big brother is over to decompress. “What employer would be cool with someone leaving for 3 months then another 3 weeks just to hang out”.

11:30pm Dani, Por and Kalia Kalia is taking off her top and dani says “Look Big Brother Online I can see her nipples” Kalia has a shocked look on her face “Oh My God Can you?” They girls joke say they can’t.

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Whatt theyre gonna backdoor lawon??? Or was rachel just saying that to kalia


If I didn’t come to this site and just watched the show alone I would forget that Porsche was in the house still lol wow


I have the feeds and I still forget she’s in the house.


Shelly is a liar and a traitor. She needs to go.


I was thinking the same thing just now watching BBAD. She has that conversation with Dani and says she’s all about integrity and she wouldn’t tell JJ about anything that was said btwn them and then she goes and tells Jordan everything!!!!! I get that Dani did it first by telling Rachel but if you’re gonna say you’re a person with integrity than you stick to your word no matter what. No reason for her to tell Jordan what was said btwn her and Dani. JJ already know. Dani’s been exposed already. Shelly’s a punk a+* sh*t talker


well said I was afraid of calling hillbilly (shelly) a dyke because of all the lesbos who get offended by that term (instead of just embracing it the way black people have learned to embrace the N word) but yeah she is so full of shit it’s coming out of her ears. maybe she should try to be a good role model to her daughter by dressing, talking and acting like a female instead of a cowboy in a rodeo. smoke another cig shell you carpet muncher LOL


Wooah? Black people have not embraced the N word. Bad analogy.


I always hear the n word being said in rap songs. is that not embracing it?




So because a bunch of untalented rap hacks use the N-word that suddenly means ”black people” embrace it?


What an idiot you are

mrs windy city

I only read the site and have never commented but dude, you have no idea what you are talking about. Because rappers use the N word does not me we all have accepted it. So pls SU


Show some intelligence. Hate speech is hate speech. A few weak people may try to embrace it but it NEVER works. Self assured people will always let you know that it is not cool.


All rappers do not represent every single African American in this country & their usage of said word. FYI…the term “lesbos” can also be offensive.


they chose to be LESBOS…


Black people can certainly use the word if they choose to do so but if you’re not black it’s offensive. So if you’re not a lesbian don’t use an offensive word like dyke.


it’s obvious that you’re an idiot or born yesterday. I don’t know of any black person that has embraced the N word. Just because a few rappers use that word doesn’t mean that it is acceptable. I dare you to go up to a black person and call him the N word. Let’s see what happens: it’s going to go down something like this or worse.–Caught-On-Tape–Guess-What-Happens-To-Drunk-White-Dude-Who-Calls-A-Bunch-Of-Black-Dudes-The-N-Word.aspx?bcmediaid=6a7aa0c3-2387-407b-9fe2-dc712fe49e9e


Appreciation for this ifnoratmion is over 9000-thank you!


Absolutely. She acts like shes above it all and an honest straight shooter but she’s just like the rest of them. She’s completely self serving and will lie, cheat and steal to get where she needs to be. I wonder if she was even truthful about possibly teaming up with Dani. It actually would have been a good play for her. Why are these darn newbies so DUMB?!?!


I think BB casting goes out of it way to pick the “special ed “kids to be on this show. I watched all of BB UK and BB australia seasons and the BBHG’s were retarded on their shows as well. so it’s a universal thing to cast the “jerry springer” rejects on here. but we love it now don’t we 🙂


The C word is un called for No One likes the word. Remember she is a wife and a mother. It’s a game!!!


Trish, I couldn’t agree more. Blocky, bad “Name”! Shame on you. (:


First, can you not use that word?? And why…because she is playing the game?? Doesn’t anyone remember the original concept of this show?!


Porche is definitely packing on some pounds.

And for the 2nd day in a row, Rachel actually looks decent.


I don’t know what kind of women Kalia has been having anal sex with, but the women I know have lots of nerve endings there and enjoy it so much they ask for it again and again!

Maybe Brendumb and her can get together after BB and rewrite anatomy text books.


so kaka says women don’t like it up the butt, last I heard all black women like it there (jus sayin) 🙂


WTH? Not acceptable.


I agree, tone down the woman hatin’.


Stop with the black racist remarks


What is your problem with black people? I think you are on the wrong site. This site is to discuss Big Brother, not racists rants.


Watching the live feeds and it just hit me that maybe Dani is seeing the writing on the wall about Dom. and maybe just maybe doesn’t see his worth anymore, as in… Why do I even have to talk to you any more?


I think after the conversation earlier tonight she realized, what she’s always suspected, he’s GAY!!! Did you see him all asking Lawon how gay sex ‘works’ I don’t know any straight dudes who would be that interested in those details. And he was SUPER interested. Plus he reads chick lit books?!? Cmon Dani’s a smart chick, she finally made the connection. Besides she knows he doesn’t have the votes to stay so priority 1 is now fixing her game


i dont think danielle has given up on dom and if she did its not cause she thinks he gay , that girl hes bestfriend with outside the show is acualy his girlfriend and just cause he has a fem side doesnt mean hes gay


Ummmm….who said that was his girlfriend? They said best friend and any guy i’ve ever known that has a girl as his best friend, who reads chick lit novels and is a virgin at TWENTY FIVE is most likely gay. He flirts with Dani but it’s painful to watch. Even the way he dresses screams gay to me. Oh, and he washed cassi’s hair AND braided it at one point. Again, I don’t have ANY straight friends who do that. He’s fem bc he’s GAY


i think that’s just your opinion…i have guy friends who’d say that your gay that you watch BB and are so interested in a characters sexual preference on there….and again that’s just their opinion.


and by the way….i don’t think that being a 25 yr old virgin makes him gay….infact i’m pretty sure most gay guys DO NOT wait very long to lose their virginity LOL


It’s def my opinion no doubt but living in NYC I know a lot of gay guys and he totally pings my gaydar. And if he was sexually confused he’d totally be a virgin at 25, again, in my opinion. No I don’t know him so I can’t say for sure but he was talking about gay guys hitting on him all the time and none of my gay guy friends would ever pursue or hit on a guy they thought was straight. Oh…. And what exactly would make me gay for watching BB?


And Dani makes gay jokes to Dom all the time. She totally thinks he is or she’s been trying to find out. No one jokes that often about someone’s sexuality if they’re not suspecting or fishing


ummmm no…i think she’s just joking….and i don’t think hes gay….he’s just a meterosexual….. i think that’s what its called


Didn’t his girl “friend” from back home claim he was a virgin?? I don’t have gaydar so I’m not sure about the gay thing. Is strange about his talk with Lawdog. The argument against him being gay was how he was so puppy dog for Cassie. Then again maybe he just wanted to “be” her. Ha!! not really sure. What I did see was a big shun on Dani end in the kitchen and she’s not all over him like she has been tonight. I’m with you, she’s not stupid – “fend for your own buddy I gotta get back into the game”


im on team dom but i dont really see him getting out of this situation but im hoping their will be a twist that bring back someone either him or cassie but i hope he can pull of a miracle this week.


i reckon you will get your wish , they will most likely bring back someone ( I’m hoping Cassi too) Cas to me proved what a classy , secure lady she is and I’d love to see rachoes nasty ugly face if cas walked back in.


that would be ammmmmmazing! and BB production would totally redeem themselves in my eyes if they did something like that


I’d much rather have Cassi back just bc of how much it would rattle the cage of BR. plus I think she wouldn’t hesitate for one second to go after the big targets


amen well said
cassi stood up to rachoe in the nicest way and could of blasted her in the julie interview but didn’t love that.
she’d make a good girlfriend.
plus she’s easy on the eyes 🙂 woof


I actually hope dom goes home so if they were to bring a houseguest in it would be dom instead if cassie


If you think America will vote to bring back Dom over Cassie your as retarted as the rest of the newbs…


Lol my feelings are so hurt


I would hope America would bring in Dom. I think he would be willing to stir up the pot and evict the veterans instead of wasting an HOH. I respect his gameplay and wish he wouldn’t be on the block yet again.


In season 9 they voted James out then immediately the HGs had to choose from James coming back in or an unidentified houseguest coming back. This would be the week to do it since Dick left early and Adam looks like he’s getting the 4th key which means neither he, Porch, Dani, Shell or Rach can play in HOH. Making it JJB vs KLD or KLC. Which means they will be back up to 11 again until the next eviction. If this happens, the odds are still in the vets favor but we can hope for a miracle. Start praying now that HE doesn’t dislike us enough to put us through anymore BRJJ Hell.


Are the keys still in effect for this week’s HOH? I’m really confused by the whole thing bc it sounds like all the key holders think they’re competing this week in the HOH. But then why bother giving out one more key if the keys weren’t gonna apply this week. Weird.


That’s why I think they will bring someone back on Thursday. Due to Dick leaving, it screwed up the 4 weeks of golden key twist so they should have to bring back one of the evicted so there will be one more week before they are down to 10 and the keys go away.


Wouldn’t it be JJB vs. KL playing for the next HOH? Who is the “C” or “D” on the end of your KL scenario?


Dominic or Cassi, depending on whether either of them actually come back after this week’s eviction.


who was it that posted that tonights BBAD would be the best episode yet??? Boy where you ever dead wrong. Bit of a snooze fest tonight. Little to no game talk. I guess it all happened before BBAD and will probably start again now that it is over but the 3 hours i watched was painfull…


I know I’m late but what the heck does PT stand for?


Didn’t someone also joke about PT stands for Pre-Teen?


part-time model


I may have to invest in the feeds. Dani made a comment that she was sexually frustrated. She’s sarcastic so maybe she meant it as a Dom’s failure to launch.

I wouldn’t count Dom out just yet though. Rachel seems so impressionable. Defending Dani, even though Dani has been manipulating her for two weeks. Dani’s already making her feel guilty about voting Dom out. Brendon will have to put his cleanup skills in overdrive. Dani continues to stir up the confusion in Rachel. Gotta love it though.

I love Jeff’s comment that Dani is mature and childish at the same time. Perfect description. She’s very smart, but her behavior is sometimes very childish. Kalia was trying to sweep up glass off the floor and told her that she was knealing on some and she decided to argue. Kalia said she didn’t understand why Dani has to be argumentative about everything. She makes very odd, sometimes sarcastic or demeaning passive/aggressive comments. You can’t tell if they are to be taken in jest. I think she intends for them to be serious, but if called out she says she just kidding. She will say mean things in a nice voice. It’s that typical sort of mean girl behavior. She’s also very persuasive with Rachel. Anyone know what Dani’s college major is?

I wonder if Pacer’s weight gain or lack of concern over weight is in part so that she will not be on Rachel’s pretty girl list. I could swear she used to keep herself up a lot better before Cassie was targeted. She also began feeling a bit insecure in her position with Rachel. I think she wants to avoid being 1st target after the golden key and so far so good.

I favored Dani to win, but didn’t like the Dom angle as it seem to throw her off. Maybe if he goes and she gives the rest of the vets a run in the comps I’ll be back on her side. Doesn’t really matter much to me who wins, I just want some real entertainment for a change. Dani’s gameplay gets a little odd when she’s distracted by boys.

So glad the key will be over soon.

Sorry if that was all over the place. It’s late here…just some random thoughts after watching BBAD.


Dani’s college major is in art I believe. Photography to be specific. I think shes def a bit passive/aggressive but I think mostly she’s just sarcastic. I don’t think shes mean at all. I feel like it’s a defense mechanism for her. A way not to let ppl get to close or a read on her. She probably is somewhat like that outside of the house. And considering the way she grew up and the fact that she was kinda ditched by both parents probably could explain why she sort of has a defensive personality and uses sarcasm to guard herself.


How different would this season have been if Evel Dick were still in the house? It sucks we didn’t get the chance to see.


RE: The Bee

Jordan: I can see his little whiskers

Bratchell: They are antlers

Shell: LOL antlers….. They are antenae.

They all believe that when a bee stings someone its butt comes off with the stinger. Dom tells them that the stinger is attached to their intestines which is why they die after they sting someone.


Okay I’m convinced, Rachel must have only received an honorary college degree. Has anyone ever seen it? Lol!


You can totally make degrees in Microsoft Word.


Totally disappointed in Dani. She played too hard too fast and got caught. She was lucky in her season when her dad got rid of her boy toy because it was messing up her game. This time she talked to much and too early.

I really want a shake up. Most of the HG are wasted space. Kahlia is beyond annoying, stirring up shit and all around disgusting. Lawan? What has he done? Where is his head? Then there are 3 key holders that can’t do anything but vote. I would like to see the key holders have to compete against the evicted HG and the top 3 stay. The other 4 go home. Porka, Shelly and whoever leaves this week should have to step up to the plate and earn their place. Make it a 3 part competition so it’s fair. A twist like that would shake the house. Imagine if Dom, Cassie and Dani stayed and Shelly, Porsche, Adam and Keith were out. Brenchel/JJ would be livid and war would finally break out in the house.

I really don’t like any of these people. Dani is a spoiled brat and she can’t stand not getting what she wants, just like she was on her season. This year she can’t blame her dad and he isn’t here to help her. In the beginning I was pulling for her, but the past few days she annoys me and I expected smarter game from her.

Adam I like and I hope he survives the block, but unless he wins the next HOH he is toast. I am really tired of Kahlia whispering, gossiping and her lame attempts to stir the pot. I have never seen Lawan say or do anything of consequence. If they were going to bring back veterans, they should have made it allstars or at least got some live and smart newbs. It’s looking like a Brenchel massacre. Not entertaining and not interesting watching them dominate and tongue wrestle but not really interested in any of the others. Since BB8 the quality of the game has steadily declined. Season 10 was the only exception. I didn’t think it could get worse than last year, but I was wrong. So far it’s as painful to watch as season 9.


Well said and I agree 100%.


I agree with you, except I like Dani a lot. I wish she wouldn’t have messed up, but maybe this will work out in her favor. Not sure… I would love for HGs to return! That’d be awesome 🙂 And, I don’t like that the veterans are running the show completely. It’s actually kind of boring…


Are Rachel and Brendon honestly considering backdooring someone with the POV or is it just mind games? Strategy or just abusing their power? Perhaps both?


Allison Grodner doesn’t like anal because she doesn’t have a stomach for her ass.