Big Brother Spoilers: The houseguests find a HUGE moth in the backyard.. Dominic says it looks like a bat fu*ked a butterfly!

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12am Jordan and Lawon are in the backyard talking. Jordan asks Lowan what attracts him to a man more than a woman. Lowan says that it just feels right. Lawon says that right now being with a man is what feels right to him. Lawon says that he isn’t going to do what some people do and be with a woman because that is the right thing. Jordan asks Lawon how his family feels about him coming out. Lawon says they are okay with it, but it isn’t something they talk about. Lawon says that his grandma already knew and that is who he was more concerned with how she would react because she is southern and religious. Lawon says that he was crying when he told her but she said baby, I already knew that, and I want you to be the best black gay you can be and live your life. Lawon says that the next day he left for college and she died that day. Lawon says that he was happy he was able to tell her before she died. Shelly, Jordan, and Lowan all agree that deep down parents know if their child is gay.

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12:15am In the backyard, Adam asks Jeff what is with Dani? Jeff says that he has no idea. Adam says Dani has been weird with him and not straight up, sometimes she says she is with him and other times not. Adam says that actions speak louder than words. Jeff tells him if the veto isn’t used, Dani is trying to round up the troops to get Adam out. Adam says that he was suspecting that. Jeff warns Adam not to tell anyone, but he has the votes to keep Adam. Jeff says that Dani is blowing smoke up your ass, but I don’t want to talk BLANK about anyone else, just wait and see. Jordan warns Adam and Jeff that Lowan is about to come outside. The game talk ends.

12:45am UP in the HOH room, Brendon, Rachel and Dominic are talking. They tell Dominic that they don’t agree with back dooring Jeff this week because they think he is with them at least for a week or two. Dominic says he wants to work with them. Dominic says that he thinks him, Daniele, Rachel, and Brendon will run the house. Dominic says that he is scared about being on the block this week because Jeff wants him out. Brendon starts his rehearsed talk about trying to get Jeff to keep him that he and Jeff planned earlier today. They are trying to get Dani comfortable with them. Dominic says that Shelly is acting sketchy. Dominic says that he has pure allegiance to them and that the second he has a chance he wants to backdoor Jeff. Dominic says that he doesn’t know if that’s bad for them but the blood wouldn’t be on their hands. Brendon plays along and says that would be good. They talk about how Jeff wants Porsche out and that isn’t good for any of them. Dominic says he talked to Porsche about working with him and she is on board. Rachel asks who Dominic has lined up to vote for him. Dominic says the only people he has for sure are Dani, Brendon and Rachel. He says Dani is close to Kalia so maybe they can get her. He says not Shelly because “she has been up Jeff and Jordan’s ass all week. Brendon asks Dom if Adam stays would he stay with Jeff and Dominic says yes he has a deal with Jeff and Jordan. Rachel asks who is worse, Lowan or Kalia? Dominic says Lowan, but that Kalia would never put Jordan up. Rachel says that she doesn’t think Kalia will ever win anything, maybe a POV if she had to.

Dominic says that the four of them have everything we need, we have brains, athleticism, youth and we all have connections in the house. Brendon says that leaving Dominic up on the block without knowing we have the votes is a risky situation, we need to make sure Adam is going home. Dominic says that Shelly told him she would put Brendon and Rachel on the block. Dominic says that it’s a tough decision because it is a big gamble but it would be worth it if we could get Adam out. Rachel and Brendon reiterate that they don’t want to backdoor Jeff yet. They talk about how Dominic can’t do it next week either or else they will be target number one. Dominic says he will do it whenever they want him to. Brendon says that even though Jeff has his doubts about you, I still feel like he will come around or go with us. Dominic says he is up for playing as the six of them. Dominic asks why they don’t want to backdoor him next week or the week after. Brendon says that they can survive another few weeks out of Jeff even if he won HOH. Brendon says that if Dominic is working with them then Brendon could make sure she was safe. Brendon told Dominic that in talking to Jeff earlier, he wasn’t dead set against getting rid of Dominic. Brendon says that he still is not convinced one way or the other to get rid of Adam or Dominic.

1am Jeff and Jordan and in the lounge room. They are worried that Brendon and Rachel are entertaining whatever Dominic is telling them now. They say that if Dani can flip on them, so could Brendon and Rachel. Jeff says that if they do flip, the reason why they would flip would be because of Rachel. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Dominic says if they didn’t want to go after Jeff yet, Shelly would be target number one. Brendon says that he doesn’t want to backdoor Jeff. Dominic says that he don’t have a problem with Jeff at all. Dominic says that they could all work together to get to the top six ( J/J, B/R and he and Dani) Rachel says that if Adam has to go, he has to go. Dominic asks Rachel and Brendon if Adam threw the POV like he did. They say no. Dominc says that it was the easiest competition to throw. Brendon says they will wait and see if they are going to use the POV. Brendon says that it all depends on if they have the votes to keep Dominic, and that they don’t want to waste an HOH on Lowan. Dominic says that he trusts Rachel and Brendon to get the votes for him.
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Brendon says that Dani is acting very weird. Dominic says it is just because she doesn’t want to lose him. Brendon says that they need her to mend things with Jeff and make it right so he doesn’t think they are against him. Dominic wonders if it would help to sit down as the six of them to reassure Jeff. Brendon says that it might, let me feel him out, we still have time. Dominic says everyone in the house is in agreement that putting Rachel and Brendon up and having one leave is bad because the other one would be coming after them. Dominic says right now it looks like Jeff and Jordan are with Shelly and Adam and maybe Kalia. Dominic leaves HOH. Shelly joins them up in the HOH room. Shelly asks for reassurance from Brendon and Rachel asking if they are falling for Dani’s game talk. Shelly was worried because Dani has been pressing Shelly to join her and the only reason she wants Brendon and Rachel now is because she thinks she can win in the final two with one of them. Shelly said she played along with Dani but wanted to assure Brendon and Rachel she is with them. Brendon tells her his theory that Dani thinks they would all five make it in tact to final five then the couples would kick her out but Brendon says realistically a couple would get split up before that and then Dani would join the other person from the broken up couple but Dani didn’t trust the couples. Shelly says the only reason she was nervous seeing Rachel talk to Dani was because Rachel has questioned Shelly’s loyalty and she wants to reassure Rachel of it. Shelly says that Dani has talked to her one time about game and that was today basically strong arming her to join with her and go after Jeff and Jordan. Rachel says she is upset because she likes Dani and is hurt she did this to them. They all agree that Dani is basically threatening them to get Jeff out. Brendon says that he thinks she is this impervious Big Brother player that can win everything but as much as he know that she is a strong competitor and Rachel is a strong competitor, he know that no one can win everything.

1:30am Jeff is up in the HOH room talking to Brendon and Rachel. Jeff says Dani isn’t as good as Rachel thinks. She would have been out of her season so soon if it wasn’t for her dad saving her from the block. Jeff says that he wants to call her out so bad, but Rachel says wait until we win HOH. Jeff says that if she was so great at this game, she wouldn’t be in the mess she is in now. Jeff asks what happened with Dominic. Brendon said he just pretended to play the part. Rachel thinks it isn’t Dominic that wants him out, it is all Dani. Brendon says that Dani schooled Dominic on exactly what to say when he came up here because he said everything that they expressed to Dani earlier about worrying about keeping Dominic. Jeff asks if Dani knows that he knows she wants him out. Rachel doesn’t know, but think that she does. Rachel says that she BLANK up big time! They want to get her out this week so she goes home and not to jury. Jeff says that Dani is one hundred percent thinking she is going to final two by counting her jury votes. Rachel says that she is probably trying to copy her dad’s game a little bit, but the funny thing is, is if he was here I don’t think he would be doing this now. Rachel says that she doesn’t doubt their ability because between the four of them they have won every competition except one. Jeff makes the valid point that the reason they lost that one was because they were busy attacking each other and not working together. They all didn’t know how the game was going because the host of the game who is suppose to keep people players up to date on the leader was Dani and she wasn’t talking loud enough. They wonder if that was part of her game if she had already turned then. Jeff says they need to study everything about the HOH and POV competitions for future HOH competitions about the game. Rachel says it could be a knock out competition and that will really show everyone’s true colors. Rachel says that she knew Kalia was playing Jordan because she didn’t talk to Jordan for two weeks until she was HOH. Brendon says they will not use the POV, they have the votes, and they can sit back and study while everyone else runs around trying to get votes all week.

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2:10am Brendon, Adam, Shelly, Jordan, and Jeff are in the backyard. Brendon asks what deal Dominic ever brought to Adam. Adam said Dominic told him that they should team up with Dani, and Shelly. Adam says that Dominic told him they will put up Lowan and Kalia and if they win POV, then Jeff and Jordan go up. Lowan comes out and game talk stops. Jeff draws everyone’s attention to a big moth. Jeff says it is the size of a bat. Brendon goes to touch it but it hesitant. Brendon touches it and shakes the awning it is on but it won’t move. Jeff asks why is the moth so confident? …Because he is the size of a BLANK seagull! Adam gets a decoration to get it but Big Brother says stop that. Brendon gets a pool stick and Big Brother says stop that. Jeff says PETA is going be all over you! Brendon says that it’s like a prehistoric creature. Brendon suggests taking it inside to the candy room to scare everyone. Lowan brings Dominic out to see the moth. Jordan has a blanket pulled over her head! Brendon tells Adam they are going to keep him this week, they are going to need him this week. Jeff is scared of it and says that he hates bugs. Dominic asks what is he doing? Jeff says that he is telling you not to BLANK with him. Dominic says that he is like batzilla. Jordan wonders if they sting. Brendon goes to get Rachel. Dominic says that it looks like a bat BLANK a butterfly. Jeff says give him a sandwich! Shelly comes out and she isn’t scared of it so she goes and touches it and it flies all over the yard and everyone screams and runs away. Dominic says it’s like a dragon flying around.

3am Up in the HOH room, Rachel is changing and Brendon gets mad and says that everyone can see her booty. Rachel starts whining that he doesn’t think she’s hot anymore. Brendon says come on baby, you’re beautiful so stop it. Rachel says she has pink dots on her face, her hair is gross and she has her retainer, my nails are chipped.. Brendon tells Rachel that they can beat anybody as long as they want it bad enough! Brendon tells her not to doubt herself. Rachel says that she doesn’t doubt herself she just knows Dani is going to give them a run for their money. Brendon says so what if she does they are going to win. Brendon says that making a power move is sending Dominic home! Brendon start farting. Rachel is trying to smell his farts. Brendon tells her to stop trying to smell it! They laugh.

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4:25am Lawon and Dominic are in the havenot room. Lawon says that he would be the eyes and ears for Dominic after the veto ceremony if the veto isn’t used. Lawon tells Dominic play up feelings for Dani and woo Porsche to try to get to Rachel. Dominic says that he wouldn’t need to worry that Porsche would be jealous of Dominic’s attention to Dani because Porsche knew Dominic would need her vote. Lawon says that feelings might be hurt but Dominic would need to be Rico Suave. Dominic laughed and said he would. Lawon asks what Dominic had talked about with Brendon and Rachel in HOH. Dominic lies and says that it was just something about Dominic having won veto, Dominic and Adam being a strong team needing to be broken up, and asking whether Dominic and Adam would target Brendon and Rachel. Lawon asks about Rachel saying if you’re not talking game with us, you’re talking about us during her nomination speech. Lawon asks if Dominic talked game with Rachel. Dominic said he does talk game with Rachel, says that it was only when she is HOH, asking who she will target. Dominic tells Lawon that he isn’t that close to Dani on a game level. Lawon says Porsche isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Lawon says he plans to win HOH or POV every week and see what deals are offered. Lawon says that he will go crazy if he is put up at veto ceremony. Lawon and Dominic decide to go to sleep..

6:25am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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Dani is so hot. Weirdly hot. Is she out to bed the virgin Dom? If so he is lucky.


ew dani looks like a skeleton


Umm Dani looks like a tranny


I’m pertty sure that Dom is a latent homosexual, so good luck to Dani on that one.


Brendon is on top of his game, omg. I cannot believe I just typed those words! I’ve been a Brenchel hater since last season b/c the entire show was about their damn toxic relationship and stupid fights and making up. But the past couple posts by Simon & Dawg have shown a different side of him and kinda Rachel too. I’m impressed. Holy crap I cannot believe I am writing compliments about BR, lol. (: Final Four, BRJJ!!!!!!
P.S. And to Rachel, try not to talk too much b/c playing it cool and keeping your comments brief and calm is your strong game!


I know right? I can tell Rachel really wants to change. BR ftw =D


Lol! I was thinking the same thing. When Rachel is in check and Brendon isn’t al Neandertall he’s actually got game. I think he’d play even better without her there at all.


Just to clarify… Brendon has the POV, and he is not going to use it?


as far as I know yes


Thanks! Thats what I thought. I must have missed the POV comp somewhere along the line LOL…. Thanks again for the great job on the site!


What would happen if the twist this week is that only people who have golden keys get to compete for hoh?? All hell would break loose! Although production wouldn’t like that bc then jj wouldn’t have a chance to win and I think its all rigged for them to do well….but jj is awesome so fine by me!


I miss the days when it wasn’t over for a house guest until they went out the door to Julie. For the last three seasons, once the veto is played, it’s a given who is going home because there is not a good combination of brains and balls when it comes to strategy. Everyone just goes with the majority and it is sickening, it is as if only four people came to win this summer. There has yet to be a real game change move. Sigh. So boring. I guess I could be excited about the vets crushing everyone, but it feels lke I’ve already seen this show…


I agree… Production needs to lay off during the show, and put more effort into getting strong willed, one minded individuals in the house before the game starts…. they are ruining the show with all the BS they pull…. get good contestants in the house, and then let the cards fall where they may


That won’t happen – No one will come into this game now with a fresh pair of eyes, only because it’s not new and everyone who comes into the house STUDIES the previous seasons and game plays. Even now we see how some of the current contestants are basing their game play on previous gameplay from seasons before.

This “game” is essentially dead in the water as far as strategies go – i think most of it will be predictable.The only thing tha tmakes it interesting would be the personalities of the contestants and MAYBE a new slick twist here and there.

And speaking of twists, BB production will have to come up with some better twists and games instead of recycling the old stuff from previous seasons which allows the houseguests to guess what type of competition..if there’s ‘amerca’s player’ ..if a pandora’s box is coming.. etc.

The TWISTS in this game need to be revamped


Good points!!!


On the contrary, production attempted a J/J vs B/R thing but it didn’t play out. They wanted Dani to lead the charge and even tried to mess with B/R to put J/J up and set up a good vs evil thing. In the end, I can’t believe I’m saying this but Brendon figured it out and he’s actually playing the best game so far. He’s keeping Rachel’s head in the game and making decisions that further them. Why remove the only other massive target in the game other than urselves. Dani got found out cos she’s not her father…she’s really not a smart player. Sending Dom home is a great move. You destroy Dani’s game and have her stuck with you or run off to…erm…Kalia and Lawon? Lol. Best move so far really for J/J and B/R. I do hope Cassi comes back to haunt Rachel tho.


i hope dick come back….but i’m just wishin


You & me both, but he’s been watching the feeds so he knows everything, they wouldn’t let him come back with that type of advantage, then their deliberate rigging would be exposed full fledged.


I want Cassi to come back also and just got to thinking about when she was talking to Julie after her eviction. Julie never told her about Shelly voting for Keith, she usually let’s a player know that after they are out of the house. Someone may have already brought this up. I remember being annoyed that Julie didn’t enlighten her on what kind of person Shelly really is.


Dick can’t come back. He was not sequestered. I would love to see Keith come back. He was so entertaining in the sense that he was such an idiot.


I know what you are saying and I agree to a point. My point is that the show has become boring now, and they need to “get back to their roots” were before production would get involved. Get the right people in the house, and let them go for 3 months.


Production was always involved. At the end of the day they want ratings and they always want clear sides battling it out. No matter what we want, it’s always going to be game geared towards who America likes and who they don’t. Polarity creates drama and hence ratings. Whenever there is content that divides viewers, there is always interest.


I don’t even think it reflects upon the personalities of the casting but rather the producers casting veterans and newbies in the same season. The veterans already had pre-exisiting relationships as duos and have all met outside the BB house before. When you have eight people new to the game (no matter how big of a fan you are, you’re still new to the game if you’ve never done it before) who don’t even get a chance to feel out the game or the other people against people who’ve played the game before, it’s going to make for a very lopsided power balance and creates very little drama or interest.

I understand BB wants to throw different twists out every season but it feels like they’re not very well thought out.


I are. And it makes it really, really unfair for the newbies. If they were gonna do a mix they should have had equal numbers of vets play with newbies. Not let actual couples compete together. Would have been much more interesting seeing DD, JJ and BR all together in the house but essentially fighting against each other. I hope the twist somehow throws the advantage to the newbies or key holders. Being a key holders is really bad for your game bc you’re essentially a bench player who for weeks has to let others have your fate in their hands


yeah but a lot of these newbs would suck even if the vets weren’t here…i mean c’mon lawon, kalia, por, adam, shelly…if they were there last season with all the other new players they would still be useless. cass and dom would probably fit in to a regular season, so they really got screwed this season with the twists.

it would have been fair if it were all vet duos of past seasons….like a duo all star season.


I don’t agree. If you are smart player, you are a smart player. There were more newbies from the beginning than the vets – THEY had the numbers AND the vets lost someone in their alliance the first week (ED) stacking the cards against them even more. The newbies made an alliance (“regulators”) but they cracked right off the bat. The vets stuck together (except Dani as of this week) and won comps and THAT is why they are dominating. If the newbies would have kept their alliance solid, they could have made things happen. This show has gone through 13 seasons, so it’s been on long enough for these people to have a fair chance to see how the game is played.


The vets may be at an advantage by playing the game before, but they are also at a HUGE disadvantage because they were televised! The n00bs should have KNOWN how the vets play their respective games


There’s def some truth in that. If you’re a smart player, you’re a smart player. I think though that they had some people, namely Shelly, who got starstruck by JJ and is actually more interested in being besties with them than taking them out. As for Kalia, she’s just dumb. I also think she knew she was the weakest player out of all the newbies so she figured her best shot was to align with the Vets. Actually smart play on her part. I don’t think any of the newbies attached to JJBR have the balls to take them out.

Dani screwed up her game big time by going too hard, too fast for sure. But I think she has the right line of thinking in splitting up the Vet couples. She just jumped the gun far too soon on it. Put too much trust in BR. She should have realized they weren’t gonna play her game bc they are so interested in having everyone see them as amazing game players. And now Dani is short on numbers and a target. I think her best play right now is to come clean, say she was worried that people were targeting her, she made the wrong moves and basically sell her soul to the devil alliance again of BRJJ.


Way back during Week One, Kalia (who was on slop) said that she was a vegetarian & that she did not eat meat. She has been off of slop for this last week and a half, and it dawned on me that she has had meat with most, or if not all, her meals. I did not fully realize it until she was wining to Jeff yesterday, on the live feeds, to not put so much spice into the chicken for fajitas because she does not like her food spicy.


she has some f’n nerve! U don’t like spicy, make it your damn self.


I agree that Brendon is actually showing some good game play. I hated B&R their season and was pissed seeing them come back in the door this season but they are showing some smart game play, I have to admit. My boy Jeff is doing well also. I think he and Brendon are the glue keeping the 4 of them together. Dani was foolish to break away from a solid alliance. It’s pathetic seeing her hanging out with Kalia and Lawon now. This will be the demise of her game.


Hate Jeff and Brendan. Both of them are jerks . The way this season is shaping up, I am starting to root for Rachel. Maybe 500K will empower her to seek a better boyfriend that that know it all douche. Also, I don’t think that JJ are a real couple, their brand is so entwined though that they have to keep up the charade.


I’m rooting for Rachel too once Dani is gone. Jeff and Brendan are misogynistic a**holes who act like big tough men by harassing and bulky not only the women in their lives but other women. I’m actually starting to feel a bit sorry for Rachel. Girl has some seriously low self esteem to stay in a relationship with a guy like that. I hope she wisest up and dumps his ass. And it would be even more poetic if she did it with 500K in hand


QUICK UPDATE: Evel tweeted about Dani’s game play and said that she is messing up big time and better scramble to fix things. Shocker!

Dani was never a great game player or really good at the social game. She was huddled up with Nick half the time. When Evel got him evicted, it was the best move for the Donatos. It got Dani back in the game and she won a couple of HOHs and POVs. She gives herself too much credit as a game player. Overconfidence bites u in the ass in BB.


I’m sick of the whining about BB “turning into a social game.” At the end of the day, it IS primarily a social game. You can be the best at comps, but if you can’t make good social decisions and align yourself with the right people (and know when to keep your mouth shut!), it doesn’t mean shit if you are good physically. Dani proves this point this season. She got all the way to the end her season because of her Dad’s brilliant social game play. His good social game got them BOTH off the block. This season she’s playing solo and her shitty social game has her on the way out 3 weeks into the game – AND THE GIRL HAS HAD A GOLDEN KEY GIVING HER 4 WEEKS OF SAFETY! Worse yet, her social game is still digging her into an even bigger hole as if it’s not big enough.


I’m shocked that Jeff, Jordan, Brenda & Boy George managed to stick together. Poor Dani had a good thing going & jumped the gun!

Also, has anyone else noticed that they NEVER show Pinto’s DR’S?


You posted on Twittwer last night that Dani told Dom, Shelly was the other vote!!! But I can’t find it anywhere in your feeds?!?!?!


Jeff is my favorite too and he was also in his last season. They mesh well together (JJ).
Do you know if HOH always plays in POV comp or only if his/her name is drawn? I’m worried about the situation with Dani; when the keys are retired she is going to go on an apeshit revenge mission. Go BRJJ 🙂


“Rachel starts whining that he doesn’t think she’s hot anymore.”

Since when was Boy George ever hot?


in Rachel Land where all the pretty butterflies, are ugly moths, and all the ugly mules are unicorns.


Well, add me to the list of fans who hated Brendan last season, but who can’t believe they’re admitting the guy’s playing a surprisingly good game this season. I think Rachel’s the one who really wanted to redeem herself, but I gotta say I think Brendan’s the one actually doing it. I still can’t watch Rachel for long without feeling like I should be holding a crucifix made out of Vagisil and Valtrex to stay safe, but as for Brendan, the guy’s actually looking alot less ‘douchebaggish’ to me;) I don’t know if I should be depressed or psyched about this;)


honestly this is starting to get boring but there is still a couple things that would make this season a little more interest one dani could try to rally the house against the big four making it obvious that those 4 will be unstoppable unless they make a move soon. That move being keep dom because obviously jeff thinks he is a huge threat then they have a better shot of getting hoh next week if that happens break up the big 4 and then get things interesting. Though i think what will happen is dom will be out dani will win hoh next week jeff will go home and then america will vote his ass right back in. So if that does happen she should get out brendon or rachel because i think dom or cassie could get voted in over rachel for sure and then we would see an actual battle go down instead of this ass kissing game so far. Honestly at the time i was kinda glad that dick left but now i really wish he would have stayed and i bet cbs does also because he would be running this game not br it would be much better.


I agree, but it’s not America, it’s wasn’t America who voted jeff to get the power in his season it was production rigging it for America’s favorites they been doing that. This season production is rigging the game so in the end it will be JJ Vs BR Good Vs Evil, America’s Sweethearts Vs, America’s Hated, Dumb Vs Dumber, Douche Vs Douchier, Floaters with Benefits Vs The Dominate Force, The Clueless Vs Crybabies LOL you get the picture. Dick leaving wasn’t a coincidence, they knew their plan of Br Vs JJ couldn’t have worked with him around they knew dick would drive Rachel bat shit crazy until she walked out, and you know Brenda would’ve followed as he didn’t want to come back anyways, but as he said, she needed the money.


The way Chen bot hesitated in the question that knocked most of the HGs out of that HOH, someone told her to change the answer so BR would be the last standing and would win.


If I’m wrong then one of BR/JJ will be evicted in the next few weeks.


“Brendon start farting. Rachel is trying to smell his farts.”

LOL why would anyone want to smell farts?, especially a man’s fart, our farts are devastating we clear out whole rooms. I cleared out a small classroom once it was hilarious.


Can anyone confirm if Dani actually now knows that Jeff now knows that she tried to get him backdoored and evicted? Or Dani still think that the POV won’t be used but Dom will stay? Does she know that Brenchel told J/J everything she said and is now officially public enemy number 1? If that’s the case, she’s definitely done next week without the POV or HOH.


Honestly I think she realizes that B/R are not going to backdoor J/J but I don’t think she realizes that B/R are telling J/J everything she is telling them or else she would not be still trying to get them to backdoor J/J. Jeez she is sooo stupid she started turning to early in the game.


Thx for the update. I’m very shocked that Dani tried to pull this now. I understand doing this later but she pulled the trigger way too soon and now will probably end up regretting it tremendously. She was sitting pretty till now. Now she’ll be the number 1 target. She HAS to win the HOH or POV next week if not it’s game over!


Also did we have ever get confirmation that the voted off houseguest ( excluding ED) are in sequester or not?


Yes Cassi & Keith are in sequester. Someone’s coming back in some fashion I’m sure. Maybe even as early as this week if not next. Prob for the top 10.


It’s obvious just by a lot of the posts here that people base their opinion on the game on who they like or hate and not on who has the best strategy at all. And you wonder why production might feel it necessary to get involved with rigging the game when so many of the viewers clearly do not watch on a game play stand point and only on a personality contest.

I absolutely can’t stand Brenden and Rachel either as far as their personalies, but I can be objective enough to admit they are clearly playing smarter and harder than half the house.


cosign. I said this in one of my previous posts. These guys personalities suck..however they have their head in the game and they are dominating massively. They are beasts at competitions and even their social game is strong to a point – because others ALLOW them to strongarm them and get the outcome that they want. Unfortunately it will bite them int he endgame.


Their personalities have been very lame but they are looking better each day with the way their game went from zero to one hundred in a day. I always hated the way they played with the power tripping and fit throwing passive-aggressive BS. I am not sure what changed but they did a 180 for sure. I wonder if Production finally coached them on how to play…? Have they had the POV ceremy yet? I can’t wait to see if BR stick to their guns.




Is it a slow day in the house today? No updates… Isnt the POV ceremony today?


There is tons happening in the house right now .. It all started a bit after 10:30 so a update is coming. Lots of conversations going on dawg is on it.


There is 2 fights starting up one in HOH another in the Backyard, brendon Vs Dani and Jeff Vs. Dom


I don’t have the feeds, but thank God I have this site:)


Dawg and Simon do a great job hitting the main points in a dull season. There is so much dribble, I know I would say f**k it.
Thanks and cant wait to here the latest.


AWESOME!! Cant wait to hear about Jeff and Dom’s fight lol


People with thin skin and take things personally really easy would not get along with him. I really don’t think he’s being malicious at all. He’s just sarcastic and blunt and won’t put up with BS and wishy washiness. I like people like that who are going to be straight with me and not just tell me what I want to hear. He called Rachel out on her BS on the challenge with the bubble gum and stuck up for Jordan (and not only for being his girlfriend, but the principal of the situation.) Who else has had the balls to do that? That’s one of the things I find sexy about him…he’d give it to me straight but have my back at the same time. Plus, he’s hot, so he’s the whole package baby! MmmmmHmmmm! Love me some Jeff! lol


Uh-oh look out! Lawon is gonna start dominating competitions!!!!!!



Curious to know why Production left Bratchell’s nom speech out of the episode when she mentioned the ‘if you’re not talking game to us then you’re talking about us’. Are they going for a Rachel Redemption edit over the next few weeks? Of course nothing could redeem her due to her true colors (karma chameleon) not being able to be hidden for long.