Big Brother Spoilers – Dani tells Rachel she’ll be pissed if Dom leaves “You Royally Screwed Me”

7:40pm dani working out and Kalia laying in the hammock Dani is saying that the entire house is terrified to make a move she doesn’t think BR will use the POV. Dani proposes it would be hilarious if they can get Brendon to use the POV and put up Lawon. Kalia asks if she should start working that angle. Dani: “yeah for sure”. Dani tells Kalia that how the house is right now they can’t trust Shelly that Shelly will do whatever JJ tell her to do. Dani doesn’t even know why Shelly is in the game she’s JJ’s slave. dani is pissed that BR will not take her strategy seriously, she thinks it’s a joke that BR are walking around like he controls the house, “Rachel got was the first one to jury and brendon lasted a couple more week.. that makes them experts?” Dani says she finds it a bit tacky that Jeff and Brendon go around bullying everybody, “Jordan does jack squat give me a break”. Dani: “I just want this week to be over with”

7:45pm Kitchen Jeff, Jordan, Shelly There doing a bit of hating on dani right now. Jeff calls her a BLANK little jealous BLANK. They instruct Shelly to just agree with whatever Dani says and not to worry JJ knows what is going on and shelly is still cool with them. Brendon comes down. JOrdan tells him that Dani said “I’m not here to win money for a big brother wedding and i’m not here to have fun at big brother summer camp with my boyfriend” Jeff calls her a bitch again.

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8:10pm Kitchen a bunch of houseguests milling around making food… BLANK really getting tense. porsche seems to be getting bigger.

8:23pm Dani and Dom flirting and working out

8:26pm kalia inhales her fajita even though she found it too spicey

8:27pm Adam just finished telling Jeff all about the 21 gun salute and how you only hear 3 gun shots because they are trained to all fire at the same time. Adam doesn’t think he would do well in the Military theres too many rules. Jeff: “There big on waking up early and I’m not a early riser”, jeff leaves adam alone to finish.

8:25pm Rachel working out no talking working out

8:38pm Dani and Rachel rachel is trying to tell her that Dom doesn’t have the votes to stay and she doesn’t think Brendon will use the POV. Dani says she’s getting ‘Royally Pissed… they royally screwed her”. Dani points out again that it was Rachel and Brendon that got her to go to Dom and build a friendship with him and she’s telling her now that they can trust dom. She feels like now they are all going against her for now reason she was just doing what they wanted her to do. She’s not going to be pissed If Lawon or Adam goes but she’ll be pissed that Dom goes.

8:48pm Jordan and Rachel Hammock they can’t seem to figure out why Dani was making a move so early in the game. Rachel thinks that maybe someone is feeding dani information. Jordan thinks it might be the case, she points out JEff saying early today how it’s odd dani would pull the trigger. they all thought Dani was a smart player. Rachel thinks it might just be Dani and Dom feeding off each other. Rachel also believes that it has something to do with Keith and Cassi. Rachel instructs Jordan to make everyone think the plan is to BF Lawon. She thinks that all the newbs except for Shelly are trying to pull something and she wants Lawon to spill his guts. Jordan says that Shelly is inside right now gathering information. Jordan adds that she doesn;t trusts Kalia anymore. rachel doesn’t either but notes that Kalia is scared enough to sway right now.

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90 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Dani tells Rachel she’ll be pissed if Dom leaves “You Royally Screwed Me”

    1. Of course she did. She overplayed her hand and did so way too soon.
      But she’s obviously not going to admit that. She’s going to try to sway BR back to her side, and probably attempt to do the same with JJ. If she were to talk to BR and JJ together and do some damage control, Dani might actually have a chance. She would bring up that the only reason she has been sticking with Dom is because BR told her to and that she’s still totally for a final 5.

    2. What I don’t understand though is why Dani is still so hell bent on keeping Dom especially now that he is obviously becoming a sinking ship. Its not too late to back up and change her game plan. There are still plenty of newbies in the house to work and she may even be able to win back in her original alliance. Its odd that she has put her whole game on keeping Dom. That seems so crazy that she is this vested in him.

  1. I am currently watching BBAD and guess what,……BRJJ and Shelly are looking at a spider. Isn’t this the same thing JJ did all night during their last season,….look at spiders all day? How exciting!

    I am sick of no one having any balls to play the game. How in the heck can people be so comfortable in this house that they have the time to be watching a spider for an hour ? This house is full of a bunch of idiots. BRJJ are not a smart alliance, it’s just that everyone in the house is sooooo dumb and have no balls. The only person in the house that is not stuck up JJ’s a** is Dani. Even B/R is bending over backwards for this couple. I don’t get it. Can someone please wake up and play this freakin game….I’m waiting…

    1. Sonya I think your idea that BR and JJ do not know how to play this game is as stupid as the way Dani is acting they planning and tactically eliminating the threats ono by one If you flip to soon you risk putting targets on your alliance you create kaos at strategic times and your girl dani doesnt know shit didnt last as long as any of these players did and aint shit without EVIL holding her hand even EVIL knew when it was in his best interestto flip the script you are just a puppy trying to piss with the big dogs like Dani sorry to be so mean but this is a thinking game not an acting game

      1. so are u one of the big dogs?…. heheheh….bet if you were on the show you’d be jumping on the brenchel bandwaggon licking brendons ass

        And to the original message….yes your right this season is boring….but their not expected to be talking game 24 hrs and competing 24 hrs a day…..they have to live together throughout the summer all day everyday and i’m sure if you were on there you wouldn’t be much more entertaining.

      2. Actually, Dani quite made it to the final two on her season, so if anybody on this season who knows how to play the damn game it IS Dani…and she is trying to put miss Rachel and Brenda up on game but they are so dumb. I do give credit where it is due, Rachel is smart ashell and she be knowing her shit and that ct be denied if u tried, but BR get in their OWN way lik they did last season. She wud be a beast in the game without him there…I may actually like her then. Lol
        And it sucks how ppl are so quick to give Evel Dick all the credit for thei success on BB…granted he had the tactics and things and stirred up the house like only he cud, Dani was doing a lot of that leg work and winning comps and shit so ppl shud know their facts b4 they go ranting off and discrediting ppl. Its called TEAMwork.
        But I’m still pulling for Dani though. Please do not forget that this girl and her father went against their alliance in their season and picked them bitches off one by one like they were lint on a sweater. Dnt underestimate the chick. Bt yes, all in all, its looking real sloppy in the BB house right now….and boring, so why NOT shake this shit up?…

    1. In BB10, I think it was Dan and Memphis who kept catching moths for their pet spider! It had made this huge web, and they would throw bugs in the web to watch the spider spin it and eat it!!! It was sick :D

  2. At this point, I don’t care what Rachel does with the veto as far as hoping for drama. The tension will build no matter what she does.

  3. anyone else laugh as hard as I did when on the live show Pinto’s guess for the “celebrity guest visit” was MICHAEL FREAKIN’ JACKSON…,,,, are you kidding me? I mean production must of laughed for hrs

      1. Oops, that wasn’t supposed to be a response to the earlier statement. I’ll take 2 extra drinks for that.

      2. What I thought was even funnier was BrenDUMB getting mad at RacHELL for helping pinto. But I didn’t hear who RacHELL actually told her to guess.

    1. Nothing that idiot Pacer does or says surprises me. And what’s with the wardrobe? (or lack thereof I should write) she literally bought that gross green track suit, then put it on, then proceeded to wear it. Did she look in the mirror and actually think, ” I look good!”????? I feel like grabbing a pair of scissors and cutting those damn pocket flaps off the back of her fat ass!!!

    2. Lawon guessed some chick. I forget who, but I was thinking, so you think that guy who was out there had a girls name?

  4. Drunk with power, trippin’ on overconfidence and arrogance. It’s almost always the cause of a hard downfall for a small alliance with a cushion of floaters.

    1. With our luck, it will blow up at 11:45 with the best parts happening at 3 am. Or these douches will just stare at bees, ants, nail polish and all we will get is boring chit chat all night.

    1. I just posted a comment about Kalia eating all the time…each time I log into live feeds she is either sleeping or eating

  5. I know this is off topic but wonder why there are no have-nots this week…..also, speaking of that, how do we vote for what food they will eat?

  6. Why is Jeff being such an asshole to Dani? I mean, yes, she wants him out. But that’s no reason for him to go bashing her. Just a week ago, there were good friends. Is it that bad of Dani to just want a strong competitor out?
    My views on all of the houseguests:
    Jeff – Way overrated. At least he’s got some strategy this season. Too bad that with more game comes more rude, unjustifiable comments.
    Jordan – Overrated as well. She’s not much of a competitor, but she does have a great social game, I’ll give her that.
    Brendon – Way too cocky and arrogant. For someone who claims that everything is “not rocket science,” he’s not that smart…
    Rachel – Great competitor, no social game.
    Dani – I liked her in S8, so I may be biased, but I do want her to win this season. Unfortunately, she played too hard this week. I think she saw that her moves were going undetected last week and decided to step it up this week. Too bad it backfired. I bet she’ll win the next HOH though, especially if it’s endurance.
    Dom – I liked him and his alliance with Dani, but looks like he’ll be out the door this week. I would be happy to see him or Cassi come back to the house and team back up with Dani.
    Adam – I think he’s laying low now, but will be able to make a power move within a few weeks.
    Porsche – She may be a good competitor once the golden key is over. But as for right now, I just think she’s annoying.
    Kalia – Uh…what is she doing?
    Lawon – *look at Kalia*
    Shelly – She’s playing both sides well. I think it’s going to backfire soon though.

    1. I agree with your thoughts. The twist Thurs better be house shaking to get the Brenchel Show over with.

    2. He’s upset because she is turning on the final 5 alliance and him specifically.The language may be a little harsh, but his attitude towards her is justified. And then there’s the matter of the half a million dollars he would lose out on if she’s successful. Jeff hasn’t won one thing so far, but Dani is trying to peg him as the strongest player in the game. I don’t get that.

    3. Mostly agree w u onyour assessments of HGs except for the following:
      Jeff– I still like him. In fact, I like it when he starts getting all pissy and throwing around the f- bombs…
      Pacer– I think won’t ever accomplish anything in that house aside from splitting the seams in her pants
      Dani– I was Dani FTW up til a couple of days ago. She has some serious issues with wanting attention and credit for things– like in S8. *btw: is everyone forgetting tht endurance w cold water was not her thing? POVs, yes, but when Evel stayed in tht endurance for like 8 hours, she was out in 2…*
      Roachel– I don’t know where to start. I guess I’m still picturing her crying in the bushes, wanting Ragan there to taunt her…

      1. LORI right on Dani aint shit without EVIL The care bear bunch are playing it smart only create kaos when it gives you an advantage they are thinking and thats what will bring this bunch down

      2. …and Dani was skinny and all of 98lbs drom being on slop that summer as well….against two big guys…just sayin…

    4. I agree with you on every point other than Dani. I’ve never been big on the ‘play with a guy emotionally so they can do all the dirty work for you’ strategy.

      I liked the fun loving, funny, no bullshit Jeff but I really dislike this arrogant, overconfident guy that personally bashes people to the point of death threats.

      Never liked BR for all the reasons mentioned by so many others on this site.

      BB has become all about the numbers and using people to your advantage. It seems like most people forget that HOH is not God, the power lies with the houseguests votes.

      I think we all rightly feel cheated by this set up with the vets vs noobs and the golden key, not to mention the constant casting of your typical stereotypes and production interference that make the show way too predictable.

    5. Erm…Jeff isn’t saying anything that Dani hasn’t lied about. Dani has been spreading lies and seeds everywhere. She’s a whiner and moaner just like her season when all she wanted to do was canoodle with Nick. Thank goodness Evel put an end to that. Only then did she get her head in the game and win POVs and HOHs but I always thot she was a spoilt brat. I hated the way she treated Evel and I thot she would be more mature now but nope. She’s like Rachel but she’s actually just an angry person inside. At least Rachel has insecurities and reacts in a catty annoying way. Dani likes to twist reality and play the victim and throw her toys out of the pram when things don’t go her way. Never rated her. On the whole, this cast is overrated. Can Evel and Cassi come back as a pair pls?

    6. I totally agree. Spot on analysis of the situation. I’m a Dani fan too…she can definitely come back from this. Like I said in a previous post, this is the same girl who, with her father, picked off their entire alliance and sent they asses to the Jury House. EVERYbODY that was in the Jury that season was their alliance…and that’s 7 ppl….if that isn’t BAD ASS I dnt know what is.

      1. don’t forget dom is fez, rachel is rachell or rachoff or rachoe, brendon is brenda, brendumb.jordon is jordough, jordumb, dani is danyawn Kalia is also kaka and lawon is lawnman, jeff is jerk and adam is scrotum. LOL

    1. LOVE the new Lawon!!! Better than other pic… U should switch it!!!! Did u see the BB Brady Bunch one???? That and the super huge Roachel pic r my faves on the rtvzone site!

  7. Trivia for the night:

    Guess the houseguest!

    1-OMG you’re so annoying
    2-you know what I mean?
    3-her mouth makes very weird movements when she speak
    4-it’s not rocket science!
    5-plays with her hair when she gets nervous
    6-My favorite colors are pink and grey!
    7-no one else cleans, so I will
    8-I curse way too much
    9-no one pays attention to me?! Why? All my friends are girls!

    Go! (I know, I’m missing one)

    1. Guess the houseguest!

      1-OMG you’re so annoying – Rachel
      2-you know what I mean? – Jordon
      3-her mouth makes very weird movements when she speak Kalia a.k.a Audrey II
      4-it’s not rocket science! – Brenda
      5-plays with her hair when she gets nervous – Cassi
      6-My favorite colors are pink and grey! – Porsche a.k.a Pacer
      7-no one else cleans, so I will – Shelly
      8-I curse way too much – Brenda & Jeff
      9-no one pays attention to me?! Why? All my friends are girls! – Rachel

      1. I didn’t realize a few would repeat.

        I have heard Dom say OMG a couple times

        I thought Dani said she noticed RacHELL twirling her hair the season before.

        1. True. He does say it, but Dani says it way more than he does.
          Jordan always plays with her hair, especially her bangs. :)

    2. 1-OMG you’re so annoying – Dominatrix/Dani
      2-you know what I mean? – Law On/Lawon or Dom
      3-her mouth makes very weird movements when she speaks — Koala/Kalia
      4-it’s not rocket science! – Badennan/Brendon
      5-plays with her hair when she gets nervous – Cookie Dough/Jordan
      6-My favorite colors are pink and grey! – Portapotty/Porsche
      7-no one else cleans, so I will – Shell Shocked/Shelly
      8-I curse way too much – Death Threat/Jeff
      9-no one pays attention to me?! Why? All my friends are girls! – RatHell/Rachel

  8. I wonder why BR haven’t thought about backdooring Dani since they are so suspicious of her now. They could just make the power move and get it over with. They would probably still have Dom on their side for now.

    1. They can’t because she has a golden key…..that means she is safe until next week or the week after(but they better get her out quick)….. because she has a troop of newbies..on herside.

  9. dang it! I keep forgetting about the golden key! I’m not used to so many people being safe at one time. Not sure if I like it because it kind of takes away from the anticipation of who gets nominated in the beginning.

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  11. Does Kalia ever stop eating? Each time I log into the live feeds she is either sleeping or eating. She looks like she has put on a few pounds in the 3 weeks they have been in the house…..maybe she should enjoy a few weeks of BB Slop…thats IF she stays past the next week.

  12. Danielle is at least willing to shake things up. Jordan had a PRIME OPPORTUNITY to dispatch Brenda or Roachel and declined, opting for a cowardly move. BR are way to arrogant and again, they’re just not as bright as they say they are. Brenda’s domineering attitude needs to be smacked down a peg and Roachel, I’m convinced, has mental health issues. Shelly seems like a lesbian and her vote against Keith put her in the lying bitch category. Jeff is a hothead and a bit ignorant. While personally I don’t care for the Doms of this world he’s at least playing and playing bold. Hopefully he survives and, along with Danielle, will be the bane of BR and JJ’s summer.

    1. Dani, played herself. She went after a power player way to early….she is not that good…uou see how she exposed herself and her plan, now she’s outted…I guess with out her POP she is not the mastermind everyone thinks she is…..I didn’t care for her game play in S8 and would love to see her go soon and not make jury.

  13. I am so tired of everyone talking bout oh jeff and jordan Jordan only won because she floated through the whole game and it was handed to her and Dani umm she is so fugly she looks like a Who from whoville! Shes lucky she got the golden key!

  14. i’m not reading through everything so if i repeat anything than sorry…dani is a competitor and she proved that in her first season with her pov wins…but lets face it…the only reason she stayed in that game so long was because she had her dad to protect her…he saved her with the pov and if he would have used it on himself no matter who would have went up in his place danielle would have been gone…she didn’t really have any game strategy…i liked her in that season but this season she is just annoying and arrogant…she played too hard too fast and unless she or dom win some hoh’s and pov’s i don’t think she will be around much longer…as for her calling jeff a bully…it’s such a joke…what does she think she is trying to do with rachel?…jeff does say some things that are a little…bold…but as far as bullying goes all he does ask what side people are on and then say we have the votes…is that so bad?…all of the vets are a bit arrogant but when you have a season behind you (especially when you were in final 2) it’s gonna make you think you can play this game better than the newbs…jeff and jordan’s attitude is far better than dani’s and brenchle’s…i was excited to see dani come in the door until about 2 weeks ago when she started to get on my nerves…now her and brenchle are on about the same level for my tolerance…

  15. JJ are America’s sweethearts based on their original season. Had this been their introduction to BB fans, they’d be down there with Natalie and Jesse no doubt. You can tell neither of them have ever nor will ever make a strong play. Same can be said for BR apparently. BR don’t realize that the entire house is “befriending” JJ right before their eyes. Jordon picking shelly and kalia should have been a two-by-four to their head…but it wasn’t. A great / BR power move would have been to back door JJ and send Jeff home. Jordon would have asked to go home after that. She’s useless on her own. BR could have then aligned with Dani and Dom (the only real competitors remaining) and marched unchallenged to final 4…guaranteed. Now the first non-veteran to win, BR goes on the block or is back-door-ed. Guaranteed.

    I figured this season was shot after the entire new cast was bullied by Brenden in the HOH, yet listened to him and did as he said. WHY? Give me a break. Kalia and Shelly are turncoat / traitors. Golden key holders are: porsha / the coffee table, self righteous BLANK artist shelly, and the poseur 90210 metal head shtick of adam. Of course dani has one as well, however that was due to her dad’s unforeseen departure.

    Unless BB shakes BLANK up by allowing america to create a duo from those voted out / and get them back into the house…the season is cooked. I can’t watch that delusional fat hog kalia ramble about nothing, nor can i handle BR as their egos grow. as for JJ, after two seasons…neither of them watches the show? wow.

    i may be an ex die-hard fan after this one. worst in history!

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