Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia tells Rachel that her and Dani need to talk to her today..

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9:10am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Jordan, Rachel and Shelly are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. They talk about how they will all be called in to the diary room and how the others are still sleeping because they stayed up all night. Rachel says that she views this like a job and that you have to listen to people. Shelly heads out into the backyard to have a smoke and starts studying the events of the house. Shelly and Lawon are now in the bathroom getting ready. Lawon says that he had to get ready because he was going to be called into the diary room. Shelly says the man of the hour! Go get em! Kalia is now up and in the kitchen, she tells Rachel that she wants to talk to her with Dani. Rachel says okay. Kalia gets called to the diary room. Kalia tells Rachel to keep it between them and not tell anyone else.

10am Rachel goes out into the backyard where she is all by herself. Rachel goes up to a camera and starts talking to it. She says that she hopes Brendon is listening. Rachel says that if you are listening Brendon .. I am all alone in this house …Jordan has Jeff… and Porsche kind of back stabbed me …she even told me I went crazy. Rachel says that she really needs to align with someone strong. Rachel says that Kalia came up to her and said that she wants to talk to her but that they need to wait for Dani to be there. Rachel says isn’t that weird, isn’t Kalia her own person? Rachel asks why would I want to work with Kalia and Dani …when all I will be is the third wheel. Rachel says that she is trying really, really hard! She says it is really hard playing the game without you, but I am going to fight really hard .. I know I don’t have any more chances so I have to make the right decisions. Rachel says that she loves and misses him.

10:10am – 10:40am Shelly, Rachel, and Kalia are out in the backyard talking about random stuff. They talk about how they need games or something in the house to not be so bored. Rachel starts talking about her season. They talk about the missing chess pieces and other items. Kalia is playing dumb pretending she has no idea about where the items are and who did it.

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rachel talks to Dani. Don’t worry, even though you will be evicted and coming back. Dani will get her next week. Brendon will be proud by Jeff wins the HOH and POV twice. Dani will be at Jury House on her birthday. Rachel will be Happy to see her go. :)


Jeff will win it twice. Definitely. dani’s dad and Simon are sad. Its ok. JJ don’t hold grudges. Team JJ do not like bullies


so Volunteer is h8ter, AA, ACA anymore handles we need to know?


He thinks that we have no clue when he speaks in the same Broken. Up. Sentences. & english AND about the same things.. Names don’t change anything you idiot LOL. Volunteer, AA, ACA


Absolutely Gail: Someone thinks that we have no clue when someone speaks in the same Broken. Up. Sentences. & english AND about the same things.. Names, AA, ACA Volunteer, don’t change anything. whoever did this is a idiot LOL. I know Gail. Someone probably stupid enough of Sentences & English and same thing. Beside I stand up for AA (ACA). He not an idiot. So, whoever did this is an idiot. Simon, please whoever sentence does not make sense. Please let Gail know that whoever wrote this is an idiot. Beside Gail Rockstar is not an idiot, neither is AA. So, fine someone else. AA (ACA) is perfect English.


Sorry Rockstar…he is not me,Season 11 I was Nasty H8ter on here,because I hated Nasty Nat.


If you remember Rockstar,we had a bet in Season 11 about you posting Jordan Rocks if she won the one event that week and she did and I must say you did post it also.


If Simon can look into it he will see I am not Aca or aa, but I do share the same outlook. Team JJ like you Rockstar. Welcome.


If Simon can look into it he will see I am not Aca or aa, or h8ter, trhis is only name i use unless i am on my desktop which is ifcomplndntwatch but I do share the same outlook. Team JJ like you Rockstar. Welcome.


ACA = aa
thats the only one that is the same.


I comment in different houses all the time. Therefore different IP’s.. Pretty sure there’s nobody like him that comments the exact same way but hey, whatevvv


I only have one house Gail. My friends are not into BB like me. It’s ok. I accept your apology. Don’t worry about the personal attack, I won’t tell Simon. We are all on team JJ and that’s what matters. Thanks again and welcome.


Thank you simon. Rockstar and Gail said they are sorry. They just are passionate about JJ winning. Me2. I am like JJ. I dont hold grudges. Welcome to the team guys. Awesome. Dont invite bullies. Brendon is sick of watching movies. Thursday is going to be exciting.


Thanks Simon for clearing that up,still waiting for the avatar changes,always great seeing how you match them to the players nicknames.


Hi h8ter Gail. Says sorry. Team JJ is huge


holy fragmented personas. You have serious issues LOL. Probably did a lot of running just now take a breather, have a big mac!


You are right Garret:) Holy fragmented personas. Rockstar and Gail need a Big Mac.


You are right Garret Holy fragmented personas. Rockstar and Gail need a Big Mac.


I like nuggets, sorry.


I’ll admit to being wrong when I’m wrong – AA and ACA are the same people however H8ter is not.


Apparently not cuz u didn’t mention volunteer like u did in ur way off base and wrong 1st post. U figured out aa is aca. Ur the second coming of k.


I agree with Rachel. The Kalia + Dani talk is really weird. I’m all for secret alliance, but not this sort of threesome.


Yes I agree. Kalia is really about the sapphic charm.


Actually Kalia likes Jordo.


If i were Rachel I would join KD, the final 3 is really just a crap shoot. Rachel could easily win F3 HoH against Dani and Kalia. She would have a tough time against JJ.


Is Dani really down the secret alliance?


Considering that Dani is Kalua’s vag puppet, Dani is down with it.


Dani is in a secret alliance with her self.


Here is a poll that I would like to see put up:

When will Kalia shut the f*?k up?


LOL no doubt eh..


in da jury!

Nicki Minaj

The person who comes back will be the HOH, just like in BB11 week 1, with Jessie.


Jessie is coming back as HOH with a gold key you just wait.. ;)


Now that is a grenade BOOM YO!!!


faints.. someone quick make me a sandwich


OMG, Simon you did it now (LOL)!!!!!! Do you realize how many posters will NOT know (and appreciate) your wonderful sarcasm and think you are serious. I can not wait to see all the comments tihs post generates. Thanks for making my day.


I’m mad you took Nicki Minaj’s name. I love her. LOL

Nicki Minaj

LOLOL I bet i like her more ;]

But im only a 12 year old boy ;(

Team Brenchel ;] BRENDON COME BACK !!


Jesse will wrestle lawon and brendon will come back


WHat Brendans been up to since last week. If only the “Weeping Hyena” knew!

this link doesn’t work -s


Was was he doing??

Dark Horse

what was the point of this link?
a dirty skittles commerical??!! – how does that relate to Brendon?


worked for me…OMG HILARIOUS LOL


I am still in shock over last night. I was dumbfounded. I can’t believe DK spent so much time trying to think of ways to convince the HGs to vote out Lawon, when the house already plans on it. Plus, it does not benefit them to vote out Lawon. Also, the whole throwing the HOH to Shelly is absurd. And for what? Dani wants to be HOH when it is her birthday the following week. Also looking forward to the conversation they have with Rachel because Shelly is already one step ahead of them by telling Rachel what they will do.

I wonder what is going through Dani’s head. I just don’t get it. You would think that maybe she is pulling the wool over Kalia’s eyes, but she has absolutely no one to fall back on.

Nicki Minaj

LOOLOLOL I’m sorry i just find “DK” funny, because DK stands for Donkey Kong, and Kalia does look like Donkey Kong LOOOOOL.




Big Brother, do me a favor. If Brendon comes back. i want to see Brendon and Jeff Not only Shomance with Jordan or Rachel but having Bromance (Buddies) with each other. Breff or Jrendon. Breff or Jrendon will send Dani back to Jury House.


Yeah, Jeff and Brendan could take turns backdooring each other.


Loved the pic of Shelly up top.. Also, I doubt rachel will work with them (The right decision for her is to not as she was incinuating on the cam)

Dis Ain't Rocket Science Yo

Kalia tells Rachel that her and Dani need to talk to her today..



Simon, for shelly’s avatar, how about a picture of a cow’s dung because she’s feeding them all a bunch of bull sh….


So they vote out Lawon and then Brendan comes back…I’m not a fan of Brenchal but that would be worth it to see the look on DK’s faces


NOT that it’d happen, but wouldn’t it be funny if Dani and Rachel teamed up, and screwed idiot Kalia? Now THAT would be epic! The two strongest women in the house fighting against the rest of the house? Just saying it’s a thought, but doubt it’d happen. It’s too bad that Dani made her move early in the game, which caused the rift between her, BR and JJ. I still understand her wanting to make a bold move, and teamed up with the newbies, but these newbies are messed up.

Cruddy's Bitch

I love how DK have said EVERYTHING and talked themselves out of believing it like 5 times already (like Shelly has a final 2 deal with everyone and the twist will be evicted HGs playing to come back in) AND Lawon and Porsche have BOTH told them that they think A & S are playing with JJ. SO STUPID I love it


DK have become the biggest joke (next to Lawon & Keith) this BB season! They talk about S playing both sides but then, by some miracle of miracles, she’s suddenly shooting straight with them! How stupid can two people be!! Now, they actually think that R is going to want to align with them? Though I suppose it’s not out of the realm of possibility given R’s own stupidity but, HELLO!!!, what happened to the original plan of getting B out (done!) then R out???? My god, these two morons are exhausting to watch. I can only imagine what Evil Dick must be saying about the asinine moves his daughter is making, over and over and over again….(ED: “WTF is she doing??????)


I’m confused .. How did J&J backstab rachel?

Cruddy's Bitch

Oh and I love how Dani is talking about how stupid Lawon is and how much she hates him…wait…weren’t DK just talking about how AWFUL JJR are for talking bad about the HGs? Oh old habits die hard!!!!

Dark Horse

Rachel really looked at the camera and said…to Brendon “I am all alone in this house” – umm Rachel he knows, he just left last week…smh

My Rocket Scientist will soon marry the Dumbest Broad in the World…
I feel sorry for their unborn already…


if ED was still in i have no doubt the donatos would have won. in the 2 short episodes he was in he was dusting them and running the vetrans. he coulda made an alliance with anyone and they woulda listened. now danielle is tryin to prove she can play by herself but she isnt doin great. still cheerin for her though. jeff and jordan are so annoyin this season


I don’t think so. They were eveyone’s number one targets and I think people in the house would have evicted them simply to say that they actually evicted Evel. The personalities in the house are more A type than the ones BB8 also. They would not have been intimidated by Evel. I would have loved to have watched Evel tear Brenchel a new one tho. That would have been great. Evel leaving actually helped Dani to a certain extent. She floated under the radar till she self destructed.


i dnt think so. jeff and brendon were probably the only ones that woulda had the balls to stand up to him eventually and i think dick woulda struck first.


??? From what I have seen of those two, they would have tucked their tails between their legs and went and laid down in their beds. Like the good little lap dogs they would be for ED. ED is on a different level gameplay wise then those two tools.


Are you serious? they wouldn’t have been intimidated by ED? hell thier intimidated by BR/JJ….ED woulda ate them alive and laughed about it!!!!!!!!!!


One thing is for certain. Lawon is done in this game. He won’t beat the returning HG. That HG will either be Dom or Brendon. I know there are a lot of Cassi fans and even i was all for her returning but BB will ensure that the player returning will ensure the most drama. Brendon is the obvious choice BUT the house is tilting against Dani and Kalia hence they might send someone in to balance things out. Dom would be an instand upgrade on Lawon. Having said that I still think BB want a B/R vs J/J showdown so my money is on Brendon coming back on Thu.


Dick and Dani have issues for the one simple fact – she is her father’s daughter. Both of them are tough and refuses to see another side to the story. Both feel they are right and the other one is wrong and with two such strong personalities, it’s like oil and water but they both love each other. They just have too much pride and neither side is willing to let the other one win or one up them. We all have people in our lives who bug the shit out of us.


Rachel becomes upset with Brendon because he gives up to easy and Rachel does not give up. She loves the guy, I believe she does BUT he drives her nuts because he quits and she won’t.


so what do you think of shelly? you may have already answered but I can’t remember.


deebee- I am not a Shelly fan. I can’t take to her. Her voice, her lips they give me nightmares. Honestly I had a nightmare last week she was chasing me. I also believe that Shelly is star struck over JJ. She would do anything for them. They would not and will not defend her or save her unless of course it is against Dani or Kalia. — now with that said I think Shelly is going an awesome job. If I liked her, I would think she was an evil genius. but I can’t because those gross lips make my stomach turn and I have to peak through my fingers when she is the main focus on the feeds or on the cbs show. Yikes. What about you? What are you thinking?


Does anyone else notice how Dani gives up when she loses the manipulative power over people (Kalia)!! Once they start thinking for themselves (however dumb it may be) she give up. That’s why she wants Dom back she could mold that momma’s boy anyway she wanted. Wait till she finds out he is a virgin….the poor dumb shit won’t know what hit him. Ever wonder why she is still single….it’s called selfish BITCH. Ask her Dad he will agree.


If Kalia was my partner doing all stupid things she did I would give up too.


If Kalia was my partner, I would spread around a rumour that she is in love with Jeff or Brenden if he comes back into the house. This will get Jordon and Rachel mad. haha Then I would slip her some ipecac so she would spend her time in the toilet instead of running her stupid ass mouth.


Dani gots the hots for Dom. Dom said he has the hots for Lawon. Annie has the hots for Dani.


I think ED was the bast BB player ever. HE was so entertaining to watch. I would fins myself up at 2:00 Am just watching. He was funny!!


Que inspirational music:

“Both of them are tough and refuses to see another side to the story. Both feel they are right and the other one is wrong and with two such strong personalities, it’s like oil and water but they both love each other. They just have too much pride and neither side is willing to let the other one win or one up them.”

I think I’m going to be sick…. sorry… But seriously the above comment is exactly why I believe Dani is the actual end all be all underdog that everyone is supposed to be rooting for this season, seems pretty obvious to me. No thanks, not buying it.

They are ALL just a bunch of rats trying to get a little more cheese. Every one of them.


Adam wants a newbie to win, preferably himself. He will be ready to go team Dani as soon as L’n is gone and Kaka is abandoned.


Think I’m going to root for the “Straight Shooter”. She’s playing all sides and lieing to everyone. Hilarious seeing the level of ridiculous she is able to sell to dunces like Kalia and Dani.


Shelly is JOFF’s pitbull.. she’s doing all the dirty work for them.. lol

Dani and Rachel would be redic.. and add Brendan or dom and they would run the house for sure. It’d be all of their best chance to get to final 3 for sure..

From now until sun is going to be great gaming.. I think Dani is allowing Kalia to seal her own fate as being a shifty player. The prob with Dani is she’s thinking she’s the only person running the house when really Pitbull Strait Shooter is running things like a mob boss.


Kalia has diarrhea of the mouth. She’s always spilling too much info. I want to feel bad for Dani but if she throws the HOH then I’m done.


Simon, Kalia stole the chess pieces? I missed something.

Midwest Fan

Late one night Kalia and Dani hid several house items, including the chess pieces.
BB Approved House Fun.
So far, this is the one thing Kalia hasn’t told Shelley or anyone else.
I guess she can keep a secret. lol


Shelly hitched a ride on a star. She is is star struck and would kill for JJ and they would cut her throat in a heartbeat. It is sad.


I agree. JJ are stars and need to be treated as such.


They are all dumb!!! I hope porscha and Adam go all they way!!! They are playing so stupid.


Go JJ! Bring Brendan back in and stir crap up


Thx to the admin and contributors on this site.. it’s the best for sure.. ill be getting my superfan and info here every yr.


Everyone seems to think Porsche is doing nothing and somehow she escaped being on the block last week and this week. So she is the big player in my eyes. She has a deal with Rachel, Shelly and now Dani escape that whole deal. The BB feeds aren’t showing us something there!


My heart wants Dom to come back in but truly I don’t want Dani to have him. So bring it on Cassi, that would be hilarious for her to walk back in. And I think Lawon can beat Dom so Lawon would come back too.


Yeah, I don’t get it, Kalia wanted Rachel out and now she has secured her being in. Go figure…just when I respected her game she turns tail and chicken runs.


If Kalia would spend more time LISTENING and stop laying around the HOH room discussing her game play in her annoying self-aggrandizing style, she would realize they’ve totally misjudged the pulse of the house.

She does not realize the whole house doesn’t respect her as HOH and that they’ve already dismissed Lawon as just a Court Jester. They had a perfect opportunity to boot Rachel,yet insecurities in Kaila’s gameplay and a desperate need to be liked by J/J has turned this opportunity into one of the most colossal mistakes of BB History.

They only touch on Shelly’s deception and Adam’s equivocating yet they never do anything about it. Then there’s crazy talk of throwing an HOH? That doesn’t seem like Dani at all.

This season obviously isn’t about talent,as usual J/J will wait everybody out,lounging as if they are at Club Med, then be handed the win in the end.

Uncle Cool

To be ‘liked’ by JJ seems to be the fashion in the house.

Adam, Shelly and now Kalia doing their bidding.

They just seem star struck.

I really hope it’s just an act on the part of Shelly and Adam. I think if those two work together, they can get to final three at least.

Aqua Bernie

I think hiding things in the house is so childish. They should grow up. And as for Kalia she said one time she thinks she might too smart! Well genius!! How did you just mess up your game? Maybe overthinking! DUH!!


Still don’t like Shelly, I think she’s the most two faced person that’s ever been on the show. I hope she proud of the example she has set for family. She has lied, cheated and back stabbed since day one, all that cleaning she does is so she can keep tabs on everyone. If the other side started to win she would switch over. Well she might run a big company but, I would never work for her and if I owed the company I sure would not want a sneaky person like her working for me. She will over play herself one of these days and I can’t wait. I don’t like rached but, at least she’s not as big a back stabber as Shelly.Shelly needs to go back home and never be heard of again.


You know I don’t think anyone in Big Brother has played well enough to win, do a twist this and not have a winner. This has got to be the stupids people in the world. I thought Dani was better than the others but she is proving my wrong.


Like I’ve been saying all along, Dani should suck it up and really try to team back up with Rachel. Dani is hated in the house just as much as Rachel (of course Rachel still holds the crown) but nonetheless this would be a great duo. Everyone in the house can think they hate each other. Dani can stay in good with the newbies. Rachel could do her best to stay in good with the vets (we all know JJ are keeping Rachel around only to keep the target of their backs). I think it would be a good idea. However, I know this will never happen.


A week ago I would have laughed at your idea. But Dani clearly needs to work with someone with a brain for the game. Rachel qualifies, clearly Kalia doesn’t. But all that depends on who comes back Thursday. Brendan comes back, no way it will happen. Dom comes back, maybe, but I doubt it. Cassi, good chance, they would have something in common again. If Dani can get herself out of this jam, after the other mess, she is the Teflon queen. Just not sure how many aces she has left up her sleeve.

Team Dani till the end.