Big Brother Spoilers: Dani tells Kalia that she is going to throw this weeks HOH competition to Shelly or Porsche.

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11:50pm – 12:30am Jeff and Jordan are hanging out in the hammock talking. They are trying to figure out why Lawon was nominated. They say that if Kalia wanted Rachel out.. then she should have went with Adam. Jeff and Jordan try to figure out if they are in the jury house and talk about how they are surprised they weren’t told yet. They talk about how maybe Julie Chen will tell them this Thursday. Jordan tells Jeff to be calm with Rachel. Jeff says he knows but it is hard to deal with her attitude. They talk about how they think Shelly is with them 100% and that they feel bad about what happened the other day when she was crying. Jeff says that if we could get Dani out I’d feel so much better! Jeff says that if Adam or Porsche win HOH, Dani will be up there trying to influence them. Jeff and Jordan start talking about their weights and about their past season. Jordan asks Jeff, do you think people hate us this year? Do you think we look crabby? Jeff says no! Jordan says that she feel like she bashes a lot. Jeff says I do, maybe it is a little worse this year. Jordan says that she think it is, it’s kind of embarrassing how I acted the other day, I was so mean. Jeff asks during the key ceremony? Jordan says it wasn’t like I was all like ungrateful. Jeff says well nobody ever talks during that, I don’t care that you said it, it’s good that you said it. Jordan says that she always knew Jeff was never gonna lie to her or use her or turn his back on her. Jordan says that everyone in this house even new people have doubt towards each other. I think that’s something good that we had, we were just BFF’s and I could talk to you and tell you whatever. Jeff says that he wishes they could do that with everyone. Meanwhile, Dani and Kalia are talking. Dani says that she wishes she could just punch Lawon in the face… like seriously!! Kalia and Dani talk about Lawon. Kalia says that she doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s also really making me mad. Dani says that he is getting on my nerves, I’m already moody and then he’s been mean to me on top of it, it’s really annoying. Dani tells Kalia that she is going to throw this weeks HOH competition to Shelly or Porsche.

1:50am Adam, Jeff, Rachel and Shelly are sitting on the backyard couches talking about Lawon. Jeff says that he thinks that because they were all being so positive about this week, that someone was coming back into the game.. that is why Lawon volunteered to go up. Shelly says that she thinks that Lawon wants to get voted out so he can get a pay cheque. They talk about what they think the twist will be like. Rachel says that Lawon denies knowing about going up because he doesn’t want them to know he volunteered. Rachel says that she told Kalia that there was a 100% chance if she left that she’d come back. Shelly asks if that means Lawon will come back and Rachel said she doesn’t think it’s a 100%. Shelly says that she wonders why and she says there will be some catch where you have to do something to come back and Lawon hasn’t done anything all summer so she thinks he wouldn’t have it in him. Rachel asks do you think he’s America’s Player! Shelly says that he has not campaigned for a single vote. Shelly says that he’s been doing a lot of odd things she doesn’t think the others are picking up on. Shelly says that she knows for a fact that Kalia is going to try to make a deal with Rachel. Rachel says that she doesn’t think so. Adam says that he thinks Kalia may try to cut a deal with her. Jordan joins them. Rachel says goodnight and heads inside. Shelly says that she thinks it is hilarious that Kalia thinks she has the votes to keep Lawon. Lawon then comes out into the backyard and sits on the couches wearing his face mask.

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2:15am Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Jeff tells Jordan that Porsche is always looking at him through the fucking mirrors. Jordan says that’s because she wants his body! Jordan and Rachel leave the bathroom and go to the havenot room. Rachel asks Jordan how come everyone thinks I’ll turn on Shelly and Adam? Jordan says that it just looks so weird that Lawon went up on the block, everyone is shocked because they thought Porsche would go up. Rachel says that she is with her and Jeff till the end. Jordan says that she knows Rachel is loyal. Rachel says that the only two people she trusts in this game are her and Jeff. Jordan says she trusts Rachel. Jordan tells Rachel that Shelly was with Kalia all day yesterday campaigning to save Rachel. Jeff comes into the havenot room. Rachel tells to Jeff that she only trusts the two of them. Jeff says he knows, they’re together. Jeff says that we have such an advantage right now that we have to think things out more, talk more. Jeff says that he thinks they need to get a better plan together for the HOHs. Jeff says that if we think things through we could do shit because we have the numbers. They are talk how they didn’t have their plan together for the last HOH. Rachel says that she thinks this HOH will be physical one. Jeff says that he thinks it will be a five against two in the HOH unless someone comes back. Rachel says that she is worried about Adam and Porsche hanging out because Adam might not be with them. Jeff and Jordan say that they think Adam is with them. Rachel says that she thinks that Adam is just a big floater. Rachel says that the only way she will feel safe is if one of the three of them win HOH. Rachel says that she has been a target for two fucking weeks.

2:30am Kalia and Lawon are in the backyard talking. They talk about how everyone is confused about Lawon going up as a pawn. Lawon says that Dani has been acting weird. Kalia says that Dani is acting weird because she is on her period. Kalia says that everyone was reacting today, they couldn’t believe she put up someone from her side. Kalia says that Lawon was the only one who felt comfortable going up. Kalia says that Porsche and Adam didn’t want to go up as a pawn and she didn’t want to piss anyone off. Kalia says that she was just confused that he was acting angry and surprised that he was going up. Kalia says that Rachel is now walking around acting like she is safe. Kalia tells Lawon that he needs to go back to acting like the old Lawon and drop the whole act he had going on.

2:50am In the candy bedroom, Adam, Kalia and Dani are talking. Adam asks if they think Big Brother will let him wear the Lawon’s afro wig for the live show. They all say that they think he will be allowed to. The conversation changes to talking about 90210, other random stuff and then start playing the guessing game.

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4am Out in the backyard Adam is talking to himself. He talks about Lawon going up as the replacement nominee. Adam says that just back on sunday Lawon was telling Adam that he was going to volunteer to go up and then now he acted all mad and surprised. Adam says that something is up with Lawon. Adam says that there are two Big Brother don’ts… don’t use the veto on someone other than yourself, and don’t volunteer to go up on the block. Adam says that Lawon would have the votes unless he and Shelly decided to flip but if they did then they would have Jeff and Jordan coming after them. Adam says that he wonders if sending Rachel home would hurt him, and then says that if he keeps Rachel he would probably have her jury vote and even if he and her were final two …he could probably win over her. Adam then heads inside.

4:30am – 5:40am Kalia and Dani are whispering about Lawon. Dani says that Lawon was pissing her off today. Kalia says that she had a talk with him about that tonight. Dani says that Lawon is a whack-a-do for real!! Kalia says that they have to talk to Rachel tomorrow earlier than later. Kalia says that Shelly told her to tell her what to do and that her and Adam will do what she wants. Dani says she always says that. Dani says that she needs to talk game with Adam. Kalia then heads up to the HOH room. Adam, Dani, adn Porsche continue to talk about this season and other random things..

6am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

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218 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Dani tells Kalia that she is going to throw this weeks HOH competition to Shelly or Porsche.

  1. Headline: “Dani tells Kalia that she is going to throw this weeks HOH competition to Shelly or Porsche.”

    My response: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I’m officially off the Dani bandwagon now. I just can’t cheer for anyone that stupid.
    Just when I thought they couldn’t get any dumber…. WOW.

      1. Get over Dani. She has no interest in winning. She just wants to get attention. Big difference. Dani wants to come out of Dick’s shadow, and Kalia wants to come out of Dani’s shadow. Dick played to win. Dani plays to get attention. Every time she says “yeah, let’s ask Shelli who she plans to vote out,” she has no intention on asking herself.

        Dani knows what she needs to do to win. She needs to improve her social game with Adam and Shelli. Does she do that? No, she wants Kalia to.
        Dani knows she needs to align with people who can win competitions. Does she do that? No, she wants Lawon and Kalia to win stuff. Kalia get lucky.
        Dani knows she needs to make a secret alliance that people would not suspect like Jeff has with Adam. Is she doing that with say Rachel? No because she too much pride?
        Dani knows she has to leave hoh and hang out with people like she said Dick did. Does she do that no? Kalia has more social game than Dani.

    1. I’m just about getting to the point where I’m afraid to read the spoilers! Yikes! Not really, and thank you Simon and Dawg for what you do.

      The only hope here is the eviction vote and twist will probably happen before the HOH competion. Dani may grow a brain by then. This is crazy.

      1. I think the person who comes back IS the HOH. If you remember, in BB11, the clique who won the first HOH, gained a clique-member, and the gained clique-member was the HOH. It was jessie.

        Just like BB11, the person who returns will become the HOH, im pretty sure.

        TEAM BRJJ ;]

    2. And the hits just keep ooooooooon come’n!! Un-bloody-believable!! What the hell is going on here? Dani is just throwing the game away now. If she throws the HoH then hell, she doesn’t deserve to win this game. Shout out to Dani: STEP AWAY FROM THE KOOL- AID, MOVE AWAY FROM THE KOOL-AID!!!!!

    3. C’mon ppl, have faith in the woman!!! She’s feeding a bunch of BS to Kalia. She doesn’t trust Shelly and why would she do that, throw a competition when she has almost zero allies in that house? Porsche goes where the power is, Kalia is gullible (trying to be non-offensive here) and Shelly is a fishy, sneaky rat. Dani isn’t stupid: she might be impulsive, but stupidity isn’t her middle name.

      1. Anna, I hope you’re right! However, even hearing Dani utter the words that she’s “going to throw this week’s competition to Shelly or Porche” has one thinking that her first, middle & last name are “stupidity”. She better pull it together and start getting back into this game. We’ll see!

    4. I think it’s a strategy to really know where Shelly’s allegiances lies. DANI damn knows that Kalia is gonna run her mouth to Shelly and tell her all about Dani’s idea. Kalia is the bait; will SSS take it? Get your popcorn ready!

      1. That is the only thing that makes sense. Kalia has such a big mouth and Dani knows she’s feeding info to Shelly so I hope this is a strategic move.

  2. Wow Dani and Kalia have to be some of the most dumbest players in the house. Is she serious? Why would she even think about throwing this HOH to Shelly? I swear she actually deserves to be put on the block beside Kalia. I mean come on they are being such idiots. I hope Porsha wins HOH because im sure she would probably put shelly up. Yep Dani deserves the dunce hat as well.

    1. Dani’s true colors are finally showing. She is not the competitor she claims to be. Otherwise she would align with Rachel. Dani plays personally.

  3. I find it funny that any chat room you go in about big brother 13, everyone says that either Dom or Brendon are coming back… but if you look at any of the polls out there, Cassi is the one with the votes to come back…. I know it doesnt matter anyways…. CBS will ultimatly decide who comes back, but just wanted to throw that out there

    1. Yes, she is in first on this poll but, not by much! Just two days ago Brendon was really far behind and now look. Who knows…. but I think Dom is sinking fast after this week lol

    1. I am losing interest fast. If Rachel doesn’t go home and Brendon comes back, I’m done with this season. Would rather watch RHONJ than this train wreck.

  4. God how can they trust Shelly?? Now they have absolutely no chance to make a deal with Rachel and even if they do if Rachel wins HoH they’re both going up.. Seriously it’s like they went soo high up then just shot back down below their starting point.. No return for them really unless Dom comes back or Dani wins HoH this week again

  5. If Dani throws the HOH competition then she is DUNZIO.

    Dani please wake up up and drop Kalia, she is teh worst player in teh BB House. You never keep the strongest player thinking they will keep the deal. SO STUPID!

    1. Simon made the comment last night that Dani might be feeding trash to Kalia.
      Sure hope so …………………………..

      1. no worries it’s all good.. I’ve been a JJ fan in the past and I also didn’t like Dani in bb8 or the beginning of bb13 but now i’m still very much on team dani. She’s making mistakes, has an annoying voice but i’m finding her game style very entertaining.

        After Thursday’s twist i’ll have to reevaluate things though.

  6. I was thinking last night… so I went on youtube to check and I was right…… When the show started this year, Dick and Dani said that they havent spokn since their season (Season 8) But I remember Big Brother showing a clip of them on an epsiode in the middle of BB9… So I looked around for a bit, and lone behold, there was about a 5 minute segment on Dick and Dani, and how they were getting along, went to Europe together, and Dick bought Dani a new car…. Why would they (or production) say this when anyone can see that it is not true?

    The more I think, and look into things, the more I believe these to be actors, and the show is all set up :( :( :(

    I wish Big Brother would just let the houseguest be, not have DR sessions and tell them crap, not set up comps etc…

    1. A 5 minute BB Public Relations clip, IMO, doesn’t mean Dani and Dick
      are a close daughter/father team and doesn’t count as “talking.”
      A pre-written script by BB is just that a…..script.
      Didn’t Dick say on their BB show that he would share some of his winnings with
      his daughter? Mentioned a trip and a car?
      I never expected them to become close due to their BB experience because
      whatever issues they had in the past really weren’t discussed on BB.
      It would take two willing people and a therapist to help them sort through their
      problems and issues.
      At least they appear to love each other from a distance which is better than some
      parents and their sons/daughters have.

      Do you believe in the J/J $howmance?
      I don’t.
      IMO, it is a meal ticket for J/J and a promo for BB and CBS.

    2. They also said they haven’t spoken in ‘3 years’. From BB8 to BB13 is a 5 year span. I think after their season they got along for awhile but something happened and communication was cut off.

      I don’t think they’re actors at all. After BB8 ended [even before] people found Dani’s livejournal that was created back in 2001 and she had entries about her dad along with pictures.

      1. It was actually 4 years… BB9 was in the winter, Writers Strike…. But I do see your point… I thought they said they havent spoken since their season…

    3. They also said they haven’t spoken in ‘3 years’. From BB8 to BB13 is a 5 year span. I think after their season they got along for awhile but something happened and communication was cut off.

      I don’t think they’re actors at all. After BB8 ended [even before] people found Dani’s livejournal that was created back in 2001 and she had entries about her dad along with pictures.

  7. Didn’t…or couldn’t read all this [what seems] bad game play…

    I wish that Dick was still in the game over Dani, right about now…
    With these moves, Dani & Kalia both deserve to be on the block next week
    …and it would be MORE funny if Shelly was the one to put them up…
    what idiots!

    1. Last night you were somewhat optimistic.
      Where did that go?
      Paraphrasing you ……..
      (Dani DELIBERATELY feeding trash to Kalia.)

    2. your telling me…and your watching it…I’m glad I don’t have the feeds after reading this…

      I wish they did not have the power couples this season [could have saved it for next]…

      I would rather had 13 new people…now I have to wait until next summer :(

    3. This is just depressing. Is Shelly that persuasive? If so, Shelly is really playing the best game in the house. Though I think this will be temporary. I think if Lawon is voted out and Dom comes back, Dani will wise up and realize that she needs to win HOH. I’m really not into BBAD anymore b/c I find Adam, JJ and Rachel boring.

  8. I think Dani plays the game more personally than Rachel. Here is my evidence:

    1. She wants to come out of Dick’s shadow.
    2. She wants a showmance with PT. She still can’t stop talking about him. It’s not like everybody sits there talking about Cassie.
    3. She said she wants an alliance with strong players. And yet she picks Kalia and Lawon.
    4. And now that Kalia is making it clear she likes Jordan more than Dani, Dani is floating to Porsche.

    If she wants to align with strong people, then go align with the vets. But no, Dani wants to stand out. Just like Kalia “doesn’t want to be bullied” so she put up Jeff only to replace him with Lawon. “It was her plan all along!”

    1. Yes, Dani is almost as bad at big brother as Kalua. It’s pathetic when Rachel is better than her and will likely outlast her as long as Dani doesn’t win hoh next week. Anybody else wins hoh next week, buh bye Kalua or Dani….maybe Porsche if she doesn’t play her cards right. But buh bye Dani.

  9. Oh my goodness… I just love all the stupidity spewing from their mouths. It’s just buildup to the moment they discover their mistakes. I am not rooting for any one particular person, but I can’t wait to see the cat fight between Kalia and Dani when they’re on the block next to each other next week. Can I just ask WHY IN THE WORLD is ANYBODY voting Cassie back in?! Is it just cuz she’s hot? It has to be, considering how boring of a player she was. I guess MAYBE just MAYBE the animosity between her and Dani.could be good, if it’s even still there. We’ll see, but I’m hoping for Brendon or Dominic. They’d stir up some drama! :)

    1. People are stupid. Vote for Cassi. It just ensures that Dom won’t come back. Because Dani fans are splitting their vote between Cassi and Dom.
      Truth is that Cassi will have no alliance if she were to come back in the house. Cassi hates Kalua, Dani, Porsche, and Rachel. Cassi would have to join Jordan and Shelli because those are the only 2 girls she likes, but Cassi is OBSESSED with regulating. So who knows how that will work out.

    2. I second that cat fight. Kalua tells everybody that her and Dani were almost deepest friends even during weeks 1 and 2. They bonded over having dead beat dads. Dani will drop her deadweight friend Dani can actually pick up that many pounds. Kalua will make a house meeting that nobody will come to. Kalua just wants Dani and Jordan to like her in the worst way possible. Quite the sappharic charm.

  10. Hey Simon, long time since I commented, still voting for Dawg in every poll though lol. You and Dawg are still rocking as always, I kept to myself for a while cuz I didnt get all the Shelly hate (and I would have fried my brain trying to change peoples minds) but I’m glad some people are starting to recognize her seriouos game skills but anyways I wanted to throw my guess in on this Thursdays course of events.

    I agree with the people who are saying there isnt enough time on this Thurdays show for Eviction Vote, Revive a Player Comp and HOH comp so my guess is that it plays out in one of two ways:

    1. Vote to evict Lawon,
    2. Lawon vs. Dom/Cassi/NeanderTALL/Keith in an Q&A comp to get back into the game *end of Thursday show*,
    3. HOH comp is played Friday with everyone playing (including revived houseguest) except for Kalia bc she is outgoing HOH
    4. HOH comp results are shown on Sundays show exactly like after an endurance comp

    1. Vote to evict Lawon
    2. Houseguests vote between Lawon and Dom/Cassi/NeanderTALL/Keith to send someone back in the game
    3. All houseguests (including revived player) except for Kalia as outgoing HOH play in an endurance HOH comp *end of Thursday show*
    4. HOH comp results shown on Sunday’s show.

    Not sure at what point in this process Kalia finally realizes how poorly she handled her HOH and complety freaks out but I’m guessing it will be when Julie annouces that a player is definitly coming back into the game. The look on her face is going to be priceless

    Cant wait to see the pics for the houseguests!

    1. Hey utah,

      I have no idea how this twist will play out, i’m not even going to try and guess. Heard rumors from reliable sources that HOH is endurance.


    2. Do you think they would let the winner of the Lawon/Past Houseguest competition become the new HOH without having an actual HOH comp? There’s more drama that way.

    3. I am hoping that the second scenario is the one that goes down. But I would think it would be interesting if the houseguests did not know who Lawon was up against. Vote for Lawon, or vote for unknown Americas vote winner. That is what I hope happens.

      1. Yeah that is how it played out in BB9. The house voted out Crazy James and then had to immediatley vote back in either Crazy James or an unkown previoulsy evicted houseguest (that was voted on by America, it was Alex).

        Only thing that drove me crazy was players voting back in a guy they just evicted! They were all so worried it would be Allison that they let the guy back in they just fought tooth and nail to get out.

  11. Please vote Cassie…..dani blew it again for Dom and now brendon is surging. Cassie is our only hope…….please vote her

    1. Cassie isnt going to help Dani! Dani wanted her out so she could have Dom to herself. Cassie is gonna run right to Shelly!

      1. But this isn’t the Dani show, it’s Big Brother. Dani’s a sucky player and deserves to lose. Voting someone back in because they’ll help Dani isn’t a good reason. I think people should vote for the most deserving player which is Cassi. Dom threw the veto comp, Keith threw the veto comp, Brendon wasted his POV on Rachel. That leaves Cassi, who was backdoored.

        VOTE CASSI!

  12. This is only a fraction of the poll cbs will take, and cbs only accept 10 votes per person. The poll on this site can be voted on as many times as possible, meaning all the brendon fans can sit there refreshing the page and voting continously.

        1. Zeta, it’s not real apparent when you try to vote again, but a message populates above the poll saying your vote has already been counted.

        2. zeta, I know it appears you are voting multiple times, but if you look closely at the top of the poll after you vote, you will see “Thank you, we have already counted your vote.” :)

        3. only 1 vote per IP is counted in the poll.. You can vote a million times and it will tell you you’ve voted a million times but only 1 of those votes is counted. we use POLL Daddy to handle our polls their a professional level polling system, big sites like the CBC/new york times

          (we’re using the free version but still it’s a serious service)

          In all honesty CBS will use the poll to have a “feeling” what the viewers want and then will pick who will bring them the most ratings. It’s going to be close between Feed fans voting to help dani and the TV only crowd voting to back Brendon.

            1. hmm not sure.

              actually you’re probably right I would say there’s tons of feed fans that want Brendon to come back. There’s also tons that want him to go .. There’s no way we’ll ever know for sure.

              I like Dani more than Brendon but I still think if Brendon comes back it’ll be a great season. we all have to ask ourselves who will you want to win team JJ or team rocket???

              1. I want a newbie to win: this is their first time playing the game, one of them should win IMO. I really, really, really, can’t stomach SSS but I must admit it would be fair seeing her winning, considering how well she played this season. The only vet I wouldn’t mind seeing winning is Dani but I know that she’ll only get 50K again (don’t think she’ll get the jury votes)

            2. STOP!!!!! You’re telling me that Brendumb is a serious contender for coming back into the house???? What the hell are voters thinking!! Shit! Some people truely are gluttons for punishment. I need to lie down, I’m starting to feel nauseous!

          1. Thanks Simon and others for clarifying. I wasn’t looking at the feedback after the vote. The first night on the cbs one i voted like 25 times (everytime getting the thank you screen telling me to invite other friends) but the following morning I couldn’t vote from the same account. I wonder if all the 25+ votes on the first night counted.

  13. Oh Dear Lord, have Kalia & Dani learned nothing from Evil Dr. Will and EVEL DICK?? What the hay? Big, big mistake not putting up Jordan! Does Kalia think this is a game or a frat party? They should’ve watched past seasons before they entered the house to remember. this game is all about broken vows to the “other side” and getting the money, not being loyal to somone who will take you down! They are playing like novices! Dani should’ve known better.


      1. I don’t know what sorer means. But, if it means girl and girl action, then yes. Kalia has feelings for Jordan and wants private batthub time with her.

    2. Instead of this being “The Season of the Twist”, it needs to be relabeled as ” The Season of Dumb,Dumber,Dumberer,and Dumbest”.

  14. After Lawon is evicted Thursday,hopefully, Dani will know for sure that Coup d’ Shelly and Uncle Fester is not with them. So, with that happening. I don’t think she’ll throw the HOH. The battle lines will be drawn and crystal clear.

  15. Maybe Lawon being put up isn’t such a bad thing after all. Why? It will expose Shelly and all her lies, and that she is on team JJ (not on Dani’s side.) Once Lawon is evicted and Dani realizes Shelly has been lying to her, Dani will NOT be throwing the HOH competition and it will be game on folks. Things will get very interesting come Thursday night.

        1. It may not be altogether that stupid.

          Shelly wins HoH and puts up d and k fully exposing where she stands (since d suspects her)
          D wins pov and takes herself off the block forcing sss to put up another hg leaving d safe for another week

          It’s huge risk, but at this point she only has big risk moves to make

  16. Why is everyone so stupid this season? Keith? Kalia? Lawon? I’m not going to say Dani yet because actions speak louder than words… but still.. Keith, Kalia, Lawon? What is wrong with them!?

  17. Dani deserves the since cap. She was with vets in the beginning and knows for a fact that Kahlia and Shelly flipped on their alliance. She knows Shelly was gathering information and stabbing the newbs in the back. Dani knows that Kahlia and Shelly can’t be trusted and she is hitched to them. Dumb.

  18. Dani deserves the since cap. She was with vets in the beginning and knows for a fact that Kahlia and Shelly flipped on their alliance. She knows Shelly was gathering information and stabbing the newbs in the back. Dani knows that Kahlia and Shelly can’t be trusted and she is hitched to them.

    1. Does anyone know Shelley flipped and voted with the Vets the first time?
      I must have missed that bit of info.

      1. dani told dominic when she was pissed at the vets and then dominic blurted it out during the house meeting. pretty sure shelly denied it but i don’t get why all the houseguests are just ignoring the fact that she’s obviously with the vets and can’t be trusted

  19. Bye Lawon going to get voted out and will loose to Brendan. He comes back and BRJJ clean house. I love it! Get Dani & Kahila off my TV!

    1. dick said on twitter that dani brought all of this on herself because she tried to backdoor her alliance too early in the game.

  20. Dani will not realize anything after the votes come in on Thursday because both Dani and Kalia actually want to cut a deal with Rachel and keep her in the house so if everybody is voting out Lawon how are they gonna know that Shelley and Adam are not with them. I still rolling with Dani. I just hope Kalia gets evicted next week.

  21. Here is some thoughts.. Thursday night Lawon goes home (this is almost a given) and Brendon comes back (Vote Keith Rock the house) .

    With brendon back dani can only play a guerrilla game she has to win POV’s and hope that BR and JJ target each other or whats left of the newbs.

    If Jeff goes final 4 with JBR he’s not going to beat Brendon in a comp, Probably won’t beat rachel and Jordan isn’t going to beat anyone so Jeff needs to drag Shelly and Adam to final 4.

  22. If Dani does something stupid and throws ANY comp…
    then I hope that Brendon does come back
    stabs Jeff in the back…sends him out the door
    watches Jordan cry, then sends her packing
    along with all the other floaters inc. Dani
    sail cruddy & SS to the final four, only to drop them
    and he and Rachel be in the final 2…

    I will be nauseous as all this is happening but, at least JJ & D will be made a fool of…

    1. Totally agreed more Dark Horse: If Dani does something stupid and throws ANY comp…
      then I hope that Brendon does come back
      stabs Dani in the back…sends her out the door
      watches Kaila cry, then sends her packing
      along with all the other floaters inc. Jeff and Jordan
      sail cruddy & SS to the final four, only to drop them
      and he and Jordan be in the final 2…

      I will be nauseous as all this is happening but, at least BR,K/P & D will be made a fool of… I get it. Rockstar told me that Jeff and Jordan going to Final two.

      1. You epitomize a JJ fan. JJ fans, epitomize means to be an example of something. I forget who I am talking to at times. Gotta go easy on the bigger words.

        Only JJ fans can read one thing and interpret something completely different than the truth. I bet in your world, Jordan is smart. It might be time for some of their fans to consider doing what Rachel needs to do, go get a check up from the neck up.

  23. I’m sticking to my guns. I’m Team Dani all the way. It doesn’t matter if Brendon comes back, Rachel might be pissed off but she will be so happy to have him there that she will go back in to Let’s Get The Floaters Out because it is do or die for that girl. Rachel hates girls who do not compete and just sit there. I appreciate Rachel for that. If you are going to play the game you had better bring it. Rachel just grates on me and she gets too much air time on CBS and on the feeds. Other then that, I like the fact that she plays the game and hardly anyone plays the game anymore.

    1. I”m still Team Dani also, but she needs to drop Audrey II. kalia is definitely not here to win. she wants to be friends with everybody

              1. Jun is the best houseguest to ever play, better than Dick. Jun fooled the house every single week. I don’t care if she was mean in her confessionals. She never went back on a deal. She had the upmost integrity, combined with lots of strategy.

    2. I can’t in good faith root for someone who is not playing a good game, no matter how much I like her othewise.

      Actually, the most impressive player at this time seems to be Shelly of all people.


    1. Agreed. I spent the whole game hoping that the twist would happen before Brenchel was voted out so they wouldn’t use it as an excuse to bring one of them back. Brenden will be brought back for sure although Cassi is probably who America voted for.

    1. ROCKSTAR,Maybe JJ and BR will blow up at each other and have a showdown, just like JJ had in season 11 with Russell and Jordan got so mad at Russell that she hit him. She might hit Rachel. Can’t wait to see whatever goes down.

      1. that is what I’m hoping for Chessie. Rachel is already pissed with Jordon because she gives up too easily. It’s my only hope.

  25. Simon, my comments didn’t posted. Is there a troll there. Gail and I having problems with it. I want to see if my comments being posted. I appreciated.

  26. I hope Lawon creates a stir today and “calmly” brings up questions to the group.

    Game – “What do you know and who told you?”

    Answer: “Shelley.”
    Answer: “Shelley.”
    Answer: “Shelley”
    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    J/J – “We can’t remember.”
    : )

      1. True, it is late for Lawon and that would be used against anything he said but it would
        be sooooooo worthwhile just to hear Jordan say, “Gawn!” again. lol
        AND, it would shake-up J/J and Shelley. Adam, too!

        Several of the HGs are sooooooo close to getting to the truth that Lawon might just
        be able to put it all together for them and he’d get to enjoy watching the J/J/SSS/A alliance go, KABOOM!
        Imagine his reaction if it worked. LOL
        I can hear a Preacher Lawon BB sermon coming on …………

    1. Votes TO SAVE Rachel: Dani, Jordan, Jeff
      Votes TO SAVE Lawon: Adam, Shelli, Porsche
      Tiebrake: Kalia votes to save Rachel.

      Rachel stays.
      Rachel, Kalia, and Dani are making a secret alliance.
      Shelli and Adam are making a newbie alliance.
      Porsche hates Rachel now.

      1. What show are you watching? Jeff, jordan, Shelley, Adam are all voting to evict Lawon. Dani said she’ll only vote for Rachel after Julie elaborates on the twist come thursday. She has some stupid signal she’s going to give to Porsche and Shelley (who they think is on their side) to do what she says. Lol. Gonna be classic on Thursday. Whatever happens, it should be dramatic.

    2. Actually Lawon is staying.

      Votes for Lawon to stay: Adam, Shelli, Dani, Porsche
      Votes for Rachel to stay: Jeff, Jordan

      Rachel only has alliances with vets.

  27. I truly believe Dani is testing for leaks by saying she’s throwing the HOH comp next week. I don’t believe she’s this stupid, but I could be wrong. If I am, then yeah she needs to go and this season is officially not worth watching.

    Rachel, you will always be a target in my eyes. Not just two weeks, but people are going to target you for the rest of your life.

    Jordan, Yes, many are changing their minds about you two. I used to like you and Jeff, now I can’t stand listening to either of you any longer. I know I am beating a dead horse, but she’s soo f’ing STUPID its not even funny or amusing. And Jeff, maybe because I didn’t like anyone else on his season, but he’s not even close to the person that I thought he was. I do find it funny when he yells at Jordan, putting up with that stupidity all of the time has to test one’s patience. I am surprise he hasn’t lost it on her altogether. Also, don’t believe for a second that these two have wedding bells in the future. 2 years now and still not living together, let alone in the same state. It’s an act people, they are getting paid to act like they are still in love.

    1. Totally agreed more BBXPOSED: truly believe Dani is throwing the HOH comp next week. I believe she’s is stupid, but I could be right. If I am, then yeah she needs to go and this season is officially not worth watching.

      Rachel, you will always be a target in my eyes. Not just two weeks, but people are going to target you for the rest of your life.

      Dani, Yes, many are changing their minds about you two. I used to like Eval Dick and Dani, now I can’t stand listening to either of you any longer. I know I am beating a dead horse, but she’s soo f’ing STUPID its not even funny or amusing. And Dani, maybe because I didn’t like anyone else on her season, but she’s not even close to the person that I thought she was. I do find it funny when she yells at Kaila, putting up with that stupidity all of the time has to test one’s patience. I am surprise she hasn’t lost it on Kaila altogether. Also, do believe for a second that these two have wedding bells in the future. 2 years now and still living together, let together in the same state. It’s an act people, they are paid to act like they are still in love. I know BBXPOSED. Rockstar and I totally agreed. Team JJ-Rockstar Says.

      1. ILL – I don’t know what is going on but my darn name is in every post. I think someone probably has internet on their phone or ipod because it seems like it’s the same person. It’s crazy. It’s like I stepped into the twilight zone.

          1. If these are not robots, are are actually people copying people’s posts and changing the wording or adding people names to their little idiotic Jeff & Jordan Brenchel fan clubs,really need help.

            1. Simon, you do everything you can to make it easier on you. Don’t worry. There are many Billy Goat Gruffs on here. We can handle Trolls.

                1. Simon, not to sure if there is a favorite for me. I was kinda going with Dani last week. I think I am still with her this week. But I might change next week. How’s that for an answer with no answer. My favorite is always you and Dawg.

      2. Rockstar Team JJ?? I may have been out of it for awhile but that is one thing I know isn’t true. Unless she has gotten hit in the head by a heavy object, Rockstar is not on that team!

            1. BBGrandma :))) I’ve missed reading your posts. I’ve been really reluctant to add anything myself as there has been lots of craziness this year. Kudos to Simon for trying to curb the garbage. Rockstar seems tohave taken the brunt of a lot of it :(( Still haven’t decided who to root for either. I seem to change my mind daily!!

              1. Thansk kathie, it’s been tough with trolls.. with added popularity brings the trolls.

                Everyone has been great with helping me get rid of them. Send me a email with troll usernames and i’ll take them out.

                1. I kinda bring out the worst in people too.

                  Thanks Grandma – but I’m no star. hahaha although somedays I do get quite the ego .. LJ was here last week and said hello, I don’t know if you saw it or not

                  Missed you too Kathie .. get your butt in the mix..

              2. Kathie, I have seen that it is a little crazy. Simon is trying to curb a lot of it. And, those going after Rockstar don’t know who they are dealing with. I have missed posting on here but I just don’t have much interest in this season. Like I said earlier, it’s like BB Reruns. But, I like the site for all the friends on here, so, I need to get involved. I am with you, my opinion of who will be my favorite changes every week. However, I was that way last year, too.

    2. If you had the feeds in season 11, you would know that they are not sweet and innocent. CBS just happened to like them and gave them a good edit. what you see now is how they really are.

    3. Did you see how she didn’t know what to do with a coconut? She said… “do you eat or drink a coconut?”. This is Jessica Simpson and her “is it fish or chicken?” all over again.

  28. Unless Cassi is brought back I am done with this game. There is absolutely no one to cheer for anymore. Just when I was starting to like Danielle, her brain falls out.

  29. If Brendon comes back it will only make Rachel compete harder it won’t distract her for god’s sake.. Vote Dominic back in if you’re pro-dani voting Brendon in seals the fate of everyone except Jeff & Jordon

    1. I don’t agree Gail. Rachel is now pissed at Kalia. If Rachel was gunning for Dani which in her mind she probably is but wait until Jordon and Jeff give up or fall too quickly. Rachel will lose it and then Jeff will jump on Rachel and then Brendon will defend Rachel and that will break them up.

  30. Simon, question for you….. Watching the feeds vrs. the show, it is very obvious that PRODUCTION runs the show. While they can’t right out script the show, they do lead the cast in the direction they want..or plan sceanrios for the outcome they want, etc. I remember in another season that ALLISON did try to rig the show and got busted. A previous cast member outed her out and it was talked about for awhile. Do you remember the details on what ALLISON tried to do????

    1. Production does try to guide the show a bit, especially when things get boring.

      CBS wants ratings but they also don’t want to ruin the “game Show” aspect of the game so I think they balance it all out to ensure we have a entertaining show that has a good element of skill/chance in it. Some seasons I feel the show is more rigged than others.

      Sources I trust in Big Brother tell me it’s not as fixed as People think…

      1. I agree with you
        And if they bring Brendon Back… We know the final four will be JJ and Brenchal…and that will be boring, and will be just like the begining the show, when we all knew who was gonna be on the final 5…
        But when Dani changed sides… the show got Gas and became interesting…

        Bringing Brendon would be so boring… because the next 2 weeks would be just like the last 2 weeks..

        Bringing DOminic Back.. would be Dani, Kalia, Dominic and Porshe, vs Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Shelly…and having Adam in the middle (but adam does not even count)….

        Having Brendon Back would be the whole house againist, Dani and Kalia..

        Having Cassi back, would be interesting also… because i dont know where she would stand, Liar Shit Shelly would push her to her side, but Dani and Kalia would try the same…

        1. hmmm they might give them some hints.. However I think with some R&R and laying around “Stewing” the evicted houseguets will start to clue in on a few things that happened and caused their eviction.

      2. Simon, the other night Kalia was in the HOH room by herself talking out loud senarios of who to put up And what deals or BS she could put out there, then out of the blue she yells for the DR. What was that about is she asking production for help?

        1. I referred to that situation in a previous reply. It was on BBAD a couple nights ago, right? To me it showed that she was asking for advice on what to do from production(DR). Someone could easily make some bucks by writing a book about their experience while on BB. I am less a fan with each season. When agents are submitting their clients (Dom, Cassie) or “friends” of previous season’s contestants (Porshe, Kalia) are in the mix; it appears to be more contrived than ever. About the only other reality show I still watch is the Amazing Race, I look for that to be ruined with BR being cast in the future.

  31. I’m just waiting for the look on Kalia and Dani’s faces when Rachel stays and Brendon returns. I think Dr Zachary will have 2 new patients then.

    1. make it 3 patients…lol but, true

      It will be SO exciting to see Brendon the lap dog run back into the house
      and start licking his owners zits…
      boy george will be so happy…I can see the black tears now…

      I will turn the channel at that point…

      1. I’m pretty sure after this week, Dom is NOT getting America’s vote. Most ppl I work with, who only watch the show on CBS, are voting Brendon with me!

  32. could jeff and jordan have LESS chemistry?? is that possible? she asks him all these questions and he is always like one word answers and she keeps asking…last night they were in the kitchen making their respective dinners, not a SINGLE WORD, then she goes to sit on the hammock with him and she like has to sit on the edge and she asks him “do you want me to get up” ummm what the….? i am no relationship expert but from day one if that was my boyfriend, he would either pull me toward him to lay down, make room for me, or let me have the space…and I wouldn’t have to ask “if it’s ok”? isn’t that normal?? jordan tries to create intimacy (non-sexual kind) and brings up how last time she trusted him and they were like best friends – and he immediately deflects outward off of him and her and says “i wish it were like that with everyone” – the only time they really talk is about the game…..i am SERIOUSLY beginning to think jeff has a wife and kids somewhere or this is just publicity

    1. Crissy. There’s more to it than that. Jeff is a guy, he’s not getting laid, hence Jordan ends up getting less of the type of intimacy women like (ie cuddling and all that crap). It’s just the way we are wired. Jeff knows by now that Jordan is just flat out not going to do it on screen where her family can see.

      1. supposedly she won’t have sex but she’ll show off her tits though. She has the most boobie shots of all the houseguests 1 more then Rachel if you check the sidebar. Also Rachel’s boobs pop out, Jordon shows them off.

        1. HA! HA! You’re absolutely right Rockstar! JJ are a fake couple now, they might have had something somewhat real in the beginning but they’re not together now.

      2. Exactly!! Jeff doesn’t get all up on Jordan out of RESPECT for her!!!!

        BTW Jordan may say dumb things but SO did Jessica Simpson as previously stated but Jessica is one RICH business woman. HHHEEELLLOOOO!!!

        1. there are A LOT of dumb girls and only one jessica simpson…why do people always use the exeption to the rule as a point of comparison…the overwhelming majority of people who are unintelligent or “dumb” are not going to end up like jessica simpson, so please let’s not valorize this, ok?

          by the way i have no idea where this jessica simpson comparison even came from, i definitely was not on that bandwagon, who even knows if she is as dumb as well all think precisely bc she is so successful

      3. i don’t know…from my own experience and from what I’ve seen from friends’ relationships, your boyfriend really is your best friend and there is always some affection and having fun and always wanting to talk — i mean kind of like what we see from Brendon and Rachel (but just without the fighting and dysfunction, even though you have to admit that codependent crazy stuff is more common with couples than the emotional black hole between JJ)

    2. Loving this stuff so far. Dani (as I’ve been saying) is a fool, and so is the rest of her alliance. Predictable would be seeing Dani make it all the way to the end overcoming the “hardship” of her father leaving (and all that sappy disgusting garbage). I hope Dominic (aka Justin Bieber) gets voted in and loses to Lawon (how hilariously awesome and pathetic would that be? Let Rachel win HOH, put up Kalia and Porche and then backdoor Dani. Would be the absolute best thing that could possibly happen, it would destroy the dreams of the sappy fanboys that buy into the good guy bad guy bullshit.

  33. The Outgoing Vessel S.S. “Kalia” dba The “Titanic 2” hits the iceberg at 9:55pm, Thursday but it will take a week for it to sink instead of hours…Dani may start feeding trash to her, nice recovery move but may be too late. Dani was her last hold out and even she knows when to bail or jump ship…hope there’s a life boat Dani…

    Time to look for a new HG to cheer on….

    Dani(She’s too hot, not to cheer for, but dumb),
    Adam(Cro-Magnon Man, the victory will have to fall on him, to dumb to win),
    Shelly(The Boardroom has taught her well, she has a beat on everyone in the house),
    Porsche(Not as hot as once thought, She’s showing she has a brain, but so did Kalia, and look where are now; jury still out on porsche)
    Lawon(See ya at the wrap party)
    JJ(All set with them, I thought this was a competition not rite of passage, considering no one should be doing anything but what JJ says)
    Rachel(soon to be reunited with her cheating a$$ “Fiance”, I don’t know if it’s healthy to barf every week til the end of september, but he may pissed coming back, he could have some “vag stank free” non-whinny” scientific hotties lined up back in Westwood)

  34. Shelly realizes that this is the last week her deception will work. If she and Adam vote to keep Rachel, DK&P will know that they’ve been played and will target her next week. So….what does she do? She eggs Lawon into making a total ass of himself, causing him to #1 make a pretence of shock and anger at being put on the block, #2 to tell ridiculous lies with confronted about it and #3 make halfassed lame retractions. Shelly hopes that his ridiculous behavior will make a target of him and create (in their dim minds) a reason for DK&P to put him on the block. Then Shelly and Adam can vote him off with a blessing from DK&P.
    Some people play a good physcial game, some people play a good social game, some people play a SMART game.

  35. I can’t wait for shelly to get to the end and then seee the reactions of all the hg especially the vets who got “got”. It is going to be priceless! Team Bacon ftw and still good if it is shelly.

    1. That would be classic….Shelly taking home the prize…They should not be called vets but past houseguest, especially, Jeff(made it to the final 5), Rachel(1st to the jury house), Brendon(final 6 evictee) and Dani(she did finish 2nd, but still did not win)…

  36. Kalia looks so contented right now chatting with Shelly about discord in the house. She wants nothing but pleasant feelings and lost her sh*t when JJ told her they don’t like her anymore. Dani is too negative and bitchy and domineering and Kalia is seeking refuge with the gentle people. K’s failed strategic game was brought about by D’s failed social game.

  37. You got wrong in this post.

    SHe said as a Joke..she said she would trow the HOH and then go to the jury house next week and spend her b-day alone there..

    You should be more careful when you write staff… sounds like you are Shelly…going around saying lies and more lies..

    She show would be boring if Brendon comes back, because they would just try to take Dani out…and the next week would be just like the last 2 weeks..
    Also Dani is the main player in the show… CBS wont let her go..

    And America is in love with Dani and Dominic..
    And of course Dominic is coming back…

  38. Here is my dream world..

    House blow up tomorrow Shelly is exposed.. Dom comes back wins HOH Vs.. Lawon.

    Dom puts up JJ, Jeff wins Veto bulls himself off the block Jordan goes home. Jeff wins HOH puts Dani/DOm up Dani wins POV Dom goes home..

    1. me 2 simon: Here is my dream world..

      House blow up tomorrow Shelly is exposed.. Dom/Brendon/Cassi comes back and Jeff wins HOH and POV twice and Lawon/Rachel Evicted.

      Jeff puts up Dani/Kaila, Jeff wins Veto pulls himself off the block Dani goes home. Jordan or Brendon wins HOH puts Porsche/ Kaila up Jeff/Brendon wins POV Kaila goes home.. I supporting that one Simon.

  39. wow, Dani now is getting dumber than Kalia, this season is pretty much over lol. If Dom don’t come back Dani got game over. Kalia’s stupidity is contagious.

  40. Why does Shelly think everyone is getting paid? Lawon getting paid to act crazy? Lawon wants out so he can collect a pay check??

  41. I know that Shelly’s getting a sudden pop up of seriously rabid respect here lately, and I really am not disagreeing with that, but in the long run, I’m just really not expecting the moves she’s making now to ultimately do anything but bury her in the long run. I’m getting Ronnie the Rat vibes here, along with Matt vibes, and if she does make it to the final two, much less wins, I’ll be shocked, but I’ll have to also admit that she deserves it, the other HG’s were that stupid. In the very least, I thank her for making the game that much more interesting the last couple of days:) Still, I just don’t see how she’s not going to be found out here soon and run through the wringer. I also have a feeling her presence this season is going to ruin gameplay for the next season’s older players.

    Thursday, hurry up and happen already!!!

    1. I’ve spent some time trying to figure out if shelly is really going to go far in the game.. theres times when I think OMG she gong to win and there’s other times I think she’ll get found out this week.

      I’m getting ronnie the rate vibes big time but the difference is she’s playing it mid game and not wining comps.

      Every week people say she’ll get found out and every week she lies again and everyone believes her it’s insane it’s driving me to drink… I’m going to go with my gut though (Same as Lawon) , Shelly will get found out this week either Brendon or Dom coming back will help be the catalyst for this.

  42. I love this show, love this site, but there’s one complaint I have about every season that drives me nuts: When all of this is said and done, I want more than anything to be a fly on the wall when the HG’s all go home and watch everything, or when they read here (and you KNOW they do!!!), and see their reactions to everything. To see the most hated HG’s finding out for the first time that they were actually loathed by most of the viewers would be priceless, as would seeing their faces the second they see someone they thought was their biggest ally actually couldn’t stand them, etc. I’m wondering why CBS doesn’t do a BB reunion show like they do for Survivor.

    1. I’m not sure if any players beside Adam reads our blog (I think Dani knows about us but might of been because of Adam).. they’ve never contacted me

  43. For those of you asking about people voting for Cassie — it is because JJ fans know that Cassie is the best option to help JJs game. We all know how many JJ fans are out there & that is driving the Cassie vote. Brendon will be in an alliance with JJ, but in the end they know B is going to beat Jeff. Dom is not going to be on their side. Also, IMO Dani doesn’t want to win HOH because then she has to make more enemies & get more blood on her hands. She wants Porsche & Shelly to win to see where they stand and she believes that their targets are each other, not her…buying her another week. If she does go on the block, she feels strongly she can win the POV to stay in the game this week.

  44. Anyone else think that Brendon might be catching up in the polls cuz him and Rachel are aligned with JJ and JJ still has the biggest fan base? I know BR have some fans, but I think more people dislike than like them, but the polls make you think otherwise. I doubt there’s that many people that just want to see drama by bringing him back, cuz personally even being a JJ fan I voted for Cassi cuz I CANNOT stand anymore of BR’s sappy lovey dovey crap. They are getting way too much air time for how boring their conversations one on one are.

  45. Shoot folks, this isnt Price-Waterhouse handling the ballots for the Academy Awards! This is a semi scripted reality TV show. The polls will be neck and neck right op to howtime Thursday because………..they want you to TUNE IN!

  46. I believe Dani’s reasoning is that her odds are better playing in a possible POV(if put up) then not being able to play for HOH once her reign is over two weeks from now.

  47. So, is Jordan and Jeff like together or are they Besties?? I can’t figure it out and they never seem to show affection.

  48. Hey simon, I already apologize. It’s cool. ACA is not that strange. The only reason that ACA defend Team JJ. And ACA is being support Jeff winning the BB and ACA went to High School with Jeff in Chicago. So ACA and I want a peace offer: ACA and I want to say we are sorry of post comments. If you guys want to banned ACA, that fine. Rockstar, I know ACA and I didn’t attack you. I didn’t threaten you. The reason that Jeff and I went to Ridgewood High School in Norridge. Jeff is a Senior and I am a Freshman. And Simon the comments. This will be a last. If you want I won’t post stupid comments. I want Team JJ go all the way. If you guys dissing my former High School Friend. Well say it to my face. Because I don’t even care if you guys piss me off. If you guys respect my High school Friend jeff. The reason of doing this because I want all of you support my former High school friend. Jeff deserve to win 500K, He has a brains, intellgent, strength, and Heart and so is Jordan. So Simon, ACA and I is really sorry. The comments i posted. This will be a last. I know if you guys have a problem of Team JJ. Well its too bad. Please respond ASAP.

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