Big Brother Spoilers – Kalia Regrets Flipping Week One “Now I’m in a house of Jelly Fish” **updated**

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9:30pm HOH Lawon and Kalia
Lawon is saying that last night was the worst night for him since he’s been in this game. He had to go downstairs and share a bed with those people that have said deliberate bad things about him. Kalia says if rachel leaves she’s going to go nuts and start attacking. Kalia says “Brendon is a jerk he really is but I think in real life he’s probabaly an alright guy he has some redeeming qualities” She adds that the problem with BR is that they play ever game so emotional and so personal…

Kalia is getting pissed that Shelly doesn’t believe what she does for a living.. Kalia goes on a 10 minutes rant about what she does for a livign and her upbringing. She labelled her family upper middle class. Lawon explains what Shelly said to her “Lawon what does your partner do… is she a writer I just think there’s more to it than that. kalia: “I write a relationship and sex columns, I do freelance for online magazines, my book is in edits. I used to be an actor and now I’m a writer.”

Kalia says she feels bad for the first week and getting rid of Keith. She understands why she did it because at that time, there was an alliance of newbies forming and she wasn’t part of it so she needed to seek help somewhere else. Kalia wishes there was still people around that would stick up against BR people like Cassi, Dom and Keith, “Now we’re stuck with a bunch of spineless jellyfish.. the Adams, Shellys and Porsches”.

Kalia is telling Lawon that they both need to fight for HOH on Thursday because they will be big targets if certain people win HOH. Kalia says Worst case scenario would be B or R winning HOH they will put her and Dani up. If JJ win HOH they can work something out whit them. For evictions Kalia says the Worst case scenario is they get BLANK again by the house and the pawn goes home “Jeff or JOrdan go up and Brendon and rachel work deals with the house and the house listens to them like they always do and Jordan goes home.. That would be horrible” Lawon starts getting ready to go downstairs, Kalia tells him he’s coming across really distant to some of the other houseguests and he needs to think about letting the everyone know more about him. He’s shown everyone he’s wacky and fun with he wig and the robe. She thinks that maybe people are getting distracted by all the clothes and are not getting to see him for who he truly is. Lawon understands..

Dani comes in and Kalia starts to cry she tells Dani she Has to Win on Thursday, “I have to win for all of us”. Dani explains to her that she has to be strong she understand why Kalia is feeling this way Dani is there for her not everyone is against you let go downstairs and talk with people. Dani: “We’re really not in a bad spot Seriously we’re not”

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10:16pm Kitchen Everyone but Kalia is walking around socializing. Jeff is sharing a drinking game story called “Edward fortyhands” it’s when you duck tape a 40 to each of your hands and you have to quickly drink on 40 so you can use that arm to help you take a piss. Adam says he’s done 100 shots of beer 100 minutes but was only able to get to 76. Jeff says getting to 60 but really hard to get over that you get too bloated.

10:25pm Kalia comes down grabs a giant glass of wine

11:00pm Everyone is getting along talking about dirnking and random BLANK.

11:05pm Dani and rachel Dani is explaining why she put them up and not to take it personal. Dani tells her it’s not personal and she knows that Rachel will still think it is but it’s not.

Rachel: “It was stupid to think you could have friends in this game”
Dani: “doesn’t agree at all”
Rache: “l it is what it is it’s a game… I’m sure you thinking you are making a big game move.”.
Rachel says Brendon is going to us the veto on himself so she going to go home, “I get my questions with Julie now… YAAA” Dani explains that her idea to backdoor jeff was to benefit her dom and BR she “truly truly” wanted to group with them and go to the end. Dani says she thought she was close enough to Brendon and rachel tht if she came to them with a big idea that would change the game they would side with her and go for it. Rachel says she felt like Dani betrayed them by turning on their alliance and now she’s put them up. Dani again says what they did was choose JJ over her and Dom and then they got nasty with what they said to Dom and her. Dani asks her if Brendon won HOH who would of gone up… it would be her and Kalia.
Rachel: “Now you are getting revenge by tearing my heart out. your making a great game move your going to have great game play” (Rachel being sarcastic, pouty and BLANK)
rachel: “I would totally want to have Kalia as my number one ally .. We want to work with you and you don’t want to look past it”
Dani: “I don’t want to see you cry I don’t want to see Jordan cry… I’m making this choice for my game”

Dani says that she’s apologizing from the bottom of her heart.
Dani leaves.. Porsche comes in tells Rachel she is going to be put up with Rachel because Dani is playing this game to be mean. They talk some BLANK about dani, rachel calls her a liar and a nasty women.

11:47pm Purple Room Jeff, Jordan and Rachel Rachel is going on and on about how mean Dani is and how she’s telling her it’s just a game when she’s playing nasty.

Rachel says that dani said “Doesn’t it suck that you don’t get your interviews with Julie and now you are not going to get to”. rachel said back: “Yeah it’s going to suck because now i’m going home this week.. Well I guess i’m getting a big interview with Julie this week when I go home HUH!” JJ say they didn’t hear it..

Rachel says she’s going home for sure. Jordan says she doesn’t know that Jeff could be going up. rachel goes on and on about dani being mean etc etc. Jordan: “Did Brendon say he’s using it” Rachel: “Yes he’s using it.. because he has a better chance of winning” Jeff leaves tells her it’s all up in the air. Jordan starts saying that if Brendon stays Brendon will make it in the top 3. Rachel: “No matter what do not trust Dani” Jordan thinks if Rachel stays more people will target her and If Jordan gets knocked out then Jeff and Brendon will make it far. Jordan thinks Brendon will win a lot of prizes if he stay in the game.

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Mary R

Who do you want to win in order from most want to least want

1 Jordan 🙂
2 Jeff
3 Dani
4 Adam
5 Shelly
6 Porshe
7 Brendan
8 kaula
9 Recheal
10 Lawon


wat thats so incorrect it should be dani kalia jeff adam jordan shelly lawon porsche rachel brendan,


1 Dani
2 Jeff
3 Jordan
4 Adam
5 Shelly
6 Porshe
7 Lawon
8 kaula
9 Brendan
10 Rachel


1. Dani
2. Adam
3. Jeff
4. Jordan

I can’t go on I hate more people than I like in this cast

JJ Fan 4ever

I’m with you with Jeff and Jordan 🙂
I think that Adam is just a nice guy. I thought he’d like Dick since he said he was like Evel Dick –but Adam is just nice and I think sweet too. I hope that he gets far in the game. See, the good thing about floating around (more or less with him –even though it seems like he’s with JJ –is that people will always go to him to convince him to vote their way.

Dani I like her Now –since she doesn’t seem to be going after Jeff and Jordan.
Shelly, Porshe, and Lawon’s pretty nice. I kind a feel sad for Lawon though because he doesn’t seem to have anyone in the house he could depend on or really talk to.
Kalia –I find her annoying but I think that she’s harmless.
Branden –A part of me feels that he’s cheesy with what she says to Rachel.
Rachel — Annoying (enough said) —Eck… I don’t want her to win!! She’s just so annoying.

Overall, my pick are:

1. Jeff
2. Jordan
3. Adam
4. Dani
5. Shelly
6. Porshe
7. Lawon
8. Kalia
9. Branden
10. Rachel


AGREED, 100%


I like, except Adam #3 and everyone else in the middle and order with the bottom 3, or next three to go being Michelle Obama, Boy George and George big toe of the Jungle!! Ps Missed you Rockstar & BB-Ma!! Signing Off til next whenever!!


LJ…………… I wanted to call you out but I wasn’t sure if I should or not.. -slop kisses- hahahaha


1. Dani
2. Jeff
3. Jordan
4. Adam
5. Kalia
6. Lawon
7. Rachel
8. Brendon
9. Porsche
10. Shelly


1. Jeff
2. Jordan
3. Shelly
4. Adam
5. Dani
6. Lawon
7. Kalia
8. Porshe
9. Brendon
10. Rachel


Shelly # 3 really??


1. Dani
2. Adam
3. Shelly
4. Jeff
5. Kalia
6. Lawon
7. Jordan
8. Pacer
9. Brendan
10. Rachel

Dani has the best game, Adam has worked hard for this but isn’t working hard, Shelly seems to be a player late to start the game, Jeff cant handle himself, Kalia is playing too hard, Lawon isn’t playing hard enough, Jordan ranks towards last, not before a few others, because she has already won a season of Big Brother, Pacer is riding coattails while throwing fire (amateur move), Brendan and Rachel because they should have confided in Dani exposing JJ for veto and used it as a weapon later or not at all.

Eric CA

1 Dani
2 Jordan
3 Jeff
4 Adam
5 Shelly
6 Lawon
7 Kalia
8 Porsche
9 Rachel
10 Brendon

That is my Dream exit list and winner. Regrettably I think the reality will loom like this.

1 Winner: Adam
2. Shelly/ Kalia
3. Jordan
4. Dani/ Rachel/ Brendon
5. Kalia/ Shelly
6. Lawon
7 Porsche
8. Jeff
9. Dani/ Rachel/ Brendon
10. Rachel/ Brendon

The problem is 2 of the vets play emotionally and stupidly. In the case of Douchy and the Beast those who fail to
learn from heir past history are doomed to fail. Dani I would love to see win but the cards would have to fall perfectly.
Last season the reason why the brigade did so well is not their superior skill more due to Rachel’s insecurity and
Brendon’s lack of social awareness.


1. Jordan- She is smarter than she looks and really sweet
2. Dani- She is a very smart player and will probably be winning a lot more comps, 5 veto wins in season 7
3. Jeff- He is a strong player and with jordan they are a good team
4. Rachel- Believe it or not she is a smart and strong player, im not gonna knock her down because she is ughhhhhh
5. Brendon- Same as rachel but i hate cocky duchbags,they piss me off.
6. Shelly- She seams real and has a good heart, maybe we will see more of her, she came in third during the HOH
7. Adam- A superfan who isnt a great player but good socially, plus he is nice
8. Kalia- I liked her at first but she does talks a lot and i feel like dani is using her, a plus for danny 🙂
9. Porche- Is she even still on the show? lol but she has done absolutely nothing. Dont know what she is thinking
10. Lawon- Is he even playing? He just follows dani and kalia, He talks more than he dishes. Dani is using him too but he might be a little sneaky


Kalia/Dani/Dominic (if he returns)/Jordan (I don’t care if she won already – “deservedness” is relative)

Out of the house eventually:

Out of the house ASAFP!!!!:
Rachel & Brendon (they are equally offensive, can’t pick one over the other; a double of eviction twist of them would be heaven!!!!)
Shelly (too many negatives to list)
Porsche (she’s sleazy)


what did dani say on bbad tonight to make rachel leave the dinner table?


They were all talking and sonehow interviews came up and She asked Rachel if she was sad that she didn’t get her HOH interviews with Julie. Dani legit didn’t mean it catty but Rachel took it that way and I see why.


It wasn’t even remotely a dig on Dani’s part but RACHEL is once again holding her own little over-the-top PITY PARTY. Oh GMAB Rachel, Dani even apologized to you over and over and over again, and now you’re seeking additional pity from Porcha, Jeff, Jordan, etc. Get over yourself you attention-seeking, self-pitying two year old. BR are the King & Queen of pity party holders. Good riddens!


I don’t think Rachel was sarcastic, I think she sometimes comes off as sarcastic.


Wow rachel is a bitch, dani tried to say sorry and she still was an ass to her.
Dani wants to make rachels last nights enjoyable but rachel wanted to make dani feel like she was in hell.


Absolutely!! Rachel is seriously in need of counseling. I frankly don’t think she’s remotely mature enough right now to get married and have children. She’s also too self-absorbed.


Rachel was so ridiculous and then she told Porshe I didn’t want to say too much to her without Brendon. Then she twists the story to Jeff and Jordan to make it seem like more than what it was, what a drama queen!


I think Dani might be a little buzzed tonight, lol


I’m confused. Is Brendon using the Veto on himself? Or is he saying that to see who would basically sell Rachel out as the weak one of them cause Brendon is using the veto on Rachel?


He will most likely use it on Rachel because he couldn’t trust ANY of the house anymore


They (BR) are pushing the “Rachel’s” going home way too hard, for it to be believable, especially Rachel. There’s no way Brendon is using the POV on himself. He has said several times that Rachel has no job to go home to. In terms of winning the game, if either one were to make it to the end Brendon would have a better chance of winning, so why would he want Tachel to stay? (to win 2nd place?) Without Rachel, he can make amends and play a better social game.

JJ Fan 4ever

I totally agree. I mean, I don’t want either of them to win but Branden does have a better chance of winning over Rachel. Doesn’t Branden see that she’s an emotional wreck? (I can be an emotional wreck too, but I’m not playing the game so it doesn’t really matter –but for Rachel, her emotions are a roller coaster especially when things doesn’t go her way). Besides, since Rachel knows that some people would rather work with Branden than her –isn’t that a green light saying —get a clue, people don’t really want you here.


I think that Rachel will get saved and that she’s just pulling a fast one on dani I don’t think Rachel was bein sarcastic.


If and when Brendon leaves, and if all the speculation is true about America’s Vote: Bring Back a Player and Dom comes back…I hope they can get Adam on their side. make it 5 on 5.

Odds are Dani is going up next week against Kalia. Unless Dom can play in the next HOH. Or Kalia steps up again. I feel like it’ll be a Mental game. Can I guess the “guess how many things” game? hah


If America was to vote someone back on Evil Dick would win hands down.
There is no way they would bring someone back after they had been voted out.
Never going to happen.


Your actually wrong even if dick had the votes, he’s been following the show so he couldn’t come back, now if he was in sequester than maybe but he isn’t so that’s not the case


boo hoo hoo bitch!




Brendan is using tge pov on Rachel there just hiding it.


When’s the pov ceremony


Monday? I didn’t know BB aired on Mondays. I thought CBS airs it Sundays, Wednesdays & Thursdays (excluding Live Feeds & BBAD)? Is this a one time schedule change?


The POV ceremony isn’t live, they record it Monday


he meant in the house, it on tv wednesday

Godless Monkey

Kalia comes from old, old money. That Jack and Jill club she mentioned, it’s very exclusive, very wealthy African American elite. One must be born into it…only way to get in. The Jack and Jill’s have usually already toured the Louvre by 5 years old, not to mention other cultural sites. No matter what she says to the HGs her mentioning Jack and Jill gave her away. She’s a total trust fund baby!


I missed her reference to jack and Jill but I know I have never met a member who wasn’t well off. Then again the few members i have met would not dare be coming off as the poor black victim either, so maybe she just threw the organizations name out there hoping for some prestige. Off course it probably fell on deaf ears because i doubt anyone in the house is aware of them or associates in those circles.

Big Sister

Kalia gets on my nerves sometimes as well, however there is a mute on my remote. I use it on Rachel regularly! However, so you will know whereof you speak: Jack and Jill of America, Inc. is an organization of mothers with children from 2 to 19. It provides programs which inspire their children to contribute to society through leadership development, volunteer service, civic duty, and philanthropic giving. It is petty to hold this against Kalia just because her mother wanted a positive learning and maturation experience for her daughter. Do your homework before you make such misleading (Louvre at 5?, come on, get real!) statements. Lastly, did I miss a requirement that all houseguests on Big Brother had to be struggling financially?

Godless Monkey

I know a few ex-Jacks, now adults, and unless they are complete liars and nutjobs, which I highly doubt, I believe them when they tell me of their experiences and upbringing in the J&Js, which includes far more than the Louvre at 5 (and why you find that so incredulous is beyond me) and the basic old world “grand tour” they went on as children. Do I care if someone with sophistication wins? Hell no, go for it. My comments were in reference to Kalia’s comments to Shelly. Why so hostile?

Big Sister

I am not hostile, just want you to get your facts straight and not perpetuate assumptions about Kalia’s background. I don’t know which members of Jack and Jill you have talked to, but I have personal experience with Jack and Jill. Also, having been to the Louvre as a child and as an adult (I lived in Paris for 3+ years), it would be a wasted trip for anyone as young as 5 and no Jack and Jill chapter would sponsor this until their children were old enough to appreciate it. Are you sure it was the Louvre and not visits to HBCUs and other African American places of interest?


It’s funny how Rachel talks about Kalia being a floater to Jordan ( the ultimate floater )


I used to be the biggest Rachel hater…not so much anymore, she is winning me over.


Are you on crack?




listening to shelly talk about anything especially politics, global warming or healthcare is sending my blood pressure through the roof. she may be the most annoying bb house guest ever.


I definitely agree with you….Her ideas on healthcare are stupid!!!!


that’s funny. that topic of conversation would certainly be better than shelly’s virtual insanity.

i couldn’t help myself. 😉


I have been thinking how B winning POV is sorta awesome. It makes B choose between him and Rachel. Sorta lucky tv for AG.


Boo.Bitch.Bye!!!! This shouldve happened a looooong time ago. I wish they really would do vice-versa this summer and make Rachel suffer by staying but I guess history repeats itself. How TF Adam stayed is beeeeeeyond me(not really,but still) lol he may end up being the Jordan of this season


Gosh, everyone is always so hard on Rachel. She tells it like it is and that just makes people sooo mad. I’m ok with her. Kalia annoys the heck out of me.

My picks for winner:

1) Rachel
2) Dani
3) Porsche
4) Adam

Sorry but Jeff and Jordan suck. Jordan is a big time floater. She hates Rachel, and she talks so much sh*t behind her back, yet she is so nice to her in her face. I know Jordan doesn’t like Kalia but she uses her for information. Plus, she has already won. She is so fake. I prefer people to be honest and tell me straight up if they don’t like me. As far as Jeff, I am so done with him. He is such a jerk and so is Brendon. I hope a girl wins, but I’m also ok if Adam wins.

Mary R

BR talk more shit about people than anyone else and R lies more too she twist things so much “floters” is the most over used word in the BB house thanks to Rach and it is stupid I understand I’d you don’t like ppl that just go where the power is but Jordan is just playing a social game and Rach is 10000% jealous of Jordan she even said in her season she wanted BR to be like JJ and for ppl to like them like JJ but ppl don’t like her cause each is a whinny sore loser that try’s to get ppl to feel sorry for her you can’t win bb by winning everything but you when by winning everyone over she just doesn’t get it

Mary R

So many errors in spelling but you understand the jist


How is Jordan a big time floater when she won the 2nd out of 4 HOHs, she has been an active social player that has kept her word to her alliance, and WON bb11? Im not a JJ fan but come on tell it like it is- people use the title Floater too much… a TRUE floater is Lawan, Adam, maybe Kalia and Shelly.

Mary R

That’s what I said 🙂


Cmon Jordan won that comp because it was all luck…If that comp was every week seriously doubt if she wins again…


Regaurdless of the reason you speculate that she won, case in point she is not a Floater in any definition of the word


Sadly, Rachel doesn’t tell it like it is. She tells it like she sees it or wants it to be when she thinks things should work out for her. She also over dramatizes and exaggerates to the point of being a liar. So even though I like her attitude toward trying to play the game, it gets lost because she comes off as entitled and self-absorbed. The things she complains about the most , are things she’s done or is doing herself in some form. So it’s hard to rout for her and I hope she doesn’t win the $500,000. But she may not even realize how immature and self absorbed she comes off, and maybe she’s different outside the house when the cameras are off. But from what she’s shown in the house it makes be glad that either she or Brendon may go home this week.


Great comment. Rachel is a ridiculous person in the BB house and her sore winner/sore loser/permanent victim act is completely recycled from last year. It’s gross. If she had class and didn’t overreact to the most innocuous things/lose her BLANK when she or her allies aren’t in power positions, she’d be a lot better in all this. I wonder how she would’ve behaved in a game like BB if she hadn’t had Brendon to latch onto like a desperate octopus? Turning her entire worth from “VEGAS!!!” to “BREN-DONNNN!!!” Blech.


Rachel was talking a ton of shit about Jordan and Dani when their alliance was still strong. I cannot recall the amount of times Rachel said Jordan has bad gameplay (someone who didn’t make it to the halfway point of her season criticizing a former winner is amusing) and she stated that Dani rode her dad’s coattails to the final two before (while disregarding Dani’s comp wins and the fact that she couldn’t ride Brendon’s coattails to the final two).


Rachel tells it like it is? Really? That’s why she told JJ they she was considering backdooring them, right? Oh wait – she didn’t. She’s just as deceitful as everyone else. Not to mention the fact that she’s the biggest fake crybaby I’ve ever seen in my life. How old is she? 28 or something? She seriously acts like she’s 12 sometimes. Hiding in the fake bushes? Seriously? Lame.


um, everyone is there for themselves. They all want to win $500k.

Fed up with JJ

I agree with everything you said lets go Rachel


Kalia is soooo annoying. i cannot stand 2 hear her complain and talk about everything! shut her up plz BB! !


I agree so annoying! Can’t even watch and I do hope that there is a way R&B can save themselves this week and win HOH. Next week and take out the floaters so sick of them I want to watch a real comp.


JJ is big time back stabing floaters. They R 4 dem selves. Only kiss @$$ 2 da HOH winners. Kalia u lazy @$$ floater beat it. B&R win comps! Don’t hate! Go B&R!


Yes! So agreed want all the floaters gone and see the real competitors compete:)

Lou Lou







Does anyone know what the mean comment Dani said to Rachel is that Dani kept apologizing for?


Dani asked if Rachel was sad that she was hoh twice and yet she didn’t get an hoh interview with Julie.
Rachel twisted it later on to JJ, saying the comment was “are you sad that you didn’t get an hoh interview and now you never will,” or something along those lines.


Can’t u guys C jordans game. She looks B cuz Jeff do all da nasty, hard shit talking 4 dem so she looks good 2 every 1.

Jordan K.

Is Brendon using the POV on him or Rachel? I really think he needs to use it on her..


Someone in production has a hard-on for Kalia, can we not get close ups of anyone else that she’s talking to?!


There’s no hard-on for Kalia. She gets a big chunk of camera time for the same reason Rachel/Brendon do: they’re all considered unlikeable and it generates the kind of love-to-hate energy displayed all over boards like this.

Also, she’s very animated and talks a lot, those are other reasons she probably gets camera time. I think people perceive her as getting more camera time than she actually does. She *is* annoying with the constant talking and the black valley girl affect, but I only mute the TV when her talking gets to be too much… I change the channel when Rachel/Brendon/Shelly dominate the screen.


Yes, put up the floaters so an alliance of four strong can take you out the following week when you only have one real ally. That makes tons of sense.


Everyone sleeping in the BB house?


I hope Brendon does stay because there ain’t no way Brendon, Jeff, or Jordon will get HoH if it’s knockout questions.


Everytime Porsche is on I mute my tv and turn my head. She literally offends two of my senses!!! I hope she gets a reality check soon that this won’t be her big break. She may find a career acting for a STD commercial!


Kalia needs to shut up. She is the most annoying house guest ever. I camera hop to avoid her as much as possible because she will enter a room where a conversation is happening and starts talking about random shit. If they try to continue their conversation she keeps going until they give up and go somewhere else where Kalia isn’t. Then Kalia goes off looking for someone else to interrupt and torture. At least Rachel stirs the pot and is good for a laugh. There is nothing remotely interesting or funny about Kalia. She talks to hear her own voice and is oblivious to the body language and stony stares of the people around her that just wish she would stop talking. She is acting like she is HOH and seems to think that she is the brains behind Dani. Dani tries to play along because she needs her, at least for the time being. Kalia might make it to the end because nobody would vote for her to win.
I would like Rachel to stay in the house and send NeanderTall home to his skype connection.Rachel will be a a mess. Mix in some alcohol and the return of Cassie and this could get fun. And who is Lawan? Is he just a bump on a log? Does he ever say anything? Is he really there in the house or is it an optical illusion?


Even if Kalia won a slew of competitions and started executing smart, effective gameplay strategies, I don’t think she would get majority votes to win. It’s really strange. Dani remarked that she would vote for Brendon to win if he wound up in the F2 as a result of fierce gameplay, I don’t think Kalia could do the same and win ppl’s respect. I think Lawon could do NOTHING but coast to the end and win over her. People’s “hatred” of her is suspect. But her talking really alienates viewers and she does seem to move around until she finds someone to talk at (yes, “at”). I wonder if she’s conscious of how her chattering annoys people?

I was glad to see her and Jordan become “friends” in the house. Too bad that all got screwed up by Rachel/Brendon’s treachery and Jeff’s paranoia.


I honestly think Adam is going to make it to the end. They all think he sucks but does he really. I’m sure he is seriously holding back in competitions. The mental ones not the physical ones. Not to mention no one is targeting him. Both sides are fighting but he in the middle. I know Shelly is in the middle but she is playing both sides and it far more pronounced than Adam. A floater will win and at this point the only person who is playing that has a shot of winning is Dani. Kalia is getting annoying and the other house guests are going to get sick of her. Floaters you have a life vest and Brechelgade overplayed their hand and are going down.


Audrey II (Kalia) is a pampered DIVA


I dont necessarily think that Rachel and Brendan are bitches, they are WHINERS! Especially Rachel. She doesnt win or get her way, that bottom lip comes out and she acts like a two year old. ridiculous! Brendan gets mad and fights back. Rachel calling Dani a bitch for putting them on them up is wrong because she is playing the game, she had to make a strong move. If Kalia and Lawon was with Dani and Dom so much, why didnt they vote against Adam? that would have showed they loyalty? So now the motor mouth has her lips stuck to Dani’s ass so bad she cant do anything else? Almost as bad as Porshe with her lips stuck to Rachel’s ass! They might as well as have leashes! Geeze!


That last picture of jordan in the purple room with rachel is priceless, she looks bored out of her mind. The pawn better not go home this week!!


Lol @ how some people type in these comments. Anyways Im sick of hearing the garbage about “floaters”. Being a so-called floater is the ultimate bb strategy. Playing both sides if done the right way IS a strategy. And a good one at that. If you can get through to the end that way then kudos to you, you deserve it. Rachel cant even get “floater” right. I remember she called out cassi calling her a floater and the ringleader of the newbs in the same sentence. She prides herself on wanting to get the floaters out but what was Keith? Dom? Cassi? Furthest thing from floaters. I hope brendon goes home and Rachel goes berserk. Thats the only thing shes good for. Cheap tv thrills. At this point, I hope Jordan wins again, just cause there is not a single likable person left and all these people are dumb as shit.


Oh and lol, people saying certain teams only look out for themselves. Uh welcome to big brother, inspired by brendon, is this your first rodeo?

Rachel Is Boy George

I really hope Dani don’t put up Pacer if dani does then all 4 vets are going to be safe this week and dani will be going home next thursday. I hope she figures that out before Monday, Just put up Jordan, shes the ultimate pawn in any season


Has anyone seen Kalia’s blog online? I do not know if anyone has mentioned it on this site in an earlier post, but she writes under the name of bitchie collins at In the opening package of BB she described herself as “Carrie Bradshaw”, which to me, you would have to have some kind of following, and looking at the number of comments she receives, she is not. I attempted to read her blog, but it just reminded me of her incessant ramblings that NEVER END!

mason vaughn

Why does everyone make such a big deal that some of the house guests are floaters? Its necessary to have people like this in the house! They are usually the swing votes that the strong competitors use to sway to their side, it is an important part of the social game. And everybody knows that floaters can get far and then step their game up when it counts, just because they are laying low and not putting the blood on their hands does not mean they are lazy or suck at this game. Also SIMON I’ve always wondered do the houseguest get to bring more clothes than what’s in that little black bag there is just no way that they can fit everything in there I’ve seen lots of changes of clothes\shoes


If it weren’t summertime with the only choices being reruns of shows we have already seen or BB, would anybody even watch this? This is the worst BB season ever. The only one in the house with a personality was Dom and he got voted out. They are all stupid shallow people, even Jordan. Yes, she’s sweet, by why doesn’t she and Jeff just get on with their lives? They’ve had their 15 minutes of fame and times up!!!


Rachel was driving me crazy last night. I get that she took Dani’s comment as a dig at her, but really Rachel the girl apologized countless times and all you had to say to her was snarky, sarcastic comments back. Then she ran to Porsche, and Jeff, and Jordan. You could tell none of them really cared, too. This girl’s hypocrisy is beyond me.
My favorite though, was Rachel saying that if she won hoh, she wouldn’t have put Dani up. Even Por saw through that bs.

I am so sick of the same old, same old again. Brenchel again seem to think this is their show and they are entitled to the game and no one else is allowed to play.. Everyone else is simply there to bow to their wishes and make them look good. I loved Jeff and Jordan but Jeff has turned into a bully with a four letter vocabulary that is mean to not only Jordan but all the other players, Jordan seems to have lost her spirit and also has this sense of entitlement that the game is theirs. Would have loved to have seen “new” people with “new” game and not a repeat of the whinning, selfish, spoiled returning vets this year. New players never had a chance.Kalia and Shelly have to be the amost annoying guests ever. Dani is the only one worth watching. At least she is playing the game.

Big Red


I don’t understand why people want Jordan to win when she already won. Also she is the ultimate floater all Jeff did was drag her along during their season. The only reason she won hoh was because it was given to her. She needs to be sent home. The only reason she is kept around is because she is so “nice” play the game people and don’t keep people around because they are nice.


Agreed. But her social game is off the charts. She can approach any subject, any conversation, with a calm and quiet nature that leaves the other person feeling wrong or quick to judge. Look how she handled Kalia, confronting her upfront about the JJ back-door issue and she still did not create a target on her. Impeccable game play, her alliance is known, she goes to the source, and she doesn’t lie. Even still, I do not wish her to win…..again!


I like Rach and Brendon, they speak their minds, aren’t afraid to go against the grain. JJ are a bunch of but kissers. Kalia is a joke without a punchline, Lawon is just well Lawon is Lawon, Adam, I am so rooting for him. Porsche is Janelle 2.0 Shelly is trying wayyyyyyyy to hard and Dani is a fool for not having made this move later down the line. Trust me they are going to turn on her like white on rice. Kalia will go. I think final two will be Lawon and Adam watch. They are both flying wayyyyyyyyyy under the radar. Dani is a hypocrit saying one thing and swearing on her Grandmother then doing another. I am rooting for Adam


Just because people are not screaming or winning everything does not make them a floater. Being a poor loser does not make you competitive. The most annoying thing of all are the excuses some are making. Rachel loses anything, she throws a fit and cries. She blames her behavior on being competitive. Kalia does not have friends in the house, she blames it on racism. Shelley lies all the time, she blames it on gameplay. Dani is rude and plays with anger. She blames it on not having a partner for so long. Didn’t bother her when she threw Dom under the bus. Shelley and Kalia flipped on the first vote and gave the game to the vets. They blamed that on the newbies not including them even though the newbies asked for them to stick together. Just because Shelly stayed quiet she thinks that gives her a pass for flipping and causing a so called friend to leave She is not in 5th grade. Brendan and Jeff yell at their girlfriends and blame it on their high opinions of their own intelligence. Of course they are the only ones who see their intelligence. Now Shelley and Kalia are sorry for flipping the first time. Puhlease. At least own it when you are a liar. Even in a game it does not come that easy unless you are use to it. My hopes for winners are:

1. Adam
2. Lawhon
3. Jordan
4. Porsche
5. Jeff
6. Brendan
7. Shelley
8. Kalia
9. Dani
10. Rachel

I hate poor losers and big egos and excuse makers. They are the real floaters no matter what they do or do not win. No courage no winner


10gs to use “Happy Birthday” with permission, 25k+ if you use it without permission, not that I like the song because I don’t, but that’s some BULLSHIT MAN.

Someone need to make novelty songs like that public domain


I honestly don’t know why Dani is even bothering with trying to play nicely with Rachel unless, of course she is hedging. In other words, thinking more long term that if she doesn’t win the $500K, she at least wants to get ‘America’s Player’.

Rachel is the absolute worse type of person to play a game with because she never has the ability to roll with the punches. She thinks everybody should join her pity party because her and Brendon have set their game play around winning every competition at all costs.

And Pacer is royally screw her own game up because she’s too busy playing ‘Lady-In-Wating’ to Rachel/Brendon and trying to sooth their egos instead of trying to make solid alliances once those two (hopefully on Thursday) disintegrate.

I’m still scratching my head as to how Little Richard Lawon got cast? This guy adds absolutely no value to this show. He has no original thought in his head and always seems to have to be told what to do.


I think Dani should win and then I don’t really care. I do think she made her move too soon to get Jeff out but it was really Dom’s fault because he went to Shelly and Shelly opened her big mouth to JJ about Dani’s plan. . It is funny no one caught on to that. If Dani knew that she would have put Shelly up. What a shame.
Oh evil dick why did leave us here all alone. I searched the world over and I thought I found the best player..but you had to go so . boop you were gone. 🙁