Big Brother Spoilers: Dani says that she saw a bus coming and threw Cassi under it.. Dani says that the bus was Rachel.

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12:15am Porsche, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam are in the living room talking about Al Gore and politics. Kalia and Lawon eventually join them and the houseguests talk about random things and movies. Dani is up in the HOH room alone. At 1am Kalia joins Dani and they talk about Brendon and Rachel. Dani says that she wanted Brendon to go home and not Rachel. Dani says this came out of nowhere about Brendan using the veto on himself. They talk about Brendon using POV on himself. Kalia asks Dani if she thinks Brendan stays what will the chance at you and me working with Jeff and Jordan and if it would be null and void? Kalia says that Porsche will be looking for a new person to latch on to. Dani says that the game wasn’t how she expected it to be. Dani talks about how it’s her fault that Dominic went home and how she feels bad about it. Dani says that she can’t look out for her and other people’s relationships and others. Dani says that in this game sometimes you hurt people. Dani says that when she hears stuff she said repeated from other people, she sees how bad it sounds. Dani says but thats not what I intended for that to be. The conversation changes to making fun of Brendon and Rachel during the POV competition. Then they talk about Porsche’s fake boobs and how Kalia liked Cassi boobs way better. They talk about Brendon and Rachel again. Meanwhile Jordan, Shelly and Adam are now out in the backyard talking and smoking.
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1:45am UP in the HOH room Dani and Kalia are talking. Dani says that when she put up Brendon and Rachel she assumed that Brendon would be the one going home. Dani says that now that Brendon isn’t going home she says that has changed everything. Dani complains and says that Brendon wins everything. Kalia says it doesn’t mean that Brendon will win HOH next week though. Dani talks about how Rachel said that Brendon doesn’t do good in quizzes but Dani says that Brendon made it to the final round during the last quiz. Dani says that she thinks she wants to win too badly. Dani says that she thinks she is her only downfall in the game. Kalia says that she can’t think of it that way or she will leave. Kalia says that maybe Jeff, Jordan or Shelly will win HOH next week? Dani asks Kalia who she thinks Shelly would go after? Dani says that she would probably put up you and Lawon. Kalia says that she doesn’t think Shelly would put her up. Kalia wonders if Shelly would put up Brendon. Kalia says that Dani needs to have a really frank talk with Shelly. Dani says that she thinks maybe she should talk to Shelly. Dani says that she would need to be really careful about what she says to her. Dani says that she thinks tomorrow they should avoid talking game with everyone. Dani says that she wants to lay outside ..fry like a lobster …workout and then go to bed. Kalia says there is no point in feeling bad about Dominic going home. Kalia says a guy like Dominic will leave the house with a bunch of opportunities. Dani says that she feels bad that he left because of her. Kalia says that maybe Dominic will be voted back into the house. They talk about the possibility of someone coming back into the house. Kalia says that she has a feeling that she will be in the house for a long time and that if she wins HOH she will get Brendon out. Kalia says that she made deal with Porsche how if she voted to keep her, she can never vote me out. Kalia asks Dani who she do you really wants to win? Dani asks what the game? …of course I want to win, don’t you?!?! Kalia says uh huh. Kalia starts talking about how people think shes is a floater. Kalia says that she fantasizes about being in final two to say all you people who thought I was a floater. Kalia asks Dani if she thinks there is any way of convincing Brendan for Rachel to stay. Dani says that she doesn’t know and then says that she needs to talk to him but that there probably isn’t any chance in it happening.

2am – 3am Shelly, Jordan, Rachel and Porsche are talking about Brendon and Rachel having a mock wedding in the house. They talk about making Rachel a dress out of trash bags. Shelly says that they could put baby oil on some trash bags for wrestling during the bachelor party for Brendon. They talk about Rachel’s real wedding outside of the hosue. Shelly starts talking about her wedding. They talk about expensive wedding rings. Porsche and Rachel are now sitting on the backyard couch talking alone. Porsche tells Rachel that Dani is after her because she knows that Rachel is the only one who can compete with her. Porsche tells Rachel that it won’t be the end of the world to be separated from Brendon because she’s going to be his ball and chain forever. Porsche says that if Rachel were to leave she should use the time away to enjoy herself, visit her sister, work on her wedding. They then head inside to get ready for bed. Out in the backyard the guys are playing pool while Lawon, Shelly and Jordan talk on the backyard couch. They talk about past competitions. Jordan says that she saved all of her things she got from Big Brother, the cards, directions, outfits. Jordan says that she didn’t sell any of it. Jordan says that she’s a bit of a hoarder. Shelly and Lawon says that they would want to keep all of their things, they wouldn’t want to sell any of it either.

3am Up in the HOH room Kalia and Dani are still talking. Dani asks Kalia who she thinks will be the most upset with her after watching the show back? Kalia says maybe Lawon maybe. Then Kalia says definitely Rachel especially during the last week. Dani says that Cassi will probably be the most upset with her, she admits that it was because of her that Cassi was sent home. Dani says she saw a bus coming and threw her under it. Dani says that the bus was Rachel. Kalia and Dani start talking about Dani’s family. Meanwhile, Rachel and Porsche are in the candy bedroom. They talk about Rachel’s wedding some more and just before Rachel leaves to go the the HaveNot bed room she tells Porsche that she put a lot of her hair in Kalia’s bed. Porsche asks really?! Rachel says yeah a lot of it!
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3:30am Jeff, Brendon, Adam and Lawon are in the backyard. Adam tells Brendon that when they opened the have-not room this morning it smelled like oranges and shit. Brendon and Adam decide to head into the house to go to bed. Jeff and Jordan are sitting by the hot tub all alone. Jordan says that Brendon was saying stuff about Dani in front of Lawon. Jordan says that he only made two comments but you know it will get back to Dani. Jeff and Jordan start talking about Dani. Jeff says that he doesn’t understand how Dani doesn’t know that Shelly is with them. Jordan says that Shelly says Dani thinks she is with her. Jordan says that she thinks if Dani wins another HOH then it will be her and Jeff going up with Jeff as the target. Jordan says or Jeff and Brendon on the block. Jordan says that she doesn’t know who Lawon would put up if he won HOH. Jeff says whoever Dani told him to. Jeff says that he hopes Brendon stays and wins HOH next week. Jordan agrees and thinks it will be questions. Jordan wonders if Porsche would put them up, she doesn’t know what that girl is thinking. Jeff says that the next HOH might be a knockout version. Jordan says she isn’t good at buzzing in fast. Jeff says that he is a little slow too. Jordan says that she thinks Kalia or Porsche would do good in a competition like that. Jeff says that if Kalia won HOH then it would be him and Brendon going up! Jordan says that the ski competition was perfect for Dani. Jeff says yeah she’s got to go. Jordan says that she thinks Dani is close to Kalia right now just because she needs her as a vote. Jordan says that she never confirmed in front of Kalia that Shelly was working with her and Jeff. Jeff says that Kalia got to go too! Jordan says that Brendon and Rachel are like magnets to each other. Jordan says that they are in there cuddling on top of each other in the have-not room. Jordan says that she thinks Brendon will be more stable without Rachel here. Jeff agrees and says that it almost feels too good to be true that Rachel might go home.

4am – 4:20am Jeff says that he hopes Julie says there is some sort of power and that he gets it. Jordan says that she is worried that her and Jeff look mean this season. Jordan says that she feels like last time they joked around a lot more. Jordan says that she thinks it might be the stress of trying to keep both of them in the house. Jeff agrees and says that the keys made it tricky and being the incoming vets made them targets right away. Jordan says that she can’t stand having her emotions being all over the place, one second your happy the next you’re not! Jordan says that she just hopes one of us goes real far and gets some prizes, like another Hawaii trip again! Jordan says that it will all work out …everything happens for a reason! Jeff says yeah. Jeff says that things are going to get weird in the house after the veto ceremony because the campaigning will start. Jordan says that if she gets put up then she’ll have the votes to stay over Rachel. They both agree that everyone wants to break up Rachel and Brendon in the house. Jeff says that he doesn’t think that they will try to backstab them. Jordan says that she thinks that he should talk to Brendon and tell him that they are together in this. Jeff says that Dani has isolated herself in the HOH room. Jordan says that she thinks Dani doesn’t care, she came by herself to play a game. Jordan says that Dani told her early on that she had a plan to get everyone against her dad so that they would vote him out. Jordan says that Dani is here to win and doesn’t care. Jeff and Jordan head inside to go to bed.

7:20am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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So, if Brendan took himself off, who is the replacement nom?


Don’t know but I will say Jordan or Porsche

Uncle Cool

I don’t think it would matter. One of them is going home. Rachel or Brendon. Personally, I hope it’s Brendon. Then Jeff the week after.


not happening Brendon is taking rachel off……they are just telling the HG’s lies to make them think like rachel is leaving when she’s not


I don’t understand BR’s strategy in this. It just makes them look even more untrustworthy & Rachel a bigger target.


The only reason I can think is that maybe Brendon doesnt want more time for people to talk him out of it, or them to convince Rachel to go. Otherwise u don’t see the point either


Otherwise *I don’t see the point 🙂


It’s to stir shit up unnecessarily for something that really doesn’t matter.


The only logical choice to make sure the BR team is broken up is Jordan, this is regardless if it’s B or R on the block.


I hope it’s Kali and she goes home so she will shut her face that will prove to the vets that dani will work with them again and then send Rachael home next week so we don’t have to listen to her eat anymore and just constantly stuff food in her mouth, rattle wrappers and chew with her mouth open while she lies to everyone!


Kalia is going to win!


KALIA IS THE WORST WASTE OF AIR TIME.Showtime needs to realize people can’t stand her compulsive rambling.I can’t believe how much bb afterdark has become torture listening to her.Not to mention someone even hinting the biggest two timing floater would win.HAHA MARY what relative are you.A cousin an aunt or a friend.And the race comments are pathetic i despise when people who are unliked use race as a reason.Oh and just for the peanut gallery i am mixed my father is black (not rhat i should have to say this but i already see other pathetic people on the boards saying it’s a race thing also)and I was taught to be proud of myself not cry put racism if my personality makes people wanna stab themselves to get away from me.


I hope it’s Kali and she goes home so she will shut her face that will prove to the vets that dani will work with them again and then send Rachael home next week so we don’t have to listen to her eat anymore and just constantly stuff food in her mouth, rattle wrappers and chew with her mouth open while she lies to everyone!


Thanks to Lawon for calling Kalia out for starting to use the racecard, she talks about how “they” were treated? A million years from now are we still gonna hear about that. I’ve never treated a black person badly and I’m tired of hearing that! When r they gonna have affirmative action for whites? It’s gone so far the other way that it just sounds so foolish for Kalia (a modern woman) to try to use that!


I don’t like Kalia either and I agree with you about her playing the racecard thing. I know this isn’t relevant, but I don’t think people will still be alive on Earth in a million years.


Can someone please shut Kalia up! She makes me wanna throw the remote at the tv. Anyone that dates her needs to watch this season first so they know what they are in for…non stop blabbing about shit NO ONE cares about except her. Can’t she see peoples eyes glassing over as she continues to speak? I’d rather listen to Rachel laugh all night than hear Kalia yap non stop.

A Nono Moose

Funny stuff Anom… was thinking that exactly the other day…BB would’ve yanked me for stranglingly the talk out of her. In her defense she is biologically incapable of shutting her pie hole. May a flock of minah birds attack her and rip the tongue out of her head… she would be the worst pow ever…without any torture applied she’d tell the enemy everything!


i think you are saying that because kalia is black!!!


I agree100%! She says “LIKE” so many times that I can’t even use it anymore! I wish Dani would tell her to put a sock in it and get the hell out of her HOH room! UGGH!


I can’t believe dani was conspiring early in the game to get dick out. He would’ve obliterated her. Ugh


HELP!!! Why are Brendon and RAchel telling everyone that B is going to use the veto on himself when he really plans on using it on Rachel? What purpose would that serve to lie about that – especially with one of going home anyway.

I don’t see why they’d hide the fact that the veto will be used on Rachel. Can someone clear that up ffor me?


I think they are doing that to test people and see how loyal they are to BR. They might be trying to gauge which one of them would be better off to stay. I persoaally think it should be B because he is able to be less annoying and Rachel gets so bitchy when she loses or doesn’t get her way. She’s definitely had more people in the house go off on her than B has.


I believe they think Dani would have a different renom for each of them. If they get Dani to focus on who should be the renom against Rachel, running different scenarios in her head, she won’t be so focussed on who to put up against Brendon. She then may be flustered when Brendon takes off Rachel, and put up a not well thought out renom.


exactly – they did this last year!


Because they are idiots! There is no reason, they want the shock factor…no one will be shocked. But actually, Brenden is doing it to see who Rachel can trust when he leaves. He’s doing it for her. Isn’t that sweet! YUCK!


I just responded to that question, idk either!


I don’t like know but like for like a supposedly like educated like woman could Kalia like say one sentence without LIKE in it 10 times. I would do the drinking game with my friends where you take a shot everytime she says like but we would all be on the floor after 2 sentences.

BB Fan

I think that br lying is so stupid its going to make Rachel a target

BB Fan

@ cabbie413 I think the purpose of BR hiding who would be saved is to see who really would stick with rachel when Brendon is gone


Umm ya for the people who Danielle is a smart game player, youll see how “smart” she is when she puts up Porsche this week and Porsche or Shelly this week. Dani HAS to put up Jordan no matter what. Either way she better hope she wins POV next week, otherwise enjoy the jury house you stupid devil faced bitch.


With Brendon saying he is going to save himself and actually save himself would be the best way to save both him and Racheal…If he saves himself it obviously recks Dani’s plan to work with Rachel so i bet if he takes himself off and Dani puts Porche or shelly up and gets either one out this week Dani could stil have a chance in the game without having to fight to stay every single week because JJ/BR would need to work with someone else they r so quick to turn on eachother


I just don’t get it!!! Is Brendon using the pov on himself or Rachel ?! Simon help?


Brendon & Rachel win comps. They play & speak with there feelings. They deserve 2 B in the house the longest. They don’t kiss ass & float 2 get by. Wake up every 1!


Huh…that’s funny because I swore that after Dani won hoh that rachel said didn’t want to, but if Dani wanted her to, Rachel would kiss her ass…maybe it was a typo…?


t brendon and rachel is saying brendonis stayng because deep down they know dani wants to work with rachel she wants rachel in finale 2 with her because she feels no one will give rachel the money , now br logic is clear before pov is use they want to make a deal with dani that they wont come after her provided brendon use the pov on himself leave rachel up there and dani throw in shelly or porshe that way rachel stay , dani plan fail if brendon use the pov on himself she wanted brendon gone , she feels the only win for her is rachel in finale 2 with her but dani doesnt trust them she thinks they might want her out next week

dani put pride aside reason with rachel that u will put up shelly or porshe and u and her have a finale 2 deal thats the way if rachel stay she wont put nominate u / just back door u if u dont win the pov next week lol


Dani needs Porche’s votes. She will do what Rachel tells her to do so it would be stupid to put up Porche. I am with Jeff, I have totally forgotten Porche is there b/c she does nothing!


Jeff and Jordan acting like two welfare queens expecting a handout. He hopes he gets a special power, uh it’s called PLAYING FOR IT. CBS created those two useless individuals. Neither are smart enough to really win anything on their own yet they expect to be carried as they were in past seasons.

And knowing BB Production, if there’s a real threat that their darlings are going to be booted,they will grant them special powers to stay.

I hope Dani doesn’t do something stupid by putting anybody other than Jordan on the block. It’s a no-brainer, Jordan has the votes to stay and it guarantees that rancid mess of Rachel and Brendon is broken up.


Changed my mind put up R. And b. And put P. As replaceme