Big Brother Spoilers – Jordan’s view on the BRJJ Alliance “we need to split up eventually why not do it now”

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7:12pm Kitchen Lawon and Kalia Kalia is saying that the money isn’t as important anymore, don’t get her wrong she REALLY needs the money but they’res more to this game than just that. She really wants to see a few people leave this game before her and that is what she is trying for. Lawon see thigns the same way and once he can see some people go he’ll be happy. Kalia adds There is a better chance of things being normal in the house if rachel leaves.. Kalia: “Rachel is so catty”
Jeff comes back from the DR.. Jeff says that he’s a worrier and he’s worrying for 2 peple. Kalia heads up to HOH to wake Dani up.

7:20pm Kalia and Dani HOH
Kalia says she talked to jeff and Jordan and they are coming up to talk to dani later tonight. She was trying to feel them out and figured a few things out. Kalia adds that Jeff said Brendon isn’t using the POV on himself that he’s saving rachel but then Jordan interrupted and said that Brendon is saving himself.

Jeff told Kalia that Rachel is being pretty confident that she is staying apparently earlier today Rachel was listing the people on the block she could beat in front of Jordan, Jordan got a bit pissed about it. Kalia adds that Jordan is starting to talk a bit of game with her again.. which is good but she still doesn’t know how reliable it is.

Kalai says her biggest worry is who will they put up to ensure that Rachel or Brendon goes home she’s trying to figure it out and she doesn’t know. Dani: “these people would be the biggest complete morons if they keep one of BRendon and Rachel”. Dani is relly worried that she’ll get BLANK if Brendon stays he’s going to team up with JJ but if rachel stays it’s different and they could maybe work with JJ. dani had just woke up and her face is all puffy “My face is disgusting I look like pug dog”. Kalia thinks JJ will eventually have to split from BR especially if one of BR are leaving this week because once they are gone JJ are the biggest target. Dani says she’s think that they can earn the trust of JJ once one of BR is gone. Kalia points out that brendon and rachel are celebrating in the havenots room, everyone is wondering why. Dani: “they are happy because at least they have a inkling of a chance and worse comes to worse they have the decision of who goes home. Kalia told her that Jeff and Jordan thinks Shelly is really supportive of everybody and if Jordan is up on the block she will not vote against Jordan. Kalia asks why not put up Porsche, it takes a vote away from BR.
Dani: “I’m really scared of getting screwed.. I have a feeling that I have at least shown to JJ that something can be worked out and I know the trust between us has to be earned”. Kalia wonders if they can trust Adam.
Dani isn’t sure she thinks they can but she’s not sure. Kalia counts the votes if they put POrsche on the block they have Kalua, lawon, Jeff and JOrdan.. and it doesn’t matter what adam or shelly will be voting.
Dani: “I’m having a clear cut enemy with anybody I put up but I already have a partial enemy with JJ, at least they have a common understanding with them”

They both start questioning what lawon will do if they put Porsche up.. Dani is troubled because last eviction lawon didn’t do what he said he was going to do and Porsche told dani that Lawon told her that he was never going to vote for Dom.

Lawon joins them.

Dani asks him why he is pissed. Lawon: “I wanted to play POV to show you all that he was in this game… everyone has proven themselves but him”. Dani asks him what his thoughts are. Lawon: “I’m sketchy what Brendon will do” Feeds cut…. feeds come back.. Dani saying that she’s a bit nervous that the 4 of them were super duper close and that she heard that Lawon told porsche that Lawon was never planning to vote to keep PT. Dani says that porsche told her that the reason she never voted for Dom was because Lawon wasn’t. Dani adds that she is afraid that if BR stay this week they are going to be gunning on them all. Kalai says they all need to trust each other they are all thats left and they are all each other have.
dani asks him if they can count on his vote this time.
Lawon: “I swear swear swear for real I swear I will vote one of them out” (B or R)
Dani: “They will promise you the world” (BR)
Kalia: “I don’t care if they offer you 1/2 their winnings.. the answer is no”
dani: “They promised everything to PT and he’s home”
Dani reminds him that he needs to trust them because they have his back 100%, their group of 3 is all they have and Dani is the number one target so there is nothing for lawon to worry about. Kalia says with One of BR gone it won’t be as tense anymore people will still be at odds but there won’t be that nasty vindictive games play that they’ve seen from BR. Kalia and dani want him to start picking up his game and gathering information.. he’s really important in their game and they need him. Dani: “We want to hear your opinion we need your input”.
Lawon: “I have a bad gut feeling about Shelly I just don’t trust her”
Dani: “Great we need you to tell use more we are together and you mean a lot to me”
Dani leaves to get a nail file
Kalia: “you are the social game for us.. nobody talks to me or Dani anymore”
Dani comes back.. tells Lawon that he’s playing a very safe game he’s covering himself very well but he needs to do more. Dani says all they need from Shelly this week is a vote after that it doesn’t matter..
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Shelly comes in Kalia and Lawon leaves.

Shelly: “This BLANK with Kalia agrovates me.. she’s starting BLANK with me”
Shelly explains that last night at 3 in the morning Kalia pulls her into the purple room and told her that nobody cheered for Kalia and Dani during the HOH comp. Shelly told her that she cheers for everyone during comps and that is how she thinks it should be done. Shelly adds that during todays POV comp when rachel was up on the platform she told Kalia “now is you chance to cheer for someone”. after the POV kalia was causing a fuss about this. Shelly is also pissed that kalia is saying that she has an alliance with BR. Shelly: “I’ll vote for them out today… tomorrow.. at any point in the game because they gotta go”

Dani says that Kalai is getting super paranoid and she’s been trying to get Kalia to calm down. Shelly says she knows for a fact that Brendon is saving himself “FOR A FACT.. Rachel is staying on the block”. Shelly wants Dani to know that Dani is way too smart to have Kalia dictate to Dani. Dani: “don’t worry I make my own decisions”. Dani tells Shelly she’s safe this week and she won’t be the pawn. Shelly thanks her and leaves.

lawon and Kalia come back Lawon calls Shelly Merry popins.. they chit chat..

8:30pm Purple Room Jordan, Adam and Jeff Jordan is saying she knows she’s safe show she is going to tell dani that she will go up against either Brendon or rachel.
Adam says that she will have the votes regardless but thinks If Jeff goes up it might be a little but harder to get all the votes needed especially if he’s up against Rachel. Jordan says that brendon is going to use the Veto on himself. Adam and Jeff arent sure they both heard that Brendon is using it to save rachel. Jordan explains that brendon told him earlier today in the purple room that he’s saving himself becuase he’s sure that Rachel has the votes. (This is what Jordan is pissed about because rachel knows that Jordan or Jeff will go up as the pawn and rachel said this infront of her)
Adam counts the votes to Keep Jordan, “Lawon, Kalia, Jeff and himself that is 4 you are safe”. He adds if Jeff goes up it’s more dangerous becusae if Jeff goes up against Rachel will start cutting deals with Lawon and Kalia because Jeff is stronger than Rachel.
Jeff asks Adam if they can trust him. Adam: “Dude.. I’m with you guys 100% i am dead serious when you were HOH you showed me more love than BR did … BR wanted me out at first”
Jordan: “They’e (BR) ahve proven they are good competitors they’ll wipe us all out” Adam: “Don’t worry I’m dead serious i’m with you guys 100%” (adam is playing Porsche he’s another JJ minion) Jeff is worried if a pawn goes up it will start rumors that JJ are with Dani and Brendon will start gunning for them.. Jordan adds that is why she will go up she has the votes it’s OK. Jeff wodner maybe they can vote Porsche out then.. Jordan: “She’s not going to do that” Adam thinks that Dani’s mentatlity is getting someone strong out and the only was to ensure that the house votes out B or R is for her to put one of JJ up. Jordan: “we need to split up eventually why not do it now” She thinks if rachel goes they can stil work with brendon but if Brendon goes Rachel will be a emotional wreck and completely uncontrollable. Jordan adds that if Jordan goes up and rachel goes home the only person brendon will be mad at is Dani. Jordan says that dam is a reall cool guy at first she thought he looked mean but he’s really nice. Adam claims he’s part eval dick part chicke geroge (LOL). jeff leaves

Adam tells jordan hoewmuch he’s with the JJ’s and he’ll vote out Rachel if Jordan goes up they do not have to worry.

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I think brendon will use the pov on. Rachel who agrees??


Agreed. And even better because I’d rather see Brendon leave than Rachel.


no doubt about it. Brendon is a douche but he cares for her alot and he will save her if she wants him to or not


Yep I think so too. Best case scenario for Dani is Brendon goes (sorry BR fans). She’s gotta use Kalia and Lawon for numbers and votes but she better not take their advice. Kalia is saying to put Porsche up?! WTF. And then Porsche ends up going and BR stays. She’s gotta put up Jordan….neither Brendon Or Rachel will be able to bea her on the block. Not to mention iRachels going to star campaigning against JJ and then you can say goodbye to BRJJ alliance and say hello to drama for us.


100% he will use it on Rachel, I am praying some way some how Rachel and Brendon will both stay and BR and JJ will team up to get out Dani. Them running the house is the best idea. I just hope they all remember they need to keep working together….. Oh Big Brother


I agree I am hoping the same thing. I don’t want to see a smart/big move I want to see someone blindsided. And I hope Dani and Kalia gets blindsided, at the expense of Porsche. I hope for once Kalia keeps running her mouth and convince Dani to put Porsche up then Dani can be mad at BR/ JJ and Kalia. Now that would make this season exciting.


Ummm no…gotta disagree.


Completely agree, i can’t imagine him not using it on rachel because he acts like hes obsessed with her and would anything for her


lol i don’t think anyone in that house actually likes Kalia. they just pretend to listen to her and than talk crap about her in the diary room or to the others 😛

bb13 sucks

everone needs to stop cuz if brenda uses it on boy george we are goisng to see some fugly faces sucking on each other until eviction night is over so please lets change the subject. Who agrees that rachel is pregnant with twins???

Not Meg

Yeah but twin what? I’d hate to see what falls out of her.


id love to see brendon leave, rachel isnt strong mentally and she will break down every time she sees someone smiling…


You know he’ll use it on her because he doesn’t want to be there in the first place. He’s only there because she needs money.


It was Rachel’s idea to return and Brendon seems like he just wants his Ph.D so I think Rachel will stay. It’ll be so awesome if Rachel wins more HOH and Vetos and holds a record because I think Rachel is pretty smart at times! I mean she wanted Dani, but her alliance went against Dani. I’m glad Brenchel finally realize they can’t trust JJ!




I noticed yesterday while she was in the HOH room talking to Dani, Dani wasnt even looking at her most of the time. I do that when I get tired of listening to someone or zone someone out.


Kahlia has bloody verbal diarrhea!! It’s hilarious and yet …. annoying at the same time. LoL. She rarely gives anyone a chance to talk. She doesn’t seem to care what Lawaun says or anyone else. Kahlia, shut the hell up for two minutes & give someone else a chance to talk. What a nervous basketcase she is.


kalia acts like this is her HOH, Dani made a smart move at the wrong time. she should have stuck with the 5 and then got a few newbies out and then gunned for the couples. sorry but I am tired of seeing JJ float on by. Jordan won already, Jeff has money from the game. Let someone else get it. Dani, thougth u were smarter than that..Kalia pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee shut up. when u look at the tapes and see what you sound like I think you will even start hating the sound of your own voice, yelling at the tv to shut the hell up.


Its insane, isn’t it? How can one person talk that much! I watching BBAD and she is just babbling on and on and on to Lawon. LOL – Lawon just said he has a headache!! Wonder why… ha ha ha


Michelle, I’m watching BBAD too and when Lawon said he had a headache, I thought the same thing …… No bloody wonder! OMG Kahlia’s has the worse case of verbal diarrhea I’ve ever seen, or should I say, heard! LoL


I am listening to BBAD too, was thinking about muting it, silenting begging Showtime to change cameras, and laughing at Lawon too when he said that. Wondering if she gets the hint when people say that or ignore her while shes talking OMG. I am noticing right now while everyone else is sitting around the table that Rachel wont shut the hell up either. I swear if you stick the two of them in a room together, you wouldnt be able to pay Dawg or Simon enough to type up their conversation!!! LOL


Anonymous – LMAO at your comment! Good one!


DR I hope you saw my apology from a few days ago but if you didn’t I am very sorry. Those comments weren’t directed at you specifically. I was just tired of hearing the unfair advantage comments all over and yours was the one I replied to. Please forgive me?


Sarah, you’re so sweet. I don’t remember your comment but no worries, really! You watching BBAD?


Oh how I agree.. Blah blah.. Nothing meaningful comes out that mouth..


I am thinking the same thing, Only supersized lol


where is bbgrandma??


I’ve been wondering the same thing!!!! Where is she?


Brendon will get so much shit from Rachel if he doesn’t.

Not Meg

I think that Brenden secretly wants to go home so he can get away from Rachel for the summer. And then he can watch how she really behaves when he’s not around telling her what to do.


not only is jordan beautiful but smart too. she should win again just based on her genius ability to figure out the obvious. 🙂


I can’t stand brendon. I hope he goes home, he’s the most annoying competitor this season. He thinks way to highly of himself and continuously babbled about his PhD and the fact the he’s studied rocket science. Seriously stfu and gtfo.

Kalia please stop talking, my ears are bleeding. She never shuts up. How can they stand her?


Maybe BB will just finally say “Kalia – stop talking!”


would love to hear the bb man say “Kalia, stop that!”

i hate Kalia

i which she get punch in the face by Rachel

i hate Kalia

can someone tell me why she has a Detroit sign on here hand


I completley agree with you, I think that part of what their trying to do is scare dani into thinking that brendon is staying, that way they might be able to cut a deal. But brendon keeps telling rachel she cand do it and rachel has no where to go when she leaves the house. Personaly, I don’t think rachel is that bad, she was the only one who was reasonable with dani when she won HOH. I’m rooting for dani because I’m truly a big fan. I don’t mind rachel and jordan, but I can’t stand either jeff or brenda. I think that jordan can be a far better competitor than what she really shows, and I agree with her game play more than Jeff’s.


Big brother are that stupid to think Kalia is worth listening to for an hour…..Wow get to someone interesting…


I am watching BB after dark and it’s saying a new HOH will b chosen tomorrow?? Am I seeing things correctly


To the people just watching the show on cbs, yes a new hoh will be in power. They ended the show before the hoh comp was finished. To the people watching the live feeds, watching bbad, and/or reading blogs, we already know dani won.


Oh I get it thanks


I had to turn off BBAD, its all that biatch Kalia drowning on and on and on. This is really bad to say but i wish for her to die. Does that make me a bad person?


just joking btw, she doesnt need to die, she just needs to lose her voice permanetly…


as much as I want to see Brenchel go one by one I think Kalia and Shelley are really starting to annoy me more than them. kalia with every word ending with “like” and shelley making observations when she is not in any position to. Barf ! at least Brenchel have calmed down now.
STILL ROOTING FOR DANI (and wouldn’t mind rooting her). she gets cuter and cuter as the show goes by plus I totally respect her for standing up to JJ and BR.

i hate Kalia

wow and you people hate BR. your girl Kalia thinks her fat ass can win anything. so next time you guys talk about Rachel think about this kalia is in the game




I just tuned into BBAD and guess who is the first person I see talking? Kalia!!! She never stops talking!!!


Kalia & Shelly are the ugliest women to ever be on Big Brother

i hate Kalia

hey you have to be nice to her. she a black chic in there.


yeah HEARD her playing that card tonight. did you know that you dont disrespect smart black women? I always thought no women need to be disrespected?


is it or me or did I just hear Kalia say that every time she got something with chipotle in it, it was hot? HELLO????? Is this girl that stupid?

Ms Jaxon

No, JULIENOK. What was said was whenever she (Kalia) got food from Chipotle (the restaurant) that it had something hot (spicy) in it. I think your dislike for Kalia has clouded your judgement and affected your hearing. Don’t get me wrong, she is not one of my favs either, but call her stupid for something she actually said and not something you thought you heard.


what if jj br plan this is all along a plan for dani to put jordan on the block because jordan is weaker vet make dani thinks rachel or brendon is going home and jordan and jeff ask the house guest to vote out jordan because she already won before and she’ll take that hit for the team . dani would be piss no rb leaving and jeff and brendon cement there finale two allinace . jeff owe brendon and rachel for outting dani this the way to put a dent in dani plan / the rest of them rally together to get dani out next week lol

just what if this is a set up to get jordan on the block and she sacrifice for the team even though they wanted to spend the summer together


That’ll never ever happen. You’re dreaming. Jeff will never turn on Jordan, EVER. Just like brendon will never turn on Rachel. Either rachel or brendon will be going home this week like it or not.

Not Meg

Oh I love it!! 😀


That would mean Jeff and Jordan would NOT spend the summer together so this is not a possibility.

i hate Kalia

lol she will win this week hoh good luck fat ass


So I went and did some searching for Kalias literary works. Yes I know Im a glutton for punishment. First let me tell you all that she does NOT write a sex column. Shes an event columnist. If you are familiar with the literary field, this is one of the most entry level position at an form of media print. You start out covering events and maybe move up to revues and such. Advice and opinion forums are far up the ladder. Judging by the drabble that her pen inks on the screen, she will never even be allowed to write a revue of McDonalds let alone herpes or the latest sex craze. Shes a literary retard whos words stink of unfamiliar desparity. If you would like to read some of her “stuff” you can go here . Dont plan on staying long because it gets very boring very fast. Take some xanax, drink a beer, and when you find an extra 5 minutes of your life that you dont mind wasting, head over and read. I promise her mumblings will have you scratching your head in a major WTF moment.


Yes, I did some research on her, too, and found the same thing you did. I think her*sex column* must start out, “Dear Diary…..”

Either that or when she says she has a sex column it’s code for stripper pole.


Simon, you’re right. But I like the Dear Diary version better. ;-P


exactly, it’s very rare that people use their real names.


Omg… I think if I had to listen to kalia I would shot myself..


Kalia go home back to your rockstar life wtf if you don’t want to be there and its not that important go home, I think BB casted this season awfully..

i hate Kalia

no there good but they have a fat ass that think i black someone need to love me and a old white bitch that know everything


Seriously, lol.. listening to her babble I think confuses even her. Strong black woman? Give me a break. She looks like a lil Oprah.

i hate Kalia

kalia look like what? lil Oprah ? you said .lil Oprah.i think oprah is hotter then her fat ass


Hey guys im trying to remmeber why we are supposed to hate brendon and rachel? Personally I want them to win. I am rooting for them. They are the hardest workers in this season

i hate Kalia

well im kilia and im black you need to cheer for me. becuase i fat and i used my fat ass to win 2nd place and this week my self im going to win hioh for danni or im going to cry


Keep in mind what Julie said at the end of Thursdy’s episode ‘Find out who will be the most important HOH of the summer’. Usually that implies that the HOH that week gets some type of power or help (DPOV, Pandora’s box, Evicted Houseguest return). We may be able to start voting on who will be returning at the end of Sunday’s episode.


It was important because if Dani did not win she would be on the block and if Dani had won everything that is going on now will happen!


No there is drama every week, just because dani may have gone home if she didn’t get it doesn’t make this the most important HOH of the entire summer. I agree that HOH this week will probably have something extra.


If I hear, “Don’t you _ my fiancee” one more time im going to lose it.


The only thing I can think is she’s uncomfortable being quite bc she wont STFU and she talks soooo fast, If she slowed down she would probably talk less but her brain is going a million miles a min, her mouth is just trying to keep up.


Spicy the only reason i went looking for her writings is there was a convo earlier and a few people were saying she writes using a psudonym so no one could find her blog. I only went and investigated. trust when I say I have ZERO in looking for anything to do with her on a personal or pleasure level.


*zero interest…sorry


I love BRENCHEL!!! I really hope they right to stay this week. Hopefully, the twist saves them 🙂


I agree! I wasn’t a HUGE fan of them, but they do cause THE drama! I want Rachel to stay because she is good at BOTH quizzes and sometimes at endurance!


Now why she have to go and have a bowl of me? I don’t want her!


OH MY GOD DOES KALIA EVER SHUT THE F*CK UP?!??!!??? She is ruining BBAD for me, I have to forward through anytime she’s in the room because she talks NONSTOP I mean seriously there is not one though that she doesn’t verbally express…. VERBAL DIARRHEA. I don’t know how Dani is putting up with it. That’s probably why Lawan is a zombie! He can’t get a word in edgewise and so he sits and thinks of creative ways to kill her probably.


As much as I think Kahlia talks way too much and is a lousy conversationalist (Kahlia:!one person talks, the other listens, then the other person talks and you listen), despite that and a few other things she’s done/does, I actually like her. Go figure!


Yo! Jordan is the new BEAST PLAYER OF THE GAME. She is making Dani’s HOH, JJ’s HOH without blood on her hands. She has the best SOCIAL GAME SO FAR. She has got Shelly/Adam in her back-pocket w/ Kalia/Dani wantin to align with her. Trust me when I say this, SHE is CARRYING JEFF SO FAR. Without Jeff, she wouldn’t even be a target.


Jordan is clueless, do you hear her talk????


KALIA the philosopher and PhD of verbal diarrhea…. Says black women don’t lie to be called b*tches. REALLY??? WOMEN OF ALL RACES DON’T LIKE TO BE CSLLED B*TCHES YOU IGNORANT SMALL MINDED UGLY RACIST MOTORMOUTH.
that is all.


Kalia runs her mouth way too much where she’s barely likely, but let’s not go overboard. She is just about as annoying as Rachel is to me. But I don’t think her comment qualifies her as a racist. The same way I don’t necessarily belief Jeff hates homosexuals even though he made some controversial comments. If anything she made a stereotypical and general comment about her own race. Some comments people make out of ignorance or how they feel based on their experiences. A lot racism and prejudice is a lot more subtle that that comment she made. I understand people not liking certain people on the show. But some of the comments go so overboard or get repetitive or ridiculous.


Wow. There is no limit to the pride and sense of accomplishment Rachel derives from her ENDLESS tales of drunken excess. I bet getting smashed means more to her than graduating college, getting her breast implants and having been born. Yuck.


Who do you want to win in order from most want to least want

1 Jordan 🙂
2 Jeff
3 Dani
4 Adam
5 Shelly
6 Porshe
7 Brendan
8 kaula
9 Recheal
10 Lawon


1 Dani
2 Kalia
3 Shelly
4 Jordan
5 Adam
6 Lawon
7 Jeff
8 Pacer
9 Rachel
10 Bren

Ms Jaxon



Why are they all inside, they on lockdown again? they were all saying they couldn’t wait to get outside. so what gives?


Cleaning up from POV today?


Thanks, Simon


there is music or some event going on in a lot near by, that’s why they can’t go outside.


Ah. 🙂


do you pick and choose who’s comments get posted ? my friend jamie said he posts comments all the time on here (all bout game harmless, no racial slurs etc… and they never appear). if you want donations to keep this site going why would you block someone from commenting? isn’t this a site for that? (commenting)


ok, rachel is so fake and that is annoying, I get that…but she just snuck in to dani “Id love to play this game, kalia was my biggest ally” in the middle of a serious convo. I must say, if dani believes any of that, it was sort of brilliant


These HGs are like in their 4th stage of severe dementia. “jeff is stronger than Rachel in comps” yea…. Cuz Jeff won every HOH he’s ever competed in except for one


Jeff hasn’t really been trying to win ANY comps he spelled F*ING “EXPRESS” , Rachel is only slightly smarter than Jordan ( don’t quote me on that! ), when Jeff TRIES to win he’s a better at comps than Rachel.


Dani should put up Jeff with Rachel. Lawon, Kalia Shelly and Jordan (maybe Adam) will vote for Rachel. What Would Pacer Do? Dani has to remove one veteran this week to have any chance with remaining in the game. This will also split the house, showing who pledges their allegiance to whom, creating other smaller targets in the house. And I would allow Kalia to continue to run her mouth and place a target on herself larger than the one on Dani. Dani would lose an ally and a vote if Kalia were voted off, but if Kalia was on the block she would likely be next to Dani anyways. In the end, Dani will fight to stay off the block, and she should use her power as HOH and other competitions that she wins for favors for the newbie players. As long as she keeps gunning for the veterans, the ones without the courage to make that move will keep Dani and let her do their dirty work.


Wa wa wa… No one cheered for me so no one likes me. Let’s go eat some more and go lay with dani. She’s gone next week hopefully.. So frickin annoying I can’t stand it!


From the begining I just couldn’t stand the sound of Rachel’s voice for another season… Then Porche got to me with her arrogance. Now I’d like Kalia OUT BB after dark stop all her camera time….. I just can’t listen to anymore of her constant complaining, she should at least try to use words she knows because for the so called writer that she is YEP now I’m complaining but come on at this point I think she speaks just to hear herself talk … At least learn the meanings of the words you chose to use. LOL…


I will say this.. I think all of the nwbs are so dumb.. They had this Whole thing from the beginning if they would have stuck 2gether from keith and Dominic days!! I think they all got star struck or something!! Hellooooooo 500/grnd!! Friends???? This is a damn game!! Friends? Feelings??? Whaaat?? They should have banned 2gether! & Shelly & Kaila!! Ugh! I can’t stand any of them.. To be honest I think Jordan or jeff will take this home! If everyone keeps calling stupid house meeting Lawon just may slide away with it all saying heeeeeeeeeey!!!! LMBO!!


seems like if rachel leaves brendon has no choice but to team up with dani