Big Brother Spoiler: Kalia confirms she is going to put up Lawon as the replacement nominee.. *Updated*

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9:35am – 9:55pmShelly and Adam are in the backyard talking about what her daughter would be doing outside the house right now. Then they talk about when they will show Adam’s new appearance. They say it should be shown on Wednesday and Adam wonders if he can wear Lawon’s wig and Porsche glasses. Meanwhile the others are in the bathroom getting ready for the day and for the POV ceremony. Back out in the yard, Shelly tells Adam that Kalia will probably nominate Lawon or Porsche. Shelly says that after yesterday she is convinced that Adam isn’t going up. Shelly starts talking about the missing items in the house… she says that she really thinks that someone got paid for the items that weren’t found. Shelly says why else would someone think to hid shit. Shelly says that she thinks it was Kalia because she keeps talking about it. Adam says that he thinks it was Rachel. Shelly says that Lawon is stupid for saying he will be the pawn.. its probably a ploy to show that he’s here to play .. but why risk it. They wonder if the person that goes and comes back will get money but both say it’s still not worth it. Shelly tells Adam again that he is golden, but for some reason his name keeps coming up. Adam tells Shell that part of his strategy is to be the shoulder to cry on so that they will tell him information. Adam and Shelly head inside. Porsche says that she is going to go lay down again. Adam tells her that she only has an hour till the POV ceremony.

10am – 10:10am Kalia is up in the HOH by herself talking to the mirrow about her nominating Lawon as the replacement nominee in the POV ceremony. Kalia says to the mirror I don’t want to upset anyone else so Lawon it looks like it’s your turn. Kalia then says I hope this plan works… I hope this plan works.

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9:35am Shelly and Adam are in the backyard talking about what her daughter would be doing outside the house right now. Then they talk about when they will show Adam’s new appearance. They say it should be shown on Wednesday and Adam wonders if he can wear Lawon’s wig and Porsche glasses. Meanwhile the others are in the bathroom getting ready for the day and for the POV ceremony. Back out in the yard, Shelly tells Adam that Kalia will probably nominate Lawon or Porsche. Shelly says that after yesterday she is convinced that Adam isn’t going up. Shelly starts talking about the missing items in the house… she says that she really thinks that someone got paid for the items that weren’t found. Shelly says that she thinks it was Kalia because she keeps talking about it. Adam says that he thinks it was Rachel. Shelly says that Lawon is stupid for saying he will be the pawn.. its probably a ploy to show that he’s here to play .. but why risk it. They wonder if the person that goes and comes back will get money but both say it’s still not worth it. Shelly tells Adam again that he is golden, but for some reason his name keeps coming up. Adam tells Shell that part of his strategy is to be the shoulder to cry on so that they will tell him information.

10:20am – 10:45am Shelly, Jeff, Rachel and Jordan are out in the backyard talking. Shelly tells Rachel that if Kalia puts up Lawon, then Rachel has the votes to stay. Shelly asks Rachel who she would put up if she was head of household. Rachel says Kalia and Dani. Jeff tells Rachel that Shelly has been working really hard to get Kalia to put up someone else so that you would stay. Shelly says to Rachel that if you put us up, and we worked hard on this .. Mommies dearest would come out. Shelly says that they may try to cut a deal with you acting like they want you here. Shelly says when it is really me working this and us giving you the votes. Rachel tells them that she wouldn’t go against them after all of Shelly’s work. Rachel says that she still doesn’t think that Kalia will put someone else up that will give her the chance of staying. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen… When the feeds come back, Jordan is talking about the HaveNot competition and how she should have know that Dani would have put sauerkraut in hers because they all know she hates it. Jordan heads inside.. Jeff gets called to the diary room and then the live feeds cut to the TRIVIA screen… Looks like the POV ceremony is happening now…

11:30am Still TRIVIA

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212 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoiler: Kalia confirms she is going to put up Lawon as the replacement nominee.. *Updated*

      1. Dani got screwed??? HOW??? She was in an awesome position at the beginning! She was guaranteed a place in the final ten and before she’s even in it she betrays her alliance!?!?! That was a horrible game move!! Then she puts her newest ally in the shittiest position and he gets voted out. She’s called out on her sneakiness early in the game when she should have been lying low and then aligns her self with all the failures who flip flopped from the beginning!! Sorry to say but she screwed herself!!!

        1. Ok ok. Take it easy. Anyways the bottom line is that this house is full of sheep. Kalia and Lawon just want to accepted as game players, but are just proving how much more they suck than we initially thought. I hate to say it but even though I loved it that dani stirred shit up – she would have been better off had she stuck with her BRJJ alliance instead of teaming up with all these shit for brain morons.

      2. Dani screwed herself by turning on her alliance very strong alliance in week 3, then building the dream team of Kalia, Lawon and Porsche. If she could have stuck with the plan, those 5 would have just steamrolled right to the end and had it out in the competitions, which she’s good at, giving her a good shot at getting to the final 2. Dani is the only one to blame for where she is right now.

        1. I disagree completely. Dani FIRST got screwed by her partner leaving…. Golden Key or not that’s the same as of her team got put on the block first week…. that made her the 5th wheel in the vets alliance. If she was an IDIOT she wouldve let them take her to final 5 then what? She would be the first out! Her plan to backdoor Jeff, or to at least plant the seed, was at least strategic which is more than I can say for the rest of these dummies. She PLAYS the BB game…and her reasoning for the early backdoor plan was awesome if she hadn’t approached the wrong people…. I think it’s unanimous that mentally speaking, Brenchal is a BB idiot.
          So the ENTIRE house is mad at her, she gets called out by everyone…. Then the only person she has had from the beginning is evicted. Does she have a pity party and a Rachel breakdown? Nope she re-strategized…. And pretty damn well if you ask me! Got out a strong player, did what she could to rebuild an alliance…. Even coached these morons into a pretty decent game play. What is happening right now is not her fault, it’s that Kalia and Lawan are plain stupid.
          I think she defines a badass BB player.

        2. So true……….Dan-Yell does not have the timing of Evil Dick…… she can say what she wants about her father but she just does not have his cleverness or evil likability if you wish ……. Miss the ole boy on this venture………… She had it made until her hormones got the better of her with Dom…… If you taped the prior shows of this season you will realize that she turned on her alliance first ……… but of course it is always someone else’s fault as it was Evil Dick’s in her season with him……She was lucky to have had him then…….. Don’t believe she can pull this off with her choices this year……….. Time will soon tell…… =^..^=

    1. I feel really sorry for Dani having to deal with such idiots…. BUT hopefully when Dom comes back in she will have a happy face back again and a 1000000% Ally. This could work folks, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. :)
      **KALIA!! Stoooooop singing.**

          1. How was the Vets gonna push her out in final 5? BR/JJ was going after each other when they got final 5……Dani would have been offered anything to jump on one of their ships.Face it Dani lovers,she screwed herself by opening her big yapflap and aligning with the biggest floaters in the game,so she could be thier puppet master because she knew she could easily take them out.Dani is/was her own worst enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Watching BBAD, from last night and OMFG…. I think Kalia is more worse than I ever thought! WTF… Does she barf up everything to Shelly all the

          time? Holy Shit! At least dani tells the
          truth and For Kalia to be having another episode of diarrhea of the mouth to Shelly and for Shelly to be like OMG… Shout out right now for our favorite ” straight-shooter” ( WTF ever) I pray all of u guys read each and Every post here so this ones for u) this is all crazy! Understand that being in hampster-he’ll right now sucks BUT, your playing the honest ( I’m a mOm thing right now and MY conscious is screaming at me right now) I’m thinking hoping and praying ( for any sense of redemption that it must suck donkey balls to be in your position and you’re doing the best that u can with the situation you have but, shelly, you’re I think, smart enough to know that you are a Master-Debator!) I’m just so turned off right now with this I’m a straight shooter but lying and manipulating behind your back! I STILL after all these weeks can’t explain WHY the Spoiled-Brat Stupid vets think they are SO FRKKIN ENTITLED to be such assholes and I dunno … Be such stupid assholes is the only thing I can describe u as.! I swear if rachael and if Brendan walks in the door this week, I know personally 65 people who will never ever watch this show again. Is this show rigged? Maybe not BUT…. I am 100000% POSITIVE there is some manipulating going on! I always defended production but now with this BS I know better… STFU Kalia!!!! God!

          1. Jeez….take a valium or a myadol,it’s a friggin game for $500k,not a trip to pick your sides in this game and do whatever it takes to protect yourself and them,till its time to make your move.All these players are probally decent ppl in real life,yes even BR…man that hurt to actually say that!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Oh shit, the thought of R remaining in the house as even killed my ability to laugh at what otherwise would be a hilarious photo. I need to lie down.

        1. How long does it take before Shelly’s nose grows longer; she sprouts horns on the side of her head; her evil
          tail sticks out from the back end of her man underwear?

          I hope all three happened at once and BEFORE Kalia made her nomination.
          Kalia is either playing everyone, including viewers, for Fools or she has become
          one herself.

          1. Shelly is a genius. I didn’t know how smart she is to be able to pull this off.

            If she makes it to the end, she may deserve to win in all.

    1. Unless it’s Brendumb!!!!! B & R reunited once again in nauseating bliss?? Oh god, if that were to happen, the BB camera crew (& all intelligent North American viewers) could have their worse nightmare come true.

    2. No truer words ever spoken. Its almost a sure thing for whomever “America”, or whatever production is calling themselves this week, votes in.

  1. I wish her mirror reflection (which is probably smarter than she is) would asnwer her…”no it won’t work”

    1. OMG, that would be too funny!!! I noticed that she sure does talk A LOT to the cameras and to herself. I can just imagine the book she will write once she is evicted. “How to screw yourself in one move.”

    1. That would be the small consolation to K’s moronic move. R still in the house is still painful to even think about. Worse case scenario however, would be if America’s Vote had Brendumb competing against Lawan & BR were reunited once again in this BB loony bin! Oh shit, my head is hurting just thinking about it.

  2. Kalia is a complete idiot. IDIOT. Someone send a plane overhead. Quickly. my only hope and prayers are that Dani wins either HOH or POV and she has in the past so hopefully it will work again.

    1. Yeah, what was worse for you. Kalia not listening to Dani’s reasoning or watching JJ be happy. It was enough to make ya puke.

  3. What a nightmare!!!
    Kalia is a lost BB soul.
    The countdown is on.
    Can anyone save Kalia from her own self-destruction?
    GWD – I hope so.

  4. Simon I am addicted to this sight you do a Great job! Kalia is so stupid.. I hope Lawon goes, Brenden gets voted back the looks on Kalia and Dani’s face will be priceless… Will make for good BB watching… GO team JJRB get Dani out the Kalia… LOL

  5. Is it just me or Brendon is gaining popularity? A few days ago, he had around 28% in the poll, but he’s been raising since yesterday and now he’s at 31%. This is gonna be really close!!!

  6. With allies like this, who need enemies in the BB house. Kalia, this is a Jordan-level of stupidity move. Adam ( and I like him), Jordan (and I don’t like her), or Shelly (Scaley) would have been the logical replacements. News flash, Rachel doesn’t respect anyone, least of all, herself. And no, this plan isn’t going to work. Only thing fans of BB, not the BB Jerry Springer edition fans, but the true fans can hope for is Dom or Cassi coming back. Well Kalia wanted to be remembered for making a big move, she may know be known for making the biggest self-defeating moving in BB history. Anything worse come to mind?

      1. Kalia made the dumbest move, but Jordan is far and away the dumbest on this show. Possibly the dumbest person I have ever seen. Mad props to Jeff, most guys only do airheads a few times then move on to someone that can hold a conversation, but then again, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s definitely a tool.

      2. Jordan hasn’t done as stupid a move as this only because ……………………Jeff does all the thinking for her!!! (Jeff to Jordan: “shut up and go get something to eat”).

  7. Keep talking to that mirror Kalia because no one else thinks the plan is going to work, see ya Lawon, here comes Brendon back into the house, can’t wait to see the look on Kalia’s face and the breakdown she has when Lawon leaves and Brendon comes back!

    1. RisBG – If that were to happen, I’d love to see K have an “R-like” meltdown over the stupidity of her actions. It’s almost been too painful to watch K’s total bungling of the HoH victory and power she acquired. She is one brick short of a load!

  8. She said it herself that he is her latchkey. Why would you put up your own most reliable vote/player who you’ve acknowledged you can beat in the end. What an idiot. I won’t be watching. I hate stupid people.

    1. Only if, Jordan smiles and says to Kalia, “You honored your word by not putting me up, so I’ll
      do you a favor and Walk Out With You.

  9. goodbye lawson, hello brendon! It is going to be great watching Dani and Kalia’s faces when brendon comes back and says you miss me?

  10. Can’t believe this… Sounds cliche, but in one day the house was turned upside down.

    If Brendon is voted back… That would be unreal. Imagine the look on Dani and Kalia’s face. Mahahahahahaha;

  11. Kalia really is stupid and Lawon is even more stupid to voluntier to go up as a pawn…cant believe they are listening to Shelly’s bs smh she is the biggest lier in the house. I was really wanting KDLP to stick together and hopefully Dom wud be voted back in and they wud take out the vets.. Im tired of JJ all they do is complain and bully ppl. My view of them had really changed this season especially Jordan who did much of nothing on season 11 but play with her hair and look dumb.

    1. she wasn’t just looking, she really is dumb. Don’t forget cookie dough, she ate that like there was no tomorrow. Yeah, her image is taking a beating this year, but she was the weakest BB winner ever. Production gave Jeff every opportunity to win, and in the final four with Kevin, Natalie and Jordan he fumbles the ball. The 3 stooges kick it around for a bit and then Jordan falls on it in the end zone. Good thing she was so popular, as it was embarassing to have her as a BB winner.

  12. Dumbass. Plain and simple.
    See ya lawon. I am praying for dom or cassis return. As long as we have Rachel there is no need for brendon.

  13. simon, this is for you: do you ever sleep? i am so impressed with all you do here-am totally addicted to the site.

    am way new at this; never had access to internet before, but have watched BB for years. yesterday i wrote a comment -took me 1/2 hr – yikes! – and i got a message that i was responding too fast and to slow down and then it wasn’t posted. what did i do wrong? thanx for all you do.

    1. Sometimes the sites get bogged down but Simon gets to us asap. You can also thank Dawg he does about half the posts :)

    2. Hey, Ody:) I noticed your post from before, but didn’t welcome you yet, so WELCOME!!:) It’s crazy, but it’s crazy in a good way, huh?;)

  14. wow, someone needed to grow some balls and put up Jordan. I see she cares too much about what other people think instead of playing the game. Now I hope this whole thing blows up right in her face. Lawon has no chance beating Dom or Brendon in a competition. That’s for sure.

  15. bwaahaaha! too funny…poor Lawon..soooo clueless! vote for cassi or brenden, you simply cannot reward this stupid game play.

  16. I think Shelly is should win an emmy… She is so good with the mind games that even though people know she’s playing both sides they are still listening to her. As for Kalia, she truly doesn’t know how to play this game or she would not put up one of her own alliance, or she could be thinking long term strategy. But either way it is going to back fire on her and she will be sitting in the jury house wondering WTF!!!!

    1. Yeah, Shelly is wicked with those mind games. I don’t think she’s pulled those out for Big Brother she may use those in her everyday life. Or maybe because the other people are younger than her it translates different and it’s more inconspicuous or disengaging. It’s almost humorous really. She’s does it so well that I can’t even completely hate her like I would like to, but I do hope it blows up in her face at some point.

      1. I agree with you, Shelly is good…I don’t want to like her but I do. I know most people don’t like her but she is playing the game. She is going to make it further then the newbies because she is playing both sides. Can’t wait to see who walks out the door and who walks back in once Thursday comes. This is going to get exciting.

    2. Kalia has never had an alliance. Whoever is HOH is where her loyalties lie. Now that she is HOH she is still trying not to take a side.

      1. I thought Kalia had a deal with the vets in the beginning? I could be wrong because I don’t have the live feeds just BBAD and because it comes on at midnight where I live I can only watch it during the weekends…I have to get up to early for work, or I would be watching it every night. :)

  17. I love the fact that Kalia is going to put Lawon up as a pawn…it’s fantastic! I can’t wait to see the look on their faces (K and D) when the vets somehow get Lawon gets evicted!

    Team JJ!

  18. Simon, after Thursday when we see who was voted to have a chance to return to the house, you should do a poll on who is still an JJ fan. Sounds like lots of people are jumping off their train on this site but it’d be interesting to see how many are still rooting for them!

  19. I love it when people do stupid things! For me this is the best case scenario. Lawan goes down (I mean what has he done but sit there looking ridiculous?). Cassie or Dom will be coming back. As mad as Daniele is, this gives Dom a good chance of returning to the house, that would be a considerable trade up for her. Rachel will be pissed because Dom will be with Dani and Cassie being back would just drive her nuts. Especially the thought that America chose Cassie, her arch enemy over Brendon. Kalia will lose her final 2 deal with Dani. Dani won’t give her the time of day because she will be hanging with Dom. Kalia, this is a stupid move, but I am loving it! Go Dani!

  20. WOW! This changes everything. I’m glad I saved 5 of my 10 votes so I can use them to vote Brendon back in!! Crazy Kalia!

  21. She’s stupid. Lawon is just going to go home. Which isn’t so bad,it makes it easy for Dom or Cassi to get in the house again,

  22. Thanks Kaila, Put Lawon as a replacement. Smart Move, Dani face will be priceless. Next week, Dani and Kaila will be on the block. Jeff will keep the nomination the same. Team JJ yo!

    1. Get ready Dr.Phil….you will have a new patient soon…Dani is gonna flip out,we all thought it would be Rachel,I se Dani going apeshit and her lil tantrum will leave her all by herself in the house,dreaming of her days with Dom,telling him how pretty he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. We’d all be speaking with ourselves living in that household…………. A lot of us are speaking to ourselves every time we watch the show these days………. A “what the hell is going on” here….there and everywhere………………… =^..^=

  23. Lmao lawon is going home! Only chance he has at coming back is by beating cassi if they face off in a comp. Straight shooter is the puppet master right now.

  24. Lol pure stupidity! This right here absolutely ensures that CBS brings back Dom because dani has nobody with a clue how to play the game!
    And I predict dani wins next Hoh

  25. It’s going to be annoying to watch Straight Shooter gush over herself when she knows she manipulated Kalia to make thee dumbest move so far. I guess Shelley is playing a good game. Just don’t say you don’t ever lie.

    Now whoever is voted back in is most likely winning against Lawon.

    1. Perhaps saying she doesn’t lie is just game play. Obviously if you say it long enough, even when people KNOW you lie, for some reason they believe you don’t. Interesting ploy.

      1. Agreed! The fact that she tells people she doesnt lie is what makes her the best game player this season. It isnt like Shelly is telling herself she isnt a liar, she is telling the people she is lieing to! It is basic BB, its just that she is so good at it that everyone believes her. Even though they are onto her, they still feed her information like candy. I havent seen someone place both sides this well in a really long time. I honeslty think, at the end, Shelly and Adam will end up in a true alliance. She will stick with Jeff/Jordan as long as she can, then her and Adam are going to need each other for one of them to win this game

  26. Umm okay, so Lawson is going up. The twist seems to be a heavy factor looming over Kalia’s strategy. And without really knowing what the twist, it seems like she’s trying to set forth as much damage control (if that’s even possible) .So I kind of get that part. If it was a regular HOH week things maybe would have been different. However what I DON”T get is her yapping her mouth to Shelly. And I also don’t get why she would ever keep that deal she had with Jordan not to put ever put Jordan on the block ,especially after Jordan showed Kalia her hand with her attitude. So that’s where she completely loses me and seems not to have “street smarts” or good intuition. Maybe being inside the house dulls that I don’t know. But it amazes me that Shelly’s deception hasn’t come up on the radar more as of yet. Oh well, I feel like a broken record even saying or thinking that. The next 2 weeks should be interesting.

  27. I can see it now… Rachel will not be evicted, Brendon will be voted in by America and win the competition to return. This season is soooooo rigged!

  28. I’m sorry I can’t right now seriously Dawg is in front of Keith DAMN. Everyone keeps changing their minds first they’re team Dom now Team Cassi then Team Brendon. How about we throw those 3 in and evict Lawon,Adam,and Kalia.

    1. I don’t think you can change your vote once you place it. Everything I go in to check the votes, it tells me my vote has already been counted. Simon, Dawg?

      1. No probs Simon! I think I’ll take this opportunity to go and get some aspirin for the “K inflicted” headache I now have!

  29. 1st…Kalia…has let me down…putting Lawon up is just not a good idea…JJR+S+A= Rachel staying….Big (Racist, Chauvinist, Bully A$$ Pig) Jeff is going to gloat and pick off the Newbees 1 by 1…Dani is 1st to go pending she does not win HOH then Kalia. It is obivious, per several polls, that Brendan is coming back. If he does, I hope he doesn’t kill anyone considering all of the deranged, threatning comments he has made towards Dani and Kalia. A better idea would be to put Jordan up, she will go home, she is to weak to defeat any of the 4 possible returning house, except for Keith. Shelly is nothing more than a stool pegeon lap dog indentured servant to JJR…Newsflash, They are taking you out too! I guess shelly forgot she is a newbee and a major floater, you know the folks Jeff wants gone!

  30. Anybody who volunteers to go up on the block, shouldn’t be allowed out of the house alone, they should be kept on a leash so they won’t hurt themself.

  31. I hope after this Thursday, Lawon gets enraged and kicks whoever’s ass to get back in the house, then wins HOH and puts up Jeff and Jordan.

  32. An open letter to KALIAAAAAA, WTF IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? Why do you care if you upset those assholes, they are just screwing with you girl.. Please have another chat with Dani, and stop worrying about the twist. It will be a comp and no one is just gonna walk right back in. Now with putting up Lawon, he will be gone and you will have 4 people after you, you are screwed and it’s your own damn fault. You for some reason, think that triple S is trying to help you, but she is just trying to get to final 4 and doesn’t care how many people she screws over to do it. I wish I could reach youwith mental telepathy (or at least have Dani give you a smack in the friggin’ head, to wake you up) What you are doin is NOT a good move for YOU., but a great one for them. So now Lawon will be gone and the Red Plague will still be there and her co dependant asshole bf will be back and everyone is gunnin for you, so goodbye and good luck, Kalia, you screwed the pooch big time.

    1. It’s too late for Kahlia; if you listen closely you can hear the “fat lady” warming up now (heard in the “not-so-distant” background: nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey goodbye (L then D then K) :-(

  33. Anyone who volunteers to go up on the block should not be allowed outside alone, they need to be kept on a leash so they can’t hurt themself

  34. dani will never win this game with wishy washy people like kailia dani your days are numbered




    campaigning u did was a waste vote dom a waste cant wait for julie to say house guest u may enter the house priceless


  35. i have never had so much fun watching someone make such a fool of herself…kalia is gonna be pissed but oh no! not at herself she is gonna go crazy at dani for letting her fall for it….amazing that she is taking out the only person who would absolutely do anything for her…it truly is the most laughing ive done all week so i say great cast!! i cannot wait for cassie to come back and rub dani every wrong way she can just by being there…please cassie wash your hair and do makeup this time and dani will pout her way out of there

  36. You think Dani would say something about what happened in Season 8 when Dustin wanted to be put up as a pawn. Same thing is going to happen. Bye Bye Lawon

  37. Come on lets get Brendon back in the house and watch the fun that happens. Dani will go absolutely nuts and it will be so much fun to watch. VOTE BRENDON BACK IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Do you guys think that maybe the twist and hoh will be combined in one competition? As in everyone but kalia will play for hoh, including the recent evicted and america’s vote. They all get a chance at hoh and whoever does best / stays longer (if endurance) between the evicted and america’s vote gets to stay. Maybe…

  39. Do you guys think that maybe the twist and hoh will be combined in one competition? As in everyone but kalia will play for hoh, including the recent evicted and america’s vote. They all get a chance at hoh and whoever does best or stays longer (if endurance) between the evicted and america’s vote gets to stay. Maybe…

  40. God, poor Keith lol he has .84% of the votes to come back into the house, that’s hilarious and sad. Poor fella didn’t get his time to shine.

  41. I can only hope that after all this mess, Kalia gets nominated by her ‘buddies’ J, J, or S next week and gets laughed right out the door!

  42. If this works and Cassie comes back, I may flip from team Dani to team Shelly. She is really playing the game like a pro and so far everyone is too stupid to compare notes and see that she is driving the bus. I love it. If Dom comes back that’s good for Dani as long as she keeps her head in the game and doesn’t spend all day and night snuggling with him. If Cassie comes back the whole game changes! I don’t think Brendon will be back unless CBS rigs it. That would be the worst case scenario! I just don’t see Lawan beating anyone to stay in the game. Go Shelly!

  43. again, why is this so bad for Kalia? i don’t get it…..if rachel got voted out and then came back in – wouldnt that be worse if lawon goes??

  44. evel dick is gonna have a field day with this come wednesday. kalia just won the award for the dumbest move in BB history. this is even dumber than marcellus not using the veto. all season long shes been declaring how she doesnt trust shelly. all week shes tried to ditch the “think for yourself shadow”. yet in the period of 12 hrs she sold herself out and went against everything shes procalimed since day one. wtf is wrong w your head kalia? u were just at a point where people were starting to respect you. and when the big bully 3 vote you and dani out next week, what will think about your brilliant plan? only even remote way to salvage this is to get dom back in. if cassie or brenedn return its game over for dani and the vets. cassie has been hidden so she doesnt know all the evilness that shelly has performed. i must say even tho i dont like her, shelly is mad crazy playing the game very very well.

    side note kalia is the most disgusting person on the planet. this morning she poured ceral. got milk on her hands. found a pair of dirty shorts and wiped her hands on them and then licked her fingers. last night flashback at 10:58 she picked her nose, rolled it around in her fingers like kids do, then proceded to rub it on her blankets. get that bitch out of here plz. shes just gross

  45. I know everyone hates shelly and I can see why. But she is pretty much palying the same game as Evil Dick except she is being nicer to people than he was. She pretty much lies to everyones face they all know this and yet they tell her everything and don’t put her on the block! Its great game play. She has this whole house turned upside down and no one is pointing the finger at her. I think she is playing this game very well.

    1. I agree but she is disgusting going around playing the MOM card. And could she at least in the DR, admit that she’s lying to further her game? Maybe she does and CBS doesn’t show it to us. I really can’t stand people who pretend to be what they aren’t. She’s a fat liar just as the rest of them so why not admit it?

  46. again, how is this sooo bad for Kalia? why is it advantageous for her to get Rachel out when Rachel is most likely coming right back in? wouldn’t it be better to just get Lawon or Porsche out bc noone will care??

    i am not seeing this at all, so if someone could please explain why this is such a bad move, i would appreciate it…..

    1. Because all the vets except Dani would have gunned for her anyway!!!! She can’t mend fences anymore, it’s too late. Why bother winning them over? The ship has sailed for her as soon as she allied herself with Dani. If Jordan her former BFF in the house doesn’t want anything to do with her, why would Rachel have mercy on her? Kalia is a moron.

    2. Besides, Rachel isn’t “most likely” to come back. Julie Chen said the evicted HG “may come back”; that’s it, it isn’t a done deal. They intimidated and scared her and Kalia is too prissy to get nasty.

  47. I’m going out on a whim here but I think Lawon will be the replacement and will also be evicted, but not so fast he might just be back in as HoH! It’s too good not to happen and of course in this game ANYTHING can happen! when he comes back as HoH he should put Rachel and Jeff or Jordan. I’m hoping he is the last hope left in the house of a game player who has been quiet, stealth like and not a plain jerk! Shelly is smart and I wouldn’t put it past her if she is in some secret cahoots with Lawon! stir the pot and watch it bubble over and melt all over the place…

  48. The biggest blunder IMO was when Marcellus didn’t use the power of veto in season 3 on himself to get to the final 4.

  49. This is eerily reminding me so much of when Kevin and Natalie mind-screwed Jeff against Russel and Michele back in JJ’s original season. I’ve got to give Shelley her kudos, but GOD!!!! In any case, FINALLY, this is getting good!!!:)

  50. Lawon it was nice watching you… Now we just have to ask ourselves if… The Beast is going to send him out with one of her vicious goodbyes.

    I hope Dom is the one that comes back… but the sickest part of me wants to see Rachel’s face if Cassi walks back in and she realizes it could have been Brendon. “America Hates ME…. (CRY)… or they would have returned my FIANCEE to me… (CRY)…. instead of another mean girl that HATES ME. Blah,blah, blah…
    Shelly would freak out too.

    At least Kalia can sit back on the beach with Lawon and talk about how they F***ed it up.

  51. Kalia is a retard, the only smart move would be to put up Jordan or Shelley. Oh well, Dom comes back teams with Dani…they smoke the house and thank you Shelley for the great advice. Team Dani!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Lawon gets voted out, Brnedon gets back in! (it could happen or rather, production could make it happen). Kalia you are an idiot! But this is exactly what BB production thinks is great BB “reality”. And the power shifts once again. That’s why we watch.

  53. Definitely a Jeff and Jordan fan!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not think anyone is jumping off the train; more are jumping on and ready to see them send DANI packing!!! HAHAHAHA

  54. Putting up lawon is an even worse plan than putting up Porsche.. Now Rachel won’t get voted out at all and kalia will be out next week.. She needs a pawn why the hell not shelly?????

  55. When the evicted hg plays against the player America votes to compete with and americas player wins, does the evicted hg go to the jury house or does he/she go home? I would appreciate it if someone would let me know. I am assuming they will go to the jury house.

    I can’t believe how close it is between Cassi, Domonic, and Brendon.

  56. You see what you get for Pushing too hard. Jeff will definitely win HOH next week and POV at the same time. Dani, you should learn something from your father. Don’t push too hard and you end up in Jury House. Come on Dani, face it. Jeff is coming after you. That his promise. You deserve to be in Jury House. He also said, Save it for final to break up couples. That’s is a smart move. So, Have fun in the Jury House. Good luck in tanning. Also, Jeff and Jordan. Go for Final two and win.

  57. What a crazy night…I thought for sure Rachel was going home so I thought there would have been a number of scenarios with her battling various evicted HGs to return and it almost didn’t matter who returned it could have been interesting, but now after the epic face palm that Kahlia drafted up…I’d love to see Brendon back FOR SURE!!!

    Besides…she didn’t pack enough birth control to get her to the end of the season anyways!!! (as per BBAD last night!)

    Bye bye Lawon…welcome back Brendon….and it’s been a slice Kahlia!!

    now go get some more pills!!

  58. I really hope that Dom doesnt come back. Im sorry, but all of Shelly’s hard work will have been for nothing – her putting up Lawon and getting him evicted would help DKP game if Dom came back. And quite frankly, Shelly’s work on Kalia has been impressive to say the least. I want her to be rewarded for it!
    I really want Kalia to suffer for this TERBBILE game move, not reap the benefits of the stupidest move ever. If Dom comes back, everyone will forget how utterly stupid this was. However, if Brendon comes back, or even Cassie for that matter, Kalia will NEVER live it down. As she shouldnt, she really is making an awful, terrible, game move.

  59. I cant believe that Kalia is not putting Jordan up…..promise or not. She would just have to explain to them that the only way she can control Jeffs vote is to put Jordan up. If Brendon comes back in they (BR) will be relentless in their throwing it into Dani and Kalias faces. Dani needs to talk some sense into Dani and quick!

  60. How much is CBS paying Kalia to make this move? There is no way this girl can be this stupid…She must have forgotten the pecking order in the USA…You cannot put a BLACK man up against a WHITE woman…no matter how much loyalty youn think you have…Kalia, do you not hear Jordan, Shelly and Rachels accents…You should have known better…

    Black man who lived in Charlotte, NC…8 miles from Jordan(Matthews, NC) and 27 miles from Rachel(Kannapolis, NC)

  61. Has anyone given thought to how the HOH will work this week? Could it be possible that CBS and Grodner would only have the HOH comp between the evicted HG and the HG voted back in by America? Has that ever been done before in BB and what would the likelihood of that be?

    If that’s the case, Kalia and Dani are sitting pretty, because that means either Lawon or Dom will be the next HOH.

  62. I may be wrong but I don’t think its a bad idea if Kalia nominates Lawon. If Dom were to get voted back to compete then he would have a wayyy better chance of winning against Lawon. The chances of Dom beating Rachel are very slim I think. Just saying.

    1. The HGs have no idea that the previously evicted HGs are potentially coming back. So she’s not playing to make it easier for Dom to come back in.

  63. bye bye Lawon Hello Brendon hahaha this is to funny. Stupid dick Lawon is by far the most stupid player in BB history.

  64. I wish like nothing else, that Kalia would overhear Shelly telling Jordan and Rachel her master plan and Kalia would flip and put Shelly up. But, that ain’t gonna happen, so… bye bye Lawon. What a dopey move by Kalia. She already doubts Shelly, yet she’s listening to her stupid plan. Dope!

  65. Well, in the event Lawon goes home, at least it should spark a huge fireball in the house. The crazyness that should ensue should be a good opportunity for Shell to be exposed. If she is exposed and Don comes back, the newbies could at least be more focussed on a gameplan. Crazy 24 hours for sure

  66. Everyone is overreacting if there was no twist it would be really dumb but whoever leaves can come right back in the game or Dom can come back, also Kalia putting up Lawon is going to expose Shelly and Adam, its not that bad.

  67. GO JEFF AND JORDAN!!!!! Jessica Simpson said some pretty stupid things in her day (not understanding that chicken fried steak wasn’t chicken) but she sure has a thriving business. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

  68. I’m just disgusted with the entire cast this season. None of them are very good BB players, if they were in the house with just about any other seasons cast they would all get destroyed. Shelly and Dani are the only ones with any kind of game. The downfall of Shelly will be that she is in an alliance with a real life couple, what does she think is going to happen? There is no way they are going to turn on each other, she is doing all of this for nothing. If the final three are J/J/S, the final 2 will be J/J. The problem with Dani is that everyone she allies herself with is a dumbass, kalia has lost her mind, lawan is useless and I think porsh is probably smarter than she lets on but she isn’t doing anything in the game right now.

    Go Team WiLL!

  69. I cant believe that Kalia is not putting up Jordan…..promise or not. She would just have to explain to Jeff that she needs to control his vote. Since she wants Rachel out of the house ultimately. Kalia is letting the twist control her too much. IMO she needs to play as if everything is normal.

  70. can someone please explain to me why this is such a bad move for Kalia?? wouldn’t it be worse to get rachel out when she most likely is coming right back in?? what does it hurt to get lawon or porsche out? i am not getting why this is so bad? if she helps rachel out, at least she has a chance of appeasing her and not being rachel’s immediate target

    1. Its a big problem for Kalia if Lawon gets voted out because, as it stands now, Kalia only has Dani and Lawon. I think it will be a bigger issue to lose your numbers than to hedge your bets. Putting up Adam, Porche, Shelly or Jordon will not cause her damage that losing Lawon will cause her.

  71. Yes but Dom is as stupid, remenpmber what he did when he was on the block. Got his ass sent out. He won’t be much help either. Kalia does deserve togo home next for being the dumb ass of the season. She will look back and regret her decision. Hmmm maybe not? As log as jj aren’t mad at her anymore that is.. Wwhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  72. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! Poor Poor Kalia… at least with Adam they had to make a decision between R or A… now its a no brainer… LMAO go Vets!

  73. Ugh, why is brendon getting so many votes all of a sudden?! I swear if that arrogant Neanderthal comes back, I am done with this season. I cannot stomach another week of brendon and rachel’s sickening romance, and them acting like they own the big brother house. They are such hippocritical sore losers who don’t deserve to win. Come on America, vote for dominic!

  74. I think both JJ and team Dani fans will pissed this week.

    Lawon is basically going to get traded for Dom.

    So really this week meant nothing.

  75. I use to want Brendon back to shake things up…but now I’m leaning towards Dom because it’ll be a slaughterhouse after Lawon leave. Too bad I already used my 10 votes for every email account and IP addy I own.

  76. i think who ever gets voted out will play one of the other 4 with the most vote will play maybe true or false. And that winner the one that will come back. hopefully be HOH and i know you all hate Brenden but the look on Dani and Kaila face would be worth it. after seeing what they said on his way out.

  77. Wow. This is stupidity and cowardice I haven’t seen in a long time. Kalia cannot be this dumb,can she? All the while they keep saying they don’t trust Shelly, but you’ve taken her advice on just about everything. Then Little Richard Lawon,proving himself to be even dumber than Kalia, volunteers to go up.

    I do not believe Kalia has been taking Skeletor Crypt Keeper’s Shelly advice alone though. I firmly believe Production has been in her ear telling her to steer clear of the vets.

    What happened to Dani’s original statement that they should play as if the twist doesn’t exist? You can’t plan for the unknown. What is KNOWN is Rachel is a threat and you are swimming in a sea of ill-equipped players as well as those who get special protection from BB and you STILL want to take the wimp route?

    What a wasted HOH!

  78. @Simon
    OK, this isn’t a conspiracy theory or maybe it is: is it possible CBS might pay people to browse websites like this one just to feel the viewers, and then they make decisions based on what they read?

    1. You may be on to something. I don’t doubt for one second Production doesn’t troll websites/social media sites to gauge feedback of the viewing public and make changes accordingly.

      All we know for certain is there will be a winner in BB, but the game is quite fluid with all types of seen/unseen influences.

    2. I’m not sure if CBS cares about us.. I’m convinced the only thing CBS cares about is TV ratings. They must make money off the feeds though otherwise why have them.

  79. I can’t watch anymore if Brendon comes back into the house. Night after night of ” Rachel, I love you,don’t be down,you are the love of my life” (BARF)

  80. Can someone please tell me why they are always ragging on lawon, he doesnt back stab anybody. I hope that If kahila puts up Lawon her axx is outta there come next eviction. She needs to be like so badly by people. She makes me sick . I hate her personality. She makes Black women ( and yes I am one) all across the world look stupid!! She wants to be in the crowd so bad!! From day 1 her azz is the reason the newbies lost. Dani brings them back and this is the way she repays her team. I put my head down in shame!! This lady has no pride, no respect for herself. None what so ever. If her family members are on this website get this chick into some “Im ok with who I am classes” The only person in the house who has had her back from day 1 was Lawon ( a brotha) she continues to throw him under the bus just like she did Keith. Just so she can be cool with the other house mates. They constantly call her a liar, says she is dirty, says she is lazy. This is all typical comments. Even when Shelly tells her to her face she thinks she is a liar she still hangs on to this womans every word. Instead of her standing up to Jeff she wants to please him. Uggh to watch this is like watching Roots , Its so frustrating.

    1. I like Lawon. He’s the first token gay guy I’ve liked in a long time. He should have went into bitch mode and kicked Kalia’s ass though

    2. From one black woman to another: you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by someone else’s public actions, just because you have the same skin color. Please don’t jump back in that collective guilt mentality! Kalia’s actions are her actions. It’s her doing, it isn’t all black women’s actions. She is representing herself, she isn’t representing or playing for all the black women.

  81. Kalia just wants to be liked and out from under Dani’s shadow and she trusts the wrong people — 1. Dani and then 2. Shelly. She’s naieve, NOT dumb.

    The worst person to come back would be Dominic — would strengthen Dani too much. Cassi or Brendon are preferable — one would drive Rachel crazy the other would make Rachel happy and drive Dani crazy. No one seems to even think Keith has a chance — wouldn’t we all be surprised if Keith walks back into the house??? Everyone would scramble to recruit Keit!. If Keith remains on team Dani with Kalia and Porsche (if she decides to stay with them), that is 4 votes on their side. J/J and Rachel and Adam are 4 on the other side. How would that work? Can the game move forward with even teams?

    1. Woops, wouldn’t be even at all, I tried so hard to remember Porsche, whom even I tend to forget that I forgot Shelly who would be on J/J & R’s side, still. So teams wouldn’t be even. My bad…

  82. Come on now. I like Kalia but I have to agree that she is making a STUPID decision. Hopefully she is saying that is putting Lawon up but really puts up Jorrdan. Not likely, but a girl can dream. *crossing my fingers*

  83. Kalia has no backbone per say. She second guesses herself too much. She was smart enough to put up Jeff and Rachel, then wasted the whole move by putting up Lawon. I can’t believe it. Dani better get away from Kalia, she will bring her down, pray Dom comes back. It’s Dani’s only hope now. They both messed up big time.

  84. Amen…Dani tried to reason with her about making these STUPID deals with the people she believes are after her and she just wouldn’t listen!!!! Now she screwed herself and her other 2 sure things to make a deal with the devils!!! She must not have EVER watched BB in the past because doesn’t she know, YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYONE BUT YOURSELF!!!! STUPID, MORONIC, IDIOT…Just when I was starting to believe she might actually have some sense UHG!!!

  85. Yes, this would be the best possible spin because I began to fear Rachel coming back either way which would have been a lose lose….But if Brendon ends up coming back than I think Dani should just take Kalia to the back yord and shoot her, because her lameass move will have come full circle…”they shoot horses don’t they”!!!

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