Big Brother Spoilers – Dom knows he’s going home: “It was 9 on 4 since the beginning.. all I was is a Pawn”

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5:15pm havenots Dani and Kalia Dani is saying BRJJ was trying to make it sound to her that they still had a deal to the final 5 but they also basically told her that she’s their biggest target once dom goes. Dani is really worried that Dom was upstairs for too long she knows she can trust him but is he’s got a big mouth and many times he says things he never meant to say. They start talking about how Shelly is playing the game a hell of allot harder then everyone in the house thinks. Kalia: “I just can’t figure out which side she’s on” (BR or JJ). Dani says it was Shelly that screwed her and started all this to unravel.

Kalia: “When are they going to turn on each other”
dani: “their too chicken to do that there not here to play the game to win”
Dom walks in they ask him how he’s doing Dom “I’m over it…” Dani: “You want to talk?” dom: “I’m done talking right now.. i’m going to work out” Dan and Kalia are both scared at what Dom might say.
Kalia: “Who would be the best case to win HOH this week”
Dani: “Lawon”
Kalia: “or POrsche”
dani: “I’m not sure if Porsche has the balls to do it”

5:40pm Pacer and rachel there doing some workout that rachel invented. Brendon questions it, Jeff on the elliptical makes a comment that he’s not trying to get “Worked up” while in the house (sexually worked up) so he hasn’t been watching them.. Jeff: “I took a look the other day though gotta remind myself not to get worked up whiel i’m here”

6:15pm backyard Shelly, Brendon, Porsche, Adam, Jeff and Kalia.. eating and talking PT is in the yard wokring out stomping around He pissed big time. Kitchen is dani and Lawon. dani asks lawon about PT, Lawon: “He Pissed for real… He Pissed”

6:18 Outside Shelly, Adam. Dano and Brendon are talking about the Kardashians. Adam says he can’t believe Bruce Jenner is her step dad. They ask him who that is Adam explains he a famous Olympic athlete, “He was on the Wheaties box” . Adam adds that he has had a couple bad face lifts, “You thought the Hoff was bad”… brendon leaves. They start talking about working out and when a high protein diet is better if you want to build muscle and if you eat to much protein while you try to loose weight it’ll work against you. Dani is doing most the talking, Shelly most the listening. Shelly starts asking her a bunch of questions about how she knows so much about it. Dani explains that she’s taken fitness courses before and he’s really into it, “I’m kinda a health nut”..

6:30pm Dom, Jordan and Kalia bathroom talking about dogs

Jordan leaves Dom and Kalia talking. Dom: “we’ve never had anything to play with here.. I’m tired of playing with people with no balls.” He explains that BRJJ keep saying it was 8 to 6 and it wasn’t fair to them but Dom thinks it’s BLANK because all the newbs were so star stuck and scared they ran around trying to “Wipe the veterans ASS” ..”people were so intimidated they ran straight to them”.. “It ain’t over till it’s 8 …. O “. Kalia points out that the way the house has been since the beginning is if you stand out out against the vet you go home.

6:46pm havenots Dani and Dom Dani wants to know what Dom was saying in the HOH. Dom tells her not to worry he did one last fight to stay but the more they tell him the more he knows how screwed he was from day 1. Dom he says that they told dani to come down with the newbs and be friends with me and you said that she can control me and i’m not staying because Dani wanted to Back door jeff.. “they told me i’m gone”. Dom: “I’m tired… i’m tried of running around begging people to stay in the house” Dom tells her not to worry he didn’t expose any information.. “they were trying to get information outta me… i’m not going to throw anyone under the bus… don’t freak out or worry I didn’t spill anything” Dom sighs: “the BLANK they’ve told me what happened.. it was 9 on 4 since the beginning.. there’s nothing I could of done I was screwed from the get go.. All these pussies in the house ran and the rest of us got tossed around”
Dani: “I don’t know what to say.. I feel like crap because it was my fault”
Dom: “It’s not your fault.. it doesn’t matter because even if this didn’t happen all I am in this game is a pawn to them.. in the end of it if it was happy go lucky like we planned all I was is a Pawn”. Dom says he is over it he was .. “I’m legit I don’t want to listen to anyone i’m sick of all those spineless BLANK.. Shelly is on the top of the list” Dom: “Dude they have messengers updating them about what is going on in the house… like are you serious what are you doing here then” (why did the newbs sell them all out Kalia/Shelly)

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Watching the live feed with Audrey 2 and Dani talking about how they want to play and nobody else wants to play. Audrey 2 also saying how bored she is. funny stuff!!! Kalia is the biggest floater in the world and if she’s bored maybe she should wash a dish or cook a meal. Dani is just Woo is me at the moment. “I’m the best player if they just let me play” You need play and it went wrong. And the other side is playing there just beating you. Ego Maniacs BRJJ heads are so big they don’t all fit in the car there driving. High Drama and funny all at the same time.


What season was Audrey on


Dom needs to unleash everything he knows before he leaves the house, the live show is too organized to really let it all go, so maybe Wed night. I am not that much of a Dom fan, but he has a point…everyone got star struck and just kissed ass to get where they are now. I understand they are farther in the game because of doing that, but still…

All the newbs had to do was stand by their plan and they could have made better moves, but oh well…it will be an interesting Thursday Night with whoever becomes the new HOH and whatever the twist is (I dont think its bringing someone back into the house)

oh and FIRST




This is almost as good as BBAD, minus the BS! I say Dom should go out with a bang! Make it exciting!


Got a bad feeling production is really gunning to for a serious ratings boost with a battle most love and most hated couples, they might make a bullshit comp that caters to Jeff or Brenda


I can’t help wondering how different this season might have been had Dick remained in the game. He and Dani may not get along outside of the house, but they sure know how to get their ducks in a row when it comes to Big Brother. It speaks volumes that Dick, who truly loves playing this game, left b/c someone he cares for needed him. And no, I don’t believe, as some have speculated, that it was all a set-up. I don’t think for one minute that he went to the trouble of showing up to play with Dani as his teammate, got the ball rolling by enlisting recruits from the Newby ranks, and then left the game as part of some lame Master Plan.


Production companies especially for reality shows are notorious for interfering whether you believe it or not. Maybe he did leave the game for personal reasons but maybe not. It’s not out of the realm of possibility . Even on Survivor I’ve seen behind the scenes clips where they actually restarted a comp and reshot scenes. Big Brother is not a game show in the true sense of the genre where there has to be accounting and integrity.

I so believe that Dick’s departure was a setup. He did it to promote his reality TV website. He is on there since he has been booted off and providing his opinions on game play on BB. Had he not done that, I don’t think anyone would even know about his site. Just sayin.


Where it all went wrong for the newbies: In theory the initial game play of the newbies (all) uniting against the vets made sense. The vets were fewer in numbers and they were up front (especially Evil Dick) about being united against the newbies. Where the plan went wrong was when the weaker newbies panicked when Rachel won the first HoH and, turning on their fellow newbies (starting with Porcha, then Shelley & Kahlia). They either fooled themselves into thinking the vets wouldn’t cut them loose once they used them up or, they resigned themselves to only making it as far as the jury. Either way, the initial game plan of the newbies uniting made complete sense. They just didn’t have the experience and confidence to see it through. The early cracks in their foundation is what did them (or the plan) in. The vets have BB experience on their side, which is actually somewhat of an unfair advantage over the newbies. Keith, Cassi, now Dom; the vets are going to continue to pick off the newbies, one by one, unless one of them steps up their game and starts winning competitions. I for one am so hoping that someone shakes things up and turns things in this (too predictable) house upside down.


There have been several ‘unfair’ advantages over the years. Remember the twins? What about the season Dick & Dani were on? There were 3 or 4 couples playing that season against a housefull of strangers…granted they were not FORCED to play as pairs. Production is always trying to shake things up to force drama. This season’s twist hasn’t panned out that great. But complaining like this is the first time someone has had an unfair advantage in the house is simply untrue. Even America’s Player had an advantage of knowing how the hg’s were being perceived outside of the house and was able to shape his gameplay accordingly. If the newbies were running the house, you might be complaining that they have the advantage of knowing how to manipulate the vets because they knew personalities, gameplay, etc from watching their seasons. I’m not saying this is the best twist ever but its been done before…just a different execution this season.


Sarah, I never said this was the first time there was an unfair advantage in the house, merely that there was one. This form of communication (text versus talk) has it’s drawbacks, as you can’t see a person’s face and both see and hear their tone & expression. I wasn’t complaining so much, as you indicated, merely making an observation. I do think this season has been relatively boring compared to other seasons and would like to see a newbie (or even a vet) shake things up and change what has been up until now, a relatively predictable game. Cheers!


DR, I’m sorry that all of that venting was in reply to your post. That was a build up of my frustration at hearing the vets had an unfair advantage in this season so much in the comments lately. I’m a libra so I tend to let everything build and then burst out. Sorry if you feel like I was directing that solely at you. It was not my intention. LOTSA LOVE FOLKS!


No problem Sarah! I admire your passion. Cheers! 🙂

Kat Wallace

I think it will be Americas vote for the next HOH or the 2 peeps that are put on the block.


Interesting thought! Who do you think America would vote for re: HoH, if that was the case and, would this be the person you would want to win HoH?


Boy George & her Dog




God if only kalia had gotten turned down because she’s fat to go on the show and they had cast someone with a brain. This season would have gone so much better


is that portapottys fat smelly ass up in the air in the pic above? too funny.


In the end, they will all eat their own anyway.


Woo is me for the newbies (sike!) ; I dont feel any sadness for the newbies because this is big brother, you play your butt out for HoH and most, if not all of them have just purposely thrown competitions! The vets know the game yes, but the newbies have been in it enough to know what they have to do to get the vets out. Im behind the vets 10000%: they have heart and play the game to win, combined BRJJ have only lost one POV comp, they have won everything else, they have the right to walk around big-headed. BRJJ for the win!


its funny how ppl say the hoh comps work out in b/r favor this year so they can win, but last yr you laughed and called brendon a cry baby when he said the comp favored short ppl with little feet when matt won. Which one is it?


First off. Who the hell cares how they treat people it’s just a game don’t get so worked up people! Rather see BRJJ in the game then kalia lawon and Adam! Don’t be fooled on por she is laying low doesn’t have to have much of a game she was safe first week! Plus that girl is hot! Don’t know why u make fun of her best looking girl in the house..


Corey, Porcha, you say is the best looking girl in the house? Even if one were only going by looks, I still wouldn’t say she was. Using only looks as the criteria for ranking, of all the female house guests, Cassi, then Daniele, then Porcha, would be the (top 3) order I would put the ladies in. Porcha is a follower (literally, as has been pointed out by more than one house guest) and, a coattail rider. She’s certainly not the only one but she definitely is. If she has some real game play in her I hope she steps it up and shakes this boring house up…. and soon. Cheers!


It’s amazing the clarity desperation creates. Why did it take Dom so long to figure out there were other forces at work? When that first eviction sent Keith home, the newbies should’ve re-grouped and forced the two stray voters to reveal themselves before they made any more strategic decisions. It wasn’t hard to figure out who they were,just required a bit of probing. Instead, they all scattered and made dubious deals with the duos which just hastened each of their invididual demise.

Now in the 11th hour Dom is lamenting the spineless newbies and how Shelly is a snake and the vets are gonna take them out one by one. It’s lights out buddy and that’s too bad. I would’ve like to see him stay and play.


Like to see some bloodshed 🙂


Why does dani not like her dad


Dominic, if you only figured all this out LAST week. You and Cassi may have actually been safe.


The rules are crazy this year. I don’t like the couples ideal ,the golden key after eviction , the extra time the other partner gets if his or her partner goes home just a big mess


umm did Jeff basically say he’s hot for Rachel & Porsche? Also, imo, I think Jeff is so crazy mad at Dani because he really liked her. Jeff gives all those girls more attention than Jordan it seems?


Sadly, I agree 🙁
Jeff seems like more of a jerk than CBS lets on, and watching the feeds only proves that more. I’m tired of seeing him at this point…