Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia and Lawon talk about how when they first went on slop all they would poop was milk… that’s all that would come out..

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12am Rachel and Jordan are talking about last season. They talk about how shocked they were that Rachel got voted out to the jury house. Jordan says that she feels bad when the whole house goes against you. Jordan says that it is really hard on competitions when there is a lot of pressure and you over think yourself. Rachel tells Jordon how she got voted out in her first season. Rachel says that it was a unanimous vote for her to leave against Brendon. Jordan talks about how she is terrible at puzzle. Jordan tells Rachel that she is so good at them. Rachel says that sometimes she does really good at puzzles but this last time she doesn’t know what happened. Jordan saying that she feels like Jeff and Brendon would do really good if it were just those two playing without her and Rachel. Jordan says that Jeff always worries about her and if she wasn’t there, he would do so good. Jordan says that Dominic was there to make friends but when he goes home and sees the show, he will see how the vets got each of the ring leaders of the newbies out one, two, three. Rachel says that a lot of the people in house are scared of them and won’t do anything to get in their way. Jordan says that she doesn’t know why but she gets real nervous before each competition.
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They talking about how it sucks to have the lights on all the time in the HaveNot room. Jordan says that she killed a spider in Kalia’s bed and she bets it’s the spider that bit Kalia. The conversation switches to talking about how they sleep in the HaveNot room. Rachel says that she likes to sleep on her stomach. Jordan says that sleeping on her stomach hurts her boobs to sleep. Jordan says that if she is at the beach, she will dig out the sand for her boobs so she can lay on her stomach to get sun on her back. Jordan says that if they were playing All Stars that the 4 of them would already be gone. Jordan said that she doesn’t see anyone from their old cast. Jordan says that she mainly just works outside the big brother house but that she would like for her and Jeff to go on a cruise with them.

12:35am Up in the HOH room, Kalia tells Danni that production told her she had to hang out with her. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When they come back, Porsche is talking to Dani in HOH room. Porsche says she that will do her part to keep Dani safe next week if she is not put on the block. Porsche says that she will keep her word. Porsche talks about how she is worried that her knowing Janelle will hurt her in the game. Dani says that she doesn’t think that it will.

12:40am Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan are in the candy bedroom getting ready for bed. Jordan wonders where Porsche is.. and then Jordan says that she says she thinks Porsche is up in the HOH room talking to Dani. Jeff asks really?! ..I wonder what she is doing up there!! Jeff asks Jordan what her and Rachel were talking about? Jordan says that they were just talking about school, home.. Jordan asks Jeff what’s wrong. Jeff says that he is just feel poopy. Jordan says that Jeff’s arms look bigger and buffer. Jeff and Jordan curl up in bed.

12:45am – 1am Rachel and Brendon are in the HaveNot bedroom. They start to wonder where Porsche is…. Rachel then tells Brendon that Porsche is up in the HOH room. Brendon asks really!? Rachel says that she told Porsche to just go up there and pretend to be her friend. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Dani tells Porsche that even though she is friends with Kalia …she doesn’t truly know what she would do with HOH. Dani tells Porsche she genuinely wants Porsche to stay in the house and that Porsche has options. Porsche apologizes to Dani about Dominic leaving. Dani says that she wanted to win HOH so that she could do whatever the HELL she wanted to do. Dani says that she respects the other HOH nominations. Porsche says that she would have made enemies if she voted to keep Dominic. Dani says that Shelly told them that she was voting to keep Dominic. Porsche says that she wanted Adam to make jury. Dani says that she loves Adam.
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Dani tells Porsche that it was hard for her cause Dominic went home because of her. Porsche says that Dani will be upset with some of the things people said. Dani tells Porsche that Dominic told Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan what they wanted to hear. Dani says that it bothered her that Brendon and Rachel toyed with Dominic. Dani says that Brendon and Rachel made up their mind and pretended that they hadn’t already and still got Dominic to do things like getting him to throw the POV. Dani says that she doesn’t get why people hurt people just to hurt people in the game. Porsche says that she stayed in the purple room during the house meeting. Dani says that Brendon and Rachel betrayed Dominic and that she had their back until they told Jeff about him potentially getting back doored. Dani tells Porsche that Brendon and Rachel planned on getting Porsche out before jury. Dani says that that was the plan with the four of them (Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel). Dani says that she has someone in mind for the replacement nominee. Dani tells Porsche again that she genuinely likes her. Dani says that she is trying to find a nomination to go up that would guarantee that either Brendon or Rachel would go home. Dani warns Porsche that Brendon will try to get close to her. Porsche says that Brendon BLANK up by not giving her the veto and that it shows that he doesn’t really trust her. Porsche believes that Brendon will stay close to Shelly. Porsche says that she wouldn’t mind to see Jeff go home as well. Porsche says that she would really like to see Jeff go because he already won the 10 grand. Dani says that she is really happy they had this talk and then tells Porsche that she really doesn’t want Porsche to go home. Porsche leaves HOH and heads down to the bedroom.

2am – 3am Out in the backyard Dani, Kalia and Lawon are talking about random stuff. They talk about getting hair cuts in the big brother house. Kalia says that she would never let anyone cut her hair. Dani says that her biggest fear was having the golden key.. not playing and then the first week she is able to play ..being sent home and having to watch the rest of the season from home. Dani says that words could not describe how much I would have hated life. Lawon asks if Porsche sounded like she would feel like Dani saved her if she doesn’t go home. Kalia and Dani says probably.

They talk about Brendon and Rachel and how disgusting they think they are.. Kalia says that they disgust her. Dani says that we need to do something because we are getting really boring in this house… Dani tells Kalia to go fight some more. Kalia says that if Rachel leaves ..then she is her main fighter. Dani tells Kalia that Brendon wants her to die. Dani says that she really likes Porsche and that she is a sweet girl. Kalia says that some times throughout the day she trusts Porsche in different percentages… Kalia says that she wants Porsche to win HOH so that she can see where she stands. They wonder if she would put up Brendon …they say that maybe she would… maybe she wouldn’t. They talk about how Jordan had a dream about Jeff not loving her anyone and being with Dani. They laugh about how mad Jordan was. In the bedroom, Jordan, Jeff, Adam and Porsche are talking and joking around. Kalia comes into the bedroom and they all start playing the what animal are you game. Brendon and Rachel are in the HaveNot bedroom. Kalia and Lawon talk about how when they first went on slop all they would poop was milk… that’s all that would come out. Meanwhile, up in the HOH room Dani turns out the light and goes to sleep. Adam heads out into the backyard by himself and talks to the camera about the metal bands he likes while he has a smoke. After Adam is finished with his smoke he heads inside and goes to sleep. All the other houseguests are now asleep.

6am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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Simon do the HG’s gets paid for staying in the house or it is just in jury ??? Don’t they get some some at all


HG’s get paid if they are in the house or the jury


IMO the one HG to put up, that will get both B & R out is Jordan. So Dani is just gaming by not committing to a choice.

What I think is interesting is a previous post said America’s Vote vs. a House Vote to choose who returns. Does Prod
need to set this in motion after Thurs eviction or abandon the twist for the season? If they dont, the next week’s eviction goes to JH.

Uncle Cool

Kalia says production told her to hang out with Dani, then screen goes blank…

VERY revealing…

Is BB fixed?


it is partially fixed, for ratings and a good show.


Uhh……… yeah!


She was joking, they were going back and forth insulting each other.


I think they told her to hang out with Rachel

nobody special

I believe I heard the stipend is $500/wk in the house and $1000/wk in the jury house.

on a different note…I can’t remember, do they do the POV comp today (not air it, but play it)?

nobody special

I meant to say they do the actual POV ceremony where they decide whether to use it or not, not the comp.


“Poop was milk” – Thank you Kahlia & Lawon for that riveting bit of information! Whatever they’re going to be paying you for making it into the jury, it’s not nearly enough. 🙁


wouldn’t have done shit*


I know all about Milky poop, but I don;t wanna hear about it , too depressing LOL


I watched the convo btwn Dani and Brenchel on BBAD last night; I must say they were convincing… Brendon made a lot of valid points, and I thought Dani was falling for it. Truth is, I think Dani would be in a better position if she went back to the vet5…. Her only hope (if BoyGeorge is evicted) is tht PT comes back. If Cassie returns, it’s prob another person against Dani.


It depends on who wins the next HOH, but I think Dani should team up with JJ not B or R (whoever is evicted). If Brendon’s continues to be shady about using the POV on himself instead of R and ends up using it on R I think it’s gonna piss off a lot of people. Shelly seems like she prefers B over R and Porsche’s loyalty seems like it’s starting to falter. Brenchel always overplays and end up alienating themselves from everyone else.


BTW: I would be nothing short of ecstatic if KaKa got put in her place by someone!!!! I’m sooooo sick of her, and her ego!!! She’s a waste of oxygen.


Does anyone else think that Kalia with the straight hair and pony tail is trying way to hard to look like Dani?.. She is sooo fake and has no identity of her own.. How sad.


How can Jordan eat pickles if she is a Have Not for the week?


Pickles is on the list of things they can eat


you can eat condiments


Shelly is very hard to watch because she is sooo manly. I think that she is in denial. What type of man married someone so harsh

A Nono Moose

Love Dani’s ballsy game, whoever gets removed from eviction, Jordon goes up & Rachel will walk the ‘f’ out…
Anybody know what color Danis hair is turning, her roots are starting to reveal the color of the carpet (wink)
Simon & Dawg, you guys are amazing, do you type all that stuff yourselves? Upper case, lower case, stories, names…the lies! How do you keep it all straight? Great job gentlemen.


Well under the dyed color is not her natural color. Her natural color was probably stripped then this color was applied. If I had to guess it would be an Orangeish color because of the chemicals. I’m not sure what her natural color is though.


Definitly Dani is the only one with balls in this game. Between the dumb duece duo and pinto Dan is the only one worth watching


Dani is the only one with balls in this game. The pinto, bookie, jj,and so on is soooo boring.


So quiet today…


(A Mono Moose) There is nothing ballsy about what Dani did only expected after Domic left. I agree with her Dad Evil dick said Dani has bad game play she should have Dick is doing chats and posting on He doesn’t think Dani will last that long and her game is pretty bad.

He thought Dani’s nominations should have been Brendon and Jeff. If Brendon won POV replace with Rachel and if Jeff won POV replace with Jordan.

Now that would have been ballsy!


That was my initial idea first but Dick has got it wrong on this one. If she put up both brendon/jeff; first of all she pissed off both couples even more. Also, in the event rachel won POV; both B/R would be protected and either Jeff or Jordan would go home. Whoever left, would be voted right back in. And considering Dick himself says they’re bringing someone back, I’m not sure why he wouldn’t take this into account.

Mista Bone

Ballsy, yes, but not very smart. She would have further alienated herself with both couples. She has a deal with JJ that will keep her safe a week if them two get it and she is safe with Lawon and Kalia. So she at least has a chance to get through next week. At that point, everything changes and who knows. If she messed with both of the couples, she would absolutely have both coming after her hard.

Going to 5 with the vets wouldn’t work as she would be be the odd man out every time she wasn’t HOH. She is making the best of where she is at.


Simon when’s the pov ceremony.

Can't stand it anymore

Hey everyone, did Kalia ever find the hair Rachel placed in her bed? And has anyone eaten the sardines yet?


How come no updates today?


Poop milk?? 🙁 that stinks…