Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon and Rachel talk about using the POV to save Rachel ..because she has nothing to go home to.. *Updated*

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9am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Shelly, Adam, Brendon and Rachel are out in the backyard talking on the couches. Adam tells Shelly that she was snoring last night. Shelly doesn’t really believe him and says that she’s never heard that. Shelly tells a story about her sister and how she used to count pennies in her sleep. The conversation changes to talking stitches, scars and breaking bones in their bodies. Shelly gets up to go inside and after she leaves Brendon says to Rachel that he went into the diary room and told them… Right then big brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. Brendon and Rachel start talking about what they should do with the POV. Brendon says that they need to make a smart decision and that Rachel doesn’t have anything to go home to so maybe she should stay. Brendon says that people are scared of me because I won two back to back POV’s. Rachel says yeah and I won two HOH’s. Brendon says yeah but I was right there with you and I could have won those too. Brendon tells her that she has to play smart and that she can’t be emotional. Brendon says that he thinks Jeff would go after Dani next week. Brendon says that he is going to have a long talk with Jeff about helping and working with you. Brendon tells Rachel that if she is staying in this house she needs to play hard and win. Rachel asks if she can trust Porsche. Brendan tells Rachel that she can trust her a bit, but you think she’s your best friend. Brendon says that when she went up there last night, she could’ve been throwing you under the bus. Brendon tells her to look at the big picture… you can’t trust her. Brendon tells Rachel that Porsche embellishes things a lot. Brendon says that Rachel’s problem is that you want to believe in everything that everyone tells you… you need to think about things logically. Brendon says that she will need to see and be cautious about who she trusts in this game. Brendon says that she is going to need to see how this game goes week by week. Brendon says that if he goes home, Dani may want to work with her. Rachel says that she isn’t going to work with her if she sends you home. Brendon explains that she might have a better chance to work with Dani. Brendon tells her that she will need to see what happens next HOH and that will determine the way she needs to play her game. Shelly and Jordan come out and the conversation ends.
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10am – 10:15am Jordan and Brendon talk about Dani and say that she is going to do what she wants to do. Brendon says but hey if she wants to fight the battle on her own. Brendon and Rachel don’t think Dani will put up Jordan or Jeff up because she already soured their relationship and she wouldn’t want to do it again. Brendon says that he thinks he presented it to her in an eloquent way … he says that if you send my fiancé home …then I will be coming after you. Brendon tells her that she cant be playing a vengeful game. They talk about how Dani is just mad that Dominic left and that she says the house is so boring now. Brendon gets called into the diary room. Shelly, Jordan, Rachel talk about random stuff in the backyard. Rachel is now working out on the elliptical. Lawon joins them in the backyard. Jordan and Rachel tell stories about their childhood.

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10:15am – 10:45am Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, Shelly and Porsche are getting ready in the bathroom. Adam, Jordan and Lawon are in the backyard talking about the people living in LA are obsessed with their weight. Jeff joins them out in the backyard. Brendon goes up to the HOH room to talk to Dani. Dani says that honestly she doesn’t think that she could put Lawon up. Brendon says okay …I still love you. Brendon then leaves the HOH room and goes downstairs…

10:45am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen. The POV ceremony might be happening now!

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Who is he saving?


“he says that if you send my fiancé home …then I will be coming after you. Brendon tells her that she cant be playing a vengeful game.”
It’s perfectly okay for Brendon to be getting revenge but god forbid Dani does it.


Amen!!! Exactly what I was thinking when reading that, Jen. My jaw dropped at the hypocrisy:)


Ditto! Bye-bye Brendan! Good riddens!


So glad I’m not alone!


Okay, who was taken off the block???????Hope it was not Rachael.


If BR hope to win anything by season’s end, leaving Rachel in the house is not the way to do it. She will tick everyone off and be a constant source of drama (as always), and thus be a perpetual target. Brendon however would likely keep to himself and try to have fun during down time, and then bust butt trying to win competitions when it counts. He could also team up seamlessly with Jeff and Jordan and it be a secure alliance, whereas would flip flop and likely bail on them the second Porsche wanted to team up with her solo. She can’t be trusted, can’t keep a level head, and makes emotional game moves instead of smart game moves.

For instance, if she’d pushed to get Dom out the second week instead of Cassi, then Dom and Dani couldn’t have gotten so close and Dani would have stuck with them and they would have went to the FInal 5 together. But she instead wasted Jordan’s HOH on her petty jealousy, and allows Dom and Dani time to team up and Dani devise a plan against them and now look where they are. Smh.


Dom won POV the second week that was why cassie and shelly we put on the block


why does brendon and rachel think no one can play this game without them. and why do they think that just because they propose a deal to dani she’s gonna trust and want to work with them when the whole time they’re trying to get her on their side they’re doing it with tons of veiled threats. if in the same sentence you’re telling me you’ll have my back 100% but if you don’t do what you want then not just me but the whole house will come after me, i’m gonna get rid of one of you now. if she doesn’t work to get either brendon or rachel out after putting them up then i think she has no backbone to make the big moves she’s so concerned with being in the house to make


Dani does not have a lot of other options. She keeps saying it not personal and that it’s a strategic move, if she wants to get further in the game she would be better off putting one of the floaters on the block and try to get back in good with the original final 5 alliance. Last week the lines were drawn and its the whole house against Dani, Kalia, and Lawon(2 of the most useless players in the house) There is no guarantee that if either jj win hoh next week that they still won’t put her up on the block. Also If anyone else in the house wins hoh jj have more of an influence on them to put her on the block, than she does to keep herself off the block. She can take out 1 strong competitor, and still have everyone in the house wanting her out or try and mend fences with the other strong players and they can eliminate all of the newbies

Uncle Cool

I would prefer Brendon leave, but it would be fun to see him use the POV on himself just to see Rachel’s reaction.

Dark Horse

Whats waiting for Rachel at home? – waterproof mascara

Not Meg

Dani’s one tough chick! I love it that she’s playing “her” game the was she see’s fit to benefit herself in the end. She is the only that is really playing and not getting pushed around. He tells her not to play a vengeful games or he’s coming after her. Does the Neandertaaallll know what vengeance means?


i miss cassie


PLEASE send Rachel Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jus saying

Brenchal are full of contradictions! You can talk to anyone unless they are in your alliance, unless your Brenchal. Brenden is so rude! He talks down to everyone, but Jeff. Did you see his eyes and how hard he was breathing when he was talking to Dani in the HOH room last night! Don’t they do pysch evaluations on house guests before they are allowed in? If not they should!


SIMON, I came across this interview Dom did.
Dominic Briones was the third houseguest evicted from “Big Brother 13.” He got swept up in Daniele’s plan to backdoor Jeff and was taken out. He tells Zap2it that he should’ve aligned with the Veterans sooner.
Are you glad you went on “Big Brother”? Was it everything you hoped it would be?
“I am def glad I went on Big Brother. It was everything and more than I thought it would be. It was a blast and I wouldn’t change anything about it.”
Do you regret aligning with Daniele, now that her aggressive game play got you eliminated?
“No, not at all. Dani wasn’t afraid to make big moves and kind of mixed the game up as well which is the kind of player I am. The two of us could be standing in very different situations if our plan had worked out.”
How come you never pointed out to Jeff that Brendon and Rachel were considering backdooring him?
“There was no point for me to go against Brendon, Rachel and Dani at that point. Playing with Jeff and Jordan weren’t as strong as playing with the other three, and I wouldn’t want to turn against the plan that was already in motion and that Brendon, Rachel and Dani were all committed to at the time. And going through with that plan, would have still kept me behind three huge targets in Brendon, Rachel and Dani.”
If you could do one thing differently, what would it be?
“Play with the veterans sooner and not stick with the newbies during the first two weeks of the game. I would have aligned with the vets and started cutting newbies from the beginning.”
Was it harder than you expected?
“Definitely harder than I ever expected. The twists of having the veterans and newbies together was tough, and then having the pairs on top of that!”
Who are you rooting for now that you are out? Just Daniele?
“Dani – 100% I think she is the best player in there and is one of the only ones actually willing to play the game and go against what is going on in the house and risk everything she’s got.”
Any messages to your fans?
“Thanks for your support – I love all of you guys! If you ever see me, please don’t hesitate to come up to talk to me. I love people, especially my amazing Big Brother fans. Hit me up online because I will definitely respond.”


Brendon is still on the block he took Rachel off


Yeah and Jordan was put up in her place.


brendon is going to stay in the house Dani put up porsche haha Jeff Jordan Rachel and shelly is going to vote her out hahahha


k Jordan is the replacement bye bye Brendon I hope

BBLover 4 Years

Rachel and Brendon are so pitiful. Now that they don’t have the power they are crying. That is the game of big brother — sometimes you have control and sometimes you don’t. Brendon will probably use the POV on Rachel and get sent home. I do hope that Danielle puts Porsche up next to Rachel as a warning! I love how Rachel constantly says — you have no “game” to everyone. Well Rachel — when you aren’t in control you have NO GAME. If Rachel was smart and stays this week — she should side with Danielle and completely dominate the game. Take out Jeff and Jordan (afterall Jordan already won) and Jeff is the fan favorite. Something exciting has to happen. Kalia — I’m sick of you. Win something already. I just can’t believe Shelly is kissing the vets butts. Get a life rookies. Play the game!


It doesn’t matter who does what, when, where. CBS is pulling all the strings. As long as it’s what they want they’ll leave it, otherwise they will throw some twist in at their convience. To show us viewers it is not fixed next season after the guest are in the house CBS should reveal what dates they have what twists planned . Also empty the veto bag of leftover names after they picked their players.


Say good bye Brendon
Simon you called it ! 100% he’d save his feeee onnnn ssssayyyy 😉 lol !


Say what you will about Dani, but she just flipped the house upside down. When Brendan leaves, this will shatter the BRJJ alliance. No way that JJ will commit to Rachel after she losses it. And we all know its coming especially now with Brendan leaving. The feeds and BBAD show very strong potential of seeing some of that drama that only Rachel can bring into the house in the coming days.

Mad props to Dani for having the guts to go againist the strong alliance in the house and doing what the other HG’s will only talk about doing.

Dani and ED were my fav’s from the beginning. Dani has only gone on to earn even more of my respect. She plays the game, the way I like to see someone play it.

On a personal note, I am ready to see Big Red flip out in the BB house in the coming days.

I wonder how bummed Porsche is that Brendan is leaving instead.


Are you Nuts! Brendon, what are you thinking. You would gotten Jeff. He is really pissed right now.


I soooo agree with you. We’re going to see the real Las Vegas Rattress come out once she downs a bottle of vino, LOL. RacHELL is going to drive everyone up the wall. Where’s that RachOFF spray that Big Jeff was talking about when you need it.LOL Jordo n Big Jeff along with the other houseguests are going to get fed up with Rach really fast. Hopefully Shelly doesn’t blow smoke up her ass once Brendork is gone. She probably still tell Rach that she’s one classy lady lol just so she can kiss ass some more.Hopefully Porsche falls apart too when Brendork is gone, and Rach will go blaslistic wondering what her Bookie is doing on skype once he is gone. HA HA HA Somebody is coming back in the house and if it’s Cassi, Rach is gonna lose it. I hope it is Dom. Of course there will be a lot of strings pulled to get Brendork back in the house with maybe the fortune teller in purple room later on down the road, so the toxic twosome can be reunited. I’m team Dani all the way and I hope she does align with some better players in the game to get to the final 3 and win it all.


Should of been spelt balistic…LOL. And I’m stick of the toxic twosome Brenchel. And Jordan n Big Jeff, but if Dani has to work with them for awhile so be it. That’s if the houseguests don’t vote Brendon out, cause Jordan could campaign that she wants to go home and that she’s already won the 500,000 and then the houseguests keep Brendon n then Dani has a real uphill battle to stay in the game.


Umm, anti-Rachel “rancor” as you put has been alive and well ever since the viewing public was introduced to her. The better question would be, where were you during this timeframe and how is this new to you?

And while I tried to like her, she truly does bring this upon herself.


Actually I think Rachel could possibly surprise everyone once brendon is gone and she doesn’t have him telling her what to do. I think he brings out the worse in her. I hope he goes.


I totally agreed! Why Brendon, your totally idiot. You should go for the newbies. Just play the game.


It looks like Brenden is classified as v61.10 Patner Relational Problem


We now have Dani with a 301.6 Dependent Personality Disorder


Just in LAW has a 301.22 Schizotypal Personality Disirde