Big Brother Spoilers – Kalia 2 nomination options are Lawon or Adam and Rachel is counting on a twist

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3:00pm Backyard Jeff, Jordan and Team Bacon Adam is saying that Lawon told him he volunteered to go up. Adam is thinking that they should Keep rachel for another week just to keep around as a target. Jeff thinks thats a great plan if the can do that it will be very funny. Adam is worried if Rachel is gone then they lose the houses number one target. He knows they need to get her out eventually but in the short term if Lawon goes up they should vote him out. Jeff tells him that there’s still a lot of people in the house they need to stop worrying about the end game. Adam doesn’t think he’ll have a chance against lawon in the final 2, Jeff: “Don’t worry about the final 2 first worry about he final 6” adam agrees. Jeff tells Adam even if him or Shelly go up they are totally safe. Jeff counts the votes Jeff,JOrdan, Shelly/Adam they have 3 and there is no way Kalia is going to keep rachel. Jordan doesn’t really think Kalia will put up Lawon she doubts Dani would let her. Adam agrees says that he isn’t sure how true it is he just wanted to tell JJ what is going around the house. Jeff is not sure if it’s true he really doubts it is. Lawon might have just told Adam that to see if it comes around. Jeff thinks DKL is trying to find out if they can trust Adam. Jeff wants to make sure they do not tell ANYONE especially Rachel. Jordan agress.. Shelly comes out game talking ends.

3:18pm Rachel, Porshce, Jeff and Adam laying around the backyard chit chating
3:36pm Backyard Jeff, Jordan and Rachel They’re talking about after this week if Rachel is gone hows it’s only Jeff and Jordan in the house. (apparently Rachel doesn’t know about the JJSA super alliance) Rachel adds that once Jeff wins HOH this week 1/2 the house will come running back to JJ. Jordan: “Totally”. They start talking about the twist, rachel is shocked that none of the other players are even talking about it, “Even Adam isn’t, and he’s a BIG BROTHER superfan” Rachel has been explaining to people that if they vote her out she’ll get pissed off at them, Rachel adds that Julie Chen did say that a person evicted may be coming back, she doesn’t understand why the would take that risk. Jordan agrees says she doesn’t hear “anybody” talking about the twist.

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3:43pm HOH Lawon, Porsche, Kalia and Dani Chit Chat

Porsche tells them she use to work at this sports bar called “D-wades”. Kalia asks if he was the owner ( D-Wade’s as in Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat)(Thanks Commentering for the name), POrsche says he was and one nigh he had sex with two waitress in the parking lot….
They start talking about Adam’s beard getting cut. They all pretty much agree he looks better. Lawon jokes says that Adam is now a 1 out of ten. Lawon adds that adam has a cute face..

3:58pm HOH Lawon, Kali and Dani
Kalia is talking about the negatives about putting Adam up. Kalia is saying that Adam has sworn that he is going to vote Rachel out. Lawon doesn’t think so, Lawon is nervous about Adam and Shelly telling them they are going to flip flop. Kalia knows that, but she’s thinking Adam is getting close to them so if she nominates him he’ll move farther away.

Kalia says her only 2 options are Lawon and Adam. Kalia tells him she’s 100% sure that Whoever goes up is safe. Kalia counts, Dani, Shelly and POrsche are 100% votes to keep Lawon. Lawon: “Sure.. ya I trust you”. Kalia says she isn’t sure what to do and she’s going to need to talk to Adam. (If Dani lets Kalia put Lawon up Lawon will go home)
Lawon tells her that Adam or him are the best pawns to go up. He understands if Kalia is trying to draw people in thats why he’s cool with going up.
Kalia: “I’m not 1000 percent sold on Shelly right now”
Kalia and Lawon agree that Shelly’s performance in the POV comps was VERY bad. Kalia doesn’t think she was trying very hard. All three agree that Shelly didn’t throw the comp.
Lawon will tell her if he doesn’t feel safe about being up before the POV ceremony. Kalia promises she’ll tell him whats going down in the morning.

Porsche joins them wearing a super short dress. Kalia comments on how short it is warns Porsche about sitting down. Porsche knows she just wants to wear it for this event.. FEEDS CUT TRIVIA… (are they having a party?)

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177 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Kalia 2 nomination options are Lawon or Adam and Rachel is counting on a twist

    1. Bring Cassi back so she can get her clock cleaned in the competition and Rachel can walk right back into the house. Sorry to say but Cassi can’t beat Rachel.

      1. BB needs to ensure Rachel goes, as it is the worst example for cbs to show. It is sad she has lasted this long and honest believe whom ever they bring back will beat her and send her home for good. Then BB would be worth watch again..

      1. Simon…do you really have to keep the comments that only say they are first? They don’t add any insight or even try to ruffle anyone’s feathers. It’s really immature and a waste of space. If they have something else to say then say first, whatever…still dumb but at least they said something worthwhile. You guys are the boss so I understand if you don’t agree and completely ignore my suggestion. Lotsa love for you guys!

          1. LCB – LoL! I iniyally thought the same thing. However, what Sarah was referring to was that the first comment made (by “Ali)” for this latest BB update was “1st! :P” …as you can see above. I think Sarah thought it was a waste of space on this site and was addressing that with Simon. (my job is done here…..I have to get a glass of wine!)

    1. Amen… I adore Adam… But, I thought the same thing! Lol! We love u though Adam… BTW, why us Jeff calling u Phillip? Don’t get it… Must’ve missed something. Simon, you’re awesome! It’s exhausting just keeping up with your work! Couldn’t imagine doing what u do! You’re the Best! Refuse to even look at anyone else’s take on it all! Kudos brother!!!

  1. What a waste of a HoH. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rachel walked her butt back in the BB house on Thursday. Kalia is just dumb. She’s going to wish she got rid of J/J when she had the chance. Did she not watch BB11? Ugh!

    1. if lawon goes up i think for sure brendan will come back, and it will be jj/br against dani, kalia, and porsche. those three will piss their pants after porsche tries to float her way back to rachel and make it seem like she was avoiding rachel because of the way she was acting. I think it will adam, shelly, and br/jj final six and they will battle it from there.

    1. if rachel goes, then i believe she will compete against dom and win then dani will be even more mad for waisting an hoh, but if lawon goes up i believe he will compete against brendan then dani porsche and kalia will be mad for not putting up adam and letting rachel go and compete agaisnt brendan. bump pov ceremony i can’t wait for thursday

  2. If Kalia puts Lawon up, it’ll mean that she is easily intimidated, that she’s a keener and she’s dumb because Rachel will never be voted out against Lawon. That woman should stop all these pointless brainstorming sessions and think about herself. It’s like she’s playing the game for Dani and JJ.

    1. Trust me, Production is all up in her head. Go back to when she first won HOH and listen to her reasoning. Then notice as the days go on how uncertian she becomes. Its so sad that they are so involved, they should end the game now and award whomever “THEY” want to win, because playing the house guest out to be stupid is really unjust.

  3. this is a major dumb move by kalia. the only game play option is to put up jordan. who cares about deals. lets just let jordo skate thru another season. you put up jordan because she is a vote for rachel. thus leaving w only one vote being jeff. why would you put up someone who will vote to get rach out. pure stupid move. so what if JJ are mad at you. they dont win anything anyways.

    right now the newbs+dani have a 6-3 edge in the house. stop playing to cater to jordans lazy ass. u take either her or rachel out and u now have a 6-2 edge minus whoever gets to come back. worst case is rachel does come back, you are still at a 6-3 advantage every week.

    does no one play the game to win 500k? if you want to make friends go join the red hat club or the ymca. and people need to stop playing for the fans. im sorry but if it were me id do whatever to whoever it took to get MY FAMILY 500k. the money doesnt get awarded to the fans nor will you offer to help pay a fans bills. so play for yourself and your family and start thinking end game. very bad move kalia if you put up anyone other than jordan

    1. I agree Jordan is the best move to make. If she puts Lawon up and brendon comes back Kalia and dani are done for. On the other hand if Lawon goes up and home and Dom comes back its better for DK than Rachel leaving and brendon coming back. Best case for DK is if Rachel goes and Dom comes back. JJ will still have Adam and Shelly and DK would have Dom, Porsche, and Lawon. Cassi is the wild card if she comes back.. She’ll run to Shelly and Shelly will keep her on the JJ side so the split would be JJSAC Vs DKLP.

      1. Agreed 100%!!! I am crossing my fingers that she puts Jordan up, but I *know* she won’t. :/ But it’s the best choice she can make. As you guys said – screw the deals and ‘keeping her word.’ It’s not like Jordan won’t backdoor or nominate her eventually. Jeff is arrogant and no Big Brother fan likes him. I don’t see how he or Jordan are America’s Sweethearts. Ugh! They’re def not winning the favorite player award this season….that’s for sure. Since I am Team Dani/Kalia … I am definitely hoping for Dom to come back cause he will for sure be on Dani’s side again. The others are def a wild card, as simon said! But I’d be shocked if Rachel isn’t evicted. Wish Jeff would’ve gone before Rachel though!

        1. Sean you are obviously incompetent. No one that is a BB fan likes jeff. Swallow back your verbal stupidity. Why did he win the coup de tat his season? Why is he back this season? Why did they put him on two other of their shows. Called ratings. So I would make an assumption that BB fans like him. Putz

          1. I agree with your last statement – “it’s called ratings.” Why are Rachel and Brendan back as well? No one likes them … yet they’re back. I am not arguing that CBS did it for the ratings, I am arguing that I have yet to meet a BB fan who likes Jeff. He’s arrogant and whines when he is on the block. You’re probably Jeff’s cousin or have some crush on him. Just look @ the rest of the comments here!!! There is a reason people want him and Jordan gone. (But more Jeff, of course)

          2. I’m a BB fan and I like Jeff. you sound like Dani,trying to run us all……dumb comment “no one that is a BB fan,likes Jeff”

        2. Speak for URSELF! Im a fan and i LLLOOOOVVVVEEE me some Jeff! I could care less who wins at this point-but i could look at Jeff all day long! Check out that yummy pic of him up there! And his potty mouth? Well-thats something him and i have in common.

        3. I love the idea of Cassie coming back to mess up dumb stupid ( I’m a vet so screw the rest of u and I’m entitled to go far in this game Rachael,mostly and then also jeff and Jordan)but, we NEED to unite with one Cassie or the other Dom otherwise the stupid dummies who want Brendan to come back WILL win because our votes are split And then I will absolutely refuse to watch anymore!! ( whatcha think of that CBS) know u gotta be following these posts!

      2. But is Dom going to come back? Look at the polls on this site – Cassi is leading. Sure I’d rather have Cassi back over Brendon but will she be able to win the competition to come back? Dom would have a better chance at winning. Voting Cassi in just makes it way easier for Rachel to return.

      3. Dom won’t be back. If he does, he will lose to rachel simply cos bb will make sure of it. I’m sure they’re pushing for kalia to put up lawon. Cos if lawn does go up, brendon is back. At the end of the day, dani has fans but not as many as evel dick did and some his fans don’t cross over to her. And dani certainly doesn’t have any fans close to Jeff or jordan. Shockingly there are a lot of brenchel fans there too. So ppl don’t wanna see her run the house. Kalia has is annoying and is such a hypocrite. I hate that those two bitch, moan and name call and dish it out but can’t take it in return. Awwww…did u two babies get bullied by Jeff and brendon?! Lol. Just for ratings and drama sake, I expect brendon to be back on thursday and rock dani and kalia.

      1. It’s a perfect plan Team Bacon. Welcome to team J & J. Jeff win the HOH next week and POV for the second time. I love it. That’s the spirit.

      2. jordan was handed an hoh. no one will ever know if it wouldve stuck. as for jeff, just like his own season, he cant/doesnt/wont win hohs because there are to many people to compete against. in his season he also only won one pov. thats because less players. jeff even said hisself he sucks at comp. they are no threat. its a game not a social club. win by being smart and playing strategy. dont win just by being there.

    2. Its all production! Its the diary room playing with an idiots head in order to save the vets… SMH I thought she was better than that. But I won’t be surprised when she puts up her own alliance member as a pawn (because she’s an idiot) and he agrees to it (because he’s an idiot) and he goes home. CBS does not like Lawon.

      1. Who does like lawon to be honest? I forget he’s even on this show. As for kalia, what a baaaa baaaa sheep. Trust me, bb is def pushing her to put up lawon. If she does, I can’t wait to see dani’s face on thu. Lol.

    3. i agree jordan is the best move. jj and triple s would truly vote out adam. pinto is back friends with rachel, so she’ll vote him out also. kalia needs to stop trying to please the “entitled” jj. all they do is make empty threats just like they did in B11. they are worse now than they were in bb11. of course cbs is going to give them a good edit to make them seem like they are nice people, but anyone that had the feeds during bb11 knows how nean and vile they really are.

    4. Absolutely correct. She should forget her ‘deal’, not fear Jeff and put her up. It is foolish for her not to.

  4. Didn’t Kahlia promise Adam she wouldn’t put him up being that it was his birthday this week??? I guess it didn’t apply if someone took themselves off from the block. But Adam should remind her.

  5. Kalia is SOOOOOOO frustrating as HOH. If she had put up Jordan there would be no need for all this back and forth of who she should put up to get Rachel out. DANG if she doesnt put up Shelly, then I hope she is gone next week just for being so stupid. And she better be glad that when she is sitting in the Jury house (without half a Million dollars) that keeping her word to someone who has already won a Mill (and who dont care %@#$ about her) is all that matters to her, because after all folks this is REAL LIFE, this is not a reality tv game to win 1/2 million dollars. IDIOT grrrrrrh.

  6. Yet another CBS interference there is no reason to even think Lawon he is playing the game with you dumbass! Put up Jordan and let that be that. If lawon goes up I will stop watching this season I promise….

  7. This is what we call analysis paralysis. Stop thinking and do what you know is the right move. Screw Jeff and Jordan they already don’t respect or like you, so put Jordan up and be done with it. It’s a dumb move to even think Lawon would survive. Nobody cares if he’s even in the game. Jeff has already stated in plain terms you are on his hit list, so it can’t get any worse.

  8. Do people really think Shelly and Adam are in an alliance with JJ? I think not, they may be pretending to be in an alliance around JJ and pretending in order to further their game, but if Rachel leaves, JJ will soon see that they will be the number one and two targets in the house. I’m pretty sure that no matter what anyone says, no newbie wants a veteran to win. This includes Dani, even though she thinks she’s so in with the newbies. JJ will be playing alone if Rachel leaves and there is no way they can win every comp, so they will likely be sent to jury before final 2.

  9. Possible outcomes
    Cassi coming back rachel leaving
    Cassi coming back Lawon leaving
    JJSCAR Vs DKP (house will reorganize)

    Dom coming back rachel Leaving
    JJSA Vs DDKLP (house will reorganize)
    Dom coming back lawon Leaving

    ND coming back rachel Leaving
    JJSAB Vs DKLP (house will reorganize)
    ND coming back lawon leaving
    JJSABR Vs DKP (house will reorganize)

    (Kieth isn’t included I just don’t see him beating dawg to get back in)

    (house will reorganize) I think the house will change alliances if some of the above scenarios occur. What do you all want to happen

    1. Do you think that Cassie and Rachel would work together? Didn’t they have a falling out or something?
      Big Brother would most likely bring them both back for the drama.

      1. They did but it was dani who created the lies to getting cassi out. Dani wanted dom all to herself. I loved how she got so pissed that dom was playing with cassi’s hair. Yeah dani…good one…miss i don’t play personal. What a whiny hypocrite. Shelley wld patch that up with cassi too and I’m sure at the very least cassi wld be with Jeff and Jordan and Shelley.

    2. there’s also the scenario that the houseguest being voted back in loses the competition and absolutely nothing changes

      1. Put Lawanda up,send him home,bring back ND or Cassie and watch Dani and her minions crumble……ooh karma is such a b*tch!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kalia is so dumb i won’t be shocked if Brendon and Rachel are in the house together again, that will be the last episode i watch this season. Great work Kalia great work

  11. Don’t put up Jordon, put up Lawon….he hasn’t done a thing all the time he has been in the house…real dud!!!!! Let people stay who will play the game and make it interesting for viewers. Gives us something to talk about.

  12. I wish thursday would hurry up…it would be nice if CBS would show the results as in where everybody stands in terms of votes. I’m hoping Dom won, but i have a feeling it’s Cassi. But when it gets down to it BB will bring back whoever they want. Kalia would be stupid to put up lawon, he will go home. The baconator would be the best choice. Best thing for me this week would be Rachel gets evicted, dom beats her in the comp and re enters the game. Then Jeff and jordan continue with there pity party, i enjoy seeing them lose. Karmas a bitch they shouldnt have been so sure of themselves and shouldnt have treated everyone like shit the first 3 weeks.

    1. Mark my word,write it down now….the crying will happen on Thursday and it will be Dani and her minions doing the crying… will see whining/bitching like never before in this house….everybody better get BBAD…’s gonna be a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Think K. Think. If you really want to ensure that R goes home, for pete’s sake, put up Jordan. Alliances are all going to be broken at some point. JJ would put you up in a heartbeat. Don’t blow the window of opportunity you have right now to get R out.

    1. Welcome to Team J & J, Lawon goes in vs Rachel. That’s really smart. I totally agreed with you DR. I know your member of Team J & J. Jeff win HOH and win POV. That’s awesome. Dani is history.

  14. In my opinion, there are 4 groups in the house:

    1. dani, kalia, lawon
    2. jeff, jordan, shelly
    3. adam, porche (don’t know where they are)
    4. rachel

    So, if lawon goes up (pleeease!), and if what Adam says (voting to keep rachel) is true, then the votes will be 4-2 and lawon goes out (yay for rachel! :) )

  15. Will the people who say that they’re gonna stop watching the show just SHUT THE !@#% UP! If you don’t want to watch the rest of the season then fine, don’t, but don’t type it up online, because things aren’t going how you planned the game might go. I mean it’s like you’re all acting like Dani when PT left, it’s pathetic and I doubt anyone cares if you do or not so don’t involve us into your, “I’m gonna stop watching if this happens” crap… and also plz Kalia put up Lawon!

  16. Yes, Simon they are having Adam’s b’day party……Well, looks like they cut the feeds so we can ‘t watch it………but they crammed the “white trash wedding” down our throats…..bunch of BS……thanks loads BB…..why does it have to be so secretive? just like when there were parties on the lots, indoor lockdown…..what’s the harm in the HG’s hearing music?

  17. This is how it will go…Kalia puts up Lawon and he goes home. Cassie comes back and lines with with J/J. Rachel is stil in the game and is still annoying. Kalia and Dani are in the minority. Rachel or Jeff win HOH and Dani and Kalia go on the block. Nothing new .. it is just how production wanted it to go.

    1. Grandma stop! You’re killing me! R remains in the house? Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine. Why don’t you just add that B is coming back in too & that RB are once again reunited in nauseating bliss. Oh god, just shoot me and be done with it! (soothing mantra I’m saying in my head to drown out the image you’ve now given me: “Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.”)

  18. I can’t stand Rachel, but I would LOVE if Kalia put up Lawon and Lawon got evicted! HAHAHA seeing the look on Kalia an Lawon’s face would be PRICELESS and great TV

  19. If Kalia really decides to put up Lawon, we will definitely see how the house is divided. I would love to see how Shelley and Adam would vote in that situation. And then Kalia should be put on the block next week because she doesn’t know what the f*&k she is doing. Put up Jordon and get it over with. But like an idiot, she told Jordon she was not going to put her up. She is running scared. No guts, no glory!

  20. Wow, there’s no way they’d seriously put Lawon up! I’d hate to see him go under such a circumstance, but it would certainly be great to see the shock on D and K’s face. Then Lawon defeats Dom and re-enters the house!!!!

  21. kalia has to up adam or shelley, if she wont put up jordan. plus it will be interesting to see how rachel reacts if jj votes against her to save adam or shelley, shes do for a blow up, i was shocked she made it thru her plea wirh dani without freaking out

  22. Honestly just a question shere…WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE SEE IN CASI!? im not talking about looks, of cource shes smokin hot. im saying how could you bring her back over dominic. dom will be a better competitor as cassi wont even do anything.

    1. I kinda do like Lawon, but if he is evicted, I feel he would be easy prey for Dom or Cassie. I just hope needle dick doesn’t win America’s vote.

  23. And Dani is so afraid of people saying that she is running Kalia’s HOH, that when Kalia asked her about who she thinks she should NOM, Dani said “I dont Care”. YOU DONT CARE???? You better care, because if the wrong person goes home your arse is in a bad spot. To Heck with what the house thinks, RUN KALIA’S HOH. Tell her putting up any newbie is a ticket to send both of them home. Tell her JJ dont give a &%$# about her and will put her up. Tell her if she is going be stupid and not put up Jordan, then the only newbie she should even have her eye on is Shelly. Tell her Dani, TELL HER! Sorry my tolerance for dumb game play is so low right now. When i hear players talk about making such dumb moves like this, it confirms how much BB production is involved and messing with the heads of these players. Kalia started off telling production she was going to do what she wanted to do when she put up Jeff, now she no longers has that confidence because production is not doubt all in her head. I wish for the days when “reality tv” was really reality, and not “production produced reality”. sigh

  24. why whould they cut the feeds if one has paid to watch it for a party? isnt that why we paid to get the feeds so we can watch things like that?

  25. women do not wear vests unless it’s one of those puffy ones which are so 10 years ago BUT are still considered okay. Just plain vests are not okay

  26. KaKa talking about how spoiled she was growing up but yet brings up the race card about how hard she had it for speaking proper english and being black. (shelly compared her to barak obama)

    1. she didn’t say she was spoiled. “they said she can have anything she want” not that they’ll give it to her but she has to work for it. it was said in a motivational way not a spoiled way. not that i give a shit, but thought i would point that out.

  27. Kalia is gonna try her very best to get wacked next week so she won’t put up Jordan and vote her out, oh well at least they’ll be “friends” after this oh wait…

    Vote DOM Kah-PEESHH!!!!!

  28. What is it with you people being so against Jeff and Jordon?

    if you gotta ask that dumb question you obvious have not been watching the same show as us.

    1st off the cockiness acting like they actually did something in their season besides float and get special powers and pure luck, and the way Jeff was acting to Dani and Kalia 2 weeks ago, then the way Jordan and him acted this week which is a mirror image of the way Brendon and Rachel acted when they were talking to Dani. Production protects them this POV proved it 110% they made sure everybody who sucks in comps played, and Rachel being a wreck she couldn’t focus, so he literally had no competition.

    1. Wow good one mister conspiracy theory. Calm down bro. Different people have different opinions. Every season is catered to the developing storylines. Look at this year…dani winning the hoh for small ppl. Just like her season when comps were catered for her. Or for dan’s season. Even last yr when they tried keeping brenchel as long as possible. I hate that ppl bring up the coup de tat. Do I like Jeff? No. But that power is part of the game. Just cos boogie didn’t use it, ppl need to lay off Jeff using it. Are u guys jessie fans? Lol.

      Truth is everyone has name called, lied and bitched…even kalia and dani. In fact at least brendon and Jeff said it to their faces. Kalia and dani hide in the corner, break ppl down and play the victim card like Rachel. Boring. There is no one this season worth liking. They’re all awful. But I would like to see dani and kalia knocked off their high horses. People forget that it was dani’s stupidity and arrogance that caused all of this fracturing in the first place. My money is still on a vet being at the end.

    2. IllWill is gonna have a heart attack…lol so Dani or Kahlia has played this game with 100% honesty and integrity? Did they not basically jump up and down,gloat and thier heads swelled 10x bigger than Kahlia’s fatass after they won? why is production always involved when your fav doesn’t when? Kalia the psychic answering the questions before Julia even had 5 words outta her mouth….yes production get’s involved…just look at Kahlia’s HOH win!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Lol everyone automatically thinks Rachel will win the battle. I’ll wait till Thursday to see if she will. Dom or Cassi could kick her ass and everybody will be shocked. So just calm down and wait till Thursday.

  30. Okay no wonder jordan is upset she feels like she let others down. When I read this it made her seem like Rachel it was nothing like it and know you cant say the edited to make it not look so bad.

  31. You know I see all these people , that keep saying get rid of lawon and other floaters..they arent doing anything are not playing .. are starting to get under my skin ( i know it is just a tv show ..) have you ever considered people that this is there game ..that they are playing a smart social game …instead of turning off good sense and morals like JJ and BR did. that they speak with everyone and want to take some time to not play the game but to get to know people .. Instead of swearing and bullying people and listening to the Batshit voices in there heads. there are many ways to win this game .. and perhaps just maybe someone who simply plays it cool is playing a much better game Then Asshat and meathead, and the bimbos they came into the house with ..


  32. I tried adding in a comment, which didn’t go through. I had said that she should still put up Jordan and not worry about the deal, because they’ll still be coming after her anyway. I also said that if Lawon goes up that he’d probably leave, since you can’t trust how Shelly, Adam or Porsche will vote.
    But, on the other hand, if he did leave, that’d make it easier for Dom or Cassi to return in the game.
    No matter, it is going to be an interesting and very long week.

    1. Kalia’s mom is NOT dead. When it comes to putting someone up, I wish she’d put Shelly up for asking the ridiculous question of has K ever experienced any discrimination… K is a 30 year old Black woman.

    1. they showed Jordon crying because she messed up in the Have Not competition. Now they just showed her with Jeff and Kalia and both Jordon and Jeff yelled at Kalia bullying her and threatening her .

        1. No, I was actually going to comment about the editing when I saw this post.
          CBS is totally tolting it. Rachel crying, Jordon Crying, Dani talking about how she has no problem getting blood on her hands. I hope to god the people voting for the person coming back watch the feeds and After Dark and not just CBS, because it’s totally biased.
          (Not to mention the complete cut of all the Rachel drama the days before Brendon was evicted, that alone would tilt the votes away from him!).

        2. Watching the shows in our house is always enlightening. My hubby knows nothing from this site while I read everything. When a show ends we talk about what just happened. His perception of every HG and every conversation is completely different from mine. But I don’t let him know what I already know. Always interesting to say the least. I’ve turned him into my own personal lab rat!! hahahaha CBS certainly contorts things for sure with their edits.

        3. Im so team J/J & at first I thought CBS was doing their magic for J/J BUT in the HOH with Kalia, they definitely gave the TV show viewers a different side of J/J they have not seen thus far. From the edit I would say Brendon is coming back.

      1. You think telling someone what you are going to do if they put you up is bullying and threatening, Jeff said do what you want but I will make you my number one target, I do not consider that bullying and threatening.

        1. I agree. I’m not a Jeff or Jordan fan but posters here are ignorant. I watch the feeds and Jeff does lose his temper but anyone would when faced with stupidity like kalia or dani. They don’t make sense. They make things personal but lie to your face. Jeff might yell and “bully” but at least he tells it like it is. Sick of all the rats in this house. Where’s Russell when u need him? All these ratty rat rats!!!!

  33. BIG RISK not putting Jordan up, but the best option is Adam everyone likes him, but nobody likes Lawon

  34. liar 2 faced monster aka shell making deals she has no intention of keeping. (of course she’d say she’s the most honest person it that house).

  35. Jeff and Jordan both told her exactly what they think is going to happen it was not bullying if that was bullying everyone that goes up bullies the one that puts them up. Of course people get upset to be put up and that is how their voices were. WHAT DID THEY DO EDIT THEIR VOICES TO BE LOWER OR CUT OUT WORDS. give me a break……

  36. Simon, I have to ask – just watching BB now on TV & they’re showing the food (have/have not) competition. Jordan after they lost is crying in ‘padded cell’ (have not) room & Jeff doesn’t put his arm around her nor hugs her. Did he do it at all or did they edit it out? Some of us on this site have thrown around the possibility that he’s either asexual or gay. Are we missing any signs of a boyfriend’s affection for his girlfriend. Seriously, it’s great they’re not over-the-top in their affection like BR (nauseating) but, what’s up with the lack of affection between JJ? Are we missing something?


  38. Okay, so I just saw the Sunday show….and seriously, these Vets are running scared! They cannot handle it when the shoe is on the other foot. They counted on having an advantage having played the game before, having the newbies being star-struck and if all else failed, bullying and intimidation tactics. I think Kalia is doing the right thing in her attempts to eliminate Rachel…you have to get rid of the strong players first and everyone says it is too soon for big moves….but I would if I could. Who the hell wants to be in an endurance comp in the Final Four with the likes of Rachel and Bendon? They do damed well in comps.
    Jeff and Jordan are probably sweet people, but they are floaters as well. If Jeff did not need to win this POV, he would not have done so; Jordan’s one HOH win was minature golf. Adam needs to step up and do something…seriously. LaWon…I think he is just there to say he had the experience. :)
    I wish Kalia would see that putting Jordan up is the only way to ensure Rachel leaves; she needs to stop worrying about J/J’s reactions this week or any other week…like every other player in the game, they will make niceand apologize when it suits them.
    And since you seem to have to pick a team…I DO like Jeff and Jordan, but not as players…I am Team DKLP all the way!! :)

  39. So, Jeff tried to cheat and give TRIPLE S the answer in the have/have not competition, and they still lost. pitiful

  40. this season is so stupid , it’s basically season 9 with a splash of all stars and we all know that on thursday when Rachel gets evicted Julies gonna ask if they would rather have Rachel back over any random evicted guests, and everyone will vote for the old

  41. Kalia is about to make a mistake that will ultimately send her home…

    If she doesn’t put Jordan up, she can’t control Jeff’s vote. If she puts anyone else up, JJ will vote to keep Rachel.
    If she puts Lawon up, JJ will vote to keep Rachel – Shelly and Adam will probably do that as well.
    Porsche is still a wildcard and not guaranteed

    The ONLY safe move is to put up Jordan. This allows her to control Jeff’s vote (not only adding a vote for Jordan, but taking one away from Rachel)and she has Dani and Lawon for sure, which at worst will cause a tie.

    I don’t think she is smart enough to figure this out though. Hopefully (and I think) Dani is.

    She has absolutely nothing to lose putting Jordan up.
    Jeff has already said he is targeting her and he pretty much controls Jordan, so she ALREADY has both of them targeting her – why piss someone else off?

    She should use that in her nom speech…that she wasn’t going to put up Jordan, but Jeff said they were both coming after so they forced her to do it.

    Pretty simple this week.

  42. Thank you BB for reminding me with tonight’s episode, as to why I think Rachel is a psycho and needs to leave, and that Jordan is a brat. Otherwise, I almost felt sorry for them.Kalia will be an idiot to put up Lawon. Forget the deal with Jordan and put her up.

  43. I use to think that mercelious not using the veto on himself was the dumbest move in bb history i am pretty sure if this happens then this will be the dumbest move lol. I can’t believe that rachel could get of the block that is so funny and if lawson goes then who ever america voted for is guarented to walk in. With that said after this week everyone will know who is on what side both adam and shelly will be uncovered

  44. I absolutely disagree with everything you wrote but you made me laugh so hard with this “Who in the sam-hill picked Lawon to play this game?”.

  45. I hope she puts up Lawon and he gets evicted and faces Dom hehe Dom comes back in the house as HOH and puts RAchel on the block for sweet revenge.

    I don’t want to see Rachel go though..,.

  46. Kalia said 10,000 times she will never put Jordan up. She sounds like she means it, and she sounds determined to prove she’s not Dani’s “little protege” even though Dani said “I’m so proud of my little protege”….

  47. Can someone who knows JJ in real life explain why they think they are all that. So what they wanted to spend the summer together. Everyone else in the house wanted to win $500,000. Take a summer vacation on Jordans winnings for BB11.

  48. Jeff, Jordan,
    Brendumb & Rachel r the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They can all eat a dick

  49. Kalia better put up laaaawooonnn. Girlfriend!!
    She followed what Danielle said , I’m sure everyone remembers what happened to some other person who followed her ( Dom, I know how to chew gum so I can win comps) Danielle isn’t anyones friends not even Kalia’s ass, she went to work with the newbies cause she knew they were easier to control, well it’s time to send that crack addict looking , flat ass bitch home!! Bye dani!!!!

  50. I have a lot of respect for Kalia.

    When JJ went to talk to Kalia, when she explain why she was going to put up Jeff and Jeff did nothing but been a bully and threaten her.

    As a black woman, she is cool. I know she’s not going to be the final 2 but in my book she won already.

    Thanks CBS for not showing JJ how they really are. I guess you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all the time. I’m glad that the majority of the site is very fair and know right from wrong.


  51. “Jeff has been single for so long he doesn’t know how to treat a woman” Really? Is that even a good excuse or justification for his behavior?

  52. You guys should stop hating. Jordan likely would have won that HOH anyways. Did you see how many times it took Brendon to get a hole in one last week? Stop hating on J&J!!!

  53. Jeff didn’t get a good edit because production didn’t coach/write him something snappy for the DR this week.His “Big Kalia” remark was crass, and just goes to show what kind of asshole he is. I think Jordan going up would be a no brain-er, after all she pretty much invited Kalia to do so during the nom ceremony. Make her wish come true.

    1. I was so pissed at that whole nomination ceremony. Of all the years I’ve watched BB, I’ve never seen a HOH treated with such disrespect. Jordan who doesn’t stand up to anybody or does anything strategic in this game should’ve been backhanded by Kalia when she made her snide comment . Then the snickering while Kalia was talking was just way rude. BB knows who to cast in these roles, I swear a few people would’ve been missing teeth when I was done.

      They act so entitled to everybody just giving them the game. Then if you sit on the sidelines and do nothing (like Adam and Lawon) you still get thrown under the bus.

      1. I notice you didn’t discuss the most disrespectful of all comments toward this HOH which came from Dani who treats Kalia like her dog: “I’m so proud of my little protege”

  54. wow, Cassi has more votes than Dominic on that poll! I wonder if the real votes are split like that because I REALLY want Dom back. Cassi is cool too but I think Dom has a better chance of beating rachel (assuming she’s evicted this week).

  55. I’d love it if Lawan goes up and out. It’s much more likely that Dom or Cassie will be back if they compete against Lawan than if Rachel is evicted. I love it because it shakes up everyone’s game and has the potential to really agitate Rachel. Wait til Dom or even better Cassie walks through the door and she learns that America preferred them over her beloved Neanderthal. Imagine the tears of frustration when she realizes it would have been better to not campaign and accept eviction. LOL. Imagine poor Kalia! Not only does Rachel stay, but Lawan goes and Dani stops hanging with her to be with Dom. Or, if Cassie returns, imagine the three ring cat fight between Dani, Rachel and Cassie. Any way you look at it, Lawan on the block promises to be a mad grenade a minute.

  56. Tonight’s show just clarified why I am not a jj fan…they are babies and hypocrites… And Rachel is immature….. Really following Dani is your best strategy….. Give me a break… All these final four jokes jjbr made throughout the game are a huge joke…. Jj will take eachother so why not get rid of one of them…. And fans that can’t add that up are crazy… I 100% agree with what Dani and Kalia are doing… They are getting rid of threats…. And Dani can play for hoh next week in case yall forgot….. So it’s not in the age for jj…… I hope Dominic comes back so it will be ddklp against jjsa…. Perfect scenario

  57. Dani is a sneaky bitch?? WTF is Shelly? She tells Kalia she wants to have her, Kalia and Dani be the final three together, then tells the Camera there is NO WAY she would do that. ON a side note, She needs to layoff wearing the man shorts OMG!

  58. Do you forget that Dani is the one that turned on her alliance. Of course jjb are getting mad every week someone is trying to backdoor them. jjb and Dani would have been in good spot.. But Dani thinks she is so smart… The newbies are a bunch of dummies letting Dani pull all the strings. I hope Kalaia puts up Lawon who is useless… Lawon goes and Brenden comes back and jjrb kicks their asses… Dani goes 1st then Kalaia… go JJRB

  59. I just dont get this whole…Team JJ or team this or that. Floaters etc….blah blah blah.. I understand that you want to root for someone. But most of these players are just plain stupid. Playing with emotions instead of playing for the money. I honestly dont care who wins . I just want the “Best Player” to win.
    Jeff and Jordan should have went in there and talked to Kalia and tried to make a deal. Why piss off Kalia. There is no garuntee that Jeff wins HOH next week. What if Dani wins?

    If she dosnt put Jordan up she is a damm fool. She dosnt deserve to win anything. If Dom comes back he will be running Team Dani, If Brendumb comes back either with or with out Roach he will be running Team JJ. Dani better hope she dosnt see Brendon walk thru that door or its over for her.

    Honestly so far Shelly is the best “game” player yet so far with Dani close behind. What Dani needs to do is talk Kalia into putting up Jordan. The problem with that is Dani has to tread carefully as to not push to hard on Kalia. Kalia only thinks short term. You should never think “end game” but always be thinking one or two moves down the road. If I was Kalia I would approach JJ one more time and make a deal. Tell them she only wants Roach out of the house. Ask them who they would like to see go up. With the assurance that Roach will leave. Or atleast as we all know compete to come back in.

    No matter what, she has to get out a member of the “otherside” best case is if Roach goes out and Dom comes in. If Adam, Porshe, Shelly win HOH next week there is no telling who they might put up. If I was Shelly there is no way I would want to win. I would throw the comp. She should get the Benidict Arnold award. Because she is playing both sides perfectly. Adam is close to chooseing sides. Both him and Shelly as of right this moment are in the best position out of everyone in the house.

    What team am I on? The $500 G’s thats who.

  60. JJBR were not the one’s that turned on thier alliance.. It was Dani, She thinks she is so smart.. when she is just a snake… I hope Lawon goes up and goes out the door.. because he is useless..Rachel stays Brenden comes back in the game… The Vets takes control backdoors Dani, then get Kalia out.. will make for good bb watching… It’s going to get very boring watching Dani pulling all the strings on the newbies…. GO TEAM JJRB

  61. I love Jordan and Jeff!!!! Jeff is being respectful by not pawing on Jordan. He is obviously loving towards her. Anyone locked in that house would eventually LOSE and go off on someone unless you are just a non confrontational person.

  62. EVERYONE has been caddy or ugly at some point!!!! GO JEFF AND JORDAN!! HE IS IN NO WAY GAY OR BY-SEXUAL. PLEASE

  63. First of all….I cannot watch the feeds tonight….they are marching Lawon to his own execution and he is giggling and thinking about what to wear….

    Rachel would have beat any of the 4 possible returners….think about it…… would have to game knowledge and she can beat them all at that………..

    I think that Cassie comes back and Dani has a Chima moment and blows it up……..she has been brewing all week…..

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