Big Brother 13 – Shelly calls Rachel a witch, Porsche calls Shelly a Snake

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5:51pm Dani and Porsche

Porsche saying she helped jeff with his hair and then moments after Jeff is being a ass to her. dani asks if Jeff is still a jerk to Prosche. POrsche says yes just now she was outside with them and he won’t even look at her, “ohh cool I should put a hole in your head”. Dani smiles says rachel approached her with a deal today up in the HOH. Dani doesn’t want to knock Rachel for trying it’s good she is. dani explains that it’s the same thing she is telling everyone that basically rachel is the biggest target and by keeping her she’s moving the target away from dani. Rachel is also so confident she is coming back because the viewers want to see her and she’ll be going after all the people that voted her out (It’ll be a lot of people) Porsche says thay Rachel told Kalia yesterday to keep her in the house and she will only target Dani. dani knows she doesn’t knock rachel for trying but it’s really a stupid deal. Porsche adds that rachel is trying to make it “COOL” to vote to keep her.. “they think i’m a stupid bimbo”.

dani explains that Rachel was trying to tell dani that 2 weeks ago the entire house was against her
and now everyone is her friend becuase her and kalia have the power. Dani says she told Rachel that the first 3 weeks when JJBR were up in the HOH bulling everyone Dani was downstairs building relationships and actually talking to people getting to know them. (this is true but dani was also talking MAD shit about some of the newbs)

Dani brings up that Rachel told her that she once had a friend in the house and now that friend goes around to both sides talking shit, Dani smiles says “I wonder who she means”.

Porsche says she needs to stop talking to shelly she goes back and forth between us and JJ. Dani completely agrees, Dani warns her that Shelly is playing both sides for real but doesn’t know we know yet. Porsche mentions that Production have commented to her that she’s changed, “wow you’ve changed you’re being more yourself” Porsche adds that they knew what she was like before the show so they would always ask her what is wrong. Porsche’s reply to them was, “Yeah I was kinda bullied.. production said they have noticed”

Dani says that is good she’s glad Porsche is now feeling like she can play the game the way she wants to.

6:01pm Hammock Kalia and Shelly straight shooter

Kalia explaining to shelly all the bullying she was victum to these past couple days and how jeff’s tempter really got to her. Shelly says that she would never vote to keep rachel in the house she doesn’t want them to ever think that will happen. She despises Rachel. Kalia adds that she intends to keep up her agreement with Jordan and she will never put jordan up. Shelly asks kalia is she really plans to honour that? Kalia tells her she most certainly will honour that deal unless they are final 3 and she’s sure Jordan will understand it.. Shelly agrees.

kalia says out of all the people they are close to they’re closest to Shelly. Shelly keeps warning her of Porsche says they need to distance themselves from her because she’ll ruin there game. Shelly adds that she’s 100% positive that if Jeff wins HOH he’ll put up Porsche. Kalia thinks they will put up Dani. (actually they will put up KL or PK and backdoor Dani)

They start to talk about the twist. Shelly thinks that the evicted person gets to come back in and gets to play the game for the HOH and is like a regular player. Kalia is disagreeing says they said “BACK in the house.. I’m just playing devils advocate for both side they never said they are back in to PLAY” (Shelly really wants Rachel gone and I think she’s really shooting straight)

Shelly is also very confident that Rachel is coming back and she’s coming after kalia she told everyone in the house yesterday.

Kalia starts to explain the crazy ass deal rachel is proposing. If I keep her in the house she’s the strongest player so it’ll move the target away from Kalia and onto rachel. Also rachel is so certain she’s coming back that she’s promising people that if they vote her out she’ll be gunning for them. Kalia: “She’s basically telling me to Trade up dani to keep her in the game”
Shelly: “She’s a witch”

kalia brings up the POV and says she really wanted Jeff to win it. Once she saw that Jeff was in the lead and there was no chance of Rachel getting it Kalia slowed down. Shelly mentions that rachel was swearing a lot during the comp and she was making comments about Brendon not being there and that is why she did poorly.

6:55pm Shelly smoking and counting (something is starting to tell me this Straight shooter is going to win)

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Shelly is counting fingers deciding who to vote with, she said she wants to get porsche She wants to get kaliah to put up porsch as the replacement and then vote her out instead of rachel with the votes of jeff jordan herself and adam.


If she could pull it off, goodonya! I’m one of the minority here that has backed ShellySS since week 2 of the show… My only regret is she doesn’t shoot straight with Dani as she’s my #2 pick to bring it all home!

I completely agree, from the guest entering the house I have liked and rooted for Shelly. I think she is playing a great game – cause, with all the hate and BS…lets be honest it’s a flipping game and she’s doing what it takes to STILL continue to “play” both sides, even though DKL are on to her…com’mon how dumb are they! GO SHELLY!!!


C’mon guys make sure to vote for Cassi and give Rachel an easy win so she can stay in the house. She is BB!


we all know Cassi can’t beat Rachel


I highly doubt Dom could beat her either!


How do you know that. We can’t count her out. Remember no one thought Kalia would win anything.


Kalia did, dom did, jeff did. She’s not that good unless she’s handed the win.


but she can beat Lawon!!


And u base that on what, Cas hardly got to play any competitions at all…


I think Shelly will make it far like the top 5 then get taken put.


If shelly is on JJ’s side, she will vote to keep rachel.
But I think she will only do it if lawon is up.
If lawon isn’t up, there is no reason for her to vote to keep rachel if there is a tie, and so she is going “with the expectations of the house”, and vote to evict rachel.


Porsche, that’s because you are a stupid bimbo


I don’t really have a comment, just a question. What would be ya’ll’s stratey if you were in the house? Would you make friends immediately, build up alliances right away, be the social butterfly. Would you side w/ the competitors or would you be a floater, go to whoever has the power? At the end of the day, you’re there to win the money right? How far would you go to win? Just curious.


I really think Adam or shelly will at least make final two


I’m dying for dom to be voted back so he can battle Rachel live on tv – and omg i hope he wins!!!!!!

Vote Dom – no one else has a chance against Rach besides Brendon..and I dont want either of those two back in the house. Their Luvfest is a codependency movie marathon.


I don’t see shelly winning. Dani and Porsche know what’s up with her. And JJ are also a tad leery of her theses days. She may make final 5 or 6 but no way she makes it further if these players who are on to her are smart enough and i think they are. No one will want to take shelly to final 2. I’m hoping Porsche wins HOH this week and puts shelly up. At least to scare her. But they’d be smart to vote her out soon.


I see from the votes reg’d by users of this site, that Cassi has a slight edge over Dom. If it’s a battle to return between “America’s Vote” and the evicted HG (R), then Dom would more than likely have a better chance to beat R than Cassi. Just say’n!


Interesting week yo, interesting week indeed.



Obvious that Jordan should be the replacement nominee…why has there been no discussion by kalia to use shelly as a pawn? JJ would choose shelly to stay over Rachel. Adam and Lawlon are too risky….


I soooo agree. Especially if Lawon goes up as a pawn. The only good result would most likely be that Dom or Cassi would return, since they’d have a better chance going against him. I know she won’t do it, but she should be putting up Jordan (or Shelly the snake). Shelly already said that she doesn’t really intend to go to final 3 with K and D, so if K believes that then she is a fool of an HOH.


i don’t think porshe was bullied in the first 3 weeks. i think she stayed up the vets butts cause they had the power and she thought they were likely to continue to win. she didn’t seem bullied all that time she spent with rachel talking crap about all the newbs. people forget very quickly in the bb house the way they were just a few weeks ago. and before anyone says anything, it’s not just porshe, every single one of the houseguests do this


SHELLY WILL BACKDOOR LAWON …im going to throw up watching this hammock bullshit! kalia you are so stupid! go ahead keep rachel! you wont look brilliant you will like an idiot and will be voted out next week


I hope shelly doesn’t win but you never know I wish kalia would grow some teeth and face up rachael and don’t get shaky around her

Oh goodie, THE BIMBO has a backbone. Whoopee do du. Bitch

BB Fan 5

Oh and I agree…I can see the straight shooter winning! She is literally collecting information about everyone. It will come in handy if she makes it to the final 3 and will give her an edge at the end.


I was wondering if anyone has significant others who don’t understand their BB addiction My hubby is always teasing if I have a boyfriend online since I’m always on this site I told him Simon is my new man until the BB finale. lol By the way Simon how handsome are you?


Your right Sean, Dani is mastermind Manipulator. She need to go to Jury House.


It is a waste of time to vote for anyone we all Dom is coming back because they have spent so much money of their investment in him with hotel, food and etc. I know people who have voted to bring back Brandon and the percentage never change. wake up people we are just as stupid as the people in the house. From the beginning they had plan on bring back Dom. They need a newbie to win this year. so we are just be used to see how far they can push or buttons while they sit back there and laugh at us……..


Simon – are you too young to know the mamas and papas straight shooter? Sooo appropriate for our friend Shelly…lol


if kalia puts up porshe.move over dr will shelly is the new puppet master, lol shellys like a jedi if this works.




wow I have left 4 comments and none of the printed what does that tell you, they were all about how they are running the show and about there investment Dom coming back…….


After you type your response click “publish”.

JJs gotta go

I can’t believe K isn’t seeing that JJ will not be swayed by her keeping her word on not putting up Jordan!
P.s. 1st. 🙂


Shelly is gonna walk away with this all. She is a smoooooooth talker! If Kalia takes this bait, her game is over. I cannot wait to see this because Dani’s game is over too and they will go to blows! love it!!


Every group in the house has identified Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly as a snake, so why do they continue to feed her legitimate information? I swear Jim Jones couldn’t have done a better job of lulling people into instilling their trust in him before he passed out that famous Kool-Aid mix.

I’m surprised Pacer wasn’t yelled at for talking about Production egging her on. And there’s no doubt in my mind that a vet or a vet-friendly idiot will win the next HOH. Their week in the wilderness is almost up and then we’ll see them back to their usual drunk with power postering,vomit inducing personas.


If shelly wins I will shit bricks, this house has not figured out shelly. Right now I’m actually rooting for Adam or Rachel cuz the shellys a snake, porsche and lawn are just non existant, JJ is boring, and Kalia and Dani are self righteous bitches, at least Rachel is an up front bitch. Lastyear rachel was the bane of my existence, this year she pales in comparison to Kalia the Vacuum.




Watching the feeds – looks like Kalia is trying to snip the puppet strings. Dani is fighting to gain control. Straight Shooter really talked it up!


So.. Porsche out, duels Brendon to get back in, Brendon wins.

WTF?! lol


When is the POV ceremony?


Simn and Dawg I don’t know what I would do without you. Thanks for my BB fix! This week is turning out to be even longer than last week!!!! I cannot wait for Thursday. Oh man oh man! I am one of the unfortunates that support Rachel and Brendon, it is a train wreck that I just cannot bring myself to stop looking at.


Dani is getting pissed. She’s not getting her way.

Tickling the Berries

my gawd Daniele is so dam HOT, it’s insane




Ohhh Dani is being a sulking little b!tch right now because she isnt getting her own way with Kalia’s HOH! loooove it! So pumped!


watching BB tonight I had to laugh at Rachel when she was messing with Dani, that was hilarious. She is going to keep stirring it up and I really dont blame her. She keeps the house in an uproar and with some of the newbies not doing anything at all, it would be so boring like it was in the beginning. I feel like a floater too, I like one and then the next week I like another. Freakin crazy!!! I am not real sure who I want to win. I really hate the fact that vet gets to come in and try again against a newbie, but I havent seen a newbie prove to be strong enough to mow everyone else over. Even Dani said on the show, “If I dont have to get blood on me and they will listen to what I want them to do, then I will sit back and let them.” Maybe the “straight shooter” can win this, she is playing both sides and may work her way right in to the end by doing just that. Because now Kalia believes she is with her…hmmm…Simon I was thinking the same thing.


Wow. Shelly really is a snake. I despise her for being so two faced, and feel disgusted that she feels that she’s playing this game decent and honest. I’m not saying she’s not being smart in doing it, but I still don’t like it. And, I hope somehow it bites her in the a**.


She’s counting one of these:
1. How many cigarettes she’s smoked in the last 8 minutes
2. How many people still believe she’s a straight shooter, and how many are straight shootin back
3. The number of times she will wipe the counters tonight
4. How many days til she can accidentally grab a quick feel of Cassie’s boob at the wrap party
5. How many dollars she will spend in therapy after she gets out and reads what online america thinks of her
6. How many more cigarettes she has left for the next 8 minutes

I don’t like Shelly much.


Rachel vs Cassi, Rachel probably beat Cassi hands down. Coming back, well Jeff and Rachel working together. awkard but okay. Take out Dani, good idea. Another Scenario, what if Dani and Rachel on the block and Dani goes to Jury House. Dick probably think that Dani will never be like her. Dad.

Anita Hanchob

Did anyone catch tonights episode on TV. Did anyone else notice what Kalia said in the diary room, about making Jeff dance? It supposedly took place before Jeff told Kalia that he was going to make her dance next week. How did Jeff know what Kalia said in the diary room?


SS Deals

Had an alliance with the noobs
Had an alliance with the vets
Had a final 2 with Cassie and claimed they could lie to JJBR to get protection
Has a final 4 with JJA
Has a final 3 with DK
Has a final 3 with JJ
Has a final 2 with Porsche
Has a final 2 with Adam

So, why has she not gotten caught in her lies yet?


Great question!


Great stuff going on between Dani and Kalia. K is on the verge of royally screwing up their game!


Totally agree!


*Julie Chen voice* It’s official, Kalia is an idiot.

I can’t wait for her to go to jury and see how dumb her decisions were and are.

give me a break

I agree BB fan it was refreshing..


Rachel Jr = Jordumb


just saying big brother is not going to let their investment Dom go home he will be the one returing they have spent to much money on him with hotel, food for this length of time so he will be the one to come back . Our votes do not mean anything we are the ones being used mark my words we shall see. Dom will be back.


Are you serious? Ummmm what about Keith Cassie and Brendon? Have they all been put in a box in the alley with only lettuce to eat? I’m sorry Burberry was really Dumb reasoning


BUT not Burberry LOL. Damn iPhone


seriously cassie could really screw with dani…dani has been so annoyed and made comments about cassie getting her hair washed like it was the most horrible thing she had ever witnessed…she wants boytoy for her very own….i personally think it would take her weeks to settle down if he (dom) came back
and make her the train wreck


Good stuff happening in HOH if anyone has the live feeds.


The edit was still sugar coated. It made JJ seem like jerks but not as big as the jackholes we’ve seen them be over the past week or so.


I’m a JJ fan, but why is Jordan mad at having “floaters” in the house? Maybe she means boring people, right? Because she’s not much of a competitor either… I didnt mind seeing her throwing a tantrum at the nom ceremony. Fun to watch.