Big Brother Spoilers – Jeff: “DUDE why is Brendon and Rachel so confident.. Maybe they are cuting some f*cking deal”.

5:10pm Kalia and Jordan
Kalia is saying that Dani is considering other options of people to put up over Jeff and Jordan, but she still wants Rachel out. Jeff comes in Kalia tells him that they are talking about options and numbers. Jeff: “Let them put one of us up theres no way we’ll go home against those 2 (BR)”. Kalia: “How can you be so sure?”
Kalia tells them that Dani really doesn’t want you put them up because she doesn’t want them to go home. Jordan tells Kalia that she’s played Big Brother before and she doesn’t think you are ever safe in this game.
Kalia: “theres too many people in the house that we don’t know anymore” Kalia thinks there is enough enemies in the house that might want to BLANK Dani and keep rachel. Kalia says that Shelly came up stairs right after the veto pushing for a pawn to do up saying that Brendon is going to use the veto to save himeself.
JJ say he told them that he’s taking himself off the block. Kalia says that if they can convince Dani to put up Shelly and not JJ then they have Lawon, Kalia, Jeff, Jordan voting to evict Rachel and Brendon, Adam, POrsche voting to evict Shelly. Kalia: “But we need to get her not to put you guys up”
(Can’t hear sh!t they are whispering )
Kalia leaves.
Jordan’s belly starts rumbling
Jeff: “Dude take some tums”
Jordan says she wants to go up if it’s between Jeff and Jordan, thinks it’s too risky that Jeff goes up against rachel.
Jordan says that rachel is super confident right now that she is staying because she’s going up against JEff, “Notice how happy she is” . Jordan: “They need brendon.. we need brendon to make it”
They start going over all possibilities.. Brendon saves himself, brendon saves Rachel, Jeff and Jordan going up etc etc.
Jeff: “DUDE why is Brendon and Rachel so confident.. Maybe they are cuting some BLANK deal”.
Jeff suggests they try to put POrsche up on the block and then BLANK them and vote out POrche.
Kalia joins them
Kalia tells them that Porsche is pissed about Jeff saying that he forgot Porsche was even in the game.
Jeff: “I dismissed her from my mind”.

6:00pm Pacer and Rachel rachel is saying she is so happy right now because her fiance won the POV. Porsche isn’t very happy because she is worried that she is going up. She points out that before she was never associated with them all but now her, Brendon and Rachel are considered together and it’s making her a target.

Rachel says Porsche has to make a deal with Dani then she can break it if she wins HOH. Rachel says for porsche to go up into the HOH and say she wants to work with Dani because she feels like they are both good competitors (Man rachel is filled with great ideas). Rachel adds that Porsche can use her performance in today’s POV as a example. Porsche says she’s a little annoyed that Brendon didn’t throw the comp to POrsche when he had the chance because if he had it would of kept Rachel and Porsche safe.

6:15pm Jordan and Shell Jordan tells Shelly that Kalia thinks shelly has a deal with BR and that Shelly may go up. Jordan says they think something is up with you but they don’t know what.

6:30pm Shelly sneaks up under Kalia Kalia: “OMG whats under me” Shelly Attacks.. They both start laughing, Kalia says that she could hear someone breathing.

6:41pm everyone lounging around the backyard chit chat Dani’s in HOH Sleeping. No word if Big Brother will give them Alcohol tonight.

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Kalia is the hottest house guest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She is totally sexy. Would love to see her become a future Mrs. Holly Robinson Peete and Annie her Mrs. O.


I’d hit it. With a Mack Truck


Kalia is about as sexy as a tank that doesn’t move and gives off a non-stop rumbling noise.


Are you kidding me! She never stops running her mouth! She yacks 24/7 just to hear herself talk and she annoys everyone. Hope she gets back doored this week so everyone in the jury house can enjoy themselves without her BS!!!


Yah and a disgusting arrogant piece of crap as well.


why is Jeff calling Jordan dude??!! lol wtf


maybe Alison grodner told them the one who is evicted will be coming back .


DANI, USE YOUR BRAIN AND PUT UP JORDAN! Whoever is left of Brendon and Rachel will for sure go home. You can’t risk Jeff because if he’s sent out, he’ll probably be voted back in. And if you put up any of the newbies, the vets and Porsche will vote to evict the newbie.


no, put up the fat sod Kalia because then the house will finally have not incessant obnoxious humming surrounding it and maybe less piss in the hot tub.


Ughh I hope dani sticks to her guns and puts up Jordan as a safe way of getting rid of brendon!

Rachel Is Boy George

DRAMA!!!!! love it


I can’t believe fans 4 get winning competitions is the right way 2 win the game. Not kiss @$$, & floating! I so fed up with BS! Kalia, Lowan, Adam, Shelly, & Jeff win shit!! BR haters! So stupid!


Not true at all. It’s HOW you play the game. Confidence vs Arrogance. It is a social experiment. The assholes in life, get what they deserve. Decency will always trump power through corruption to those who have a heart. We all root for the ‘good guys’. When the good guys turn bad, we root for those who have been abused by the powerful. Happens every day and the game of big brother is the game of life. People may be rewarded for a job well done in the short run, but in the long run we never want to see wicked ways triumph over good intentions.




Totally agree. Everyone is so stuck up JJ’s a**, they’d rather see BR fail simply because they hate them and because they love JJ soooo much. That’s why I loved it when Dan and Dick won BB because it just shows you don’t have to be well-liked in the house to win BB. Oh and although Will did not win any comps, he still was not well-liked in the house, he was a target every single week but they just kept saying we’ll get him out next week until he finally won. So, how about we realize that it’s good to have competitors in the house as well as those that don’t compete because we can see all the different types of gameplay and see how it plays out. Social game is not necessarily better than competing and competing isn’t necessarily better than social game. However, I have more respect for people that compete simply because if they win, I’d feel like this person won without kissing anybody’s a**. Evel Dick is a prime example of someone that did not kiss a** to win.


LOL @ Jeff saying that he forgot Porsche is even in the game


Is Adam really in this game? Seems like we never hear about him discussing game with anyone at all.


Nobody wants to talk to him, they’re all waiting to talk to Santa Claus!!!


Adams playing the game. he is playing the “floater” every season we have em.


danis best scenario is to put up jordan….shelly kalia jeff and dani will definitely vote for her to stay againsst either brendon and rachel…then dani can try and cut one week deals…once brendon is gone it will be easier to get those people she cut those deals with to keep them….don’t like dani but that is her best option


LOL @ all the HGs are paranoid while Dani sleeps. Perfect! Seeds being planted everywhere by everyone while Dani is the only one with a true game plan / gets the bigger picture.


Kalia hottest houseguest????? Ew.


I can’t wait until Kalua tries to seduce Jesse

Not Meg

I think if Rachress goes that Portia will try to get in on with the Neanderthal. Could you imagine Rachel watching that from home? Teehee


Double ewwww. She’s extremely annoying with her non-stop talking, racist comments, complaints, food snatchin’, diva attitude. She will be used up and spit out.


FIRST OF ALL kalia is super sexy and curvy kalia may be a diva but she isnt a BAD person and she isnt a bitch u the only to A holes in the house is jeff and brendon GOOO HOME PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ COCKY IGNORANT , ARROGANT ,


LOL, I was thinking the same thing. Every time I see Kalia she is either eating or whining. What is hot about that? LOL


making moves


making moves


If Dani puts up Jordan there is a possibility Jordan could go home, she has won the $500,00, already. Besides, do you really think Jordan wants to be there?. She seems so listless, she had mentioned about her classes starting soon. Jordan and Jeff could make a deal that Brendon and Rachel will never vote him out, so Jeff can make it to the finials.


While I fully agree that Kalua swings that way, she is saving her carpet munching for jordo and dani. Jordo ain’t interested though, which is why she’s moving onto dani. crazy annie will be soooooooooooo jealous


Grenades gonna be thrown.



Dani HAS to put up Jordan, and split the House. Dani can tell Rachel she has Kaliah and Layawn’s vote let the madness ensue up until eviction. Jordan campaigning hard against Rachel should ensure at least ten crying session out of Rachel by thursday.


BR & JJ should see Dani together and make a deal that saves all four, they tell Dani that they will keep her safe next week if one of them wins HOH. and that she must put Adam, Kalia or Lawon on the block. This would work if all four of them go to Dani together, it will show her that they are not going to split their votes and that they control who goes home this wek and most likely next week as well.


Who is Shelly really with?? JJ?


Simon I have a question for you. Just got home so maybe you have already answered this. Who do you think Dani will put up in place of B or R? Is my homeboy Jeff safe or is he a goner?


Simon made me do it…..


Rachel is already planting the seeds of doubt in Brendan’s head about Jeff and Jordan. She is such a douchette. I hope all goes according to plan and one of them is sent home this week.

Leave it to Kalia to play the race card to diffuse her laziness. And Lawon – in BBAD last night he came out and sat at the kitchen table while Brendan fried up a big pan of slop. 20 – 30 minutes of him just staring into the kitchen while he sat on his ass and the others did the cooking and cleaning. As soon as Brendan dished out ALL of the slop onto one plate and began eating from it, Lawon left. I really wish everyone would stop cooking extra food for Dani, Lawon and Kalia. Let them starve – they’re all princesses who have been spoiled and I don’t know why the rest are enabling their bad behavior.


Dani cooks for herself sometimes, the rest yea let them starve, but Kalia might eat lawon if she has too..


Dani doesn’t get much extra credit for “cooking for herself sometimes”. The others cook enough for everyone but she can’t be bothered. Their sense of entitlement is galling. Watching Lawon messing with his ‘fro wig in the mirror last night while wearing the HOH robe makes me think he believes he’s Diana Ross.

LOL on the two bottom feeders eating one another. They would both be putrid.


Those are 14 grown people, they can all cook for themselves, I damn sure wouldn’t be cooking for them unless I wanted to. The people who cook for everyone wanted to cook for everyone. Has nothing to do with “self entitlement” none of them are required to cook for everyone.


he does believe he is Diana Ross


The people that cook for everyone and wash everyone’s close are using it as a strategic play in the house or either really bored.


kalia has to be the dumbest person ever trying to convince dani to work with jeff and jordan. they will backstab dani in a heartbeat


I always see Dani make her own. Are you trying to plant seeds in this forum?? lol


Ha it’s crazy how everyone is getting all paranoid and scheming and Dani hasn’t even talked to anybody but Kalia.


I really do think Jordan and Jeff have a good relationship!!! He’s just being an ass this season…lol nobody is perfect. I think Dani best move is to keep JJ and get rid of BR and just let the game play out. I think JJ got caught up with BR game tactics and it made them look bad for associating with them.


Well, I think that if Dani puts up Jordon, she will be going home. You see, Rachel or Brendon have Porsche, Adam, Shelly and either Rachel or Brendon’s votes. There’s is only seven people voting, and there is already four for Rachel or Brendon. I don’t think it matters who Dani puts up, they will be going home. Adam, Shelly and Porsche are too close to B/R. But, if she puts up Porsche, then Brendon/Rachel, Shelly and Adam will vote to evict Porsche. And, Jeff and Jordon could vote to evict Porsche and B/R stays. But, like I said, you put up Jeff or Jordon, they are gone. I think Dani screwed herself over by putting Brendon and Rachel up together, she should have put up Jeff and Brendon, that way if one of them won POV, then put up Rachel. I feel sorry for Dani, her HOH was wasted because B/R/J/J are not going anywhere. Which really sucks, because I would have love to see Rachel gone.


Really Anon! Shelly will vote to evict Rachel over Jordan. that is what I think Dani will do. See ya Rach.


There is no way Shelly would vote for BR over JJ and I think Adam might go either way.


Neither of them have to the votes to stay, Jeff had his chance to play in the veto so if he goes he had his chance to save himself and he can’t complain about being backdoored, Brendon won so if he saves Rachel he knows he’s gone.

Best move for Dani is for Brendon to save Rachel, if he saves him self Jeff goes up it’s simple to me

Votes to evict

Rachel – Jordan, Shelly, maybe Adam ( Adam might see Jeff as a threat and vote him out, this is worst case scenario )

Jeff – Brendon, Porsh, Lawon, Kahlia


Shelly wouldn’t vote to evict Jordan and I don’t believe Adam would either especially with Dani pushing not to which is her plan. That leaves the remaining B/R and Porsche voting to evict Jordan.


As much as I would love,love,LOVE to see Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly go on the block,it would be too risky to waste an eviction on her and leave BRJJ fully in tact. Her only option is to put Jordan on the block and ensure that Brendon or Rachel leaves. Now if she could only convince Brendon and Rachel that JJ volunteered, that way it would blast a crack in that phony marriage of convenience between the BRJJ group.


Hey, I am trying hard to keep with with the comments, but I still can’t figure out if Dani likes Kalia or not. I see a bigger confrontation happening.

PS: love, love this site Simon! Thank you.


last I heard Kalia and dani are in an alliance (unless that changed already)


I don’t think anyone likes Kalia or Lawon. Dani is probably putting up with both of them since those are the only two fully on board with her at this time – and that’s even questionable where Lawon is concerned. He’s all blah blah blah. I haven’t seen him do one thing he’s told others he was going to do. And Kalia – for someone who fills a moment with two hundred words, the sloth says nothing. She’s got some issue between constantly chattering, making noises, shaking her leg when she’s sitting still. I don’t know if that’s ADD or what, but she should probably be on some meds.


Dani is sort of stuck with Kalia right now since everyone else is pretty tied up in other alliances. Watching Dani deal with Kalia though, I get the impression that she doesn’t particularly like her and, based on some of the comments she’s made to Kalia, thinks she’s not that bright either.


After reading more, I agree.


JJ think BR are confident? Aren’t they just as confident believing that they would not get voted out? BR continue to campaign regardless of the POV. JJ need to do the same. F going up at all. They need to go to Dani and guarantee not going on the block 100%. Everyone else not on their side is looking to BD one of them at this point. Brendon regrets telling them that he intended to BD them last week! Wake up JJ! If he’s BD this week he deserves it! Take the blinders off and set the ego aside and talk to people to secure your position in the house. If Shelly, Lawon, Adam, Porsche goes up as a pawn instead and one of them go home then better safe than sorry, DUDE!


I really really hope Rachel goes home this Thursday. I do not want her in the jury house at all. Remember the last time and how everyone was dreading going to the jury house because of her. I can’t stand her at all or anything about her. Rachel go home!!!!


Lov it, Jordan goes up as the pawn. Shelly has to show her bony hand. Adam has to show his game. K/L will stick to dani’s team. Cant wait.


at what pont will evicted hg’s go tojury house?


In 2 weeks I believe


When they are down to 9 players.


I’m pretty sure it’s next week?? 🙂


Does Kalia EVER shut up? Wonder is Dani is regretting allowing her to leach on to her. She is ALWAYS running up to the HOH and running her mouth! She needs to be sent home for failure to keep her mouth shut. WOuld love to see a competiition between her and Pacer as to who could keep quiet the longest. Someone should just lock the two of them in a room together and throw away the key….leave them there for BB14 houseguests to deal with!!!


It’s exactly why Kalia is not getting voted out. You want to take someone with you who is disliked by everyone else.


So long Snapple Cap, Skype jacking, sore loser. YOU GONE with no one to blame but yourself.


As much as it would be un-Dani like, RacHell would have deserved for Dani to treat her like shit this week to give her a taste of her own medicine for the way Rachel treats people when they are in control. The contrast is evident yet Rach will never admit that she is a bitch and Dani is not.


If Dani doesn’t put up Jeff or Jordan to replace B/R, I’ll stop watching this show. I mean, seriously. I know these shows are rigged but damn.


so the twist is going to be revealed during tomorrow’s episode right? ’cause Julie said that we’d find out the RESULTS of the twist on thursday (that’s what I remember her saying) and I just saw a commercial for the new episode on sunday and they said “you won’t believe what the new twist is” so I’m assuming they mean we’ll find out on sunday? idk. I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER LOL.


You know I’m starting to think it might be better if Brendon stays and Rachel goes because the odds of Rachel getting HoH are very high if the next HoH is knockout questions. Plus, if anybody besides Brendon were to win the veto I don’t think anyone would save Brendon next week. But then again, that would be assuming someone Dani trusts not to put her up wins HoH.


So sick of Kalia she talks non stop and always pulls the black card. “They don’t like me because I am a strong black woman” No body cares if you are black white or red grow up!


I must admit that Rachel is getting way smart…learning from her mistakes, but it seems like JJ is becoming more clueless by the minute!


Dani should put up Jeff with Rachel. Lawon, Kalia Shelly and Jordan (maybe Adam) will vote for Rachel. Dani has to remove one veteran this week to have any chance with remaining in the game. This will also split the house, showing who pledges their allegiance to whom, creating other targets in the house. And I would allow Kalia to continue to run her mouth and place a target on herself larger than the one on Dani. Dani would lose an ally and a vote if Kalia were voted off, but if Kalia was on the block she would likely be next to Dani anyways. In the end, Dani will fight to stay off the block, and she needs to use her power as HOH for favors from non-nominated players. As long as she keeps gunning for the veterans, the ones without the courage to make that move will keep Dani and let her do their dirty work.