Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel all alone blames CBS for rigging the COMP to keep Dani in the game

7:12pm Feeds back Have nots Rachel and Porsche Rachel is crying, Porsche tells her she’s worried that Jeff is mad at her for picking him to face off in the HOH quiz. Rachel doesn’t think he will be. Porsche explains that she only picked him because he had not gone yet
Porsche coments that she always thought Shelly was with them.
rachel: “She’s completely not”
Porsche brings up that Brendon was tell rachel that shelly was with them and for rachel to go to Shelly in the event that he was evicted. Porsche thinks it’s odd that Brendon would of said that. Rachle keeps crying and whimpering
Jordan joins them and tells Rachel 6 weeks isn’t that long and she’s strong. Rachel whimpers that she’s going home. Jordan brings up what julie said that the next evicted houseguest may not go home. Porsche: “It’s just like Brendon said 6 weeks is nothing compared to 60 years” They start to go over the HOH comp Rachel saying that she didn’t hear the question and hit the button in haste.
Porsche leaves and Jeff joins them.
Rachel brings up that this was the week Dani was suppose to go home and CBS rigged it just in case she did they could have her come back. Jeff thinks that perhaps it’s just a coincidence. Rachel calls Kalia a floater says that something is up with her winning the HOH this week when she’s the only person that would not of put her up. (A lot of what rachel is saying doesn’t make sense one minute she says the comp was rigged to keep dani in the next minute she says CBS wanted her to win so she could put Dani up)

7:32pm Rachel keeps going on and on that the competition being rigged and how it was set up for her to win and Dani to be evicted and come back. (OMG LOL this is awesome get the feeds yo) Rachel starts to break down what is going to happen she thinks Porsche will join the floaters side, Adam will keep floating and she’s not sure about Shelly. Rachel says the floaters are so mean in this house they evict Brendon and they still want her to hurt… she doesn’t know why they want to see her hurt so much.. (My question is why is Jordan enabling this crazy talk) Jordan says she feels that the entire house is against them. Jordan thinks Kalia’s HOH is a waste because whoever she evicts is coming right back in and right for Kalia. They start to deconstruct all the possibility twists that could happen…

7:35pm Shelly, Porsche and Dani Shelly asks Dani what Kalia is going to do. Dani doesn’t know she would think it’s pretty obvious(rachel) They start talking about rachel swearing in the HOH comp. Dani brings up that Production got very made at her. Shelly seems the most disgusted about rachel swearing.

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Simon, just sent my text vote for Dom to come back. Question: can we Canadians vote? Sent text to: 81818 and then entered “3? for Dominic. Good to go through for Canucks?


You might have to vote online instead..


Amanda – thnx! Will try online as well.


Hey DR, I’m Canadian too and i’m pretty sure my vote went through.. Check tommorrow see whats up.. VOTE DOM VOTE DOM VOTE DOM VOTE DOM


Garrett – thnx my fellow Canuck! I’m hoping mine did too.


No, don’t vote Dom back. there’s no drama having Dom and Dani lay around whispering all day. Vote Cassie!!..not only will there be drama with Rachel but don’t forget that she left thinking Shelly was a saint when in fact she lied and backstabbed by voting Kieth out. That will come up and she’ll know the truth..that would be perfect.

JJ Fan 4ever

Totally agree! 🙂 I’d love to see Cassi back. And I’m totally tired of seeing Brandon and Rachel that I really hope that Cassi ends up coming back. I was so tired to Brendan and Rachel that I kept muting the tv until someone else was talking. I”m sure that they’re nice folks outside of big brother, but looking at them makes me want to puke –and I’m a romantic. I thought that what they were doing was a little sickening.


Vote DOM!


rachel lost the HoH on her own


RACHEL STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT “PRODUCTION RIGGING THE GAME”… you’re better than that. Just go kick some ass at the veto.

Hopefully Kalia will put Shelly’s ass up too and she will end up getting evicted and then Dominic can come back into the house and it can be GAME ON.

Kalia & Dani & Dominic
Jeff & Jordon
Rachel (hopefully Porsche sticks with you ;-))


Glad the site is back – for some reason it said I was posting as admin Simon – yikes! I dont know if my posts got through or not..

Did anyone else hear the audience giggling when Rachel was crying and voting to evict Jordan??!!!

What was that about??

Anyone else catch that?


Isn’t that obvious?


I caught that. They probably thought it was ridiculous too. She was acting like someone died. I love the way she cries and most of the time there aren’t any tears to match the so called anguish and agony she is in.


OMG. What an episode. LOVED that Kalia won HOH. But this twist is a little unnerving. It would be awful if Rachel got to stay longer. She has got to GO for the sanity of herself and our nation.


Jb – I’m with you! About time a newbie one HoH (glad it was Kahlia) and time for R to join B!


Cheers to that !!!! 🙂


Amen to that!!!


AG said in an interview that Dani was going to win BB13. The newbies did not hang out with the vets, and the
questions were all about the newbies. Prehaps the fix is in.
Everyone is constantly saying Jordan won $500,000 and Jeff won $25,000 and $10,000. Remember that Dani won $50,000.
You all keep forgetting that Dani did not go home empty handed.


the game was not rigged, the questions were of evicted people and comments they made that was heard by all or all had witnessed something the evicted house guest did, the only rigged part of the show was the bullshit cbs pulled by not airing any of rachels breakdowns and brennan acting like an asshole i know cbs probably wants to retain some dignity but people who only watch the shows and dont get live feeds or blogs should get to see rachels true colors

George Fox

I never used to like Porshe. But the other night she was wearing this grey shirt and cooking and she looked so hot. She looks sexy when she cooks. Weird, huh?


So if you have money you shouldn’t be aloud to have more?That’s not very American of you.


The poster must be a Democrat.

Porche's Gut

Shes happy because she is going to eat


It’s official Rachel is crazy. She is also the sorest loser I’ve ever seen .These people have obviously never played poker, never let them see you sweat!!


Rachel is pathetic. Please, do not vote for Brendon to come back and compete anyone. Either Dom or Cassie, but not Brendon – I’ve had enough of him and Rachel for the rest of my life. The comp wasn’t rigged, Rachel is such a sore loser!


My baby Rachel has 2 chances now POV if she doesn’t get it to fight Dom to come back so it’s not that bad


Simon, do you plan on making a poll asking who we want to see come back in the game out of the four choices so we can get a rough idea of how America is voting?


Never mind..should’ve figured you’d be on top of things




Cassi it is 🙂


Watchin the feeds now and Rachel really isn’t makin sense. I can’t wait for Dom to kick ass in the competition and team up with Dani, Kalia, and Lawon. VOTE FOR DOM!!! TEAM DOM YO!!!


Why the hell would anyone be supporting Kalia or Lawon?!! Dani yes…but those two….never!


I was only rooting forKalia this week because I know she’ll keep Dani safe


Domain to kick a$$ haha!! Don’t think he did the first time he was in the house! He was too busy cuddling up to dani. What makes you think it would be any different this time around? We need someone back in that actually plays the game! And Dom. is NOT it!! He needs to stay right where he is at!


OK relax. Geez Rachels fans are just as nuts as she is.


Simon you nailed your prediction bang on…lets see if you can stay on a role…who will Kalia put on the block?

The Meow Meow

Simon, if you were in the house would you stay away from Rachel, enable or comfort her, or go Evel Dick and make her feel even more miserable..


wow, this should be an interesting week, right simon?


I personally don’t like Rachel, but what is the big deal about her swearing? Who cares.
They act like it doesn’t get said a million of times in the BB house.


You can’t do it on live tv. FCC rules.


Good thing for the bleep button! I think Shelly might be upset b/c Josie is watching and could prob. read lips. It was such a non issue for me that I don’t even remember what she said.


yeah but its live they may have to pay a fine


There are huge FCC fines for CBS for letting swearing air, Im recording it to catch it Pac Time, but they will bleep it.


Because they get dinged big time by the FCC for it happening during a live Prime Time show.


It’s because it is live tv on Thursday nights and swearing on tv could cause problems all depending on what words are being used. Anyway can’t Rachel control herself at all, the answer is no!! I am so sick of her and her constant whining especially when she loses. Rachel go home!!!!


Stupid Pacer, “they havent gone yet” What was she thinking?????


bring back brendon. let brendon and rachel fight for the place in the house, drama guarenteed…

and kalia wins HOH. thats worst case scenario. can not hear her talk anymore.


i cant wait to see what kalia will do. i would say dont put racheal up for eviction because she might win put shelley and porscha up and send porscha out. i say vote dominic or cassi back in the house. both of them got evicted for nothing


If this is truly fan voted, Cassi will be the evicted houseguest that wins. HOWEVER, we all know that the producers love to screw us over which is why Brenden will no doubt win. Watching him face-off against Rachel could be interesting though.


I think she’ll come 2nd to Dom. If Dom doesn’t come back then I hope it’s Cassi


Kalia had a good night. A great goodbye message to Brendan and then took the HOH. Well played. Looks like another interesting week, and more excuses from Rachel.

Evict Rachel, vote Dom back in, Dom beats her in the comp, her HOH and the betrayal of Dani, which led to their demise would have been for nothing.


Why does everyone want Dom back? Neither him or kieth should be allowed to come back. If you’re on the block and THROW the veto, you don’t deserve to be in the game. Am I the only one that feels this way??


Par for the course. Rachel messes up her own chances in the game, loses then blames everyone else. GMAFB!


It seemed everyone guessed it would be a knock out competition. And Adam talked about it last night being where they give you the names of the evicted houseguests and you have to buzz in who said it. Can they ever have a competition that is a surprise to them? Come on start being creative. It seems like they listen to what the houseguests say and give them that type of competition.


We all know the twist this week will land Brendon right back into the BB house. It would be hilarious tho if Rachel is the one that gets evicted and has to go against Brendon to see who is in and who is out. Brendon may just throw the competition so that Rachel will stay in the house……anyone willing to bet?? lol…j/k


would be hilarious. but i agree that brendon would throw it right back to her


I was saying the same thing after the show aired… That would be jokes!!!


Would be even better if the evicted HG and the returning HG didn’t know who they were competing against until after the comp was over… the look on Brenchels’ faces when they realize they just took out their “fiancee” would be PRICELESS!!!


Why not bring keith back for the hell of it? He would completely screw up everyone’s game cuz no one would know what to do with him…


Would never happen, but you’re 100% correct. Dom is just gonna lie around whispering to Dani. Cassie and Rachel could be entertaining, but no way both of them last long enough to make it worthwhile. Brendon coming back is the same old nonsense.

This is a bad season to bring people back. They should’ve had this in Season 10 or 11. We could’ve seen the man of 5,000 alliances, Brian, back in, or had Laura back the next year. Ugh.


NOOOOO!!!!!!!! I’ll launch grenades all over this place! BOOM! BOOM KABOOOM!



Then lets vote Brendon back so we can watch him lay around with Rachel and wipe her tears. Awwwwwww 😉


I hope Rachel understands the saying
‘what goes around comes around’


Kalia winning hoh just confirms brendons return ugh cbs is gonna do all they can to bring him back


vote dom!!!!!!!!!!

Fed up with JJ

I don’t want Dom back in the game he is boring as ever. Bring back Cassie or Brendon. At least if Cassie comes back there will be drama with R and if Brendon comes back he will have to battle R to get back in the house cause she will probably be evicted.


You call Dom boring???
He’s much more entertaining than anyone in the house.
This whole week on the feeds was the most boringest weeks this season.

Cassi’s really good looking, but Dom makes the game interesting.


Dom wasn’t boring. I find the non stop Brenchel show boring.


Notice BR fans are kind of unstable with their post themselves? They’ll start fighting with you and take anti BR posts personally. Yall are as fun to laught at as BR themselves.


I you really love each other then $ doesn’t
matter…. but it sure does make things easier !!!!
CBS should create a new show & take all the winners from Survivor vs all the winners of BIg Brother !
Big Survivor


Ur on! Survivor winners vs Big Brothers winners: 7 winners from Survivor and 7 winners from Big Brother. That will be awesome.


I could tell Pacer wanted no part of that HOH yo. LOL! New box of grenades just got shipped in the BB house.



I’ve never really given too much merit about the “production fixing” thing, but HOLY COW!! To me, Kalia’s win looked VERY suspicious – she was answering after 3 or 4 words…hhmmmmm. Is it just me?

However, great set-up for next week’s ratings:

Rachel and Shelly on the block, Dani with the veto…..Rachel evicted only to face Dom, while Dani has heart failure, or f they want to send Rachel completely off the deepend, she will face Brendon Whatcha think??

Will keep you in my prayers Simon & Dawg for all the extra Kalia time you will be suffering this week. LOL


Cassie will not win in a comepetion against Rachel BRING DOM BACK!!!


Dom’s so worthless, he’d probably throw the comp.


obviously rachel is going on the block with porsche her only hope of survival is to win the veto but even if she is evicted she will be able to compete to come right back in & she is a competitor she will win against who ever america votes back in


WOW really?? Rachoe didn’t win so obviously it must have been rigged. Face it Rachoe you lost it and you are the only one to blame for that!!!

Gotta admit it would really suck to have to admit that Kalia beat you. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay L

Hello breakdown! I am so happy right now that Rachel is acting like this. It makes for good entertainment. Still, I can see it going stale at one point, so I would rather her leave, and let the house rally against Kalia and start some sort of shit there


How in the world is kalia a floater. I believe she has proven herself. Rachael is crazy and needs to go.


Idk if it was luck but kalia buzzed the answer before julie even hinted who it cld be.. maybe production gave her the answers, who knows!?! VOTE DOM BACK

omg is it over yet

Its gonna b another very long week having Rachel breaking down..Ugggg,,,. So is she saying that CBS set it up 4 her to win n she blew it??


Keith to come back? NOT – Way too boring and I don’t think he would win against whoever was evicted next week.
Cassi to come back? Maybe – would be interesting to see her compete against Rachel in order to stay.
Dom to come back? Not a chance – the idea of watching the feeds with non-stop hours of him and Dani whispering – BORING! I would vote for him to come back if Daci was gone because he was entertaining.
Brendan to come back – Possibly – It would be ironic if the only way he was able to come back was to beat Rachel if she was the one evicted next week.
While I don’t want Brenchel to win BB, you have to admit that together they helped to make this week’s feed dramatic.


The competition is rigged so that Brendon or Rachel comes back. I’m glad Kalia won, I just knew it was going to be tossed to Porsche. But never worry, the B/R saga will continue. Either way Production wants one/both of them around for the rest of the season.


Simon, who do u want to come back? To be honest i want Cassi back but ill be happy if dominic comes back too


I don’t like Rachel’s attitude in the game and even though this game brings out the worse in a person, I can’t help but think that Cassie was right about Rachel. However, she’s having a real nervous breakdown on TV. I really felt bad for her when she talked about recruiters bringing up her BB’s antics, being broke, being hated by people. She had very high expectations about this season because I guess it was her “only” way of improving her life. So it’s sad to see her in such emotional turmoil and I get it why she could see Dani as standing in her path to happiness. Yet, she’s falling apart on TV because it’s the first time she’ll be apart from her BF. It isn’t funny anymore to see someone going wacko like that. This should be another reason to send her home.


Cassi v Rachel would be a fun comp!

Mary R

I think that Jordan needs to get the he’ll out of that room and talk with other people she is messing up her game being in there with toxic racheal


Agreed! She’s being nice but I’m hoping jeff gets her away from the trainwreck before its too late. We shall see!


I’m calling it. Shelly goes home this week. Porsche is getting closer to the newbs and she will tell Kalia and Dani what they have already been thinking about. Either Rachel will win POV or she will be an emotional mess and they’ll write her off.


Thanks CBS production. Rachel, watch your mouth. Kalia, congrats on HOH competiton. Put Rachel up. Bring back Dom. Go JJ.


That sux


i’m voting for Brendon! It would make it harder to choose for the houseguest to choose from him vs. the evicted house guest this week. You know it is most likely Rachel, Jeff, or Jordon going this week. So If they have to choose between the evicted houseguest and Brendon, they are going to have a harder choice in the matter. Plus it would be funny to see Dani be like NONE! Just think they have to choose from Brendon and Rachel. Don’t waste your vote on Dom or Cassi they were both boring to me, you have to think of who will bring the drama and entertainment.