Big Brother Spoilers – JJBR spend the day in the pool, Adam: “The pool feels dirty I was in there for awhile.. I felt slimy”

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2:45pm Backyard Porsche and Rachel They are talking about wedding dresses. Rachel says that her fist dress shop she went to was a “super High End” one and the reason she went to it is they had entered to win a dream wedding but lost (Yes nobody voted for them to win like 100K dream wedding from crate and barrel it happened in the spring)

2:50pm Dani, Adam and Shelly on the coach Talking about random shit lilke clothes and footbal teams. Shelly and Dani think Tom Brady’s looks are over rated. Shelly says Dani looks good in the short shorts she wears because she has muscular legs. Shelly: “I have stork legs and varicose veins on them”.
Kalia joins them and they start talking about what to wear for Thursday show.

3:00pm Pool Brendon, Jeff, Adam, Jordan, Lawon, Porsche and Rachel Brendon singing a song about Adam in the elf. “Cruddy the crabby elf his vocabulary consists of 4 letter words” Adam: “fck Sh!t p!$$ Fck P!$$” . Brendon keeps singing different Varieties of the song (It’s pretty funny) Adam and Jeff jump when they can. Jordan giggling off to the side. “He’s cruddy the creepy elf he’s been caught exposing himself”.. Adam: “He’s cruddy the creepy elf he’s on many internet lists”

They start talking about if adam will wear his elf costume all summer. Adam said he would for a veto. Jeff: “what… you would for a hotdog” Brendon: “I’ll give yo $50” Adam says it’ll have to be more than that. Jeff offers him 10 thousand space bucks.. Adam asks him if he can buy a flame thrower with that if he can they he’ll do it. (Lol… everyone seems to be relaxing and having fun right no.)

3:25pm Backyard Dani, Lawon, Adam and Kalia They are talking if Brendon shaves his chest. Kalia thinks because he was a swimmer that he shaves. Lawon says that he shaves most of his body. Dani says that hair on a guy’s chest can look good but it really depends on the guy. Adam: “you hear about those people that sweat so much they have to wear a tampons under their arms”. Dani and Kalia asks him if he’s sure it’s tampons . .. they laugh ask him if it’s pads he meant. Adam laughs oh ya
Adam: “I sweat bad but not that bad”
Dani says she sweats a lot for a girl.. they asks Adam if he wears them. Adam says he doesn’t sweat that bad. Adam: “The pool feels dirty I was in there for awhile but I felt slimy” (LOL brenodn, Jeff, jordan have been in there for a couple hours today).

3:35pm Bathroom Adam and Porsche Briefly talking about what Dani is going to do. Por thinks that she’s going up tomorrow. Por thinks that whoever the pawn is is going to go home against rachel, she lists off the votes that rachel has, Brendon, Adam, Jeff, Jordan, Porsche (HAHA Porsche just says whatever)

Porsche says that if Dani doesn’t put Jeff up then everyone in the house knows that JJ and dani have some type of deal and the rest of them will be screwed. POrsche: “If it’s me going up i’m doing pots and pans, tampoons in the bed, mustard pillows… I’m going all out”. Adam tells her the one good thing for her if she’s put she’s guaranteed to be safe.. “if she puts you up she probabaly has a deal with JJ for the following week”
Porsche says that Jeff, jordan, Brendon, and Shelly will vote to keep Rachel and Lawon, Kalia and Adam will vote to keep porsche so porsche is screwd. Porache: “that is why I told Brendon I wanted Veto for the safety this week”. Porsche says that brendon and rachel are going to go up to dani tonight and try to cut a deal if she puts up a Lawon and Kalia then they will keep her safe next week. Adam: “You really think that is going to happen cmon” Porsche jumps in the shower and goes on and on about how pissed she is that brendon didn’t give her the veto she would of saved one of BR and she would also have been safe herself.
Adam: “If Jeff doesn’t go up then they have a deal with JJ.. this is because she’s so vulnerable next week”

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4:24pm Everyone chilling on the feeds

4:37pm Boy George Or Rachel Reilly Let me know in the comments

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Mustard Pillows? OK put Pacer up, I wanna see WTF a Mustard pillow looks like LOL


Mustard pillows was from the saboteur season. All it means is putting mustard on ones pillow. Lame sleepover/camp prank.


It was Eric, America’s player from BB8– Dick’s season. He put mustard on Jen’s shirt.


It’s basically what Eric did in BB8 to Jen, I believe.


Still too much money for a 1 day event LOL.


Brendan sang, ““He’s cruddy the creepy elf he’s been caught exposing himself”.

Ohhhh, the irony!


Simon, thanks for the link with all the other links of Brendan ‘up close and personal’. Now we know what Rachel sees in him.


I think Boy George is rude.I love the site ive donated to it because I found it the classiest and I find some titles and comments becoming durrogative.Not all of us fans find need to get so intrusive and mean hearted towards other “real” people.I think that fact tends to get lost she’s someones daughter they all have families and loved ones who probably find it hard not to read these sites.Then they see all the unessasary meanness.


Guess he’s already put what he did on skype outside of the Delusional World of Brenchel… AHHHH what a place to not take responsibility for your actions.


LLOL’d @ that one too considering Barennan was sitting right there.

Apparently Jordan’s the only one that can rhyme and make a personal dig sound innocent and poigant at the same time.


Wow I didn’t know Pinto was so Dumb.


lol yeah its funny how she thinks everyone in the house loves rachel as much as she does


They don’t have sharp knives in the house for that same reason LOL if they did Rachel would’ve already cut a bitch


I don’t usually say rotten shit about the HG’s, the golden rule and all that, but the 2 strongest players have the 2 biggest idiots in Pinto and Oprah


I wish Adam would shut up with his speculation that if Porsche is put up it means J/J must have an agreement with Dani when he’s talking to Porsche – aka talking to Brendan and Rachel. It’s only going to make the paranoid nutters even nuttier.

Reading entries on another site (gasp!) and see that Kalia said she sometimes needs to muzzle her dog. Again with the irony!


Man, thanks, I had a crap day and that shit is funny.


When’s the pov ceremony??




Don’t worry Portapotty, Snapple Cap is going home and your bestie will still be around for a while.

Porky is lying anyway, she knows if she flips out in the house, no director will want to work with her (with the exception of the soft or hard type and even that idea went out the window when no ‘available’ guys on the show were interested in her)


Those are tips for sex… last season she was talking about rich men buying her bottles of champagne…. Nothing wrong with being a go-getter, she getting PAID for that shit… There’s so many women in the world that will give it up, for some bullshit money… If your gonna sell your body ladies get paid the BIG BUCKS, that pussy is a god given gift, USE it wisely….

Not Meg

Haha Deanne I was thinking the same. Getting paid with booze, that’s when you know you have a drinking problem.


are Jeff/jord a real couple? I just watched last nights AD and Jord/jeff don’t even live in the same state. Jord was saying being on BB this season was a good opportunity for them to spend the summer together.


Yes, they have a long distance relationship and see each other every two weeks.


Yea they are they just have permanent homes in different states but I think I heard Jordon say they are going to get a house together…. Brendon and Rachel relationship seems fake and made for TV form the way they act and fight.


BB bring on the twist! Save B&R! They win comps!


How could brachel spend $100 grand on a wedding that no one would go to? The only friends these two have must be even more pathetic than they are. I thought once they viewed each other from last season that neither one would want anything to do with the other. Wrong again.


rachel didn’t watch her season

Not Meg

BS! Rachel is so egotistical. Do you really believe that she didn’t watch herself for hours upon hours on end? Come on!


There’s no way Rachel and Brenda didn’t watch their season before coming back into the house. Why would B feel it necessary to change her image this time around and R knew that Brit called her a walking STD and a prostitute. They are both so egotistical that they watched it and read everything they could about the show online and undoubtedly justified all of their own behavior (but you don’t understand, everyone in the house was against us, they were all so mean and we had to fight everyday to stay there, they personally attacked me more than any other HG in BB history, i was just defending myself, blah, blah, blah).


adam giving up after 9 mins what a floater he deserves to wear that costume.


Got nothing against Rachel cheering people on but goddamn is it annoying… it’s her voice, I’d rather hear dogs and cats screaming


that ski comp does not look that hard. porche said her pain was in her shoulder then pointed to her arm (dah)


Dani: He Kalia.

Kalia: Yes Maim.

Dani: …Shut Up



omg dani is really bad and you guys are saying rachel is bad she told kalia to shut up in the comp because she was routing for sherly how rude dani is stupid and Yes Rachel wasn’t playing this is why Dani won it’s unfair they should let everyone play in every HOH


Don’t have the feeds and now that I see how Dani was able to lean her elbow on the handle because she’s short, I do think shorter people had an advantage.


Seeing the still shots of the comp, it seemed that they made an effort to adjust for height. It didn’t look like the handles and swivel area at their feet we the exact same distance. Check out Simon’s still shots while Brendon was still on his skis. Maybe it’s just my opinion but it seemed that way to me.


That’s right Dani gloat away

Brenchel gloats and throw it in people’s faces every time they win… but if someone else does it it;s a personal attack


shelly and porche both jumped off they did not fall off.


lawon gay? what a shock!!!


Simon I vote Boy George


Big brother is horrible this year and I think dani wants the America 25 k pick that’s why she’s bashin Rachel. To be honest I was routing for dani but she’s a Lil too confident and this season sucks sooooo bad I hope lawon wins to show how bad it is! YOU ALL HATE RACHEL but without her no drama less fights it will suck


Big brother is horrible this year and I think dani wants the America 25 k pick that’s why she’s bashin Rachel. To be honest I was routing for dani but she’s a Lil too confident and this season sucks sooooo bad I hope lawon wins to show how bad it is


And for all you Rachel hatred watch how much WORSE the show will be without her.


Oh boy Brendon……not a good line for your song buddy….not after your willie was.on Skype you dumb dumb. Priceless.


Has anyone ever noticed how Adam tries so hard to be loved by America? He sucks and gets on my nerves. He’s not funny and tries way too hard.


Is there a traffic jam on this site today? Is that why comments have not been confirmed/approved in the past hour or so? Just curious.


So I’m not a fan if brenchels behavior but seriously this show would suck without their drama. Jj are coasting by not doing much cuz everyone thinks they’re nice. Kalia is latches on to anyone that’ll take get. Adam and shelly play both sides but I’m starting to think it’s going to work. Is lawn even a factor? Dani slipped up. At least brenchel fights.


please put up pacer i want to see her go evil dick on cheating dani ass


Boy George! Simon, did you see the hat she was wearing in her HOH pics? OMG! Boy George fo sure! lmao


Boy George!!!


OMG……..Kalia just put that trash bag on her head that they are making for Rachael’s veil and it came to a point……all that went through my mind was KKK…..really creepy, considering her race…if she had only realized that