Big Brother Spoilers: Dani says if Brendon takes himself off the block I want to put Jordan up against Rachel. Dani says she will go out of her way to try and keep Jeff and Jordan.. *Updated*

12:40pm Brendon and Shelly are in the backyard talking about Cassi and how she was picked on in school. Shelly says that she was here to win to make enough to pay off her parents house, because her dad is unemployed. They talk about past house guests from other seasons that were so vain. Rachel comes out and Brendon tells her that she is beautiful on the outside and the inside. Brendon heads inside. Shelly tells Rachel that she know she will get made fun of for cleaning so much. Shelly says that she gets antsy and just needs to do something. Shelly says that yesterday she was getting snippy with Adam. Shelly says that he needs to win something. Shelly says that Adam doesn’t even know if he has his job when he gets out ..and now he will be here for the rest of the summer either in the house or jury. Shelly tells Rachel that she is handling it really well. Shelly asks Rachel if Brendon is taking himself off or her. Rachel says he is taking himself off. Rachel says that Dani will put up either Porsche or Jordan. Rachel says that she will probably put put Jordan to guarantee I go home. Shelly asks what Rachel will do when she gets out. Rachel says that she doesn’t know .. she doesnt have anything .. and doesn’t know anyone in LA. Rachel says that she might go to her parents house till she gets out.

12:50pm – 1:10pm Shelly asks if it would do any good to go up and tell Dani to put up Kalia…. Shelly says that she doesn’t care and doesn’t care if Kalia hears it either. Shelly asks is there any kind of deal that Rachel could run by Dani so that Rachel doesn’t go home. Shelly asks what would you give her for doing that. Rachel says that Dani would then get in the good graces with the rest of the house again …and that she would then get back their jury votes. Shelly asks so would you keep that deal with her though? Brendon and Rachel says that they would and that they aren’t the kind of people that back stab. They start bashing Kalia talking about how she runs and tells Dani everything… how she was best friends with Jordan drinking wine in the bath tub and now she’s up there with Dani. They talk about how Dani only has Kalia because they both have said that they don’t trust Lawon. Rachel says that for the last 4 weeks Dani has been bad mouthing Kalia and now she is best friends with her ..because that all she has. Shelly brings up how Kalia wouldn’t even give Dominic a vote. Rachel says that even when Kalia was up on the ski competition she was yelling out this is for you Dominic …and you didnt even vote to keep him. Shelly keep praising Rachel for how she is acting and that people will remember how classy she was and how much more beautiful she looks.

1:20pm Jeff, Lawon and Jordan are in the kitchen talking about random stuff. Jeff is eating breakfast. Dani comes down and Jeff tells her she slept till 1pm. Dani says you say that like I care… I love to sleep in ..especially when its cloudy out.
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1:30pm Jeff and Jordan head up to the HOH room. Dani says that she genuinely likes Jeff and Jordan and wants to keep them here. Dani says that she hears that Brendon will take himself off the block… which is weird because he has been saying he wants to go back to his schooling. Dani says so if he takes himself off the block I don’t want to put you up against Rachel. Dani says that she will go out of her way to try and keep them (jeff and jordan) in the house. Dani says that if Brendon was on the block I wouldn’t be worried about you being up next to her …because everyone would want Brendon out of the house. Jordan says that if you put up Porsche it would be …I would vote out who ever you wanted me to vote out …but I think Brendon and Rachel would cut deals and they would both end up staying. Jordan says if you put up Porsche then you would make another enemy with her and then both her and Rachel would be coming after you. Jordan says that she will talk to people and if she thinks she has the votes she will go up as the pawn. Jeff says don’t say pawn. They talk about how Shelly is on the fence and they don’t know where she’s at. Jeff says that they talked to Adam …and he said he would help them because they showed him love way back. Jeff says that he doesn’t see the house voting out Jordan over Rachel. Dani says yeah but I can see Rachel selling her soul to stay.

1:55pm They talk about how they will talk to Adam, Shelly, and Kalia again to see where they are at. Dani says that she thinks if they had Adam they would have Shelly. Jeff and Jordan tell Dani that if she keeps them safe …they will show her the love and that she will be good with them and she will be safe next week. They talk about how they don’t really know what Rachel and Brendon are doing. Jordan says that she heard him say that he said he was saving himself. Jeff says that if you hear stuff about us ..just know that they try and talk to us …we just says yeah yeah …and try and get out of the room. Dani asks them to go fish for stuff. Dani says that Shelly was talking to her asking her who she wants to go ..because she has some pull. They talk about how Shelly acts like the mom …and that she is cheering for everyone and not picking a side. Jeff says that he will talk to Shelly and see where she is at. They start talking about the spelling competition. Dani says that the only thing she can think of why Brendon is wanting to stay now …is because Rachel would fall to pieces without him. Dani says that this wasn’t supposed to be this difficult. Dani says that this is just a clear sign that Brendon is going to win against you the entire way. Jeff and Jordan say that they will talk and see where people are at. Jeff says that he will send the elf up to talk to Dani so that she can see where he is at… Jeff and Jordan head downstairs. Jeff then goes and tells Adam the elf that he should go talk to Dani.. Adam puts on his elf costume and heads up to the HOH room…

2pm Adam goes up to the HOH room. Dani asks him where his mind is at with the Veto being used. Adam says that he doesn’t know if he is using it on himself or her. Dani says that all summer he has been talking about how he wants to go home… but that yesterday he is saying he is using it on himself. Dani asks where his head is at? Adam says that he would put up Porsche or Jordan. Adam says that if he put up Jordan against Rachel …Rachel would go home because people like Jordan. Adam suggest putting up Porsche just because she is a vote for Rachel. Adam says that you only need 4 votes to evict Rachel. You would have me, Kalia, Lawon and you. Adam says that they only thing is that Brendon will hate me for evicting his girlfriend. Adam says but he wouldnt really know whos votes were whos. Adam says that Jordan is the safe pick.

2:10pm Dani asks if Adam is going to fight for HOH next week. Adam says yes week is my birthday and I want to win. Dani says that her only fear is that next week people will think they are safe and not try for the HOH and then he will get it and come after me. Adam says yeah I know. Adam says that if he won next week would be hard for him to put up Brendon because he would then win the POV. Dani says that we have to remember he can’t win everything. Dani asks Adam when Brendon got voted out last season. Adam says that it was the hay stack veto …and the double elimination. Dani says that there are 6 weeks left and so it will be a regular season …unless they bring someone back and then do a double elimination. Dani says that she doesn’t think they would bring some back after this week. Dani asks what other twists do you think will happen? ..I think it will be something totally different. Adam says that he doesn’t know.. expect the unexpected. They talk about whether they will bring back Pandoras box ..because its something go and bad. Dani says that the next HOH will be questions elimination or knockout. They talk about who they would knockout. Adam says that Brendon will already be pissed …and maybe I should just put him up if I win … who knows what the POV will be. Adam says that he is definitely on page with keeping Jordan if Dani puts her up against Rachel.

2:20pm – 2:30pm Jordan and Shelly are talking out in the backyard. Jordan is telling Shelly all about the conversation she had with Dani. Jordan says that she thinks it’s just better if she goes up against Rachel. Jordan tells Shelly that when she was talking to Dani she played down the alliance that Adam and Shelly have with Jeff and Jordan. All the houseguests are out in the backyard relaxing and talking about random stuff. Kalia and Dani are in the kitchen. Dani says that Rachel is back to giving her dirty looks. Kalia says that its just so uncalled for ..Dani heads out into the backyard…

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Back stabers! J&J sell outs!


B&R are going to DIE!! HAHAHAHAHA


Yea in a Murder Suicide, when Brenchel come to the realization that they will never be famous outside of the world if Big Brother….




Yea. JJ have lost my respect this season. Especially Jeff. Join up with the person who wanted to backdoor you just a week ago. Lame!


Way to go JJ. It’s time to bury Brenchel once an for all.



bb13 sucks

haha 2nd lol! I hope jordan goes up only because i know boy george or brenda will go home. can we find people that know brenda who can tell us how he really is outside the house. i ask because i thought people who worked in the medical field to help people were supposed to have high ethics and integrity???


Do you think anybody would hire somebody who has photos of himself masturbating all over the internet? Brendan’s career in medicine is very limited.


He can start shooting porn with Por


Perez Hilton’s site must be down.


dani your just stupid if u think u can trust jeff and jordan when they win hoh they will put up as pawns and backdoor your ass /they know u was going to have them backdoored jackass i cant wait jj to win


Ya JJ are cool but it’s going to be tought for them. Jeff isn’t lookingh good at the comps and Jordan seems even Dumber than last time.


Truth is Jeff hasn’t been trying to win comps because he’s been playing with BR, He hasn’t really been playing the game.


Jordan can’t be that dumb, she won the $500,000 that season. Just saying…


stfu you suck idiot


Dani, you can put up Jordan regardless! Against Brendon (which is probably the case since he will use the veto on Rachel), Jordan will for sure stay. Against Rachel, Jordan will still for sure stay.
Brendon/Rachel + Porsche will vote for the other of Brenchel to stay.
Everybody else will vote for Jordan to stay!


I cant believe people think Brenden would use the POV on Rachel they are both so self centered they would always look out for themselves over their partner…I wonder when I read these comments wher eyou pple grew up…they arent amish…


B&R already decided Rachel was coming down. They apparently decided it before coming back on the show. That is one of the reasons they were happen Brendon won – so Rachel would for sure come down. They talked about it and he is only saying he is staying to get info out of people before he leaves – to help Rachel figure out where people stand.


Who do you think is going up?


J&J sell out! U guys make me sick! Kiss my @$$!


Wow – someone is taking this a little too personally.


Lol seriously folks on here worry me sometimes


LOL! So true!


How are they selling out when the entire point of the game is the money?

It isn’t as if they just suddenly decided that they need to do what is best for themselves, that is the same song they have been singing since day one.


had to post it twice huh the first time wasnt good enough for ya?


Jeff says “Relax”


Go J/J !


really it is a game, sell out or not there looking out for there best interests, it’s all about the big win on bb and b/r are up and not them . personaly it will make the game more interesting with the vets un aligned.


B&R get a twist & please get safe! You guys win comps! Dani & your kiss @$$ floaters go home!


Freaking out much? Try breathing into a brown paper bag.


Your annoying. U sound like Kalia, making comments just to sound all important. Shut yo mouth fool! Hahahaha!


You are insane. Roachel is the nastiest piece of trash I have ever seen in my life. Even if Brenda ( who is just a much of a scumbag as the Roach ) saves her rat infested a** this week it’s just a matter of time until she is gone.


I think Dani is lying and Jeff will go up against which ever B/R is up. But Dani doesn’t have the votes to get out Jeff.


Yea she does


And I hope on Thursday…ding dong..the witch is dead and Rachel goes out but she is unemployed so Brendon will go out.


I can’t believe they give Dani gruff for being in the HOH room which she totally earned. Rachel stayed up as King in there with Queen Brendon twice now. Now Jeff and Jordan have mingled more with the other guests. That is their game, all people on my side makes me a happy camper. But one not on my side like Dani last week makes Jeff a terrible houseguest.


I personally see Rachel winning hog next week and putting up Dani and kaila. However if she finds out jj are throwing her under the bus, all bets are off and dani may very well stay. Come on though seriously who would beat rachel in a quiz comp other then dani? NO ONE. Next week is gonna be awesome, expect to see Vegas rach return. I assure you the bitch will be back ;]


Jordan won the luxury competition and no one else was even close!


Adam has a good chance to beat Rachel if he can keep his cool.


Now Rachel will get all pissy because Dani is wearing the same kind of hat. Sorry girls, but Cassi was really the only female in the house who looked good wearing it.

Kalia is up again. Two hundred words a minute all saying nothing and involving her favorite topic: Kalia.


i am starting to not like Jeff and Jordan. they have played a really dirty game thus far. and now there saying how they try to get out of the room when Rachel and Brendon talk to them. wtf is that.


Because BR are slinging sh@$ and JJ said they were going to try to stay clear of it this week. BR will use it to throw them under the bus.


I’m starting to think Brenchel best friends are posting on this site, they take this shit personally just like their Idols do, calm down LOL


same thing happened last year.. the only difference is I haven’t received any hate mail over it yet


bahahaha. Did you acually get legit hate mail over Brenchel? God damn thier fans are their spitting images.


most was about the boy George picture we had up to replace rachels.


people need to let that go, Rachel REALLY does look like Boy George without makeup… Nobody lied about it.

Not Meg

Yep I was thinking the same thing or their family members. Did they forget how crappy BR treated Dani and Dom during that joke of a house meeting. They were total jerks, plus liars. BR deserve to get split up. They have nothing but hate running through their veins. At least Dani isn’t bulling anyone. B was the one threatening Dani that their alliance with her could disolved. Screw BR they did it to themselves.


I’m thinking Rachael paid people to post here.Its exactly something she would do since she is the queen of psychic vampires.


Please BB prove that the game is indeed rigged for ratings and save Brenchel….




They talked about trying to pull an ED when he saved himself and Daniel. If they can get Dani to put up anyone except JJ I think they might be able to do it.


Yea it could work, but they only have Shell and Pacer who are o their side no matter what


I’m still doubtful that BRJJ will be eliminated at all during this season.Everybody else has to play their game around these four but I secretly suspect all roads lead to either of those duos in the finals.


hey you guys last thursday i heard julie chen say something about how we can help in the coming eviction and then she said visit but i can”t find anything on the site about this matter atleast not yet i think there will be maybe a twist to make someone come back or idk something is up do you guys have an idea ???

Rachel Is Boy George

I think they will let us start voting tomorrow for what ever Julie was talking about but i could be wrong


We can help, OK EVICT everyone in the house, we can find 10 more people to play the rest of the season, hell you can even cut the winnings down to 250k… 😉


If someone do come back I don;t think that will be for a few weeks


Haha go Jeff,Jordan, and Dani! Shelly telling Rachel she’ll be remembered as classy & pretty? Aaaaahahahahaha! Good one.

Rachel Is Boy George

hell yeah Adam, Jordan is the safest bet put her up and send brendon home! when the JJ shelly and adam alliance cuts shelly out i will be rooting for them but i can’t get behind anyone that is teamed up with Shelly


Brenchel isn’t going anywhere. They help ratings. Notice how most talk is about them? Whether you like them or not they are the ratings boost. Everyone is talking about how they play emotionally but never mention dani’s game play. Next week they will have hoh and send dani or jeff out.


Internet chatter doesn’t equal ratings.

I think Big Brother is one of those shows that has a core audience that will tune in regardless of who’s on it.


Kalia………….SHUT UP! Geez if I were in that house having to listen to Kalia’s valley girl voice,& Brendan & Rachel’s whining I’d climb onto the roof and jump off.


IAmMe what are u talking about? That wasn’t a quiz where ten people are standing up getting knocked off or a buzz in competition where whoever answered first and gets it right wins. That was just pure knowledge of a celebrity. Sure she did well no one would gave ever guessed that but what I’m talking about is entirely different from what your talking about.


I found it interesting Jeff would only make a one week deal with Dani. Dani will likely def put up Jordan. They should have given Dani more assurance than 1 week, because Rachel will.


Dani “won’t” to put up Jordan? I’m sorry but what does that mean? She wants to or doesn’t want to?


🙂 Porsche comes out and they talk about the food.  Rachel asks if you are vegetarian can you eat chicken and fish?  Porsche says that if you are Kalia you do, and steak too. 


I know that bitch Pacer ain’t talking about someone else eating habits LMFAO she eats just as much as Audrey II… I wanna send a message to the Hgs so bad


Just wanted to thank Simon and Dawg for this amazing website!! Without it I would lost when it comes to Big Brother.
If I were dani I would fabricate an elaborate story to JJ about how she had to propose the backdoor jeff plan in order to alienate herself from the Vet alliance. While she was alienated she had to grab the newbs strongest competitor Dom and create an unbreakable alliance. Having a knowledge that the show tends to “adjust” gameplay to suit the wanted HG to win HOH, she would have a good oppurtuntiy to put a riff in the BR alliance by splitting them if she was to win HOH. Although it was a loss to lose Dom (even though she prolly figured he wld be liked by America and BB tends to bring back evicted HG) a 3person alliance is much better to keep together than a four person allaince especially when that 4rth person is Rachel. I wld then proceed to tell them that this is the perfect time to make Final 3 pact. That gives them 4 votes cuz Shelly will go wherever JJ goes.


Without this site I think I’d be lost, this is like the only BB site I go to regularly besides bigbrotherbecauseyouraddicted….

If I had a credit card I’d donate some money for sure. TiIl then I’ll continue to make funny images making fun of HGs 😉


B & R already decided Rachel will come off the block. [Brendon has a life outside BB – Rachel currently does not]. It’s not like Dani will be confused by Brendon’s deception and forget to put Jordan up. Brendon will be going home this week. Everyone but maybe Porsche will gather around J&J.


Pacer is a floater too, but Rachel not trying to get her out is shit, let’s bring the facts out, anybody that is kissing Rachel’s ass is her bestie, and if your not kissing her ass she wants you out, IE JEALOUSY


Ideally for entertainment purposes brendon saved himself, dani puts Porsche up and jj,brendon and shelly save Rachel. The house would be I’m an uproar. Rachel wins hoh and dani then tells her about jj throwing her under the bus. Jeff goes home! Dani must know she will nit win against Jordan in the end. Her only chance is Rachel or kalia at the end with her.


She’ll beat Lawon too, and should be able to beat Porsche


I think that the smartest move would be for J&J to have a secret alliance with Dani, Kalia, Adam & Shelly. JJ should pretend to BR that they HATE Dani, when all along the 6 of them try get BR and Porsche out of the house. JJ and Dani = final 3.

Mary R

Does anyone think Jordan would be evicted?? I hope not


Oh hell no. Thats why I think Dani should put her up.


i think it is very likely jordan could go hom


I don’t know why, but in all actuality Adam is playing the best game in the house. Everyone seems to like him, he isn’t really a true floater, he has never been a
target of anyone’s, and he knows everything about this game. He just roams from room to room and observes and listens. No one seems to find him to be a threat. I really think when it comes down to it, Adam will skate to the final 2 and be the last man standing.


ok, I get that people hate B and R.

but why the heck wouldnt you vote out jordan?

she will get votes to win the game…rachel wont. Jordan has alliances, Rachel doesnt. I dont get it really. how can you be that scared of two people who cant even get a jury vote


Is Rachel Italian by any chance? she would be a great addition to Jersey Shore, then she could be herself and party all the time LOL


hoping brendon saves rachel

then brendon goes home and rachel will lose it


When JJ tell Dani that Shelly is on the fence and they don’t know where she’s at? She’s up their ass! Anything they said to Dani should be negated by her with that statement. The game has changed with Brendan winning POV, Dani needs to backdoor Jeff. She’s got the votes, and if she does’nt get JJ out; Jordan will win again. But with this bunch of losers, I guess there’s nothing really wrong with that.


That’d be a horrible move. Dani thinks they are bringing someone back. Chances are, they’re bringing someone back. If Jeff is voted out; he’s going to be voted right back in.

BR 4 the Win

True story! Brendon and Rachel could have easily put Jeff up last week and backdoored his ass but they didn’t. They stayed true to their alliance. Something I can’t understand is y ppl like JJ as much as they hate BR? Brendon and Rachel actually play the game! They might not have much of one but they DO have a social game and they are great at compettitions. Jeff hasn’t won diddly shit and Jordon just doesn’t do anything. Jeff is a bully too but BB portrays him as Americas Sweetheart. I know not a lot of ppl agree but I like BR and hope that since they are public enemy No.1 that they atleast walk away with the $500,000 prize..


Because Rachel and Brendon are scumbuckets. Seriously.


Julie said that this HOH is the mot important one of the season. It’s possible that they will let us start voting one of the evicted HG back in at the end of Sunday’s show so Dom may be back in the house by Wednesday or Thursday. He will pretty much be battling it out with JJ&R for the next HOH. My guess is that if Dom is back in the game, Kalia will not try as hard to win the next HOH. Dom will want to win, JJ will want to win, Adam and Porshe will want to win and Rachel will want to win. If it’s questions or knock out, it’s anyone’s game and comes down to luck for the most part. Best case senario for Dani is obviously Dom or Kalia winning but if Porshe or Adam win, the game will get more interesting because no one really knows what they will do with all the game talk knowledge that is stored up (adam is aware of the JJS alliance, Porshe will have to make a smart move because Rachel is her only ally at this point). I think it’s way past time that the noobs step up and start playing this game. The Brenchel show is beyond nauseating.


I hope an evicted guest does not get voted back in the house because who ever is voted out should stay out.

Dani for the win, JJ are not better than BR, actually Jordon is so much better than Rachel.


No Jordan Is not she dumb and isn’t good at competitions unless there given to her. She is sweet and I like her but Rachel deserves to win she’s the best competitor


JJ are making moves. Nice!


i think a jj+dani alliance would be epic