Big Brother Spoilers – Dom admits defeat, Adam: “we came in here with numbers and now we’re walking out one by one”

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6:45 Rachel and Brendon Por leaves to grab some weight sand Rachel calls Brendon over. She says that Lawon has been working out every day he’s getting ready for the comp. Brendon: “What i’m suppose to be scared, he can work out all he wants I’m not scared” (If lawon last longer than Brendon in the endurance comp it’ll be comedy gold) Rachel calls him such a boy, Brendon: “Ask me if I’m scared…..” Por comes back.

6:51pm Bedroom dani and DOm Dom thought for sure his alliance was going to work.. He can’t believe everyone in his alliance spilled their guts to BR. Dani says she didn’t. Dom: “we’ll Shelly and Kalia did”. Dom talks about how all the newbs would get together and huddle around in the have nots and dom would lay out the plan to them, Dom thought it wasn’t go be so bad they had a huge numbers advantage. Dani: “didn’t you hate how I always showed up” Dom: “we didn’t care we knew you hated them”
Dom wonders what screwed him more, The fact dani didn’t tell him shelly was the rat before he went to talk to her in the have nots or was it going to the current HOH and tell him to backdoor my worst enemy.
Dom reminiscing about his failed alliances says they had a cool name it was named after a song “The regulators ” Dani: “thats so stupid” Dom: “Yeah it was”. He explains how the newbs were so sutpid for not sticking with the plan porsche would be gone. HE laughs because when Keith and Porsche went up on the block they were all excited Kieth started dancing, He notes that Shelly gave him the thumbs up. Dani says the vets had their ways. Dani tells him not to lay around and do nothing he needs to become more sociable. Dom isn’t going to be running around kissing his (brendon) ass. Dani instructs him that is how it’s done, Dom has 2 days to sell his sole in the game. Dom would rather lay down and Sleep then go out there and be fake.

7:24pm Backyard Lawon still working out, Adam, Jeff, Shelly, Jordan, Dom they are all enjoying it alot all giving Shelly praise.

Jeff praises Shelly for making great sauce and he’s usually picky when it comes to sauce, “I really do like it i’m not just saying it I’m shooting you straight” (this is funny because Shelly is always talking about Shooting straight in the bb game and how she only likes people that shoot straight)
Jordan asks him how longs he’s been on the elliptical he says

7:30pm adam and Dom hot tub Adam talking about the twist this year and how the commercials said “Crash My party” he explains that that is kinda what happened the vets crashed our party. They start gong over everything that went wrong. Dom was pretty sure cassi and shelly threw the first HOH. Adam is shocked that Keith threw the first HOH… “right out of the gates we could of made a difference.. when there was a comp Kieth could win”. dom: “it just pisses me off that they can walk around here on their high horse like it’s nothing”.. Dom says that if his 4 (Regulators) were on Season 12 they would of ran the house. (yo those are some MAD grenades yo)
Adam points out every POV it’s been 4 vets Vs. 2 Newbs.

Dom has thought about campaigning but it’s a waste of time, “at the end of the day it’s really up the rachel and Brendon you need 5 votes”
Adam says regardless of what happens to Dom and Adam he knows they both have interesting lives to go back to. He’s glad he starting changing his lifestyle to get on the show he doesn’t want to lose that. (wow didn;t knwo he did it for BB) Dom: “what i’m thinking the person that stay between us two is screwed unless a newb wins HOH cause they will keep picking us off until they get to the 4″ Adam agrees is sure it’s going to be a tough one to survive. Dom :”you know that coming out of this week it’s lawon Kalia, Shelly, and the Other one (Por) and you know 2 of them are with JJBR so it’s going to be 2 on 4”. Adam: “Yeah this doesn’t sound very positive for the survivor” . Adam says he doesn’t really trust Shelly.. “I love the lady but… honestly who can I trust .. no one”. Dom tells adam there is a lot of red flag for Shelly.. ever since cassi left she’s become a different person, “she’s doing what she thinks she needs to win”.

Adam brings up how CBS employs twist to shake things up to help when the ratings dip. Adam says that there’s a bunch of possibilities and they usually involve the public’s vote. Dom thinks it would be cool if one of the evicted people was brought back. Dom: “I would walk right in be all AAAGGRGHHGRHGH go right to yo Adam and say lets do this man” (LOL the dream team)

Adam thinks it might of been better if production had teamed them up based on their strengths. Dom completely agrees. Adam thinks about it for a second then says no if that was the case he would of been paired with Kalia. Dom: “well we collectively did it to ourselves” Adam: “we came in here with numbers and now we’re walking out one by one.”

8:07pm adam starts to “exercise his lungs” before he starts to work out.

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WOW Dom admits to the idiocy of falling for the Vets BS.. DUMBASSES


Yea but he wasn’t really one of the idiots. Bottom line for the newbs so far this season is who ever kisses BRJJ’s ass the most gets to stay.

God Shelly is such a bitch!


I like Jordan I hope she wins


I feel for Dominic! Such a waste. Jeff needs to go!

Rachel Is Boy George

lol Dani still trying to get Dom to fight, its over lady, good for Dom enjoy your last couple days, theres nothing he can do, just go home and hang out with Cassi and make fun of Shelly and talk about how much of a snake shelly is


brendon and jeff are running the show. HOPE ONE OF THEM WINS 🙂


Cbs u fail in casting this season EPiCALLY its not dom or cassi or even keiths fault its cbs fault for casting former houseguests who knew how to play the game this is the most predictable and boring season ever


Yeah, casting is so ridiculous overall. But the Vets being placed in their completely ruined whatever dynamic could have been in the house with new people in their place.So I think it may make he cast look more ridiculous than maybe it would have been as a fresh game. But it’s Keith fault to a point because he never should have picked Porshe based on her looks like he was on The Bachelor or something. He maybe should have tried to pick Dom or even Cassie, who would have likely put him in his place if he tried to hit on her too much. Then he went off or confronted Kalia which probably didn’t help.


I agree with u. It was not the best idea to bring in veterans with new people. They should have saved BR, JJ & E.D.and D for an all stars season. Then they could have brought back Haydon and Lane as well. They were pretty entertaining last season. Maybe CBS reads these posts for advice 🙂


Hayden entertaining? I don’t know what season you were watching, but he was the second most boring person. (After Kathy)


LMFAO that ass that would need to be kissed in order for Dom to stay would make his lips turn brown. He should have fun and try to get in Dani’s panties, his last hurrah.


Maybe if dani was Danny.






He could pretend she was a Danny and “do it in the butt” LOL


I thought I saw something about Dom being a virgin? I could have misunderstood. If that is the case that would explain why he hasn’t really tried to romantic route with Dani.


His best friend said it right out on tv Thursday night.. announced for all the world to hear… but seeing how strict his mom is.. I doubt he has done anything worth doing..


One of his female friends from home said, “Dominic is a 25 year-old virgin.” That’s probably where you heard it.

Lennon's Ghost

Dom admitted to being a virgin on the Season Premier during their home interview with him.


Lol @ Brendon: “What i’m suppose to be scared, he can work out all he wants I’m not scared” . The last 2 or 3 updates before this one have been so entertaining. Brendon’s head seems to be getting bigger each week. There is still more game to play and anything can happen. He needs to flashback to last season when he thought Matt was going home. But I guess he assumed they are entitled to win every comp and people the people in the house have to help them or suffer the consequences. lol. Maybe production has blown so much smoke up their asses by asking them to come back they can’t help it. And how he talks to Rachel is up to her if she wants to put up with it. She’s a grown woman so I don’t feel completely sorry for her like some do. Some say she doesn’t deserve it. Maybe doesn’t but either way she’s puts up with it. She’s getting something out of the relationship herself. So that’s why she will continue to put up with it and may have to continually adjust to fit in their relationship. But I do find it slightly amusing that he thinks that he can talk to other people like he does her just because everything has gone their way so far, like how he did Cassie. Same goes for Jeff. I do like his humor but he can be a little bit too abrasive and when talking to and about others like his on steroids on something. So I wonder if he and Dani or going to end up in an argument at some point. Anyway, I hope some things change up on and the power shifts so I won’t have to get a barf bag in order to watch next week.


He’s pretty cocky for someone who sucks ass in endurance, and that HOH win last season was a fluke production rigged that for him to keep the drama going, but he couldn’t do what Rachel did, which is why they brought her back.


This headline is what Allison Grodner tells herself whenever she walks in and out of the bathroom to weigh herself.




yea well would you rather have this cast or no cast at all???????


Seems like Rachel has been awful quiet today or am I missing something?


rachel is not as dumb as everybody thinks


brenda&jeff might be lovers


I am catching up with AD eps I dvred and can’t believe portapotty told rachoe george that she wanted her and brendumb to win because they had a wedding coming up, etc… Barf. that dumb bitch makes jordough look like a genius. por is getting fat too and she never changes her clothes or showers. she probably smells like shit by now from never washing that fat ass.


IMO, the first thing the Newbies did wrong was to instantly form alliances against each other. It was Dominic’s “genius” plan that had them breaking off from their designated partners to form The Regulators. They set out to play against their own partners!!! How stupid was it of Keith to rat out Porsche when she came to him with an offer to align with the Vets? Even if he didn’t agree with her, they could have discussed it between themselves and either signed on (with the Vets), or agreed to disagree. Like it ,or not, she was his partner!!! Instead of considering the possibility, Keith made a bee-line to Dominic and Co., which was the next step in the collapse of The Regulators. G’bye, Keith! Then there was Cassi, who never seemed to catch on to the importance of bonding with the women in the house. With the exception of Rachel, they didn’t turn on her b/c she was beautiful, or b/c she is a model. It was because of the way she carried herself. She should have read a few pages from Danielle’s book on how to be a pretty girl in the room without offending the other women. Cassi never noticed she was not the only pretty girl in the room. Porsche apparently has an inflated sense of her own degree of appeal and that is off-putting to everyone, but she gets away with it b/c she had the good sense not to snub Rachel.

The Regulators got formed too early in the game and lacked the maturity to execute a well-thought-out plan. Next, if you don’t even know enough about BB to be prepared to make that climb upstairs to negotiate with the HOH, you have no business on the show. Keith and Dominic seem to think it is beneath them. And I don’t know which seasons of BB Dominic watched, but if he didn’t recognize Dick And Danielle as the notoriously estranged father-daughter team who won their season, he missed far too much in the way of how the game is played.


Are we watching the same thing here?

The Regulators were formed in the event that if some of the Newbies started to cut deals with Veterans, at least the four of them would have each other’s back. It wasn’t formed with the intention of pitting themselves against the other newbies but more like a contingency plan in case the other noobs started flipping. Obviously, this didn’t work for them because once Keith was gone, everyone started sucking at the Veteran teet.

Cassi did nothing to offend the other women. Hell, she took the least amount of care of herself among all the other girls in the house. She didn’t bathe or groom for days on end. It’s not like she spent 45 minutes every morning putting her face on like Rachel did. The bottom line is that she was seen as a threat because she didn’t bow down to Rachel when Rachel was HOH. And it bit her in the ass. The beauty thing was something put in Cassi’s head by other HGs – Rachel never seemed jealous of Cassi up until that convo and then she became incredibly insecure.

Also, Brendon hit on Dani. I’m sure that wouldn’t piss Rachel off, though…


Yes, The Regulators were supposed to be a contingency plan. But the fact that the Newbies never gave their partnerships a chance to play out before they started plotting against their respective teammates contributed to their failure. The vets may not like each other, but they realized early on the benefits of working together. The Newbies were so paranoid, right at the start, that they never got to know whether their partnerships would have worked. Thus, they denied themselves the option. Their only survival plan boiled down to working with the vets, as individuals.

As for Cassi, that whole business of not grooming herself, etc., was a poor substitute for neglecting the social game. Again, she was not the only pretty girl in the house. She assumed (as did they all) that because the Newbies had the numbers, she did not have to pretend/ make nice with the vets. The men on BB historically use their female allies up to a point, but then abandon them in favor of the boys when it really counts. The men seem better able to sustain an alliance with each other over a period of time than with their female allies.

Yes, Rachel is hard to take, but she is a part of the game. So, they can tell themselves, “Well, at least I kept my integrity and was honest about my feelings,” but that is typically an exit speech/ something they say to Julie Chen when they have gotten the boot.


Evidence that Rachel was jealous of Cassi:
Right after she won the first HOH, she and Brendan were discussing plastic surgery Rachel thinks she wants to have. Brendan was opposed to her having any more work done. Rachel switched gears and started speculating about Cassi and what procedures Cassi has had. She asked Brendan his opinion and, to his credit, he reminded her that not everyone gets plastic surgery and that that is actually how a person/ woman might look naturally at age 26. Rachel has totally lost her perspective on what it looks like when a woman is simply young and looking her age. It never ocurred to her that Cassi is rocking her original parts.


So far, this season is making the first season of BB exciting. Only season I couldn’t get through. I hope Season 13 isn’t the jumping the shark season for BB, but they are going to need to do something to make up for this season if things don’t change. BBAD could be called Paint Drying, because most if not all episodes have been very boring. Need some real drama in the house, not these pathetic B/R fights.

The more Shelly talks, the less I like her. Her voice is starting to take on a fingernail down a chalkboard effect for me. If you close your eyes and listen to her talk, you picture a whiskey swigging, chain smoking biker chick.


This season sucks! Sure hope Jeff and Brendon get evicted because their heads are getting big. So drunk with power. What a waste. This season sucks! I feel for the newbies, but they were dumb and with people like Kalia, Adam, Shelly, and Lawan on their side, it was inevitable for them to lose against the vets.


BB twist spoiler! Next week America will send Obama and Boehner into the BB house if the debt ceiling isn’t extended. They will be forced to play as a team and sleep in the same room as Brendon and Rachel. They’ll also be on slop for one day for every time either of them says the word “bipartisan.”


Obama would assassinate himself after being in the room with Rachel for 24 hours. and Joe biden would be the new Prez, and Rachel would be put in jail for the 1st crime of “Murder by Annoyance”, Brendon would commit suicide due to not being able to be with his love.


hey Simon, what game are they playing at the kitchen table? I know I played with jewels or marbles but I forgot the name…


I LOVE that game!


ahhh thats it I kept think Mahjong…… TY


Dom better be coming back if their making someone come back with America’s vote.

He’s one of the only ones who are interesting in the house. Can’t stand the crappy 4 veterans killing this season…
Dom would actually make things awesome if he won HoH, as he’d want huge revenge on the 4.

Apparently though, America loves J/J, as does CBS, so I’m sure they don’t want someone taking out their favorite couple that they want to win.

BB is rigged, then again, it’s been like that for years.


Totaly agree i like cassie too tho it be awesome if they brought them both back and they wake in double trouble LOL i would think they would bring someone back and if its americas vote it would probbaly be dom idk why people like jeff and jordon i liked jeff last season but when u watch the live feed hes a dick / bully im rooting for dani aslong as cassie or dom arent in the house


I’m watching BBAD waiting for this meeting between jj/br/dani it should be good can’t wait to see how dani tries to squeeze out of her lies.


Anyone know what happened to the big meeting they were suppose to have. I was looking forward to it on AD but it has just been the same old shit


What a bunch of cowards. I’m not watching BB just for drama, but geez give us something. It’s not like watching the vets destroy the newbies is at all entertaining. They’ve been talking about a meeting or having a confrontation all day and then when the time comes, nothing happens. This season sucks! I hope Dominic gets voted back in the house too, if there is a twist.


Wow, this season is awful so far. I’ve never bought into conspiracy theories but the last two HOH’s were so obviously set up for Rachel and Jordan! The funny thing is, and this is the only possible saving grace for this season, Rachel can’t win even with help from production. The first time she or Brenda dont get HOH from now on they will be up. J/J didn’t back door them last week becasue they didn’t want Brenda left in the house with a golden key and a shot at them in 2 weeks. And even if by some miracle she makes final two there is NO WAY she gets jury votes from anyone but Brenda. Just a matter of time people!


The twist: Jessie is going to come back (AGAIN) and have a Golden Key to Round 3 of the Final HOH.


these newbies suck, they are just going to give up and let the vets roll right over them?? You can bet your butt the vets wouldn’t just give up if they were on the block. Dom is lame! Why did he even bother leaving his mommas basement?

Day Yum Yum

I really hate Dani. She is a smart-mouthed, sassy, manipulator who is a two faced liar. She is the one who started about backdooring JJ not Dominic. They need to get her out some way but rest assured it is going to be difficult becaue she wins comps like it is nobody’s business!! They are going to be shocked as shit once they see how strong she is in comps! Her social game sucks and she needed ED to bring her along socially last time but make no mistake, she will blow through the comps! Trouble is right around the corner for BR/JJ because golden key is over and she can compete now–look the hell out!! I am going to cringe every week seeing her win but that is why they must formulate a plan to get her ass out of there! Even backdooring her is going to be tough because she will save herself everytime!