Big Brother Spoilers: JEFF WON THE POWER OF VETO!! **UPDATED**

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10:10am Jordan and Rachel are in the havenot room, Jordan is telling Rahcel that its not over yet. Rachel says that she wanted to win so bad. Shelly joins them. Rachel says she is sorry for kicking her ball. Shelly says that its okay. Rachel asks Shelly if Jeff comes off and Porsche goes up do you think I would stay? Shelly says yeah. Jordan says that she thinks she will be going up. Rachel says that she doesn’t think so.. They continue to talk about the competition

10:25am Dani and Kalia are up in the HOH room. Kalia is telling Kalia all about her plan of why she wanted Jeff up on the block and that he was never the target …and that now he is taking himself off and she doesn’t get the chance to show him that he wasn’t the target. Kalia says that maybe she should have just won the POV so that she could have taken Jeff off and proved he wasn’t the target. Dani and Kalia talk about how useless Rachel is in the game without Brendon. Kalia and Dani talk about how they still think they are in a good position in the house. Dani tells Kalia to please be careful about what she says and does around and to Jeff and Jordan because clearly they hold grudges. Kalia says that she will and that she was trying to plant some seeds.. Kalia says that she is going to give Rachel the same gift as last year …the first person in the jury house. Dani says yeah thats weird isn’t it. Dani says that she fully supports Kalia’s decision and that if she had a problem with anything she would tell her. Dani does say that she doesn’t think she would put up Adam. Kalia says that she just doesn’t think she could put up Porsche. Dani says that she would want to talk to him first to let him know that he’ll be going up on the block. Dani says there is just something about Adam that she likes and that she could see going to the end with him. Kalia says that she is still thinking about it and for Dani not to tell him yet because she isn’t sure yet.

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10:40am Porsche and Dani are talking in the candy room. Porshe says she was “told” no one took anything. Dani says do you think Brendon took them? Porshe telling everything that is missing. Dani says that is weird and stupid like super stupid. Dani tells Porsche that she is safe …that she just needs to wait and see.. Dani says that she loves Adam and she really wanted him to win. Dani asks what she would do if she won. Porsche says that she would make a big enemy and put up Jeff and Jordan. Porsche says that only problem with that is no one will ever vote out Jordan. Dani agrees. Porsche says even though she just won two years ago. Dani says that its getting down in people …and people that I don’t want to put up too. Dani talks about how much she likes Adam. Dani says she has been thinking about putting up Shelly. Dani says she would rather her in jury because she does play fair. Dani says if Shelly does come back though theres an easy nomination. Dani says now that Brendons not here Rachel is garbage. They talk about how nice and relaxing it was in the house last night, and how much they liked that. Adam and Lawon join them in the candy room. Meanwhile Jeff is in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal. They all talk about the competition. Kalia comes in and asks what they are doing? Adam says they’re planning her demise. Adam mentions that Kalia did really well. Kalia says that she was just trying to make sure one person (Rachel) didn’t win. Adam says and apparently she was trying to make sure others didn’t too. Kalia says thats what I heard. jeff comes in and Adam asks him if he wants to lay down… Jeff says no thanks ..smiles and leaves.

11am Kalia and Lawon head up to the HOH room. Kalia tells Lawon that she needs him to tell her that …no matter what she does … wait I got to pee. Kalia then runs to the bathroom and pees. Kalia says that her goal was never to get Jeff out of the house ..and that she told him that. She says that she needed him to play because she knew it was going to be a physical challenge and so she needed him to win it. Kalia says that Jeff doesn’t trust her and he didn’t before either. Kalia says that is why yesterday it took her so long in the diary room because she was sitting there crying. Kalia says that she has people that would bend over backwards to protect him. Kalia says that they all still think that Dani is the mastermind behind them all. Kalia says that Dani has 5 people to protect her now. Lawon says that he and Adam are really trying to step up and be players.
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11:10am In the havenot room Jeff and Jordan talk about the competition and how Jordan really helped up in the competition. Jordan says she can’t go upstairs she will lose it. Jeff says fine I’ll go up there. Jeff rehashes what he said to Kalia last night. Jordan tells Jeff Kalia was trying to sugar coat it. Jeff said he just wanted to win so bad. Jordan says he did good. Jordan says she feels good because she actually contributed. Jordan tells Jeff that Kalia came up and said good luck to her before the veto. He says that she helped him win by telling him where the others were at. Jeff says that he told them he was going to win it …and now they made 3 people mad! Jeff says that if she puts you up …she is a huge idiot!!

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201 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: JEFF WON THE POWER OF VETO!! **UPDATED**

  1. Oh yeah! Jeff won the POV. I know he can do it. Take that newbies: Text 1: Dani Text 2: Lawon Text 3 Porsche Text 4 Shelly. Please select now. Finally, Jeff you won the POV. I know you can do it. Just pull yourself together. Start winning.

  2. WTG Jeff! See there goes Dani planting those seeds again, telling Kalia what to do. Now if either him or Jordan can win the HoH, Dani is gone! Her days are numbered I think. Rachel-you’re pretty much done too!

    1. All I know is that I want Rachel out of the house, and maybe Jeff and Jordan can finally start calming the a** down, now that Jeff got the POV.

  3. If Kalia doesn’t put Jordan up as she should, then at least put Shelly up so it’s a win-win situation.

    After what Jordan did and said to Kalia she nuts if she doesn’t put Jordan up. That would insure Jeff leaving which would be a good thing, as he is helping stabilize Rachoe and Jordan. Those girls would be emotional wrecks without him there to comfort them.

    1. I agree! Put up Jordan! However, if not Jordan, than Shelley. I just worry about the evicted HG (R) competing against “America’s Vote” and possibly gettigbto stay! The whack job (R) needs to go!

    2. Yep. If Cassi Or Brendon gets voted back by America, and Rachel gets to face off against one of those two to stay in the house… Brendo would throw it and Rachel would beat Cassi to stay

    3. Looks like Jordan is turning into her own version of Rachel: freaking out when she and her allies don’t have the power and crying when she thinks she or her man is threatened. She seemed like she had her own mind when she was telling Rachel how difficult Rachel was being, but now that Brendon’s out and she (Jordan) sees that her safety net can be yanked out like Rachel’s was, she’s turning into a defensive, overemotional victim. Shame.

      Dani’s right about them holding grudges. It’s offensive that they get mad when someone nominates (or even mentions nominating/is part of gossip about nominating) them as if they’re supposed to be untouchable because they’re JEFFANDJORDAN (or we’ve-been-fighting-for-our-BB-lives rachelandbrendon). I like Jeff when he’s not being an ass and I was okay with Jordan, but now they’re ALL tripping. This will never happen, but if Jeff kept himself on the block and ended up evicted and losing to ANY of the other evictees, I would lmao. He could be so cool about everything, but NOPE. HAS to be a vindictive douchebag.

      1. Look Dani is just a little bitch and Jordan was crying because of a comment that Dani made at the food comp. Dani said I want to win so bad so you know want it is like to be on slop talking about Jeff. When that bitch had the golden key for 3 weeks then was HOH she wasn’t on slop yet but wants Jeff to know what its like whatever.

        1. Daniele may very well be a “:little bitch” but that doesn’t change the truth in her observation about Jeff and Jordan. Doesn’t matter who said it about them: it’s true.

          I didn’t watch Daniele’s original season and she may not have liked Dominic getting evicted (which she has acknowledged time and again she realizes was a result of her gameplay), but she’s managing to play the game as a gameplayer rather than a (sometime) coasting, entitled victim. Whatever tactics she implores to sabotage or manipulate others, she doesn’t go crazy and it’s worlds more tolerable than watching Rachel constantly self-destruct, Jeff be a ticking timedouche and Jordan turn from a sometime anxious airhead into Rachel Lite.

  4. Surprise Surprise Jeff won! BB y so obvious! JJ and BR aren’t that entertaining. I wonder how much they got paid to go back to the show!?!?

    1. the POV contest was RIGGED. All Jeff had to do was stand there and look like a stupid douche. Of course he was going to win

        1. Jeff could never beat Dani straight up in a competition……

          week 1 HoH : Dani and Dick threw it.

          Week 2,3 HoH : Golden key Dani couldn’t compete.

          Week 4 HoH: Dani OWNED.

          Week 5 HoH: Dani couldn’t compete.

          Dani or a newbie WILL be the next HoH, Jeff the airhead can’t compete with her.

          1. Jeff would beat the snot out of dani. Make this game a Real competition. Jeff breaks dani’s legs before it even starts.

            1. LOL yes if the BB house was thunderdome jeff would win.
              If the BB house was a vegas bar Rachel would win
              if the BB house was a beauty salon Jordan would win.
              If the BB house was a Tim Hortons Kalia would win,
              if it was a heavy metal bacon eating contest adam would win
              if it was a beach suntanning prosche would win
              if it was a lab curing cancer and Aids Brendon would win
              it it was the BB house as we know it Dani will win

  5. Awesome. Sometimes don’t like the guy, but this will make things interesting. I don’t know why fans want to take people they dislike out of the game. I want controversial people right in the middle of things. That includes Rachel crying in the bushes and following Dani around. If I’m forced to watch people like Adam or Lawon who don’t do or say anything stupid or crazy, I turn the feeds off. Now I hope Brendom comes back and we can get the party going.

    1. I agree. Who wants to see a bunch of floaters do nothing? Hopefully Shelly goes up and goes home. She’s hella sketch.

    2. Now I understand why you chose the name you did … Kidding! Seriously dude, I agree that boring floaters like Lawan, Porcha & Shelley need to go BUT, not before they get that nut job (R) out. She’s like nails on a chalkboard – unnecessary & annoying as hell

  6. Ugh I hope Dom doesn’t come back. Vote Brendon! Make this house go crazy again. I hate the way Brendon and Rachel act, but they win the comps and stir up drama. Plus it takes the target off Jeff and Jordan!

    1. All I have to say is, WTF are you smoking dude?????? B & R back together again in the house. Holy shit, you must be a total glutten for punishment. My god, haver BB viewers suffered enough. Shit, have a heart!!

  7. Yeah! Happy dance. Jeff win the POV and next week HOH. Jeff, first target is to get rid of Dani and Kaila. Save Lawon, Adam, and Shelly later.

    1. Actually CBS’s darlings winning is very predictable. Watch the amazing edit they give JJ on Sunday, when the live feeders know that they are bitter, bottom feeders with an entitlement complex. So to JJ, I give you a middle finger salute.

      BTW JJ fans, they aren’t even a couple. Sorry 2 years now and they still don’t live in the same state? They are being paid to be on the show together, and perhaps rekindle that spark that they lost since BB 11. But this is not an actual couple. A couple of actors trying to keep their jobs as Americas Sweetharts. What a joke, they are becoming America’s Assholes.

      1. “…they are bitter, bottom feeders with an entitlement complex.”LOL….BBX that is exactly how to describe these two. The sugarcoated edit they get from CBS makes me cringe. As disgustingly emotional and irrational BR are it is broadcast realistically.

  8. Noooo I wanted R achel to win if she leaves the show will be so boring!!!! I hope she stays and Jordan goes .so Jeff is extra angry The newbies are so dull this season

    1. Teehee! I don’t want that to happen but if it does we better not play the word drinking game with the word “f*ck” or we’ll all be to hammer to watch or remember what happens. Lol

  9. wow…think about this scenario. rachel, jordan and jeff convince kalia to put up dani by promising her a final four deal. dani leaves…has a comp against brendon and loses. the four vets ae back in the game…and stronger than ever!!!

    1. I am with u I want to see veterans playing the gane not these lame newbies who some haven’t done one thing to prove they should even be here I. Like rachel she is the villan everyone loves to hate 90% os what is said is about rachel. She is the erica cane of bb

    2. it would never happen ;( but I’d love it if it did. I really just don’t like Dani and like any plan that has her GONE!

      1. @Jackie has a good point. I want Rachel out so bad I didn’t even consider that if Evicted, she actually has the best chance of competing and bringing herself right back in the house. God that would suck!!!!

  10. Kalia should put Jordass up next and keep the pressure on the vets. Draw a definite line in the sand and stress JJ out. These newbies have to stop worrying about what people (read Jeff and Jordan) think about their decisions in the game. JJ wouldn’t care and we have seen that BR didn’t. Go Dani….bring back Doms cute smile!!!!

      1. Adam is going up unless something changes. Porsche is in tight with Kalia now

        Rachel is the target adam is only going up because Kalia is sure he has the votes to stay.

        Cure Cancer VOTE back Keith

    1. Scallywag- I agree with everything except for Dom’s cute smile but I see why BB has him. He slightly resembles Dr Will if you squint really hard.

      1. I don’t, better think twice Rockstar. Jeff will definitely win but if he end up in the block. He will win the POV. So better luck next time and FYI. The POV never been rigged. So Shut you mouth, Nerd!!!!!!

            1. Watch Out AA! The villagers (or in this case, commentators) hunt you down with torches and burn you alive! BLASPHEMOR!! Let’s STONE HIM instead!

            1. I don’t have a problem with swear words. I think we all say those now and then and sometimes things just flow off the tongue better with a juicy f word. But to make it fun for everyone, personal attacks shouldn’t be tolerated. I think I’ve said all I wanted to say on the matter.

            2. Yep, I get it but the name calling and vulgar comments towards other posters has been going on for the past few years on this site, with no repercussions for the posters causing the problems. So much so, that numerous people have left this site, and have even commented on other sites about that issue on here. For myself it doesn’t bother me because like you Rocksar, I know who I am and what I am and nobody can offend me because I don’t give 2 cents about their opinions.

              1. Yum Yum- When people go on the other BB sites, they don’t get to let loose like they do here. They have people there weeding through the comments and if it isn’t PG it doesn;t get posted and it gets removed. This is the best part about this site. simon and Dawg allow everyone free reign to say whatever pleases them unless it is racist or prejudice and or illegal. How wicked is that? Where can you find that type of environment online when everyone is PC and are afraid to post or say what they want for fear of being banned. I like that and a great of other people love it too. It’s one of the major reasons why is on the first page of Google and are listed very high. This place rocks like a mutha.

                the other day when simon got mad from what I gathered AA was swearing at me. When AA and I were bantering back and forth over Jordon Jeff and Dani calling each other dumb, it was fun and games but AA took it too far and swore at me. I didn’t swear at AA. Thus AA was the one reprimanded and not me. We all know that it is fine to get heated and debate the houseguests but when someone crosses the line, then comes the warning. Make sense?

        1. Calling me a nerd only turns me on AA. Geeesh, stop trying to tease me. I hate you, nothing will change. Don’t try and butter me up hahaha

            1. Rockstar I DO like boys so I do have a crush. LOL, Simon and Dawg keep up the great work you guys do an amazing job and I for one really appreciate it.

          1. lol, now that’s the right response.

            I do agree with simon, though. the “you’re an idiot because you support this or that contestant” comments are out of line. I can swear like a sailor and make things uncomfortable but if everyone did that, the quality and fun factor of this board would make it unbearable.

    2. Are you kidding? Everytime he smiles, I feel like he’s either trying to bite someone or pass a stone through his penis. He has to weirdest, ugliest, smile I’ve seen in a while.

  11. well well well

    rachel still has a chance if its dominci voted by america she can stll face off with him / they say it wont be time competition so who has the best time goes back into the house / if its brendon that competes with rachel i would want him back in hopes he gets the vote

  12. Got the message to Rockstar. Bite your tongue. Because if Jeff wins the HOH next week. Dani will be gone and Kaila will be next.

    1. OMG, you must be a total glutten for punishment. Haven’t BB viewers suffered enough. Shit, have a heart!! The nut job (R) has to go! :-)

  13. Kalia should put up Jordan just to keep everyone honest to vote out Rachel. I don’t see how the drama of BR is good entertainment. It’s like a repeat of last season but way worse and gives me headaches.

    All this floater talk is just silly. Rachel needs to shut it. She’s won what 2 comps? And Jordan one, and Jeff…1 or 2? I think the playing field is pretty even. Why win a bunch of comps early and put a target on yourself. Clearly their strategy is bad…

    1. “Why win a bunch of comps early and put a target on yourself”

      But with Brendon, Rachel and Jeff (and now Jordan), any way you are in the house, somehow you’re a target:

      – start drama… Target

      – be/act like a “floater”… Target

      – “betray” BRJJ (don’t tell them what you know,
      vote against them, talk to players they don’t like)… Target

      – be younger, be hot(ter), stand up to them/for yourself… Target

      – nominate them for ANY reason… Target

      – win a competition… Target

      – don’t wash the dishes… Target

      To BRJJ only BRJJ are allowed to win competitions and manipulate people in the game; target them and you get an automatic bullseye on you. It’s ridiculous.

      From what I’ve read of him, this game needed Evil Dick. He would have those high horses BRJJ are on (crazy ass Shelly, too) bucking like crazy.

      1. Um.
        The only big way, eveldick would have made an impact on the game was.. that Dani would not have ran to Dominic for security.
        He isn’t some mastermind, or something. If dani didn’t go to dom, the alliance would have been perfectly fine and they would have taken out the newbies – thats it.

        It’s not like EVELDICK would have won the game again, no WAY!.

        1. ED wouldn’t have been kowtowing to BRJJ. Wherever Daniele would’ve aligned, ED was likely to bring drama that doesn’t make viewers want to shoot their TVs and then themselves. Whether he would go on to win or not.

  14. Do you think if Rachel gets evicted and goes up against Brendon to return to the house, he will let her win? I don’t even remember Dom, but if he returned could cause some drama by coming between Kahlia and Dani.

    1. I’m having problems posting. It says that I am “posting comments too fast and to slow down.” Has anyone else had this problem??

    2. Yes. i have had problems voting for Dom hope they didnt mess w/ the voting to make it hard to vote for Dom and people would give up or become frustrated and not vote, giving Brendan voters an advantage

    3. I am . I keep getting this validate failure even though I am logged in. Sometimes it goes threw. I assume the site is just busy.

      1. I am not sure if it’s the same with you. What I did yesterday was to log in vote and log out then log in again and so on… I know it’s a lot of work.all these for the drama lol

    4. Hii Ladybug,
      I too have been experiencing problems when trying to vote.
      After I type in the word in the box nothing happens.
      Hopefully they will fix the problem.

      I too cheer on RBJJ

      1. I had to enroll in the CBS site, and then I had to wait for vertification, which is supposed to allow me to vote, I have never received verification, I tried to vote again and it said you haven’t activated your enrollment, how can I activate my enrollment, if it won’t send the vertification??????T THIS SUCKS!!!!!!

    1. Henry it wasn’t like he jumped of the ski’s to try for the money. He couldn’t stay up there any longer. On the live feeds he was really pissed when he loss. Jordan was trying to cheer him up and he said he didnt care bc now he is in jeopardy. He couldn’t win that HOH.

    2. Well, he only got the ten grand because he LOST the hoh competition. And it was luck in picking the right snowball that got him that.

  15. The person evicted will he/she have a comp with one of the evcities and then one of them will come back? Can someone explain???

  16. I hope Kalia puts up Adam and then Rachel may stay!! She would have JJP&S! I know Rachel is often hated but she is entertaining, I just don’t like the newbies and I don’t think one has played the game decent enough to win. Especially Lawon!

  17. I really wouldn’t mind if somehow Rachel DIDN’T get evicted… I hate her, but she is right – SHE IS PLAYING FOR SECOND! No one will vote for her. As long as she doesn’t win it all, I’ll be happy.

  18. Why do people support Jeff and Jordan so much… They talk crap about people too and they whine all the time… It’s annoying… And Jordan won money… Let someone else have a chance…… It’s not the vets house…. It’s big brother…. So people should get over the fact newbies are playing the game…. Dani was smart nominating br and Kalia is smart getting Rachel out…. If she stayed in alliance she wouldn’t have made final four.. I don’t think some people in America can add… She is playing a game and people shouldn’t judge who she is outside off of it… She’s only one playing with her brain… in America

    1. Uhmm hello? Dani won $50,000 her season plus Dick gave her another 50K and bought her a car so I say she needs to go too! I used to like her but she throws ppl under the bus also & does a ton of manipulating so therefore isn’t much different then JJ or Rachel..idk jmo

  19. Look who was playing in the POV? Production made sure everybody else who sucks in comps were playing, and Rachel was till a wreck, ensuring Jeff the win… Stench of a Rig and it’s FUNKY…….HAHAHAHAHA so much for the unearned praise…

  20. Honestly, I think that Rachel should stay in the house now. I hate her attitude, I hate watching her cry and pout, she drives me crazy, but I can’t stand Kalia, I can’t stand Adam, I can’t stand Porsche- I’d love to watch their jaws drop if Brendon came back in the house. These guys have done nothing but floated through, and it will be awesome if Brendon can come into this game and help whoop their asses!

  21. Why is Kalia trying to put up Adam? I feel like this is risking it unless I’m missing something. Yes people like him but I can see him getting evicted over Rachel. J/J and Shelley are frens with him but if they keep Rachel, there’s always going to be a bigger target than them in this house. Plus…Adam might have to battle Brendon to get back into the house which means…B/R/J/J will be back together again. And trust me…CBS will love this. If Brendon gets the votes he will 100% be back. It will be a physical comp and they will have him destroy whoever is evicted especially if it’s Adam. If Rachel gets evicted then I’m sure Cassi or Dom will battle her. They’re already portraying Dani and Kalia as the mean girls or the villains. They won’t want they’re golden couple of J/J leave. Plot thickens again.

  22. OH well BB is going to be boring this week i mean i really want rachel to stay Brendon leaving the house is affecting her a lot maybe if she stays she will be back into the game now i guess we gotta wait for thursday

  23. Rachel will get voted out an I have a feeling that Brendon will be voted in because of the drama aspect. Then Rachel and Brendon would have to compete with each other.

  24. Last minute. Text 1)Dani, Text 2)Lawon Text 3)Porsche Text 4)Shelly and Text 5)Adam (aka Cruddy). Yeah Jeff, take yourself off on the block and replace the nominee: Rachel (1) vs Replacement Nominee by Text message:??????????????? Go JJ.

  25. Too bad Rachel is up and she can’t put up Shelly’s optical illusion ass and possibly get her out of the house. After watching for a few weeks, I’m not for any of the Vets besides Dani. Even though Jeff does make me laugh sometimes because he’s so brash and intense at moments. But I consider Shelly completely on the Vets sides. I guess she’s a Vet at life and lies which is fine if that’s her game. She’s quite cunning. But I just wish it would really with blow up in her face since she puts herself on a high horse.

  26. henry

    brendon wont throw any competition as far as brendon is concern right now he thinks rachel win hoh for him he told her by bb exit to win for him , if brendon and rachel competes against each other they wont be talking julie will instruct both of them this competition for one of them to return to the house and silence please it would be a quiz ,

    when they are finish she will say brendon u can return to the house him and rachel will kiss before she leaves please stop uttering nonesense julie wont let any conversation go on trust u me big brother wants brendon in the house over rachel and he’s better at competitions so he’ll win

  27. Yeah yet another surprise, he has competed in every comp. It was also surprising that JJ and BR competed in pov when Dom and Adam were on the block! Gimme a break BB!

  28. I kinda hope Psycho stays because if BB decides to rig the votes and make sure Brenda is the chosen evicted HGs you know pussyman will lay down for his beloved Psycho. these POV/Have/Not comps has proved anything is her head is not and will not be in the game..

  29. Seriously are Jeff, Jordan and Rachel idiots. Why would they think that BB would just automatically bring the next evictee back. They should know it’s not that easy. I hope Rachel gets evicted and when they think she’s coming back Cassi walks in.

  30. I find it funny that the people who have the same opinion with the runners of this site get away with calling everyone who dont agree with them vulgar names but someone who has a different opinion calls them a NERD is getting warnings.

  31. Porsche says that she would make a big enemy and put up Jeff and Jordan.

    Best idea she every had, FINALLY she talks game

  32. Woot!! Glad he won!! I am on team JJ, but I really wished Jeff had shut up enough to listen to Kalia. Cracks me up your on the show once before and that makes you a veteran player. Really with all new peeps its new to everyone. If I never hear the word floater after this show I will be thrilled!!

  33. Psycho is pretty useless without Brenda stroking her ego and entertaining her delusions, it’s that love thing, without your partner, you lose all sense of common sense and reality, this is why Brenda gave up his spot in the n game for her and he will do it again if he is chosen to compete against her. It would be sweet if they had t compete in isolated boxes like season 11, and they don;t even know who they are competing against and Brenda a wins, and go insane when he finds out who he was play against.

  34. #1 goal should be to get the whack job (R) out of the house. However, whomever is evicted “may have a chance to come back” as Julie said. For example, R voted out & Dom gets chosen as “America’s vote”, which may mean that R & Dom compete to see who stays (or returns in Dom’s case) and who goes. Question is, if Dom loses (omg, no!) and R wins (shoot me now), does Dom go to jur house or home? Also, if R returns, it will be stupid as the HGs are still going to be gunning for this nut case to get the boot. Time will tell though. However, I do think K should put up Jordan again, as R will be sure to get the boot.

    1. I was wondering about where the eventually evictee would go as well. For appearance’s sake (lol), I would think if Rachel lost, she would go to the JH, but if she won, Keith/Cassi/Dom/Brendon would go home, not to the JH. But knowing BB, if it’s Rachel versus Brendon or Dominic, and Rachel wins, Brendon or Dominic will go to JH (so they can be waiting there if and when Rachel or Daniele get evicted).

      I want Brendon to get back to “curing cancer” hahahahaha…

  35. Jeff won the POV and nexts up HOH! He better step up a game and win every competiton. Any newbies is stupid enough to put Jeff on the block and he will win. So Better think twice newbies. Team JJ all the way.

  36. I’m so excited Jeff won. Although it will be kinda fun to watch the “floaters” fight against each other. I’m sure that if it’s Rachel against Brendon they will make it a blind competition so they don’t know who they’re competing against. Otherwise who knows what the cancer curing knight might do?!?

  37. Kalia needs to sit down with Jeff and tell him that if he goes down, Jordan is going up because that is the only way to insure Rachel leaves. It is up to him & Jordan to decide who would do better against Rachel. He may stay up to protect Jordan but then he isn’t Brendon.

  38. Haha Boogie’s a queer. I knew it. I hated that jerk from the second I saw his ugly wigger ass. Will was cool but Booger just sucked. I hope he goes to jail. I’m serious, I hope he goes to jail.

  39. If it is Adam going up for Jeff how do guys see the votes shaking out? Dani, Lawon, shelly for Adam? Jj for Rachel? Does porshe keep Adam? TEAM DANI YO!!!!

  40. seriously. why do people like Dominic? i couldn’t stand people bending over backwards for him for the first 3 weeks. He had his chance and blew it by plotting too hard and sucking at HOH.

    I want Cassi back. She’s the one that got screwed. Plus, it’ll be way better TV for Cassi to beat Rachel back into the house and get some retribution.

    1. Exactly! That’s what I’ve been saying too. Dom isn’t going to do anything but follow Dani around like a little puppy. He got his chance and he screwed it up. Cassi needs to come back. Vote Cassi!

  41. i cannot believe how big of a bonehead the vets are right now. whyyyy on earth do they think that whoever gets evicted is just going to chill in a hotel for a few days and then waltz right back into the house? it makes absolutely zero sense at all. my mind is so boggled by their idiotic logic.

    also, i don’t particularly care for kalia, but where on earth do the vets get off on trying to say she isn’t a competitor? rachel is convinced kalia can’t beat her, but kalia beat her in the HOH, outlasted everyone but dani in the last HOH, and from the sounds of it, did better than her in today’s POV. meanwhile jordan is no more of a competitor/player than portia at this point aside from the fact that nobody ever calls her on it.

    and speaking of kalia, why on earth does she care in the slightest what JJ think of her and her votes? they aren’t on her side and she’s so concerned about them believing they aren’t her target. she’s an idiot for staying true to her dumb promise not to put jordan up when jordan would put her up in a heartbeat…well…she’d have jeff put her up since she doesn’t actually play any game herself. she is SO STUCK on what they will see when they get out of the house…WHO CARES. what happens outside of the house in 2 months doesn’t do shit for your game RIGHT NOW. put up jordan, the end.

    don’t even get me started on snake oil saleseman shelly.

  42. How many votes is everyone doing? I have voted 260 times so far. Go Cassi. Cassi taking out Rachel to get back in the house would be great tv. If she tells Rachel: “It’s not personal. I guess I am a better player than you after all – plus the fans voted me here over Brendon.” That would be priceless.

  43. Why in the world is anyone rooting for those obnoxious veterans? Jordan is the only one I can stomach and she has already won $500K. Dani had the courage to challenge their monarchy so I respect her for that. Let’s bring Cassi back so that she can work with Dani to take clear control of the house. The thought of Brendon returning makes me sick. I don’t think I could watch one more minute of his sappy interactions with Rachel.

  44. If B comes back I don’t think I could watch it. My tv and Sho will be turned off. I think it was a crap decision to bring back people who already won in the first place, but to bring back B for a third time is just b*ll sh*t

  45. Kind of off-topic, but I’d just like to reiterate here again how much I enjoy this site, appreciate the time its creators dedicate to it in order to make sure we all really get what’s going on in the BB house, and as a result, I donate what I can to keep it up and running. Whether you only read here daily, or read and post here daily, and especially if you’re a lurker who pops up every once in awhile to leave a comment aimed at stirring things up, I think it’s only fair to at least consider just once leaving these guys a little token of your appreciation, even if it’s just a single dollar.

    I’m only guessing here, but what I’m guessing is that more folks than not come here daily and basically get the feeds for free, frankly a better version of the feeds, thanks to these guys who run this site, and of those folks, only a small few make a donation. I personally have Showtime, watch BBAD every night, see what I see, but this site has allowed me to not only see what happened during the day, but the stuff I have seen myself is a million more times entertaining to read about here. I only discovered the wonders of Big Brother during season 8, never watched it before that season, but ever since discovering it, I have to say my being a fan of it ever since has half to do with CBS/Showtime, and half to do with this site.

    Anyway, I’m rambling, but I think what I mean is that if you’re going to feel passionate enough to post a comment here, it’s a given that this site has done its job, and as a result, if you haven’t donated at least one dollar to this site, maybe it’s time you throw the kind of bone back to this site that it’s continually thrown to you, you know? Just my opinion;)

  46. its obvious that cassi or dom is getting voted back in and theyll face off against rache and rachel will most likely win

    1. I think you’re spot on, but still I hold out hope that either of them beats Rachel. Not real confident, though. Still, it will all make for some interesting viewing in the very least!!:) CBS knows what they’re doing… even if Rachel loses, if she’s that vital to their ratings, they’ll find a way to please the masses by totally evicting her yet still bringing her back for a minute or two like they did last season.

  47. i don’t know if the pov was rigged or not, but what does it matter, whether rachel or jeff got voted out, they get a chance to compete to come back into the house and either one would have no problem beating cassi, keith or dom in any comp…brendon would be more difficult to beat but i don’t think he will get the votes to be voted back in….so this HOH is a wash and all Kalia really did was make enemies, the big scary competition-winning kind

  48. why is Kalia not talking about the obvious choice? you put jordan up and that gets Jeffs vote and Rachel goes home no doubt, if she puts up Pacer then Rachel stays, i think Kalia is dumb enough to put the wrong person up

  49. Jeff is a crybaby. He wasn’t upset or worried at all last week when Jordan was the pawn. What’s his deal anyway didn’t they pracitcaly beg everyone to keep them until the jury house became a factor. Why can’t Jordan take some cask from her 500k and use that to spend the summer together, or did she burn through it already?

  50. It is funny that Jeff actually won something himself..well not true, he had alot of help from what it looks like. anyways, I’d rather have kalia put up shelly [[solely bc I would love to see the lies she’d spin and rachel still leaves…or jordan goes up and she can stay or go..preferably stay bc I dont find rachel enteraining anymore, just annoying. her pity parties are only amusing for a lil bit. either way I’d want dom to come back…or cassi if she didnt team up with shelly and JJ…team bacon doesnt need to go up!

  51. I hope Dom comes back and that would probably mess with Dani’s game and probably KaLIAS too cause she is so far up Dani’s butt. Then Kalia would turn on Dani and go to the Vets side and vote to get Dani out. Kalia needs to put up Lawon or Adam besides the Elf costume he has done nothing in the house. Sorry to quote Rachel but the floaters have to go, who ever cast lawon needs to be fired he is creepy and boring and has done nothing in the game, did you see him in the HOH comp he looked so confused, hes never going to win anything

  52. thoughts about the comp between AV and the evicted house guest… what if they don’t face off… in other words what if they never see each other or know who they are playing against. Brendon would play so hard to get back in to see Rachel, not knowing he just eliminated her!

  53. Since when was floating a bad thing? There will be much better drama when the floaters start having to turn on each other. Cannot tolerate another Rachel moment. PLEASE do not bring her back.

    1. I vote for Dawg often.. haha I have no clue who Dawg is but I assume he/she would be more fun and more interesting then Keith.

  54. I am praying they bring back Brendon and evict one of the newbies. Dom is super boring I dont get why people like him…maybe cuz he has a pretty face, if Rachel was still strong I would like to see Cassi come back and they cat fight MEOW! but since Brendons departure, Rachel has been as useless as Kathy from last season.

  55. I hope Rachel, Jordon, and Jeff stay long enough to get Evil Dani, and Kalia out. Ireally cant stand eather of them. I hope that Brendon comes back. I think he is a nice guy. he only got upset when people picked on Rachel, or when he felt that he was getting stab in the back by players he thought he had a deal with. Good luck Brenbon. I hope you get voted back into the house.

  56. yes, jeff finally won something! stop the hate on jj, they’re definitely not as bad as rachel. jordan’s on slop, and pms, and at least she owned up earlier to shelly about acting immature. jeff, yeah, he can be a jerk sometimes, but i think he’s genuinely a nice guy (outside the house). i still don’t get why jj are freaking out though. last week, dani won hoh and she’s a bigger threat than kali. jj kept it cool and played nice with her, but when kalia’s hoh they turn into brenchel?

  57. I have read these comments and I really think we have people commenting with a short memory,JJ has always been slow players,they win by happenstance, the thing we love about JJ is that they are fun loving,laid back,enjoyable light headed people who don’t have deep thoughts, who really have no real effective strategy,but they try,other hard core players help THEM win,it’s hilarious and that’s why I love JJ, they give hope to the people who cheer on the good guys,people who have an innocent intellect,who don’t have a clue but just console each other and they win by chance, God loves the meek,that was Jordan until lately.I really hope JJ calms down especially Jeff ,and stays sweet but lets the others help THEM win. P.S… the name calling, profanity, and anger over this GAME is ridiculous, it’s a game and these people are human beings, if they make mistakes or cry or show some signs of stress being locked in that house,don’t judge them harshly, it doesn’t become an opportunity for people watching to be cruel it’s not called for,Jesus is watching be cool.Peace to all readers

  58. Why does everyone say dom had his chance. So did Rachel, brendon and Jeff and they brought them all back for a full season.

  59. I think CBC dropped the ball whe they decided not to let evil dick compete with other evicted house guests although he was not evicted he was a house guest this season who left the house Pre maturely and should have qualified to re enter. Shame on you CBC

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