Big Brother Spoiler: EARLY Morning Power of Veto Competition!!


7am – 8am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. All the houseguests are up and getting ready, it looks like there will be an early POV competition. Adam complains about having a rumble in the junjle.. an upset stomach from drinking milk. Meanwhile, Kalia is up in the HOH room giving herself a pep talk. She tells herself to go out there and give it all she’s got! Kalia starts praying saying that she needs this …she needs to win to keep her nominations the same that Jeff can see that he is not the target and Rachel will go home… Jeff is not the target I need him in this game… please lord let me go out and be victorious.

In the candy room Dani and Adam are talking, Adam says that he doesn’t know anything about girls but where their notty bits are. Adam asks if he should poop first. Dani says yes, the last thing you want to have to need to do is that during. Adam says you would be surprised how hard I can clench my butt cheeks! Dani says for some strange reason I believe you. Jeff is still in bed, while the others are getting ready. Jordan and Rachel are in the kitchen talking about their best case scenarios. Rachel says that she is doing this to get out Dani and all the floaters that flock to her. Jordan asks Rachel if she ate anything. Rachel says yeah she had slop and a fibre pill so that she can poop …but doesn’t think she will be able to because she is so nervous… Jordan wonders why they are doing it so early.

8:15am Jordan heads into the havenot room. Jordan and Shelly talk about how crazy Rachel is … Jordan says that she already had four cups of coffee and said that she took a fibre pill and wants to poop. the camera switch to the HOH where Kalia and Dani are talking. Dani says that she is happy she isn’t playing because she wants to stay the BLANK away from her. Kalia says that she is getting her out of this house if it kills her ..Kalia says that she is confident she will win this … and if she doesn’t ..someone else other than Rachel will. Kalia says that last night she talked to Adam about the POV and he said ….. Right then big brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen…

9:50am Still TRIVIA..

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Lawon looks super creepy in that first pic!

Day Yum Yum

Why is that girty rag Lawon still hanging around? He should have been gone week 2!

Day Yum Yum

Typo-Sorry I meant “dirty rag”


lawon is actually hilarious late at night.. Watch him last night late like 2am and couldn’t stop laughing..


It’s funny how Rachel, Jordan and Jeff might talk about the newbs “flocking to Dani, however, that’s what was happening when JJ and BR were “running the house”. Hmmmmm?


Exactly……I am tired of Rachel & JJ they can dish it out but they can’t take it!


Frankly either rachael or jeff can go they both are too cocky for my tea but rachael I believe deserves to be i’n the fame more than jeff because he has won nothing


Who are the 3 people that got picked to play in the PoV comp?


Adam, shelly, Jordan


I would have nominated both Rachel and Jordon and then backdoored Jeff and then kissed Rachel’s ass and told her she is not the target and to shut her mouth because she is ruining the game. This would save me another week.


Just left you a comment, then my aol gave me an error message, so forgive me if this shows up twice, but Rockstar, I’ve read your posts since I’ve been coming here, and I would personally love to see you as a houseguest in the future:)


Eripaul – I would love to be a houseguest. I would probably be voted out first because people get on my nerves. hahaha


Cant believe this, but I think I am starting to like Kalia a little bit!!?? I think I like her more than Dani now! Saw a different side to her on BBAD last night….hhhhmmm

Not Meg

Are we playing the “floater” drinking game still? If so i don’t think I’ll be sober until September.


Funny how Kalia and Dani now think they’re sincere and honest and being attacked for no reason. Wow…Brenchel much?! Goodness this house. Everyone has a warped perception of reality and I wonder if you lie enough, you end up believing it yourself. Rachel might be an open psycho but the girls in this house are insane. Especially after Jordan lost it yesterday tho there were severe mitigating factors. Shockingly I thought I’d never ever say this, Porsche actually seems like the only one holding it together.

Anyways, I’m excited for this veto. Do or die for a few people. I actually think Rachel will be evicted either way this week and I bet she has to face Cassi or even better Brendon to re-enter the house. And I know there are Dom fans out there but let’s be honest. Besides my personal opinion that he’s boring and overrated, CBS knows he’ll do NOTHING to add to the game cos of a few factors:

1. Dani and Kalia are slowly being portrayed as the mean girls now. Dani the “evil” leader with 2nd in command and her minions.

2. The house has completely shifted to Dani’s side. J/J/R will be portrayed as the underdogs and no matter what no one likes a underdog bullied even if you hate one of them.

3. Alison Grodner has spoken about how there is great disdain for Kalia cos they’re attacking the “golden couple” Jeff and Jordan. And B/R actually provide ratings. We watch the show cos we love to hate them. It’s plain schadenfreude! CBS knows this and they’ll make sure we don’t see the last of them.

4. Dom won’t add to the show. He’ll align with Dani and take out the remaining vets. And Dani divides fans while the newbies haven’t really won a lot of fans simply cos they haven’t been showcased as much as the vets. There is no one you can really get behind. There WILL be a decline in ratings if Jeff and/or Jordan leave.

5. Hence, my prediction is that we’ll probably see Brendon back to create havoc. You need to have a polarized house. One person tending to sheep which is what Dani will be doing, doesn’t do anything for ratings. B/R/J/J versus D/K/L and the rest will.

Obviously this is just my inner producer talking. It’s all heresay and speculation. We might just see Dom come back and pretty much kill the show. But BB has a sneaky way of creeping up on you. I’m sure there will be more twists. Whatever the case, we will see Brendon and Rachel again this season in some fashion.


1. I dont see the mean at all. They made good strategic moves but they are not going around taunting as Brenchel did and they are not threatening people like JJ did they are just not being scared of the JJBR bull crap

2. They can potray and edit them however they want those following the blogs and live feeds know they are only such underdogs now though because they beat and bullied the original underdogs to revolt on them.

3. This may be true in the studio, however I pray they wouldnt mess with the votes since it would be tampering with a contest and a criminal move.

4.Again this is cbs’ doing for only focusing on the vets and failing to make the newbs bifgger hopefully they start to showcase the newbs more soon and stop letting the pity parties of the bullies lead the charge.

5. so allowing the vet alliance to skate to final 4 is great tv, give me a break, worst twist ever. lets have 3 pairs help each other and 8 people who have never been in the game before there as food to be ravaged..


jordon will win the pov mark my words!!!
Don’t laugh at me if I’m wrong

Eval Dani

Jordan and Jeff have lost my respect. quit moping and pouting and be thankful u were given so many opportunities by CBS and even won abuncha money. brats.


Jessica Simpson watches Jordan so that she can feel smarter than someone.


Jeff, better win the POV competiton. I want you to win the POV and take yourself off the block. You got the advantage.


i had my whole family voting for brendon all 25 of my counsin 5 brothers 6 sister now i am contacing the rest of my facebook friends to vote brendon
and all of them voted 10 times
when not if when brendon comes back dani kailia bye bye

rachel win pov

rachel wins pov watch this lol


So what your saying, is that your family is as misguided and delusional as you are. Shouldn’t never put internet into the trailer parks, this is what happens.


J/J & B/R are so overrated…… please!!!

Jeff and Brendon are both bullies, Jordon has shown her true colors this season and poor Rachel desperately needs psychiatric attention. She’s not stable enough to even be on BB.




Good job!!!!!!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I call that desperation, bet neither of them even know who Brendon is…

FYI Brenda will not be back in the game, Rachel will be voted out and pussyman will throw the comp for her….. Your Family Failed


Go kalia!!! Team dani!!


my sister has 6 best friends they are contacting there online facebook friends to vote brendon///

when brendon returns it wont be a rigg he has fans like me that would go to war for him lol


Good luck with that… I bet that the other evicted houseguests have FB friends and family that will do the same for them


Ur an idiot, why would u like/root for a complete douche bag like this guy? Wait I got it! U r that guy! What a loser.


Oh yeah and vote for dom! Team dani DYE!


stupid iphone, ftw not dye, dani will never die she is a goddess


oh that so sweet


Feeds still down?


For starters: GO KALIA!!! I truly believe she is a smart and team player. This season of Big Brother has truly been a disappointment for me. I do not like the fact that CBS put people who never played the game with people which have played it before and won money along the way. I find it disrespectful that Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are calling the rest of the cast floaters when they are simply playing the game the best they can. This is how I wish the nominations went: Kalia put up Shelly and Jeff. Someone else wins the veto (not Jordon nor Rachel) and everyone votes Jeff out and America vote Dominic back in the game. I don’t think Kalina should worry about Jeff opinion on anything cause he clearly is not worry about her.


It would have at least been more fair if they had brought the newbies in with their own couple. I think it would have at least made for more interesting play by the newbies because when you did vote 1 out, their partner would potentially be gunning for those who voted their partners out. As it was, the partners turned on each other first because they no relationship with each other.

A Nono Moose

& aint it grand that she has God playing BB right beside her… whether you believe or not thats what you call a wasted prayer

Can't stand it anymore

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch Brendon come back and play against Rachel to see who stays in the house? Brendon would throw it and Rachel would remain in the game. This would drive Dani and Kalia crazzzzzzy! Interesting TV!


If that’s interesting TV for you, then you would have to be fascinated if there was a PaintDrying or GrassGrowing TV station to watch.


For starters: GO KALIA!!! I truly believe she is a smart and team player. This season of Big Brother has truly been a disappointment for me. I do not like the fact that CBS put people who never played the game with people which have played it before and won money along the way. I find it disrespectful that Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are calling the rest of the cast floaters when they are simply playing the game the best they can. This is how I wish the nominations went: Kalia put up Shelly and Jeff. Someone else wins the veto (not Jordon nor Rachel) and everyone votes Jeff out and America vote Dominic back in the

game. I don’t think Kalina should worry about Jeff opinion on anything cause he clearly is not worry about her.


I may be one of the only ones but I’m hoping for Rachel to win this.


I can’t believe how arrogant these veterans are… for some strange reason they feel they are the only ones with the right to win, if any of the newbies DARE to try to win they get ballistic!! Isn’t this a competition or what? Should the newbies surrender to their crap and hand out the prize to them?? Few weeks ago they had the ‘power trip’ and were bragging all the way to the toilet, now that Dani turned the table (thanks Dani for the drama) and a newbie won HOH they can take the heat, they are pathetic! I like Dom and Cassi but if Cassi returned she will aligned with Jordan, at this moment Jordan is totally out of control she deserves to be voted out also… Houseguests went there to play, not to served the prized to JJBR


correction: “they can’t take the heat”



u and evil dick will be disappointed all this campainging yall did for dominic

and brendon returns lol

i think simon,,, evil dick will be crushed when rachel wins POV jeff and jordan are not good at competitions end of story


jeff won POV


Team dani vote dom! He is our only chance to beating rachel/jeff!


ummm is it me or is Jeff not the floater of this season? What has he won except cash? Big Jeff …aka..Big Floater


heard from feeds that jeff won veto


If the POV is used Kalia needs to put Jordan up as the replacement.
Jordan already to Kalia she wants nothing more than Kalia out of the house, so Kalia would not be making a new enemy.


Jeff won the POV

Midwest Fan

Jeff won POV.


I cant stand kalia. I want brendom back. I hope rachael wins pov and Hoh so she can put dani and kalia


I told you so. Jeff won the POV and he will take himself off on the block. Okay Kaila, who will replace the nomination w/Rachel beside Jeff or Jordan. Text A: Dani, Text B: Lawon, Text C: Porsche, or Text D: Shelly. Go Jeff and Jordan. Celebration. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He safe, oh yeah, He Safe. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Jeff, I give you applause and proud of you. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff won pov!!!


jeff won the pov!


wow, am i the only one who actually watched the hoh comp? Kalia won basically cause she was lucky and her cocky attitude off of that win is going to be her downfall. If i was dani i would use her this week and then throw her to the wolves. For all you JJ hagters out there, you should purchase a plane to fly a message to dani cause if she doesnt get jeff out soon she might as well give him the money herself.


Will our HERO Jeff fall upon his sword, take himself off the block knowing that Jordon will go up or will he keep the nominations as is. How will the Jeff the Douche Fan base spin it when he takes himself off and has Jordon take his place?


Shut up Rockstar. Your still the number one idiot.


give it up AA. It just proves just how stupid you are for being a Jeff and Jordon fan. Your bullshit doesn’t work around me.


AA, please calm down and stop these 1 line attacks on people.


Rockstar started it. I’m just defending Jeff and Jordan. I went to High school with Jeff. I’m rooting for him.


I just find it so stupid when Jeff gets mad that he is a target when “everyone knows he wants to spend the summer together with Jordan!” – Who the hell cares? The people that JJ target want to win a lot of money and prizes. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to be in the house, it doesn’t mean you can’t get evicted! JJ go spend your summer together some place else where there’s not a chance someone will evict one of you!


I agree Sparkles. Jeff and Jordon are paid to spend the summer in the BB house. If they were not there they would need real jobs.

give me a break

people each and everyone that has been on or are on now have lied,backstabbed, cried had mental breakdowns this is just the game…


kailia told jordan two weeks ago that she will never put her up nor back door her / shelly wont save rachel she didnt even save brendon or give him a vote and both of them drink coffe every morning

dont care who she puts up rachel leaves

shelly can sell a dream and she aint even martin luther king lol i will bet my money she tell rachel she will vote to keep her lying bitch




This gets less like big brother and more like Jerry springer everyday don’t think we’ll watch much longer.