Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff Used the Veto to Replace Porsche with Dani! LET THE FIREWORKS BEGIN! **UPDATED**


10:45am – 11:35am Big Brother cut the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen to block the Power of Veto Ceremony. When the live feeds come back, Dani and Kalia are in the HaveNot room talking and crying. Dani says that it is the worst birthday week ever. Kalia says what was with that speech? Kalia says he always give people the chance. Kalia says that he told her to that they can still talk. Kalia says F him. Kalia says that she is worried about Porsche going over to their side if Dani leaves. Dani says no I don’t think so. Kalia says that she can’t win this game by playing with people that wont say or do anything. Kalia says I am not going to say or do anything all week, I am not going to campaign against you.. Dani says stop Kalia you dont need to campaign against me …you can campaign to save yourself. Kalia says that Shelly hugged her and said that they can talk later. Kalia says F you I don’t want to talk to you. Kalia asks Dani what she is thinking. Dani says nothing.. Dani says that she wants the king and queen for the chess table back for her speech on thrusday.. Kalia says that they are in the storage room in the bottom drawer.

11:40am – 12pmDani heads out into the backyard. Shelly says how are you doing super star? Dani says I am good. Shelly asks where Kalia is … Dani says I don’t know ..she’s laying down. Dani says that she knew Jeff was going to do it anyways ….so.. Shelly asks what Dani is thinking. Dani says that she is thinking about what people have said and done that make them hypocritical. Dani says that it is totally person what he did …she put him up three weeks ago and that was such a long time ago … he has been telling me that we are good and that I was safe. Dani says that maybe I have been playing this game to personally ..and that maybe I shouldn’t. Shelly asks what Dani is going to do now. Dani says well I am not going to just roll over. Dani says that according to Rachel you think I am a disgusting human being and you would never vote for me. Shelly says well you know that is not true … I think the world of you … I would never say that about you. Dani says worst birthday week ever!! Dani says that she knows it was going to happen. Shelly tells Dani that she wants her to fight to stay. Dani asks Shelly if her vote is locked to get Dani out. Shelly says no, her only conern is if Dani will put her up if she stays. Dani says that you have my word if you vote to keep me that I will never come after you, my targets are Jeff, Jordan and Rahcel. Shelly say you don’t need to do that. Dani says that everyone will take Rachel to the final two because everyone knows she will only get Brendons vote. Shelly says and she will win $50 Grand and she doesn’t deserve it. Dani says that is what solidifies the three of them… they will take her over anyone else.. even you. Shelly says that she knows that. Kalia and Adam come out. Adam is working out on the elliptical. Dani asks if she should use the pregnancy in her speech on thursday? Dani says if you want to keep a pregnant woman in the house to compete in competitions …that disgusts me!!!

11:40am – 12pm Meanwhile,Jeff, Rachel and Jordan are hiding out in the HOH room. Rachel says that Brendon is going to clap when he sees Dani walk through the door. Jordan says don’t say that …you don’t want to jinx us. They talk about how Dani will be campaigning to stay and they need to make sure Porsche, Adam and Shelly vote her out. Jeff joins them on the bed and asks when they all shook hands with Porsche .. Rachel says that she knows what she is talking about and explains the situation. Jeff goes on about how he doesn’t ever know what the hell Porsche is thinking. Rach says that Porsche told her she doesnt like to talk game because it gives her a headache. They all laugh and say you’re in Big Brother!! Rachel says that she remembers Porsche saying that if there were a competition with prizes that she would take them and wouldnt care if she went out after that because at least she got something. Jordan says I don’t think thats true. Jordan wonders if Porsche is closer to Dani than Kalia is. Rachel says no Kalia is way closer to Dani than Porsche is. Jeff says what if we got out of here and Porsche said that she was playing us the whole time … Jeff says I would be like good one!! If I could come in here and do that I would. Jeff says Michael Jackson is white because of soap … that would be genius if she thought that up. Rachel says Porsche knows Janelle … Jeff says who the F cares …she worked with her .. she wasn’t her best friend …or sister. They talk about how they need to confirm they have the votes. Jeff says that we need to be downstairs. They all head downstairs.

12pm – 12:20pm Jeff and Jordan are eating at the kitchen table. Porsche is making something to eat in the kitchen. Jeff asks Porsche if she was surprised.. Porsche says yeah ..and says that she was proud of her speech. Jeff and Jordan head up to the HOH room and lay down in the HOH bed. Jordan asks Jeff about his speech. Jeff explains that he was meaning that when Dani walks out he hopes she regrets what she did. Jordan says that his speech was good and it wasn’t mean. Jeff talks about how he wishes what happened never happened ..that she wanted to get out from her fathers coat tails and she didn’t. Jeff says that everyone else benefits from me doing this …and now I just hope they stick to their word. Jeff talks about how Adam is already on the elliptical and he hasn’t been on it all season. Jordan wonders why? Jeff says that he thinks that he can get in shape in a week. Jeff says that he gave Dani his word and she wanted more …she wanted to see if the grass was greener on the other side. Jeff says and now we find out she had deals with Kalia week one. Jeff says that it is just not in his bones to let her come back and forget. They talk about how they need to talk to Shelly and Adam more. They are worried about Adam. Jordan says that she thinks Shelly will tell them if Adam or them try and team up. Jordan says that she thinks if Adam is going to do anything it will be during the double eviction. Jeff says that it was the right move ..he wishes it didn’t need to happen ..but he just couldn’t roll with someone who did that to him. Jeff calls Adam the captain of the floaters.. the floater with the most social game. Meanwhile Kalia is telling stories and talking about New York and 9/11 out in the backyard to Adam, Rachel and Dani.

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Teri b

wah wah wah….pooor Dani….NOT

Let the shit begin to fly…..PLEASE?!


that’s all dani did on her season, anytime things didn’t go her way she laid in her bed and cried


Dick must secretly be getting a kick out of this after having to listen to Dani’s crap about how she should have won their season. Without Dick there to pull strings and tell her what to do Dani does not have a clue!

Go Big Jeff


Dick was also kept safe quite a big with Dani’s 7 wins. He hasn’t proven he can do it without her either.


Dani is proving to be a disgusting human being using that pregnant shit about Rachel….I’m glad she is leaving because she is the most annoying person in that house..


I am finding all this talk about how a pregnant person shouldnt be playing etc so freakin disgusting… first off.. nobody knows if she is or is not.. but even if she is… so what.. pregnant people do all kinds of jobs.. Im really starting to get annoyed at how rude everyone is to Rachel. What the heck is she doing that is so horrible? I mean as opposed to anyone else in the house.. She is just an emotional girl.. Thats her personality.. Not like she is the only one in the world.. only difference is she is in a place where people are watching her every move..


but JEff is bully of woman – run Jordan run.


Rachael obviously has a personality disorder is heavily medicated and now may be pregnant. On top of all this she’s drinking. What part of this isn’t horrible? It’s not really her fault though,BB dropped the ball here.


what ever jeff is a good guy dani is a bicth




The difference between Dani and Rachoe is that Rachoe is unbalanced. When Brendumb got evicted the first time she acted like he died. Rachoe has some kind of mental/emotional condition that needs medication, where Dani’s reaction is expected (on her period, on slop, sleeping on a shitty bed, and it was her b-day and now she has been backdored). A little crying on Dani’s part is totally reasonable.


omg!! justify much!!? the what was her excuse as she, along with Kalia, laughed at the pain Rachel went through when Brendan left. Don’t get me wrong, not a huge Rachel fan etiher but crap the double standards I read in some of these messages. Dani is just as much as a crybaby as the rest of them. Admit it, own it and stop making excuses like Dani does…. “worst birthday week ever” awwww poor baby, get over it. You want a good birthday?? Then don’t come to the Big Brother house!!! Stay home and let friends and family surround you with love and presents!! sheeeeeeeeeeh!! These kids!


So mature, you must be what 12 lol grow up


Finally someone says what I am thinking. Dani and Rachel are the same when playing the game.




I’m lost. What happens/happened with Danielle’s veto ticket?


The vito ticket was a ticket to Play in the Veto competition only. She did play, she lost, Jeff won. I actually think her name was drawn so she didn’t have to play the ticket. Bottom line, she lost in the veto competition.


She used the ticket to play and Jeff won the pov.


Why would you ‘hate’ someone on a reality show? Isn’t that a bit of a strong emotion for a tv show?


Go Jeff. Win the 500 K and dump Jordan


all the bitches on that show cry, so why not Dani


and how is she disgusting, when Rachel is the one jerking and sucking cock for the entire world to see


This season is going to suck now. Only people who like JJ will really enjoy it.


That’s not nice. Chillax!!! I am a JJ fan, I didn’t like Dani her season, but she is okay this yr. I could never feel that way about anyone. Everyone needs to Chill!


Like I said last week, Dani dug her own grave last week when she evicted Brendon.
She has been making too many dumb moves for someone that was suppose to be a great game player.


Love the hypocrisy!!! When Rachel cries, she is the most vile human being on the planet, but when Dani cries, she is just stressed and cramping. Boo hoo. Dani has, and will always be a self-absorbed, selfish, hypocrite. She has not changed that much since BB8.


woo hoo!!


hahahhahaaa what did she expect? Not to be the replacement? Dani def. overplayed her game in the beginning!


Yea I know! Now real game players like Jordan and Adam can compete. God I honestly think Jordan is the best to ever play the game. She’s so smart!

Midwest Fan

I love sarcasm.


So do I. Lol


Ok it is amazing to hear those who aren’t winning,whining all of the time! Thank you to Adam and Jordan for being true players and dealing with each day as it comes. Boo to BB for not repremanding Dani Kalia Porshe for the nasty things they’ve done to HG. Big shame! I do hope Kalia follows Dani to jury house,shame on them not being better sports.

Jenn M.

i know right. Everyone talks about Rachel but look at stupid DKP going around hidding things and talking about using Rachel’s pregnancy against her and trying to find ways to get Rachel to lash out at them. Only little kids go around hiding things. Grow up Dani and get the hell out of the house so Rachel can win the game and have a nice big wedding and baby shower for the first BB baby. HAHA


Dani did over play too early and now it has caught her.

Her dad, like him or not, was dead on right a few weeks ago.

She back stabbed her alliance way too soon and they finally had a chance to get her.

Jeff made a great game move because he got back at Kalia for putting him up and brought Porsche (hopefully) back over to their side by getting a 1 week free reign.

It gets Dani out, and if no one screws Jeff this week…gets him through the house for 1 more week when he can play for HOH again.

If it is a physical competition, only Adam has a chance at beating him….


Jeff is screwed if Porsche wins HOH. She is going to put him up or backdoor him.

Midwest Fan

The Pink Hoodie Leader has spoken.
All bow down to the Pink Hoodie!!!
Jordan, that includes you. Stop hiding behind the Pink Hoodie Leader
and step in front of him and bow down.
BB/CBS demands it.


Lol! How true! I know Jeff in “real life” and his is nothing but a big mouth loser, 33 yrs. old, living in his parent’s basement, treats women like crap, just a real JERK!


JJridiots – spoken by someone who really knows Jeff to be the jackass that many of us have seen and claimed him to be. What’s up with the pretense of he and Jordum being a couple? Jeff’s macho bravado is a means of compensating for his lack of confidence and intelligence. IOW, he’s a moronic Neanderthal!


off your meds again?


Jeff the coward


Coward? Ha….


ooooohh he is such a big man, he’s beating all the young girls, a fat guy who kisses his ass, and an old lady.


Jeff cannot help who he competes against…BB picked the house guests. Last year, there were studs in the house this year not so much.


Nope Jeff will win this game just wait and see


I hope you’re right, but I think the target on him is too big, I don’t totally trust rachel


I hope so too, but I have a feelin P is going to get HOH and put him up. Or Rachel will turn on him.


Of course he will-CBS has it all planned from the beginning !


No Jeff should be gone next week with the double eviction. I know Adam is just waiting for the right time to get him out.


Agreed. Jeff out next week.




coward HUH we’ll he was smart because she told him Brendon was his target and for Jeff not to worry but Brendon gone now so guess Jeff just out smarted your girl


He is a coward because he wanted to make sure the biggest threat got sent packing?


Last I checked isn’t the point of the game to get out the Bigger Threats first…Plus we all know DANI (she said it a million times herself) was going to get Jeff out next week..he beat her to it!


isn’t that what you are supposed to do


Didn’t she do that with Brendon.


lmao. I know right?


Isn’t that what the game is about, eliminate the strongest threat to your game, Jeff just did that. Jeff won HOH and then he wins POV, GREAT GAME PLAY!!!!!!


She got got.


there all hypocrites , in this game its hard not to be but i really hope dani doesnt go home but she obviously will. Kalia can go home the next week, its not hard for her LOL. i hope jeff and jordan dont win though, jordan already has 50k and jeff won like 15k


WHOOOOO!!! the witch is deadd

Midwest Fan

Jordan’s leaving?


okay Jordan may be stupid, clueless or witv. You can even say that she didn’t deserve to win her season (which i disagree), but how is she a witch lmao? She’s like one of the sweetest people to enter big brother..


My son is awesome


Midwest Fan – LoL! I thought he was referring to Rachel with that comment, but either one would fit that description!


I think Dani can work it so she stays!! She is hardcore and if she doesn’t become depressed she has several days to work different scenarios and send Kalia packing.


just hihi


(โ€ข)(โ€ข) <——— Rachel's Fake Boobs Lmao




Jeff is now #1 target, looks like he is going home next


He is only a target with K/P. Rachel will win this weeks HOH


He (they) voted her man out, Jeff is definitely a target of Rachel. You’d be a Jordan to believe otherwise.


I wish that was true, I don’t trust rachel or adam, so he only has jordan and shelly


No I think Racheal wants him gone too, she just waiting for the right moment she knows she can’t win against him. Plus she mad because JJ did not vote to keep her man. I think once Dani is gone her target will be JJ.


Yes, indeed…Rachel wants Jeff out…and if she wins HOH…she sees a clear path to the finals and it doesn’t include Jeff…I am not a fan of Rachel…but if she pulls together she will win…The rest are too scared, too spineless, too out of shape and too dumb, yes you too Jordan.


Yes, let the whining begin, these two will cry all the way till Thursday. Dani gets what she deserves, should have stayed true to her original alliance. All these two do is talk bad about everyone else, and now they get to live it.


Everyone talks bad about everyone else. Perhaps Adam is the only exception. If you deserve to go because you talk bad about people behind their backs then JJ certainly aren’t for you.


And acting like the two biggest babies in BB history. GROW UP DANI and KALIA. Sick to my stomach of the both of you!!!!

jeff did it im soooooooooo happy dani leaving yesssssssssssssssss i was worried he wouldnt have the nerve but he did im so happyyyyyyyyy


Wow Jeff did Dani wrong, he didn’t keep his word!


Does no one remember the back-dooring of Jeff? She claims he was a pawn, but she set it up so if he left, she wouldn’t have blood on her hands. Sorry, Dani – you had 3 weeks of controlling HOH. Time to go.

Anonymous 2

And Dani did!?!


He said he’s not gonna keep his word with people who stab him in the back.



If Dani’s production friends quit over her eviction, please call me and I would be happy to come and work for the show.



Speaking of Allison Grodner, where has QAZ been lately??


As if that heartless, selfish, monster kept her word? Yeah, right. She would be after Jeff and Jordan. No way she would take them to final 3. That’s not keeping your word.


f her “production friends” are going to quit… they are just stupid!!! Who trades a J-O-B for some girl in a game?!?!?


I agree… WTF Who trades a JOB for a girl on a reality show?!?!?!?


keeping your word in the big brother house will get you voted OUT! your SUPPOSE to get out the #1 targer before they get you!! please understand how this game works…Jeff did the right thing, i just hope it all goes his way!


That douche!

Team Dani!


hahahaaaa! Dani did this to herself. She deserves what she gets. Her game is terrible! She should have stuck with her vet alliance and at least could have made final 5. She’s pathetic. To try to take out the vets who would have carried her through was the stupidest move ever. What a dummy! Did she really think she would win everything?! Pathetic!


Didn’t know these two were great party planners?! Of the pity variety of course. Amazing. Karma is a bitch D/K!




Worst Big Brother season EVER! I’m so done watching.


thx for coming c ya in july 2012


Don’t lie you know you’ll watch!!


^Thumbs up. I didn’t hate Dani until her rabid online fans started foaming at the mouth after someone else finally got power. Now I really hope Dani leaves, we won’t have to see the psychotic rants if they follow through with not watching and delude themselves into believing ratings will take a big hit.




Ok, so lets PRAY Rachel is PREGO (and if she is, you know they did it for TV…I mean hello, she not on pill and they didnt use a condom and screwed all over national TV) anyway, Rachel is PREGO and has to leave the show thus SAVING Dani from eviction…fingers crossed


It wouldn’t save her there would still be an eviction

Julia Christine

what if its a double eviction?

Midwest Fan

There will be a double eviction.
The HGs don’t know that …….yet.


Rachel leaving wouldn’t save Dani it would cut the double eviction but WAY to believe everything you read and what these girls are saying.They are obsessed with Rachel it’s sad how they can’t not talk about her kalia trips on her own feet Rachel did it’s getting annoying to watch.Shelly is actually the most shocking.


Wait a minute, wait a minute!! If Rachel is pregnant then her leaving would, for all intensive purposes, constitute a double eviction! (a little humour to lighten the mood ๐Ÿ˜‰ …. TEAM DANI until the (soon to be) end.

Anonymous 2

Are you living in 1955? Women work in all occupations long into their pregs. Firefighter, police. paramedics and so on. Unless there was something in their contract I dont think CBS can evict her just because she (may be) is preggers.


Why would she have to leave if she is pregnant? I dont understand that logic.. shes not about to give birth…
And so what is she and Brendan had sex.. they are a couple.. you telling me you wouldnt if you were with your boyfreind and you were in that house for weeks at a time? Any of you who say you wouldnt.. are lying…


With Dani gone on Thursday, that means more air time watching Jordan be cute!!!


If you think Jordan is not cute, there’s something wrong with you. I hate Dani’s gameplay but I still think she’s hella fine.


im crying :'(


Dani is going to leave and the season is about to get a lot more boring!!!

Julia Christine

thats what im concerned about, i dont think the show will be anywhere near as interesting with dani gone. its basically gonna be jeff, jordan and whoever they want in the end with them. everybody kisses their asses anyway.


Dani needs to have someone self-evict themselves. Best bet is likely Kalueless. Then maybe try for Rachel.


Jeff made the right move. She’s the only real threat left.


That’s the thing. She’s the only threat. And once she’s gone, Jejo will reign. The rest of the season will be people kissing ass and doing whatever Jejo wants, and therefore, Jejo gets final two and another win for the people with a lot of money already. Jeff will also win america’s fav, along with the 15, 000 he’s already won. -_-


Ya, go ahead – evict Dani…it’ll become so boring I can stop watching now.


Kalia just got a free ride she dodge a big bullet and still has a chance for $500.000 she should be grateful or she was going home


Big Jeff just made the best and biggest move of the game..Happy Birthday Week Dani you deserve it.. Have Fun In The Jury House with Brendon…


Ha ha biggest move of the game…..he has a house full of followers. Dani tried to make the big game move but the followers failed her. Unless Porsche can win hoh it will go Dani,kahlia,Porsche,Adam,Rachel,shelly,Jordan,Jeff.


What big game move did Dani make? Oh that’s right, getting Brendon out twice. Wow, what a huge accomplishment. Dani was safe for 3 weeks because of the golden key. Then her alliance was in power for another 3 weeks. The way I see it, she hasn’t done much of anything. She should have gotten Jeff out last week, but she plays so personal that she had to get Brendon out first and use Kalia again to get Jeff out. Well now Jeff is getting to her first. Dani is a morbid complainer and a super mean girl. All she does is talk shit about Rachel all day and blame her for everything that has gone wrong. Well Dani, you’re on the block right now because you made stupid game moves. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Dani like talking about big moves
You got it this week sweetheart
3 votes and she’s outta here folks!!!!!!!!


Dani like talking about big moves
You got it this week sweetheart
3 votes and she’s outta here folks!!!!


“Big Jeff”?! What does he think he is-an NBA or NFL player…referring to himself in the first person? More like “Big Douche”…


This is going to be a LONG week of Dani campaigning hard. Then double eviction…lost of suspense I can hardly stand it! ๐Ÿ™‚


I wish Adam had his epic beard back.


That’s a joke, right?

Midwest Fan

I still don’t understand why BB/CBS would invite/allow homophobes
like Jeff and Jordan back on their show?


They’re not homophobes. Watch the whole thing and think for yourself and not believe the knee-jerk reactions by some.

Midwest Fan

I have watched.
They are homophobes or just plain ignorant. Hmmm, Jordan????


They are not homophobes and repeating it over and over will not make it so. LIsten to the conversation in context and watch all of Jeff’s interactions in context. Jeff and Jordan both are just out and out nice people! And Jordan is by no stretch dumb. Not being educated does not equate to being dumb. Jordan is, in fact, quite wise in her ability to read people. And you will notice that she does not engender any ill will in that house. Porsche and Shelley haven’t won any competitions either, but they are not “universally liked.” Everyone has their own game to play, and Jordan plays hers very well. When it all is said and done, Big Brother is not about winning competitions–it’s all about how you get along with others. As the old saying goes…. all I need to know I learned in kindergarden. LOL


They absolutely are homophobes. Your taking a defensless position, but I would expect nothing less from fans of JJ. Clearly intelligence escapes their fans as well.


BBXposed – well said! Jeff most certainly has expressed homophobic tendencies. Jordum is incapable of initiating nor sustaining any intelligible thought on her own (nor with REPEATED assistance) as viewers have seen with mind blowing consistency. Jeff say (to Jordon), “shut up and go eat something” and Jordum say, “OK” (with a blank look on her face; nothing registers with her) and she obediently goes and chows down, appeasing her boyfriend (DRINK!) and, proving, once again, that she’s a ‘nice apartment …… with NO FUTNITURE!’


They ARE MOST ASSUREDLY homophobes, and dumb as well.


it’s called “freedom of choice” we as americans have the right to our own opinion on any subject, bottom line we have the right to feel any way we want to about anything we want to, homo is wrong and that’s the bible… can’t augue with GOD.


I read the transcript of the Dumbeldore conversation. Jeff’s either a homophobe or completely ignorant of what a homosexual actually is or a combination of both. I think Jordan is un-maliciously racist.


CBS isn’t supposed to allow participation from those who do not condone the homosexual lifestyle? There goes a huge chunk of the population. Maybe CBS isn’t entirely sold on Inquisition-style programming.

Midwest Fan

You don’t have to believe in another person’s faith or lifestyle to know that
they still deserve your respect as an individual.
It would have been kinder and classier for Jeff and Jordan to have never spoken
on the subject, but then again, they are neither.


“You donโ€™t have to believe in another personโ€™s faith or lifestyle to know that
they still deserve your respect as an individual.”

Then perhaps CBS doesn’t have to believe in Jeff’s faith or lifestyle to have sufficient respect for them allow their participation in Big Brother. Physician heal thyself.

Anonymous 2

Respect in earned not deserved.

Blow me

Jealous? Heh?

Midwest Fan



Stop the hating because your girl got, got ๐Ÿ™‚

Midwest Fan

Check out the internet feeds from BB11 and BB 13.
Jeff and Jordan have, both, made homophobic comments.
Their words are hateful and not mine.


lol funny and true!! haters don’t know these people personally but that’s ok, they will just go ahead and judge them! So tell me haters, what’s it like to be “perfect” sad sad sad sad


BTW, you got got would rank high among the all time stupidest statements ever uttered on TV. But keep clinging to all the worthless stuff that twinkle toes Jeff says and does.


It is the other way around, homos are disgusting and CBS Cares.

Midwest Fan

CBS has gays on their prime time shows, so you are right, “CBS CARES.”

However, on BB, CBS only cares about their phony $howmance couple, J/J.


and racists!!! did you hear Jordan’s comments about Mexicans?? i think that CBS is being irresponsible including them in the cast but they are trying to cover it up with the edits


Everything Jordan said about Mexicans happens to be true. But truth is no obstacle in the face of the secular religion of blind egalitarianism.

And I don’t even like JJ.


I am soo glad to see Dani go out the door, she dislikes everything in other people that she displays herself. Go to the jury and cheer up brendon, and maybe your being on this season was not worthless. Dani’s chance at winning america’s favorite is soo small it is crazy, I do not get why people on this board like that crazy witch.


Jeff is a homophobe?

Shellys Cig

‘I agree with you 100 percent, Jeff is a homophobic douche!!! Not sure if Jordan is or not… And I don’t think even knows. she been verbally abused so much by Jeff, she doesnt know if shes coming or going. Any self respecting woman would live his sorry ass


Whats wrong Dani?? Big brother not as much fun when you are not in power?! This is what happens when you gloat too much.


Don’t you love her whining about how its unfair to be backdoored after she did it to Brendan!!! Makes me giggle.


Totally. She tried to backdoor Jeff, then she successfully backdoored Brendon. I guess you could kinda give her credit for backdooring Lawon too since she didn’t stop it. And now she’s crying about being backdoored. She was guaranteed to play in the POV at least, unlike Brendon. Dani and Rachel have at least one thing in common, they gloat in the penthouse and throw fits in the outhouse.


lol true


didn’t you just crawl out of the ditch just in time to scold Dani on being upset that she’s going home.. And where were you the third fourth and fifth week when Jordan, Jeff, and Rachel were being freaking crybabies when they weren’t in power & weren’t on slop?? Nowhere it be found is where. So shove it.


If Dani is gone Thursday, then BB can say btw to their dedicated viewers.


Say bye to their viewers


Not all of their viewers! A lot of love the show and will stick it out till the end. Dani fans cannot take the high’s with the lows. Jeff and Jordan fans have had 3 weeks of lows, time for a high. Jeff just made the greatest play of the season. Prior to this was Shelley talking Kalia into back dooring Lawon. Both really great game. This is after all a game, not a popularity contest. We are not in high school anymore.


Let’s be honest, there lows were never overly low. They’ve had the numbers from week 1.


Seriously, most of JJ fans are still in high school. That or never graduated from high school. Jobless wonderbums and stalkers Unite, Team JJ was born.

Midwest Fan

You bet.

Julia Christine

its gonna be so boring with her gone, i hope they do a huge twist and its a double eviction and at least something exciting happens. because otherwise its just going to be jeff and jordan to the end and whoever they decide to bring along with them a.k.a. whoever kisses their ass the best..


You are so wrong on that one as most people are sick of Dani’s tantrums. Have watched BB since BB 1 and Dani is the one that almost made me quit watching this season forever. Loved Evil Dick but never could stand his spoiled whinny daughter, DANI!! She backdoored her original alliance and deserves to go this week and instead of at least acting even partially like the adult she should be she is having a crying tantrum like a 2 year old. Cannot wait to have her rear kicked right out of the door. She is making Rachel look great in comparison to her crying and blaming everyone else for her own actions. DANI GROW UP!!!!!!!!! Brendon at least took his evictions even twice with a lot more dignity than Dani!!! It will turn out to be a great season of BB without Dani out of the house. Hope Jeff wins Big Brother!!! He earned it!!!


JJ fans will stick around. I’m not sure who Dani fans would cheer for. JJ doesn’t really have anyone against them. lol what a joke of a competition


Jeff is doing the right thing. Bye skeletor face.


Skeletor face?

Thanks for proving my point. JJ fans score among the nations lowest on IQ tests.




AWESOME!!!! Kalia is such a idiot she doesn’t have to campaign for herself to stay it pretty much written in stone that she will be safe. Does she even know how being backdoored works?


YESSSSSSSSSS!…Dani wouldn’t had a problem re-noming Jeff! Bye Bye Dani you got what you damn well deserved!!!!!


Ding dong the witch is dead! Dani is out of there!


Awsome job Jeff bye bye dani i am sooooooooooo happy


Finally! What a great move for Jeff’s alliance! Hopefully on Thursday, Jeff’s alliance makes themselves useful by winning HOH, otherwise Jeff may follow Dani right out the door.


Sorry Dani, you aint no Evil Dick
Crawl back to your hole


she got her big game move but she is on the shit end of the stick. I can’t bet no better then that. bye bye Bubbles

Rachel's nipple

R.I.P TEAM DANI. bad bad game play. can’t wait to see her walk into JH


Love it!


Dani has every right to be pissy in the heat of the moment, but remember she started this by trying the infamous premature backdoor of Jeff, so she really can’t be surprised. What I don’t get is Kowlia acting like SHE just got screwed…wtf, she said she didn’t want to leave, and if the noms had stayed the same her fat ass would be out the door. I’d like to think she was putting on a good act, but she’s not that good of an actor(ess??). If she keeps it up, she might push Porsche away from her side, then she’ll be the newbie version of Rachel crying “poor me, I’m all alone”. When will this stupid bitch learn? She just had a life saver(super-sized) thrown to her, try to take advantage of it ya effin whiner!!!!


Jeff sucks, too bad he’ll rite behind dani in jury after Thursday. Never thought id say this but I’m now rooting for…… wait for it……. ugh Rachel.


uhhhh Dani and Kaila. Don’t Cry. I know it hurts but you deserve to get screw. Don’t worry, you both felt of trying to pushed, backstabbed, or even backdoored. You deserve to be screwed. Probably Brendon will be happy celebrating and thanks to Jeff for sending Danielle and Kaila in the Jury House. Brendon will say “Thank you Jeff and Rachel” “Thank you for giving Danielle and Kaila taste their own medicine.” Good ridience. And now Porsche your next to be evicted.

Bakinda Game

Poor CBS production. All their efforts to rig bb13 to give it to Danny have been wasted on that idiot. First they rig it to give her 4 weeks of safety. Then they build her an HOH comp. Then they give HOH to her Bff. Then her production BF tells her wat to guess for another HOH. Then the one week she is not in control, they give her a veto ticket. All for naught!
Now, they have to build a pandoras box that offers Jeff a million bux to give Danny the Diamond power of veto!


lol, you have got to be shitting me. if production wants anyone to win, it’s jeff. america eats him up.
and i still stand by what i said about kalia’s hoh not being rigged.. if you didn’t know the answers to 98% of those questions before julie finished them as well than you have obviously paid no attention to this season.


What are you talking about? If anything production is trying to make Jeff and Jordan go to the end. I honestly hope you were joking.


Bakinda game-go backinda your cave!


I agree. I think that Lawon got probably got 10Gs to go away. I don’t think Brendon won any America’s choice contest. Jeff can be bought, doesnt it seem odd to these people that he wins the prizes? Last time he won the Hawaii trip, this time cash? How lucky can one guy be?




Thank god! The girl has been doin what ever she wanted for weeks! Its about time she had some consequences for her cockyness.

Midwest Fan

Then you’ll be applauding when Jeff’s cockiness is rewarded with being evicted
during the Double Eviction, right?
: )


Dani while your looking for the king and queen you also need to pull out the ruby red slippers, my pretty!!! Hehehe put them on and click them 3 times and say “there’s no place like home”!


I am so frickin pissed! Jeff is such a douche! I can not believe he nominated Dani!!

Susie Sweet

OMG DO U KNOW WHAT SHOW UR WATCHING??????? BB Right??? Danielle is HUGE threat why not get her out then BIG Kahlia and Proche’ will be in a corner all bty themselves (wish Shelley was part of that can not stand that person…she still talks behind Rach’s back and states Rachs talks abouit her! BS Shelley has done NOTHING in this game but blah blah blah LIES all around..won nothing and is soooo JEALOUS of Rach and Breadons relationship she can not help but bad mouth LIES about Rach makes US ILL Shlley is def. a SHE-MAN and neds to GO HOME!!!!!)

i AM SO HAPPY LOL i AM PRAYIN RACH WIN HOH and then lets see them ALL swirm lmao!!!

Adam and Shlley r totally losers hve sone nothing in the game (unless u wanna count the veto Keff threw to Adam) But Shelley is just a BIG MOUTH with onlu Lies Lies lies NO MORALS for that woman who looks 15 years over 41. Can she get away with lying about her ttrue age cause if anything I believe she is mad Breadon has Rach as she more likely than not wants her!!! LOL

Awwwww for Kahlia to GO HOME next would be a Dream of ours here in AZ!!! would be sooo NICE!!! First LIL Dani then BIG Kahlia or She-Man Shelley either one I could care less…Just get rid of those 3 losers!

Smartest thing Jeff has done…now J n J are no ,longer needed. At leastBreadon and Rach R OWWW SO NOT Boring like the rest of BB Where and how did they get some of these ppl and why put them on this show??? they’re booooooooooring CBS!! Whomever casted the newbies must of been high I swear this is the most Booooooring set of ppl I have even watched except of course B and R whom I do not even know…

Tc and Peace lol lol lol Bye bye Daniiiii…..lololololololololololol hahahahaaha Karma is a B____!!!!


Uh you can’t believe it? Have you been watching the show? And the bitch was going to get rid of him this week through Kalia so Good riddens!


She wants the chess pieces back for her speech? Let me guess: “Jeff and Jordan are the king and queen, and the rest of you are just their pawns!”
Not clever, and not going to accomplish anything.
Dani and Kalia crying is too funny. After all their mean girl trash talk, they act just like Rachel when the chips are down.


exactly brian. she can campaign all she wants…make all the “final two” deals with adam…and promise she would never nominate shelly, dani’s going to jury. the three walked around like they owned the place for three weeks…time for them to feel some pain!!!


Sorry, but I do believe, Brian, that Rachel acted more of an adult that these three two year old spoiled whinny brats. Just hope that Dani, Kalia and Porsche all all follow right behind each other out the door. The all three are the biggest spoiled brats having two year old tantrums that I have ever seen. Instead of watching Big Brother it was like watching preschool children. All three need to grow up and own what they have done and their own responsibility in their own problems. Dani just needs to grow up and accept her responsibility in what has happened to her. She tried it first and it did not work with Jeff and it took two times with Brendon. She screwed herself and screwed over her original alliance. So glad that the wicked little two year old is going out the door and prayign for Jeff to take it all the way to the end and win Big Brother. He is the only one that is truly deserving this year!!!!!!!!!


Boo hoo now Dani can see what it’s like to be backdoored!!!


Dani had her chance,. she got to play for veto, The person who really got backdoored was Brendon, he never had a chance to play for veto Dani thought she was smarter, and able to play the comps better then anyone in the house no one wins all time. Oh, by the way, she should of taken Brendon’s offer, yes, on his talk with Julie he said he might of put her up, but I think if Dani had play with them she was safe. They would of kept their word. The vets are going to be screwed by the newbs. Rachel better win to save JJ, and then Jeff or Jordan has to win, doesn’t look good Shelly and Adam are sharpening their knives as we speak. They are just waiting to be able for all to play for veto.