Big Brother Spoilers: Dani doesn’t want to campaign against Kalia ..she wants Porsche to do it for her..

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12:20pm – 12:40pm Jeff and Jordan talk about how she thinks that just as long as Rachel is here … Adam will be going after them. Jordan starts talking about the votes. Jeff inturrups her and asks are you talking about the votes …Adam and Shelly are going to get any votes what the BLANK have they done!! Jeff and Jordan roll over to take a nap. Meanwhile out in the backyard, Kalia, Shelly, Porsche and Rachel are talking about random stuff. Kalia is talking about books, libraries and New York. Kalia and Rachel are like best friends now. Kalia and Rachel are all alone talking on the backyard couches. Kalia is telling Rachel all about her life and her job. Kalia talks about within 10 years the newspaper will be obsolete.

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Meanwhile Dani si all alone in the HaveNot room trying to sleep. Porsche joins Dani. Porsche asks why Kalia was crying. Dani says that it is horrible that she is up against her friend. Dani says that she needs Dani to help her. Dani says that Porsche needs to push that Kalia and Jordan have a deal to not put each other up. Dani says that in the next HOH Jeff can’t play and so Jordan and Rachel are the only ones that can win it from their side…and Jordan can’t win anything… so really it’s just Rachel. Dani asks can I tell you a secret? ..I hid the things in the house. Porsche says no way. They high five. Dani talks about how she was telling and planting seeds with Shelly about how everyone will want to take Rachel to the final two because they all know she only has one vote. Dani talks about how she will continue to work Shelly and that Porsche should too. Dani says that she will literally stay awake every night till thursday to stay safe in this house.
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Dani says you realize if I leave you have to work with Kalia ..because both of you have no shot at all alone. Porsche says I know. Dani says that she feels bad that she can’t campaign against Kalia and that she needs Porsche to block her from talking game with other people. Dani says that she doesn’t want to say anything …to dig her own grave. Dani talks about how she was trying to get Shelly’s vote. Dani says that she told Shelly that she will never never never put her up. Dani says that she is thinking of making a final two deal with Adam and that you know he will take it because he has no one. Dani says also that she will never never put up Porsche either. Dani tells Porsche that she needs to push the Jordan thing and that Dani will always be the number one target. Dani pulls out Kalia’s coloured corn pieces and shows Porsche all the possible scenarios and who will be voting for who under each possibility. Porsche says I have a secret …me and Adam had a deal not to put each other up. Dani says I knew it. Dani says that she thinks between the two of us we can get Adam. Dani says that her only hope is with Adam and Shelly… and that she will never get Rachel’s vote. Dani says that we really need Shelly to blow up on Rachel… Dani hates throwing the one person that she cares about in the house under the bus…

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1:10pm – 1:20pm Out in the backyard Kalia is talking to Shelly about the votes. Kalia says that she was talking to Adam and telling him that you can’t win this game on your own, you need someone. Kalia says that no one will vote for Adam in the end. Kalia says that she has still heard things about Rachel saying things about her (Shelly). Shelly says that she’s heard Rachel saying things about Dani too. Kalia says that her biggest problem with Adam is that he still plays like a fan …he has the ability to plan and he doesn’t. Kalia talks about how Dani thought she was afraid of Jeff and Kalia explains that she was just sad that she had to put him up. Kalia heads inside and goes into the HaveNot room. Kalia talks about how she was just out talking to Shelly and now wants to take a nap.

1:20pm – 1:40pm Shelly asks Rachel out in the backyard if she is still okay with them being in an alliance together. Rachel says oh my god yes. Shelly says that she is still hearing about her talking about her. Rachel asks me …I haven’t talked to anyone. Rachel and Shelly talk about how they NEED to win HOH this week. Rachel and Shelly both talk about how they are past it all. Shelly comments on how Rachel is calm now. Rachel says that she is really trying to do that now. Meanwhile back in the HaveNot room, Porsche and Kalia are talking alone. Porsche and Kalia talk about how they need to win HOH this week. Kalia starts talking about Adam again and how she is really trying to get him to pick a side. Dani comes back. They start talking about random stuff. Porsche tells them that she hasn’t listened to bob marley yet …and for them to not be pissed at her if she goes up there to listen ..she says not today though. Porsche says what if we get Rachel to self evict? How would we do that. Porsche says what if I say my think and she hits me.. will that get me a penalty nom. Porsche says she could pour water on her head. Dani says you could spit on her. Porsche starts talking about how she will tell Rachel that she doesn’t want her in the jury house with Brendon ..because she always said he was hot ..and this movie won’t make it to the internet. Kalia says and lets be honest he is not the most faithful person in the world. Dani says oh my god you guys are horrible. Kalia says I says we just start taking BLANK and hiding it in Rachel’s suit case.

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You know I wish there was a triple or quad eviction this week. I’d get out all those rude bitches!

But since this is double eviction week. I can’t wait to see Dani go home and what would be a great twist is that Jeff would get another opportunity to put someone else on the block instead of dumbass Kalia. At least if he kept her you know her ass wouldn’t win shit and Adam can’t stand her.

Anyway can’t talk game to save her life stupid ass Porsche would be on the block again for campaigning to save Dani. Then it would be bye bye to this set of tag team bitches!


oh i know what you mean!! i can’t wait to see that a**hole jeff go bye bye!! along with jordumb! what pieces of *** they BOTH are! i am with ya!


DKP are really pathetic. There only game move is for Rachell to self evict? Pathetic.


To those who think this show is rigged for Jeff or Jordan to win, you have to think twice. Earlier, Jeff was complaining about how production was telling him not to evict Danielle. A few seconds later, the feeds were cut off. This site should have at least mentioned that for fairness.


if thats true, then wow…production sux!!! it ruins the purpose of “reality” shows

Not a PHD student

the irony if Porsche has the power to change douche bag jeff’s nominations. The tuning poinit of his first seson, and his downfall of this season.

Rachel's nipple

it did

Rachel's nipple

these girls have nothing on Brit from bb12. lame ass idea of smack talking


Dawg – is this for real? If that’s the case and production realizes that Dani is a fan favourite and ratings will decline when/if she leaves, then why the hell don’t they do something …. use the fortune teller someone!


Ratings are not based on dani.. For all the people that say they stopped already or have stopped the show is still consistently top ten for week and often wins in it’s time slot for the most sought after demographic. If you think this is because of dani you are mistaken and when she is gone the ratings will show the same thing they have for several years and a few sourpusses make no difference. Post away and say I am wrong but remember my name so after dani leaves I can come back and give you some numbers based on facts. Dani does not make or did not make big brother and she will not break it. It is tremendously arrogant to think otherwise.

Julia Christine

oh if dani goes ratings are GUARANTEED to go down.. itll be COMPLETELY boring if she does..


People keep going back and forth over if Dani leaves.

CBS has not given fans much to work with.

the truth is if Dani or Jeff go….people will only tune in on thursday. ratings will decline.

the show is about competition. without Jeff and Dani where is the real competition???
it is just not there…and no one will care but to (maybe) tune in on Thursdays.

They never should have did this vet vs newbie thing….It was stupid. They should have did all new people or an All Star Game.


most of us don’t even like dani, I am praying she is evicted


Dani is not a fan favorite. Just a few of you in here. I can not stand the lying mean girl.


Omg! Do u recall which feed and around wut time this happened?


they told him the same thing in bb11 not to evict russell, because it was mistake. jeff did it anyway evicted russell and jeff was evicted next. there’s a good possibility he will be in the jury house along with dani in double eviction


I am still team Dani. If she leaves, i have no problem with Jeff, Rachel, Pinto, or Kalia winning. Shelly, Jordan, and Adam are all riding Jeff’s coat tails


This will awesome, Dani and Kaila don’t want to campaign. That’s so sad and better yet whiners. You let Porsche doing the campaigning, that’s more like pretty more stupid. It’s like a pity party. Mostly, their votes for the eviction is favor of Dani. Well, have fun in the jury house.


Stop murdering English!!!


Looks who talking. You need to stop killing English. I did not kill English. It was you. Just You and you alone. Your responsible. Not me. You. Just you.


what it do


I hope they actually go through with the Rachel stuff, it’ll make great TV.




HELLOOO FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bored Brother

Odds that Dani stays in the house 100-1

Bored Brother

Check that: 100,000,000 – 1

A Nono Moose

so you dont think Dani’s leaving??? i disagree but i hope your right & i’m wrong Bored Brother


The newbies really do need Dani!!!


Why don’t those 3 girls understand?


How stupid are they? They’re are so blind.. and so MEAN! so SICKEN!

ol brother

Not true…Rachael nominated Porche week 1. Rachel got rid of Dom, DK’s alliance member. Rachel never thanked Porche for her pity vote the first time Brendon was evicted.


ummm… she nominated Porscha to give her to golden key.. She had the votes to keep her..


because they know manchel can be weak mentally, and any mention of brendon in the JH with another woman is good play, if it gets manchel to leave early………


this is becoming a manchel lovefest, when in prior weeks, most were disgusted by her, just because she has been nice for 2 days doesnt mean she has changed, she will pull her same ol wrap when it suits her game.


Wow, DKP are such wonderful people… Their true colors are really showing…. They make me sick




What true colors? They’re playing the game.


you are a pig.


I see a small glimmer of hope for Dani.. but it’s very small.

Porsche, Shelly, Adam, Jordan, Rachel
5 votes

Dani needs 3 votes. Her best chance is to get Porsche to work Adam, and for her to convince Shelly that the JJRAS alliance will be broken up within a week, and that she has her loyalty

Porsche Shelly Adam vote to evict Kalia
Jordan and Rachel vote to evict Dani


That’s the exact idea I proposed a few days ago, but someone said no way.

It looks like there is a glimmer of hope though…I really do think Adam and Shelly will make a big move here by keeping Danielle to go after JJR for them. If those 2 flip to go with Dani and Porsche, then the Double Eviction HOH comp is between those 4 and Jordan/Rachel…so in other words, just Rachel.

I think Shelly/Adam/Porsche/Dani will take that HOH, and then you’re getting rid of one of JJR.

Then, for the next HOH you STILL have numbers, since three of them will be competing against two of the remaining evil veterans.

I really think this is the week where Shelly and Adam decide to step up and do something big.


see i would love to agree with you however, as stated earlier shelly has her lips so far up jeff and jordan’s ass, she can’t see straight to make a move against them. she has a final 3 deal with them and has stated numerous times she will NEVER go against them. adam is still star struck and acting like an idiot. he barely won the veto comp that was given to him by jeff! those two are pansies. nothing bold will they ever do.


dani is a bigger threat, so adam probably won’t flip


How old are these three????


BB13 = the season of asskissers


HAHAHA I agree and chicken shits!


Hahaha. I hope Rachel self-evicts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LoL! I’d pay top dollar for seats to that event!!


Rachel is really trying to be a “Sane” person this week and now the bitches are going to attack her!! Can’t they just win on their own merit. If they stopped sleeping so much they could probably be competitive!! I hope BB puts an end to this type of mischief!


Their all a bunch of grazing cows that eat and sleep. Especially fat ass Kalia and nasty cottage cheese looking, wobbly disgusting ass Porsche!


wonder what you look like.

Midwest Fan


The photo of Jordan is hysterically funny.


Dahhhhhh! All that was missing was the drool dripping from her mouth!! If you watch her, you can see how it actually pains her to think ….. unless she’s talking within her comfort zone, aka mindless drivel.

Midwest Fan

Seriously, has anyone ever been so lazy in a BB Game
or hidden behind another player like she does?
The only reason Jordan is there is to sign the BB check.




Thats why i do not feel bad for Dani or Kalia, I wish Dani had played it smarter, cuz seriously, Kalia needs to go. Who hides stuff and puts it in other peoples suitcase to get blamed. Oh I know, an oveweight, immature,facestuffer of a little girl by the name of Kalia, can’t wait til you see the true u on tv and how ur BFF Dani threw ur big ass under a mac truck cuz a bus just isn’t big enough.


Shelly will never go against Jordon. EVER

Midwest Fan

Someone has to convince Shelley that is would be okay for her to
evict Jordan since Shelley plans on giving her winnings to Jordan anyway.


Oh, you wait and see, the snake always turns and bites …. when hungry enough! Sssssss wants the 500K far more than people think. The closer they get to the end, she hungrier she gets for it. Mark my words, the snake will most certainly turn on Jordum if she comes between Ssssssss and her chance at the 500K.

Midwest Fan

I agree.
U Turn Ahead.


Rockstar, I disagree. Shelly will truly go against Jordan. Remember she made a final 2 with Adam, so that means if jordan is in the way at the end, she’s gone

Bubbly Pie

Wow just wow, what petty little girls, thats the kind of gameplay you want people to see? Personal attacks and low blows? Provoking a person to leave by mentally messing with person?

Geez this whole Rachel bashing has gone to far and I hope CBS will say something to these girls if they try to pull anything….. they are OBSESSED!!


Talking and doing are two different things. So far they are just talking.
Evil Dick was doer. He messed with people but it seems that everyone loves him???


Not everyone

Rachel's shrink

I don’t think CBS said anything when Shelly promised Jordan a 6 figure job when they get out.
That move had to give Jordan and Jeff incentive not to cross Shelly.

I think planting the seed in Rachel’s head that Dani would mess around with Brendon is totally fair game…and good game play.



Midwest Fan

That makes NO sense.

Rachel's shrink

you expected more?

Seriously Wtf

I seriously dont know how everyone is talking mess a out dani. When the Biggest Witch (bitch) of the East is still in the house (Rachel) she annoys and disgust me with her stuck up and all out just pure bitchiness


SeriouslyWTF…. only thing i can say to you is … IDIOT … have to wonder where you get your info … oh yeah .. must be from DANNI and her two stooges ….lmao .. you are too much


Kalia, Dani and Porsche are PATHETIC excuses for human beings. The things they say about Rachel for NO reason is ridiculous. These chicks need to get over themselves.

We all know they secretly are obsessed with Brendon, starting with Dani who was too obsessed with getting him out to the point that it hindered her game play SEVERELY and to Porsche would love nothing more than to get evicted just to have an excuse to be all over Brendon’s penis in the jury house.


OMG… how can anyone and I mean anyone be a Dani fan. She is HORRIBLE. You wanna talk about a complusive liar. I can only hope that she does not win this season..I also hope that Kalia and Porsche don’t win, they are just as bad as their pack leader Dani.

Aqua Bernie

These girls are vicious! So disgusting! All 3 have to GO!!

Crooked Shooter

I’m still blown away how the 3 JJ followers are not assessing the pecking order of who is more important to JJ then the others. You’d think someone like Adam would realize he is not meant to be any better than final 4 and needs to mix up the “teams” to increase his odds of getting to at least final 3


These bitches are pathetic. You see how classy Brendon acted after he was backdoored. I can’t stand any of those 3 Good riddance Kalia and Porsche will be close behind

Rachel's shrink

I think I just fell in love with Porsche 🙂

“Porsche starts talking about how she will tell Rachel that she doesn’t want her in the jury house with Brendon ..because she always said he was hot ..and this movie won’t make it to the internet.”

Midwest Fan

I agree.


DKP, wow, 5 year -olds, grow up!!!

Midwest Fan

Grow up yourself and get a Moniker!

Planning to put questions about Brendon in Rachel’s mind with the hope that she
will leave J/J’s Army and back Dani, instead, is a smart move.


Wow I can’t believe I’m saying this but Rachel is like the 2nd most classy woman in the house next to Jordan right now. The others keep telling lies about her but she hasn’t said or done anything and I don’t think she will ever call a house meeting to prove that she hasn’t said anything about the others. Also, WTF!!! hiding stuff in Rachel’s suit case? Grow up ppl!! Kalia is a biotch I hate her!!


Yeah when she followed Dani around, sat next to her and put her feet on top of her she was really classy. So classy toward Ragan last year too.


i said “right now”…i dont care if ur a Rachel-hater..but yea.


oh jordumb is soooo classy! most def! i especially thought she reeked of class when she farted and fanned the covers towards jeff. she was probably just trying to get him back for talking down to her and treating her like shit though.


i love your page but ,you have to proof read what you write


before you criticize other people’s grammar and spelling, make sure you check your own.

who cares if it’s not perfect?

Midwest Fan

It’s a fast paced site and Simon does a great job.
Are you volunteering your services to do the proofreading?


funny, bc i can read it just fine – maybe you need to try to learn how to read again

Sady Lady

I don’t think Rachel is a great person, but what DKP are talking about doing to her is worse. Think what you want about Rachel, (unstable, emotional, unbalance etc) but at least she isn’t as hateful as the other 3.


No she’s more hateful. She’s the most hateful person of the last two seasons. There is a reason why she can’t get a decent job because of BB. Dani’s opinion of her is spot on.




WHY was Dani in the backyard talking to Shelly about Rachel once again, saying how much of a disgusting person she is.. why is it always Rachel’s fault? Jeff is backdooring Dani and she’s still somehow turning this against Rachel? Wtf, leave her alone for once! Dani IS the one who always makes personal attacks and nasty comments about Rachel to other HGs and in the DR, NOT the opposite. Judas needs to get over herself and deal with her faith.. you played a terrible game.. you played personal… you kept Jeff safe twice when you should’ve took him out.. now GO HOME! What I find really sad about this situation is that I think if Kalia wins HoH next, she would still go after Rachel instead of JJ, cause she’s so far up their asses and she wants them to like her so bad… pathetic! I hope Porsche wins HoH next, cause I know for sure she would put JJ up. Rachel FTW!


Dani keeps it so entertaining. WTF is going to happen after she leaves? We get to watch more of Jordumb try to use her peanut brain, uuuuummmm huuuuhhhhh duuuuuhhhhhhh


Hey we did it once before…. *sigh*



6- kalia
5 – Rachel
4- Adam
3 – Shelly
2 – Jordan
1- Porshe 😛 Hahahaha


8 – DANI
7 – JEFF
6 – ADAM



I disagreed
5-Adam or Shelly
4-Shelly or Rachel
3-Rachel or Shelly
2-Jordan or Jeff
Runner up-Jordan

Midwest Fan



and what happens if Shelly leaves at #5? dumbass.


Probably Adam no.4. So who dumbass now. Not me. You. Mean you. You alone. You just call yourself a dumbass. Don’t blame me. Blame yourself. Your action more than words. So, be care who speaking 2.


You have a problem. Don’t call people dumbass, especially me. He call himself not me. I have nothing to do with it. So, just move on. It’s just a game, he the one call himself a dumbass not me I have no attention call him a dumbass.


Matt, I’m sorry I call you a dumass and it’s really call for and were cool right. Well, truce.


I honestly think that Kalia needs to go home. You can see that Dani genuinely cares about Rachel, shes only talking smack b/c everyone else cant no that her and Rachel are on the same team.


There is so much to like Dani **puke***! So, the girl has been hiding all the lost stuff ***puke*** trying so hard to make an impact like her dad. So sorry but she will always just be known as Dick’s daughter. FACT that she hates.

Midwest Fan

Get a Grip!
Kalia and Dani asked BB Productions if they could hide household items
and BB Production said, “Yes.”


Horrible argument. It’s okay cuz production said so? Lol


Go Dani….it ain’t over ’til it’s over. Get Rachel to self-evict. If not her, then Kalueless. Kalueless is AIRhead Jordan’s lapdog anyways. Just tell Rachel that Kalueless was telling her all the thing she’s gonna let Brendan do to her big ole titties in the jury house. She should also mention that she saw Brendan’s needle dick and that she herself wouldn’t mind being alone with that for a week…say that she (Dani) and Brenda would have very cute kids.

Then hide all the knives in the kitchen until Rachel goes ballistic and self-evicts.


I am sorry, but to talk about how to get someone they are saying is preggers to hit one of them?!?!?!? Really~ that should be immediate eviction for WHOEVER does it!!! This is a GAME!!! I am completely disgusted!!


And she even wants Porsche to do the dirty work for her LMAO.

Midwest Fan

OMG – Jeff has been having his minions do all of his dirty work this entire game.
Get real!


If DPK really do start taking stuff and hiding it in rachels suit case that would b the lowest of them all. Big Brother better not let that happen. Dani better get voted out! She is scum but bb likes scummy people so the might save her!


and Dani is so sweet and innocent…my ass! she is just as ruthless as the rest of them. Having Porsche campaign for her, because Kalia is dumb to figure it out that isnt really a friend. And Porsche didnt get what Dani said, “Dani hates throwing the one person that she cares about in the house under the bus” bahahahaha
she doesnt care about Porsche???? LOL


These dirtbags just keep getting better. Who would say that shit to another person? Like her or not, this is the man she is going to marry. You don’t say that kind of thing. They are disgusting!! I hate Porsche as much as I hate Skeletor. Grow up gals and get some class. Geesh CBS can pick em. It just sucks people like this really do exist. Haven’t they learned karma is a b*tch, game or not.


A man that masturbated to another man….FACT


Dani treats Kalia like shit. She treats her like her dog and even laughing at her behind her back. He sarcasm is definitely NOT classy, though she tries. I’d rather have Dick’s in your face attack than that of someone like Dani. She spends so much time trying to be best BB player. Look where it got her. A good BB player is consistent. A consistent ASS or a consistent FLOATER. There is a good competitor but only a few of them turns out to be the winner in the end.


This is the first time I am thankful for shit shooting Shelly. Shes currently rallying people up to save Dani. Yayyy!!!


Ohh my gosh with the crying and the ‘i can’t campaign agianst her’ nonsense. Dani needs to man up.


Dani, Kahlia, and Porshe are very pathetic, . These three young women are mentally ill. i can’t see why big brother is letting them get away with the things they are doing. Their reputations outside of the house is going to stink. Your right production does try to interfere with who you send home. Didn’t anyone hear Dani asked production for the script, it might of been last years, but you still have an idea what is coming up.


With all this Rachel bashing it actual has me rooting for her now. Go Rachel…


We’ve been loaded down with a lot of comments some are slow to appear on the site.. They are all coming though.


Sorry about that Simon… It kept giving me an error when I tried posting. I thought it was because of all the cussing, lol.
Just pissed Dani is backdoored and wanted to get all the annoying BJJ fans all riled up.

Midwest Fan

Dani and Kalia didn’t take any personal items and they had BB Productions permission
to hide the household items.
Just saying ………


No but Leatherface, Crypt Keeper Shelly has taken personal thing and even threaten to destroy them.


Shelly is talking about flipping on jj and keeping Dani with Adam and Porsche…If it’s for real I officially take back everything I’ve said about her lol


It would be a game changing move, but I wouldn’t necessarily put to much stock in it yo.



Team Dani YO

Big Sister

I saw this as well. If Shelly gets this to happen, I will forgive all of her lies–wait, not all of them, but most of them. I loved Jeff, but his ego-tripping and constant f-bombs have made him a prime candidate for going out the door in the double eviction on Thursday. He is in need of having his bubble burst. And where is all this sympathy coming from for Rachel?? A couple of days acting like she has some sense and now she is put on a pedestal? I hope you know the girls are just venting and not acting. Don’t get it twisted!