Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan says we will see what happens today ..if Dani goes up there will be fireworks.. **UPDATED**

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7am – 10:15am Shelly wakes up, goes into the kitchen and then heads outside to sit in silence as she smokes. 9:10am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back Rachel and Porsche are in the bathroom putting on their makeup. Shelly is in the shower. They talk about the wakeup song and then about Rachels hair. Meanwhile, Adam tells Dani how he slept horribly last night. Dani says shutup! Dani talks about how horrible it is to sleep in the have not room and that she can’t stand it, her life is horrible. Dani heads into the bathroom and Shelly is surprised to hear they went to sleep at 5am ..and Dani says that she barely slept. Porsche, Dani, Kalia and Shelly continue to get ready in the bathroom. Dani complains about how much her face is breaking out. Rachel heads out into the backyard to sit on the couch staring off into the distance. Jordan joins her outside. Jordan talks about how she likes that Jeff isn’t telling anyone what he is doing …she says its suspenseful. Jordan and Rachel talk about studying the events of the house later. Jordan says we will see what happens today will either be fireworks or … Jordan says that Dani isn’t going to go down without a fight… and Jeff already told everyone to come straight to him if she tries saying anything. Rachel says she knows and agrees. Jordan tells Rachel to just walk away if Dani starts anything with her. Rachel suggests that every night they should just go up and study at night in the HOH room to not be involved in the drama. Rachel says that they might do a Big Brother says …where the day before Big Brother says to dance ..or touch your toes.. Rachel says that then in the HOH competition it’s a true / false asking if Big Brother said to … Jordan and Rachel agree to go up to the HOH if that happens so that they can listen without getting confused by other people talking.. Rachel and Jordan start studying by going through HOH competitions and reciting the order of when everyone fell out. Jordan heads inside to change.

10:15am – 10:30am Kalia and Dani are in the bathroom getting ready. Big Brother gets mad at them for not having their mics on. Kalia says that it scares her that… (can’t hear) Dani says that she feels like all her shirts are pregnancy shirts. Porsche says there can be only one ….and you’re not it! Dani laughs. All four camera switch to the backyard where Rachel and Shelly are talking about how there will be fireworks today. Shelly says that its good for her ..unlike last week. The conversation changes to talking about their hair.

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10:40am -10:45am In the kitchen Adam, Kalia, Jordan and Dani are making and eating breakfast. Jeff, Shelly and Rachel are out in the backyard talking about random stuff. Kalia, Jordan and Porsche join them out in the backyard. They are all talking about the wake up songs. Jordan asks what songs take them back to high school. Biig Brother keeps cutting the live feeds in and out.

10:45am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen… looks like the Power of Veto Ceremony is happening NOW!!

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Why is my name phill?

TeamDANI till the end!


The end is near for her!! Lol


AKA Thursday XD.

But Jeff better watch out for that double eviction :/


It will be interesting if Dani goes home and Jeff is the second to go… That is what I would like to see!


It’s not going to happen. Dani has no one by herself.


i wish dani was staying… hopefully some miracle will allow her too lol


FIREWORKS!!!!! Dani on the block.


Jordan only put the tip of that banana in her mouth. I’m just sayin’…………..


On the subject of bananas, who do you think could swallow the most banana without gagging. Here’s my list:

08 Adam- he’s straight
07 Shelley- her husband swallows the banana not her
06 Jordan-its ickky
05 Kalia- because she is hungry
04 Dani-prefers toys to bananas
03 Porsche- She’s had ALOT of practice
02 Rachel- Shes from Vegas and has had MORE practice
01Jeff- do we really need to go into this?


It’s all about BB 14 now

Midwest Fan

Keep it All Vets or All Newbies.
Stop the BB13 nonsense.


lol. My name is John. I didn’t even give my name John. I typed Austen.


Mad fireworks, Yo!


She may not be the best player but she was a good competitor, entertainer and good at the game. It will suck to see Daniele go- everyone else only kisses jeff’s ass. I didn’t even like Porsha much before but I hope she makes it to the finale just because she has a good spirit and energy, the only newbie that is good at competitions (Kaliha’s win was a fluke and Adam’s win was given to him). I just don’t like any of the veterans when Daniele leaves (if). I even prefer Rachel than Jordan and Jeff. They act all nice and honest but they’re to me just bullies


How could you say Kalia’s win was a fluke? She won her HOH fair and square. She beat the others to answering the questions and answered them correctly.


I wouldn’t say Kalia’s win was a fluke either. That was the one impressive thing she did in this game


First! RIP dani


Bye, bye Dani. 🙁 Let’s face it folks, the writing is on the wall and Dani’s getting a back-door for her birthday.

Looking forward to this double eviction…who will be following Dani out the door???

P.S. Did anyone else notice (in an earlier post) that Jeff told Adam he was hoping it will be Adam, Jeff and Shelly in the final 3? Uh…what about Jordon? So, Jeff has no intention of taking Jordan to the end. (Unless he was BS-ing Adam.) I kinda thought it was a given Jeff would take her to the end (just so she could get 2nd place money.) I guess I’ll have to see how it plays out.


I’m sorry but I don’t feel bad for Dani saying her life is horrible for sleeping in the have not room. She thought it was funny when JJR had to do it and loved they were in there. Dani is being over dramatic and I am sick of hearing her whine. She is as bad as Rachel with the whining when things don’t go her way. I hope Jeff does backdoor Dani then she can leave. She can’t play like her dad, her cards were shown way to early and now she is getting what is coming to her. She is a bully like Jeff but because she is a girl no one says anything. Bye Bye Dani have fun with Brendon


I completely agree- on the feeds last night she was literally screaming like a baby complaining while taking a cold shower. You could hear her yelling while they were playing poker. What a brat. I used to like her, but now that things aren’t going her way she’s acting just as spoiled and annoying as Rachel. And she has the nerve to say that it’s unfair because Jeff lied to her face blah blah blah when this girl has repeatedly said to several people she doesn’t have any problem going back on a deal!

I hope she leaves on thursday, and Rachel walks out right behind her.

Believe it...

Remember on BB12, Dani spent most of the time crying to her father and her continual comments were “it isn’t fair”, or “it SUCKS, sob sob”.
Now that Dani has entered the HaveNot Room, that Dani is back.


Couldn’t have said it better, plain and simple, she’s getting what she deserves. If she’s not gone on Thur., my bb watching is over for the year. Rachel may be a bit loony but, at times she”s likeable, can’t say the same for Dani.
That girl has to much hatred and jealously of other people to be likeable. All you Dani fans need not reply, already know the two words you’ll send my way……good luck to anybody but Dani


you are taking it way too literally


Yeah, and her in the Jury House for an extended period of time without Rachel is going to be bad for the Brenchel marriage. Especially if Porsche follows Dani. Brendan won’t need skype, he will have the recipe for a 3 way and come to his senses finally and get away from Rachel.


So is Rachael knocked up???


Two competitors like Brendon and Dani get voted out and Jordan, Porsche, Kalia, Shelly, Adam who are complete non factors – besides votes – still remain. Its like being a shitty player gets you farther in this game. As boring as this season is already, I think it is about to get even more boring.


It won’t matter where Jordan goes in that house, she’s going to get confused.


She’s as dumb as a box of rocks. I’m so tired of team J/J.


the biggest move is yet to come. i think the newbies will eventually band together. who’s it gonna be to push for the alliance? if porsche or kalia can get rid of jeff this week…adam and shelly will join them im guessing, pick off rachel and jordan. they all say they want a newbie to win, one needs to pull the trigger and stand up!

im a JJ fan, but i dont see both of them making it to the final 2.


Team Dani needs to out everyone…. Might as well, they don’t have the numbers…. And make the dumber & dumber team fight amongst themselves


Out them with what? What do they have on anyone else? Everyone already knows shelly is a pathological liar, Rachel is insane, and JJ are dumb as door knobs.


When is the ceromony?


BB should give Team Dani a break. They screwed 3 HOH’s by her & Kalia, & by bringing Brendon back & evicting Lawon 1 of their allies. This season is all about that stupid twist that screwed the other side of the house over. IDK bring back Pandora’s box with a Diamond Power of Veto or something. I would probably be not watching if Dani is gone. A boring cast this season they have.


BB should give Dani a break for horrible gamplay?! Ummm, no.

Dani screwed herself when she turned on her alliance week 3 and attached herself to these two idiots. Then to make matters worse, they holed up in the HOH all day ( horrible social game move) for 3 weeks, and she failed to win the veto this week. Honestly how do you lose a puzzle comp to Jeff the witless wonder? It’s pathetic. Terrible gameplay. if she goes home this week she has no one to blame herself


Didn’t she tell jeff she was gonna throw the veto comp? She may have stuck to that to prove to mr bully that she is being truthful to him at this point. Even Jeff said if she followed through with it, it would be stupid but, it also proves that she went through with what she told him. Yeah, ok everyone quit getting your panties in a bundle and pull them outta your cracks. She tried to BD Jeff and he’s pissed whatever…. Get Over It you big jerk!!! She was punished ready with the uncertainty with Jeff on a daily basis and her beloved DOM was cast aside…move on!!! Shut people!!


I totally agreed with you Bridget more. You people face the facts. Dani is blame is herself. She planned to backdoor Jeff and he get pissed off. Team with Dom w/Brenchel is pretty stupid. Making early moves, is worthless. You people should be ashame to yourself. Dani needs to be punished and you guys have the balls to have Shelly to flipped. How stupid are you people. Bridget was right, Dani needs to go and Kaila will be right next you. That’s Justice and served. So people better think before you say something stupid.


It wasn’t a stupid move. BR were just idiots to realize that they will not win against JJ. If they only went with Dani’s deal then everything would have been fine. Now how is Rachel gonna beat JJ? Jordan is paperweight, If BR teamed up with Dani & Dom earlier they would have destroyed the competition. Dani was the one making all the moves. If it weren’t for her the newbies would have been picked off 1 by 1 & we would have an Vet season.


BB didn’t evict Lawon…Lawon evicted Lawon by begging to be put up…wtf are you talking about?


can anyone tell me when the veto ceremony will begin???
thanks in advance


Feeds just went to trivia.


thank you, just noticed it too, finally 🙂


I hope that Dani will be backdoor by Jeff she is one no good lady bye bye dani


Did anyone catch Dani/Jordan talking around the hot tub last night and mentioning that Rachel said she’s late and might possibly be preggers? Anyone believe it???


Well, if she’s preggers then congrats? 🙂

Big Jim

Yep if so Gratz!


Thank goodness all you cry baby Dani fans will be gone once she gets voted out. I am tired of reading your QQ posts.

Midwest Fan

We may be leaving BBAD and CBS, but we’re sure not leaving this site.
We love Simon too much to inflict upon him nothing but J/J cult members.


Crap. I wanted to go out, but I guess they’re doing the ceremony, so any moment now we’re going to see Dani turn the house upside down. Or just cry. Either way, I can’t leave now, can I!?


I bet Rachel planned it. She’s never going to go down in bb history as a winner, so she wants the infamy of being the first to get preggers in the house.
The “pull and pray” method is far from fool proof, so it’s definitely not Rachel proof.


She WOULD do something like that.


Danielle needs to go she a bicth that starts stuff


finally the veto ceremony, can’t wait to see its outcome lol


Did Rachel and Shelly make up? I thought I read that they hashed out their differences..


Shelly is butt kisser….she will kiss everyone`s but to keep her save.

I can imagine what her daughter is going trought in the school, with her mother doing all this shit in the national tv


CBS does a decent job of not showing the depths that Shelly has sunken to, and for her daughters sake I am glad. However, she is showing a side that I would imagine has to alarm even those closest to her. I think no longer being listed as a VP on the website of the company she works or worked for speaks volumes about the game she is playing.


Ur sooo right!!! Get rid of Shelly!! I hate watching her If she wins I will never watch another show of B&b


Ur sooo right!!! Get rid of Shelly!! I hate watching her If she wins I will never watch another show of B&b

Nikki Tomberlin

Yes they supposedly said let’s just take a fresh start from this point on! They agreed and every since then shellly is just as bad or if not worse about talking shit about Rachel! And I don’t think reachel has said anything about her since they agreed to quit talking shit and start over !!!!!! I absolutely can’t stand shelly

Nikki Tomberlin

Yes they supposedly said let’s just take a fresh start from this point on! They agreed and every since then shellly is just as bad or if not worse about talking crap about Rachel! And I don’t think reachel has said anything about her since they agreed to quit talking shit and start over !!!!!! I absolutely can’t stand shelly


I feel like Rachel is actually making an attempted to keep her crazy self at bay and try to act normal. At this point all I can hope for is that somebody finds out about Shelly and calls her out before it’s too late and she’s in the final 3.


What is the deal with Shelly? It seems they ALL know she’s been playing everyone and lying out her dupa!!! Come on, is production telling everyone to let it go? Even Shelly’s daughter knows she is lying to everyone and anyone! ( yeah yeah it’s part of the game whatever) I can’t
stand this BS in this house anymore. I thought last season with Matty’s awful
lie about his wife was the most aweful thing ever but, at least he was up front and always honest about it. With Shelly ( liar liar pants on fire) I think she believes her BS!


When Jeff won HOH JJRS were together upstairs and Shelly acted like she was extending a truce to Rachel. Basically, she put down Rachel by saying ‘I’ve been nothing but supportative to you’ and you just glare at me and give me evil looks. She concluded by saying that we are on the same team and we need to work together. Rachel didn’t say too much and bit her tongue.

They definitely still hate each other and just waiting for the day to let loose on each other.

I thought it was sweet of Jordon yesterday told Shelly that she spent 2 hours walking with Rachel and got to know her a lot more. J said that R has been through a lot and you just don’t know people’s stories. Also, J said that it was the other ladies in the house who were being catty to R in the kitchen earlier and R just walked away. I think J is trying to tell S to tone it down all the hating on R.

Just like last season – it’s ‘fun’ to bash on someone else and Rachel is an easy target. If you just pay attention to these ladies – Rachel is the least offensive (besides Jordon) in this house.


What would that be? Shelly admits she’s been a pathological liar and went off on rachael just to divert attention away from her! What a bitch!


Boring!!!!!! Please let Daniele stay!!!


Alright, since Dani’s departure is looking pretty inevitable, I’m moving to Team Porsche.


I really didn’t like P in the beginning, but I am starting to like that girl. She has proven she can do well in the Comps. They better watch out for her. If she wins HOH, I know she will put up Rachel and Jeff or at least backdoor Jeff. I am still a JJ fan though. Evertime I have a favorite they never win. I think the only player I was rooting for, who won, was Dan. I just love him. He was in Michigan a few years ago and my baby sister got to see him and she didn’t know who he was and has never watched BB. I hope Dani gives us some good drama, but I really don’t think she will.


if Dani leaves am done watching BB13,iam hoping for a miracle for her to somehow stay coz its going to be boing as hell.CBS PLEASE DO SOMETHING,SAVE DONE AND SAVE THE SHOW.


If Dani stays, I am done with Big Brother!


agreed! Give her the coup ‘d etat


You’ll quit watching? Will you quit posting too?


If you post as anonymous, your pretty much a pussy that doesn’t want to stand by their statements under a screen name. Like hiding behind your keyboard isn’t enough, you hide behind an anonymous name when you post a comment. Wow, how very cowardly of you.


LOL. And a random screenname forces me to ‘stand by my statements’??


Bye Dani!!!




But let’s keep the Team Dani Yo! going until the fat lady gets a warning from BB for singing.


The fat lady pretty much sings constantly…*UGH*
Swear she is ADHD, I have never seen a grown person (outside of a mental institution) who has to constantly be making noise. Not just the talking, singing and food chomping, but the random noises she always makes..*bomp*bomp*, etc..
If there is any form of higher power Jeff won’t touch the nomination or will yank off Porsche and something nuts gets Kalia voted out and Dani stays. But I don’t have much hope for that.


Thursday will be the end of bb for me.


It will be really boring without Dani

Because all the newbies does not have personality…Adam and Shelly are just JJ`s butt kisser.

I hope production will do something , and stop the stupid shit Jeff and not let him use the veto

Jordan is just so dump.. WHy did she get back to the big brother? I guess they dont have Hot tube in NC??

anyways I am sure Jeff will get evicted in the double evicetion, because Porshe or Kalia will win HOH and POV.

PLEase let Dani stays… save her and save this season from the boredom


Does not. Dump. Hot tube. Yeah Jordan is dumb.


Jordan may be dumb, but she’s real nice. Rachel is a psycho bitch.


Dani got what she deserved…all that scheming & snickering & laughing behind everyones back it’s all catching up with her. If it was Jeff up on the block she would be dogging him behind his back. Dani got to greedy & cocky to fast. I’m glad to see her leaving…good riddens I hope Brendon drives her NUTS in Jury!


Brendans going to be busy trying to tap that. Skyping with a guy in drag, yeah, he won’t pass up a chance to hook up with Dani. he will at least try, once unfaithful, always unfaithful. He knows he can get away with it, Rachel is pathetic enough to take him back again.


Go Team Dani.

She’s so hot lol

I don’t think CBS stages any of this but I’m still crossing my fingers for a twist that’ll keep Dani in.

Worst season EVER.


how long before the feeds come back and we know the outcome? i don’t watch feeds, i just follows news in here
thanks in advance


I live in Michigan and I was listening to the radio, a commercial about a Credit Union was on, and I swear the girls voice sounded just like Rachel. Man, I need to stop obsessing over this Show.


It’s impossible, lol.


I’m so sick of Jeff and Jordan. She has done nothing this season to win but depend on Jeff for everything. She’s an embarrassment with her lack of competitive skills and intelligence. Stupidity does not make someone cute. I’m no Rachel fan but she deserves to win over Jeff and Jordan.

Sad to see Dani leave – I’m done with the show for this year. Bad casting with weak players.


I agree Jordan hasn’t done much to win this season, not physically anyways, but I think Jeff deserves to win or at least be compared to Rachel. He’s won just as much as her now and his social game isn’t the greatest but is much better than Rachel’s.


I agree…I cannot stand Rachel…but given opportunity she will step up and do whats best for her…she has hit a skid but once she starts winning…she will finish no lower than 2nd…But Jeff has to go..Too cocky, Too arrogant, Too intimadating, the only that will stand up to him, unfortunately is Rachel…Porsche has already sd she is intimidated by him, Kalia(From philly, yeah right, she has to be the weakest black women I ever seen) is scared of J&J(She clearly has never faced a racist, Jordan, before), Shelly is affixed to Jeff’s dick and Adam to his ass.

Team Dani RIP…One will hope that the others will step up, but the sad truth is only rachel will!!!!


I have to agree Gracie. The only way to send CBS a message, since they probably aren’t listening to these type of forums, is by not watching. Ratings are their life blood and the only way to send a clear message that we are going to just eat up JJ just because they shove them in our face. I think Stupid is an aquired taste, and I don’t now, nor ever will care for it. CBS, you can champion the dumbass duo, don’t mean we gotta watch.


Ratings will go up to see what will happen w/o dani. She needs to go bye bye! It will so fun seeing p & k do who will they team up with. So exciting I am hoping p wins Jordan gets Americas fav hopfully kalia goes next then shelly Adam rach Jordan Jeff and porch final two


I agree!! I don’t know why i am so nervous about this veto…, its gonna be interesting!!! I can’t wait the gas that will be used to pit this fire!!!


I agree, i have already cancelled After Dark. I am done with BB. Dani was the only one I could tolerate & I didnt even like her much in her season.


Hey, bb could offer jeff secret money not to nominate dani, I’m posting for something. Team dani yo!


Hoping not posting


I don’t doubt that is an option. BUT I would prefer Dani to go up and then fight her ass off to stay. Someone else posted that she should tell Jeff that if she goes out she will convince everyone in Jury not to vote JJ to win, and she should tell Rachoe that she will flirt her ass off to Brendumb.


MAYBE, Rachel is PREGO, has to Self Evict, so DANI gets to be saved this go round! hate to see Dani go, she is a great competetor.


Who the “F” does Jordan think she is….Telling ppl to avoid if there is fireworks…That country A$$ stupid uneducated…knock knee’d bitch hasn’t done shyt this season…And these have got to be some of the dumbist players ever…SAKP…except R(she is playing for herself) play for yourselves…they are not going to share the winnings…stop sucking dick and kissing ass…any other game when men are outnumbered 6-2, the women tend to get rid of the men…but not here, it’s 25,000BC and Jeff & Cro-magnon man “Adam” running the cave.


Wow!! Tell is how you really feel!!!


She’s definintely NOT knock kneed!!


What do you know about her education? She has beeng going to college. What is your education – with your lack of grammar and spelling? Jordon is saying that they can all stay in the HOH room to avoid the (stress and tension) fireworks. Dani, herself, has promised to make everyone miserable should she go up! Of course, if they are smart, Jeff and Jordon would probably like to encourage the rest of their alliance to stay far away from Dani until the vote. Just common sense. If it was Dani, in their position, I’ll bet that you would be applauding her for telling Porsche and Kalia to stay away from the other side.


Back off Jordan. She obviously knows the game since she won once already


Hoping for a miracle. #teamdani


All I am reading is whinning holy god get a life


Geee Jackie, enlighten us on how to properly have a life. Please oh glorious one, do tell us your secret on having a life. I am sure so many on here need the wisdom and guidance of one so worldly and omnipotent such as yourself.


I love it! I don’t like some of these ppl, and I get a little obsessed with this show, but I can’t cut ppl down like that. Last season I tried with Natalie and Britney, but I couldn’t do it. Everyone needs to Chilax!!! It is just a game.


I think these are all chronic masturbators who got a crush on Dani and are now devastated they’ll have to find new whacking material.


I agree. I get that the Dani fans are disappointed but come on! The nasty names and insults are so uncalled for. Say you will about JJ but at least their fans weren’t such miserable when Dani’s crew was in charge. Sheesh…


I just don’t get why people hate Dani so much .. she’s all class and good looking and is not an annoying little pest like Rachel .. and she’s not an emotional drama queen like Rachel and some of the other girls .. and most of all she is the one out of any of them that deserves to win ..

yet ur all hating on Dani .. why .. I just don’t get it lol


On twitter, according to Madame Broella and her crystal ball, you have to tweet Dani to give her a key


According to Madame Broella and her crystal ball, Dani will cause the house to explode


Someone in Production needs to force Dani into telling Rachel that if she gets evicted on Thursday her and Brendon will have the jury house all to themselves for a week straight. The only way I see Dani staying in the game is if Rachel self-evicts or pretty much offers to go up and be sent home to be with Brendan. We all know how psycho and insecure she is. Just the thought of either her or Porsche being alone with Brendan for a week will probably be enough for her to lose her shit

Uncle Cool

“Jeff told everyone to run to him and tell him if Dani tries saying anything”?

Are these people in grade 6?

Jeff is a douchebag.

I have no idea why anyone is intimidated by him.

What’s he gonna do if you don’t do as he says?


Adam better detach his lips from Jeff’s ass soon or he will lose what little respect I have for him. Shelly has lost my respect as a person and a player already.

Midwest Fan

Well Said.


don’t think so, we will still watch out of curiosity don’t you think?!? lol


Seriously? Everyone whining and threatening that they won’t watch BB when Dani leaves is really hilarious. It’s pretty cowardly how everyone calls the HG names and calling them dumb knowing that they can’t defend themselves. They should start thinking how they will do if they’re in the BB House doing same ‘ol thing everyday with same people and no outside interaction.


You are dead on…Nobody wants to see an asshole and his dumbass redneck gf win shyt


dani is leaving so get over it


It’s a little early in the day, but WTF, I will drink to that. haha


and yet Jordan was smart enough not to turn on her alliance week three and depend on tweedle dee and tweedle dumbass to stay in the game. Guess that plan didn’t work out for you Dani, huh? *SHOCKER*

Bye Dani! You have been a complete and utter disappointment this season. So much potential gone to waste, daddy would be proud !


I am team Dani but think that Jeff putting up Dani is the smartest and a Coward’s move. He says he hates floaters and they have no right to be in the game but yet he’s voting out his biggest competition.


You think he is a coward? He is the only one that would take her out! BR would have never done it!


I feel bad saying this, but I really do believe Jordan is mildly retarded. Even when she is not speaking she gives the appearance of being slow in movements, etc. Bless her heart.


Can’t stand Jeff and Jordan! Couple of idiots! I don’t understand how people can’t see what an arrogant s.o.b. Jeff is. His big mouth, and all of his rude, ignorant comments are always directed at the women in the house. Real “big man”, Big Jeff!

And does he not realize what an idiot he sounds like when he refers to himself in the third person as: “Big Jeff”? What a jerk! What an embarassment to the Chicago-land area. And “NO”, Jordan and Shelly, he is not a jerk because he’s from the “North”… what a dumb thing to say!


Well, If I were Rachel I’d tell Dani to make sure they videotape it cuz that’s hot and that maybe later they can have a threesome.


I don’t know what is wrong with Jordan, but if anyone (Jeff) every spoke to me that way, I’d dump him in a second. So sad that she is willing to stand by and let him tell her what to do, when to do it, how to do it …. and then yell at her when she doesn’t do it “right”. TWO STEPS BACK FOR WOMEN EVERYWHERE! DUMB ISN’T CUTE!

Tickling the Berries

Nice picture of jordan there at the end

True to the End

Seriously?!?!? That is morally wrong!!! But I guess you’re an unfaithful idiot!! Rachel isn’t perfect that this Post is down right wrong and terrible!! U would never wish that upon anybody!!! Get a life!!!

Midwest Fan

Wake UP!

No one is saying Dani would sleep with Brendon.
The whole point is to upset Rachel enough to get her to switch her vote and keep
Dani in the BB House.