Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff tries to convince Adam that now is not the time to get rid of Brendon..

12am – 1:30am In the backyard Brendon, Adam and Jeff are playing pool. Jordan joins them and tells Jeff that she is going to bed because she need to take off her costume. Jeff gives her a kiss and she heads inside. The guys continue playing pool. Brendon tells Adam that he has beautiful balls down there set up on the end of the table. The guys all laugh. Jeff comments that Adam is all turned on now. Porsche, Shelly, Kalia and Dani head inside from the backyard couches. Shelly starts cleaning. Porsche and Kalia head to the bathroom. Kalia then grabs some food and heads back outside. Kalia and Dani are sitting on the backyard couches talking about how Dani just doesn’t talk with Jordan and how Jordan seems miserable in the house. Porsche joins them. Kalia starts talking about how she thinks Shelly and her husband Tony have a great life. Brendon, Rachel, and Adam join the girls after they finish up their pool game. They all talk about random stuff like Franklin the turtle, and their sleeping patterns in the house. They talk about how everyone sleeps all day. Dani asks how boring is this cast? Dani says that at least we can admit it, we don’t do anything.. we don’t even make up any games. They talk about having a hot dog eating contest tomorrow. Rachel asks Adam if the viewer complained about their season. Adam says no because there was lots of drama but that at the end it was boring because nothing was going on. Rachel asks if it was just the people that get the live feeds that were complaining. Adam says yeah. Rachel comments that the live feeds people only pay $15 a month ..thats not much. Adam mentions that you can now get the live feeds on your iphone. The others are surprised. Jeff doesn’t think he would watch the feeds enough to warrant paying 15 a month. He mentions that after the Big Brother Casting was over for BB11 and he got the call back he started to do a little research on the show but nothing major. They all start playing the celebrity guessing game …

1:30am Rachel and Brendon head inside to go to bed. Brendon is surprised to see Shelly in the bathroom cleaning at this time of night. Adam and Jeff decide to play another game of pool. Kalia and Dani sitting on the couches talking. Kalia asks Dani if she can believe that the next person evicted is in the jury. Kalia then says that she is so itchy. Dani tells her that she doesn’t want to hear it. Kalia yells over to Jeff that the girls have been lacking a real man since being in the house so the girls in the house have been using Jeff as their eye candy. Kalia says that all the girls.. even the older one have been checking Jeff out when while he works out with his shirt off. Jeff says wow watching Big Jeff work out… it is late in the game. They all laugh! Jeff laughs and says that they could have a Chippendale dance off. Dani heads inside and tells Brendon and Rachel that Brendon has Jeff and Jordans vote. Dani tells Brendon that he is safe. Dani then heads back outside. Brendon and Rachel go to the havenot room and they talk about whether Dani was telling them the truth. Rachel says that they don’t have any choice but to trust her. Rachel changes and they go to the candy room to go to sleep. Rachel and Brendon make out for a bit then she gives him a HJ and BJ.

2am – 2:45am Dani, Shelly, Kalia and Porsche are talking on the backyard couches. Dani starts talking about how there are condoms in the storage room and if she found a used condom in her bed she would flip her lid. They all laugh. Kalia says that there are no magnum condoms in the house because they aren’t needed. Dani says that it would be so funny if you had to put a request into the diary room for magnum condoms. They laugh. The conversation changes to talking about their pets. Porsche then heads inside to go to bed. Then Shelly heads to bed. Dani and Kalia start talking about the votes. Dani says that this one is going to be way different vote because last time it was Jordan who was up on the block. Dani then says taht she doesn’t want to talk about this now. Dani says that she hopes he stays dead this time. Dani says that she thinks they should go to bed so they can get up at a decent time tomorrow. Kalia and Dani say goodnight to Adam and Jeff and head inside to go to bed.

2:45am Jeff and Adam are in the backyard talking. Adam says Dani is the person we gotta get out. Adan says that they need to cut the head off the snake and Porsche and Kalia will be BLANK bricks. Adam says that he doesn’t want to see either of them win the game. Jeff asks Adam if he thinks Brendon has to be voted out. Adam says that he thinks Brendon will be able to win any POV down the road so they should just get him out. Jeff says that the pros to keeping Brendon are that he is a target and you control Rachel then. Adam says that he thinks that Brendon abd Rachel will do or say anything to save themselves. Jeff says he knows that is a con. Adam says that he is worried about Brendon and Rachel cutting deals with Dani. Adam says that the reason he voted out Lawon was because he couldn’t help protect him and he was worthless. Jeff says that if their side wins it will be him and Rachel going up there will be no big target like Brendon to hide behind. Adam says that they would have the votes to save him over Rachel. Jeff says that it is not an option they have to win next week. Jeff says you have to put up Dani and Kalia to start with because Dani is already playing in the Veto regardless and if she wins and isn’t on the block then Dani will pull Kalia off the block. Jeff says that down the line Shelly is a vote but he just wishes she could win something. Adam says that he thinks her game play might improve after getting the phone call home and having been put on the block.

3:15am – 3:45am Jeff says that he doesn’t get why the BLANK are Dani and Shelly so close all of a sudden. Jeff says that Dani was eating outside the door and hanging out with Shelly when she was in solitary. Jeff thinks that Shelly is cutting deals with Dani. Adam says that’s why we have to cut the head off the snack next week. Jeff say dude if we don’t win HOH it’s BLANK over, I’ll throw up! Adam says that Brendon and Rachel are tough together. Jeff says that it might be too soon to get rid of them. Adam says that Rachel has to know Brendon is going home again. Jeff says they think there is still a chance but they know that it is coming down to Adam’s vote. Adam says that it has been hard the last two weeks because he has been the deciding vote and no matter what he does one of the sides will be mad at him. Jeff says that this is the week and the decision that will affect the rest of the game for them. Adam says that he knows it is only a matter of time until Brendon and Rachel stab them in the back and they should just get rid of Brendon now to try and avoid that. Jeff says that Shelly says she would put Daniele up and I think we could convince her too. Adam says that he thinks Shelly realizes it is in her best interest to get Dani out. Adam says Dani has already tried to work him for deals. Jeff says that she has come to him too, but he isn’t cutting BLANK deals. Jeff tells Adam that he has been BLANK solid and that he appreciates it. Jeff says that we have to win HOH. Adam says that even if Brendon was here it doesn’t guarantee HOH. Jeff says that if it’s something physical then he’s got it, whatever Brendon can win I can win too. Jeff says that he thinks if Porsche won HOH she would put him and Jordan on the block. Jeff says that can’t BLANK happen. The conversation changes to talking about being on big brother. Adam talks about how he hopes others see him on the show and see that it is possible. Jeff tells Adam that it is an honour to be on Big Brother. They decide it’s time to go to bed.

6:25am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

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Ugh, the pool players are so boring and need to go! Jeff won enough $$. The girl talk on BBAD last night was quite fun.



Nicki Minaj

I think Jeff and Jordan are the Deciding votes for who stays and who leaves, because Kalia and Adam are voting to evict brendon, and Rachel and Porsche are voting to evict Shelly. So it’s 2-2, and JJ are the deciding votes ;o


P is voting to evict B but, wants BR to think he wants S gone first.


Everybody is so back and forth! Which way is everyone voting right now?


Dear God Adam just get Shelly out! Please?! Rachel seeing that the jja alliance is still loyal to Brendon and herself by voting Shelly out will play a big part on weather she stabs you in the back now rather than later.


In the words of PT these people are freaken spineless jellyfish!! You should always get rid of your biggest targets first!! JJ can’t continue to hide behind brenchal forever!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!


WTH? That was so random with Dani. Is she going to break the tie and vote Shelly out? What is going on!?!?




Ahhh that makes me nervous… what is Jeff doing??? It’s time to get Brendon out for good. You can’t trust Brendon and Rachel. Straight Shooter is always a mixed bag, but she’s true to JJ. Although they don’t know that for sure, but he’s got to figure he can trust her more so then BR. The votes flip every hour until Thursday. This is always the longest stretch of the week…


They can’t trust B&R? Are you kidding me? Jeff who was plotting to get rid of B&R in the 2nd wk of their alliance would not be in the house if it weren’t for B&R sticking with their alliance. They know J&J were cutting deals behind their back so why shouldn’t they do the same? Yeah, J&J are no more trust worthy than anyone else in that game. Shelly is the worst but they’re all liars and back stabbers in the game so lets take J&J off that pedestal they put themselves on because Big Jeff (Hate people who talk about themselves in third person) who actually told Julie with a straight face he plays the game clean and wants to win to prove that it can be done by someone playing clean, lol (Yes gagging over here) Anyway, my point J&J was worse than B&R this year as far as back stabbing and lying. They did not become loyal to B&R until they decided they needed them to hide behind and that is the ONLY reason they have not done what they wanted to do early on and stab B&R in the back!


I like the irony of Dani splitting up BR when they are probably more trustworthy than JJ at this point.


i really don’t think she’s going to….


That room probably smells like Brendon’s semen, gross… And why is Adam calling the shots, does he think 1 POV win and a third place HOH finish make him a good competitor?


I am so confused….Dani told BR that they are safe bc they have JJ’s vote. Then minutes later she tells Kalia that she hopes Brendon stays dead this time (evicted). WTF she is very cryptic. :/
The bedroom scene was pretty gross; and why did the camera literally zoom in on BR and stay there the entire time? Why don’t they do that stuff in the shower – there is more privacy from the cams there. The HGs drape towels and clothes over the shower door and you cannot see anything.

Rachel's shrink

It looks like Dani doesn’t trust Kalia with private information.
JJ said they will vote out Brendon last I heard, and Adam said he is “on board”


I think Dani is just trying to cover her ass which is actually very smart. This way if Brendon does stay in the house she can still look like she’s true to her deal. If she makes it known that Brendon is her target to go home and he stays then the whole house will be gunning for her. She needs to cover her basis for all possible outcomes. She can play the I put you up to make it look like we don’t have a deal card if he stays and work with BR to stay in the house until she can get him out for good.



uggg. I used to think Jordan’s flakey-ness was cute now it has gotten old and just annoys me.


A blowjob and a handjob geez


Wow! Bet mama’s proud!


i know right!!! rachel has no class

A Nono Moose

depends if she swallows…

That said… Viva Adam!!!


Rachels mom is probably cheering her on from home


Ok, let’s net this out.

Getting rid of Jeff would have netted Dani?

1. Getting rid of a power player. Um…can’t think of anything else unless one is naive enough to trust BR. Even if you trust BR for a couple weeks, you still leave 2 very good players in the house that will go after you sooner or later.
2. It might have made Shelly switch to DKP’s side but so what? Shelly is weak. Plus if that happened, porsche might very well move to BR. You don’t trade Porsche for Shelly.

Getting rid of Brendon would net Dani?

1. Get rid of a power player
2. Get a player to switch to her side (Rachel). Rachel has no other choice because she can’t win on JJAS side. Thus she makes one side weaker by 2X and makes her side stronger by 1X.
3. Solidifies her position with Porsche
4. She has just one power player going after her (Jeff) vs 2 with the other option (BR).

Those of you that keep saying going after Jeff was the play are mistaken imo.


Well, being mistaken shouldn’t be a big deal since I think you’re mistaken and it isn’t the end of the world. It’s like you’re trying to drill your analysis of the situation in people’s heads.


How is this analysis mistaken? I share the same mindset and I’ve still yet to see how putting up Jeff would have benefited Dani more.


this is an incomplete argument bc you make no mention of how this will affect the voting numbers – this only hurts dani and her alliance and helps jeff and his – plain and simple – already you hear how jeff is thinking of ways to get dani and to get adam and shelly to get her out…what more do you need


Good points. It is good to see some posters on here can discuss and debate the issue instead of just falling back on worthless insults and condescending words (i.e. Anna).

You are correct and make a good point about the votes. But how would that be different if she goes after Jeff? Now Brendon would get the jury votes. I really believe the only way one makes the point that going after Jeff is a good move is if one trusts BR to keep their word. It amazes me that anyone believes they would. I wouldn’t trust BR or JJ. Which means get the most powerful player out. Don’t worry about the jury votes, worry about getting to the final 2. Dani has to take both Jeff and Brendon out to win. She can’t beat either in the final 2. So go after the player that is more likely to win HoH so you are less likely to be nominated.


I agree–get the strongest player out of the house and that was Jeff because he has 5 people protecting him…nobody is protecting BR. Furthermore if you take out the head of the snake(Jeff) and if Adam or Shelly win HOH who do you think they will fear more—BR or Dani? Their nominations would flip from Dani to BR I bet if Jeff were out first.

Not that it matters now, but both ways to go had merits.


yes, i am somewhat going on the (risky) assumption that BR will keep their word — but even if they didn’t with jeff gone, the other alliance loses a major player and has one less vote….BR would never stick to just Jordan adn will never join (or be allowed to join the full alliance of SAJ)…so suddenly momentum shifts toward DKP— and BR have little choice but to partner with Dani which they already seemed willing to do

also you have to think about double eviction – with B gone…who are going to be the two people to go that week….yes, rachel but chances are if will be a member of dani’s alliance if not dani herself – bc she is too big a target and jeff will have the votes to save him at that point

not to mention (and dani should know this bc she has watched this game for years) that production like jeff and will do what they can to keep him in this game- as the weeks go on it is going to be nearly impossible to get him out – but you can string BR along to the end, they are not going to keep winning all the HOHs and comps and anyone can get them out the first point they lose — not so with JJ bc they have allies


Rachel is going to defect over to Dani’s side if Brendon is eliminated – she knows she’ll be the fifth wheel in the JJSA alliance whereas the DKP alliance is much more loosely based in pecking order behind Dani and Rachel joining that side makes her less expendible. It’ll be an even 4 vs. 4 alliance with the two top competitors in the DRKP alliance.

If Jeff goes out, you have JSA vs. DKP with BR as the (drink) floaters.

I’d rather have an alliance where I know it’s an even 4 vs. 4 rather than having 3 vs. 3 with 2 wild cards.

But please explain how eliminating Jeff would have helped Dani’s numbers in votes. I’m curious to see the other side of it.


exactly. I am not sure how getting rid of Jeff but keeping Brendon helps Dani with Jury votes. I don’t believe Dani can beat Jeff or Brendon in the final 2 so she has to get rid of both. That means either way two votes against her. It doesn’t matter who is first out in that regard.

To others; saying one can trust Brendon more than Jeff is like bragging one is the taller midget. It doesn’t matter because you can’t trust either one. the only person Dani can trust is Kalia (poor Dani).


bc it takes a target off of her, gives her an extra ally (with Jeff gone BR would join Dani) and an extra vote, also makes JSA so much more vulnerable bc what can they possibly win??

i don’t know from the beginning i have always been saying these people have to get Jeff out NOW, don’t even let it get to the point where he actually starts playing…and when dani had that plan and i swear if it were me I would have done it and i said that BR are going to regret this a few weeks down the road and sure enough! i know people are saying it was too early but in hindsight, jeff didn’t have any time to really do anything in the game at that point so who would have cared, no love lost anywhere (except from Jordan but what difference does that make) – and that was BR’s major mistake in this game – and their road to going home started there…it seemed so obvious to me and i really think that this nomination is the start of dani’s road to going home


That’s a good point. But think of it this way. If BR would’ve put Jeff up that early on, who do you think would’ve been voted back,….Jeff. So, then they would’ve had to do it all over again this week. I think BR did the right thing by not backdooring Jeff at that time. I’m starting to see more and more that Dani wants Brendon out only because she’s scared to put Jeff up. Dani told BR to backdoor Jeff, she told Kalia to put him on the block, but when she is HOH, she somehow always puts Brendon or Rachel on the block. So, is putting BR on the block just a cop out for Dani? Because it seems to me that she wants Jeff out, but she just wants someone else to do it. That doesn’t sound like a Donato to me.


Jeff and Jordan, whether they realize it or not, play the game most personally. Rachel and Brendon are the most emotionally unstable but Brendon sees the value in partnering with Dani, even if he’s out of the house.

Where that leaves Dani in this is the fact that she knows that if she’s the one who votes Jeff out, he’ll never give Dani a vote and Jordan would never give Dani a vote because she’ll vote how Jeff votes. If someone else votes Jeff out, the blood is off her hands and she’ll more than likely get two jury votes unless she’s in a Final Two with Shelly or Adam — because JJ like them as people.


oh sorry i forgot to add that i personally think that Dani will absolutely beat Brendon in jury – i think people dislike BR that much (even if their hatred for Rachel is greater) but she absolutely will not beat Jeff


Well there you have it. Who knows which is right or wrong but the bottom line is we disagree on that point. I think Brendon will win between those 2 because everyone will think he is the strongest player. However, if Dani really is the favorite between those 2, I agree with your points.

Nice discussion. Thanks


wrong wrong wrong fack aff


wow thats so twisted and silly

its simple

at the end of the game, who gets jury votes? Brenden gets ONE…MAX…from rachel

Jeff gets…3..maybev 4…maybe 5…

So tell me…why the F do you get rid of brenden, because he wins? PLEASE, thats a reason to KEEP the guy. hes a target, he will get taken out. jeff is sliding by, jeff has FRIENDS in the house.

to me, this is the most obvious choice ever, you get rid of jeff, you keep brenden, why? it ALL comes down to the fact that B and R play the game alone, and eventually the ywill go…but J and J? they will GLIDE to the final 3…and you will besitting there going “Well dani took out brenden twice, hes a big competitor” well great, lets pat dani on the back for taking o ut the guy who wouldnt win if he was up against KALIA in final 2

its stupid, you really cant defend the stupid






i think you will see B stay this week, and R win HOH, If Dani gets the Veto Jeff will be backdoored but if anyone else wins then its bye bye Dani.


so is dani really trying to cut deals with everyone except BR? and why tell BR that they have the votes…esp. when BR can ask JJ if they told Dani that?? it will make it seem like JJ are talking game with Dani so they will probably say they didn’t….


Dividing lines. Brendon was the best person to go up, regardless of whether he stays or not, because the lines between the alliances will be clearly drawn after this week’s eviction.

If the witch wants to stir her pot, even better.


how is she dividing lines by telling BR that they DO HAVE JJs vote? if they believe her, and JJ votes brendon out anyway, then he won’t be there to do anything about it and rachel alone won’t either….but if they don’t believe and confront JJ the worst that could happen is JJ lies and says “oh yeah we are voting for you but we never told dani that”….WTF i can understand what Dani is doing?

if she was telling them they didn’t have the votes, i understand that is some pot-stirring but not this


Jeff is such a tool sometimes, does he actually think BR will honor their alliance? BR are snakes they will turn on ya as soon as it benifits them, plus the paranoia in that house is crazy, it is like you cant talk to anyone without bein in a new alliance….


name one time, when the “snakes” went back on a deal

im not kidding, B and R are ridiculously loyal to a fault. if you even TALK to someone else, they boot you out of their little inner circle. but they NEVER in the game of BB, have said they would do one thing, and did another in regards to alliance members

sorry, its just the truth


everyone keeps saying JJ are jokes in comps so thats why you get rid of brenden

thats lovely you guys

so on finale night when shes sitting next to either Jeff or jordan, she can talk about how she took out brenden.WOO HOO!!!! I mean really?


Not sure why Dani did not put up Jeff as a replacement nominee, but she needs to get rid of Shelly this week. Shelly feed Jeff’s enormous ego and keeps a lot of drama and paranoia going. Jeff is gunning for Dani regardless and at least if she saves Brendon, she gets at least a week of loyalty from B/R. And Adam…you are a floating, useless waste of space. I cannot STAND that man and want him G-O-N-E.


Why would you keep shelly over brendan? You can easily get Brendan or Rachel out later, odds are you prob have the votes to beat them in the Final 2 anyways and at this point Dani already showed she doesn’t wanna work with BR on that deal so there’s no way they would sway if u keep him. They talk about how JJ aren’t there for them but if they save B he would see they actually do want their alliance and it’d be a lot stronger than JJSA. Cuz u would still have R too if B leaves R goes to the other side. Seriously have they not considered this? Keep him in for another week or two then kick him out, you need him to win POVs so Dani can’t. Even then Dani is an idiot cuz to get rid of the alliance she should have put up Jeff and work with BR.


Jeff is always complaining about others not winning something uhh dude wtf have you won this season 1 veto and what did you win in bb11? Why does this guy think he’s so strong and powerful. I was a Jeff fan, but now not so much. I can’t root for anyone in this cast


He’s big jeff he’s the most dangerous BB player of all time

Rachel's shrink

He’s a legend in his own mind.


That just about sums it up regarding Jeff. He’s sitting there with Adam building castles in the sky. Listening to Jeff Adam should clearly see that he has no loyalty to anybody but Jeff first and Jordan second.

If Jeff wants to control something,then he should WIN a competition for once. I really wish Dani had’ve put him up.


If anyone other than DKP win HOH next week, I say don’t put up Dani, make her use her Veto pass and if she wins then at least it doesn’t look like you were going after her since you didn’t put her up on the block. On the other hand if you put her up she knows you’re going after her plus she gets to keep her Veto pass for the next week as well. Am I missing something here?


Not at all. Solid analysis. Best way for the JJ alliance (whomever is in it after Thursday) to play it.


my question is – if Dani is back doored can she use her POV as there was one already used?

Dark Horse

If they vote Shelly out [I want them both gone]
it would be SO FUNNY if B&R did indeed team up with DKP…
What in the world would ‘Big Jeff’ do then…

I say team up and go after the floaters…Jordan & Adam
…and yes I did list Jordan


I cannot figure out what the best move is for JJA this week. Shelly is a lot more loyal to JJA than BR would be to JJ. But I’m worried once Bredon’s out Rachel would flip to Dani’s side and all of a sudden Jeff is in big time trouble. At the same time, I don’t think JJ can trust BR since they throw Jeff under the bus whenever their back is against the wall anyways…
I wish JJ and Dani would team up for a couple weeks and then battle it out closer to the end.


Ok I want Brendon evicted because I can’t take the porno scenes anymore. BB why didn’t you switch to someone else.


tori, I cannot understand the zooming in and staying on them until they are “finished”. I wonder who controls which cams are on live feed at what times. And BR take two of the screens, so it’s hard to get away from them. She had trouble finding a job after last BB season and didn’t Brendon get fired? I cannot imagine why…


they are so gross, absolutely disgusting. Maybe the protein on her face will help rachels breakouts. Hmm this probably wont help her find a job either unless she goes back to the brothel from which she came!

And Brenden, when not in the BB house, he sent photos of his tool to some chicks via skype (rocket scientist? DUH) Maybe that’s why he lost his job working with KIDS!


That can’t even be described as porno…’cause there’s no aggravating, upbeat, off-tempo music in the background.


dani is trying to cause a further riff between JJ & BR. That is why she is telling BR they have their votes so when the votes come down and JJ don’t vote for B to stay, they will think that JJ were the swing and Rachel will blame JJ and be after Jeff instead of Dani. Not that hard to figure out.


yeah but why start stuff so soon, there’s too much time for them all to talk and figure out what she did – more fightin more reason for JJ to go after her (as if they needed another reason)….doesn’t make sense…i am beginning to think dani’s none too bright


ah! well i guess it was hard to figure out because me and a million others hadn’t thought of that LOL.
thanks i think you’re right! smart move


no bc Dani does not know 100% what JJ is doing and the reason i know this is bc JJ DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING yet, and again, who does this on Tuesday – this is Wednesday night/Thursday morning type move – too much time in between for it to get turned back on Dani…damn this girl is impatient


So now we have a DKPS Vs JJVRA type scenario

LOL by the end of tonight we’ll have a JJDK Vs BRSAP


At some point, I was hoping for a Brendon, Rachel, Adam, and Shelly alliance just so we could all type BRAS during every post.

I am that immature.


Rachel and Brendon make out for a bit then she gives him a hand job and a blow job.??? I know some people talk about how Jeff and Jordan aren’t affectionate. Maybe they should or could be more affectionate, I don’t really know. But if they are a real couple, I do appreciate that fact that they have better control of themselves. They aren’t kids so there really isn’t any reason for Rachel and Brendon to not be able to control themselves better. But those two reek grossness especially Rachel and the way she carries herself.

The Meow Meow

Jeff if a joke when it comes to competitions………… JJ are just a joke overall..


yes they are a joke

a j oke that WILL win the jury vote over dani or kalia

whereas, brenden and rachel would NOT.

how are people missing this key FACT


It is obvious you need to look up the word “fact” in the dictionary….quickly.


i think JJ talked with Dani, that is why Dani told Brenchel that JJ were voting to keep Brenduh…. No one really knows who votes. So if she covers JJ butts, and it is a tie, or 2 to keep B, then it is a win for both JJ and Dani. Brenchel think JJ had their vote, and sill think it was the other players. So we could really see a new or return of the JJRD alliance….???


I really think Dani’s plan is to vote out Shelly. She also wants to screw up the BRJJ alliance. If JJA vote for Brendan and PKR vote to keep Rachel, Dani breaks the tie by voting out Shelly. That would explain the way Dani is suddenly so engaged with Shelly this week. Dani wants a strong, confident Shelly; it will help Shelly sling her bullshit to JJA about how much more loyal she is to them than BR. JJA vote for Brendan, their alliance is done. An even better scenario would be if Dani could flip Adam, but that dumb ass is too stupid to see how that would benefit his game. I think that as long as JJ aren’t in the final two, Shelly would attempt to redeem her ragged reputation by voting strictly on game play. If Dani is in the final two, Shelly would make out that Dani was the genius that got her out of the game, so her ego is salved by a Dani vote. Jeff is so paranoid that he might just get figure it out though, if he can persuade Adam to keep BR; at least Adam will realize how expendable to their alliance. So it’s all good for Dani. Seeds of distrust planted!


Oops, I meant to write if PKR vote to keep Shelly!


LOL, why would Rachel vote to keep Shelly over Brendon? WTF?


Dani is playing her cards close to the vest …. I’m not worried 🙂 GO TEAM DANI


Just made a small donation … I encourage other regular visitors to do the same (if you haven’t already)! This is a great site and it’s very much appreciated.


I agree, I think the camera should move and not show the sex scenes. Sorry folks, there is tact and tackey. These two are terrible. They are exploiting themselves only by doing that on the camera.


I’m rooting for j&j but if Jeff is dumb enough to keep Brendon….c’mon. I don’t understand this wussy “Let’s leave a huge competitor in the game just because he’s a bigger threat and therefore a shield for us.” mentality some of these people have. It’s called WINNING Jeff! Gah! Take Brendon out and win HOH and you won’t have a problem. Sheesh!


dude dani told BR they are safe bcuz she wants them to stop trying to get votes. She wants brendan gone


I don’t understand everyone having issues with “floaters”. The game is about strategy. If the labeled “floaters” are using the strategy to lay low then what is the problem? Good for them for not having to get bloody hands in order to move forward in the game. Just because the “power players” want to cause drama and backstab each other doesn’t make them any better of a player than said “floaters”.


The issue with floaters (drink) is that if you make it to the final two, the jury house guests drill you as to WHY they should vote for you to win. If you have not won any comps, but have only floated…..and you are sitting next to someone like let’s say Dani who has played the game….you might just come in 2nd place. In the past house guests have not wanted floaters to win any money (whether 1st or 2nd place) because there is a feeling that there was no work put in.

But then again, if you can convince the jury house that being a floater took as much skill as winning comps; you might have something. It probably does take a lot of effort to hide under the radar and float to the end (no one is looking at you seriously, but targets are always on somebody else). If it gets you the money…use it.


WTF. Are you serious please get rid on Brendan Im so tired of them making out all the time. I feel bad for everyone who sleeps in the same room with them. If I had to watch or listen to them do stuff all night I would kill myself, just thinking about it makes me throw up in my mouth a little. NASTY!!!! And who are they to demand to get a bed. they have the rest of there lives to sleep together. What did Dani take some crazy pills that Lawon left behind, one minute she says they have the votes for Brendan and next minute she wants him dead. Hes like a zombie that keeps coming back. Please get him out and bury him 6 ft under.


I love that comment that Dani made to BR about Brendan being safe because they have JJ’s votes. It’s such a small thing but has such potential for pay-off

1) If Brendan gets voted out it’ll look like JJ turned on them meaning Rachel will align with DKP and she’ll have gotten a power player out of the game AND broken up one of the duos

2) If Shelly gets voted out Dani can spin it like Brendan was a pawn (putting him up when she knew he had the votes to stay) and DBR secret alliance is still viable and JJ lose their number one pet vote.

It has the potential to be a win/win


Every one of these cast members are so wishy washy it is unreal. I know in past seasons people atab people in the back and jump sides but this season they change sides hourly?? I don’t see how anyone trusts anyone on here except or the couples. The rest of the cast (except Dani) are completely clueless. Even Dani has her blonde moments. Totally aggrating season!


As a big brother fan I think none of them are playing with the brains they were given or lack there of.

why is everyone hating on Jeff for playing a game to win money? So he won 15,000 already that’s the way he is choosing to play why be somewhere for 3 months and not take an opportunity to win money which is what you are there for he obviously has won in and is still there sooooo he could make it to the end and I see nothing wrong with bettering your outcome. However I think he is stupid for thinking about not getting Brendon out. Rather he knows what’s going on or not Brendon is a strong player and he will have a better chance once he’s gone.

Jordan she isn’t really playing any different this year then she was last time she played and won 500,000 is that why everyone is mad because she has more money then them. As far as her HOU being thrown to her, no one could say that Jeff or Brendon would of gotten a 1 or 2… Plus they were in a alliance. She had to do the dirty work that week, did everyone including Rachel forget she wasn’t going to put Cassie up and she did she stuck her neck out for Brendon and Rachel.

Rachel I have no good words for her besides that she is nasty a terrible player and a liar. I know you have to lie in the game but to your fiancee? How does that better your game or relationship that she is way to obsessed over. Jeff never hit on her and Jordan had her back, she didn’t act crazy? Does she think Brendon won’t watch this season and see how she was? What an idiot.

Brendon if he wasn’t with Rachel I might actually want him to win. He is a strong player voices his opinion and for the most part honors his word. He does what he has to do to get through week by week he uses logic. But he is with that crazy girl his biggest mistake was using the veto on Rachel. Hope a few weeks more together was worth 500,000.

Shelly hahahaha I don’t know what to say she lied got caught and now here we are. I don’t think her siding with JJ is a bad idea look how far she has gotten and still has a chance now if she could win something that would be great. I don’t care what she looks like or that she smokes that has nothing to do with the game.

Kalia wanted to get out of danis shadow yet there she is chasing her around like a lost puppy…. She’s done more than others I’ll give her that but she has not really done anything to further her game.

Porchsa why are you even there…. I constantly forget about you, you do nothing, you don’t win you don’t start shit you have now replaced lawons role in the house if anyone brought u up later I would ask who was she what season I would assume you were one that was first voted out.

Dani I like Dani but she needs to start thinking straight she has made good and bad moves…. However I am glad she went with Brendon. That I think was a pretty smart move he’s a strong player and the more people that go the better his odds are of winning just like jeffs, however I think everyone in the jjbr would gun for Dani so minus well take out the strongest.

Adam I like Adam but I wish he would step it up more and listen to himself when he’s talking to him self he needs to better his game. He cant be a fan an a player at the same time.

chief c

i think you have a pretty good grasp but i cant stand kalia an adult who pees in a public swim or tub area cant be much of an adult. her game sucks she is guilty of thinking hoh style like im hoh they wont go after me!! then when she realized it blew her hoh


very well written! I couldn’t agree more! I have been watching since season 1, only missed Crazy Dicks season, and this year is driving me insane. Your recap is right on target! You never see Por on tv, the feeds or BBAD. But who knows, might be her strategy to win in the end?


who can remember the season that the famous (at the time!) sang in the backyard tovthe house guests? Who was it and what season?


Sheryl Crow but cant remember the season she sang in backyard


Season 3 – with Marcellas, Danielle and winner Lisa (Danielle dissed her BFF in the house)




LMNFAO @ Jeff figuring out that him and his dumb women won’t win shit without BR’s help HAHAHAHAHA c’mon Jeffrey have faith in production, they’ll look out for you they’ll make sure the comp is easy just like they did with the simple POV and every other competition you’ve won, and if it’s difficult they’ll make sure only the sucky people are playing, just like before.

chief c

youre delusional ill will open your hating eyes


i can’t even deal with the stupidity of these people no more! Haven’t watched CBS in a month ( although I DVR them) never waste my time anymore just hit… DELETE cuz I already know what’s happening thanks to my awesome bloggers right here on online BB) Always was a BBAD watcher ( DVR’d) that too but I look periodically but mostly FF and then DELETE once again..Even my 16 and 11 year old sons say to me ” MOM” you’re not crazy watching your BB anymore” I say it’s not worth watching. This site ( Bless you Simon and Dawg) tells me everything I need to know. You guys should be employed by CBS, you’re more real and down to earth!!! We read what you say and say to ourselves, WOW, Right on Brothers! I am so disgusted with all the loyalty to JJ/BR haveta hate dani BS!!! WTF; Dani was all over Snelly’s shit last week and now they’re BFF’s? Something real MFi ing FISHY is going on here. Cough (Production). Kalia and handing her Pus Pus to the vets on a silver platter and then brendon kicked out just to come right back in ( although I hated them both BR but now I like them much better than JJ who dont do shit exept for feeling entitled. Done Done Done!! Production see this! I’m sire you’re there trolling round!!!! Will keep with this site only until something good happens!!!!! Disgusting!!!! ( My 2 cents)!! Grow ball and go with it yo!!! ( funniest lately is about the “food disappearing” LOL!! BB is my secret obsession but just can’t get it up for this stupid cast! I thought last season sucked donkey balls but I was wrong oh so wrong! (Simon/Dawg I look at the later feeds when it will be on BBAD and FF until I come to the good part) Kudos!!! Other than that it flat out sucks balls this season! 🙂


You really want details on this?! Let’s try to pretend it didn’t happen…my eyes are burning!


BBAD has been so boring!! Shotime needs to have them do comps at night. So far only playing pool, chit chat or sleeping


Ewwwww. BR are so disgusting! You really can’t control it enough that you have sex in a community setting??? I know Brendon says he isn’t going to get online & read the comments, hopefully he will & see that normal people are disgusted by it. No wonder they can’t get employment anywher. Could you imagine living there, and having to deal with it, see it, see that after math of it??? They are both way too old to be doing it. Maybe they figure they can do amateur porn when they get out of the house…… Keep it in your pants! Nobody want to see your asses doing it!!!


Okay, I know this comes off really pervy and everyone thins Brendon is disgusting but can someone point me to where I can watch the BR bj from last night?