Big Brother 13: Jeff tells Shelly she has the JJA vote but better play nice with Rachel

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9:30pm JJA Jeff asks Adam who he will put up. Adam says Rachel and either Dani or Kalia. Jordan thinks they should keep Rachel around for another couple weeks. Jordan thinks thanks Dani and KAlia ware best and maybe Porsche if the POV is used. Jordan thinks they need to focus on getting Dani out. Jeff Agres thinks they should keep her around for 2 weeks.

Adam is stressing they need to get Brendon out this week. Jordan: “If Rachel would have won (POV) then Jeff would have been the one to leave this week”

Shelly joins them Adam goes to check for booze.
Jeff tells her they are all going to vote Brendon out so Shelly should just play nice to everyone.
Shelly says her gut tells her that Dani wants JJ to trust her. Jordan is nervous about DK because they put Jeff up last week. Jeff knows Dani has to go he’s sure that once Brendon is gone Dani will come after him not Rachel. Jeff says that everyone in the house will discount Rachel once Brendon leaves the other side might not think of her as a threat which is bad for him. Jeff wants Shelly to know that they need to keep Rachel around for at least 2 weeks. He doesn’t want Shelly to get any ideas about putting her up if She wins HOH.
Shelly: “She will get nothing from me that lie she told JOrdan is unforgivable…”
Jeff: “Dude if you win HOH you can’t put Rachel up…” Shelly understands but she’s really made at Rachel (For exposing some of her Straight shooting)
Shelly: “I’m 1 billion percent with you guys (JJ)… I’m putting up Dani and POrsche… dani put me up i’ll use that excuse”
Jordan: “We’ll I’m sure rachel and all them are really nice outside the house”
Shelly: “I will never like Rachel she’s a liar”
Jordan: “we just need a couple more weeks”
Shelly: “Rachel screwed me”
JEff : “From who?

Shelly: “You 2 and everyone else… Rachel made up stuff to make me look bad”
Jeff: “I don’t care your fine with us”
JJ say they are sure Rachel is throwing them under the bus to Dani and they both can’t stand being around her but they are needing to put that all aside to keep rachel on good terms with them. Jordan says she won’t be baby sitting Rachel this time. Shelly “god love you jordan, but what she (rachel) did to me was horrible.. Her her vile little smile and her evil eye drive me crazy”
Jordan agrees .. she says if they keep rachel around then Jeff won’t be the target because everyone will be wanting to get her out so JJSA need to all agree that when the time comes they will get Rachel out. Jeff says JJSA have to start winning comps and they need to start knocking down their (DKP) numbers..
Shelly goes on and on about how she’s done with he said she said, She went out of her way to protect rachel and this is what happens rachel tells lies. Shelly is also done dealing with the other side from now on she’s only talking to JJ.

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10:00pm kitchen DKP Kalia is explaining the reason why she decided to not be a vegetarian in the Big Brother house. She didn’t like all the vegetarian products they had they were all breaded. Dani: “Your not a real vegetarian then”

10:05pm backyard JJRS Rachel is telling them about popping pimples and how she thinks a camera shot her doing it. Bot RJ talk about having to get over the cameras when it comes down to things like that. Shelly says these 2 (BR) have had sex on Camera she doesn’t think that her poking a zit makes a big difference.
Rachel: “uhh We haven’t had sex on camera”
Shelly: “under the blankets on camera”
Rachel: “well uhh it’s not noticeable”
Shelly: “Ya RIGHT”
Jeff: “Ohh man did you make a fort?”
Rachel: “We don’t make noise.. ”
Jeff: “So your fine with your zit..”
Shelly: “that should be the least of her worries”
Rachel doesn’t say anything .. subject changes

(Shelly is seriously hating on Rachel.. she better tone it down or JJSA will push Rachel over to DKP, which I think has already happened)

10:10pm Rachel gets dared to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon

10:30pm They are talking about how much money to eat a cockroach.
Prosche says 25Grand
Adam 10 grand
kalia 500K
Rachel 10-20 grand
Shelly 2500bucks
Brendon 500 bucks
Jeff says if it doesn’t make him sick and the money is on the table them 1K

11:25pm Rachel asks Brendon if he heard what Shelly is saying out there.. Brendon says no. Rachel: “She saying.. ohhh i’m going to win HOH and show them… well maybe not the show them part”

11:45pm Backyard Girls are on the couch BRendon and Jeff playing pool. JEff tells BRendon there too many women in this house..

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Brendon and Rachel both swallowed a teaspoon of cinnamon and both coughed up dust and started gagging.

The irony is that Brendon does the same thing after he goes down on Rachel.

Woot woot

BAH HAHA. Dude that’s hilarious


Brendon may gag but believe me, there can’t be much dust in her netherworld.



can’t Shelly still be evicted?

Rachel, Porsche and Kalia vote to evict Shelly
Jeff, Jordan and ADam vote to evict Brendon

Dani votes to evict Shelly and Dani keeps her deal with B/R and works with them.

Is that even a possibility or am I missing something?


Hell yes. Me too. That man thing needs to go with her big lying ass.


Don’t think backdooring Jeff would have been a good idea. I don’t understand people’s views. Brendon is a better competitor then Jeff. Wouldn’t you want to get rid of the strongest players first? She knows she can’t trust BR even though they have a “deal”. Why even bother trying???


Based on your name, I would say you are biased to the douchebag duo aka JJ. Or should I refer to them as the most overrated do nothing players to enter the house this year. Either way I refer to them, I am right.

Nikki Tomberlin

Ur correct but I got a feeling of the chances this happening is slim,,,,, I hope if jj are truly turning on br then thesis happens!!! But hopefully they are just trying to sweet talk shelly for a jury vote!!!!!!


Precisely the point. This game is about triangulating and finding some certainty. Neither DKP nor JJSA can trust BR and nobody is going to let their existence ride on them. This week Brendon, next week Porsche or Rachel. From there, JJSA and DK at least know where allegiances lie. Makes figuring out your next move a helluva lot easier. With BR in the house, you can’t strategize anything because you have no idea which way the wind is blowing that day.


You know I must be watching another “Big Brother”…………BR has been totally loyal up to the point that they realized Jeff, who is only out for himself, would throw them under the bus………….He probably would for a few bucks, never mind half a mill. Where is it that they are such liars etc……….if that were so they would have put Jeff up and worked with Dani to keep Dom…………People hate them and so they just say whatever about them. What about everyone else running from room to room whenever the HoH is nominated?


i agree! and don’t know what everyone is talking about….BR do some questionable things but for the most part do not go back on deals or backstab their own alliance for no reason – but if their alliance members are turning on them, i mean, of course they are going to retaliate. (as with the Jeff/Dom thing) but if it were jeff v. porsche on the block they would vote for jeff hands down. if someone can tell me instances where they broke deals or went against alliance to make moves in the game or get ahead at the cost of other members, please tell me. And Dani should know this if she watched BB12. and she also be thinking about production. it’s like she has BB amnesia.

but whatever, Brendon is going home, and Dani is going very soon. you can’t make mistakes like that in this game and she’s had a few already.


PLUS, Isn’t this whole thing about Shelly calling Rachel a liar a big joke? I mean, Rachel just basically called her out, (truthfully) and Shelly is running around crying foul?! WTF?! I wish Dani would some to her senses and get her out. Her voice makes me cringe more than Rachel’s laugh! LOL


hu?…br were going to back door jeff when dani was spoon feeding them her crap…the only reason they decided not to was because they talked it out…jj have only talked about br behind their backs to each other up until recently when they started discussing with shelly and adam too…br have been throwing jj under the bus every time they get their backs against the wall and brendon pulls rachel back into being on their side for the time being…jj have done some questionable things this season but they are still by far better people than br!


I don’t hate Brenchel because they lie…everyone lies..its Big Brother, I hate them because they are gross, disgusting and I can’t stand either of their voices.


BR was ready to throw JJ under the bus like week 2. Even before dani blew the alliance up.


You are right, Jeff and Jordan have done nothing. Jeff has won all the money so far. Jordan ask Jeff if he promise to take her on vacation and he said he would, then Jordan said do i have to bring my own money this time. What a hell of a boyfriend he is. But is she that stupid to believe him. Jordan find yourself a boyfriend closer to your age who is at least a man. And one other thing Shelly has got to go…..


It depend on who dani wants gone! Can go either way.
#1- JJA keep shelly, KPR keep brendon… Dani is tie breaker BRENDON STAYS
#2- JJAPK keep shelly, R keeps brendon SHELLY STAYS


If jj had wanted to betray them then they could have during their hoh too. Remember Rachels comment about Jordan during that veto or how angry she was bc Jordan didn’t want to pick them to spend time with for the luxury comp. BR are annoying and if they were so loyal they wouldn’t have betrayed Dani. No one wants to play with them. At least SS lies for JJs benefit


Yup. 100% possible.

Mmmmm, who controlls the votes now?


That’s what I thought. Problem , Dani takes Brendon’s eviction so personally.


If Adam had a brain he would vote out Shelly. Shelly doesn’t win comps, she can beat you in the final two, and if you’re on the block against her you go home. Its a no brainer for anyone who can think for themselves. You would then have B/R indebted to you which means when Brendon or Rachel (people who actually win comps) get HOH you will be looked at as a vote not a threat. If Adam was a REAL super fan and game player he’d cut the deal with Porsche to evict Shelly then approach Rachel Brendon then include Dani by ratting out JJSA. That would Leave J/J hung out there as the only votes for Shelly and expose the alliance. If J/J win they are still going for Dani and Kalia for the next few weeks. If R/B/P/K win you’re good. This is Adam’s chance to final 2 himself but he is too busy licking Jeff’s toes to realize he is actually a contestant not a fan. This is the season of the spineless jelly fish no wonder the ratings are down…


I agree one hundred percent………..


How are the ratings down!? They’re the highest they’ve been since season 8!


Down 14 percent actually. They had the highest debut since season 8 have declined since!


Stupid Dani! You’ve made bad moves after bad moves in this game. You’re getting as dumb and as scared as Kalia.


Where was her bad move this week?


what were her bad moves? she turned on JJBR? even BR said that was a good move and it was their eff up for not going with it and keeping dom. sending brendon home? brilliant. she put a huge dent in JJBR. the only reason it backfired was cuz of the stupid returning player garbage production threw at them. lawon going home was kalia’s choice and the only reason that came about is because (again) of that stupid returning player crap. and now she’s sending brendon out again which isn’t bad. she’s taking out the storngest physical competitor and brendon has told rachel no matter what happens to align herself with dani so removing brendon essentially puts -2 votes in the JJ alliance and +1 in the DK alliance.


JJBR was dead a long time ago. It wasn’t an issue because D already knew last week that SSS was working for JJ; she wasn’t sure about A but she got the answer, after B returned. If she wasn’t spending that much time holed up in the HOH room, she would have picked up on the change of dynamics in the house.


Exactly there was nothing wrong with Dani’s move. It was R/B who made the dumb move. The only bad thing about the whole thing was B/R being stupid and instead of keeping the info to themselves and having a secret sub alliance they blew Dani, a would be valuable ally, out of the water and made her come after them. Had they simply said “We don’t feel comfortable doing that now, but let’s talk later” and waited for her first HOH to bring it back up they would have bounced Jeff and even after taking out Dominic it would be D/B/R/K/P Shelly and Adam would float to them and Jordan would just want to go home.


Dani’s Dumb moves;
If she had waited 2 more weeks it might have been a good move to break the alliance with JJBR, but she tried to save brainless Dom and had to do it then.
Her second dumb move that didn’t bite her but could have lost her the game, was not letting Kalia win HOH when they were the only 2 left in the ski comp.
She would have been safe that week and could compete the following week, that she was so worried about.
Third was allowing Kalia to put up the moron Lawon, instead of Adam or Shelly.
She has a excellent chance to real in 2 power players if she lets the votes go 3 – 3 and when she breaks the tie tells BR, see who they (JJA) voted for and keeps Brendon. And turns them against JJSA.
But I think she is going to get him out, because she’s not as smart as she thinks she is.


EXACTLY! thank you – these have been her three MAJOR mistakes in this game. Getting rid of Brendon is ok but it serves the other players more than herself and pretty much solidifies that she will be going out soon. too big a target on her, too many enemies, too few allies (who are weak), no protection, and double eviction. there is no way.

if she was super smart – she would find out that JJA were voting out Brendon, then have KP vote to keep him and then she will be the deciding vote to keep him. Once BR find out that JJA voted against him she will 100% have them as allies – 5 against 3 with the strongest players on one side. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY to get Jeff out at this point. But I am not saying this to be mean, bc Dani isn’t stupid she’s just not that smart.


Jeff : General of an army of minions, has the votes, decide who stay or leave the house, doesn’t matter what the HOH wants. If you wanna destroy an enemy, you aim the head; you don’t waste your time on backdooring for the Nth time someone who can only rely on his GF. JJ’s been consistent in their attitude towards Dani: they want her out so why would I keep someone who not only wants me out, but also has people ready to do his dirty work?

Brendon, being a strong competitor is irrelevant at this specific point of the game. It isn’t only about winning friggin’ competitions, it’s also about controlling the votes in the house. An HOH who doesn’t control the votes has no power.

So yeah, she made a bad move in not backdooring Jeff. If some people can’t see that, good for them!!! I guess we aren’t all endowed with a tunnel vision, which prevents one to see a bigger picture.


Dani doesn’t know that B/R aren’t playing her, and because of their past behavior has no reason to believe they aren’t. Plus don’t discount production and what they feed players in the diary room. They are most definitely protecting Jeff.


she should assume they are all playing her – why would you ever trust Jeff and i dont think she does. she needs to do whatever will get her the win and you can only do that by thinking one week at a time. Make the deal with BR- i believe they would honor it at the very least for this week. If they win HOH there is a good chance she is safe but she can play for the veto anyway. She sees that their alliance is breaking why not pick up the pieces. If JJS win there is zero chance of her being safe. she is going up or getting backdoored. Perhaps even with A (but i am not sure about that). Either way it’s a risk. Jeff is DYING to put her up. He just hasn’t won HOH at all but you can feel how he is just waiting for his chance to screw her.

But if she spends her energy bringing in BR as short term allies instead of praying to the heavens that the two of the three worst players in the house (i.e. the third is Jordan) win HOH then she might as well go home now.


brendon being a competitor is irrelevant? who chooses who goes on the block? HOH. who wins HOH comps? competitors. jordan can’t do shit. neither can shelly. kalia has proven she can win, dani has proven she can win, porsche has proven she can at least hang. if you’re playing the odds, dani’s alliance stands a much stronger chance of retaining power with brendon gone than with jeff gone.


Let’s be realistic here: do you know someone who plays BB and wins HOH from the beginning to the end? Rachel, the so-called queen of HOH can explain it to you. Besides, I stand my point: doesn’t matter if you’re HOH if you can’t control the votes to evict someone.

You know what, you are reading something or assessing a situation, try focusing on the whole context, it helps understanding what someone’s saying. You should read again what I wrote, pay attention to every word, THINK and then reply.


Talk about tunnel vision? Hello pot, meet kettle. Getting rid of Jeff only puts Brendon in power. Those two are the power players outside of Dani. She knows that. So she is getting rid of the power player who competes the best. I find it amusing you can’t see: 1. BR can’t be trusted (Dani knows this because BR are throing JJ under the bus right now…irony- look it up). If Jeff leaves, Adam, and Shelly go to BR. Heck Porscho might end up over there also.

There are three power players right now. Brendon, Jeff, and Dani. Getting rid of Shelly is a stupid move. She is harmless. Can’t win comps and everyone knows she is playing bothe sides. Why in the hell would someone get rid of a useless player to keep a power player who can’t be trusted? Tunnel vision? yea, right.


Tunnel vision, yeah and if the cap fits, wear it!!! I don’t remember writing about evicting Shelly, but about Jeff being at this point of the game, a bigger threat than Brendon. And I was clear about it but I guess, you may be able to identify written words, but you can understand ideas, opinions or arguments. Try this: when you read something online, just pause for a moment to let your brain process what you read and then answer. Or better yet: say nothing, at least you’ll sound smarter than you are.


Oh you were clear about your point; the problem with it is your opinion is just flat out wrong. Again the irony of your post is amusing. Just like you were clear in your point, I was clear in my response. Getting rid of BRendon nets more gain to Dani than getting rid of Jeff. Unless you are both naive and tunneled vision and believe BR can be trusted (yea trust the very people that are throwing their alliance under the bus to you.)

It is obvious you know you are wrong because you didn’t address my point at all; just felt the need to continue your worthless insults. Stick to the point. Does it not give Brendon all the power if Dani gets rid of Jeff? So why keep the power player that is better in comps. Plus, Dani gets rachel on her side.

The right choice is so obvious and Dani made it. She makes the other side weaker by 2 and adds to her side by 1.

Stick to the point and lose your condescending writing style. (i.e. “If some people can’t see that, good for them!!! I guess we aren’t all endowed with a tunnel vision, which prevents one to see a bigger picture.”) You definitely didn’t like it when it was directed at you.


Conversation on BBAD re: Cdns. say “eh” –
I’m sick of this bullshit stereotype that has people thinking that ALL Canadians say “eh”. That’s absolutely not the case. Bob & Doug Mackenzie (“Strange Brew”) initiated (& perpetuate) that fallacy.


I hate the fact that people think Californians all say “like” between every other word.

And I hate the fact that Kalia and Dani constantly enforce that stereotype.


Haha! Yeah everyone goes overboard with that stereotype. But I cannot lie I have been known to say ‘eh’ every now and then.


Well to be honest, I am Canadian and I definitely say “eh”. I don’t say after every single word, but I do say it and many I people I know do too … maybe it’s a regional thing.


Perhaps you’re right, in that it may be a regional thing. I was born & raised in Toronto, have taught well over a thousand students, and “eh” is not something I hear from students, nor faculty. It’s simply not part of the vernacular within the areas I’ve circulated and, that applies to regions outside of Toronto & Ontario.

A Nono Moose

Okay repeat after me; I’m about to go out to shout about the rout.
Best 3 member rock group Cream or Rush
More exciting NBA or curling
You have until midnight to answer


I’d hope that even Canadians would not pick curling.


Dani. Rachel brendon porshe have been decent I seriously thinks this season needs a quadruple eviction this week


I hope Dani is prepared for the POV comp next week. She is going to need to win to stay alive.


Thats if the dumb-as-dirt alliance doesn’t have another HOH epic failure.


Has there ever been a less intelligent alliance, than the dumb-as-dirt alliance (aka JJSA)? Jordan the dunce, Jeff the moron, Shelly the redneck, Adam the fat metal-head.




Regulators has to be one of the worst alliances of all time. They went out four straight and also had the dumbest competitor in reality television – Lawon.


Rachel you must team up with DKP I hate the JJSA alliance


My stomach hurt from laughing so hard when brenchel ate the cinnamon. I actually felt sorry for Rachel she looked like a little kid. Thats what she reminds me of a pre-teen girl. Poor kid ahhahahaha


She’s so desperate for approval, it’s sad and funny.


She has always been a funny train wreck but after seeing her fold under peer pressure like that I really do think she has mental issues and it is becoming less funny to watch the train wreck than it was funny.

Brendumb is a dick I would talk my girlfriend into doing something like that.


I love Jordan and her game play. Who and when people should go up.

When someone you worthless comp player. (and the comp that was given to her doesn’t count)










Wow Shelly is a jerk! Funny how no one hates on Kim Kardashian even though she did it all out! haha and did the other people forget about Ollie…. who had sex in the house 13 times???? Some of them are hypocrites!


What does KK have to do with BB??? You’re only a hypocrite if you’re slamming someone for having sex in the house and you’re doing it as well. BR were knocking out after less than 2 weeks of meeting. On camera – GROSS! Rachel is an absolute moron to think ppl don’t know just because they’re under covers. It really is foul and disgusting (btw, I thought Ollie and April were disgusting as well…..along with every other person in that house who’s done that).

I’m married and my spouse and I agree that we would have to suck it up and go without if we were in that house together. God forbid we had a family member watching the feeds…that’s just all kinds of wrong.

IMO, the fact that they have no restraint has zero to do with love and everything to do with insecurity.

teri b

Agree, and also everything to do with disfunctionality (is that a word?) because these two have one of the most disfunctional relationships I have ever in my life witnessed….and I ain’t young!!


I really hate Shelly, she is a lying bitch. Pleaseee vote her out!


I hate her she’s blowing things out of proportion even though she is the one that is at fault! Can’t wait when the HG’s watch the season and find out she is playing the victim and recruiting her pity party peeps (JJ) who has no clue of her LIES! and deals with DK, BR, AND A!


Nah, they rather keep Grandma Moses in the house to cause drama. JJ talk about please vote to keep them but going to vote out Brendon. people talk about BR switching sides. They have too for JJ have AS which leaves BR in the dust. It amazes me how people criticize what BR do and yet others are doing just as worse and they are forgiven, I think adam or shelly or porsche is winning this cuz all they have to do is sit back and let the others take each other out. Surprised at JJ letting newbies break up the alliance but yet they scolded Dani for the same


Lmao @ Grandma Moses!


She hasn’t clearly thought about her daughter before playing BB because after she blatantly refused to own up to her lies, I can’t even start to imagine how life is going to be for Josie at school, whenever she has a confrontation with a classmate. Kids can be so hurtful and “your mom is this and that” is the kind of thing it’s difficult to ignore.

teri b

Anna: I’ve thought about that, too. If their “whole fam damily” (not a typo) are watching, didn’t they SEE her doing all that two-faced shit? And how to explain to the little girl? Poor Tony!! I would be hanging my head in shame if I was related to her.
just mho

Br fan

Yes please vote snake shelly out. Hoping Brendon stays. Would love to see Dani, Rachel, and Brendon work together. I know it wont happen, but that would be some really great tv. Also, can’t wait for Jeff\Jordan to find out that they put their «eggs» in the wrong basket and they will be wishing they got rid of the snake shelly instead of Brendon! Heres to hoping for a miracle on Thursday Go team Brendon!


You are all delusional. Shelly is just playing a game. Geesh get over it! Her daughter is a pre teen not five years old. Teenagers lie and I’m sure she understands it’s a game, not the really world. I bet she makes at least final 3 or 4, and I hope she lies doing it. Use something else but her daughter as an excuse for hatred.


I think her daughter is like 8, and Shelly did say that her daughter got the TEACHER she wanted not teacherS, so I believe she is in elementary school

Midwest Fan

I believe her daughter is 8 years old.


I love Shelly for calling rachoe out on having sex on camera. LOVE IT!!!

teri b

Oh Simon….I might have to make up another happy dance for that! This show was never better than when Rachel was losing it all over the place.
Love that stuff!!


DKP will become DKPR when Brendon is evicted with a 5-1 vote.

Nikki Tomberlin

I can’t believe jj are choosing shelly!!!! Omg this is ridiculous I absolutely despise them!!!!! Br has helped them so much and it sucks the two that actually try and play and win comps and play the game and not float is leaving!!! Well dani plays too but if she would have never agreed with Dom to evict Jeff then brendon and it got back to br then there alliance would be a go!!!!! Ugh please please let shelly go home


Geez can’t believe Shelly said that to Rachels face. This season is kinda boring. I wish they didn’t bring anybody back. If AG loves it so much next season she should bring back non-jury ppl to play again that’ll be interesting.


This isn’t over for Dani yet, people forget something, Shelly has JJA vote, Dani can easily get KP to vote for Brendon and with Rach’s vote it is up to Dani to break the tie………alliances exposed completely on J&J and with BR siding with Dani alliance, Dani is safe and they pick off the J&J alliance one at a time.

Jeff has become to arrogant to figure out who is still in control of the evictions, as cocky as he was during season 12.

Dani pulling a last minute move to save Brendon will freak out what is left of the JJA alliance, Adam will be pooping his pants during the HOH comp, Jordon depressed and Jeff will be so pissed he won’t perform!


don’t forget Dani said people are going to crap their pants this week, this move will have the remaining JJA alliance crapping themselves out of contention for HOH thursday

Midwest Fan



I hope you’re right because I’m absolutely losing faith in D. I’ve been rooting for her but I must admit that her keeping Jeff around, makes me wonder if she isn’t as cocky or full of shit as some of her critics say.


stinky shelly has to go. something tells me she’s evil in real life. it’s almost as she’s comfortable with herself with the lies in this game.


Shelly: “I will never like Rachel she’s a liar”

So are you Shelly.

teri b

LOL That cracked me up, too. Pot, meet Kettle.


has JJ talked to Dani yet? Dani HAS to know Brenchel is full of it. She would make her daddy proud by tie breaking and sending Brenduh home.

I noticed in a previous comment someone sad it’s bern years since Dick and Dani spoke… That was their game. They both were in the food room talking about how long they would have the HG’s believe thry don’t talk and haven’t. That was their plan.

As for the lying, they ALL do it! they all make and break deals, it’s a game, it furthers them! It works! That’s how you stay in the game. Brenchel sold everyone out before JJ did. They will say whatever is needed to stay in.

I’m still shocked Wrenchl is friends with Reagan! If you google Big Brother wedding, Brenchel have been trying to get a network to pick them up… Uh.. Those two arecso not worth a Trista /Ryan Bachelorette wedding! MaybevRachel was on “Who wants to marry a millionaire”!!


Rachel is delusional. No joke, she has serious mental problems.

No she think Brendon was voted in because America likes them. WRONG! Brendon got all the JJ votes, which JJ has a lot of fans.


I Bet we see JJ on the block next week


Wat I want is for Rachel to win hoh and put up dani and shelly. then for Rachel to win veto and take dani off and put up Jeff so most likely Jeff will go home with dkp voting him out and ja voting to keep him


im confused….didnt jordan hit the ball into a hole that gave her higher points?….it didnt go in the water or miss did it?….ive been pretty ill and in and out of the hospital and im not remembering things like i did before chemo….someone here please help me out how she was given the win
everyone is annoying me but shelly is driving me nuts and she seems pretty mean lately….i sure hope josie minds her p and q’s when she gets older or she is in deep shit
i adore all you guys you make my moments at home so much fun
and thank you simon for this greatly appreciated site
take care everyone


@Grrrl hope you r doing well. Jordan did hit the ball into the 3 slot…then there were only 2 people left to play…Jeff and Brendon. They didn’t even try and Jordan won. Even if they had tried she still might have won.


ok! thanks so much….i kept reading that she was given the win so this explanation makes sense….i appreciate your reply, very nice of you
yes i am doing well and in remission for a month and very happy right now….sweet of you to ask!


Adam, Porsche are doing a skit, playing their alter egos……..Phillip and Elizabeth meeting for the first time, they are both shy nerds….Phillip introduced his gay friends, who are played by Jeff and Brendon..this is so funny……just before 11:01 PM cam 2……..still going on……..can’t miss this omg lmao


I love Phillip, that was the most interesting part of BBAD all week!
I am at the point where I would like Phillip to just take over for Adam, it would inject something fun into this load of crap we have been forced to swallow lately.
Also can’t take much more of Shelly, I literally change the channel when she starts straight shooting now.


I think shelly should still be the one to go!! It would be great if JJA vote for brendon out then RKP vote for Shelley out then Dani has to vote Shelley … Then BR and Dani know where JJ alliance is and get them out next week!!! It would be a perfect game play!!


To me Shelly appears to be VERY manly… she even smokes like a man… or a very butch lesbian. Could her “husband” Tony be “Toni”?


No, I don’t think she’s pulling a week one Bunky. Although she could probably pull it off a lot better since he actually feels bad about lying.


I hope Rachel wins the whole thing and all those haters in the house eat crow!! Especially, prune face shelly!


omg does shelly ever shut up long enough for someone else to talk? I am so sick of hearing only her voice for what seems like forever now. She is monopolizing every fn conversation and she keeps always bringing it back to the ____or____? game. It’s old, move on to a new game….goddamn Shelly shut up please and let someone else talk! K that’s all….


I have a question is there any way a Canadian can apply to the show????




I am getting sick of Shelly and her “Rachel’s lying” bull. The aired show Sunday showed that they DID talk about BRS F3 so everytime Shelly says Rachel is a liar makes me laugh at her (she’s lying) and want her gone that much more. Good for CBS for airing the clip that shows Shelly is WRONG and that Rachel called her on it.


Completely agree. She’s also attacking Racel’s character WAY too much. I don’t like Rachel, but she’s not nearly as bad as Shelly is making it seem


Funny how all the Dani supporters are suddenly so gung-ho about BR joining her alliance even though they’re the same people that have been Brenchel-bashing so hard since the vets split. Tells me you’re desperate because you know she’s screwed….

VA Vet

It’s known as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Which A-hole Will Win?

Is it just me or is bbad “date” hilarious? Or maybe I smoked too much


I was just asking myself the same thing!!!


why does america have to fall for this big baby rachel. She cannot stand on her on feet? It is so ridiculous. They want to do what they want in the house, and want people to bow down to them. That does not make no sense. Rachel keep complaining about how they are mean and she is mean to some of them. She and her fiance can do what they want to get to the top and no one cannot. Why they always want to be in control and no one can’t be in control? They need to grow up. The world does not revolve around them.

America is voting for the big babies fiance to come back. booooooo rachel. cry cry baby

teri b

Oh, haven’t you heard? Rachel is the Totally Entitled Queen of BB. I thought everyone knew that. LOL I totally agree with you, she’s a lying, crying, bitchy baby….oh I forgot HO. And man oh man, does she need to leave the house. Problem is, though, they “need” to keep her for later. That part is killing me. Oh well….


daniel and kalia win win win win win win


Did danielle just keep rachel and brandon safe? this is stupidddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd and bull shit. danielle they are both fooling you. they do not want her here. So i guess either brandon and rachel is going to win the money. They are playing to get to the top and want everyone out. people are getting fooled.


I see some people saying Dani is scewed. Similar to last week.

But there is one thing she has going. The JJSA alliance has terrible comp players. Half of their alliance is completely worthless at comps, Jordan and Shelly. Jeff basically as to do it by himself.




Am I missing something? Or isn’t Brendon up on the block now against Shelly? Hmmmmmm. (BTW, I’d find it awesome if she teamed up with BR, but I know they can’t be trusted either.) Either way she has people gunning for her because she’s a good competitor.


I don’t even watch the show anymore. I just read the website. Good job Simon and Dawg


I think Dani was right chosing Brendon, JJSA, are an alliance yes, but not a strong one when it comes to comps..I think they need to get Shelly and tell her everthing is of..she is such a flip flop. I hope Dani wins. I like her game better


all right one thing is for sure brendon is gone why? kalia hates him JJA will vote him out so PR votes wont matter!


I have a question how do you get on this show

Dumb mf@(?!ers

Im really starting to hate this season bc of all the stupid game moves…usually in other seasons stupid game moves are neutralized by a twist in the game…which is what wouldve happened this year but Dani goes and does another idiotic game move


I’m starting to think Shelly is obsessed with JJ and may be in love with Jordan… She’s so creepy… Has everyone noticed how she believes her own lies…she’s so nutty.. wonder if there really is a Tony and Josie..she sorta reminds of a ruff and ruff trucker lady.


Bravo! I couldn’t have said this any better myself. This is so f”ckin ridiculous that Shelly’s straight shooting ass gets to stay in the house when all she does is straight shoots shit. I don’t even know if I want R to team up with DKP. I would almost rather her play it real low key and play both sides. They won’t let her make it to final 3 anyway so she might as well have a little fun with these idiots. I cannot figure out why no one will put Jeff up and get him out. I’m thinking it may be that dramatic bullying scene he had with Kalia when she did it. I mean, even Jordo got pissed and interrupted her during her nomination speech. It seems that JJ may have everyone scared to death after that scene.


I don’t think people should be so scared of Jeff…it’s Jordan that actually has the better game play. We saw it when she won her season…she has great social game and then when her back is up against the wall, she wins comps. I think this season is hers to lose.

Joan Allen

Dani is targeting the guys…if Brandon is actually using logic in his strategy, then he should play on that fear with Jeff & Adam and then he would be staying this week with four votes – Adam, Rachel, Jeff, & Jordan (because Jordan will vote with Jeff). Team Rocket has to convince Adam & Jeff that keeping Brandon will make them less of a target as well as help them get rid of Dani who should be the biggest target of everyone. Although Team Rocket may repulse Dani (and she uses that to get others on her side of eliminating Brandon), the main reason Dani is trying to eliminate Brandon is because she knows he is her biggest competition in HOH & POV contests. Keeping Shelly seems like a poor strategy because she will be virtually useless in physical & endurance contests due to her chain smoking.


Yeah danielle controls have the house then if Brendan is evicted they have Kalia porche and rachel against jeff jordon shelly adam also Kalia and porche have discussed keeping brenda is good for them cause they hate shelly so dani has the deciding vote

Stacey Lowe

Some of you people are the most mean spirited I have ever seen…………… Down right CATTY and nasty towards people that you don’t even know. It’s a freaking game…………… So what if they lie, bully or anything else. That is what it is all about. The only thing negative I will say is that Dani and Kalia will go down as the dumbest houseguest to ever play the game.


Etienne ur soooo right! Even Kalia has said she will never put Jordan up???? What’s the point of an alliance with someone who’s in love with ur competition??? And what is with them (even Dani) not wanting Jeff mad? 1st it’s a game, only 1 can win so how can u keep ur competitors Happy??? AND he is on tbe opposing alliance n wants Dani out anyway!!! Do these people think once B and R are gone they’ll each get a check for 500k then go one to be best friends n live happily ever after????

Oh and Shelley just “playing the game”? How do u explain her DR rants? She cries n attacks R??? when no one in the house can hear???? That doesn’t make sense, unless she is insane and really believes her own lies, does she forget that all her lies r being filmed??? I don’t get IT?


Etienne ur soooo right! Even Kalia has said she will never put Jordan up???? What’s the point of an alliance with someone who’s in love with ur competition??? And what is with them (even Dani) not wanting Jeff mad? 1st it’s a game, only 1 can win so how can u keep ur competitors Happy??? AND he is on tbe opposing alliance n wants Dani out anyway!!! Do these people think once B and R are gone they’ll each get a check for 500k then go one to be best friends n live happily ever after????

Shelley just “playing the game”? How do u explain her DR rants? She cries n attacks R??? when no one in the house can hear???? That doesn’t make sense, unless she is insane and really believes her own lies, does she forget that all her lies r being filmed??? I don’t get IT?


I cna’t wait until the reign of the queen bitch dani and her lapdog kalia is over. One of them is on their way out next week….


Kalia can win. I’ll take anyone on earth winning over Dani Denunzios.

Wishing her all the worst.