Big Brother Spoilers: Adam tells Shelly all about how Jeff was trying to get him to keep Brendon.. *Updated*

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7:30am – 9:20am Shelly is awake and out in the backyard already cleaning and doing laundry. 8:45am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Adam and Shelly are out in the backyard talking. Adam tells Shelly all about how Jeff was talking to him last night going through all the scenarios and trying to keeping Brendon instead of Shelly. Adam says that obviously you’ve got to go through the scenarios. Adam says that he kept telling Jeff that we aren’t going to get many other chances to do this. Shelly says that Jeff already told me they are voting for me. Adam says and he said that he just hopes they’re doing the right thing. Adam says that he told Jeff that we are doing the right thing. Adam says that he said he knows why he’s nervous because he is next on their chopping block. Shelly says that keeping Brendon is not going to keep him in the game .. Rachel and Brendon will throw anyone under the bus. Adam says right. Shelly says that they have already chucked him ten times under the bus. Adam says and he knows that ..he is just afraid that… Shelly says that they’re afraid I’m going to vote Rachel out because they know I don’t want her here. Adam says right. Shelly says that they need her. Adam says right. Shelly says that she understand that but I will not like Rachel. I will… I’m a team player..I’ll look out for the team 100%, but if anybody thinks that this next time I’m going to babysit Rachel… Adam says no. Shelly says and give her pep talks and outwardly protect her? …that it isn’t going to happen!! Adam says that’s what he’s afraid of and it makes perfect sense is if.. Shelly says it does me no good if he goes. Adam asks who? Shelly says Jeff. Adam says oh, yeah, that’s why it’s all coming down to one of needing to win HOH this week. Shelly says absolutely, no matter what there’s no excuse, you have to win or you’re going home… if I don’t win a competition I’m going to be out the door soon. Adam says that’s basically what it comes down to. Brendon comes out to join them and the conversation ends… They talk about life and other random things. Adam then heads back to bed. Rachel joins them. Shelly, Brendon and Rachel talk about universities and tuition.. and then Shelly starts asking Rachel about working in Vegas.
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10am Shelly heads inside. Brendon asks Rachel what she wants to do today. Rachel says relax for a bit then work out later.. Rachel mentions that Jeff and Adam were out here till late last night. Rachel says too bad he’s not working on your vote. Brendon says yeah right .. I would never have Adam’s vote. Rachel asks what do you think about what Dani said. Brendon says I don’t know… we’ll talk to her and we need to talk to Porsche. Rachel says that we need to make a little bit of a deal as possible and make it as positive and personal as possible. Rachel says that she operates more on a personal basis… and doesn’t think about game. Brendon says we’ll tell her that I have her back. Rachel says that we’ll convince her that she will need a strong physical guy to take on another guy … and that Adam can’t do that for her. Shelly comes back out and they continue to talk about Vegas cocktail waitresses.

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10:15am – 11:05am Brendon is working out on the elliptical. Shelly heads inside. Brendon tells Rachel that he still thinks that he has a decent shot at staying. Rachel says oh for sure.. what do you thing Dani will do if it’s a tie. Brendon says that she sure as hell better vote for me. Rachel says well yeah .. she won’t get very far if she doesn’t… because I won’t work with her then! Big Brother tells Brendon to put on his mic. Rachel grabs it for him but he says no I will get too sweaty. Rachel says fine ..I won’t talk to you then. Rachel heads inside to make breakfast. Rachel then heads into the bathroom and starts putting on her makeup. Shelly goes out into the backyard and starts cleaning and sweeping. Brendon finishes up on the elliptical and heads inside. Rachel and Shelly talk about how everyone just sleeps in the house. Shelly says that the birds sure do like hanging out over here by the pool table. Rachel says that a bird pooped on her the other day. Rachel talks about how there were cockroaches in the house last summer. Shelly says if thats true’s because it wasn’t clean ..and I won’t let that happen this year.

Brendon starts running around the backyard and Rachel tells him that he should take his shirt off. Rachel then asks Shelly if Brendon should take off his shirt. Shelly says absolutely. Brendon finishes his run and goes to the bathroom to shower. Shelly is in the backyard killing ants. Rachel brings out their laundry and starts reading the bible on the backyard couch. All the other houseguests are still sleeping.

11:30am – 12pm Shelly continues to clean the backyard. Rachel and Jordan are in the bathroom talking. Rachel is telling Jordan how Jeff was up late talking to Adam. Jordan asks really?! Big Brother yells are Jordan for not having her mic on. Jordan is all confused and doesn’t remember where her mic is. Rachel heads back outside and starts stretching. Shelly is laying out on the lounger. Adam is up and sitting on the backyard couch by himself, Jordan is in the pool and Brendon is making something to eat in the kitchen. Adam tells Shelly about his dreams. Shelly and Adam start talking about sports.

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Rachel's shrink

“Adam tells Shelly all about how Jeff was trying to get him to keep Brendon..”


hahahahaha! Oh snap!!!


He basically told her Jeff and Jordan are going to throw her under the bus and she is too stupid to understand… he told me I had his vote.. um yeah that means he lied. She is a J/j stalker I swear.


Bacon is a coward Im done with this CHO-MO


Dani is going to win BB 13. I just know it.


if she keeps sticking with kaliashamoo and porshe, she wont.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if the vote was a tie… And dani sent shelly packing!!


The vote is going to be a tie ,but Dani is sending Brendon home not lizard skin


agree – dani is hell bent on sending Brendon home it seems


None of these players are smart but if they were… Dani and Porsche should tell j/j/a they want Brendon gone then j/j/A will evict Brendon but kahlia/P/Rachel will vote to keep him Dani breaks the tie. JJA look like they betrayed the couple and team Dani is the hero. the new alliance is JJA vs DRBKP


that is a good idea, but dani has to convince JJA to do what she wants – even if they are leaning toward Shelly already, i almost feel like whatever dani wants makes them suspicious — but it is a great plan


that’s a really good idea.


Yes, yes it would.

Malcolm Delaney

I’ll give you the short answer to that…..No


dani got the granades out, this should be fun couple days


God I hope they get rid of brandon this week…. I can’t stand him or Rachael in the house anymore


I have a feeling Brendon is going to stay in the house and although I want them to, I wish Dani would have been the one to aid them, so they could have teamed up and got Jeff out. Even if she does decide to break the tie and get Shelly out, Jeff remains in the house.

Like I said BB will shift momentum in JJSA’s favor next week and someone in Dani’s alliance will go home. I have a feeling Rachel will finish 4th. That always seems to be the spot that a girl like Rachel goes out. See: Michelle(BB11) and Britney(BB12).


You compare Rachel to Michelle, or Britney? Ummm ok?


i still think Dani is a BB badass…. she knows exactly what she’s doing yall wait and see


i think that’s exactly what she’s doing.
and there’s no way she’s being this nice to shelly with no motive… especially after discovering her snakeness last week… Dani is a smart cookie!


I loved Dani in season 8, but she has proven that she is just an idiot in the house this season. She is awesome at competitions, but terrible when it comes to strategy.


If Shelly goes to Jeff about it, either he will throw a fit, like he tends to do, or change his mind and vote out Brendan, which he SHOULD do.


If Shelly goes to Jeff about this, he will either get all pissy, or vote Brendan out, which would be the smart thing!


Is there where Rachel tells Porsha that nothing comes between me and my man in that annoying voice that Rachel has, to try to convince her to vote to keep Brendan. I swear Dani is taking crazy pills that Lawon left behind. One minute she is saying they have to votes to keep Brendan next she is saying to make sure we keep him dead. Please Please Please Dani get him out. Maybe 3rd times the charm.


She knows what she’s doing. She just told BR that Brendon is safe just incase he does leave, then it can be blamed on JJ.


STFU Shelly, can’t stand her.

Brendon has cankles

…and chews his food with his mouth open.

That is all.


Hooray for Adam! Get Brendon out!


What happens in the real world if you did this and got caught??Any comments???


Benefibre is 100% harmless. Its a fibre supplement, NOT laxative. Children can take it. It keeps you regular, it doesnt make you have to run and shit every 5 minutes.


How about when you take way more than you’re supposed to? That was Porshe’s intention. It wasnt a coincedence that Jordan and Lawon were pooping out water. I think tampering with HG’s food should not be allowed no matter what. I hope that pig has to be on slop before this season is over.


I think Kalia got penalizef last night for singing


How do they get penalized? Like what happens?


Simon or Dawg: plz help!!! My feeds won’t let me go to the main menu where I can go to flashback… My iPhone and iPad only bring me to the select a camera screen… I’ve closed cookies and history and everything… How do I get to the main page with the calendar???


Thanks– could’ve sworn I was on Flashback feature on the iPad the other day…

I would love to see Brendon get voted out and then Porsche leave next week just so we could see Rachael loose her mind knowing Brendon and Porsche were in the jury house for a week by themselves.

Aqua Bernie

Now that would be funny! Rachel would be pissed.

OMG! This is the best plan I have heard all season!!!!!! I love it! Rachel would go nuts! I would pay to see this! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!


Above comment!!


That’s the best of the year! I love it! What a great idea! If Shooting Straight could put that seed in Rachel’s brain and play on that, OMG! It would drive her insane! RATINGS would sore! Heck I’d buy the feeds for that and I haven’t had them since the first season, I’d rather give my donation here but to see Rach loose it! ROTFLMAO!!! Great idea TSEARCY! I love it! I can’t stand that little floose Portia, eeeeewwwww! She’d probably be doing everything Rachel would imagine and Brendon would be doing more than skyperbating!!!!

Kahlua yes..Kalia uh not so much!

LMAO! Here I was thinking Rachell couldn’t get any crazier but that might just push her over the edge!

Kahlua yes..Kalia uh not so much!

Out of this entire cast, I wish Porch and Kalia the hut would go! Both of them are on my nerves can’t even stand to watch them on BBAD. All they do is eat and take up space.

There heads are so far up Dani’s ass heaven forbid she turns a corner to fast…one of them is going to wind up with a broken neck! The same could be said for Shelly when it comes to JJ.


NEXT WEEK is jury


I am really hoping that Dani’s true intentions are to accept the deal with BR and that Brendon going on the block was just her way of insuring that BR honor the deal. If that was the case it would make Dani brilliant. She doesnt have to worry about Brendon getting voted out because she has control of that.Porshe and Kalia will vote how Dani asks them to and even if JJA vote for Shelly the power to break the tie is Dani’s so bam she honors the deal and outs JJ to Br making BR indebted to Dani for saving Brendon. Any chance that BR would go back to JJ and backstab Dani is gone and the team is now JJA vs DKPBR and even with Dani out of the hoh this week odds are in her favor. And br will be so pissed at the betrayal that if they win hoh JJ will automatically be on the block. Its a win win for Dani. I just hope this is whats going on.


Remember Dani saying at the start of her HOH that she was gong to make them all crap their pants this week and the week is not over yet.

Her telling BR that they have J&J’s votes last night setting up her next move, to tell them J&J lied and are voting to keep Shelly, possibly at the last minute Thursday but that she has swayed PH to vote for Brenda, ultimate riff causing sceneio and possibly a huge fight between J&J and BR and who remains sitting pretty……..Dani!


I’ve been thinking this all week and hope you’re right!


If it becomes a tie JJ could lose Shelly and Adam which puts more power to DKP.


simon any thoughts on what type of HOH is coming up?


I think it’s physical with maybe questions.. either way I’m sure it’ll be over before the live show is. Next week will probably be endurance


Wow if Dani gets through next week and the following hoh is endurance. She could actually win this thing.


Simon, BB has the double evictions in the past either week 6 or week 7 and since not announced for this week, it seems it will be next week. Think it will be a before or after comp or a true/false one this week as Pandoras Box usually also shows around now.

Knowing how CBS is operating this year and having such a boring group in the place even moreso since Brendon returned, I wouldn’t be at all surprised that if Jeff wins HOH Thursday that the POV will be for the Diamond POV if Dani is nominated and playing in it.


Yeah i’m feeling that Dani is going to need the POV this week. I agree there will be another twist in the game, not sure if they would use the DPOV 2 years in a row but they might.


The twist has something to do with the Tarot card lady in the purple room. I think Julie chen said its going talk or do something..


Coupe d’etats perhaps?


brendon staying is good for dani as long as he thinks her votes kept him. Tie will be dicey for her. Time for good decision making dani.

Rachel Is Boy George

Shelly doesn’t care what Jeff says or does because shes gonna kiss his ass all the way to the final 3 anyway


Shelly is gonna be this weeks Lawon, I’ll be shocked if JJ vote out Brendan. Adam is so stupid to repeat what Jeff said to Leatherface.


Get Brendan out! Adam telling Shelly what Jeff said was a DUMB ASS move! He is gonna find out and you’ll be next Adam. We need Shelly in the house to keep it clean lmao


It’s gonna get dirty.

Brenchel needs to go

Where does Rachel get of attacking Jeff for not talking to Branden about votes –when they were the ones who were throwing Jeff and Jordan under the bus. I hope that Jeff is smart enough to vote Branden out. Shelly and Adam is more trustworthy than Brenchel.
I terms of Dani’s move, if she decided to keep Branden and take out Shelly, she might eventually get Brenchel’s votes in the end. In addition, by not putting up Jeff, she didn’t risk loosing Jeff’s vote by putting him on the block. I think she knows that she could afford to loose Shelly’s vote.
I just hope that Brenchel will not get to the final 2. In the end, I do hope that Adam starts winning more and would eventually win. As long as Brenchel, Kalia, and Porshe not win, I’d be happy. After Kalia’s move last week, making it into the jury would be enough of a prize. Porshe, doesn’t really do anything and I think her main goal was just to get into the industry and not really win BB13. As for Brenchel, I just extremely dislike how they back stab people and have the nerve to complain that others are not helping them.

Rachel's shrink

I want some of what you’re smoking.

Shelly is more trustworthy than [insert anyone here]?


Did you not see her go on and on about being called a liar and how she didn’t tell BR that she wanted a final 3 with them, and production actually showed the lie she told on Sunday night.

Shelly has agreed to a final 3 with JJ, BR and DK.

Brenchel needs to go

That may be true, but yeah, Shelly is more trustworthy than Branden and Rachel. Brenchel are both snakes and they need to go. Branden should finish his PhD and Rachel should really get a job. Even though Shelly has lied (and by the way –who hasn’t in this game), she has been staying true to JJ. I’d take Shelly and Adam over Branden and Rachel any day.

mrs lady

if you look at it Brenden and Rachel has been true to JJ they have not put them, on the block no matter how many time JJ have backstabbed them they always work with them and keep them safe.Brenden never makes a move without letting Jeff know his plan and they both agree on it. Brenden is really playing the game, Rachel sometimes is his downfall but togerther they are unstoppable. JJ are both floaters waiting on someone else to keep them safe and pave the way to final two. what gives them the right to walk around the house with their heads higher than anyone and neither of them aren;’t doing anything. If B?R?or D were not on the show it would be a bum seasaon. If Brenden leaves bb has lost a faithful watcher!!




She only intends on going through with it with JJ


Rachel’s Shrink: what was on the show was that Shelly said she did not have a final 3 deal with BR. The flashback showed Shelly asking BR if they would take her to final 3. To me, that sounded more like a hypothetical question, not a “deal”. If she meant it hypothetically, then Shelly has a good reason to be pissed off at Rachel for saying they have a deal, when they really do not.

Rachel's shrink

It was on Sunday’s show.
Shelly asked BR for a final 3 deal. BR accepted.
offer + acceptance = contract = deal.


thank you


Exactly. I think Shelly has been smart about how she words things. Except for JJ, I haven’t seen her commit to anyone. She’s talked to them, made suggestions, but not committed or promised anything. Shelly could be a politician they way she dances around answers.


I can’t believe how many people on this site want Dani to trust BR. Have you not been watching the same show as I have. Brendon and Rachel lie more than anyone in the game. I don’t know why people are hating on JJ they have stayed true BR and save Rachel’s sorry A$$ last week; look how they repay them throughing them under the bus. So Dani would be smart not to trust the BR team get rid of both of them. I love the JJSA team all the way. BR could have been part of that if they weren’t such big Drama queen and king not to say big liars.

Brenchel needs to go

All I can say is –totally agree with you

Rachel's shrink

I have been wondering the same thing when I see your comments.

It is clearly evident from your past comments that you are a diehard JJ fan, no matter what they do and most of your arguments seem to always make suggestions that will benefit JJ. You ignore that JJ have already said many times that they want DK out. Jeff said he would make any deal with Kalia and then stab her in the back.

Consider being objective.


Rachel said to Jordan we honor alliances when we make them. Jordon said early on You do? Why?


Do you watch the live feeds? Or even read these blogs?


JJSABRPKD alliance


What is a flooter or a flotter? Perhaps you mean floater? How on earth are JJ, Adam & Shelly floaters? They made an alliance & have stuck with it.


it’s a new and improved version of floater


Just because you have an alliance does not mean that you are not a floater.


(Brenchel needs to go) I guess you dont have live feeds or showtime after dark, Because it is Not B/R throwing people under the bus the firestarters were J/J from day one Jordan was always on everyone elses side who talked bad about Racheal it started with cassie and went from there but when B/R was HOH everything was good. B/R voted out Dominic for J/J that is not what B/R wont to do but since they were in an alliance they went alone with J/J wishes. What have J/J shelly, adam, or porshe ever done nothing. Besides betray B/R. Both B/R have carried them to where they are. They rhode B/R coat-tails. And when B/R needed them to step up to the plate. They cannot win anything. So I dont blame B/R for throwing J/J under the bus its about time.And long overdue

mrs lady

Thank you for bringing that out to the public attention. B?R don’t deserve all the bashing they are truely playing the game and again thats why tehy are there. B/R put thier trust in the wrong team of J/J they were pretty good on their season and this season they are garbage!!! jeff is still riding the america’s vote from his season but he is no sweetheart this season, and Jordan OMG she is all whinny and lazy this season they are not my favs. B/r are still the same as thier season I love B/R

mrs lady

has anyone esle read the last statement on the spoiler website it Shelly escapes eviction what is her next move. If Brenden leaves i will be pissed and i will not watch bb ever again!!!!

The Meow Meow

Production will swing the HoH thursday towards JJSA… and Dani will probably go home…. Sad but true.. JJ will your final 2 this year


You right, I predicted that week one because it;s was so obvious


that and production doing everything possible to make sure BRJJ are the final 4

Dark Horse

I think production likes Dani too, jmo…

so if one of “Big Jeff’s” team win HOH…
they will make sure Dani wins POV…




Just like they did for Dani when she won her first hoh with the sking. How soon we forget 🙂


I think the vote could go either way this week. Brendon (w/o Rachel) needs to lay it out logically why Dani should keep him, because I think at this point, B&R would help them get rid of the “floaters”.

Tickling the Berries

Adam is starting to tick me off, regardless of what he says it’s pissing me off because I feel he’s too afraid to anger Dani or JJ. I don’t feel he’s picked a dam side yet and that at this point you should of picked. He may say he’s with JJ but if Kalia or Porsche win HoH, and let’s say Rachel gets put up and wins Veto watch him at some point say “it may be time for JJ to be separated this week”. I just want a vet to win this, I love all 5(6 when E.D was still in) of them.


adam is a fan


Who is Porche voting to evict? If JJR vote to keep Rachel, they would only need P’s vote now that we know Adam is voting to keep Shelly.

Dark Horse

Rachel’s not even on the block…

things change every second in the house…


Yes I know….typo…I meant Brendon

Dark Horse

I cannot stand either Shelly or Brendon…
I want them both out…

It would be too funny if Kalia [fat chance, I know] won HOH this week…
Much like Jeff said…Porsche is hard to read so I’m unsure where she stands…

Team Dani all the way!


The best would be if.. they all vote Shelly out…
and then Brendon wins HOH he puts up Jeff and Adam…. Adam wins POV and Jordan goes up on the block.

or if Brendon goes..

Kalia or Porsha wins HOH….
put Jeff and Shelly on the block…
Adam wins POV…
use it on Shelly
Jordan goes up
and Jeff goes home

Dark Horse

I will take any one of those senarios….
If B does stay and they [BR] team up with DKP…
OMG that would be priceless…
Big Jeff wouldn’t say shit…unless he won HOH…
which he wouldn’t cause there would be too many strong[er] players still in the game.


Dani, Brenden and Rachel would CLEAN HOUSE and then it really would be the best of the competitors. I’m not personally a fan of any of them BUT either of the 3 would be smart to make the alliance.


That’s exactly how I feel too. I was not/am not a fan of Brendon and Rachel but I feel like they are the only ones thinking logically right now. The 3 of them could easily dominate and I think Dani could win against either of them in the end. Everyone keeps whining about how they aren’t trustworthy… and some even think Shelly is MORE trustworthy (?!?!?!?!?!??!), but I really feel like their intentions with Dani are genuine. JJ has expressed how quickly they will put up Dani and so has Shelly and Adam. She is their main target. Why would she not join up with people who are strong competitors and would protect her? Rather than relying on Kalia and Porsche??? Lol… that would be silly.


Those 3 together would destroy the competition. It’s pretty much a guaranteed final 3


Exactly. I don’t see how people aren’t understanding the benefits of this deal. JJSA… all 4 of them have now said that Dani is their target, that they would break any deal they made with her and Kalia, that she is the one who needs to go. So why in the world would Dani not want to work with anyone else in the house besides them?

I feel like Dani, like so many people on this site, have these opinions of BR which they have carried over from last season and even from the beginning of this season, and they will not allow themselves to see how great of an opportunity this is for Dani. I was one of those people who was highly upset when Brendon came back into the house…less than a week ago… and I am still not a fan of the 2 of them… but I was able to look at the situation objectively and see that a DBR alliance would not only secure Dani a spot in the finals, but make for good tv as well. Can you imagine Jeff’s reaction when it all came to light?! Smh…it will be an intense moment lol. But regardless of all that… I feel like Brendon’s week away somehow opened up his eyes. Maybe it was the week away from Rachel… it gave his mind a chance to breathe and he came back focused and ready to play the game. I still don’t like him, but I’d much rather see Dani team up with him and Rachel than JJ or anyone else in the house.

Kahlua yes..Kalia uh not so much!

Why should Dani trust them???
They were already in an alliance and they turned their backs on her and voted out Dom.
Now they’re in an allinace with JJ and trying to run back to Dani.
Even if BR are genuine, it’s only for this week unless DPK win HOH next week!


I think it’s safe to say BR are no longer in an alliance with JJ… JJ allegiance is to SA now. If BR were to turn their back on Dani, they would be playing the game alone… which they know is not a smart move at this point in the game.

Dark Horse

hahaha yea Shelly is an idiot…As long as if B leaves…R joins forces with DKP…

she has to know that she would be the target after “Big Jeff” takes the game and starts actually winning…
ya know, since he needs more than half the house gone before he can win anything…

I hope Jordan goes soon…


Production will swing it in Jeff’s corner? Uh no, it’s clear and obvious that Dani is the sole focus of the show at this point, she has been set up to be the good guy, the underdog, the nauseating story about her fathers’ neglect and all that garbage. BR are the obvious ones to hate. Jeff’s somewhat of a bully and Jordan isn’t intelligent. The others are just filler. The big story is Dani’s epic struggle against the veterans. Poor semi intelligent Dani abandoned by her father and facing unbelievable odds manages to win it all (with a little help from production). Personally I’m rooting for Jeff getting drunk and showing his true bully side and knocking Dani out. Send both of them home and they could end the show there without having anyone actually win.



if he does that..Onyl he Goes Home… and not her



In that scenario she goes to the hospital and then through months of recovery and reconstructive surgery.


But Dani needs to be the focus of the show, because she is the only interesting person in the house
Evens he said this cast is really boring…

they choose people with no big personality like, Adam, Shelly, Porsha, Cassi, Keith, they felt unconfortable with the Veterans.

And if Dani would have not turned on the Veteras, this season would be the wrost season ever…. Because the Veteran would have made all the way to the final 4.

And the show got a complety diferent Road when she tried to backdoor Jeff.

and after that all that is when she show really started…


I think JJ should split their vote this time. It gives each a vote for jury. Stirs the pot and lets Dani keep her cards hidden Iif they vote for B then Dani will have to show her cards by being the tie breaker.


I was thiking that..
but they wont do that.. because they wont let Dani choose who is best for her
and know they need to choose who stays for their game…


Why wasn’t Jeff kicked off Big Brother when he held the knife to Jordon’s throat? Why can Jeff threaten houseguests and get away with it? I’m tired of the Jeff show.


I dont think anyone even has to respond to this one…*rolls eyes*


rockstar, what???? tell me about this please…i missed it!!


6:30 ish yesterday he held the knife to Jordon’s throat. Justin was kicked off BB in Season 2 for doing the same thing.

Dark Horse

Is there anything in the spoilers [here] about this?

I do not have the feeds.


And I’m tired of the rockstar show in the comments section. Are you really Lawon, because to say he threatened Jordan might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard


He’s casted for all the lonely housewives

VA Vet

Danielle’s loins are aching so bad that she decided to get B to the jury house and next week she gets to join him for a week of boom-boom cha-cha…………….


rachels body is pretty good but god is she ugly


Is Rachel really reading the Bible when just hours ago she was giving her NOT husband a handjob and blowjob?


Adam sucks! He can’t keep his fat mouth shut for one minute. I have never ever seen a BB house this messy and the men gossiping more than the women! It’s embarrassing for the male population. OMG ~ Adam shut up!!!

I’m so glad Shelly stop crying. That was so bizarre and weird to see her unravel. She looked like a Rachel twin ~ LOL. I understand her frustration and how she is upset about what Rachel said, however it’s a game and she is old enough to know that words don’t hurt unless you allow them to. She somehow let Rachel get under her skin and that is just sad! Talk about needing therapy. Big Mama of the house broke down and it wasn’t pretty.

Okay lets face it. If Brendon goes home this is a repeat of two weeks ago all over again. We have to see Rachel cry non-stop for Brendon. Thanks Dani……………….u suck!

Okay, Jordan is too cute in that costume. It wouldn’t look the same on anyone else. Way to go BB!

Jeff is playing the game finally. Using the newbees to his advantage to once again hide behind the fact that he has been trying to get rid of Brendon & Rachel while keeping his hands clean. At some point he needs to step up and stop hiding behind all his lies. Tell the truth ~ you want Brendon, I mean everyone evicted so you can stay in the house. That means Jordan too. He is not perfect like he tries to come off to America. Sorry Jordan your man is a hippocrit!

Dani is running BB this season. Hope she has plans to keep it going because this game is going to get crazier and crazier! Pimping out Kalia works, so keep it up until the big day comes when you have to put up Jordan. I think Kalia will cry ~ again!

Not sure what Porche is doing in this game at all. I think she should have went home with Lawson. She seems to cook really well and eat that much more. Maybe one day she will actually play the game called Big Brother!!!!!

Rachel's shrink

I believe that Shelly takes the lying accusation so hard because she has had a lifetime of those acusations and is probably a compulsive liar.
People don’t go off the deep end like that over being called out on one thing unless there is a LOT of history and pre-conditioning there.


Would love for Porche to be in the jury house with Jeff or Brendon. Doesn’t matter to me. Jordan and Rachel would not like that @ all!


A tie would be awesome. Dani would have to do her own dirty work. She has been playing this game so well, but this eviction could come back to bite her in the behind and result in her losing a vote should she make it to final 2.
Good Luck Dani!


Voting out Brendon is not a good idea. Keeping Brendon is an even worst idea. Getting rid of Jeff would be a much, much better play.


Is it me, or did Adam change into a completely different person when he shaved?? He seemed pretty cool on the inside and out prior to shaving. Now since the shave he looks and acts like someones annoying overbearing dad.


Doesn’t anybody else wonder why Shelly wants to help JJ????? Why would you go on a reality show to win money and say “NOOOOO, i came to help you go all the way to the end to get the money”, what is she going to do, get to final 3 and say ” I am on my way to the jury house, I am glad I helped you”, if this scenario is true, it is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. You give up your summer with your husband and child to go help strangers win money. Something is not right here. Either Shelly is lying to them, { if they get down to final 3. goes all Rambo on them), or there is something wrong in Shelly’s mental health. I saw her on Sunday, and I think she should get some mentall help. She is lying in the DR, about her lying. Good Grief!!


I think there is another twist coming and has to do with that fortune teller machine ! Why would that thing be there it serves no ther purpose.


For being a self-proclaimed genius in the game of big brother, Daniele, is making some terrible decisions. In the house, there are TWO people who will win all jury votes if they’re against anyone else.. and that happens to big Jeff and Jordan.

Kalia – Is so far up J/J’s ass, she’s prepared to whip their asses after they take a shit.
Shelly – She’s a creppy stalker, and would do anything to have a foursome with them; including giving them 500,000$
Adam – Always an idiot
Porsche – Always an idiot

And… Rachel / Brendon would always give them the vote.

So it’s clear, dani wouldn’t get anyone votes if she’s up against J/J. Not even kalia’s.


Lolololol about Adam!!!


I think it’s funny that Rachel get up and reads the bible after jerking and sucking Brendon off last night


Honestly that is none of your business what they do in theor personal life. yeah they shouldnt have done that especially on tv but when ur in love its kind of hard to keep ur jhands off each other. unlike jeff and jordan who are allergic to each other. so back off dude. im sure you do teh same and go to teh church next day. next time think twice about what u pose cause to me ur just jealoues faggot


Why are the updates so slow today what’s going on ?? are the HG’s still sleeping SIMON ??


AHHH this week is crazy


I guess there’s not much to do in that house but there’s only so many hours a body can sleep.

I want to see what the next pre-school type HOH competion is gonna be to insure that someone within the JJSA alliance wins because we all know that’s where the power will be tossed next.