Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says you made me dance for my dinner.. so expect next week for Big Jeff to make you dance as well..

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12:15am UP in the HOH room are Jeff, Jordan and Kalia. Jordan is apologizing for how she acted the other day. Jordan saying that she isn’t normally like that. Kalia says that she really wanted to talk to Kalia way before nominations because she knew what her plan was and she didn’t want her to think that she was trying to backdoor her or get her out. Kalia says that she knew she was taking a risk but she needed Jeff to play for the veto and win. Kalia says that she wants Rachel out. Kalia says that she was scared if you won you would take her off. Kalia says that she never intended to and won’t put up Jordon, and I won’t backdoor you or use you as a pawn. Jeff says but if Rachel had won, I would’ve been out, give me that. Kalia says I’ll give you that but Rachel was my target. I knew she would be so out of it this week so I needed to get her out this week, next week she’d be gunning and I needed strong people to play in the veto. Kalia says that she completely understands them being mad at her. Kalia says that she knew of the six people in the veto everyone was against Rachel.

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Kalia says that she tried to show in the veto that I know we’re in different alliances but I want to keep you safe. Jeff asks was it worth upsetting people though? Kalia says that she didn’t realize how upset you would be. I guess I didn’t see the bigger picture. Jeff says well what does your picture look like now? ..because you know Rachel is coming back. Jeff says well you did the opposite of what you were suppose to do, you put up two strong players and I told you I was getting myself off the block. Jeff says you made me dance for my dinner.. so expect next week for Big Jeff to make you dance as well. Kalia says no, I know.. I just want to protect Jordan. Jordan says well we had already talked to Dani about a one week deal… so we knew we were safe. Kalia says I know, but I was trying to do what I could do, but in the past two HOH’s it was obvious the other side of the house doesn’t want me here. Jeff asks how many times have I put you up? Zero. Kalia says that was week two, I’m talking about the last two weeks. Jordan tells Kalia that she should have just asked us. Jeff says that he told Dani that he is tired of this BLANK. He is tired of people skating by. Jeff says if he gets kicked out because of this battle… he doesn’t even play this game …everyone is running all around playing telephone. Kalia says well I want to stay to my word and will not put Jordan up. Jordan says well I’m sorry for yelling at you and you have to do what’s best for you and…do that. Jeff and Jordan leave the HOH room.

1:10am In the HaveNot room, Jeff and Jordan are talking about the next HOH. They talk about whether it will be a skill game or not. Jeff says that production might tell them on Wednesday. Jordan says the only people she doesn’t want to win HOH is Dani, and Lawon. Jeff and Jordan start talking about the twist. Jeff says that the wording might be a trick… someone’s coming back, it’s as simple as that. Jordan says that she just can’t see them not bringing Rachel back, because people are going to want to see that battle. Jeff says we’ll know more Thursday though. Jordan says that everyone is going to feel stupid if they keep speculating, and nothing happens. Jeff says that he hate the way Dani competes like she thinks she’s so cool. Jeff says that he hated the way she chugged the drink in the food competition, like she was a gladiator. Jeff says that he doesn’t want to see that BLANK face this week. Jordan says she thinks that if Adam won, he’d be persuaded. Jordan and Jeff are confused about how Production didn’t tell them they were in Jury yet. Jordan says well maybe we’re not in jury yet. Shelly comes in and they talk about Rachel crying and her nervous breakdowns. Rachel comes in to join them. Jeff asks Rachel what she was you doing in there? ..Just venting? Rachel says pretty much, I just wanted someone to talk to, I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to. Rachel says that she said to Kalia that she promises you are not my target if you keep me in this house. Rachel talks about telling Kalia that she has to nominate someone that will keep Rachel in the house. Rachel says that if Kalia nominates Adam, Rachel will be evicted. Rachel told Kalia not to nominate Jordan. Rachel says that she doesn’t know …I don’t know what she’s going to do. Jeff says she is going to get three people mad, and not get anyone out at the end of the week. Rachel says she told Kalia that she promises she is coming back.
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2:30am Jordan tells Rachel not to beat herself up about the decisions they made as a group. Jordan says that she is confident Rachel is coming back. Rachel asks Jordan if she trusts Shelly. Jordan says that you have to trust somebody but her and Jeff arent telling her everything. Rachel says that she sees Shelly running to everyone.

3:20am In the backyard Jeff and Jordan are talking to Adam. Adam asks Jeff if they got any idea from Kalia whats she’s going to do? Jeff says that he doesn’t know and that he told her she made a big mistake, she’s going to upset three people. Jeff says that Kalia thinks the person returning will only be back in the house for only 24 hrs. Adam says that he hopes she doesn’t do something crazy and put him up and Jordan assures him even if she did he would have the votes to stay. Jeff says that she wants to get Rachel out. Adam asks Jordan if he thinks Kalia would put her up again as a pawn and Jordan says she could totally see Kalia doing that. Jeff says Jordan wouldn’t be going anywhere. Jordan says that she doesn’t think Kalia will put up Porsche because she could go home instead of Rachel. Jeff asks who they think Porsche would put up if she was HOH. Jordan says probably me and you. Adam says he doesn’t know she doesn’t talk game to him. Adam says that she just lives to BLANK …I don’t even think she knows what she’d do, she would probably let someone influence her. Jeff says yeah she would. Jordan says she hopes Rachel does come back for at least a couple more weeks to get some of these people out. Jeff says that he wonders if Porsche would vote Rachel out now. Adam doesn’t think she would but Jordan thought she might vote with the house if they were voting Rachel out. Jordan says that she thinks if Rachel did come back and win HOH Porsche would come running back to her. Jeff says that he thinks Porsche could be influenced. Jordan says she is going to bed. Adam hugs Jordan and he thanks her for spending the first part of his forties with him.

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4:15am – 5am Porsche, Kalia, Dani, Adam and Lowan talking about sex in the bedroom. Dani says the worst thing she ever said to a guy was during sex when she told him that she didn’t want anything serious. Adam says no one ever said anything bad to him, and that he satisfied everyone! Lowan says he asked what is that?! They laugh. Adam explains to them what a dirty sanchez is…. Adam saying that it’s when you stick your finger up a girls ass or your ass and wipe your finger under her nose. The continue to talk about random stuff and then decide to go to sleep…

5:50am Shelly is up and now out in the backyard having a smoke and a coffee.. all the other houseguests are still sleeping..

6am Shelly goes back to bed… Everyone is asleep…

8:15am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

9:40amAll the houseguests are still sleeping …

10:35am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to wake up the houseguests…

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211 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says you made me dance for my dinner.. so expect next week for Big Jeff to make you dance as well..

      1. And thats why I voted Dom. She will lose to Rachel. How much more do you want to put the poor girl through? Dom has got a better shot. It only makes sense.

        1. And then once Dom gets back in he get’s put up for nominations, because everyone notices that he’s a huge target. It makes sense.

      2. if im black that everyone hate me put of adam or kaila in the pov monday look like there going home and my boy breaden is come back in. even if his girl goes out he still coming back in simion

    1. Absolutely! Jeff and Jordan talking about floaters to Kahlia…… hell, they each have only won one competition, & Jeff’s intimidation tactics, while Jordan, sweet as she can be, just sits there and let’s Jeff do most of the talking for her (while periodically treating her like shit), makes my sick. Jeff’s over inflated ego really needs to be popped.

      1. I agree DR. Big Jeff needs a beat down. Sadly there is only Adam or Lawon left and neither one of them has the spite in them to do it.

        1. Rockstar – I bet ya Dani couldn’t do, if she was made enough! I would love to see her win HoH this week, if only to see Jeff squirm some more.

            1. Still trying to figure out why he’s ‘Big Jeff’? Is it because of his bloated ego? It’s certainly not his BIG game play, or BIG intellect. I’ve never seen an HOH treated the way Kalia has been treated by anybody. Even when single digit IQ Jordan won, she was afforded more respect than what Kalia is getting.

              I don’t see why she would even bother trying to be friends with those two. She said she would never put them up yet they were always scheming against her.

          1. Don’t think so, Jeff will win HOH. Dani will go up on the block and keep the nomination the same. Too bad Dani has to go to Jury House. Bye Dani.

            1. Agreed! Hope Jeff wins HOH and sends Dani packing! Also hope Brendon is the one voted back in to compete. We can’t have Dom coming back!

            2. ILL WiLL – I agree; there’s clearly a manipulation of the game going on by CBS, in order to keep more volatile and “entertaining” characters (as they become once they step on the set of BB) in the house longer. It’s unfortunate on one hand but, could you imagine how boring it would be if the personalities of Porcha, Lawon & Shelly were what viewers were left with for most of the game?! Ratings would plummet!

              1. This year has been boring so far. It seems like each year gets worse. I just want Rachel gone, she is such a whiny spoiled witch. I wish they would g back to the game as it was played in the first few seasons until AllStars. The game was actually played back then without all the lying and crap the way it is now and as I said getting worse each year. They aren’t playing a game anymore, it’s who can lie more and get away with it. I would love to see a BB with interesting HGs who really play the game. Just saying… If they bring anyone back it should be Dick!!!

                1. If you want the game played without all the lying and backstabbing, then why do you want Rachel out? She’s one of the few people left that just plays the game without all the mean-spirited nonsense. She may say or do stupid things sometimes and you me be annoyed by her, but she plays the game.

                  1. Sonya, I stated why in my comment above. I was just saying the way I feel and sorry that it upset you so much. We all state the way we feel on here and it’s ridiculous for someone to get upset about it. I DO NOT like Rachel, she is such a phony and IMO is not playing the game and is a sore loser. We all have our opinions and opinions are neither right or wrong, they are just opinions. :o)

  1. And in addition to what has been written here, Kalia asked JJ if they would be willing to join forces next week to get the floaters out and JJ agreed with Jeff saying they have been his targets all along – not Kalia.

    WHY has this not been conveyed?

    It seems more and more that things are being spun here to make Jeff and Jordan look like complete assholes by not writing about apologies, etc. Just like someone noticed this with the photos being posted, I’m noticing it with the content now.

    I’m also noticing that some of the people who dislike the J’s are being bullies and they’re not being called out for it.

    WTF is going on here? If this is the way it’s going to be, I’ll move on to a site that’s more balanced. You guys own the site and do all the work so you have the right to play it however you want, I just want to know so I don’t waste any more time getting aggravated.

    1. I personally appreciate Simon and dawg keeping us updated 24/7. They are not writing transcripts. They are recapping the things they feel are important.
      Take a chill pill and relax.

    2. just for the record you won’t find a bigger fan of Jeff than Dawg so I’m not sure why everyone thinks theirs a hidden agenda in his post. Of course JJ agreed to get the floaters (drink) out 20 minutes after Jeff is calling DK stupid bitches and saying he’ll backstab them the second he gets HOH.

      JJ are not the perfect people we all thought they were in season 11.. it’s hard for the diehard fans to accept it I know. Move on to another site or get the feeds and watch it yourself either way there is no hidden agenda on this site. Just like week 1-2 i hated dani and now I love her things change quickly on the feeds People change quickly and opinions change quickly.

      1. This is not a Jeff and Jordon fan page. There are 6 people who are NOT JJ fans. There are 100 + JJ fans. When Jeff won POV, go back to that post and watch everyone start jacking off all over themselves. So, those who hate Jeff can’t post a comment? What? You cannot be serious. Emmie come on, you always seem reasonable. What is up? This whole place is bias towards Jeff and Jordon and I’m okay with that even though I don’t agree and I’m usually the lone man trying to bonk people on the head and knock some sense into them. But if you can’t see the 6 or 7 comments being against Jeff and Jordon and all the pro Jeff and Jordon love then you have to be blind or having a bad day and I hope it;s you are having a bad day and nothing more because it is written all over this darn place that the Jeff and Jordon fans are wild and dedicated and post the most.

        1. I’m a JJ fan and feel it is more than fair. I also do not think they are playing a good game. Jordan gave up
          the sweet and innocent card. No aluding through this season, she will have to win a 2 or 3 vetoes to make it to final 3. They had a chance to get Kalia in their back pocket, but clearly wasted the opportunity cause Jordan was to mad. I hope Jordan wins though. Adam is playing the harmless nice guy this season, very contrast to the season Jordan won. Vote Cassie!!!

      2. Actually, this will be a chance of getting rid of Dani. Jeff Definitely wins HOH next week. Also POV for the 2nd time. The nomination will stay the same. Dani vs Kaila. Dani will be the first Jury. Go Team JJ.

    3. First time poster 4 season reader.

      My favorite is Shelly IMO she’s playing the best game of them all… I’ve been reading all the comments on this site and all the comments on 2 other big brother blogs and I must say the Jeff/Jordan fans are worse than then the Brendon/Rachel fans.

      Time for everyone to get over there fanoboy mentalilty, simon said it right things change FAST in the big brother house by next week we may all be hating on shelly and then i’ll get pissed..

      PS I love this site and it’s humor

    4. The people that don’t like JJ are the nerds and misfits that envy ppl like Jeff and Jordan. They were the awkward band geek types.

      1. I’d have phrased it like “Ppl who don’t like JJ are the ones who don’t like jocks and bimbos” but it was already implied in your comment:-)

      2. I agreed with you Rachel Sucks. IF your team JJ or against Team JJ. You guys are big mistake. Team JJ will crush Team Dani. Bye Bye Dani. See ya in Jury House. OH HAve fun tanning and eat supper by yourself. Don’t worry, Kaila will be there as well. And Porsche 2. And so on. Bye Dani.

          1. Again, Dani = Eval Dick Jr. Dom = Nick (BB 8). I wonder if Eval Dick thinking of Dani bring in Dom as Son in law. It will be weird. GO Team JJ.

          2. I wouldn’t say that because JJ typically talk behind people’s backs. BR usually tells them to their face. So I wouldn’t consider JJ, BR junior. Everyone always thought JJ was so great, but I always said they weren’t. They just do a better job of being fake and sociable.

    5. I agree. You need to chill. There are some people who don’t watch the live feeds, but even then we still have the right to our own opinions. It’s any of the houseguests faults if people have negative opinions about them, because this is a reality show, and the cameras are watching them react the way they are going to react. Some people may agree with one side, and some may not.That’s life! Just because people don’t like the people you might doesn’t give reason to freak out!

    6. Emmie, breathe!!!!!! You’re starting to sound like R. Simon & Dawg put an exorbitant amount of time and energy into this site (read background info on this site & how many YEARS they’ve been doing it) and, they do an OUTSTANDING JOB. No hidden agenda here, & if you’ve been using the site for awhile you’d know that. Rather than bashing them (in essence) and this site, you can see other sites (none as good and as often updated) or you can say THANK YOU! Either way, chill out and show some appreciation for what you get FOR FREE, not whine & complain & make idol threats – leave site if they don’t get every word of dialogue down that you want. If you think you could do better, I suggest you try … before you do, just so we’ll be prepared, tell me ……….. how do you like your ‘crow’ prepared? Rare, medium rare or well done???

  2. Next week, Jeff will get HOH and Damn right! Dani and Kaila will dance and get nominated. Team JJ all the way. Team Dani sucks!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Birthday gift is to go up as a pawn and Dani will go to Jury House.

  4. This is going to be one crazy long week. I wish they’d do a fast forward on Wednesday night, so we could find out who exactly got the most votes to return, and see them compete against whomever is evicted to leave BB. Otherwise, I feel like I keep hearing the same bs from the same people over and over and over.
    Also, I don’t get why JJ and R continue to say this week is a wash because even if Rachel is voted out, that she’s coming back in? I guess on their side they are trying to be positive that it won’t be someone coming in that they wanted out; such as Cassi or Dom. I’d love it if after all the bs this week, and all the nasty talk, etc, that Dom or Cassi did win to return in the house. I’d love to see everyone’s reaction to that.
    Not sure how accurate the polls I’ve seen are, but at this point Dom is in the lead, followed by Cassi, and Brendon is far behind. Keith? Forget about it! It appears that one of the newbies will most likely be competing, but since Rachel is a strong competitor in challenges it’ll be tough for whomever is picked by America.
    Again, I repeat, This is going to be one crazy looooooooong week… matter what side you’re routing for.

    1. They dont know that those people have a chance! Didnt you watch the show? Julie said, “Be careful who you evict this week, because they may have the chance to come back in the game.” They have no clue that the last 4 evictees are getting voted on and then one will have a chance to come back and compete. And of course they are talking like that! They are trying to scare the hell out of Kalia and I hope it works! TEAM JJ!!!

      1. I know that they don’t know that someone who has already left might also have a chance to return to the game. That’s why I think it’ll be hilarious if Dom or Cassi come walking back into the house. GO DANI! GO NEWBIES!

  5. Are they waitting to see if Rachel gets evicted, then name the houseguest that is back in the game? So, if Rachel gets evicted, then she gets a second chance to get back in the game. I just thnk that they are not getting rid of Rachel this week and the someone else is getting evicted and then they are going to bring back Brendon. Which means Rachel and Brendon are back and they will probably be the final two. Which really sucks. And, why is the POV not used yet?

  6. So Jeff was honest with Kalia but I guess when your honest people will call it bulling, I would like to know when the truth means your bullying so you should lie, give me a break. As I pointed out before each and everyone that wins acts high and mighty and those that lose act crazy its part of the game so you can not think its individual its all.

    1. There’s a clear and distinct difference between simply telling the truth and bullying. I’ve studied bullying and given lectures on it. Jeff’s bullying comes from his threatening choice of words (“I’m coming after that bitch”, etc.) and the tone of voice he uses when he’s angry. This, coupled with his size can be intimidating to some who are smaller in stature and/or less prone to such explosive outbursts. I don’t see Jeff as being the classic type of bully who instigates and antagonizes people with no provocation BUT, make no mistake about it, in this game, when things haven’t gone according to his plans and/or he feels his plans are unravelling, he absolutely has been (at times) a bully. His telling his girlfriend to “shut up and go get something to eat” is a definite form of bullying as well.

        1. Thanks. Jeff certainly does have some redeeming qualities but, it’s naturally difficult, when he’s bullying people, to think of what they are. BB is really quite an interesting social experiment. Unfortunately, it’s also an accurate reflection of what goes on every day outside of the BB house as well.

      1. Well said! Jeff is arrogant and a real jerk when things aren’t going his way. For some reason, he doesn’t think he or Jordan ever deserve to be on the block and everyone should kiss his butt when his side is winning. I liked him last year but not anymore. Jordan drives me crazy and I don’t understand why they’ve always been viewed as the sweetest couple.

        1. Thanks Gracie. As I added above, Jeff isn’t always a bully but, he definitely does bully people when he gets mad enough.

      2. Very Well said DR … I was trying to think of a way I could use my words to convey the same message to the people who say that Jeff is not being a bully just playing a game .. but you pointed out the differences much better then i could ..

      3. I agree whole heartedly. He’s turned into Jesse this season. Even when referring to himself/larger than life persona, in the third person.

        This disappoints me because I was a fan of his during his season, right up until he was handed HOH by Russell. He let the power go to his head then and he’s done it all of this season as well (even when he has no power).

  7. Anybody who was not part of the JJRSSS alliance would have put up R & J. Who did Jeff think she should have put up? The only thing that would have made him happy is if Kalia had put up Dani, and accomplished a BB first by nominating herself.

  8. Jeff and Rachel are assuming it is going to be America’s vote whether the evicted houseguest comes back in. They assume that since they are the stars, they will be voted back in.

    Ironically, last Thursday, Adam brought up how it may be like Redemption Island on Survivor – where the evicted houseguests have been competing to see who gets a chance to go back in. Actually only America’s favorite competes against this week’s evicted HG but still pretty good guess on Adam’s part. No one else with him in the kitchen (which was most of them) even acknowledged that he may be on to something.

    1. Because they underestimate the quiet ones. That’s their biggest mistakes: they all jump on BR’s stupid “floater” bandwagon and they overlook “less threatening” players like Shelly, Lawon, Porsche, Adam. The best way to gaslight people on power trip is to let them think that you’re scared by them, that everything they say is gospel truth and then you just rise. It’s called the awakening of Buddha, isn’t it Dalai-Lawon?

  9. it would be hilarious if brendon won america’s vote with porche leaving then dani would have rachel AND brendon it would so hilarious id love to see that happen, the house would be turned UPSIDE DOWWN . I dont know if people have noticed that whenever someone in the house is crying or is mad at somebody else dani runs to them and uses that to her advantage to get them on her side, For instance when shelly’s feelings were hurt cause of jeff dani runs to her and starts filling her head … not nice dani

  10. Kalia I’m coming after you.
    That’s ok Jeff I understand and I’ll do everything I can to help you by keeping your sidekick here as well so both of you can come after me.

    Lie, cheat, beg, brorrow or steal, this is not real life this is a game.

  11. Team jj all the way. Dani is the one who started all this shit by trying to back door jeff. Someone has got to get rid of dani

    1. Totally Agreed Canadian. Let’s get rid of Dani, She need to go. Bye Bye Dani. Jeff, win the HOH next week. Put Dani on the block and take her out now……………….. Also, POV as well. She will never win the endurance competiton.

        1. Jeff will win HOH (1st) and POV (2nd time) Bye dani, Have fun in Jury House expensive of Tanning by the pool, nice living room with TV and nice bad. don’t worry Kaila will join you. Thanks to Jordan.

    2. As a concerned fellow Cdn., I have to ask ….. What province are you from, as I’m starting to worry about the “kool-aid” you’ve been drinking! Dani is playing the GAME. JJ and BR’s mistake has been in taking it all too personally and letting themselves lose focus when the game suddenly isn’t going their way. Dani too can get personal but at least she’s trying to focus on the beat strategic moves for her, rather than deluding herself into thinking JJ & BR were her best and only alliance option from beginning to end.

  12. Question… Does America’s Vote compete against the newly evicted HG in a comp, and the winner returns? Also, will they know who they are competing against? And lastly, will that person be able to play in HOH?

    1. Yes Banko, whomever is voted back by America will have to go up against whomever is evicted and whoever wins that comes back into the house. I assume they will be eligible for HOH but I cannot confirm that one right yet.

      1. Whoever wins will probably automatically be the new HOH (similar to the way Jesse won the first HOH of season 11). Doubt they will have time on thursday to do a show + evicted HG comp + HOH comp. But that’s just my opinion.

  13. Be careful what you wish for. If Jeff is HOH next week. DK, better watch your back. Jeff is coming after you. Mess with Jeff you will pay for what you have done. Preview for Big Brother 13 Jury member
    Dani (1st Juror)
    Kaila (2nd Juror)
    Porsche (3rd Juror)
    Dom/Cassi or Brendon/Rachel (4th Juror)
    Lawon (5th Juror)
    Adam (6th Juror)
    Shelly (7th and Final Juror)
    Jeff vs Jordan Final 2
    Jeff: 500K or Runner-up (American favorite player 2nd time)
    Jordan: 500K (2nd time) or Runner up
    Go Team JJ.

  14. is it just me or is kalia making NO SENSE at all?? if she put jeff up and there was a 50% chance of him going, then how is she trying to convince him that he was not a target…i mean i know that she could have cared less if he left but to try and convince him otherwise just insults him further bc she is basically treating him like a dumb doornail….there is no way to fix what she did bc it was too obvious and direct….she didn’t seem to think this through correctly bc now she has all these big players mad at her…couldn’s she see that?? what did she think was going to happen? i know she wanted them out bc they were gunning for her – but to do it this way? when julie basically gave you a gift and told you someone was coming back??

    if she were smart, she would get porsche out bc noone would care and then if she came back, she still isn’t a threat – and she would have rachel on her side…she has already lost JJ permanently so….

    please tell me if i am wrong about this, i want to hear ideas…

    1. Kalia needs to put Shelly up. I would not care if Shelly got out, because Dom will be coming in for sure then. Unless the comp involves telling the most lies in a five minute period, Dom would probably win.

      1. shelly isn’t a bad idea but it won’t make JJ happy to see her go up and they will see this an another attack against them. I am not saying she has to make moves that please them, but if she wants to get far, she doesn’t need another enemy or to further anger the ones she has….putting anyone else other than porsche will make another enemy that Kalia really doesn’t need…i only say porsche bc who cares about porsche…even if she won a comp or two, she is so passive and easily influenced and otherwise useless in the game that it’s more important to get everyone to like you

    2. She really believed that rachoe would not win pov because of her mental state. She also believed everyone wanted rachoe out because of her mental instability.

      1. Agreed. I think JJ were too proud to talk to K before K did the noms. They should have talked things out and perhaps K would have considered Porsche. But it’s obvious Jeff would have put up K & D if he had won HOH.

        1. yes, of course…it would almost do Kalia better to be honest and say to jeff, i put you up bc i know you would put me up and i was scared….she sounds like a manipualtive liar with the whole “you were not the target” and liars are what are hated most in this game….but regardless, jeff is right on this one, dumb move, R or J was going to win POV and the other has a good chance to come back….it’s almost like Dani wanted Kalia to make these dumb moves to target off her back and put it onto Kalia bc anyone could see these were bad moves

  15. Will all the original HGs come back inside for America’s vote? Will the current HGs get to watch the competition?

    If Dom does make it back in, J&J may as well pack their bags because they will be gone soon. They may keep Dani around only because she would not do well getting jury votes.

    1. I will be so upset if Dom comes back. Him and Dani were so boring on the feeds. I want Brendon to come back. Not because I like him but because it would be interesting to say the least.

      1. I want Dom back. Brendon was boring on the feeds contantly wiping Rachels tears and telling her how smart and beautiful she is.

    1. Grown “Manly Jeff” cries, “Bwwwwwwwwwaaa, she is using MY favorite Orange Sippy Cup!!!!! I hate her!!!!!!!”

  16. Team JJ all the way!

    Dani really screwed her game up pushing for Dominic to stay tow weeks ago. Hopefully, with this BB twist, he doesn’t become a house guest again! That could be a problem. Unless JJ wins HOH and puts Dominic up against Dani…that could be good!

  17. Preview of next week HOH competiton: Jeff wins the HOH: Nominate Dani and Kaila. Jeff wins POV: Nomination stay the same.
    Jordan: Evict Dani
    Lawon: Evict Kaila
    Adam: Evict Dani
    Porsche: Evict Kaila
    Shelly: Evict Dani
    Dom/Cassi or Brendon/Rachel: Evict Dani
    Vote to Evict Dani. Dani Evicted (Jury number 1)
    Team JJ all the way.

    TEAM ANYONE THAT ISN’T JEFF AND JORDON .. to be fair we always need to hear from the opposition, right? Am I right?

    1. I like Bacon on a personal level, but he is as useless as Lawon. No way he deserves to get any further in the game.

      Dani’s playing the game, whatever her tactics. I will not mind if she wins.

    2. Team JJ Team JJ Team JJ Team JJ Team JJ all the way. Team Dani Sucks Team Dani Sucks Team Dani Sucks. Team Dani Sucks.Team Dani Sucks. Team Dani Sucks.Team Dani Sucks.

  19. If Rachel is evicted, it is a good chance she will win HOH and come back. If Adam or Porsche are evicted and Dom comes back, it will be game over for J&J. Even Cassi would probably join in with Kalia and Dani. It’s going to be a win win situation right about now.

  20. Jeff and Jordan are idiots with a sense of entitlement and it makes me sick.

    Jeff is DUMB and Jordan is DUMBER. Two idiots who are riding their 15 minutes while it lasts – quite frankly, I don’t blame them but they aren’t as GOLDEN as people want to make them out to be.

            1. actually it was a very smart move, just played too early in the game.

              and you truly are delusional if you think Jordough is smarter than Dani or anyone else in the house. Even Porsche is smarter than Jordan.

              get a clue, yo!

              1. Your Wrong Dani is delusional. She will never be like eval dick. Porsche is Jessica Simpson of Big Brother. Dani is Eval Dick Jr. face it yo. Jordan is Jordan. Like it or not. Jeff quote, Tough love. He always focus and ignore everyone comments. So your also Delusional as well.

            2. dani is waaaayyyy smarter than jordan and porsche and jeff – and say what you want but there is no debating that – the game aside, just listen to the girl speak and it’s apparent

              dani’s move to get rid of jeff was too early but it was a great idea and if BR went along with it, they BOTH would be in the house and in control right now – and i think that is what dani saw all along – BR were too scared and didn’t have enough foresight and they are paying, in this game you pay for your mistakes – but if you want to win, you have to get jeff and jordan out and imo, you keep rachel bc noone will vote for her in jury – BUT OF COURSE, jeff/jordan are still in and everyone is pushing rachel out…

            1. I love all these Dani humpers,Dani is so smart,way smarter than Jordan etc……If Dani is so smart then why did she make her move to get out Jeff so early? not to smart is she? A smart person woulda waited,her own dad says she’s playing like a moron.Soon Dani the puppet master will have her puppets turn on her!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I think Jordan got too stressed out with Jeff being on the block, having to eat only slop AGAIN and I’m sure not getting a lot of sleep with those lights on 24/7.. I’m sure this game is stressful enough without being a have not for consecutive weeks!

  22. In a perfect world here is how Thursday and the week following will play out:

    Rachel gets voted out. Cassi is announced America’s pick in front of entire house. Cassi dominates Rachel and comes back into the house. (Rachel and Brendon reunite by going home together – no jury yet because BB is leaving a slot for America’s vote). Cassi wins HOH and puts up J&J. Dani wins POV and Jeff goes home. Porsche and Jordan get into a chick fight during HOH comp where tops are ripped off and hot sweaty bod….. Both Jordan and Porsche get kicked out for fighting. Lawson wins HOH. Dani and Cassi get in a chick fight but BB leaves them in house because they just had the highest ratings ever.

    1. Cass will get her ass handed to her by Rachel in a comp. Hey, I’m not a Rachel fan I’m just telling it like it is.

      1. Rachel will be off game because 1) she will get to see her Brendon, and then 2) she will see that Brendon wasn’t America’s favorite, and 3) she will blame herself because if not for her, Brendon would obviously be America’s favorite (in Rachel’s mind)

    2. If Cassie gets back in the house she will align herself with Jordan and Shelly…you can bet on it : ) Vote Cassie X 10!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Dani is playing a good game.. She did the world a favor eliminating Brendon because I could not handle any more of his fake chivalry towards his ugly bird faced fiancé.. We will no longer be subjected to the annoying fights and make ups.. The repulsive cheerleading.. “come on baby u got this” “yup that’s my fiancé” yuk.. The only reason I would wish America votes for vrendon is for him to have to compete with his beloved to get back in the house!!

  24. i don’t like Jeff he is a bully, what makes him think he is so special that he can’t go on the block. Jordan is just as dumb, and I believe before they went back on big brother they were not even a couple they never were.

    1. He doesn’t think he’s special but he thought they had a deal with Kalia since week one so he felt betrayed….I think you would be upset too if you were in his position, don’t you?

  25. Dani doesn’t have a job? How does she afford the two pairs of $50 Toms shoes she brought with her? Also her blue sweatshirt and her peach one are over $50 each – I know cuz I bought them :) I thought she must have a good job….

    1. Someone else mentioned her job problems the other day. And you know that if it’s on the INTERNET, it must be true!

      1. Actually, let me correct this because I just remembered something. I did hear her say she is goes school and works now. So a little apology to Dani if that is indeed the case. However, since she goes to school, she must only work part-time, which still leads me to believe she needs a litle help to pay her bills. Unless it’s her granny helping her out. I dunno where I’m going with this and I think I’m starting to argue with myself. :)

        But the sex thing and the fact she is using people in the house like cattle stands. It is a good policy for the game, but it is too obvious.

  26. On a serious note, Shelly worries me. She loves her daughter so much yet is on a path of never seeing her graduate or get married. Think about it. She is so unhealthy! She BARELY eats and is therefore underweight and malnourished. She chain smokes like crazy. She cleans and does physical labor constantly. And she barely gets any sleep (goes to bed at 5-6 and wakes at 8-9). I’m legit worried for her health! You can’t live like that and expect to make it past your 50s….

    1. Similarly, I can’t believe Adam is 40. I would have guessed 50-55. Shelly also looks 50. Maybe it’s the cigarettes.

    2. same as Kathy last year 007. Sure she had cancer but she was smoking and taking drugs and it was all okay until the ambien kicked in and she was on Hayden’s jock. These older women with their prescription drugs and family they profess to love yet show us how not to live your life. If anything I wish they would have a houseguest who might be some type of a role model not the same stereotypical older woman who cries about their life and family yet show us what they are really made of. maybe that is the point I suppose but it gets old for me at least.

    3. Is it wrong of me to think that Shelly isn’t married at all? She’s way too butch and quite honestly I thought she was a lesbian until she started mentioning her husband..i was like wha????

      Anyway, notice that her husband’s name is Tony — sorta like Pat – sexually ambiguous. So I think Tony is actually a woman

      I think her kid, JOSIE, is actually just a cat.

      1. Cabbie – Very true. I never thought about that at all but it is true. Tony is probably the butch one in the relationship. Hence the name. Josie is the cat. Sounds like a pussy name.

        1. I used to think she’s butch, but then I remembered they showed a picture of her husband and daughter. Now I think she’s a transvestite. Hear me out. She walks, talks, behaves like a guy. I think she had a sex change and they adopted their daughter. I could be onto something here?

    4. I agree 100% with you…don’t understand how supposedly smart people smoke….I’ve seen many people around me die from lung cancer : (

  27. Put up Shelly or Adam. Porsche won’t have the votes to stay. I would be so bored if it ended with JJ and BR. Been there, done that.
    I hope Cassi comes back and beats Rachel. Sweet revenge.

    1. I dissagree….I think there would be a lot of drama if it was the four of them in the end……I’m by no means a B/R fan but I have to admit, I wouldn’t be upset if they win this season….they have worked very hard for two seasons so, I think they are deserving of a win or at least a 2nd place. JMHO

  28. I desperately want Jeff, Jordan and Rachel to be gone.

    Jeff and Jordan seriously have the attitude that they are untouchable; like they expected to be handed the win.

    They get all pissed off when people ‘dare’ put them up for eviction as if they’re not allowed to.

    Rachel, is just Rachel and I don’t like her.

    Dani needs to go too, because I want a newbie to win.

    Adam is floating, Lawon is floating, Porsche is floating, Kalia is being manipulated, but is at least trying.

    Shelly is playing an awesome game and if she makes it to the end, deserves to win. She is being noticed now though, so she needs to start being more cautious.

    I am now team CSL!! YO!!

  29. Maybe you should try having sex once in a while too, you’ll be less sexist. A man would have had random sex one week prior BB and I bet you’ll have no issues with that. Frustrated that much?

    1. This has nothing to do with me. These people come on my TV and I am allowed to form opinions based on what the say. I don’t know where anything sexist comes in in what I said. She’s the one who talks about sleeping around, all I did was repeat what she said. Sounds to me like this is a personal issue with you, maybe because you sleep with random dudes as well.

      1. Actually, this has everything to do with YOU. You view them through your own perspective with your own experiences. Anything you say about THEM really has nothing to do with THEM at all, it’s all about your perception. Life is but a mirror. what we hate in others is exactly what we hate in ourselves.

        Sorta like the people who preach and rail against homosexuality, yet they are the exact people who you find soliciting homosexual sex in a public restroom.

        get over yourself goofy. Anything and everything in life has to do with YOU – because it’s your life, from your perspective. Everyone you encounter in life is just a mirror.

        1. I didn’t jump at your throat. This is a forum: ppl comment on each other’s comments. Haven’t yo noticed that around here? If you don’t want someone to comment on yours, well don’t post!!! Btw, get laid, you’ll feel less tense and paranoid!

          1. You see what you’re doing? Again, you are resorting to a personal attack. I comment on people’s posts in regard to the game. That’s the difference. And this time your comments proved my point in my original reply to you. This is somehow touching you on a personal level.

            1. Whatever, Goofy!!! Let’s give it a rest. I don’t wanna spend my day going back and forth with a perfect stranger on the net; I AM SORRY IF I HURT YOUR FEELINGS. Trust me, my heart’s bleeding out right now!
              I should have never assumed that you were sexist, frustrated and that you despise/envy people who feel the liberty to do whatever they want with their bodies and talk about it later on TV. Yet, I do remember someone commenting here how Jordan said all she did in high school was sucking penises. But once again, Jordan in a lady: she doesn’t have a foul mouth, she doesn’t fart on TV, she doesn’t talk about sex on TV. No, no, no!!! Like I said: “Whatever, Goofy!”

        2. I don’t understand how goofy is not on my side. You don’t seem as uptight when you are being natural as you do when you talk about J&J. What is up with that?

      2. Sexism vs Promiscuity? Wow, you do know how to form sound arguments too, don’t you? Like they say “Never wrestle with a pig: you get dirty and the pig enjoys it”. Have a nice day.

  30. Holy shit Cassi and Dom are neck and neck on the poll on this site. You people realize if she goes up against Rachel to come back she will be destroyed right? A vote for cassi is a vote for Rachel returning

  31. The thing about this season from both players and fans that I don’t think is being realized and has frankly been giving the real original idea behind the show a bad wrap is that this is a competition to win $500k! The first 8 seasons at least that had real people that played it as a game and not a personal be nice or else / this season entitlement contest. Honestly as far as the game goes this season the only good part is actually watching Dani or Cassi, Kaila or even Shelly. They came to play a game and listening to brjj talk you would think they were given the newbies by cbs to use like chess pieces and the news were supposed to just lie around waiting to be used. Jeff telling Kalia that she is now going to make three people mad at her…really no kidding thanks sherlock. Wouldn’t matter who was up they would be mad at her! Instead of realizing dani did them a favor and trying to work that angle they cry scream and yell. Jeff is a moron honestly I like him but he is a moron. If brenda comes back will that really make interesting bb to watch? Some part yes but instead of the type of drama you got from dr.will or janelle you get brjj over emotional bs. I didn’t know this was a dating show if I had I wouldn’t watch. Can you honestly imagine what watching brjj in the final even 6 would be like? Like watching a 24 hour long 3 week doubles date. Yeah that sounds great next I will watch the bachelor or some shit. BACK TO PLAYING A GAME! Oh and who the he’ll is actually voting for brenda? His family? WTF on that guy. Severe mental problems.

  32. Mannnnnnnn. alot going on this week. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN: Rachel gets evicted, then when Rachel chooses not to return, Dominic gets to walk right back into the house. hahahaha

  33. Seriously goofy, you sound..well.. goofy. You made alot of assumptions and leaps in your comment and it makes you sound ignorant.

  34. y’all are a hoot! i’m a student of human behavior and this whole BB universe is fascinating! watching everybody here making assumptions about what will happen, interpreting players motives, and expressing so much venom….it’s a great escape from ‘real world’ problems…a soap opera microcosm study of class, gender, conflict and communication. a social experiment, mystery, competition, all at my fingertips and just a click away.

    i love it, i love you all, and thank you.

    go dani: you’re strong, smart and i like your heart

    1. Team JJ= Jeff has an edge to win HOH and Put Dani on the block. Dani will go to Jury House. Dani will get tan. 2 bad she will be by herself. That’s the shame. Bye Bye Dani. Jordan you’re strong, smart and i like your heart. Jeff you’re strong and smart as well.

    2. Go Jordan: you’re strong, smart and i like your heart. Jeff your strong 2. Dani is weak and going to Jury House. Tanning. Have fun Dani.

  35. I was all for Jeff/Jordan, but now they are acting like Brandon/Rachel. I am sick of all four of them! I want Dani for the win. But Thursday will tell what will happen in the game because of the twist. I don’t want the power to shift back to J/J/R. They think that they are entitled to the win. They are playing a terrible game. Floaters til the end! Bring Dom back and take out the vets!

    1. I’m with you on that! With Dom back in the house, Dani will be ecstatic and thrilled for a real team player who would be willing to make moves in the game. Dom won’t take this 2nd chance to be in the BB house for granted.

      Dani and Dom will solidify their partnership once again, and kick Kahlia down from the number 2 spot to #3. Without doing a damn thing, Lawon will take Kahlia’s place as #2 because Lawon and Dom became close in the house. Thus, Dom will return to BB with 2 ppl he thinks he can trust 100% – Dani and Lawon.

      Kahlia will be flailing in the wind and latch on to Porsche.

    2. It’s not going to happen, Jeff and Jordan hold themselves together. He always focus and ignore everybody comments. Dani must go to Jury house. Jeff will win HOH. Dom will come back and get evicted twice.

    3. Why Dani? She is a freakin psycho obsessed with Dom. She doesn’t care about winning, she just wants revenge for her 3 week boy toy. Sounds like Nick 2.0.

      JJ is nothing like BR. They are far worse and they’ve always been this way. It’s just no one wanted to see it until now. Even now you refuse to see that it’s just the way they are and not the influence of BR that has gotten them this way. I wish more people would open their eyes and stop being so hard on BR. At least they are real, up front, and in your face. They don’t sneak up behind your back and stab you.

  36. I don’t like Dani, but am not concerned about what she does in her private life, she’s probably not that different
    from most single girls her age, but if she truly does have problems with attachment it’s not a big surprise considering
    her family situation. I just don’t like how she used Dom and that acted surprised when he got thrown to the wolves.
    It was part of her game plan to use him and then discard him at the end, she just thought he would stick around
    to spoon with and vote her way for a longer time. So Dom goes and she teams up with Kalia. Kalia is not just doing
    Dani’s bid. I think Kalia is smarter than people are giving her credit for, but her main problem is she is somewhat
    indecisive at times and has gone all over the map. I still can’t figure out why she voted against the newbies, Shelly
    too at the beginning when they voted Keith out. JJ worship? As far as JJ goes, Jeff showed his true colors first time
    and Jordan is the same sweet girl she always was, but she is not having much fun this go round and it shows. I
    like Jeff but he was always a bit cocky. It was a mistake to bring back the couples as all stars because it was a lot
    more fun watching blooming showmances in their original seasons than it is watching couples who are already
    in a relationship. At first I wanted Dom to come back but now I don’t as he will just be used by Dani and I don’t really
    want to see that, he seems like the nicest one of the whole bunch (and maybe Adam too but I find Adam boring).
    Shelly is a strange duck for sure, who knows what she really thinks and who knows if Lawon thinks LOL. This is a
    lackluster cast in my opinion which is why I will miss Rachel if she goes. You can say what you want about Rachel,
    but she is anything but lackluster. I hate it when people make fun of her looks, this isn’t high school. I think she is
    attractive and it doesn’t matter anyway, who cares. I have found that people most likely to make fun of other peoples
    looks are not that attractive themselves.

    1. Thank you!!! I agree I am so sick of hearing people bash others for their looks, it’s getting ridiculous. I don’t have a team anymore…now I am just watching. I agree and have stated before I think Jordan wanted to see Jeff and the only way they could do that was through Big Brother and she’s just not into it this time. I don’t think she is turning into Rachel, but I think she is a very caring person and does see the good in people. When Rachel is calm like last evening in the kitchen she is fine, I am not a Dr, so I am not going to comment on whether she has medical issues. I don’t like Dani, she makes snide comments all of the time and just reminds me of the movie “mean girls” and I don’t think she gives a crap how she makes others feel. That is what I see anyways.

      I would have preferred a fresh cast of people myself, I always like getting to know the people and their quirks, this one was set on bleh the moment it started.

  37. Jeff is an ass this season & Jordan is turning into a total Bitch come on newbies get it together these vets had their chance to win!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. My Truth that Jeff and Jordan will never be like Brendon and Rachel or Brenchel Jr. Jeff and Jordan is Jeff and Jordan. Jeff always be positive and so is Jordan. Only negative is Dani. Dom voted back in great, but he will be evicted after Dani be in the Jury House. By the pool, tanning and stay in the sun. Dani wondering if either Dom or Kaila shows up as 2nd Juror. Wow, Have fun tanning Dani. Eval Dick will be watching you and the Jury House. Oh! Don’t forget, Dani will never be like Eval Dick. He already won by maniuplating HGs 500K. Jeff will get HOH Twice. one next week and week after. Jeff and Jordan, Final two.
    Jury House: Dani, Kaila, Porsche, DOM/Cassie or Brendon/Rachel, Lawon, Adam, Shelly (7th and Final Jury member). Jeff please win 500K or America vote for Jeff for American favorite player. He won it bb11 and let make it bb13 for second time. Don’t worry Jordan either runner up or 2nd time.

  39. I want Cassi to come back. I think she will,either her or Dom. Everyone is saying that Rachel would kill Cassi in a competition,but you can’t make that assumption,as we’ve never really seen Cassi compete on her own. She threw the first HoH. In the have/have-not competitions,she was always playing with Shelly,and we all know that working with Shelly in competitions won’t exactly guarantee a win. She never competed in a POV competition either. The second HoH competition,she did fail,yes,but Rachel didn’t compete,so we don’t know how well she would’ve done. So,basically,give Cassi a chance.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I loved J/J in the beginning of this season, but their attitude really sucks! I love that Dani made the big move and hopefully if she stays in the game she can make another big move and back door Jeff. He has gotten so cocky and both him and Jordan think everyone should hand them the win on a silver platter. I want Dani, Dom & Kalia to the end!

    2. Dominic obviously got a raw deal due to Dani’s stupid plan, so on that level I can see a case wanting him back on the show. I’d just get annoyed by watching him and Dani lay in bed andf flirt like 14 year olds all day again. That’s just not intersting to me.

      1. Simon…when are you and Dawg gonna start putting the pics up to match the players nicknames like you have down is past seasons?

  40. they figure Jeff will win BB and Jordon will win America’s Favorite. I betcha any money that is what is going through their dumb egotistical minds

  41. Kalia’s HOH might end up being pointless. If Rachel leaves on Thursday, the odds are that she will win the competition and come right back in that door taunting everyone with her “I’m back bitches” attitude and will likely win HOH. If that happens it’s not hard to guess that Dani and Lawan are going up and Kalia will be replacement nominee if POV is used. I was hoping Dani would think this out and realize that Julie said that the evicted houseguest may have the chance to return. Logic says that if the evicted guest does come back, the numbers stay the same as this week. Nobody goes home. But Julie used the word “may”. So this should tell them that whatever happens, the numbers will stay the same with 9 HG in the house, so that means that somebody is returning. Adam is the only one that has almost figured it out. As much as I think Jeff is a major tool and a poor sport with a misplaced sense of entitlement, he is right that the HOH should have put up weaker players. Rachel is a mess right now, but if she wins the competition and comes back into the game, her confidence will be restored. The chances of Dom or Cassie beating Rachel are slim, but they would win if Lawan got evicted, or maybe Shelly. I think I prefer to see Cassie come back over Dom because Dani plays better without the distraction. It would piss everyone off except JJ. If Dom comes back, Kalia can kiss her final 2 with Dani goodbye. Dani hasn’t figured it out yet or she would be pushing to get Porsche or Lawan on the block this week, maybe even Jordan. Still team Dani for now, but would like to see Adam step up his game and make a big move. Shelly is playing hard, but I think she will be busted soon.

    1. Chloe- I am convinced we will see a repeat of last year as well. We will see Rachel walk right back in, say I’m back bitches and win HOH. There is no one able to fight her unless Dani puts balls to the wall and I wonder if she will be too intimidated and panic

  42. is totally convinced AA is on the Short Bus Alliance. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t engaged since the other day. I do believe there is some type of birth defect and I’m always the kind person to those who are special so it’s okay AA. Really it is. come to Momma. I have icecream. Yum. You like icecream, don’t you. There There! All better.

    1. No, AA you seem to be biting your own-self, another sign of being bat shit crazy. You probably sit around in your rubber room, rocking back and forth, gnawing on your fingers and wondering what to say next, hoping you get my attention. haha Chocolate or vanilla icecream?

      1. Actually, it you. Biting yourself Rockstar. Gnawing on your fingers say next, hoping you get my attention. HAHA Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream? Actually another sign of being bat shit and crazy.

    2. Your totally delusional. You need chocolate ice cream and rub youself. Rub back and forth. oh your officially member of Short Bus Alliance. Go Team JJ.

  43. I am surprised that some are calling Shelly an awesome player rather than the most awesome floater. Can’t have it both ways.
    She is one of the best I have seen at floating between everyone in the house.

  44. Jealous much? At least Dani doesn’t wake up covered in her own vomit clutching cash, or skying pictures of her vag to other chicks.

  45. Watching BBAD and can’t believe how much better Rachel looks now that her idiot fiancee is gone, and how natural she seems. I think the main reason I want to see BR gone, never to come back; is that they’re just too sad to watch. They’re being used by CBS and it evokes a “Network” type of ruthlessness. I don’t want to see someone lose it on TV, that just isn’t entertainment for me, I also am increasingly aware of how manipulated this game is by production. Why was everyone so sure Jeff would win POV? Did everyone throw it? Was it tailored to his strengths? Why does he come across so witty and funny on the network show, but not on the live-feeds? Writers? Survivor lost me when they shoved Boston Rob and Russell done my throat, and now they’re doing the same with BR and JJ. Production should see that two nonstarters like Dom ad Cassie wouldn’t be so popular if folks weren’t sick to death of their BRJJ pets

    1. Not trying to be funny, but I think they may have put Rachel on Prozac or some other anti depressants. I also loved Survivor until they shoved Boston Rob down our throats. Those idiot contestants just literally gave him the game. At least the other team had sense enough to get rid of Russell early, even though it proved to be costly. Brenchel is being used by CBS. I posted an article a few day ago in which Alison Grodner said that she just loves them and that the stuff that they do is not even scripted and you can’t get any better than that.. I’m pretty sure that JJ would win again if Adam and Lawon don’t float to the top. Link

  46. Only idiots refer to themselves in the third person, especially if they add an arrogant persona to themselves as they are doing it.

    Big Jeff? GMAB it’s not funny, it’s pathetic.

  47. I think it’s hilarious that Jordan is comparing Dani to Jessie, Kalia to Natalie and Lawon to Kevin considering that BRJJ were the ones acting like Jessie for the first 3 weeks in the house (and continue to bully/threaten people even when they are out of power).

    The thing is…. We all thought Jeff was hilarious and right on the money when he bashed Jesse for his arrogant gameplay, now that he’s on the bottom again he’s bashing Dani and Kalia undeservedly. They have not acted the way BRJJ did when they were using, bullying, threatening and stomping on people. At what point do they stop and realize “maybe this time we are being viewed as the assholes because of our own actions, words and gameplay”? They are pointing the finger at Dani without understanding that there are three more fingers pointing right back at themselves (in this case 6 or even 9 more fingers).

    The hypocritical part is that BRJJ are fine with using floaters to get out their real targets when they are in power but God forbid anyone else be allowed to do it.

  48. If Rachel is voted out on Thursday, I hope she has to compete with Dominic and beats him soundly to come back into the house (which will be a shock to Dani, when she learns the details of Rachel’s return). I hope Jeff DOES win HOH
    (or Jordan or Rachel) and then they put up Shelly and Lawon (or Adam) and one of them wins POV to take Shelly down and backdoor Dani. Dani goes home, hopefully. So now we have the 5 newbies Shelly, Adam, Lawon, Kalia, and Porsche
    and the vets Rachel, Jeff and Jordan. Hopefully Rachel or Jordan wins HOH and puts Shelly and Porsche up, and in the process recruits Adam to their side to the end. Either lady can go home, both are due and deserving. At some point, Kalia will want to join up with the powerful vets and Adam — it is their decision. Whatever the case, I’d like to see Rachel win this and feel reinforced emotionally. The girl desperately needs a shot of confidence and success. If not Rachel, then Adam.

  49. Brendon is manipulative and need to be a man to Rachel not her girlfriend. Danis the only one to make big moves in the house, either cassi or Dom should come back and kick rachels ass because all she does it talk about people when she’s really describing herself. Also kalia needs to watch bc this weeks twist might get her enemies

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