Big Brother 13 Jordan is pissed at the Floaters, Jeff: “you’re getting cutthroat.. I like it” **updated**

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9:21pm Kitchen dam, Lawon, Rachel, Jordan. Shelly and Jeff Adam is all over 4:20pm saying he was born on the east coast at 4:18pm just in time for his first 4:20pm (Team Bacon yo) Shelly doesn’t know what that means. They whisper to her “It’s smoking the reefer” Jordan wonders why they picked 4:30. Adam explains it was this high school and te students use to get together and get high near a statue.

9:42pm Adam saying that he wants Jordan to shave his beard. he needs to find out if production will let him. the reason is Adam wants jordan to is because she works at a hair salon. jordan: “I only work the work the front desk” Adam: “Doesn’t matter you’re still the most qualified..

9:45pm purple Room Rachel Just staring at the wall by herself. She can listen to JJSA talking in the kitchen having a fun time. (rachel should be cluing in right now that these 4 are tight..)

10:13pm Havenots Jeff and Jordan Jordan asks him if he knows who Kalia is putting up. Jeff isn’t sure he hasn’t talked to them, he says they need to cut a deal with that side so their safe next week. Jeff: “if I win HOH i’ll stab them all right in the back.. Sorry”. Jordan tells him she’s is just really made at the people that since day one haven’t done anything or been on slop. Jeff: “hey your really mad about it”
Jeff: “you’re talking about porsche right”?
Jordan: “Porsche and Lawon.. Porsche gets on my nerves.. I can’t wait until HOH and i’ll put her up”
Jeff: “you’re getting cutthroat.. I like it”
Jordan: “I’m not having fun anymore.. I want to tell them all to you know what themselves”.
Jeff tells her to calm down, they know what the sides are now she they can be as fake as they want and have no regrets. Jeff says they wronged him once and now he won’t care what he does to them the second he wins HOH he’s taking them out. Jordan: “I guess I really just want dani and Kalia our”.

Rachel joins them.. starts talking to the camera.

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10:24pm All cams houseguests talking to the cameras, Adam about tory spelling and Rachel to Brendon

10:43pm Jeff telling Jordan she needs to stop being “joe cool” she needs to bite her tongue, she’ll never see these people again so just play it quiet. He doesn’t want to run the risk of him getting knocked out and Jordan has burnt all her bridges and is screwed. JEff: “Put on a fake smile we’re half way there then we never have to see these people again” . He instructs her to start talking to Kalia because what she’s doing right now isn’t helping them , He comments on something she said during the Nomination ceremony( Forgot what it was but DPS were talking about it earlier today), says she got it all out but now needs to keep it under control.

11:10pm Dani, Lawon, Rachel, POrsche, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly Adam and Rachel are trying to figure out what games they can play. they list threw a bunch but nobody feels too excited about it. Jeff gets up to leave “Can we have some tranquilizer Big Brother”.. Rachel being really friendly and normal. Jordan isn’t saying much just looking pissed. Jeff comes back and Rachel thinks they should make a twister game.. They start constructing the board. Rachel asks Jeff if he wants to play he say no it’s stupid. rachel continue to make the twister board with Adam. Jordan sneaks some glares at Dani. (Jordan not saying much at all)
11:26pm Still random chit chat.. everyone but Jordan is talking. Jordan is giving some death star into space.

11:40pm havenots, Shelly, Jeff and Jordan Shelly saying that Kalia is freaking out she’s so cared right now. Shelly also adds that Dani is freaking out to and she doesn’t think they are as close. Jeff expected that, he says there is no way those 2 would be friends outside this house.

12:01AM Adam, Dani, Kalia, lawon, Porsche Playing Twister and celebrating Adam’s birthday. everyone is having a decent time. (rachel is doing a good job of improving her social position in the house) . Shelly is in the havenots with JJ, she’s shooting Straight. they are talking about the twist and Jeff thinks it’s funny Kalia isn’t factoring that in with her nominations.
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These people are so mean to Rachel. Seriously I’d punch anyone in the face who treated me like that, then walk out and say send me home. Anyone who supports that bashing is just a sucky person and i’d say that about anyone being bullied that way. I’m praying brendon gets voted back in competes with rachel, and he gets sent back in. Rachel just cant handle the house anymore. I really feel bad, Sure she goes over board with competing but she really is a good person. I think production knows at this point if rachel goes home along with brendon the show’s going to be boring. I really think that brendon will be brought back due to production. There’s a reason there not showing the voting results. Rachel vs Brendon, one half of the super couple comes back and if its brendon dani will shit her pants because he will win hoh. The only way to keep drama is to keep rachel or brendon. Production knows this. I really hate Danielle she is just a sucky person. I bet you she’s like that out the house too. By the way Rachel talking to Brendon is priceless. That is exactly why she would be brought back because she’s drama and hilarious. I really think that they would bring back brendon in order to keep one in the house. But i could be wrong because i was wrong about rachel winning hoh. I’m just kind of a dumbass. Hahahaha


u give boy george way too much credit she has a serious flaw and we have witnessed two seasons of it she is a spoiled lil ass if things dont go her way she is miserable and blames the world and obviously mentally breaks down when she wins or is in a good position she confronts the competition kicks sand in there face abd rubs salt in there wounds and has a “Catty” attitude about it it is not competitive spirit its poor sportsmanship, a character flaw she denies and uses her competitive spirit as an excuse when the majoritey or all of the house guest from both seasons dislike her and distance themselves from her it should be a humbling expierence for her but she wont take it like that she will come up with an excuse and that will be the story of her disfunctional life as far as brendon coming back into the game for drama purposes highly dobtful they didnt even show half of the BR dramam that went down before the last aired show so dont get ur hopes up


But this is the most mentally stable Rachel has been all season. And honestly when Brendon and Rachel were in power they were huge bullies. It’s easy to forget with the power shifts in this game, but they were not nice. I was rooting for them when they came back into the game but then she started becoming a bitch and him an asshole. And these newbies who they casted are all a bunch of kissasses who would just do anything the vets told them. From a competitive standpoint this season has sucked. At least Dom, Cassi and even Kieth wanted to stand up and compete and their asses ended up getting evicted. They would have probably done better on another season with out the who duo veteran twist. I bacame a fan of Dani because even though she made a dumb move (backdooring jeff too early) at least she has balls and made it a game. Personally I don’t think anyone should be able to come back once eviced because they already lost and it feels to fixed to me. But since I have to choose I’d like to see Dom come back because he was a genuinely good guy and I feel he’s got more game than what he was able to play.


Rachel and Brendon weren’t as much of bullies as people make them out to be. CBS did a lot of editing. Really it was mainly JJ that were power drunk. I’m not saying Brenchel didn’t say or do some stupid things, but they weren’t as bad as people made them out to be.

You give Cassie, Dom, and Keith too much credit. Dom threw the last POV, that’s stupid. Keith threw his POV, another stupid person. Cassie didn’t win anything because she felt she was so safe. None of them deserve to be there.

Believe it...

Sounds like Sonja may not have Big Brother After Dark. That’s where we see the unedited versions of everyone, especially Brendon and Rachel.


I agree with everything you said.


After watching rachel lately on BBAD I am convinced the shrink put her on meds after her last meltdown. She seems so…..normal.


I completely agree. The childish bullying is being led by Dani, who is just pissed that Dom is gone. I used to give Dani so much credit for trying to formulate a plan to get Jeff out, but then I soon realized that Dani just wanted him out because Jeff mentioned getting Dom out. This girl has a mental problem. During her season, she was obsessed with Nick, now she is obsessed with Dom. I’m sorry, Dani, but Dom doesn’t even like you. He liked Cassie, not you. I am hoping that Rachel stays somehow and Brendon comes back. I really hate seeing all this bullying. It is so stupid and unnecessary.


Ok sorry to burst your bubble but Dom even admitted that Cassie was too thin for his liking so pay more attention, ok? Kay.


Ever heard of lying. Of course he told Dani and some of the others that. It was obvious Dani didn’t like the fact Dom liked Cassie, so he had to play it off. You don’t wash a girl’s hair if you don’t like her.


I agree totally that Rachel and brendon together in the house again after the twist would be f a n t a s t i c. They give the show it’s power and drama. I need to see dani shit her pants at brendons return.


Yeah, I saw that too. Jeff is such a jerk. I don’t blame Rachel for saying she didn’t want it anymore.


I don’t think he meant to be mean to her. He just puts a lot of energy into his body language and tone of voice so when he’s a little frustrated it seems like he’s more upset than he really is.


Ok, how boring is BBAD tonight! Cruddy talking to the camera (nuf already) or Rachel talking to camera (mssg to B). If R doesn’t go we’ll be stuck with R giving annoying as well mssgs each night to B. Again, BORING AS HELL!!!


This is the Brendon and Rachel show bitches! Double troube is coming back and u floaters better grab a life vest. Brendon is coming back to be with her queen.


I like drama and all but just can’t give votes to a mean spirited person.


Brendon is not a bad guy. He just got portrayed this way on CBS. I’m not saying he never did or said bad things, just that he was portrayed much worse on tv. You want to see bad, and mean-spirited, Jeff is the one bullying all the women in the house.

Not Meg

I agree. I’m starting to wonder I’m still watching. All I can say is thank God for the fast forward button on the tivo remote.


“to be with HER queen”??? I’d say that was a Freudian slip.


Simon & Rockstar – J & J just had (brief) moment of affection. Perhaps Jeff isn’t gay afterall. Then again, Jordan kissed him. I’m still saying he’s rather asexual. Makes one wonder.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Gay dudes kiss girls all the time, no tongue though LOL


iLL – you’re making me ill with that one. LoL


I’ve always thought Jeff was gay. 34 good looking living in Chicago (great for anonymity) no girlfriend no kids. Jordan is your “soul mate” but you haven’t done anything about it… Would not be shocked at all

Fuzz Capone

Why would he be all over Jordan if he can’t have sex in the house, it’s like don’t make me fall in love with a $100 000 car if i can’t take it home same logic applies here.

He could be gay though i dunno


I do find it very strange he doesn’t shove his tongue down her throat now and then.


Goofy – Yes! Exactly! Or even cop a feel under the blankets or here & there. He said he wanted to come on BB so they could spend the summer together. What, like brother & sister?!


Honestly, I would never guess they are boyfriend/girlfriend if I didn’t know. Cassie and Dom, and then Dani and Dom, were more playful and affectionate. I thought Dom was way overdoing it and I felt it became annoying, but JJ don’t do any that I can see and they’re an actual couple. All I can think of is that maybe Jeff is one of those guys who either aren’t very romantic or he’s too embarrassed to show affection toward his girl in public.


You may be right Goofy; perhaps he’s just not an affectionate kind of guy, or rarely. He may be an “all or nothing” kind of guy, which doesn’t make for much of a boyfriend.


Fizz – there’s a middle ground between no contact and full on contact, where JJ almost never go to. I hated BR and their nauseating, over-the-top contact but JJ are almost indifferent to one another, esp. Jeff to Jordan. Odd!


I don’t think Jordan wants to be kissing or anything else on camera. Remember how she asked Jeff that if he saw her on the street, would he want to do her? And Jeff said yeah, but I”m not allowed to talk like that, am I? So I think she laid down the law on PDA.


But there is nothing wrong with some romantic kissing on camera. We’re not talking ollie/april here. Man, was that somethinhg. Humpin’ up and down under a blanket, lol. I saw her picture liike a year later and she had a baby with some dude other than ollie and gained about 400 pounds.

Midwest Fan

What’s different for Jordan this time?
She had no problems showing her romantic attraction toward Jeff in their first BB show.
What’s different for Jeff this time?
Is their $howmance over?
Was it ever real OR
was it a money making public relations $cam for Jordan and Jeff and nothing more than that?


It has a lot to do with money. What type of job would Jordon have? She obviously had no trouble showing off her fake boobs in her season. The only thing she would even qualify for would be some type of a server or waitress. (I’m not knocking waitresses, don’t go there but any waitress knows you don’t need brains you make more money being cute) Jeff had a few little tv appearances but nothing more.

If I was in a relationship with someone and had all that money that they won, wouldn’t it make sense to move to the same state as each other at least to spend time and see if their relationship might work. Would it be worth it? How can anyone tell if you were meant to be by visiting every once in a while. You cannot have a relationship like that. Maybe if you had already been together and had to go off to work or something or off to college even but they were still not even that hot in BB.

During their season Jeff bossed Jordon so much. He attached himself to her because no one else would touch him. Why do you think no one did? All the girls had to choose between was Russell or Jessie or even Ronnie and if you don’t like big muscled men like me, Jeff would have been my choice BUT none of the other girls even gave him a second look. Why? Someone had to have at least thought he was cute because the female BB viewers did. Why? Think about it for a few minutes. Are the bells going off? Jeff is gay. It makes the most sense. Guys who haven’t admitted it to themselves always seem mean to the women. They resent them. Once they admit it, they go back to appreciating women. It’s all psychology 101.

Midwest Fan

I don’t know if Jeff is gay.
However, I agree with you about two people being in love and wanting to be near each other
so they can find out if they are ever going to be more than friends. Jeff and Jordan don’t
show any type of real affection or commitment to each other, except when called upon to
be BB’s $howmance Couple.

IMO, Jeff and Jordan’s relationship is a friendly Business Relationship,
$howmance, Inc.
He probably writes off his air travel to see Jordan on their business account.


Exactly they never had any intentions on winning! I just want to draw everyone’s attention back to the ratings that season and what really happened. J/J side was kicking ass people tuned out the ratings surged when Russ went off then went through the roof when Chima lost her mind. It wasn”t J/J altho I know people need someone to cheer for. It would be great if we could have a real honest game with real honest people playing without interference tho. I don’t think its too much to ask. BTW don’t for a sec think that CBS didn’t know Shelly was going to be a j/j pawn


They probably didn’t expect people to make video montages of their relationship, which I still find creepy btw. I wouldn’t want the same to happen twice.

Anita Hanchob

The only competition Jeff wins is the ones that involve balls.


poor rachel i feel bad for you, stay strong girl, i know you can do this…even if they evict you come back and give them hell.


Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Omg, wake me from this nightmare!!!!!!!


I like Rachel! I hope whoever they put up against her is evicted and Brendon comes back into the game. I would LOVE to see Dani’s face on that!


Anonymous & Michelle – seriously, you two are scaring the shit out of me. Have we been watching the same BB13? BR back on TV together?? WTF! Have a heart!


hey back off! they make the drama we love to watch, and you don’t, u have ur opinion and we have ours, we like them and if u don’t that is cool. i am rooting for u rachel.. Got that DR..


I hope she stays strong too. These people in this house are awful. I sure hope somehow Rachel stays and Brendon comes back. I can’t stand watching all this bullying and ugliness. Dani is such a twit. She’s freakin psycho and can’t get over the fact that Dom is gone. I would love to see her get evicted next week.


I so agree….Rachel and Brendon to the final 2……..


i know i’m on the outs for this one, but i really want the SAJJ alliance to workout. jeff might be an ass, but they would do pretty well. + you know team bacon would eliminate the rest once it got to final 3, he’s just waiting to make his move… 😉


If Brendon ends up coming back and him and Rachel are in full force again then everyone in the house is toast


Are you guys looking at Jordan’s baldspot right in the middle of her scalp? She has Trichotillomania. 🙁


Yeah, I noticed it too, but I didn’t want to say anything because I wasn’t sure anyone else saw this too.


DO NOT VOTE FOR CASSI!! You vote Cassi and the Straight Shooter aka Shelly gets that much closer to half a million! Do you really want that????? Shelly needs out not help!


That’s just one side of Jeff… Everybody has their “ass” side. Jeff’s personality seems to be likeable in real life. Face value is plus factor.


I FREAKIN LOVE JEFF!! Men just Dont get much yummier than him. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! I could look at him for hours! Oh the things i would do to him! Mm!


I think not only does Dani not like Rachel, but she rather intimadated by her also. Rachel gets attention wherever she goes. Dani know damn well she’ll never be queen bee of big brother while rachel is in the house. Rachel gets the most scren time by far. I just think Dani is jealous. That my opinion. Look at Dani all speechless. She really hate rachel even when the girl tries to be nice. I really just cant stand Dani. She’s just too bitchy for me.


I can’t stand Dani. I would love to see her knocked down a few pegs and put on the block while being a Have Not!


Dani’s the biggest bitch in the house, but she’s cute and girly so some don’t notice. I’d still like to take her to bed and bang the shit out of her.


Dani is a dumb, mentally unstable, jealous, brat. Maybe she is jealous of Rachel for the attention she gets, but I think she’s just still hung up over Dom being taken out. She blames Brenchel and JJ for this. Her big target right now is Rachel, then it will be Jeff, and then Jordan. I don’t really care though because I hope Dani is gone next week.

I sure hope Rachel stays and Brendon comes back, it would just be so freakin awesome to see the look on Dani’s stupid, drugged up face.




Thank you for that visual image Simon! Ooooooh maaaaaaan! LoL (kinda)!


stop copying me simon. this season has been weird here. I’ve already posted that we had to remove the word floater from the BB vocabulary. Us agreeing is making me idgy.


of course i mean real life – outside BB house. I’d go nuts too if im sorrounded with crazy peeps like that. lol.

Team bb

Boooooo!!! The feeds are sooooo boring!! But it’s just the feeds

Melissa S

Ok question, I’m watching the live feeds and when someone humms or starts singing they swith to the be right back screen what’s the point we heard it already LOL….


Odd that the affection issue is bring discussed…. Just a couple hours ago I was thinking I wonder if anyone else notices JJ’s lack of affection. Hmmm


Vote dom back in he can beat rachel


They’re being so rude to, Rachel.
She’s obviously not that bad of a person – they need to lay off her back. I honestly believe the only reason, Kalia, is acting the way she is towards rachel is because… Last season britney got america’s fave vote for it. She’s only trying to please the audience outside the house.

Here’s the thing Kalia – You fat ORGE – No one likes you, and your demented nose.

I can’t believe that JJ are being this way towards Rachel. Brendon would have definitely stuck up for Jordan just as much as he would for Rachel – If jeff wasn’t around. It’s disgusting. I’m so sick of this cast.
And the most sicken part is that, it’s completely tolerated by all of you.


What did Jeff say to Rachel?

And I agree Brendon would protect both Rachel and Jordan while Jeff on the otherhand…


Please dont act like your above me and everyone else in this forum. I have clearly stated my position that the masses here complain too much about Rachel and make too much fun of her. As far as Im concerned, you should not be saying “all of you” when talking about the malevolent things said about Rachel. I am no where near close to agreeing with the concensus that many have come to of Rachel. Do I think her social game is pathetic and bad? Yes. However, I do not talk about her looks or breasts or but or inner soul or what have you. You “cant believe that JJ are being that way towards Rachel” ? In their defense, BR were directing many horrid, ill-willed statements towards JJ as well. Please don’t speculate about Brendon doing this or that because he HAS ALSO made fun of JJ numerous times. You also act like your above this cast and I hope that when you state things like this that you have some facts and support. ALSO, you say that the cast and the forum should not be so mean to rAchel, but there you are saying “No one likes you, and your demented nose” towards Kalia. Truth is your a hypocrite and condescending person. These ARE NOT MEANT TO BE PERSONAL ATTACKS, but rather FACTS WHICH DEBUNK YOUR PURPORTED TRUTHS AND STATEMENTS.




Um, don’t be so sensitive.
When I said “All of you” I wasn’t referring to you.. I never even knew you existed, HOWEVER, if you’re the type to constantly attack someone even though they have straighten out their issues, and had a freaking MELTDOWN… then I was talking about you when I said “all of you”
Those are the people, I dislike because of their vicious ways.
And I really didn’t like.. Cassi, so I would definitely love for you not to say her twisted line: “Don’t be condescending” “You’re not better than me”
I DON’T LIKE IT.. and I WASN’T ever trying to be that way.
By the way, what is what I said about Kalia, any different than what the majority of people say about Rachel? It’s the same thing.. If anything you should see what it is like.. for someone who LIKES RACHEL. When I see comments like that, it truly disgusts me – Just saying. Anyways, the things I said about Brendon, were not speculations, they were things that he said about himself and what he has done to date.

I really don’t want to discuss this any further, especially if you’re going to be like Cassi and constantly say.. “Condescending this” “Condescending that”. Sorry, that’s not what i’m doing – you’re wrong.


You just rambled and rambled coming to no conclusion whatsoever and changing what you said to make it seem like your right. Making incorrect generalizations makes me laugh and shows your ignorance.


its funny how adam is talking about 4:20 lol only if they could give them sum bag of ganja or even long island ice tea let them act like fool now thats sum t.v time for all of us & let jeff have fun & every one starts to hook”n up lool i doubt it


I know. These people are so childish. It’s a shame because I think Rachel is really trying to be the bigger person. Kalia is Dani’s little b*tch. Hope she enjoys that role. B*tches usally get kicked in the ass.


Really? Rachel is ugly this season. She came into the house bullying everyone she thought she could and wanted control immediately. When she didn’t get her way; well, you saw her behavior. She’s being nice now because she has to in order to have a chance at winning. I applaud her “new” gameplay. Let’s see how far she’ll go.
Kalia is playing the game and making big moves. The vets want to take her out. They have said this since the season started. So, if she does it first does that make her a bad person, or gameplayer?
I don’t understand where you’re coming from. And, the name calling (Kalia) is terrible. (directed at mmjmj)


I’ve told you what I meant by the name calling, in some of my replies to other people. I’m not going to rewrite it out, though =P
Rachel came in with open arms.. and was treating the house guests properly.. it’s the HOUSE GUESTS that were making rude gestures.. like slitting their throats and etc. Most of the rachel haters, are blinded by her past ways, which if you ask me weren’t that bad.
When someone is pushed and pushed, they get defensive.. it’s human nature – it’s just not rachel.

At one point, during her breakdown, I wanted her and Brendon to just walk out.. seriously, it’s not looking good for rachel (mentally).
She’s always fighting to stay in the game.. and the whole house is against her AGAIN. It’s just stupid, the way they treat her.


You’re kidding right?
Don’t you see the hypocrisy that runs through the comment section?
It’s full of what I just did. A bunch of people saying how disgusting Rachel is, inside and out, and how mean.. but the thing that they’re doing is considered MEAN!

So, all I was doing was only showing that hypocrisy.. and I don’t need meds. Lol


BB clock is ahead of the real time, it’s his b’day about 4 mins ago……..WTH……JJS hiding out in HN , not even coming out to celebrate with him……..nice friends to have…….even Rach is out there………those 3 are pathetic sadsacks now


JJS can’t stop talking game long enough to go out and help Adam celebrate……..Kalia, screw JJ…….put Jordan up, they are pissed at u anyway so won’t change anything if u do

Midwest Fan

I agree.

Not a PHD student

JJ and R are all coming after K and D. K would be wise to put up Jordan to get atleast one of her targets out of the game. As for P, the deal she made at the fist eviction was don’t do anything except what we tell you to do fom the vets. Well she has done that and JJ are pissed at her.

This twist was made on the fly this season. I believe with Dick leaving they needed to fill in another week so they can have their double eviction show, hense the playe coming back twist to “join” the game.


I REALLY hope Kalia is not this stupid. Jeff tells you to your face that if he wins HoH he’s coming for you, and you act like it’s cool. Smh…I would have said “you going to threaten me bro?I’ll put Jordon up and make sure she goes home” in my best Enzo voice.

I love the true colors of Jordan and Jeff showing. I didn’t have the feeds during BB11 and was blinded by the CBS editing. Guess they’re not the nice down to earth people their portrayed as on TV.

They need to get Jordan out of their before she floats and wins this thing again!

Anita Hanchob

Porsche and Lawon will be running the big brother house next week. They are just waiting for the right time to make their moves. Just wait and see

Anita Hanchob

It looks like JJ are cool with Kalia now.


I used to be a big JJ fan but, I gotta say, I’m hating them more and more everyday. I mean, where did this sense of entitlement come from?!! Just because you’re back in the Big Brother house to “spend the summer together”, you expect everyone else in the house to LET YOU?! You’re getting a SECOND CHANCE to play this game, and, one of you (Jordan) has ALREADY WON!! How many chances do you think any of the “floaters” are going to get to play this game? Just one.

Smarten up JERKS. They owe you absolutely nothing. Neither does anyone else. STFU and stop acting like they do.

The Meow Meow

The only reason Rachel is acting normal is because she is sold that if and when she’s evicted that she’s just gonna walk back in… She’s still the same socially retarded, narcissistic, emotionally unstable wreck she always is.. CBS should’ve brought back the Bragade!!!!!


am watching after dark and kaka has def had a nose job. her nose is almost as small as janet jacksons 🙂


I hope Dani gets HOH again next week so she can go right ahead and put up Jef and Jordan, cuz they are wearing me thin! As far as the returning houseguest, long as its not Brendan or Rachel, I’m all good. But I hope its Dom tho…


Glad brendons gone now get Rachel lol tha big cry baby


You can’t just blame Brenchel for acting they way they did. They are ALL acting like a**holes in their own way. Dani, Kalia, Porsche, Lawon, Shelly, all talk badly about them. Say nasty things to eachother (Britney and Monet again) about them. The only person I haven’t heard say anything really nasty is Adam. So what Brendon and Rachel say what they feel out right. If they are in power, kudos to them, let them act like they are the best in the world…they deserved it. And get upset and whine when they don’t…Haven’t you ever been a sore loser?? Yes, I know “at age 10″….Age doesn’t count when your in the BB house. Everything these people do in this house, they would never do in the outside world. Which is WHY we watch it! We want to see these people do things that we could never do in our present lives. Its entertaining. But ridiculing them about it isn’t fair…they should not be judged by how they act in the house, cuz that isn’t who they really are. They are playing for 500K!! in the BB house!! nuff said 🙂


Actually this game DOES show who you really are. The fact of the matter is, IT IS REAL LIFE. Sure, when it comes to backstabbing and lying in gameplay, that might not be who you are outside the house–but these people are in this house for several months for 24/7; at some point, you get over the cameras and start being yourself. I think I have a good idea on who some of these people are. Jeff and Jordan are entitled because they had their season handed to them in several different ways.

As for all those people saying ”nasty” things about Rachel; she EARNED it by her actions in the house. There’s a reason why they aren’t saying those same ”nasty” things about Jordan.


Also, the golden edit should truly go to Adam. He really is a good guy and you won’t see him acting like golden boy Jeff in the house; win or lose. And it’s not that he doesn’t care about the game; he seems to be enjoying it the most and is one of the few is there as a fan of the game. Why can he keep his cool but all these other losers can’t?


I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to spend the summer in a house with strangers, no outside communication and no privacy. It’s definitely an emotional strain.


All u people who feel bad for Rachel are as crazy as she is. Her childlike demeanor is why they alienate her. She is a sore loser who needs to go. I honestly front even care to hear her speak. It’s always self loathing and her strategy to win, win, win, is seriously flawed. It got her evicted first to jury last season n now she is headed in the same direction. Not smart, ill admit tho she has finally realized, after Kahlua talked to her about what people percieve when she acts like a whiny catty child, she has recently started working on changing that. I doubt she can keep it up, she is a typical red head. Loony. U guys hate Dani but she is a fighter and she plays the game with a warrior like attitude. If JJ don’t show her some kindness she will not feel safe and she will win HOH, and JJ will prolly go up. I think Jeff needs to stop bullying the newbies until he really has some power, its going to bite him in the ass.


JJ aren’t kids so they don’t need to show America their affection for each other, some things people do like to keep private.


I just find it funny how personal people are taking this game. Whether we like Rachel, or JJ, or Dani (yay) or Kalia, etc.; doesn’t matter. It’s only a game, it’s a tv show. It’s not like they’d necessarily be our friends if we met them outside of the BB house. People are freaking out way too much because the person they like in the house are “being attacked or talked about”.
And, people are going to say what they want to say, and it’s only their opinions. It’s not a big deal. That’s why there is freedom of speech. So I don’t like Rachel, or JJ right now, or Shelly even. I have the right to my opinion. They’re doing it to themselves by acting the way they are, because America can see it all on tv or the live feeds. I understand people will also have their opinions about the Dani is acting or Kalia, but that’s okay. That’s why I like having a place to leave our comments, etc.; because we get to hear other people’s points of view.

Now before we all start singing “cumba ya”……VOTE DOM or CASSI….Get Rachel out of this house or Jordan (break up her and Jeff), then maybe the bent arrow Shelly.


Happy Birthday Mr. Bacon/Cruddy/ Whatever. Your Birthday gift is having Kaila replacing you as nomination. sending Rachel and Dom coming back. Baconnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VA Vet

This years show has been rigged from the very beginning. BB selects a bunch of newbs who have about as much game as a box of rocks. Instead of using their numbers advantage they all started kissing ass. Apparently they couldn’t comprehend that BR and JJ were actually connected by more than a BB match up. BR were selected to participate because together they have about as much common sense as two marbles rolling around in a tin can. R is an emotional can of worms who acts like the queen bee when all is going in her favor and is an emotional wreck when not. B is an enabler with a dictatorial twist, coddling R every time she goes off the deep end and insisting that she not talk to others unless he is included because he apparently thinks she is too dumb to handle things without him. The first few POV’s were rigged in favor of the vets. With three newb teams and one vet team eligible, naturally the vet team gets pulled out of the bag for the POV. Same with the next POV. In the second HOH, R gets to choose the order everyone participates so that the vets can get clues as to what works best. And how about those viewer votes. BB doesn’t want the voting made public because they already had the results before the voting started. B will be coming back in order to keep the dysfunctional drama in the house. BTW, has anyone else noticed that the vets just loved the “floaters” when it was convenient to use them and now that lines are being drawn a “floater” is somehow a nasty disease on the house.


Am I the only one who finds it annoying that all the vets do is complain and cry now that they are not incontrol of the house, when just 2 weeks ago they were locked up in hoh being cocky and calling everyone else stupid. They are pathetic



Jordan is so stupid is unreal.
Rachel is just so fake, not even her crying is real.
Jeff went from one half of Americas sweethearts to this giant douchebag.

Team Entitlement is on a pity party for the past two weeks.


i have a strong feeling that rachael supporters are CBS paid posters.




Well, dammit, where the hell’s my check then?


So Jordan isn’t even smart or skilled enough to cut hair. Her career options are running low. She truly is a mental midget.

Rachel, your annoying, america still hates you (except for those that act just like her, apparently she’s cool in their eyes), and everything Regan said last year, still holds true. At least she’s keeping it real with the pimples on her face. The fake crying, apparently it works on the simpletons of this world but I don’t believe any of it. I don’t care where she goes, but she needs to get her disease ridden ass off my favorite summer show.


Simon, you missed the Rachel/Jeff tiff last night (which was the reason R was in the purple room alone, eating worms). It was the most exciting thing that happened in the first hour of BBAD.

Pssst… Adam and Rachel… No one wants to watch camera talk, it makes you look pathetic.


I want Cassi backkkkkkkkkk!!