Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says the more twists that come ..the more they’ll come unglued..

12:15am In the lounge room, Rachel and Porsche are talking. Rachel asks if Porsche if she will vote for her to stay. Porsche says yes. Rachel and Porsche hug. Porsche tells her to not curse her out in her speech. Rachel laughs and jokingly says she will say FU, FU, FU… The both laugh and leave the room. Out in the backyard, Dani and Porsche and Lawon are sitting on the couches. Lawon gets up and heads inside. Right after he leaves Porsche asks if we are voting him? Dani says that’s the plan. Porsche tell Dani that Rachel just asked her if she was going to be voting for her to stay. Porsche tells Dani that she had told Rachel, yes.

1am Jeff and Jordan are in the lounge room talking about what to wear tomorrow for the live show and about zits. Jordan talk about how important it is to clean your pores. The conversation turns to talking about competitions. Jordan says that true/false competitions are the worst. Jordan says that it’s so funny that Jeff didn’t stress the week of the coup d’eta because he knew he had it. Jeff says that he thinks Jessie kind of knew he had it. Jeff says whatever who cares about that season! Jordan says that she thinks if the HOH competition is a true/false one then Adam would probably win it.

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1:30am Kalia and Dani are in the living room talking and whispering. They talk about how they wonder if all the evicted houseguests are still in sequester because they haven’t announced they are in the jury yet. Kalia says that she has been getting scared and says that she is wondering if they should vote Rachel out and take their chances of her coming back. They wonder about past evicted houseguests competing to come back into the game. Dani says that she doesn’t know, she really doesn’t know what to do. Dani tells Kalia not to be so depressed. Kalia says that Adam was thinking that there will be six jury members and then America’s Vote. Kalia says that she thinks that sounds like it could happen to her. Dani says that she doesn’t think so. Dani says that she doesn’t even care about jury, I know you do but, what I do care about is if Brendon comes back. Dani says that Brendon would probably win the competition. Dani says that the four (Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel) of them back together again… Kalia says it’s really bad. Dani tells Kalia to go and get Shelly. Dani tells Kalia to wake her up and tell her we need to talk to her.

Kalia goes to get Shelly in the have-not room. Shelly and Kalia come back to the living room. Dani whispers to Shelly about the vote. Dani says that if Rachel leaves she will probably win whatever competition she is given. Dani says but if they send Lawon out he won’t win jack shit. Dani tells Shelly about how she thinks the twist will be the evicted houseguest competing against one of the already evicted houseguests voted by America. Dani says that she is scared that it will be Brendon who comes back into the house… Right then big brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. Dani says that if Julie says something about what the twist is before the vote then they should have a signal for who to vote out. Dani says that she has doubts Big Brother would give them that information before the vote. Dani says that Lawon is not going to win anything. Dani says that she is worried that if there is a competition between him and a possible returning houseguest that there would be no chance for him to win and that could leave the door open for Brendon to return. Shelly asks Dani if she has heard anything about Lawon in relation to his life and his job. Dani says that she has no idea what she is talking about. Shelly says that she has heard stuff. Shelly says that she wonders if Lawon is some sort of America’s Player. Dani says that Lawon isn’t smart enough for that. Dani says clearly he isn’t a threat to anybody. Shelly says that she wonders if the returning houseguest will automatically be the head of household. Dani says that Julie Chen said this summer’s twists are blessing and curses. Dani says that production told her that she could see the script from the first show but they haven’t given it to her yet… Big Brother cuts the live feeds again. Dani says that the best scenario would be if Big Brother gave them some hint before the vote happens so they can make sure to vote the right person out.. Big Brother cuts the feeds again. Dani says that if there was a Pandora’s Box and there was any possibility that Rachel would come back, she would never touch it. They wonder if the evicted houseguests got to see their good bye messages or not. Dani says if Brendon comes back it would be like starting at square one. They talk about who could possibly return and Shelly thinks maybe that it will probably be Dominic or Brendon. Dani says that no matter what kind of competition it is, Brendon would win even if he was against Dominic. Dani says that they may not do HOH tomorrow, they may make them wait because there might not be enough time during the live show.

2am Jeff, Adam, Lawon and Porsche are playing the guessing games. Meanwhile in the havenot room Jordan and Shelly are talking. Jordan tells Shelly that she never told Kalia that it was Shelly who voted with them during week one. Shelly says that she will be shocked if the twist is a HG returning. Shelly says that she can’t believe they have been in sequester all this time. Jordan says that she thinks tomorrow Julie will tell them congratulation for making it into the jury. Jordan says that she thinks if they can vote Dani out this coming week then it will be smooth sailing.. then they can get Porsche out. Shelly tells Jordan that Dani and Kalia are hoping that Dominic will get voted back in. Shelly says that she told them it doesn’t benefit her game if Dominic comes back. Shelly and Jordan talk about how the evicted houseguests could still be in sequester. Jordan and Shelly head to the backyard and comment on how its crazy that they still aren’t on lock down for production to build something in the backyard for tomorrow. Shelly and Jordan talk about what type of HOH competition it might be tomorrow. They wonder if it might be a true/false competition about the houseguests personal information. Jordan says that she thinks they’ll have a Pandora’s Box later on in the game. Jordan says this is going to be the big twist. Shelly asks Jordan if she thinks Lawon is some part of the twist or just a pathological liar. Shelly says that Lawon kept touching her while they were talking earlier and that it was making her uncomfortable. Jordan says that Lawon has been acting weird, he usually talks to her but that he didn’t today. Shelly says that Lawon has revealed cues to her that he is lying. Shelly says that sometimes Lawon goes on cussing tirades sometimes and it doesn’t fit with the rest of his personality. Jordan agrees and says Lawon has like two different personalities. Jordan says that Rachel was telling her that if someone comes back into the house they probably will have a double eviction later on in the game but if someone doesn’t come back then there won’t be a double eviction. Jordan says that she doesn’t get why Kalia would put up Lawon if Kalia wanted Rachel to go home. Jordan says that if Kalia really wanted Rachel to go home why not put up Adam. Shelly agrees and says that she has been wondering that all week. They both agree that Kalia’s nominating Lawon is crazy because he is part of her alliance. Shelly tells Jordan that Dani and Kalia think that she is with them. Shelly tells Jordan that Dani and Kalia told her that they need a code for tomorrow to decide collectively how to vote. Shelly says that she will tell Jeff and Jordan what the code is. Shelly says that if she wins HOH she will get out Dani or Kalia.

3:20am Dani and Kalia are in the candy bedroom talking and whispering about whether to keep Rachel or Lawon. They wonder if the twist really is that America votes back in a houseguests, they wonder which one America would vote back in. Kalia explains that she thinks America probably felt bad for Brendon. Dani asks Kalia whether they should just risk it? Kalia asks what keep Rachel? Porsche joins then and tells them what the others are up to. Kalia asks Porsche why she would want to keep Rachel? Porsche says that it’s based on their original plan. Kalia says that she doesn’t think Rachel will walk right back in the door tomorrow. Kalia asks Porsche what if Rachel isn’t the one who comes back, what if she has to compete with other evicted houseguests to come back? Porsche says that she doesn’t think there is going to be a competition to get back in. Porsche says maybe the person who comes back will be the saboteur or maybe they won’t be able to compete. Porsche says that Rachel is going to go after everyone if she is voted out and if she isn’t voted out she won’t be coming after anyone that hard.

3:30am – 4am Jeff and Jordan wonder if someone on their side is telling the other side stuff they talk about. Jeff says things he has said seem to be circling around the house. They wonder if its Adam. Jeff says worst case scenario Lawon gets voted out and comes back. Jeff says that he doesn’t understand why they are getting crazy. Jordan asks Jeff if he thinks Shelly is really with them. Jeff says that he thinks she is with them. Jeff says that Shelly is starting to come loose a bit though. Jeff says that he thinks the twist will be dramatic but he doesn’t think it’ll be as dramatic as Dominic coming back. Jordan tells Jeff about how Dani and Kalia think the evicted houseguests will be voted on and then the winner will have to compete with the current evicted houseguests to get into the house. Jeff and Jordan say that they don’t think that’s what’s going to happen. Jeff and Jordan both agree that Dani has to go! Jeff says the more twists that come the more they’ll come unglued. Jeff says that he doesn’t think that Brendon will come back. Jordan says that she is surprised they aren’t on lockdown yet. Jeff says that he really thinks that Adam and Shelly are with him and Jordan. Jordan says that she feels bad for even questioning Shelly’s allegiance to them. Jeff says that Adam keeps on hinting to get rid of Rachel. Jeff says that he thinks Adam wants to take a stand in the game and thinks if he were to win HOH he may try to make a big move. Jeff says that Porsche doesn’t want any problems, she just wants to keep eating and do nothing…

6:30am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

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305 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says the more twists that come ..the more they’ll come unglued..

      1. I think that Jeff and Jordan are still together but since they can’t do anything together they are trying to keep their distance. Does that make sense? And by not being all over each other like Rachel and Brendon others don’t get jealous that they don’t have their significant other there too.

        1. I agree, i also think that jeff is very focused on the game and tries to focus jordon a lot. I also think that they more private then the other two and don’t play an emotional game with Branchel they spend more time on emotional things rather then stragedy they don’t have a social game which is why they don’t make a lot of aliences and alianate a lot of people in the game. No one can win every week and if you don’t make friends or treat people the way branchel does that is why they are the first to go. Where jejo are very focused on the game especially jeff they like to play more of a social game and is why they are always liked by everyone and how they find a way to get out of the hot seat. Kalia put jeff up, he is in a different alience but he had her feeling bad for him. If brandon was still in the house and the same thing happened i don’t see him getting the same treatment

        2. I have to agree i see him keeping rachel not because he likes her but it isn’t in his best interest to get rid of her if he did he would turn agains jejo and shelly and at this point he needs to not be there target. I think after this eviction the lines will be drawn and everyone will know who is on what side. I think kalia has made some of the worst moves in bb history i think she even topped marcels lame move of not taking himself off the block and getting evicted. I also think that lawon is a horrible player who volenters to go on the block has he never seen this show the pawn sometimes goes home and betting on a twist you don’t really know is really dumb

          1. I have said all along they were never a serious couple. They stick together because it helps extend their 15 minutes of fame, and Jeff is trying to get into show business. Jeff without Jordan would not go far. There is no doubt Rachel & Brendon are a real couple.

          2. I think Team Dani is a sinking ship, and Kalia is the one who ran it into the iceberg. All the online polls show Brendon coming back, and when the four of them get back together along with their two sidekicks Adam and Shelly, Dani and friends will soon be gone. They need to sit Adam down and tell him if Lawon goes home, then they are coming after him. Shelly is making Team Dani look like a bunch of idiots.

            Team Dani: “We know Shelly is a big liar, but what the heck – let’s tell her everything so she can let J&J know what is going on – maybe when the show is over J&J might sign an autograph for us. “

      2. it def doesn’t seem like it, but jeff is pretty much abusive and dismissive of jordan, he acts like her presence annoys him and he doesnt have the time or interest to talk to her -it is VERY weird and she is so dumb i don’t know if she just doesn’t notice or she thinks it’s normal – but she is boring so what the hell can she do…also who sees each other only ONCE a month – i don;t know why peopel are saying they can’t “do anything” on camera bc jeff isn’t getting it too often from her at home so is it always like this…come on people

        did you see last night when they were having the most boring conversation in the hammock and jeff had nothing to say while jordan was gazing around tryinng to think of topics (i kid you not, she actually said “ummm so what else”)…and jeff uttered monosyllables (except for the part about rachel dancing which was the only thing he seemed interested in) until the end when jordan starts rambling and jeff gets called into the diary room and then immediately without warning, he gets up while jordan is mid-sentence, the hammock topples and jordan falls on the floor looking embarrassed and jeff doesn’t apologize or help her, he just stands tall (like “Big Jeff”) and flings a hat at her…i was like what the!?!…..and then he marches fast into the house to the DR and loopy jordan just waddles behind him slowly toward the couch
        i mean if this is normal to you, then so be it

    1. I’m with you there… Go Dani Go!, she & Jeff, seem focused, Jordo & Shelly are kind of focused…Rachel is trying to get her footing back but misses her man too much, the rest are lost. Hope Cassi returns she never got going in this game so deserves another go. I would like Rachel & Cassi to engage in a hot oil bikini wrestling match best 2 out of 3 to get back in the house. Lol but thats just me.

      1. Keeping track of all you Team Dani fans….that way I can watch you jump ship to JJ/R/S/A tonight and the nxt few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Lol, It is morning in there, but in here (Portugal) it’s like 3 p.m.:P
    Simon, can you please tell me, from what you’ve seen, what shoud be Adam’s vote? Thank you! :)

      1. I pray, however, that Adam does not win hoh. He will put Rachel up. I suspect Adam would throw hoh again because his strategy has been to take advantage of his middle-ground status between Kalila’s alliance (she is clearly the captain) and Shelly’s (she’s clearly the captain). Though Shelly is the captain, I also think she will likely throw it as long as Dani is not in the lead.

        If Porsche puts Rachel on the block, she needs some serious therapy. She should really put Jeff and Jordan on the block.

        My prediction is that only the veterans really want hoh, per usual.

        Please please please, bring Brendon back in the game. Please please please make him hoh by default like Lawon thinks.

  2. Simon, thank you for this site! I have to say I find it more entertaining to read your recaps and the comments than watching the actual show. Bravo!

        1. me three! this site is masterful, i love it!!!! and i really love the asides (that is, the little personal observations in quotes that I think dawg mostly does)- — please keep them coming!

      1. Simon…have you ever seen such incompetent play in all your years of watching? I am convinced that Kalia is two slices short of a loaf, and Dani is now sucked into her vortex of stupidity. It’s sad to watch. How can they be so clueless?

      2. Kalia is one of the worst players I’ve seen in a position of power in a long time.. She’s probably going home next week and I could not be more happy.

        1. kalia has very little impulse control – and i don’t say that just bc she eats a lot – but it’s other things, like look at the way she eats, she inhales things and doesn’t even think, she talk incessantly, nonsenically and constantly, and can’t seem to control it, she blurts out lyrics to songs despite being told several times to “please stop thinking”, she is constantly talking about sex and other bodily habits…she’s a pleasure seeker who is never quite satisfied
          she is the polar opposite of shelly who is all about control and is ruled by her moral code – that doesnt mean she is moral or morally superior, but the reason she says I don’t lie while being biggest liar in the house is bc she has to justify what she is doing (rationalize it or whatever) in order to preserve her ego, everything she does is about ego preservation, which is only going to get more difficult as she stays in the house and she will become overwhelmed by the demans, hence that is why we see her unraveling a bit
          i kind of believe they cast shelly and kalia for these very reasons, bc they are polar opposites and will naturally clash

        2. Kalia getting cold feet and she isacting very dumb no doubt about it but who can forget BB11 Jeff/Russell/Kevin drama? Kevin lied to Jeff and Jeff took the bait, Kevin couldn’t belive that he fell for it…Russell warned Jeff that if he was evicted Jeff will be the next tar!get… as said as done. Now AGAIN he is trusting a liar (Shelly) “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” I think by far Jeff is the dumbest

        3. Dani should not get a break in any shape of form. Hers was one of the worst moves I’ve seen on the show in recent memory. Not even the fact she went after Jeff too early. I’ll give her that. BUT IT’S THE FACT SHE RUINED her alliance to BR in order to keep her “boy”, which ironically got him booted. It was her constant insistance on BR booting Jeff that cost her the perfect spot and a killer alliance. That 5 would have decimanted the competition. And all because she wanted to have a boy in the game. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

            1. Whow there! Let’s tone it down. We may not understand why they are a fan of Brendon but there is no reason to get yourself down in the gutter in order to comment.

    1. amen to that, it sometimes feels like the show is telling a completely different story. If I never read this blog, I would have no idea how the alliances where standing or how snakey shelly is, etc. thanks for the hard work.

    2. Thanks to Shelley for the AM chuckle – wondering if Lawon is a
      “pathological” liar? lol

      What’s up with Dani telling Shelley about the possibility of
      using a “secret” voting code?
      It is becoming more and more difficult to discern if Dani is using
      strategy against J/J/SS or if she has just given up.

      1. Midwest Fan, I don’t understand why Dani did that, too. Tell Shelly you have a code. Dumb. Dani is no James Bond 007. “Secret Agent Man, Secret Agent Man, we’ve given you a number and taken way your name.” STOP SINGING I mean I thought Dani had Shelly’s number. Shelly is KGB and right now better at it. She walks like a man, talks like a man, by George I think she is a duck!

        1. BBGrandma – I’m shocked you could be so prejudiced. It’s not like you to be that way. Shame shame. Ducks are sweet. I love ducks.

    3. I can’t even watch the show anymore between Kalia and Rachel. I prefer to get all my info from Simon and the Dawg. Thanx for enduring the audible abuse.

    4. I agree with that wholeheartedly Katie. These days I don’t even watch the cbs production until a few days after it airs. I find that this site is more of my ‘big brother’ and the actual cbs production is the blog.

      1. I’m not sure how it’s going to go down but I think that by the time we go to bed tonight there will be a New HOH, Lawon will be in a hotel and Brendon and Rachel will be cuddling under a blanket somewhere.

        1. I’m with you there! Shit, somebody pass the mouthwash. BR together again? Hell, somebody pass the me a gun. Oh crap, this is Canada; dam out sensible laws. Can one of you Yanks throw one over the border? ;-)

      1. I pray for that outcome. Plus, Brendon putting Kalia and Dani on the block will benefit Rachel in their “secret alliance.” Brendon was evicted by Dani so he has no reason to oblige.

  3. please for the love of the bb gods(groener im lookin at you) bring dom back, much better ratings then seeing the sob story that is brenchal. team dom dani ftw!

    1. God no…laying around in bed 24-7 touching rat-girls hair…great tv zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      1. dom did the same thing layed in bed all day with whats her face, and cried that everyone ruined his game, he is a horrible crybaby………..

    2. i agree i really don’t want to reverse a week and knock lawon out if that’s all that was accomplished in 2 weeks this was pointless dom for lawon changes things a little plus if he wins hoh i think he can secure adam on his side and go after jjr

      1. i would love to see Dom come back too but sadly all the lonely housewives watching Big Brother have banded together to vote Brendon back because it’s the only excitement they get in their lives. Sad but really not worth our time watchign Brendon & Rachel do shit and gloat about winning competitions against these sad excuses (Minus dani) of competition. Kudos to you lonely american housewives.

        1. I’m a lonely housewife and I don’t want Brendon back. I voted for Cassie, but now I wish I would have voted for Domonic. At times I love Danni, and then I want to slap her. I wish she would have stuck it out with JJ&BR, but taken BR Out and then battled with JJ. Hope the best man wins. I think it is funny how Jordan is babysitting Rachel. I know she would like to shot herself. What a joke Rachel is. And Lawon is the biggest joke yet. I am sorry ppl, but I want Jeff to win. I just love him. And some of the comments he makes just brightens my day. I know, I need to get a life. Thanks Simon, you do a fantastic job, love your site.

        2. Oh how exciting it will be to watch Dom lay around with Dani doing nothing. Maybe he’ll even play with her hair a little GASP! I can barely contain myself with all of the excitement. It seems to me that lonely woman/girls are the ones voting for Dom because he’s what a “model”. I don’t want Dom back because I hate Danielle. Would love to see her face when Brendon walks back in, now that’s excitement! I’d rather see Cassi come back then Dom. Actually anyone but him please…

      2. dom is not that strong of a player to just win HOH, if he comes back in he is going right back out…i mean how else do you think that will really play out

    3. Dear God no please anyone but Dom worst player of the season. Could not be a more broing person in the house back to laying in bed whispering to Dani all day/night. Adding nothing to the game and blinding Dani to the fact the hes obviously still just in the closet.

      Please bring back Brendon to watch Dani and Kalia soil themselves and actually have someone that wins comps back in the house.

      1. That would make sense if Brendon and Dom had not woman the same number of comps this season.

        And Rachel winning doesn’t count as Brendon winning.

    4. Yes, Mike! Finally a rational thinking person. Anyone but B. Seriously, WTF’s up with people wanting the return of BR! We’ve got a bunch of masochists here. Simon, please do something! Ban them or something, anything but get them to stop! Shit, BR back in the house? I have a fairly strong constitution but, this asking too much.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the twist that the newly evicted houseguest competes with the chosen evicted houseguest to see who comes back in? So if we vote for Brendan and Rachel gets evicted, they get to compete against each other, a prospect I find particularly entertaining. I wonder if Brendan would decide that he should come back since Rachel’s done such a horrible job of playing the game on her own. That’s why I voted for him, not because I’m a masochist. Last year I could not wait for Rachel to be evicted and was horrified when they let her back in the house even for 5 minutes. A more obnoxious person doesn’t exist. Brendan deserves either a medal or psychotherapy for putting up with her.

        1. Except more hgs votes are in favor of keeping rachel and have been for a few days at least, so anyone voting brendon back in aren’t going to get the great showdown between fiances, they’re getting a Brenchel Show reunion

  4. I wish the CBS site would show where the votes stand… I just hate the thought that they can send whoever they want back in the house and simply say, that is how America voted…

    1. The fine print at the bottom of the poll said that the final say lies in the producer’s hands.

      Essentially, it doesn’t matter how we vote anyway.

    2. You know, I think it would have been fair for the evicted HG to have to battle with all the previous evicted HGs. No voting, no rigging, just a battle of the evicted. Best wins and goes back in. Brendon may have won anyway, unless, (as he claims) the challenge was designed for small feet.

  5. looks like either the evicted HG or americas choice will battle it out for HOH ..they wont have enough time for a vote , a comp between the two evicted HG’s and a HOH comp

    1. Couldn’t CBS do everything tonigt but not show it all on tonight’s show. If they did that then time would not be an issue. They can always put some over until Sundays episode.

  6. PLEASE let Lawon be evicted and then let Brendon come back in; Dani would just go pure crazy and it would be fun to watch the craziness that would ensue. TEAM J and J all the way!!!!!

  7. Dom coming back wouldn’t do anything for ratings, he didn’t do anything except get himself evicted. Brendan would bring more ratingscuz he’d be back with a vengence after the goodbye clips like Kalia’s. Keith isn’t coming back, and cassie was useless. Either Dom or Brendan should be back but ratings wise brendan will give u more. Only down side is rachel freaking out again if one of them leaves.

        1. One more thing. I recall JJBR talking exactly about watching Dom continue to spend time with Dani even after he knew she was the reason he was getting kicked out and they kept saying, “how can we trust him seeing that he is still sticking with Dani after all of this”. He’d tell them it’s not game, it is because he likes her on a personal level. But that was it. That was the reason they decided not to keep him and I remember Jeff and BR really wishing they could have. But it is his attraction to Dani that cost him the game. I bet that if he turned his back on Dani at that point and stuck with JJBR, they would have probably kept him. Moron, moron, moron.

  8. I don’t need to see the live show tomorrow. We all know that Brendon is coming back and it will be the Rachel / Brandon show all over again. I guess Allison G. loves this dysfunctional couple. I don’t know if I can stomach them together again.

    1. I’m in 100 percent agreement with you here. If he and Rachel both come back into the house, I will honestly puke up most of my digestive tract. And it won’t be a sour grapes thing, but I just won’t be able to watch BB or BBAD with them back. I’ll read here daily for sure, but for the very survival of my soul, I’ll have to block CBS and Showtime until I read here at least one of them is gone again.

  9. I honestly like Rachel better when she doesn’t have a bodyguard or a besty. She is alot nicer, better game player… Watching these boring girls except for Dani, makes me miss Britt.

    1. I agree. There’s something about Brendon that brings out the beast in her. Without him, she’s probably one of the nicer and sweeter person(s) in that house. I’m not saying they’re a bad couple, but at this stage in their relationship – B/R bring out the worst in each other on TV. So while I’d like Brendon back for numbers, I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t re-enter the house.

    2. It is because Jordan finally discovered the magic formula. Just be nice to Rachel Reilly and she will be lovely back. Go Dani on her and Rachel will harass you like she did at the nomination ceremony.

      Dani is lucky that Rachel didn’t strangle her. Anybody who can sit there and look at you blankly in a conversation like Dani does should be slapped.

      Anybody who has the skill that Dani has should never get married. That is the type of spouse who can just walk out on you one day and you would have never seen it because she just nods while she is secretly planning her escape.

      1. I agree with your assessment of Rachel and disagree with your assessment of Dani.

        Dani has her walls up and I don’t blame her. She got burned by Nick after BB8, why would she want to emotionally invest in anyone on this show?

        1. I don’t understand your assumption. She is very emotionally invested in PT. She still talks about how emotionally invested she got, she said so last night. Plus, she told Kalia last week if Rachel comes up to your hoh room, just nod and look at her blankly. It is her strategy with Rachel and Brendon only.

          Some people lie: Shelly. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve: Rachel. Some people bully: Jeff and Brendon. Some people are nice until they explode: Jordan. Some people talk nonstop: Kalia. Some people speak in a lanague that makes no sense: Lawon

          And then some people choose to look at you blankly: Dani.

          And if I had to choose someone I would never associate with: it is someone that looks at you blankly. That is all. If you want to call that emotionally uninvested, thanks for the title.

    3. I think this is the real Rachel. She flips out when she’s under stress and she is very sensitive to people talking down to her or ridiculing her. Maybe something happened when she was a kid. She needs a psychologist to deal with it, but I honestly don’t think she’s a bad person.

      1. I agree. The big reason she freaked out was because they wouldn’t be un jury house together. If Brendon comes back, they’ll be in jury together and if Rachel remained in the house, she’ll be a lot more stable knowing B will be there if/when she’s evicted.

  10. ya know…I would not mind seeing anyone but Brendon come back…
    I’m not so sure that if Dom did indeed come back, he would work with Dani…
    I think he would try to distance himself…and maybe join forces with jj…
    just speculating…

  11. Mornin’ Simon – Just looked ahead to tv listing for tonite’s show. We are on Bell satellite and the CBS feed comes out of Boston. They wil NOT be airing Big Brother, but an NFL game instead :( I’ve now found it on the Canadian Global out of Halifax so hopefully it will run as scheduled. I remember this also happened last year and caught people offgurard and scrambling! Just thought I’d throw it out there as a heads-up !!

    1. Actually I hope Kalia is hoh again. She is like a secret agent for Rachel. As long as Jordan just slams doors then Rachel gets to stay.

      This time when Jordan is in the final 2, I hope she realizes that was her game changing move. Slamming Kalia’s door.

        1. What? i never said Kalia is doing anything in the jury. I just said that when Jordan is final 2 and has to give her speech, she can say “I changed the game when I slammed Kalia’s door and scared her into keeping Rachel.,”

    2. Every week, there seems to be someone who makes the feeds almost completely unwatchable for me.

      The first few weeks, it was either Rachel or Shelly. The past couple of weeks have been Kalia. It’s like she talks herself into doing and saying stupid things.

  12. make shelly’s picture a catfish with a cigarette in her mouth. seems more fitting. and why is jeffs picture a gay rainbow?

      1. me too bc in terms of drama – what would be more dramatic than that??? i am sure if dom or cassi came back everyone would be happy or unhapy for a day or so and then on with the game and on with the two of them being terrible at it….but if brendon comes back, pandemonium = ratings gold

        1. Why do people think that one HG or another is going to affect ratings that much? Anyone watching solely for Brendon or Rachel are still watching because Rachel’s there. Anyone who hasn’t watched BB isn’t going to start tuning in simply because someone they’ve never heard of is re-entering the house. The “Brendon coming back means ratings” statement is a flawed assumption.

          1. I disagree! I stopped watching everything for the 3-4 days from when Kalia won until I heard Lawon went on the block. The thought of Kalia in hoh power sickened me more than Dani. And if Dani wins again I will probably not watch then either. I do that every season, I stop watching depending on how the game goes. For example, when Jeff and Michelle were losing power, I stopped watching until I heard Jordan was doing well in final 3.

            1. But for every one person like you that tunes out, there’s going to be another that tunes in because they like who’s in power. It balances out. For the most part, those who watch BB will watch BB regardless of who’s in the house with a small minority tuning in and out every week depending on what’s going on.

              There aren’t any “must-see” types in the house this season where everyone will watch no matter what. IMO, there have only been two of those (Dr. Will and Evel Dick) in BB history – everyone else has a different personality, but not dynamic enough to want to see that person’s every move.

            2. Also, I like I said: anyone watching solely for Rachel and Brendon are still watching because Rachel is there.

              Ultimately, I do believe it will be Brendon brought back because of the BR haters splitting votes between Dominic and Cassi. And I still don’t think the ratings will spike because of him but rather because of the intrigue that comes along with this twist.

              1. I am not pro-Rachel or Brendon. I am anti-Kalia. I don’t think you see the difference. I was anti-Natalie, anti-Matt/Ragan/Brit, and anti-Kalia. I hope anti-B/R people were not watching because that suggests CBS made a bad casting decision. If Brendon gets voted back tonight, you will see otherwise. KALIA WOULD NEVER GET VOTED BACK.

  13. Bring back cassi and let’s see Rachel have a breakdown cause she’s the ugliest girl in the house. Kahlia is a pig so she doesn’t get counted as one of the girls

    1. Rachel can coexist just fine with Cassi as long as Jordan pays attention to Rachel like she is doing now. It will then be Cassi that self implodes if she has nobody paying attention to her.

        1. Look how Rachel is being these past few days now that Jordan is acting like her bestie and she feels safe in the house. She does not go wild with Kalia and Dani because Jordan occupies her time.

          Jordan was going wild with Rachel telling her that she was jealous of Cassie and strokiing Cassie’s ego so much. I wonder what would have happened if Jordan never did that.

          Please share your assumption.

          1. I just wanted to know where the assumption came from that Cassi would explode if no one was paying attention to her since I didn’t see any signs of that in her cup of coffee in the house.

  14. Why o’ why do D & K think to go get Shelly to share things with?!?! They might as well ask J & J to sit down with them to hear there plans.
    I wish they would realize that it is Team Bacon that needs to be swayed. If he truly wants to see a newbie win you think he would cut his ties with J,J, & R.

    1. I think Adam is scared of Jeff but not of Rachel. She’s a goner if he wins hoh. And I doubt Jeff would try to sway him against Dani too hard.

    2. They would tell Jeff and Jordan — those 2 just don’t want anything to do with Dani or Kalia. Those two are reaching out to anybody, including Rachel Reilly. It killed Kalia when Jordan slammed her hoh door on her, absolutely killed her.

      Kalia has been crying about how hard hoh is ever since Jordan slammed the door. Look at her nonstop crying. It is hard if you’re goal is not to nominate anybody. Dani knew by nominating Brendon and Rachel that it was formally the end of her alliance with them. It was clear war because they were on the outs. Similarly, Kalia was already on the outs with Jeff with her telling Shelly she would put up Jeff and Brendon the second she gets. Jeff and Brendon yelled at her for it, though she seems to think they were never mad at her. So similarly by nominating Jeff, she declared war because they were on the outs.

      As she learned, you do not declare war by nominating someone you are ok with. But you don’t nominate someone from your alliance! Hence Adam was the perfect choice. Especially because he has showed no clear allegiance to anybody, just a secret one to Jeff and Shelly and a little to Lawon. The smoker’s alliance. But Jeff + Shelly trumps Lawon it seems.

  15. Is it just me or has Jordan had work done since her season? Her face looks more angular or something…. Less round and cute.

    1. jordan looks SICK she needs to eat something. She looks ill and it’s because she’s too skinny and her eyes are sunken looks bad

      on the flip side, during her season, she ate so much cookie dough that she had tree trunk legs..they looked really bad

      1. I was just sitting in my office and a buddy across the hall said he ordered this chainsaw. Advised me to go to the website to check it out, and I saw that I was like WTF?!?

    1. That has GOT to be Jeff!!! There is no way someone could look THAT similar.
      Orrr. maybe that’s why Jeff & Jordan are meaner this time… we got thier evil twins on the show. Another Big Brother twist to be exposed!

      1. That is definately Jeff. I clicked on the ‘about us’ and the company is based in Illinois… Makes sense since Jeff is from ‘Chicago’. How funny! Great find!! :)

      1. Doesn’t anyone remember during Jeff’s season he talked about modeling part-time. I believe he has a friend that runs a modeling agency.

    2. i believe that is Jeff. He used to be a model when he was younger. he was very handsome in his younger days as he is now. i am not of fan of his, but i will give credit where credit is due

  16. After last season of BB, and R&B eating shit that fellow competitors and the public had dumped on them, give them some kind of a reward for their stupidity in coming back this season. Brendon has made Rachael so dependent on him that she has lost her independence that she had before meeting up with him. I believe she would be so much happier back in Vegas making her $1000 a day tips, then be under his dominance. Send Rachael back to Vegas not California where she can get a grip on herself.

    I have been rooting for JJ but after seeing who is actually playing the best game I have a change of heart. People either love or hate Shelly, but you have to admit that she is really into the game and is playing all of them. Go Shelly.

    Who should be voted the most stupid? Lawon, Dani, or Kalia???? Is Adam for real???

  17. dominic doesnt bring any ratings that nigga is a VIRGIN all he does is play in girls hair please we the people need action , drama ,bad or good we need brendon

    brendon all the way amen to that

        1. Agreed. I hold the line at politics, religion, race and sexual orientation slurs.

          They’re just not a proper or intelligent way to comment or criticize the HG’s.

          I wish Simon would replace the “rainbow” flag as Jeff’s avatar.

  18. morning everyone

    dani knows she has made a bad move in the game ,

    porsche= weak doesnt do anything ,doesnt even want to win doesnt try to win

    lawon= where did they find him worthless

    kailia= won hoh and drop the ball all because she wants to please jordan ,jeff ,and nominate lawon estupid lol

    dani = carrying the whole team ,one man,one woman is not an island this will be impossible for dani to make it to the end . she suppose to allign herself with strong players not weak people . i cant wait for brendon to walk through that door with kailia passing him the hoh keys

    then we can say total drama island drama

    1. Dick said it best last night.. When JJ were up in HOH threatening and yelling at Kalia she should of looked him straight in the eye said “You use the POV this week your Girlfriend goes up on the block”

      instead Kalia cried and did HANDS DOWN the stupidest thing she could of done.. Good work Kalia Da Hut.. congratulations you SUCK!

      1. ok that would be fine, but the rachel gets voted out, comes RIGHT BACK IN (as a possible hoh no less), and gun straight for Kalia with the full support of JJ….and that is exactly what would have happened
        at least now the target is slightly less off of kalia and more on dani
        the only truly bad part is that kalia is losing a vote in lawon, but one vote isn’t worth anything anyway

      2. Kalia is a high road hitchhiker: “Ignore the bullies, they crave attention”. She should have spent some time in the ghetto: hard knock life can also be very formative.

  19. OMG this is going to be coup d’etat level madness ensuing tonight in the BBhouse….i hate how much I can’t wait right now!

    1. Dani deserves it. She wants war with Brendon and Rachel. That’s the cost for not going for floaters. She said it is bb strategy 101 to keep floaters. Well take that for 101.

  20. I was hoping CBS would show Shelly convincing Kalia of the twist and Rachel coming back. It made it seem like it just came out of no where. Shelly worked it with Kalia. I wish they would have showed that b/c I thought it was kinda a game changer.

  21. Jordan and Jeff are spoiled bitches, why do people like them so much? Cowlia is a very stupid person who probably has no idea what type of spot she is in. For her to put up Lawon just so she doesn’t piss anybody else off is the most ridiculous strategy ever. You are suppose to piss people off, that’s how the game is won. I hope Jeff goes home soon, all he does is lay in bed with Jordan, eat, and play pool. He hasn’t reached out to anyone except BR and Jordan of course. The ratings will dip if the power 4 get back together because it is highly unlikely that anyone else could beat them.

  22. Good Morning all of You!
    Team Dani~ and every moment in that house is one moment closer to Shelly getting busted! I can’t wait! lol
    Simon, I went to the addie you gave for the bitchy blog! She is funny! But I like that we get pretty much exact words
    here instead of a summary of paraphrases. It was a nice added point of view. Thank you!

    I think this is 12!

  23. I hope Cassi comes back because she’s a wildcard. She could go with JJ but she’s smart and secretly align with Rachel and get info from Shelly or play both sides. With Dom or Brendon it’s predictable but with Keith or Cassi anything can happen.

    1. That’s my exact reasoning for wanting Cassi back – you know what you get with Dom or Brendon, you don’t know what you get with Cassi (or Keith for that matter). And when you throw in the fact that she’ll eventually find out Shelly flipped on her in Day 2, the potential is there for some mad drama.

        1. Are you saying this because she was extremely attractive? I’m genuinely curious, you keep making her out like an attention seeker, when thats not really how she came off at all…

  24. i dnt understand why jj fans would want BR to be reunited. sure it might help them get to the final 6 or 4 but when they startin turning on each other they should remember BR will crush JJ at comps. you should want rachel to go and cassi come back because face it then jeff or dani is strongest competior left. with shelly and adam they would still have a decent team facin a weak team on the other side.

  25. Wouldn’t it be nice if Dani gave Shelly false information about the ‘code’ and everyone votes to evict Rachel…

    1. The fact that any of them would “agree” to vote by using a code shows how co-dependant this entire cast is…I’m ready for some people to step out and do their own thing, you know like it used to be…

  26. kalia should go home right away. It would be really funny if she won in the end because all the other players are going to target each other and she can just eat and look dumb-er

  27. Casting question:

    Did they intentionally pick newbies who are superfans or would have no ounce of game play? Or did they actually think these people had potential? Dom and Cassi only look good on a relative scale. They would have been out the door with Annie even in bb12.

    I can understand if they picked bad cast members on purpose, like how Les Moonves wanted Rob to finally win Survivor. I understand if he wants say a Jeff v.s. Rachel final 2.

    I only ask because bb14 will be terrible if this casting was the best they could find. I hope it was on purpose.

    1. It’s really hard to judge this cast on a standalone basis because of the twist of mixing vets and newbies. Most seasons, it takes a few days to get acclimated to the people and while the concept of being in the house and the game itself is easy to grasp, adapting to it is much more difficult.

      This season, the newbies didn’t have those few days to get used to each other, the concept of the game, and adapting to being in a CBS lot prison furnished with IKEA furniture. They had no time to feel the game out for themselves and once Adam, Shelly, and Kalia all threw their panties at the rockstar vets within the first couple of days, any chance they had at adapting to things like normal newbies in the house was completely out the window. All the newbies were on eggshells and I truly believe the only one who’s gotten comfortable in the house is Shelly.

      At this point in the game, the newbies are either out on an island without ever really getting into the game (Porsche, Lawon), in alliances where they know they’re the most expendable pieces (Adam, Shelly), or eating themselves stupid while in a position of power (Kalia).

      1. I am sorry but I did not mean game play. My deepest apologies. I am talking about their biographies. There was not one newbie I was excited about. And I’m saying Shelly actually impressed me now that the show has begun, the others I feel no differently about. This is the first season that I had no pre-season favorite. That is all I am saying.

        For example, I was curious about:
        Season 10: Dan
        Season 11: Michelle
        Season 12: Andrew, Kathy, Ragan, Rachel, Brendon, Enzo
        The season began and then I came to hate Ragan, for example, but at least I respected the casting.

        Season 13: I not only had no interest in the 8 people, but I was actually turned off by their bios. I thought Keith’s Angels was stupid. Porsche looked too ditzy. Shelly’s story I think they underplayed because I just can’t remember it. Kalia looked like a spoiled brat. Lawon looked loud to be loud. Dom looked like a momma’s boy. Cassi I had zero impression of. Adam looked like a freak.

        Now that the season has started, I think more of Shelly and Dom grew on me. Porsche I feel sorry for. Adam I want to like everyday, but I don’t. Lawon I found scary. Cassi turned me off. Keith is a whack a doodle. And don’t get me started on Kalia. From week 1, she was my least favorite by far.

        1. With the biographies, I definitely agree. Getting across the cast’s personalities before the show started was certainly half-assed, if even that. It’s like the producers didn’t give two shits about having the audience relate to the newbies because they figured the audience would gravitate toward the drama couple from last season, America’s sweethearts from the season before that, or the badass father/daughter combo from four years ago. The eight others were just there to fill space.

          This was another reason why the vets and newbie mix was a bad idea. They did a horrible job getting over the newbies as anything special individually, potential threats for game play, or giving them any type of rallying point for motivation to win the money.

          1. I disagree. I don’t think there is anything they could have said about Kalia, Dom, Lawon, Adam, Porsche, or Keith that would have made like them. Cassi, I think they could have, but she gave herself a bad edit by being a regulator. Shelly they undersold.

  28. dani said she would leave volunteerly if brenden came back …i agree what s the point ? he had his shot last year he f*cked it up game over ..they need to bring back a new person

    1. No, we need to see Dani sweat. That will be hilarious. Brendon is her cryptonite. Dani is going to be boring otherwise. It would actually force her to change her game play. Either pull a Chima, new alliances, something.

      Dani loves to talk about reshuffling the deck. Let’s she her shuffle and shuffle and shuffle and what she comes up with. Last shuffle she came up with align with Kalia and Lawon. If she wasn’t so full of herself, she would make a real alliance with Rachel and Brendon. But Dani has too much pride for that.

      How can she say she cannot trust Rachel? They are friends in real life. That is why Rachel told her about getting rid of Dom since him and Kalia were planning to get rid of Jeff. Rachel could have blindsided her, but she didn’t. It is Rachel who should never trust Dani. Dani looks at her with no expression.

      1. First of all dani & rachel are NOT friends outside of the house they met once in vegas end of the story
        & how is dani “full of herself” ? Are we watching the same show?Maybe your confusing dani w/ rachel & branden..

        1. No, they both live in the area and became friends through Ragan and Annie. That’s why Brendon used to let Rachel talk game with Dani and nobody else.

    2. I think she would do it too.
      I wonder HGs contracts with BB/CBS forbids leaving the show early unless
      it is for medical and/or personal emergencies?

    3. And Dani didn’t have her shot? Pretty sure Dani F*ed up her game and took it out on Brendon and Rachel. I’m not a Brenchel fan but Dani plays the victim more than Rachel. And that…I’m not playing this game personal BS needs to end. Dani and Kalia really have been in a comfy situation so far. Time for them to sweat. At the very least, it’ll wipe that stupid condescending smug smile of Dani’s face. Can’t stand her.

  29. I’m a big Dani fan, but can’t believe she decided to say to Shelly that they need a “secret code”. I’d love it if she’d purposely tell Shelly something like that, just to test her to see if she told JJ. There’s gotta be a way of bringing to light in this game what a liar and snake Shelly is. She’s gotta go!!!

  30. Dani would be better off trying to convince adam than shelliar……shelly from day 1 has been hypnotized by the “goodness” of Jordan and Jeff it’s really sickening smh

    1. Dani doesn’t know how to play anymore. She is too paralyzed by the thought of Brendon coming back. I thought she was a power player. She is like the Confederacy during the Civil War. You make a move and people come after you, don’t be so shocked.

    1. Let’s see Dani reshuffle and what she comes up with. If she’s such a good game player, then she will figure it out. She resdpects the bb game after all.

  31. Wouldn’t it make sense to give the returning house guest a ‘golden key’ for the week, so they wouldn’t automatically be sent home? That way the current people could compete for HOH. Just a thought.

      1. Agreed. This could be his 3rd time playing the game. I hope part of the competition tonight somehow involves “how much $$$ are you willing to give up to re-enter the house, because it’s not fair to have a chance to win the full prize after being evicted. I felt the same way after Kaysar and Crazy James got 2nd chances, and I was rooting hardcore for them in Seasons 6 and 9.

  32. How do bb12 contestants live with themselves? Most of them act like Brendon and Rachel are hitler incarnate. They only speak badly of them. If anything, Brendon and Rachel should hate all of them, save Andrew and Kathy. Yet Rachel said last night she is cool with Kristen, and she speaks with Ragan and Annie who have reached out to her. Read the twitter of Enzo, Brit, Hayden, Matt, any of them. They HATE Brenchel. They called Brendon ND all season; Brendon should hate them now, and they act shocked. They talked about Rachel’s vag on tv all night long; she should hate them too.

    And Princess Kalia and her lover Dani say they love Brit now and want to talk smack like her. Well I hope Kalia has difficulty getting a job after this season is over for looking like a moron on tv.

    1. Naids.. you going to stick with this username?

      Just a heads up i’ll let your comments through but your IP has been flagged so it still might take a bit of time for comments to clear. You know why this happened I won’t bother explaining.

      Consider this a second shot, if you keep it within our rules I will remove you from the filter and you can rock on.

      1. After seeing Matt’s wife’s comments, I’m sure Matt just means “I like Brenchel a lot in real life, they are great to make fun of.” I listened to an interview he did in April where he bashed them nonstop.

        I think Ragan is sincerely guilty.

        And what about the others: Princess Brit?

        1. i think matt has better things to do with his time than bash Brendon and Rachel….you can read/ask Matt on twitter and he does come off as if he likes them even when people try to bash Brenchel to him, he defends them

          and Rachel and Ragan got along at the beginning of Season 12 so I could see them being friends

          this is just a game and if you are a fan you know the name calling and bashing is part and parcel and if you are easily offended or sensitive then BB is not for you…..and i think/hope everyone knows that….true sometimes it goes to far, but the game gets intense

          and if lane, hayden, enzo still have issues with Brendon that is RID-IC-U-LOUS bc what the hell are they even mad at

          and i think people like britney and monet are just people who wallow in obscurity and mediocrity and don’t know how to handle 15 min of fame so they resume mediocrity as soon as it’s over, not evolved or educated enough to do anything else

          1. There is name calling, and then there is ND bashing. What does ND have to do with game play? Saying you hate Rachel, saying you can’t stand what she wears, fine. But ND?!?!?

    2. B & R deserve everything that is said about them!! They are not mature adults that are being made fun of, they are emotionally and psychologically disturbed and them coming back after last year proves it.
      I think psychologists would have a field day diagnosing this pair.

    3. Ragan has also defended Rachel on his Facebook, basically saying she’s a completely different person outside the house, which I’m sure could be said about most HGs.

            1. FYI Brenchel deserved everything said to then by Bragade members for the way they acted, only Brittney and Monet had bad shit to say about them mostly for no reason Rachel came in the house looking like a $2 Ho FACT, first impressions are everything and she gave off a bad one, and she proved them right sleeping with brendon after knowing him for 2 weeks, and the way she dressed around strangers.

              1. I didn’t say they have to be friends. But did they ever see Brendon’s ND LAST SUMMER? How did they know about this ND? And why did they talk about cookie dough in Rachel’s vag? Did they touch it?

                I love talking crap. But someone’s genitals is where I draw the line, unless it’s just saying “he probably has a small dick.” Not calling someone ND

      1. Yeah they actually made amends after the show and are friends now. I think Dani mentioned that she’s close to Eric on her season too after the house ended. I really don’t think any of these people are all bad or good. I’m sure the house just heightens and magnifies everything. They’re probably very normal outside of this situation.

        1. Brendon doens’t understand why though. He said on the livefeeds that he doesn’t forgive Ragan or any of the people from last season. He’s civil to Ragan, but he tries to convince Rachel he’s not their real friend.

          And he is right.

          I think he only wants in on the Brenchel because 1: he was so unpopular; 2. Brenchel get the most attention from CBS post-show.

        2. Yeah, Dani mentioned something about that to Dominic a few weeks ago. It was something along the lines of how they never said five words to each other in the house but now they text each other everyday.

      1. Simon it’s a casting call for Big Brother here in Birmingham Alabama. I guess they really start early for the next season. Thank you for you website. I really enjoy it.

        1. umm I haven’t heard anything about casting calls and I usually get a release early from casting so I can promote the locations.. do you have any proof?

          1. Its being promoted on CBS42(dot)com. It’s between 11 and 6 tomorrow. It has been advertised during the big brother shows since last week. I was confused too. I know there have been a few contestants from here but I still can’t figure out why it’s this early. I know there was a winter edition of BB but that was because of a writers strike. I will let you know what goes on.

    1. I actually agree. She has a great chance if Keith comes back. Zero chance if Cassi comes back. And Dom coming back does nothing; they will still go for Dani and Kalia first.

    2. I think BRJJ would first try to remove some of the other side like Dani/Kalia/Porsche. Then it would be intresting seeing Brendon go vs Jeff, as it would eventually happen. Maybe they’d even get into physical altercations, like bumping chests in the middle of the yard.

    1. I dunno.. those endurance comps are usually pretty HUGE.. The site will most likely be running 100% static for2-3 hours tonight so no comments, and only 1 post will be viewable.

      It sucks running like this but we should be able to keep the site up during all the traffic. I’m going to be just focusing on updating text on the site.

      1. So you think the show will go pretty much straight into eviction, then into the ‘twist’ competition, then into the endurance HOH comp, right?

  33. did anyone notice jeff and jordan’s horrendously boring conversation in the hammock last night? they had about absolutely nothing to talk about and jordan kept trying to bring things up and jeff was, as usual, just not interested (except for the part about how funny rachel’s dancing was, he genuinely laughed during that part) BUT
    jordan is rambling about somehting and then jeff gets called to the diary room and he doesn’t even let her finish her sentence, he immediately gets up without warning, which causes the hammock to be unbalanced, and jordan fallS LIKE ON THE FLOOR looking embarrassed and instead of helping her up or apologizing, jeff flings a hat at her and then marches really fast inside to the DR
    and jordan is like gathering herself and then traipses slowly behind him… was the weirdest damn thing, what is wrong with them!

    1. yes I suffered through that.. I find nothing entertaining about those 2 this year

      My gut tells me these 2 are in a relationship to further their “reality TV careers”

      I know a lot of people hate on me for saying this but it’s just a feeling I get having watched them for 2 season. I also have heard on Dick@nite that even Dick is suspicious of their relationship.

      1. Even if I saw them fake have sex, I still would not believe that they are anything more then friends and even then it’s a stretch

      2. Sometimes i think Brenchel are doing the same. putting on a showmance for the cameras. Like they are still on that soap opera they did

    2. Re: Rachel’s dancing… I saw her dance-off with Lawon the other night, and I have to take back what I’ve said in the past about a pole being in her future. The woman has about as much natural rhythm/dancing ability as the Elephant Man after he’s had a massive stroke. There’s no way she was ever a stripper or ever could be, unless there’s a dollar store version of a Gentlemen’s Club out there somewhere.

      1. I love the Dollar Store. I’m so thrifty. I wouldn’t mind a stripper pole in the center of the store for my entertainment. Worst thing about Canadian’s though, we don’t have dollars, we have loonies, ever try to walk around when you have anymore then 10 loonies in your pocket? not a good idea especially if you need to start running.

          1. Eripaul – think yourself lucky and breathe a sigh of relief I’m in Canada. haha I have been known to annoy the hell out of people. 2 minutes after meeting me, you’d want to choke me out. hahaha

  34. If I were in the house and won HOH tonight then, assuming of course Lawon goes home, I would nominate JJ. Then if one of them wins the Veto I would replace them with Rachel. If Shelly wins the Veto and dares remove one of them I’ll still replace them with Rachel. If Rachel wins the Veto and replaces one of them I’ll replace them with Shelly. JJ are running the house and they need to be broken apart soon, otherwise it will come down to JJ, Shelly and Adam in the final 4. No conflict whatsoever.

  35. On last nights episode CBS edited it to look like Rachel convinced Kalia to keep her. No mention at all that Shelly was the one that got it done. It gives me the sinking feeling that Brenchel will be reunited in the house tonight. Shelly deserves all the credit and making it look like Rachel pulled it off will unfairly influence viewers without the feeds to vote Brenchel. Please vote Cassie!

  36. Predictions if Brendon comes back:

    1. Rachel will go wild.
    2. Jeff will dump Rachel from his alliance.
    3. Brendon will scare Jeff back into an alliance with Rachel by winning a lot.
    4. Brendon and Rachel will control the house for about 2-3 weeks straight. During that time, Porsche, Adam, and Kalia will go home. Dani will start making some alliances and winning some povs to get out of going home.
    5. Dani will win an hoh and Rachel will be evicted.
    6. Brendon will finally send Dani home to revenge his woman.
    7. Shelly will send Brendon home and get her family photos.
    8. Jeff will win final hoh and send Shelly home.
    9. Jeff will win jury vote. Votes for Jordan: Kalia and Shelly. Votes for Jeff: Brendon, Rachel, Dani, Adam. Porsche who knows, won’t matter.

  37. I will start off by saying I love brendon on the show. With that being said, if all of you are fans of bb like I have been from season 1 you would want brendon to come back. Yeah he cries a lot with rachel. But I want to see competitors. Bringing back brendon would bring back the most worthy to compete with anyone in the house. Dom maybe can compete, but nothing like brendon. Everyone else would just go right back out the door. I hope brendon comes back so we can see some cutthroat competition.

    1. In the name of competition, Brendon would be on his THIRD SHOT trying to win Big Brother if he comes back which means he competed twice and got evicted twice. If you’re using the competition angle, he’ll be on his third chance to win – more than anyone else in BB history.

      And Dominic has won as many comps as Brendon has this season even with being in the house one week less and after throwing two of the comps he was in. To say Dominic could “maybe” compete is either grossly underestimating Dominic or grossly overestimating Brendon.

      1. dom also threw more comps than brenden did in all those chances, which was over a lot more competitions….why? brendon is a competitior, dom is an idiot. he threw them when he shouldnt or didnt even need to. hes the equiv of keith, he just got dani, keith didnt

        1. That makes Brendon someone who manipulated someone else who was looking to trust anyone because he had a feeling his partner was throwing his Big Brother groupie panties on stage to the vets (which he was) and then throwing him under the bus. It was stupid on Dominic’s part but Brendon would have done the same thing if he were a newbie this season.

          Regardless, Brendon’s had two chances to compete in the Big Brother game and he’s lost both times. If he gets a third chance, he’ll lose again.

  38. Wonder what kind of end game agenda CBS has. I doubt they want Brendon to win since he was voted out. They might want the beloved Jeff to win. They might want Rachel to win to justify bringing her back again and again and because she is a legit player.

  39. 1/2 way point most memorable moments:
    Jeff yells at Rachel after comp
    JJ yell at Kalia before noms
    Brendon yells at Kalia in the backyard
    Brendon and Cassie (the paint you a picture dis
    House meeting when vets call out Dani and Kalia
    Rachel super freak out day of Brendon eviction
    Rachel gets DK to nom Lawon
    What else?!?!? i can only think of moments the vets instigated….

  40. My thoughts Lawon goes home Brendon comes back (wish it was Dom) Brendon gets a key can’t get voted out and play HOH til following week. Kalia can play in HOH this week just cause her HOH was used with the twist.

  41. I believe in Jeff’s season he talked about part-time modeling for a friend of his, the friend ran a modeling agency in Chicago, {I think }

  42. The BEST reality show based website on this planet called Earth. I have already prepped myself for worst case scenario tonight. Brendon getting picked by CBS (Sorry meant to say America) to go against Lawon. Win easily. Then the puke fest of a reunion by Brendon & Rachel aka Horrible Acting worthy of a Razzie.

  43. I think Team Dani is a sinking ship, and Kalia is the one who ran it into the iceberg. All the online polls show Brendon coming back, and when the four of them get back together along with their two sidekicks Adam and Shelly, Dani and friends will soon be gone. They need to sit Adam down and tell him if Lawon goes home, then they are coming after him. Shelly is making Team Dani look like a bunch of idiots.

    Team Dani: “We know Shelly is a big liar, but what the heck – let’s tell her everything so she can let J&J know what is going on – maybe when the show is over J&J might sign an autograph for us. “

  44. This is a game, people really should know reality from a tv game show. That is why it is so disturbing about people attacking somebodies morals and ethics unless all these people on here that are doing this are teenagers than I understand. Adults should be talking about game play not judging the person. So grow up its a game and nobody deserves the type of comments KIDS are making.

    1. The only personal knock I have on anyone is Shelly because she hides behind her daughter when someone questions her principles and morals. It’s really disgusting.

  45. I think Cassie would make for the most interesting player to come back. She has bones to pick with just about everyone in the house. The alliance that she WOULD have gone after, is now split up, so who would she target….JJRSA, or DK. I also think it is a little unfair that CBS let the evicted houseguests see goodbye messages before they went to sequester. That’s like seeing a DR session. I DO NOT want to see that bobble head doll Dom back. Watch him when he talks, he can NOT stop bobbing his head from side to side. It’s as annoying as someone saying UM every other word……or that they are a straight shooter, right after they lied about something. BRING BACK CASSIE, so I can see her fine ass in a bikini again too.

  46. Naive in GA.


    So brendon is coming back no matter what lawon does in the comp. or if he wins americas vote. disappointing to know the game has been rigged. has it always been rigged?

  47. Don’t even know if I should even bring this up, but I’m gonna, anyway. I’m absolutely shocked at not seeing tons of comments aimed at hating Allison Grodner like I have during other seasons. This comment is zero opinion, one hundred percent just straight up observation, btw. Not like I haven’t heard the fair share of fat jokes so far, but still!

      1. QAZ ran off with Allison and are makingsweet sweet love with a chicken wing and chocolate pudding. yah you heard me QAZ, I’m calling you out.

  48. Lawon……..Are you High? Jeff says what an idiot…….you put up your own people, a floater. Jeff still come after you Kaila. Kaila is really stupid enough. Brendon will be happy to come back and destroy Kaila and Dani, also Porsche a backstabber.

  49. Seems the house guest almost have the “twist” figured out. I am sure if DK even thought for a second Brendon was coming back in they would send Rachel out the door in a heartbeat. Would be so cool to see Brendon and Rachel competing to see who gets back in the house. Brendon would throw it to her so she could go back in.

    But I am willing to bet CBS has both Brendon and Dom on standby. Depending on who gets evicted tonight will depend on “who America” voted for. If Rachel goes, she plays Dom. If Lawon walks out, you can guarantee Brendon will be who he plays.

  50. Actually think JJ would be better off not having Brendon come back in the game. Further down the road, it will hinder his game play. Eventually BR will come after them and Jeff has an absolutely useless partner.

  51. I’m getting a headache from all the circuitous conversations. Dani has pretty much figured out the twist (whether or not Production helped is still a question).

    But they’ve identified Shady Shelly has a double agent, yet they keep engaging her in their talks. What kind of madness is this?

    D/K/P get ready for your worst nightmare because Brendon and Rachel will be reunited

  52. someone at CBS obviously has tent for b. three times now? its rigged and no one will watch bb anymore, you’ll all be watching the br show. see u next season.


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