Big Brother 13 – Dani about Jordan “She’s just miserable here period, she thought it was going to be a vacation”

8:35pm rachel Jeff and Jordan talking about the twist. Jeff jokes the evicted houseguest get to come back but has to wear a spacesuit (LOL)
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8:40pm Lawon and Shelly Lawon is starting off with some small talk. Mentions cassi and how when she was evicted she told him to stick close to Shelly. Lawon talks about his job and how hard it was to get approval to be on the show. He was worried that he was going to lose his job and yesterday he found out in the DR that he did. Lawon says that his job told him that after 40 days his job was going to tell him if he had a job or not.. They are watching the show to make sure he’s acting appropriately. Shelly: “ohh my god.. there watching”. Lawon: “Yes”

Lawon says that part of the agreement for his work to release him is that if he acts inappropriately they will fire him, also if they need him to work they can call him back in. Shelly is shocked but understands that Lawon needs his job. They move to the backyard so Shelly can smoke.

Lawon says to her that he’s now feeling good about hi job an is ready to play it to win it. lawon says that him and Adam have been close in this game. Shelly knows, the other day Adam told her he’s tight with Lawon.

Lawon starts slinging BLANK about Rachel and Shelly is agreeing with all of it. They’re talking about rachel poor self esteem and how her actions show how insecure she is. Shelly would never act the way rachel does in front to the camera. Lawon’s pulls out a bunch of jokes get’s the straight shooter to laugh. Shelly: “You’re a character.. hahahah”

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9:20pm Back Yard Adam and LAwon Lawon is chilling with some game talk. He says pretty much the same story he told Shelly. Explains about his job and how he thought he might lose it. Lawon brings up that Rachel is going after floaters. He mentions the twist and how he’s coming back with a vengeance, he’ll target Rachel and the people that voted to evict him.

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9:35pm HOH Dani and kalia Da HUt
Dani is saying that Shelly told her Porsche will give rachel a pity vote this week. Dani was pretty shocked so she went to prosche. POrsche swore up and down she never said that. Dani: “Porsche said That’s not even the way I talk i wouldn’t say pity vote” Dani doesn’t know if Rachel is lying to shelly to work a vote or if Shelly is lying to her.. Kalia: “everyone is lying in this house”. Dani knows says everyone is lying it’s how they play the game. She adds that they need to find out tonight what is going on and talk to Shelly and Adam. Kalia mentions that shelly mentioned she will tell DK who she’s voting for.. Kalia: “Umm I thought we were going to tell her who to vote this week” Kalia is getting nervous about Shelly voting for Lawon to leave.
Dani: “I see them whispering to each other alot”
Dani: “I think Shelly is getting caught up in a lot of lies .. Shocker… Again”

Kalia says part of her is thinking that getting rid of Lawon is a good idea because he might come back and she doesn’t want Rachel to get evicted then come back. Dani: “I’m starting to think getting rid of Lawon is a BAD thing” . Dani isn’t sure about this twist she doesn’t think Lawon will come back. Kalia now tells her she feels the same.. . dani doesn’t trust rachel she’s worried that she’ll tell people about the deal.

Kalia adds that rachel has been telling people downstairs parts of their conversation last night. Dani: “Did you call her out on it” Kalia: “no …. ” Dani: “You should of” (man these two are a getting pathetic, Kalia and Dani told Rachel if she told anyone then deals off) Dani says that Rachel deserves a penalty nomination for all her talk about DR sessions. Kalia agrees says she should get a penalty dick in her face.

Dani points out that a week ago Jordan HATED rachel and now she’s “babysitting” her. Kalia: “Ohh my god where did I go wrong”.. Dan brings up when she tried to flip the house on Jeff, “I regret pulling the trigger so early I should of done it in 2 weeks later.. It cost Dom his game and I regret it”

They start chatting about how much Brendon hated Brit from BB12.

Kalia and Dani agree that Jordan hasn’t been nice to anyone but Rachel. Dani: “She’s just miserable here.. period.. period she thought it was going to be a vacation but it’s not it’s big brother for gods sake”
Dani points out that Jordan has been short with Shelly to.

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10:20pm Jeff and Adam Adam gives Jeff a debriefing about Lawon’s conversation. Adam says the vote will probably be 5 to 1 to evict Lawon. Jeff: “Bad news for Dani”. Adam continues says what if Lawon comes back and has the HOH.. he’s got a lot of people to go through if he’s going to take out each person that voted against him.

They both agree that Rachel has to win either POV or HOH every week or she’s gone. Adam points out how frazzled she was during the POV, “Her life was on the line and She blew it”. Jeff comments how fragile she is they could break her down and send her home any time.

Adam now is sure it was smarter to keep rachel because she’s easy to get out. Jeff agrees he just didn’t want to have to deal wither Rachel. They engage in some light rachel bashing nothing too creative.

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11:05pm Kalia and Shelly Shelly shoots a straight one tells Kalia that She’s not worried about Rachel but she is worried about who Lawon is going to go after. Kalia points out how odd it is that JJ are best friends with Rachel. Kalia mentions that JJ would say the most horrible things about Rachel and now they turn on the charm.. it’s almost like they need her for something and just being nice. Shelly says it’s because they are baby sitting her so she doesn’t go crazy, “Jordan still talks about rachel all the time” Kalia didn’t know that.

11:28pm JJ Hammock chatting about nothing really important, a bunch of Terrance and Philip style jokes about farting. Jordan points out that Porsche went to bed early. They have a good laugh at rachels dance moves during the party, Jeff: “Thats the best.. she doesn’t care” Jordan: “those dance move… ”

They both agree that outside the house BR are probably a lot of fun to go have drinks with.

11:47pm backyard chit chat Everyone but Jordan/POrsche


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BB King

Trust me. Rach won’t be fragile when Brendon comes back. And guess what Adam? After Kalia and Dani are gone she is most likely coming after you.


you must be retarded if you think America would vote a creap like Brenda back but stranger things have happened inthis country with all these liberal socialist loser who are ruining it


^^^^BAD COMMENT ^^^^

Lennon's Ghost


The same for race, religion, and sexual orientation bashing.

If posters can’t come up with something better than those kind of slurs, then they have zero imaginations.

They need to just stick to commenting and/or criticizing HG’s gameplay (or lack thereof) or on their bad habits in the BB House.


When I saw that Daniele was back, I really wanted to like her. On her original season, I thought she was whiny brat. I really can’t stomach her. I do like that she speaks the truth about people, but she seems to relish being a bitch. She must be desperate to get out of Daddy’s shadow. Sorry Dani, you will NEVER be as good as E.D.

Its interesting watching the shows, reading updates here and watching BBAD. The editing is pretty interesting. Shelly is getting a great edit. Porsche seems even more of a dumbcluck (if that’s possible).

Rachel is a wack-a-doo, but she is infinitely more interesting than any of the newbies and I admit…every time I see the clip of her scooting next to Dani before the nomination ceremony and her “Hi Danielle, how are you doing?” comment after the ceremony…..I laugh out loud. Its so ridiculous, but she got under Dani’s skin.



I need obb rehab. I am fully addicted


So I guess talking smack about Rachel is a new way to pass time?

Hey, if Britney got America’s Favorite I guess the Houseguest are under the impression that bashing Rachel is a great way to get America’s vote…shallow, shallow people.


I think CBS threw the vote to Brit because her house burned down during filming. She was a HUGE brat! Ugh!


I doubt it. A lot of the blogs and boards loved Brit last season.


Brit was very, very, very popular. We know, huh Simon. She was funny at times. And yes a lttle mean.


CBS gave Brit a very good edit


They did but even watching the feeds, I still enjoyed her more than most of the others in the house.


Ugh!! Hated Brit! She was full of herself and mean…CBS gave her the good edit but it still didn’t make a fan out of me! Ugh!


the things she discussed were vile and disgusting especially talking about other females anatomy. most people like that , but i didn’t


Brit was very popular with people who like to talk about Rachel’s private parts


brit was the embodied combination of tacky white trash (who could stand that bright yellow hair) and the girl who constantly got her hair pulled in high school….


how could you not talk about her parts when the world could see them and it sounds like Chrissy is jealous of Britney


Dani is just stupid she thinks she is hot shit but all she is, is a cold turd that need to be flushed she looks well used for twenty something she looks like shes been put awau wet a few time and is dumber than a box of rocks or is that road apples


Kalia DUH Hut,
Does she always eat? Why does she always have a finger in her mouth? Dang, she is so gross!


I almost piled when she was shaving!


man jeff and adam r asswholes for bashing a girl… poor rachel everyone is just talking shit about her, i feel so bad for her..


i feel sorry for her too

Lol it

Me too. I know she’s annoying but there is no need to be so mean. I’m surprised at Jordan for jumping on the talk shit about Rachel bandwagon. I’d like to think it’s because she hasn’t had a decent bed or meal in so long….

Midwest Fan



Now all of a sudden people feel for Rachel? Doesn’t she talk shit about everyone else? I seem to remember her an the douche Brendumb talking shit about people n the house. It’s not rocket science!


i have always been a brenchel since last season until i saw what a total douche brenden was. i still like rachel, but i am rooting for team dani. i feel sorry for rachel because she is emotionally unstable and has low self esteem and brenden constantly beats her down


i totally agree! rachel wouldn’t be that way if brendan didn’t make her feel like she NEEEEEDS him to live… i know she’s an adult, but i blame brendan for being a bully to her. people talk about how emotional rachel is, but have you seen brendan pout when she says something wrong?!! he’s just as bad, if not worse, than rachel. i’m most def a rachel fan. hope she makes it far!! 🙂


I’m with Chessie. I like Rachel but I’m still a Dani fan. I think Brenden brings out the worst in Rachel and I think she acts out when he is around.


I liked Brendo, he is a goof ball but I don’t know seems like a nice guy!


Rachaels pity party is working.


I really think the girl needs help.she forgets how she talks about pp and when she was winning its all good (jj,too she acts like a big kid cry?ec., put on your big girl pants


Rachoe needs some tough love.


No what Rachel says is mainly about floaters. The rest of the house are attacking Rachel on a personal level and it is ridiculous. This house has broken her down and I see this. Do not get me wrong I know you have to do whatever to win but I am so glad that I am nothing like these people. In order for them to feel good they have to bash someone else. I am truly shocked about Jordan but I always felt there was something sneaky about her. SHelly is atrocious. She supposedly is a mother and has a daughter and is talking about another female like this. wow I would hate for her to be my mom truly. I wish it was a way for me to talk to these people because they to me are truly the ones jealous of Rachel. why talk that much smack about a person if u are not jealous. I mean some of the things coming out of their mouths are horrible. Like shelly saying rachel gave her a pair of shorts that stunk and had stains in them. Like really, Come on Shelly u couldnt even fit Rachel shorts. I just think its uncalled for. Play the game and do what you have to do but to senselessly bash someone over and over again to make yourself look good. naw not down with that.


ok everytime adam and someone has a conversation he tells jeff adam is voting lawon out thats final .

lawon telling shelly his sad story brendon story was sad to she still evict his ass / lawon talking bout he dont have a job please
brendon told shelly he cant pay the rent he has to stay with a friend until rachel comes out to help pay the rent , or until the show is over in september to get the bb cash . shelly is heartless she doesnt care about anyone and their problems shelly will evict ya ass lawon ……

dani your a day late and a dollar short talking bout she move too fast u gets no love from me all u had to do was sit and make friends but no u wanted to make a name for yourself . i dont care it will be impossible to win every hoh and pov from here on in oh my gosh dont let brendon return it wont happen


I think Lawon made up the job story because Dani told him he now has to get out there and fight for votes. I don’t think he had a decent story for why he went from not campaigning at all to now campaigning. There is no way that BB would tell him he lost his job. They didn’t even tell Brittany that her house burned down until she got out.


Kalia & Dani have being talking so much shit lately. its actually so ridicouslous. i loved Dani before & now she just wines & complains about everything. Kalia just wants to be accepted by JJ; but behind their back she’s fake as hell.

Team JJ


As if JJ have not been whining! They’ve been doing the most whining in this house. And Jeff has been bashing Rachel, a person who is in his alliance and if it were not for Rachel his ass would have been backdoored. Everyone talks shit even america’s favs/CBS edited JJ.


I agree. I think everyone who is feeling like they are on the losing end breaks out the whining. It’s human nature.


Well Dani since you seem to think that Jordan is miserable here then why didnt you put her ass up and send her home? Jesus these people. I do notice that Jordan acts like she doesnt appreciate this opportunity. Shes getting on my nerves. Always bitching that kalia is rich and dont need the money, ummm i believe you have already won $500,000 so just shut your mouth cause you have no room to talk on that one. Then she starts up with the floaters. Jordan didnt do shit in her season but rely on jeff. I swear if Brendon comes back. Im gonna die. I can NOT deal with the arrogance.


*holds hands up* Preach!


all the vets have sense of entitlement.

Midwest Fan

The ones on this BB sure do, but if they were on an All Star
BB, I think they’d be eating humble pie and being shown
the Exit Door, asap.


By who Jessie, Pigpen Natalie? Please come on now!


Dani did nominate Jordon and Brenden so I’m not sure what BB you are watching


Right, which “allstar” was going to show them to the door? Even the Bridgade by themselves were no great shakes. The only thing that saved them was they stayed together to the end but I don’t believe any of them individually would be “showing anyone to the door.”


Dani wanted to put Jordan up but she wasn’t HOH so unless she could convince Kalia, which she couldn’t, she wasn’t able to. Dani absolutely knew that was the best move though. Don’t blame Dani for Kalia being an idiot!


Oh well now I know who’s going home. Now all I wonder who Lawon will battle against. Doesnt really matter though. Lawon won’t beat anybody especially if the comp is questions (which is what I heard it’s going to be).


My 10 year old even said Lawon couldn’t beat anybody!!

Midwest Fan

I hope Lawon surprises us and wins the competition.
Let the BB joyful preaching begin ……………


That would be great!! I would love that.


I don’t mind Brenden coming back if Rachel leaves. I just can’t stand 95% of show being about them. It makes me sick to my stomach to watch their unstable relationship and Rachel’s serious mental problems.


I agree


I hope they keep Lawon, Dominic comes back in, Jeff and Jordan get the shaft they deserve. Pompous people annoy the hell out of me. Go Kalia and Dani!


Pompous is Dani! She thinks she is the shit but she can never do whatDick did!


I can almost gaurantee it will be Brendon coming back. They edited the hell out of Wednesday to make for a Brendon return. I’m also sure that vote is rigged because no one would vote to see Brendon and Rachel. I personally will stop watching. If Dom doesn’t come back this game is doomed. If you think about it Dani is the only person in the house who would ever put up J/J add production cheating and you basically have J/J walking to the finish line because no one is a player and all of the newbies are just fans.


They need to do BB allstars with reality stars from other shows.

Boston Rob would own these people.


I just thought abou Boston Rob! or Russel Heinz) they would be like the puppet masters here! htat would be sooo cool! or BB needs to do like heroes vs villains or amth like that


russell hantz is my fav. he is a mastermind. just didn’t have the social game working for him. they literally gave boston rob the money this year. everyone on his team was totally starstruck. philip was funny and crazy


Rob or Russell would turn into little girls. All BB guys do and I would rather keep my Boston Rob manly and not a little bitch


one of the reasons why i would like brendon to return dani is too cocky she needs to humble , she even said to adam she is glad brendon is gone he was her competition ..

every big brother dani goes on she falls for a guy its like she needs a man to help her in this game .
first nick now dominc this bitch looks like she is too clingy when it comes to opposite sex

i dont care who win this game once it isn’t 4 face and 3 hearts shelly and dani

dani = no loyalty u turn too quick on ya vets , now if dom comes back dani your toast

porsche wont be your best friend anymore , kailia will feel like the 3 wheel because you will only be into dominic your alliance will crumble noone wants to be to the bottom of the pecking order

The Meow Meow

Everybody knows Keith is co ing back… Regulators YO!


Simon, i thought you were for Dominic

The Meow Meow

Then he’s gonna sleep with Porsche in the HoH room…


Porsche/Keith final two, please. They will be the Romber of BB. Just you watch.


i like the name you gave kalia


A merciful description. In more ways than one.


daniyawn is a winer. hey dani want some cheese to go with that wine. and her talkin bout rach shows alot of insecurity and jealousy (yes I said jealouly) dani is a leech. she has to cling onto someone always in this game. (bloodsucker) 1st dick but dick left, then dom , he left, now kaka (and next in line portapotty) and the way she talks (your an idiot, her famous line to rach) what is she?


I agree. Yeah she talks about everybody but she seems to be more fixated on Rachel than anybody else. I was thinking the exact same thing Donovan.


if i was on the show i would be fixated on her sorry ass too!!!!!!!!!


actually agree with most of it except for Dani “the savvy hot chick”…lol..what show are u watching…more like “the incrdedibly stupid ape look a like chick” and your list is bang on


OK, OK, Dani’s nickname may not have been bang on. Hell, it was something like 2am when I whipped that off. Anyhow”, how about this for her nickname then: The Spawn of Bad Ass” or “The Chick with Dick” or ?????

One final comment for this morning (have to get on with the day & my other life). How the hell do some of you guys watch BBAD and function this early in the morning????


I have voice activation. Only when someone snores really loud, do I get alerted. haha

Midwest Fan

“Kudos to Lawon.”
Love Shelley’s reaction when Lawon stated his employer was watching
BB to make certain he was acting appropriately.
Shelly, ” Oh my god, they’re watching?.”
Lawon, “Yes.”

Even if Shelley’s boss told her that he understood a certain amount of
lying was a part of the BB Game, she has gone beyond the “corporate approved”
game play range and her boss, her coworkers and her clients are all watching
her go KABOOM on national television.


i don’t even get why people are bashing shelly so bad. ….. there is absolutely no possible way you can get through this game without lying. of course they aren’t this way in real life, it’s a GAME!… and everyone else is lying horribly too… i don’t see why you say shelly is so bad…. what has she done that is different from anyone else??


They are all mad because the stuppid alliance(Dani, Kalia, Lawon and Porche) is being slaughtered by Shelly who has great game play! For some reason they don’t think the lying from their alliance is the same thing!

Midwest Fan



Man I hope Brendon doesn’t come back. I really hate that idiot. And so sick of the Brencel show. I’m hoping Dani wins HOH this week!


I think you got it all covered there pretty good.


So Simon who do you really think will be coming back?


Me too

Midwest Fan

TILT …….


i agree Simon


It’s Brenden but I keep hoping for Dawg.


Im getting the feeling that Lawon is gonna stay. Dani is going to convince them to keep him! We shall see!
On a personal note I’m a BB and OBB addict and I’m a teacher. I am going back to
work next week and will be solely relying on OBB for updates since I won’t be able to watch BBAD :(!!!


Also, if you had to guess right now who will be evicted who would it be? And… Will the re-enter the house? Simon, IllWill… What y’all think?


My thoughts exactly!


lawonda is not worried cause he is not getting evicted. count dani 1 vote rach, 2 shel 2 votes rach, 3 adam question mark, jeff lawonda 1 vote, jord 1 vote lawonda gee 50 50 oh wait poor (supposedly) voting rach out.. gee cant wait to see.


Newly shaved Adam resembles Gru from Despicable Me…….

Aqua Bernie

And i said it before Shelly reminds me of a tranny ernest. You know what i mean Vern?


hahaha @ Aqua Bernie …


and acts like a minion. 😉


Why is dani always wearing those stupid glasses


wow Pinto looks like she needs an oil change


Oh, heck, put the poor girl on the rack and give her a lube.




She needs a whole system flush!


watching last nights AD and they are talking bout celebrity big brother UK and it’s 25 days they do the BB not 50, 60 days like rach said, (I watched all 7 seasons of celebrity big brother uk,) can’t wait til aug 18 for celebrity bb uk season 8 )


poor shell LEE trapped in a woman’s body she has penis envy 🙂


Bit of a snooze fest tonight on BBAD, nothing changed, Lawon is going home, Rachel looks safe. I hope BB surprises us all tomorrow and the returning houseguest is either Cassi or Dom but i am pretty sure it will be Brenda. Cant waite for the live show tomorrow night…

BB lover

I want to know what the deal is with Jeff and Jordon… no kissing, no hugging, no sexual inuendos. That has to be the weirdest relationship I’ve ever seen. Does anyone have proof one way or the other if they are even a couple? Also, I know it’s a slim chance but I would love to see Dani and Rachel work together!! I love them both. I really try to like Shelly but I just can’t bring myself to do it.. she reminds me of my mother-in-law lol


Jordan says its because her family watches!


Jeff is always saying something about doing it to Jordan. Last night she was laying on his lap he keep on telling her to go lower. I saw a picture from last year of them together at the beach; I think they are still together. I think it would come out at some point like Jordan talking to Shelly.


Jordan says that she and Jeff keep all that stuff underwraps because her family watches the show and she wouldn’t want to do any of that stuff for America to see anyway. She and Jeff have a much different relationship then Brendon/Rachel.


Am I the only person that hates Porsche


Porsche isn’t relevant enough for hatred.


don’t say hate (it’s a bad word) let’s just say portapotty is a waste. so we usually flush that waste down the portapotty 🙂


She’s pretty much the only one I still like. Everyone else sucks.


Don’t be surprised if she makes final 4 or better. She is a dark horse to win it all along with Adam.

Aqua Bernie

No, She drives me crazy. The biggest floater of all. She doesn’t want to win HOH, she told Dani that! She just wants to be on TV. Pleases give me a break, She gonna end up as big as the TV. HA HA HA.


what happened to kalia the huts dunce cap?? She needs it back who ever took it from her needs to give it back hahahah.


She ate it.




I don’t think I’ll be getting the feeds next year. All four cams are seriously focused on Jordan giving Jeff a facial… and them arguing about it.


Really, CJ? I don’t have the live feed. I depend on Simon for my meals. But, CJ, I don’t think I would like that either.


It’s terrible. I typically decide whether to get the feeds after a few days of reading blogs each season but I jumped on it this year when I saw ED was coming back. That turned out to be a bust.

I don’t know how Simon and Dawg stay awake through a whole day of this and then report back to their thousands upon thousands of visitors as it’s happening. I would honestly type different variations of “this shit is boring” every 25 minutes or so.


But how interesting are the convos this season? Kalia is about to turn me into an asexual sponge.


i cant believe their giving needle dick a THIRD opprotunity. give someone else a shot, he had his chances. but hes so returning and im not sure i can watch anymore, cuz he’ll win.


shell HE (I get my jewelry from walmarts,) she says she has t shirts made up for her kids that says
I survived jerry springer
w h i t e t r a i l o r t r a s h
she says camel (toe) and she tells jorumb to buy jeff a real masculine gift
(shes an expert on that one)


Hats off to Lawon if his strategy was to plant a seed in Shelly’s head that maybe all her lies may have consequences outside BB.


I disagree because most of us can seperate reality from a tv show, she is doing exactly what she should be doing…lieing,lieing and lieing and she is doing a great job of it, she has a great mental game and if anything it might get her a promotion from vice president to president of her company…


ooooooh if that is what he intended, that is good. I wish he had more game. But it makes sense that he didn’t want to lose his job, so therefore he played very cool the first weeks. Now without a job on the line, I would like to see him get in there. Too bad he’ll probably go this week.


BB production know what their doing. 10 minutes into the Power of Veto episode and their already campaigning for Brendon. I’m convinced CBS wants Brendon to come back now. GOSH I HATE THE BRENCHEL SHOW! So over dramatic, narcissistic, whiny, and arrogant!

The vets are so freaking annoying. The feel like the are “entitled” to not being put up when they targeted all of the newbies for 3 straight weeks and now that the newbies are in power they think they don’t deserve to get a taste of their own medicine. I guess the same medicine don’t taste the same to them.


Vets don’t bother me. But the show being centered around Brenden and Rachel’s unhealthy relationship is what I can’t stand. Honestly at least 95% of the show is her crying and him saying how much he loves her. A broken record.

If Brenden comes back, most likely I will stop watching until one of them is voted out again.

I can’t stand them together, unwatchable.


I honestly could not agree more!


I can’t stand Kalia or Dani. They blame everything on Rachel. For instance when production said “Please stop talking about the DR sessions”. They blamed it on Rachel when it was bitch face Lawon and his annoying laugh.


Lawon gave 2 different stories to Shelly and Adam. He told Shelly he lost his job and told Adam how they told that he was good and still has a job. Don’t these people talk to each and figure out who’s saying what.
The vet’s need to stick together.


danirexica trying to secretly eat (with 25 cameras on her) then barfing it all up while pretending to do dishes is too funny and her inflections are (oh I’m from 1980 valley girl) every comment an insult or question mark? then she laughs it off like it’s a good thing ( to be rude) is she trying to be the next Paris Hilton?


Why can’t they sing and talk about their DR sessions with other ppl


I dont like the Brenchel show either but consider the other options. Dom the virgin will just kissey face with Dani the entire time and be exactly like Kalia maybe a little smarter. The best choice is Cassie without a doubt.


so whats up? rachel save?

for entertainment it would be best to keep her in the house. then brendon comes back. firt of all the look on danis and kalias faces would be priceless and then we all get freak show. granted, brenchel will be annoying, but thats worth it. they wont stay both too long!!

all other scenerios are boring. especially when DOM returns. too easy and one sided for daniele.

so who will adam vote out?


Thats why I want to see Brendon come back is to see Dani and Kalia’s face. It will be priceless. I loved it last night at the veto cerm. the faces of J/J when she put up Lawon. Oh Kalia

Tekilla sunrise

So basically Lawon realised he was about to lose his job out there because the 40 days were up so he decided to get himself evicted , is that it? WOW.
Now that would explain why he didnt do nothing to last in the game. He was probably hoping to be voted out before the 40 days, since it didnt happen he volunteered.
That’s that he’s jobless he actually wants to stay and play …and win? Dude it’s kinda late.. you almost at the door. LOL I love how BBproduction waited for him to be almost at the door to tell him : ”Dude there is no job to go back to, you volunteered your behind for nothing” …


Why don’t these nincompoops just call a house meeting and call Shelly out. If BIG JEFF were on the other side, he would. I wish ED was on BB. none of this crap would be going on and Shelly would have been long gone. if Brenden does come back, it will be only a matter of time before BR get into it withJJ.. this i can’t wait to see. Jordan probably won’t be able to hold her temper and resort to violence like she did in season 11.


A house meeting would be useless because Shelly would cry about being a role model to her daughter, everyone would feel like douchebags, and everything would be exactly the same.

Good game play, bad role modeling.