Big Brother Spoiler: Shelly says that she just doesn’t trust Lawon .. because he blatantly lied to me and was acting absolutely crazy.. *Updated*

10am – 10:45am Shelly is up in the HOH room talking to Kalia. Shelly asks her what is your gut feeling about what to do. Kalia says that she doesn’t know. Shelly says that Lawon told her a huge lie yesterday. Kalia says everyone lies in here. Shelly says that part of her thinks that if Lawon is gone I feel more secure with being here. Kalia says thats not true. Shelly says he was a part of your final four. Kalia says its not even about that ..its about losing an ally. Kalia says that she thinks there is something in Porsche that genuinely changed. Kalia says that she warned her that the people that you think are your friends are really not your friends.. and that she had already started hanging out with us the week before. Kalia says that she doesn’t think she is going to flip flop any more. Kalia says that Porsche is on our side and she will vote the way that we want her to vote. Kalia says that everyone gets out of this scot free but me. Shelly says that she isn’t worried about the twist and tells Kalia to control what she can control. Shelly says that she just doesn’t trust Lawon .. because he blatantly lied to me and was acting absolutely crazy. Shelly says that the best possible position is to keep Rachel because she will come back with vengeance. Kalia says what if America votes back Brendon? …my absolute worst case scenario is that he walks back into the house and Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel are back together. Shelly says well Dominic coming back is not good for my game. Shelly says that he can’t come back if he (Brendon) has seen goodbye messages. Kalia says yeah because a lot of people said some mean things to him.

10:30am – 11am Kalia talks about how Rachel has been telling everything they talked about up here. Shelly says that Jordan has been doing a lot of baby sitting with Rachel since Brendon left. Kalia says that she just has one problem with Shelly …that she sees her out there with them and I know they are talking game. Shelly says they don’t talk game around me …just like said you guys didn’t talk game with the pyjama jams. Shelly says that if you have a problem with me talking to people …you will always have a problem with me because I like to talk to everyone… and they don’t talk game. Shelly says that Jeff literally gets frustrated talking about game so he doesn’t.. if Jeff and Jordan talk game they go in to the purple room alone. Shelly talks about how Lawon and Porsche do absolutely nothing. Kalia starts to disagree with Porsche doing nothing… but that she is the weakest link because she not that smart. Kalia says that she can only really trust two people in the house. Kalia says that maybe we just take the risk and vote out Rachel and take the risk of her coming back mad. Shelly ask how good would it be though to have a grateful Rachel come back …or is that not possible? Kalia says that ever since I made that pact with you I have been talking to you a lot more. Shelly says that she appreciate that. Kalia says I invest in you invest in me. Shelly says you need to talk to who you need to and make a decision because before you know it they will all be up here. Kalia says that whatever decision I make I just really hope that someone of the people I trust in will stand up and win HOH. Shelly says believe me I want it. Shelly asks who do you need to talk to? Kalia says Rachel. Kalia talks about how they have a plan to switch the vote if Julie Chen reveals something that changes everything right before the vote. Shelly goes down and tells Rachel in the havenot room that Kalia wants to talk to her. Rachel says I don’t care ..F*** her! Shelly says okay she just told me she wants to talk to you. Shelly leaves. Rachel she doesn’t control me …she doesn’t control the votes. Jordan asks why would you talk to her … all she is going to do is frazzle you for today so that you mess up! Rachel says I know. Jeff says F*** her. Rachel tells Jeff and Jordan that they need to win HOH this week. Rachel says either way if I go I am coming back.
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11:05am Kalia comes down stairs and finds Shelly in the bathroom and asks if she told Rachel that she wanted to talk to her. Shelly says yeah I told her. Kalia says that she tried to talk to Rachel this morning too while she was in the shower and she didn’t want to talk then either. Kalia says well if she doesn’t want to talk then I am not going to chase her…

11:10am Shelly is in the bathroom getting ready for the day. All the other houseguests besides Kalia are still sleeping.

11:35am – 11:45am Big Brother puts the houseguests on an HOH lock down. All the houseguests head up to the HOH room and find a spot to go back to sleep.

12:15pm The houseguests are still on an HOH lock down…

12:50pm Still on lock down ..all the houseguests are napping in the HOH room..

1:20pm HOH lock down is over…

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309 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoiler: Shelly says that she just doesn’t trust Lawon .. because he blatantly lied to me and was acting absolutely crazy.. *Updated*

  1. Lawon, this will be your last meal………….be careful what you wish for. Lawon gone and Brendon comes back. DKP………..Your Toasted and screwed. Go Team JJ Go!

      1. LOL @ Twinkie & Ding dong…

        If the vote should be to evict Lawon – Dani will use her RIGHT hand to shoot herself in the foot
        If the vote should be to evict Rachel – Dani will use her LEFT hand to shoot herself in the foot

        I predict; Lawon is evicted, he competes live with Brendon – Brendon wins and comes back into house – Kalia and Dani poop their pants on live TV while Rachel screams with joy. Jeff turns to KD, guess “you GOT GOT!”

        DKP go on slop and America’s Choice is Pigs feet and Pork Rinds

      1. They lock down the house so that they can prepare for the next competition outdoors! They (the producers) doesn’t want anyone to see the compeition until the same time – “together – all at once”!

    1. I will be done until one of BR gets kicked out again. I can’t stand watching those two together. Makes me sick to my stomach.

        1. its not about getting your way. B&R together are completely obnoxious together. I fast forward my DVR when they are on. Sometimes I can get thru a whole episode in 5 minutes.

        2. I hope the twist is not something we all expect. There better be some excitement, something new and a total mix up in that BORING house.

    2. I totally agree Meow Meow, It will just be the Brenchel show and the thought of that makes my stomach turn. They are both too co dependant on each other and should be sharing those psych meds. Please no Brenda

    3. I have to admit, it will be hard for me, too. I had a hard time getting into this season anyway. Well, I can’t say I won’t watch because I probably will. But, I will keep one eye closed.

      1. Me too, BBgrandma! I keep watching because it reminds me that there are worse things than chemo, and it’s called Brenchel.

      2. I agree it would be hard but I would continue watching…I’m no quitter ;)

        My only hope is that tonight we all are absoluetly shocked to see someone ‘other than Brendon’ walk back in the door…

        If it is Brendon and he is the HOH as well…Yup put up Kaila & Dani

        then my girl Dani can win the POV…win the next HOH and get her game back in order…

        The thing that is keeping me going is that Dani [along with Janelle] holds the highest POVs one in a single season…she may be down but, she’s certainly not out!

            1. What is there to like about Dani? She has horrible gameplay, she complains all the time, she talks about Rachel more than Rachel talks about Brendan and she is teammates with Kalia.

              I mean all she does is lock herself into the HOH or havenot room. I don’t get the love for her. On BBAD last night she once again said she does not want to win HIH and if she can give it to someone she trusts(Por/Shelly), she will throw it.

              1. Its simply because Dani was the Only one who finally stood against the Vets and made this thing a lot more interesting. Those of us that don’t want to sit by and watch the Vets sweep this house (Boring) are Team Dani. for now.

              2. OMG, you’re so right. It’s like she’s obsessed with Rachel or something. Oh, and if she brings up “P.T. said this…” or “P.T. did that…” one more time, I’m going to hurl. She walks around like she’s the cool one and has PUH-lenty of her own issues …

              3. OMG — You’re so right. She is so obsessed with Rachel. The only time she can stop talking about Rachel long enough is to mention something P.T. did or said. Gag. Do you know that he called you a hooch when he first saw you? I don’t think he’s really into you.

                Read that in the first week’s show transcripts, DANI!

      3. nice to see you back bb grandma i missed your comments some made me laugh some day were bad i read all comments on this sight but yours made a bad day good . Lawon will have to fight brendon and brendon will come back in and rac will jump on him so fast it will make your head spin. rach or brendon will win hoh and put up kaila and dani

    4. The Thought of Dom rolling around the house following Dani like a puppy makes me sick to. Not Rachel-Brendan like but it could approach that territory on the “give me a break” meter.

      That’s why Cassi is the only logical choice to return..but she won’t.

      Dom and Cassi fans are crossover and their votes will cancel each other out and lead the way for Brendan.

      1. We all know that if Brendone comes back he will be on the Vets side, if Dom comes back he will be on the Newbs side, so it would be more interesting to bring back someone that we dont positively be on either side, that would definitely turn the house on its side. So I want to see Cassi come back. She had sass, and she was a smart girl, so bring her back!!! Ok think about this RacHELL will be in a tizzy, Shelly will be turned inside out, Damni will be snotty and upset, Kalia will be nervous again because Cassi is a strong person and may come back with a vengance. Jordan liked Cassi but Cassi was sent home on her watch; so that would also make for good tv!!

    5. Yeah I am in the same boat. I cannot watch the Brenchel show. Just saying or typing those words makes me sick, I think I just threw up in my mouth. Kalia the hut is getting up there too it is to the point that I cant stand to hear her voice either. Did you guys see the train wreck when she was shaving her va jay jay? She had to lift her utter up just to get to the area talk about nasty. YUCK!!!!!

    6. Add me to that list. I was already on the edge because of these spineless Jelly fish who seem to think Jeff and Jordan will just magically get out one day and are running around scared to death of big bully Jeff for no reason. I don’t want to see who can be the biggest J/J fan I wanted to see Big Brother. Ah well. And I suspect Brendon will come back considering the Wednesday edit. They could have easily have played something about Dani destroying Dom’s game but it was all “I need Brendon… I’m dying with out him…. waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” so whatever CBS take your show and shove it.

    7. Even so enzo we all put up with your meow meow bull shit what kind of crap is that for a grown man to call him self sound like a bit of sugar in the tank to me

  2. Simon, this is my 3rd year in a row coming here, and I want to say Thank You. The only reason I watch the show anymore is to see their DR sessions, because that is all that this site is missing. My wife gets so pissed because when we go to watch the show, I already know what is happening and what WILL happen, except for the HOH comps. Thank you for all your hard work.

    1. Oh hell, somebody staple that girls mouth shut. She’s (K) got verbal diarrhea for god’s sake. As for S, it’s the same bloody mantra over and over again. I pray that S gets called out in front of everyone for the lying, backstabbing, immoral, leather face, sack of shit that she is. Though I hope her daughter doesn’t suffer the consequences of her mother’s hypocritical, self-indulged actions.

      1. I have a feeling leatherface will make it really far…

        I could not believe she said she was playing for Jeff & Jordan…I thought they already played a couple seasons back…
        …and could have sworn Jordan won ;)

        1. I have the feeling you’re right. Dammit! It’s the slippery ones that always worm their way along. If Evil Dick were still in the house, he’d have called her out for playing both sides and reduced her to fertilizer by now.

          1. DR
            after EVERY epsiode I find myself saying…
            “If only Evel Dick were still there…”

            This would be a different game & a different convo we would be having…
            and we wouldn’t have to see leatherface smoking her ‘lies’ away…
            imagine smoking a cig on a leather couch…

            1. I’m pretty sure BB Productions was pissed at the bogus excuse Dick had rigged to get out of the house (Dick planned to leave b4 he even entered the house). Given how lame or nuts most of this cast are, Dick’s presence would have made this season a hell of alot more interesting than it is.

        2. I hate leatherface, but I think she will go far too and maybe even win it. She’s is hands down the smartest out of all the HG’s. I’m not a fan but I would rather see someone like her win it rather than a lot of the other useless people in this house.

          1. Her lying doesn’t bother me, she is playing the game. I know I am in the minority but I loved Matt last season. His lie did not bother me at all.

      2. It’ll be pointless, she’ll hide behind her daughter and make any HG that questions her integrity feel like a sack of shit. Good game play, bad morals and motherhood.

      3. Get ready for the water works and then the eviction of Kalia. It’s a disaster of her own making. If you can tolerate the B/R reunion, next Thursday we’ll see Kalia headed to Jury House with the other person she screwed, Lawon.

  3. A little off topic, but did you guys know that Mike”Boogie” has a TV show on VH1 called Famous Foods? It’s a reality show in which contestants try to open up a restaurant. The cast is composed of C or D list celebrities such as Danielle Staub, Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka, 3 6 Mafia, Vinny Pastore, Ashley Dupree and the owners of the restaurant Lonnie Moore and Mike Malin. The ratings for for the show are terrible, but I get a kick of it. Just thought you guys might be interested in Boogie

    1. He’s also in an Erique video. While I’m not a big fan of his, I have to give him credit for all he has done and still continues to do

      1. He’s being sued for embezzling/misappropriating over a million $from a business partner. Evidently he used the cash to finance his sexual bent- gay sex with a scenario involving incestuous role playing. Just a nasty piece of business.


    The reason there was no indoor lockdown to build the HOH comp is because there will be no HOH comp this week.

    Hoh(Kalia) Curse : The person you put up and evict can come right back BUT
    Hoh(Kalia) Blessing: She gets to be HOH 2 weeks in a row because her first HOH week was really erased.

    Does this sound unfair? Hell yeah it does, but it’s just as unfair as bringing back an eliminated HG.

    1. Worse case scenario for Dani is if Kalia gets HOH again.. LOL knowing Kalia she would try and put her and Dani up on the block just to JJ will talk to her for a couple days about Legally blonde and sex in the city..

      Send Kalia da Hut Home.. .

    2. That’s possible. I’d rather see something new and fresh, like not having an HOH at all this week, EVERYONE are nominee’s and the only person safe is the person who wins the POV. All the other houseguests are eligible for eviction, and everyone has a vote.

    3. i don’t think they are going to make the same person be HOH two weeks in a row, esp. not Kalia, bc for all intents and purposes it is reasonable to assume that she will put up the same two people, to get one out and to not alienate/anger anyone else, (not saying that is exactly what will happen, but something very similar in theory)….how does that make for riveting television?? however i do think there is another part to this twist that will really shake it up like i actually the returning HG will be the new HOH

  5. You know that your week as HOH has been a joke when the person you have have on the block doesn’t even feel motivated enough to talk to you before the votes. I can not stand Brendon and Rachel but I hate stupid game players more. I can not wait to see Kalia’s face when Brendon walks into the house and starts mounting Rachel. Oh , this is going to be sweet! Get your DVR’s ready because if you play this episode in slow motion you’ll be able to pause it at the very moment that both kalia’s and Danni’s hearts break.

  6. Wow, that poll that’s been up the past few days about when Kalia will realize that she’s screwed. I switch my vote to after the eviction, to RIGHT NOW. The only reason she would want to talk to Rachel is to make sure that if she stays, that Kalia is not a target. The fact that Rachel won’t even talk to her should be the clear signal to Kalia that she f’d up. She doesn’t have the votes she thought, (lol, they still think they can switch the votes last minute and get everyone to do what they want,lol) and she realizes that she and Dani are the #1 targets for over half of the house now.

    1. Remember Kalia wanted to be her own person. Then Dani tells her to go fetch Rachael and she immediately took off to get her. LOL Her own person.

  7. well then take a gander at my pie hole if they’re reunited…they may be wonderful loving people outside in their own world but i’ve had enough of the 2 them together in this house. if i lived with them i’d have to go menendez on them. still i’d keep watching for that drama..if only there were a way to shut her up i might be able to tolerate them. rachel getting voted out and losing to cassi in a bikii clad pillow fight is my dream scenario.

        1. ILL WILL- dead on! Hope to hell B is not AV. If he returns tonight I swear to god I’ll be doing some serious yelling at my TV; NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  8. the meow meow if u dont come back or watch bb we wont miss u and with name meow meow
    good riddance
    u people are big cry babys everyday the same shit different tiolet give it a rest for christ sake …

    if brendon comes back i quit the show is rigged / if dominic comes back it isnt rigged for dani ok your logic is clear

    u people are just like kailia wishy washy , if cbs vote brendon in bias dominic in they aint bias ,u people are worst then rachel and all her whining …

    1. LOL, no one is like Rachel.

      Never in my life have I seen someone act like Rachel. Not joking at all, she has serious mental problems.

      She acts like the drug addicts on celebrity rehab.

      1. I agree…she has serious problems…

        the way she was crying and acting like someone killed Brendon and she would never see him again…
        I could have smacked the crap out of her…


        1. I cannot view youtube now…
          but if its the convo where Ragan said ‘the only thing real about you are her zits’ < OMG that was priceless!
          I watched that scene like 5 times…

          Ragan became my favorite from that day foward…

    2. I’ve been saying that for YEARS!!! and YEARS!!! and YEARS on this website!!!

      I can’t stand cry baby quitters that threaten to stop watching. YOu aren’t a real fan if you quit.

  9. I can’t believe more people havent jumped of the Dani train yet! I mean come on people the three dummies (Porsche, Kalia, Lawon) and whinning, clicking… spit whispering (Dani)! Is that really the people you want to listen to for the next 6 weeks? I just don’t get it.

          1. I have a crush on a bag of Tortilla Chips and some Salsa in my kitchen… I think I’m going to go and hit on them and see how far I can get.

            1. Grandma – Goofy has a crush on you. Aweeee… so sweet. Maybe we can have a commentmance hahaha

              1. Well, Goofy is a little goofy but I like Goofy, too. Never cared for Mickey. Mansion likes Pluto. And, by the way, Miss Rockstar, I remember a couple of seasons back you said you had a crush on me. You moved on? I know you drop Jesse. Remember, you will need me again.

                1. Okay, DR threw my old age at me and now you! Geeeeeeeeee I want you to know I can still stop traffic if I lay down in the road.

        1. I was a fan of hers since her first time on BB … she couldn’t out shine ED so I thought this would be her chance! Just sayin. No girl crush here, just a fan.

          1. OK, if you say so. I think her move was one of the worst I’ve seen in recent memory. As I wrote somewhere else, not even the fact she decided to destroy her powerful alliance by taking Jeff out, but for being so insistent on it just to keep a “boy”, that she ruined her relationship with BR. Which is why she is in such a shitty place right now. She did it all to herself. I mean, as much as I love listening to her goofy ass, I can’t root for her right now.

      1. Why is it that most of the people on these blogs seem to have forgotten that Dani has already won $50,000 from Big Brother when her dad (Evil Dick) took her to the final 2. Every one of the posts I have read seem to think she is deserving & Jordan is not because she has won before & Jeff is not because he won the $10,000. I believe yous guys have selective memory.

          1. doesn’t bother me at all. I like the fact that you are interacting way more and that you are passionate about the houseguests.

        1. The thing that bugs me is that the only reason Dani and ED went as far as they did was because of the twist that year, that NONE OF THE PLAYERS KNEW ABOUT…..then they go and act like they are the smartest players in BB history…had there not been an america’s player, ED would have been voted out hands down….it was Eric’s doing that kept them in the game…and he only did it because he had to

          Now with that being said, would Dani had rebound and made it there on her own?? we don’t know, but just based on the fact that no one wanted to vote for her after she won all those veto’s pretty much tells me that no one in there liked her at all….so i would guess not

          Now Jordan on the other hand only won because of a special wizzard power that was given by america’s vote….without that, jeff would have been evicted much earlier and probably not been able to carry her as far

          I think its safe to say that both of these players/groups, only made it as far as they did because of their popularity and CBS trying to keep them in the game for ratings.

        2. Agreed! But both ultimately rode the coat tails of their pared BB13 partner. Without either they dont even make it to the money. Actually ED should be thanking America, as it was them who told Eric not to evict him when he was on the block.

        3. But Jordan was certainly able to laugh all the way to the bank, wasn’t she? lol Winning competitions isn’t all that this game is about. In fact, in my opinion, it is the least important. The premise of this game is human nature and Sociology 101–who understands it and can adapt, and who can’t. And it doesn’t take winning competitions to accomplish that …doesn’t hurt, of course lol Jordan has just as many strengths as Dani–they are just two very different people. …and as you can tell, my preference is…Jordan

        1. It doesn’t matter who we voted for .. Who got the most votes to return .. Production will says it’s creepy Brendon just for the ratings …. Team Dani. All the way !

        1. we all love BB, but a few more weeks of BR is torture. BB needs Dani to keep the fire going. ASAP they will backdoor Dani and then boredom!!!

          1. For some reason I’m thinking that production/DR like Dani…
            I hope they help her out…
            If they like B/R then they must LOVE Dani cause she hates them…
            to keep those ratings up…

  10. Simon, thanks for your help with troubleshooting.
    I have been wanting to ask you what’s the deal with the feeds and BB???Are they connected in any way with the accounts??What I want to know is if we the subscribers/customers have any say?? We pay for the feeds under the assumption we are going to see what goes on 24/7. This is not true, though. BB only let us see what they want us to see. They manipulate the cameras on what and whom they want us to see. Many times it is ridiculous how they have four cameras on Jeff when important things are going on on the other side of the house. The Brenchel over coverage is sickening and painful to watch. Sometimes I turn it off and walk away. We are paying for this service-don’t we have a say?????Collectively, we may be able to do something-what do you think????

  11. Shelly is the best! She that she doesn’t talk game with Jordan just like pajama losers NEVER talk game. Classic. Shut Kalia up.

  12. like evil dick said dani created this problem for herself all she had to do was sit back and wait oh no she had to jump the gun .

    newbies== in dominic voice jelly fish no bacck bone these newbies are weak i cant i will not want any of them to win.

    vets =i dont care which vet wins once its not dani , dani was trying to make a name for herself i hope she gets that fame she was looking for when all of this is over ,what is fame without the money

    i cant wait for brendon to walk back into the house i just hope he automaticly gets hoh when he competes and beat lawon

    dick at night show dick said how can u trust kailia and dani when they put up there own people

  13. Wow…shocker! Kalia set the plan in motion to get rid of Rachel. Pissed Rachel & Jeff off by putting them on the block. Watched & Cheered Jeff on during the POV (Instead of winning the POV and then maybe taking Jeff off the block herself ) Still not a complete lost until she put Lawon up basically saving the person that she wanted gone all along. Now after making moves like that she’s wondering why Rachel won’t talk to her. For what? She is safe. She has the votes to stay. Kalia your HoH reign ended once you put Lawon up. Now Rachel can go back and treat you without any regard. I love that Kalia said that she would never put up Jordan until maybe at the end. But Kalia is the 1st name along with Dani that Jordan said she would put up. Please CBS never do a season of previous houseguests mixed in with newbies because fans playing against their idols brings out the worst kind of stupidity. Don’t care who wins this season maybe Shelley, Adam or even Porsche well maybe not Porsche. But I hope and pray Kalia is evicted next week

    1. I don’t think CBS will EVER do the the vets and newbies thing ever again. That plan completely backfired in my opinion. This season has been frustrating. lol

      1. They could do it again but I think that they should pair up a newbie with a vet: let the newbie pick up his vet and then they do everything as a couple. The nominations would still be individual and until week 5, make sure that if one’s partner is nominated, he/she should also campaign for the nominee otherwise you’ll be an easy target until week 5. Imagine how interesting and for the drama lovers, more dramatic, it would have been to split up JJ, BR and DD as soon as they got into the house!

  14. Question:

    How many people stopped watching big brother previously and tuned in JUST to watch Kalia?

    I did the opposite! I stopped watching when Kalia was hoh. I heard that some people tuned in just to see Kalia, and thus negating the effect of people who did not want to see her.

    Who wanted to see her that did not want to see her the other week?

    1. CJ: That question is really for you who said that people tuned in when I tuned out. I hope I am not making any wrong assumptions.

    2. If someone tuned out the first 3 weeks they probably have no idea what was happening in the show. I don’t think they would have tuned in when Dani won because they would have assumed Dani was still with the veterans. So by that theory, yes, I’m sure kalia had a lot of fans out there who were on strike waiting for her to win.

      I think very strongly that Kalia being hoh was bad for ratings. Ratings probably went back up at the end of the week for various reasons. I do not say this about Dani.

      After seeing Kalia jump about her muffin tops, I was already on the way out.

      1. There were a lot of people who vowed to tune out when Rachel won her second HOH (this board by itself had a few of them) and not tune back in until she was (and BRJJ in turn) out of power. By then, everyone knew that Dani was no longer with the vets.

        1. And did they all cheer for Kalia! From this board, it looks like Rachel has many more fans than Kalia. I’m sorry but I cannot understand why you are defending Kalia so much.

    1. Rockstar – Some of this season’s HGs have given new meaning to the term “chill” town. P doesn’t get off her ass to do anything but eat, A to smoke, L to admire himself in the mirror & S to smoke and, oh yes, talk out of her ass!

      1. They are whittling down the numbers so J/J/R and returning B will be more cutthroat so Adam,Porsche and that snake Shelly will have to produce soon otherwise they will be following Lawon and Kalia out the door.

    2. And they took both seasons they were on. They didn’t float, they just manipulated the hell out of everyone while staying loyal to each other.

      *rrrrrrinnnnng rrrrrrinnng….”

    1. General assumption since the perception based on this site and other fan site polls are that too many votes are split between Cassi and Dominic among the anti-Brenchel group.

  15. why is shelly askinf what kalia would do, she has no power!
    I agree with someone said if brendon is back i don’t wanna watch anymore.
    He needs an ass-kicking!

  16. I said in a previous post that I’d like to see Cassi come back, because not only would she shuffle the house up, it’d be interesting to see who she targets since the alliance that sent her packing is now split up, and she won’t be aware of how Dani manipulated the situation to get Dom all to herself. Now though, if by some freak chance Rachel gets evicted, I’d like to see Brendon come back in for 2 reasons, one: It’d be awesome to see Rachel’s face when she has to compete against Brendon, and hopefully he wouldn’t be dumb enough to make the same mistake twice and keep her there, and two: to see the look on Dani and Kalia’s face when they realize that they traded an okay competitory with a huge target for an awesome competitor with allies that want to work with him. CBS should have let ALL the evictees compete to get back in, then let America vote on something else later. Would have made for more drama and better TV.

  17. I agree! They did not cast good people this season! I don’t care if it is newbies v.s. veterans.

    Take Janelle v.s. Porsche. These 2 are not in the same league. Janelle at the whole house against her at one point, and she won pov and did something. Janelle was funny, she made alliances, showmances.

    Take Laura (bb11) v.s. Cassi (bb13) of the model curse: At least Laura told off Ronnie and exposed his alliance. Cassi told off Rachel, oh wow. That did nothing for the game.

    Take Keith/Dom v.s. Enzo. I never thought I’d say this but Enzo designed a better alliance. keith’s angels and dom’s regulators had no chance because they made their alliance SOOO obvious.

    Take Kalia v.s. Chima: oh wait, that’s what Kalia is going to do tonight.

  18. I really hope Kalia goes next week…
    does she REALLY think that jj are going to work with her…
    she is so dumb STILL telling Shelly everything…

    Yup her dumb ass deserves to go…I don’t even want her in the jury

  19. AGREED! I mean seriously can we please have a real game. Just try it once. Stop cheating. Stop the crazy edits. Lets play B/B!

  20. If I remember correctly in the first season of Big Brother the viewers got to vote for the two HGs on the block who would be evicted. The remaining HGs were surprised who was voted off. I wish they would do that again. I mean really listen to us. Bye Bye Lawon and welcome back Bendon.

    1. They should do that or, at least, give America one vote each week. That way, the HG’s really have no idea how many votes they actually need to evict someone. It might not matter too much in the beginning of the season, but after a few weeks, we could have an impact on the outcome.

  21. This entire week was rigged, HELLO they didn’t want Rachel whining and complaining and ready to walk out so they made sure she wasn’t in any situation where she was going to be evicted. So whether it’s brendon or dom who comes back the week was rigged.

  22. OMG! I can’t stand jeff , jordan, rachel & shelly, they’re nothing but a bunch stupid hicks, especially jordan, she whines and cries like a frakkin baby when she can’t get her way and jeff is nothing but a dumb jock who thinks his shyt doesn’t stink, he’s one nasty critter. Shelly “bag of bones” take your ugly gross looking face and stick in the toilet, you SUCK BIG TIME!!! You lying freak. Rachel just go home, I’m tired of your stupid behavior, your nothing but trash. You and your goofy looking fiance should not have any children, this world is polluted enough.

    1. Picking on Jordan you ass hole what are you some big city know it all you make me sick stick your head back up your back side and clear the air for the rest of us dumb shit

      1. Personal attacks on houseguests are allowed attacks on other posters are not…

        Please keep negative comments directed toward the assholes playing the game.

    2. WOW, I hope God gave you great looks and a big brain. You sure are critical of others. If you were in the house you would probabaly be with the Stupid Alliance (D,K,L). The JJ Alliance is atleast thinking things through and not putting their own people n the block!

  23. Thanks for the site….I started back late during BB11 reading here and there loved every bit of it. BB12 showed me just how CBS can truly make people look totally different with the editing.

    This season is even worse! Rachel is literally the worst actor I have ever seen….and Lawon is not much better. Matt from last season’s latest assessment is hilariously on point about the house.

    I can’t stand Shelly acting like a mom/cop to try and get info out of everybody…Kalia is dumb….I liked Dani, but nah.

    I ave to admit…..I’m rooting for Team bacon…..if only because people who are like him NEVER seem to really get a chhance to win. It is always the Dr. Wills or the Jordans. ED may have been the one exception, though. And I admit, Dr. WIllis what made me a BB fan to begin with.

    I think Adam ought to vote against Rachel and force the tie…..then tell JJ that he heard Kalia mention Shelly was voting their way….put a seed of distrust in the S3/JJ alliance while making sure a vet has to go fight to possibly re-enter. Shelly’s game has bene interesting, but once a monkey wrench is in it…..can it still roll? I don’t think it can, especially if Jeff starts getting paranoid about her in a big way.

  24. Brendon is too much of a pussy to refuse sequester he wants to come back so he can continue to enable Rachel’s delusions and insanity.

    1. Plus he wants to come back on the show and continue that fake chivalry crap. I don’t know many ph.d students who can interrupt their program to hang out on reality shows.

      1. I believe Rachel really studied Chemistry or she’s a good actor to bring up the process of phagocytosis in a conversation last night and I do believe Brendon is seeking some post graduate degree. What I don’t believe is the stories they tell surrounding their intellect and/or accomplishments. He claims to have studied rocket science this season, last season it was law. They live in LA where everybody is seems to be enticed by the need to be famous or on TV so I think those two would do anything to get that level of success. Including making fools of themselves .

  25. I hope Dani gets voted off and she gets a message from Evil Dick telling her how disappointed he is to have her as a daughter.

      1. Now Simon, I know we don’t care for Kali because she has played stupid but lets give her a little. She has done very well in two comps. One she stay with Dani and the other she won. Yes, she did “F” up with her HOH but she did win it. And, since you are all worked up right now (wish I love seeing in you), it’s okay if you want to tell Grandma to go take a nap. Just thought I would give the dumbass a little something since she is catching so much hell.

        1. no worries.. she did win that HOH and showed great quiz comp abilities and she did go head to head with Brendon the week prior on a couple occasions.

  26. i hope lawon competes like a stud and knocks out whoever comes back, wins HOH because it turns out he’s a genius and tells house he had them all fooled!
    * reality check* bye lawon you screwed yourself out of the game and the jury house

    1. I’m kind of waiting for these “secret signals” tonight. I want to see the cameras go to Kalia and Dani right before the houseguests go into vote.

  27. if a vet (or shelly) wins. id put kalia/porche up on the block. then throw the veto so either of them morons can take themselves off the block and then put dani up as a renom and POW-WOW!!! buh byes daniiiiiiiiii!!!

    #TeamVETS !

    1. Wouldn’t have thought this one out better! I would Love backdooring that dumb a$$ Dani! I think most of America dislikes her for going against her strong alliance Sooooo early!

  28. well if brendon comes back, they have no one to blame, they had a chance to get rid of rachel, so careful what you wish for..

    1. Put Brendon right up there with Marcie! Team Dani here! Please let Dom step back into the house. Another second of BR is too much!

  29. For the people who want to see Cassi back–unless you are a Shelly fan-what do you think Shelly being the cobra she is hypnotize and swallow Cassi at the door(who by the way kissed the cobra’s ass even after she evicted her)and she bring her into the JJ cobra’s den Is that what you guys want???Cause that’s what’s gonna happen.

    1. Except Cassi still has no idea it was Shelly who flipped on her and made her a target in Day 2.

      Things would change if she found that out.

            1. Not bothering me but certainly posting a lot of the same types of responses and asking me similar questions to what Melanie/Ilaywhatever was posting yesterday. It just kind of feels like deja vu.

  30. I’ve never seen a more incompetent player than Kalia. Just when you think her level of stupidity cannot sink further, it does. She is the worse HOH I’ve ever seen. Everybody treats her like a doormat, she instills trusts in all the wrong people. She gives up all information but never collects any from those who are backstabbing her.

    Get ready for a shock to the system tonight because it’s B/R time again. Stupidity coupled with Production meddling has created a perfect storm for them to come back together.

    Meanwhile Shelly complains about someone lying? This is rich. Exactly why is she uncomfortable with Lawon around? She’s implying he’s inappropriately touching her, which is foul. He’s gay and if he were straight, I’m sure a semi-cremated lying skeleton wouldn’t be his type.

    If Dani manages to get herself out of this brain dead, Cheech & Chong alliance,she definitely has my vote.

  31. I apologize for the above confusing comment(grammatically incorrect and otherwise). I am so upset right now-and I should shut the hell up or i am likely to evicti myself along with Kalia and Lawan- right out of my own house.

  32. CBS would not be that irresponsible to allow Brendon back in the house. He scares the women, uses brute intimidation and has on more than once wished bodily harm on few female HG. Allowing him back to team up with JJ would very bad for CBS and BB13. Shelly getting mad about people lying, talk about the “pot calling the kettle black” nobody not even Rachel lies and make promises more than her.

  33. Hi guys i think they do need brenden to come back for the drama, With just the newbie’s they are so boring. And if Dani is in the finally 2 she will only win $50,000.00 because all the vets and some of the newbies will not vote for her to win the 1/2 million. She did it to herself when she tried to backdoor Jeff, What a waste of game on her side , like evil dick said she should have set back and waited. And i think we r all have a like of Jeff in use you can foregive put you wont forget . She Dani down fall will be her game play

  34. I can give Kuku credit for trying to play the game for herself, not Dani, and she can talk to herself in JH next week. Somehow she will be the 1st to JH.

  35. lol shelly is playing the best social game by far. lol when she makes deals with all these people i feel like she’s so convincing she doesn’t even know when she’s lieing or not. but i hope she doesn’t win, she is a floater.

  36. Actually enjoy the Brenchel show!! At least it is not boring like the Kalia/Lawon/Porsche show. These three are so boring they put me to sleep, and if Brendon comes back it will add some fun into the show with Dani having tantrums right and left and showing just how big an ass she really is. Come on CBS and bring back Brendon and add some excitement and fun to this season’s BB!!! Team Jeff and Jordan all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I just checked my cable listings and I live in South Carolina. There is nothing showing that NFL is takikng over CBS? I even checked my family who live in NJ/NY area and it did not show any pre-empting. Can you tell me where you saw this?

          1. Not where I live according to, but my friends in Florida have football on instead of BB – pushed back to the early am..

        1. Pre-empted in Texas. I was checking to make sure I had recorder on before I left for work and saw no BB on CBS, then noticed a football game on in its place.

  37. There’s a conversation between Rachel & Jordan where Rachel asks Jordan if she has a final 3 with Shelly and Jordan says Shelly thinks they do, but not to worry they don’t. They are trying to figure out if Adam/Shelly are the ones that are going up to DK and telling them everything. Jordan thinks it’s Adam via Porsche. Rachel thinks it’s Shelly.

    1. Rachel also told Jordan that Shelly asked her & Brendan for a final 3. This was a good convo with Rachel trying to get in Jordan’s ear about Shelly.

  38. Sorry Caleb89 but if CBS lets Brendon come back ratings will skyrocket because DANI will go ballistic and it will be hilarious, and no one is scared of Brendon. Please he is just venting like everyone else and like when Dani makes all of the nasty little comments about Rachel. If CBS wants ratings bring Brendon back and not evicting rachel will get them exactly that: HUGE RATINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My wife will have a nervous breakdown if Brendon comes back, heck she is already going to be so angry when Rachel ends up staying. I’ve had a heck of a time keeping it a secret.

      She only watches the show, doesn’t check this site or check out BB after dark.

  39. Tonight will b hilarious… These fools really think all of them giving signals at b4 the votes won’t b obvious?! And btw, porshe is 2 donuts away from the fat overlapping her bikini bottom busting her strings

    1. Lol, yeah Porche turn into a VW Bus over the last 5 weeks. Simon posted that she said something like, “All I want to do is eat in this house,” lol. Jordan plumped up a bit in her season, but Porche is taking it to a new level. Porche needs to stick with that one piece with the hoody. And she was all suprised America would rather see Dani in a bikini than her. That’s b/c she looks like the lunch lady in a bikini, while Dani keeps her shit tight.

      1. Are you kidding me DC. Porche fat … Jordan? OMG, what are you expectations? Are you female because you are defintely not a male. They are both gorgeous. Unbelieveable, what the expectations of people are nowadays. I would like to see just how thin you think you are.

    2. If Porshe is “fat” that means every woman on this site is elephant obese in comparison. The woman isn’t fat…wtf are you talking about? Think about what you are saying next time.

      1. a great deal of women eat their feelings, so of course they are going to gain weight in the BB house. the guys lose weight because they hire houseguests that ==some== would call pretty boys and the regular joe starts to work out to find something in common with them.

  40. Brenchal r good competitors. It would be priceless to see the look on cowlia and danis face. Dani made the biggest error in the game she deserves to squirm.

    1. Lady, you go girl! I cannot agree more. Dani deserves this more than Kalia. Dani’s mistake was not getting Dom sent home. It was severing all ties with Brendon and Rachel. If she sacrificed Dom for her mistake she could have made a huge comeback and learned a lesson. But she plays the game sooooo personally. That she can never trust Rachel Reilly again. I hope Dani and Kalia get to have a bday party in the jury house this week.

      Go power move!!!!!!!!!!

  41. On the subtitles lastnight on BBAD kit said that the evicted HGs will have to compete with the 4 evicted HGs in order to come back, so what is America’s Vote gonna do if they all get to compete to come back in the house….. This is a retarded twist no wonder they needed to rig the enter week

    1. They should have had just done a five way comp to see who gets back in and have the viewers choose an additional twist (winner gets Pandora’s box, winner becomes HOH, winner gets immunity, whatever). Having the viewers choose among the evicted just make sit so easy for them to rig.




      1. Lol, so true. It will BB is rigged, Leather face is a liar, no she is a great game player, BB is rigged, JJ are the sweetest couple, no they are dumb and dumber and will never win a comp, BB is rigged, cue ball is a floater, no he really thinks the game through, BB is rigged, BR are drama and horrible people, no they are just ultra competitive, by the BB is rigged.

        Cant wait to see the above battles!

  43. PLEASE, NO MORE BRENDAN!!! As far as I’m concerned, CBS has milked the Brendon and Rachel show dry!!! Please don’t put us through that torture anymore!!!!

  44. The whole reason we love Big Brother is for stuff like this ! If Brendon comes back in the house – it will be DRAAAAMAAAAAA. And this is EXCELLENT tv. I voted for Brendon 10 times. If the HGs are smart (ie Dani figured it out) they’ll vote out Rachel… would be good for their game, though it’s not ever like it’s been hard to get Rachel OR Brendon out of the house. They are always the biggest targets in the game, so even if Brendon does come back, he and Rachel will be out within the next two weeks. They’d literally have to win POV or HOH comps every single week here on out.

    This is going to be a nail biter tonight…

  45. Does anyone like Kalia but me? I think she’s f’in hilarious. I also am starting to think her consideration of the twist & her nominations aren’t as bad as people are saying they are.

      1. Haha. She just seems pretty real to me. Her dr’s can be funny too. Lawon, Porsche, & Adam seem too aware of the cameras. And JJ is starting to get on my nerves. I would love a final 3 of Dani, K, & Shelly.

  46. To keep viewers and the ratings high, CBS will ensure whoever is voted out will not return so that the player America Voted for (that is, if you still believe the voting is not also rigged) can come back. Otherwise our votes would be pointless and CBS would lose America’s interest. How are they going to promise America to play a role, then the “role” never materializes. CBS has this on lock. Rachel or Lawon will not be back….period. SO Kalia better vote Rachel out if its a tie, but its really up to Adam at this point. Dani needs to work Adam hard.

  47. If Lawon gets evicted, brendon comes back, and BRJJ wins HOH, Dani will literally shit her pants on live tv. That would be aMAZING.

    1. Seriously?
      You really think someone would “literally” lose control of their sphincter muscle for anything that could happen in this game?

    2. Then she could lend those to Shelly and then Shelly can tell Rachel that Dani gave her some dirty pants with stains in them :)

  48. HOLYY SHITTT DOMINIC IS GONNA COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Okay, I didn’t read every word of every comment, but this is my BEST case scenario:

    Rachel gets evicted
    Rachel “battles” Brendon for the right to return


    Too bad this can’t possibly happen because Kalia the dumbass made the worst possible that she could have done.


  50. read about the secret sign…but has kalia the votes? i mean, that depends on adam. how will he vote?

    and i hope lawon goes out, brendon comes back and let the freak show begin.

  51. JJ- bullies, cry babies, and all they do is whine!!
    Rachel- who even asked her and Brenden to come back? does anyone actually like them? Haha idiots.
    Lawon, Shelly, Adam- Floaters, backstabbers, waste of time
    Porsche- Keep hoping she is going to do something…we’ll see
    Kalia- started to like her, now after this week she is an idiot
    Dani- THE ONLY ONE WORTH THE $500,000!! Only one actually playing the game!!

    Overall, this season completely bores me. I keep hoping for something exciting, hopefully the twist tonight will change the game!

  52. I see 3 of the best possible scenarios for tonights’ eviction.

    1.) (Lawon): Jeff, Jordan, Shelly (Rachel): Dani, DumpTruck(Porsche), Adam. Tie-breaker vote: Lawon (Lawon’s evicted and VS either Brendon or PT)

    2.) (Lawon): Jeff, Jordan, Shelly (Rachel): Dani, Porsch, Adam. Tie-breaker vote: Rachel (Rachel’s evicted and VS either Brendon or PT)

    3.) (Lawon): Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Adam (Rachel): Dani and Porsche. (Lawon’s evicted and VS either Brendon or PT)

  53. The hypocricy with some of these comments know no bounds. Every single HG lies and talks about all the other HG’s behind their backs. Some are more racy than others but everyone is lying. Shelly’s lies are no different than Dani’s or Jeff’s. That is what this game has been about since BB2. How do you play, lie and manipulate your way to the final 2. Most should remember BB$ when the jury voted for the “lesser of 2 evils” in Jun because they were both so sneaky. Bottom line is for 500k in a game that is filled with lies, anything should go and it usually does.

    With all that said this is my first post so I dont want to rattle any cages and hope everyone likes me ( Is that how it goes Cowlia?). I still will say the biggest BB blunder was marci bypassing using the veto on himself and then getting evicted. When you actually have the power to take yourself off the block and you dont then you should go home. I will say I’m not a Dani fan as she is just as nasty and filthy as Rachel. Im rootin for jeff at this point because he just thinks everyone in the house is stupid and full of drama and I think he is not the ass that everyone says he is. He is just very straightforward and does not sugar coat his words in a house where everyone is afraid of people’s “feelings”.

      1. How was I defending Jeff? I was simply saying who I was rooting for? In my opinion I dont think he is an ass, just like someone probably doesnt think Dani isnt a skank, sports car isnt fat, Shelly is shooting straight, or Cowlia is actually playing a smart game. Last time I checked this was a board for personal opinions and nothing in here can really be construed as true facts.

  54. If the evicted house guest picked by America wins against Lawon or Rachel, this will effect future HOH games. They cannot play What Happened First or True False question games when one of the house guests missed a week or four weeks. Its pretty harsh of CBS to have kept Keith locked away in sequestor when he has no chance of getting back in this game. Where is the humanity towards Keith? Animals have more rights.

    Go Cassi… yeah I’m hoping.

  55. ED posted a pic of himself on Twitter yesterday. He said that he had the opportunity to go into the BB House for 10 minutes when they were taking pictures. ENJOY LMAO NSFW pic

  56. Does Lawon have a brain at all? I rather doubt it. It’s a wonder that he’s gotten this far in the game. It’s bye bye time, dude.

  57. What if Rachael is evicted and then she has to face off with Brendon? That would be interesting. Would Brenden let R win out of sheer chivalry? Probably so. I don’t care at this point. I just feel that either Brendon or rachael should be in the house….but NOT BOTH. If I’m eating a snack and then their scene comes up and they start with that goo go ga ga stuff…..I can’t finish eating. I can manage one of them, but please not both. Plus Rachael has proven to be quite likeable without Brendon; and last season……Bredon was somewhat likeable without Rachael. It is the both of them together that is really bad for t.v.

    Why is Kahlia giving shelly all this information about keeping Lawon instead of Rachael? I hope I’m watching the scene when Kahlia finds out that Shelly went and told JJ everything. Dani already knows this about Shelly, but she seems powerless to do anything about it.

  58. CJ – sometimes you are conversing with the same person multiple times. I’m only here once as me however there are many users here under different handles. Simon called someone out earlier with 7 aliases

Please keep the conversation civil no discriminatory or sexually explicit comments.

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