Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says that it’s like he has to eat 500 pounds of sh!t and he can’t even give Rachel one spoonful.

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12:30am In the backyard, Jeff is playing pool with Adam while Rachel is talking to him. Jeff says that he wants to know what’s going on. Rachel tells him over and over again that she thinks they are trying to frazzle her. Rachel tells Jeff that they didn’t try and make deal with me. Jeff says that she should have told them to throw themselves over the balcony. Rachel says they were trying to bully her. Adam told him to keep talking game because he does better when Jeff talks game. Jeff and Jordan are talking. Jeff tells Jordan that Rachel is a loser. Jeff says that she was acting like a four year old. Jordan tells Jeff that he needs to start talking to her nicely. Jordan says she should go to Porsche and talk to her and get her own votes. Jeff says he’s tired of dealing with her. Jordan is telling Jeff that Porsche is up there trying to find out what’s going on and that she told Rachel that Shelly worked hard trying to get her to stay. Jeff is really annoyed. Jeff says can they get some BLANK medicine down here. Jordan says they should give Rachel some nerve medicine. Adam says Jeff needs to take some too. Jordan says again that it will be so cool when the votes come out… they’ll be so surprised. Adam says that she tries to turn the emotions off and she can’t. Jordan says that she told her not to listen to them and she won’t. Jeff says they can’t tell her she has the votes because she’ll walk around all cocky and tell them, but they don’t want them to know. Jeff says that it’s like he has to eat 500 pounds of BLANK and he can’t give her one spoonful. Jeff says that she can’t comprehend. Jordan says that she’s used to being babied. Jordan says that it’s the way he talks to her. Jordan says that Porsche should give Rachel a vote because she would be gone.. Jordan says that she will tell Porsche to her face that she is a liar, so go get in your bathing suit and start cooking somthing! They laugh. Adam says that he’s going to be outted this week because they think he’s with Kalia and Dani and the votes will show that he’s not. Jeff, Jordan and Adam are planning to pin the four to two vote on Porsche. Jordan says that they should get Adam to vote for Lawon and put it on Porsche so they can get Kalia and Dani to turn against her. Jordan says that Porsche is a liar anyway, so it would work.

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Meanwhile, Shelly heads up to the HOH room and confronts Kalia, Lawon and Dani asking them to tell her what is really going on. Shelly confronts Lawon saying that just yesterday he was mad at them freaking out and now he is up here laughing and joking around. Shelly says that they don’t tell her anything. Shelly says that they are up here scheming and trying to mees her up. Shelly says spill the beans. Shelly says that she is a mom ..she can see through BLANK. Shelly says that she’s a Mom and can tell they’re lying by looking at their pupils. Lawon tells Shelly that he isn’t lying. Shelly then starts getting in closer to check each of their eyes. Shelly says that Lawons pupils are pencil thin … you’re lying to me! Shelly starts yelling telling them that they are all lying to her! Shelly is yelling a lot and pointing at each one of them calling them liars. Shelly start to go up to Dani and Dani heads into the bathroom. Dani tells Shelly that she will talk to her tomorrow. Shelly says that she is not as dumb as she looks. Shelly says that she heard laughing and wanted to come check it out! Dani asks her if she found the grill and the chess pieces yet? Shelly says that they are trying to change the subject. Shelly says that she isn’t scared to come up here. Shelly heads back down stairs.

Shelly tells Jordan and Adam what just happened in the HOH room and that Dani told her that she will tell her whats going on tomorrow. Shelly says that they are all a bunch of BLANK liars up there! Shelly says that she could hear Lawon laughing up in the HOH so thats why she went up there to see what was going on. Shelly tells them that she called them out. Shelly says that she hates to be played for a fool. Shelly tells Adam that Lawon is playing him. Shelly says that she thinks it was Lawon that hid the things in the house. Shelly says that they are up to something… she knows it! Adam starts talking about what he will say when the votes comes out four to two. Shelly says Adam says that Lawon still hasn’t asked him for a vote. Shelly acts out how Lawon was acting the day he was nominated. Shelly says that she asked Lawon what was going on and why was he was all angry. Shelly says that she could tell he was lying from the size of his pupils. Shelly says that Lawon told her it was because of his glasses. Shelly says that she told Lawon he was lying and his pupils were the size of a pencil. Shelly says that Kalia and Dani think they have Adam. Adam says he wants to keep it that way and let Rachel sit in a corner. Jordan tells Adam to continue to get information from them. Shelly says that she looked Rachel in the eye and told her that if she goes upstairs again, she is voting her out. Shelly says that Rachel needs to get some balls!! Jordan says that Jeff, Adam, Shelly and I have all been honest about everything.. they are the liars up there!
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1am Lawon and Porsche are talking about how Shelly has been acting really shady. They talk about how she sits around saying she never lies in this game. Lawon tells Porsche that Shelly is crazy! Porsche says that Shelly is always cleaning and saying that she doesn’t know why she is in this game. Lawon says that Shelly has always been nothing but honest in this game and that anyone who says things like that makes his radar go up. Lawon says they should be careful what they say to him while he’s on the block because they have no idea what the twist is. Lawon says that it could be that they send him to sequester until three weeks before finale and give him a tape and then send him back into the house to tell everything. Lawon says that they need to be careful. Lawon says that Shelly said in front of Jordan that he had said that he would put up Kalia and Dani. Lawon says that Jordan said she didn’t believe it, because they are his people. The conversation ends and they start talking about random stuff. Shelly heads to bed.

2:50am Jeff and Jordan are in the lounge room talking about what they should do this Thursday. Jordan says that she thinks they should talk to Lawon. Jordan says that she thinks they should tell Lawon that they like him but that Rachel has been in their alliance since day one. Jordan says that they just need to be nice to Lawon just in case he ends up coming back. Jordan says that they don’t want him to be mad at them and up them up if he won HOH. Jeff agrees. Jordan starts talking about how hard it is to keep Rachel under control. Jeff agrees and says that her and Brendon are meant for each other. Jordan says that maybe he’s a little crazy too. Jeff says that he was thinking about talking to Dani and telling her that she’s not his target ..that he is going after the floaters like Porsche and Kalia. Jeff says that Dani would take a deal with them if they offered her one. Jeff says that he wants Rachel fight Porsche because I feel like she is coming after us because I said we were going after the floaters. Jeff says that Porsche has to know that she is a floater. Jordan says that she is going to start some drama between them tomorrow.
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Jeff and Jordan talk about being targets because they are the only couple left in the house. Jeff tells Jordan trust me if we wanted to cut a deal with Dani …she would take it. Jeff says that Dani doesn’t want to be working with Kalia. Jeff says that he wants to shoot himself whenever he talks to Kalia. Jeff says that Dani wants out of there… that’s not her type of person. Jordan tells Jeff to tell her that we if win we’ll back door her and that we will tell her that before the HOH competition. Jeff says yeah, I’m going too.. I think it’s a good idea, I don’t think we are getting screwed. Jeff says that the votes will come out the way we want them too. Jeff says that he doesn’t think Adam or Shelly will flip.. Jordan says that if Dani hadn’t turned on them ..we would be coasting. Jeff wonders if she is America’s Player. Jordan says for her to have turned on us …it was ballsy …maybe she has some type of power.. Jeff says maybe ..I just don’t see why she would target us if she wanted me out so bad. Adam comes in and joins them. They talk about what they others are doing right now … Adam tells them that they are playing games. They all decide to go to bed…

4:25am All the houseguests are now asleep…

6:30am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

7:25am – 9am Shelly is up, does her morning routine, then starts cleaning the backyard…

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I like Shelly but she is certainly taking a risk by lying everyone but JJ. The game really does change week to week b/c now I’m starting to actually like Rachel! I’m starting to think that Lawon getting voted off is not such a bad thing. He’s a dead weight to Kalia and Dani anyway and now they will know for sure that Shelly is aligned with JJR. Hopefully Dom will come back and help energize K & D. I’m really bored with Adam (too self-aware about the show) & JJ (whiny).


I totally agree but J/J is not just whiny they are also acting like assholes

Dark Horse

I like Jeff but Jordan is a damn idiot…
I wish she would smother from her our farts…


JJSA need to get of their high horse. They pretend like they’ve won everything and Rachel is just dead weight. Rachel is starting to grow on me w/out brendon.


I was reading your comment until you said the part of actually likely Rachel – serious you must be a 5 year old brat also and can relate to her.


I have a feeling we may lose Shelly to lung cancer before the end of BB13.


Lol…vote for brendon!!!


LMAO thanks for that


Seriously. I wonder why no one yet asked her why she smokes if she loves her little girl so much. She’s playing Russian roulette.


“Adam says Jeff needs to take some medicine too.”

Did he say that in front of Jeff??? :O




I’m laughing at the “nerve medicine”.

Ilyssa Lieb

I told you all there is a secret alliance between Dani, Kalia, and Rachel!!!!!!!!

But Kalia talks about Dani like Dani’s her Brendon……


Yes, Kalia has a thing for Dani and Jordan. Too obvious.

Ilyssa Lieb

Melanie — you are the smartest chick on here. Hopefully we get to play bb one day, and we’ll make a really good alliance together. 🙂


Adam is the biggest floater. He has a man crush on Jeff. Kalia has a lady crush on Jordan and Dani. Shelli, on the other hand, knows she can manipulate the vets. Totally different strategy. And Porsche will just take any love she can get.

Send Adam home ASAP so he can watch 90210.

Rachel's nipple

Team Bacon is a tool bag. He gives rockers a bad name. Hopefully he gets the boot right after shelly and kalia

Rachel's nipple

Shelly’s morning routine = a pack and a half

Ilyssa Lieb

I cannot wait to see the look on Dani’s face when the vote is 4-2 and she voted against Ms. Reilly. Then Brendon comes back.

Dani will try for a showmance with Brendon faster than she tried for one with Dom.

Dark Horse

I would be so suspect of Shelly by the way she acts…
if someone told me a million times they do not lie and are a straight shooter…
I would put them on the block, no questions…


From what I read in these live feeds, i’m liking rachel even more.

She is ALONE in this game, because:
1. she is alligned with JJSA but she knows she is used as a puppet.
2. she can’t ally with PDKL because she know they totally want her out.
3. she is a great competitor and so a big threat

But you have to admit, she is battling it (although now it depends more on the alliances than her).
That’s why I like rachel. Because she is the only one who knows and needs to battle in order to stay in the game.

I really hope that brendon comes back. I would like very much at least BR together in the jury house.


i agree! i know, rachel is a little crazy and too emotional, but she is not a bad person and she is a fighter and she’s smart and she is a good competitor…i just think it’s sad that NOONE wants her and both alliances seem to prefer adam and porsche over her…when you deal with so much rejection it’s no wonder why she is insecure and anxious and socially inept – i am not saying this to be mean, i like rachel, i think if people were a little nicer to her she would be a lot better to live with


l totally agree with you.i am so tired of the rachel bashing though. It is so
Childish and cruel.i voted brendan back she needs him.but I do belive she is a very competater.w


l totally agree with you.i am so tired of the rachel bashing though. It is so
Childish and crueli voted brendan back she needs him


Rachel needs Brenden ?! WTF they are both too needy to be of any good to each other. I frankly would like both of them to go away …far far away…never to be seen or heard from again.
I’m a big BB fan but I swear if I ever hear either of them are gonna be on a season again I will not watch it.


I totally agree. Rachel is doing pretty good. She’s got a lot of determination. She may be able to stick around for a while. It’s interesting to see how she handles things without Brendon. I hope no one flips and she stays. That’d be awesome.


Completely agree! Cut the girl some slack. She’s been a target from day 1 and knows she’s playing 100% solo now.

On the flip side, she tells DK that she’s good on her word and doesn’t back out of deals… isn’t that how she got into this mess with Dani, by turning down her deal with Dani and Dom? 😉 I can’t wait for Thursday!


yes, you are right….before the whole dom thing i would have had to say that rachel and brendon were good about sticking to their word and honoring deals…but then they did that whole thing to dom which seemed to go against their style of play…i thought it was wrong to vote him out after they promised him he was safe and then convinced him to throw the POV (which was his choice but still…) i would have rather they backdoored him bc it was too underhanded

and they broke their promise for what? to save JJ who would hit them over the head and then step on their backs in a heartbeat?? who don’t know the meaning of the word promise?? in hindsight, they should have teamed with dani to take jeff out and MOST OF ALL, they should have said no matter what PT did, they aren’t going back on their word….there were huge missteps in the game and since i think whoever plays the best game should win, for this alone they don’t deserve it (and i say all this as a BR fan but it’s what i think)….


Well on the flip side let’s keep in mind that if BR would’ve backdoored Jeff, then BR would’ve been the number one target. Even though they kind’ve already were, people would’ve had more balls to put them up once Jeff was gone. So because Dani pulled that stunt of trying to backdoor Jeff, BR got suspicious of her because why do that so early. So they got rid of Dom because they thought there might be some big newbie alliance with Dani and they wanted to shut it down. I liked Dom a lot, but I think BR did the right thing. Believe me, I was real mad at them at first, but when I saw things from their point of view, it finally started to make sense. If Dani could turn on Jeff so quickly, who’s to say she wouldn’t have turned on BR the next week. She lost their trust, that’s why it had to be done.

As far as Dom, what idiot throws a POV? I love Dom, but that was stupid.


It’s lines like this from S the snake, which have me finding her to be “the” most immoral person in the house: “Shelly says that she is a mom ..she can see through shit. Shelly says that she’s a Mom and can tell they’re lying by looking at their pupils.”

Question: Can the snake also see when she’s disrespecting the role of motherhood by saying shit like this. Lie, cheat and backstab all you want. This is a game and I wouldn’t have a problem with any of that. HOWEVER, when she professes over and over again to be a morally upright person, and then uses her role as a “mom” to convince people of her sincerity, while in the same breath, lying, cheating and backstabbing, then she’s gone too far. Clearly there’s nothing sacred to this woman and, nothing she wouldn’t do to win 500K. Again, the most immoral person in the BB house.


I’m loving Shelly’s game and the fact that she’s not a straight shooter takes more skill in keeping it all together! It is interesting how commenters choose to be judgmental or forgiving on their choice of players – and defend their position no matter how logical or illogical. There are a few that I find personally disgusting and don’t enjoy watching (Rachel & Kahlia), but Shelly delights the crap out of me, manipulating, encouraging, assuaging. She’s smart and tough and I think she cares about each of these people. She uses the “mother” thing like a fake illness or any other ploy to get farther. Make no mistake she is a good mother outside of the game, but this is not “reality” inside, locked up with nobody but people who want you and everybody else gone. JJ have gotten a bit more mature having dealt with gamers in amazing race and not as patient with the bs – good for them. I want more of Cassie’s real and “straight-shooting” dialog, loved her zingers (yes, loved Brit’s zingers too).


what u said

A Nono Moose

I lied to my son a lot, preached to him about not doing drugs, practicing safe sex, not to objectify women. I’m guilty to all the above, its just in my past, but you have to tell your kids to do the right things, the rub is you also teach them to fight for what they need to succeed. Normally they will figure it out that in life between the black & white theres a whole lot of gray area. To me effective parenting sometimes entails being a hyprocrite because you dont want to send a pollyanna out into the world, they’ll return home & never leave. AAAAAA!

What's Up

DR I could not agree more with you. SSS is a setting a terrible example for her daughter and for all mothers. The sad thing is that her daughter is going to suffer the most from her “immoral” mom’s behaviour. Kids at her school are going to say some nasty things. S should have thought more about her family before she came on the show.


I am growing more confident everyday that Brandon will win America’s vote! I can’t wait for the Drama! VOTE BRENDON! Go JEFF & JORDAN!


LOL.. Brendon coming back is bad for JJ just wait and see theres no way there will be this super alliance running the house for the next month. Brendon comes back JJ and BR are splitsville. PIck a side JJ or BR


I dont want a super alliance running the house. I believe after they get out Dani is game on between the two couple and drama for the rest of the season. I will pick side’s after Dani is gone!


I disagree there if brendon comes back its going to be JJ and BR final 4


That’s simple. Team BR! yes, Brendons a douche and Rachel is too emotional, but at least they’re not a whiny, lying, hypocritical floater like Jeff. I can’t stand him. The hypocrisy that he spews is sickening. It’s on par with Shelly but at least she’s a clever.

Ilyssa Lieb

Adam will have to scramble and explain why he voted Brendon out. hahahahahaha

Same with Shelli. It will be priceless!


I’m a JJ fan but I want 2 c Brendon come back n this 2 couple just throw down on final 4


When dani was on bb8 she turned 21 but that season was the winter. How can she be having her 25th birthday in the summer


aren’t all bb’s in the summer? if i’m not mistaken bb8 started in july and finished in sept unless you consider sept winter


bb9 started in feb


she actually lied about her age


bb8 was during the summer. her bday is august 20


It was summer. Bb9 was the following winte, I think


Yeah BB8 was in the summer, and then 6 months later there was BB9, it was in the winter due to the writers strike


Uh ah where did all the playas go please mo jj to win 500k again it’s not fair


I think it’d be cool if JJ or Rachel would pull Dani back into an alliance with them. Reason being: I’m so disappointed with Kalia’s idiot moves. Although I’m still on team Dani, I’ll admit that she made her moves too early in the game, and should’ve hung with JJ and BR longer. She made a gutsy move to get Brendon out, but should’ve waited, because things change so quickly in this game. That being said, I wouldn’t trust them not backdooring Dani, since they’ve said that they would.
As far as Shelly, I am soooooo sick of her, and how she calls herself a straight shooter, and that she doesn’t lie. NO! SHE is a LIAR, and I hope her time is cutting close. Especially after her freaking out in the HOH room. I would HOPE by now they would realize she’s not with them, but with JJ. CRAZY!!!!!!


Vote Brendon! I really don’t want to listen to Dani’s spit whispering, laying in bed with Dom for the next 6 weeks. I mean really, it’s gross! Urgh….


So instead you want to listen brendon and Rachel cry for each other everyday?


Not to mention their spit whispering.

Ilyssa Lieb

Brendon will come back and shake things up. Between him and Rachel, they can actually win almost every pov and hoh. It will be great when they are in the power.

First, Adam will have to explain why he voted Brendon out. He’ll be a goner!!
He’ll spare Shelli a bit longer because she’s his morning buddy who cooks.

Porsche would have lasted but she’s floating. She’s a goner.
Dani and Kalia are meanies. Goners!

Final 5: Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Brendon, and Shelli.

Then Jeff and Jordan get nominated. Final 4: Brendon, Rachel, Shelli, and Jordan.

Final 3: Brendon, Rachel, and Shelli. They know they can never come in first with Jordan.

Final 2: Brendon v.s. Shelli.

Brendon then goes to cure cancer with the money.

So CBS is just trying to help get a cure for cancer.


Nvm bb9 was the winter one


Adam is awesome! I want him to start winning stuff though. I am enjoying Shellys game play,. she has some mind tricks up those sleeves!


1) those avatars by each houseguest are HIL-AR-IOUS ….i almost spilled coffee out of my nose when i saw them this morning….thank you simon, dawg, ill will, lenon’ ghost!

2) what the hell? shelly IS crazy, acting like DKL are her kids and SHE HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW!!! lolololol either she is a crazy or this is house is cracking her up

3) good move imo for Rachel to cut deals with dani bc her alliance is about ready to kick her to the curb and i am sure she knows it – love how Jeff (the other major moron in the house) feels like he has a right to know what rachel’s conversation was when he doesn’t have her back…i mean sure you will be curious and want people tell you but shelly and jeff are acting like this is a God-give right – *delusional*


Jeff is a pig. Just this girls opinion.

Midwest Fan

You’re absolutely correct.

Rachel's shrink
Rachel's shrink

does anyone know how much information the sequestered guests are given and how much of the show they get to see?


you have Jeff and Brendon mixed up. Brendon is the pig


no, it’s jeff


I agree. and they are mad at Rachel because they think she struck a deal. Ok when Dani was HOH Jordan and Jeff struck a deal with Dani. They JJ feel entitled and think they are the only ones playing the game. I used to like Jordan but she is becoming Catty now that Rachel has calmed down. When everyone watches this season and see the hurtful things said by people who supposedly had their back it is going to sting. But JJ think that everyone is supposed to have their backs so that they can coast to final 2. I hope they both get put up together. JJ needs to go. Dani Needs to go. Shelly needs to go. Adam what the hell is he doing here. Porsche needs to have been gone. I am rooting for Brendon to come back and him and Rachel make final 2. JJ is a woman basher. Him and JJ get annoyed when they do not know what Rachel is thinking or doing. Rachel is there playing the game morons. Kalia is dani’s puppet and I am sick of them all truthfully. Didn’t mention Lawon cuz he is just not worth mentioning


Right on, ladylove!


he is the slimiest slimball of the slimeys…i never EVER thought i would say this, but i would take crazy possessive brendon over abusive, misogynistic, emotionally cold, dumb as rocks, riding on old high school glory, homophobic, temperamental, short-fused, fat-bashing (yes, he bothers Jordan about her weight), prematurely graying, used up has been, neanderthalistic Jeff….i really hate him more than anyone else in the house, and that wasn’t always the case for me…..
at least with brendon you can give him death stares and bitch at him and then he spends an hour apologizing, jeff just turns the other cheek with that “oh well too bad for you” attitude…uuugghhhh get him out and the stupid girl who follows him like a dog


I don’t know if anyone else posted it yet but the scroll in BBAD says “in a new big brother twist the four previous evicted houseguests will battle Thursdays evictee for a chance to return to the big Brother house


that’s what i’ve been trying to say too! lol. to me, that wording states that the ONE america’s choice will battle the ONE evictee to stay in the house… and personally I would think one of them would get HOH because if not then they would obviously be right back up on the block and likely out again. JMO


oops i meant the previous wording states that. eh whatever you know what i meant 🙂


I saw that too last night. That’s not exactly how they originally explained it, but if it’s a 5 way comp between the evicted players, that could be interesting.


Much more interesting in my view but I wonder if americas vote means anything


This is the season of overplaying and switching alliances weekly!


Lots of confusion about this deal DK gave R.. I didn’t watch the feeds in the middle of the night but when I had gone to bed this was the state of the house.

DK offered Rachel the deal
iDK said they have the votes and if they keep Rachel on thursday she is to take it as a peace offering and do not put us up if she wins HOH for the following week.
Deal included Rachel, Dani and Kalia

If Rachel stays on Thursday then she knows that DK have honoured their side of the deal… If Rachel wins HOH she will tell them Thursday night if she plans to honour her side of the deal.

Rachel did not tell the douche bag alliance (JJSA) that there was any deal made even though they asked rachel at least 15 times. The douchebags told Rachel if she continues to go up to HOH and talk with DK they will vote her out..

(If this didn’t send up red flags to rachel I don’t know what will, The Douches (JJSA) are planning to use Rachel this week to get rid of Dani then next week they will get rid of Rachel. Their plan following that is to coast to final 4 where they will battle it out. Not going to happen sorry JJSA your super alliance will last in your minds for 2 more days tops.. regardless of who comes back on Thursday the house is undergoing a house realignment right now. )

For the first time since BB11 i’m cheering for Rachel to do the right thing. Also shelly’s game will explode in probably under 24hours. she’ll be crying for Jose and Tony tomorrow night.

Vote Dawg back in he’ll expose Shelly.
Vote Keith he’ll give us wiener shots
Vote Dom he’ll grab Dani’s ass
Vote Cassi she’s my favorite
Don’t vote Brendon CBS will bring him in the house regardless so it’s a waste of a vote


can i just ask, what you mean “for rachel to do the right thing?” do you think it’s sticking with JJSA or taking the deal with DK and not putting them up?? personally i think she needs to start moving with DK


Everything is going to change on Thursday

Dark Horse

I took ‘doing the right thing’ as…all girl alliance < has that ever happened?
if Rachel sticks with DK that would be cool…
I cannot stand the douche bags either…
I hope that Dani's wins POV if she's on the block…and
I hope she WILL play HARD for the HOH tomorrow…
at this point throwing comps will send your ass home…

Midwest Fan

GREAT post.



Too be honest Simon, I really think CBS is going to rig it so Brendon is coming back regardless of votes


4 sure yo, it’s sad but thats the way CBS rolls




To be fair, in the poll on this site, people can vote multiple times. And we’ve seen how crazed Brenchel fans can be.


todays message about the poll

our poll only allows ONE vote per IP

I would never put a poll on my site that lets you continue to vote without any checks


My apologies. Maybe I thought it was possible because I voted on different days and didn’t get a message about it but it seems it just didn’t tally my vote the second time. Anyway, my apologies to you about that.

That being said, the poll on the site is indicative of what I feel is going to happen with the actual CBS poll and what I’ve felt was going to be the case all week: BRJJ haters are splitting their votes between Dom and Cassi while those who are on Team BRJJ are focusing their votes on Brendon.


No problems CJ

I get like 20 comments a day about the poll being a farce. I thought if if i put it in big letter i’ll only have to tell people once.


CBS = Corporation
Corporation = sole purpose to make money for shareholders
CBS makes Money VIA advertising on their TV show
More Ratings = more money paid to CBS from advertisers
CBS gearing the show to have more excitement = More money to the corporation fulfilling CBS’ sole purpose in the world

a) My poll is just for the site fans to have fun it means nothing. we have what 45K people that voted CBS probably has 20million votes tallied
b) CBS will bring back the player they think will have the most drama/ratings, it’s not like it’s elections Canada running this poll it it’s just another greedy corporation. that will do whatever they legally can to make money and having a fake poll up on their site is completely legal

stop using caps it’s pissing everyone off

and for the record I want CBS to stir the shit up in the house I think they do a decent job of keeping the show exciting yet still giving is a element of chance/skill


100% agree!


although I would love for this to work… my feeling is that it wont…. because the only reason JJAS aren’t telling Rachel about the plan is that they want them to be surprised… i think if JJAS saw Rachel aligning with the other side anytime after Thursday, they won’t hesitate to all get together and tell her about their plan and that it was THEM that saved her not DKP.
I think Rachel is scared to trust Dani fully enough to rock solid align with her…. but I hope I’m wrong because I think Rachel and Dani allliance would be BRILLIANT


rachel already knows that it is JJAS who is saving her….i think she is only entertaining DK to see what kind of deal she can make…remember rachel is not stupid


no she doesn’t! re-read the post above AND the past few days…. they aren’t telling her that Adam is voting for her so that she won’t go blabbing… she is under the impression that Kalia will be the tie breaker. And YES, Rachel is stupid


OK nevermind LOL I was confused, not Kalia tiebreaker. This week has been extremely confusing!
But JJAS aren’t telling her that she’s for sure because they dont’ want her getting cocky/blabbing…. read the post.
And she’s still stupid 🙂


excuse me but i have been reading and watching BBAD and they (jj) have stated several times that she is safe which is why rachel isn’t freaking out or campaigning harder (not to say that that won’t change in the next 24)……and i am sorry you think that rachel is dumb, but her performance in competitions and her instincts in the game prove otherwise, despite the fact that she is a bit socially inept and has a terrible social game and acts way too crazy, but smart I will give her and with regard to the game, dani is smart as well – that’s about it in the house


oh and if they weren’t keeping her why would they plan to use her to get dani out next week, they only started getting a little skeptical when she was talking to DK in the HOH but even after they never said they were voting for lawon – come on sweetie, if you practice reading you get better at it!


Rachel blew it by not being up front with JJSA in the aftermath. And Jeff smelled the BS from a mile away.


Jeff smelled the BS from his own ass.


Rachel doesn’t know she has been saved yet,so she is doing what Dani and them told her “we hear you told anyone,your going home” JJ/A/S don’t want to tell her yet,because she will shoot her mouth off. Rachel will never align with Dani,she hates her and Dani got rid of her man!


You just hope Cassi has an accident and you get to see her nipple.


Dani brushing her teeth. Hot. The toothbrush keeps going in and out of her mouth….


I agree. Shelly should just keep cleaning in the background, not running up to the HOH room yelling in everyone’s face!! She losing it!! I would love to see America vote Brendon back not old to see the horrified look on Dani and Kalia’s face, but to hopefully see a couple v couple show down.

I feel like Lawon is the weakest house guest. No matter who he competes against…I don’t think he’s going to come back..

Team JJ (even though they are getting too cut-throat)

Midwest Fan

Dani, Kalia, Lawon and Porsche should spend the entire day in the HOH
Room laughing out loud.
This would drive the others c r a z y!!!
When SSS barges into the room…..stop laughing.
When she/he asks, “What’s so funny?” Lie
When she/he asks to speak with Kalia alone, the others should leave but wait outside of
the HOH room so when she/he leaves HOH their very presence pisses her off.
Then as she/he storms downstairs the group should head back inside……..laughing.

Can’t stand SSS and hope today is her KABOOM DAY!!


SS Kaboom!!!!


WTF, Shelly what side are you on?


Love it …lol.


Lmbo @ Shelly saying their eyes were pencil thin wow great move Shelly! Go JJ bring back Brendan America!!!


This has been the longest week of my life. Hurry up Thursday!


Got that right


Totally agreed more: Rachel’s leaving BB House and coming back. This will be bad news for DKP. Either Rachel or Jeff wins the HOH and POV. Definitely, Take out the strongest player like Dani. She will be the first one in Big Brother House and then Finish off with taking Floaters one by one till all the Floaters are gone. Another Scenerio is either DOM comes back and help Dani or Hurts Dani, this will be bad for JJAS. But, if Cassi comes back, this will be bad for DKPL. Or if Brendon comes back, Dani and Kaila are totally screwed. He will win HOH and Jeff wins the POV twice, Dani’s alliance is totally jeopardy. Face it, this will be win-win situation.


I can’t see Shelly voting for Lawon to stay.


What’s up with Jordan and Jeff saying that they should tell Dani before the HOH comp that they’re gonna backdoor her…. is it just me or is that s t u p i d or what?? why would anyone do that, isn’t that the kind of thing you tell someone after you’re actually HOH and actually have power… or better yet, don’t tell them at all until the POV has been played? Why give Dani extra fuel and fire under her before the HOH comp, don’t they know that um hmm maybe Dani is actually really good at competitions (physical, mental, puzzle, whatever) especially under pressure and especially when she knows she’ll be going home for sure if she doesn’t win herself? Didn’t they watch season 8? Like at all? I’m all for team JJ (yeah yeah I know they’re not perfect but who else am I gonna root for? Kalia? Porsche? get real lol the newbies are so freakin’ boring!!) but even for them this is beyond stupid to me…


Jeff just wants to gloat.

Ilyssa Lieb

Please don’t let jeff or jodan win. They don’t know what to do when they are hoh. Knowing Jeff, he will send rachel home, dani will win the next week and jeff will go home.


I think Shelly’s performance in the HOH was to cover her ass come Thursday’s vote. She thinks ahead. Go Shelly.


can’t stand Shelly but it was smart

kathie from canada

Takin’ your advice and jumping in, Rockstar. I have had this continuing nagging feeling that Shelly is playing this game as some kind of personal social experiment. She constantly tells the others that she does not need the money and she has a power position where she works. Hmmm … maybe she will use her experience as a teaching tool for her employees when she leaves. Or maybe I’m nuts and she just likes to lie 😉


Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathie – dear God woman, come out of hiding will yah.. I don’t know what to think of Shelly. I don’t like her but I always hope that she might be a plant and I start having all these conspiracy theories running through my little pea brain. It never pans out and then I’m sad I used so much brain power rationalizing her game play when it was all bull.


ugh i’m so with you on that. who does she think she is? i mean seriously if she was yelling at me like that… like a 2 yr old……….
those people need to get a backbone I don’t know why they’re just letting this skeletor woman run over them

Rachel's shrink

Skeletor, I like that!
I was trying to think of who she reminded me of and it just came to me – Woody from Toy Story.


Shelly reminded me of an old drunk up in the HOH room calling everyone liars. The DR sessions this year are BORING…..nobody with a sense of humor at all. Well, ok, Jeff had a line or two BUT come on!!!….It should have been All-Stars or nothing…this 50/50 crap sucks.


I agree Skimoe. At least give us something amusing.


Oh My People……Brendon needs to come back. I would make for excellent tv. Oh my to see dani’s face on that one. Vote Brendon back we actually need him to cause some rukus in the house. LMBO…..I can’t stand Kalia she has made the dumbest move in BB history. Why put up someone from your own alliance. DUMB DUMB DUMB.


Brendon coming back will make for the same TV that was there two weeks ago. Which is great if you enjoy reruns. Ho hum.

Ilyssa Lieb

Ho hum my sweet behind. First, a rerun of Kalua crying is awesome. Second, Brendon is bound to fight with Jeff. That will be great . Can’t wait when Brendon has to put up Jeff or Adam….just a matter of time when he’ll have to choose between Shelly + Adam v.s. Jeff + Jordan.


A huge Jordan/Jeff fan!! Would love to see J/J/B/R in the final four. BRING Brendon back in the house and cannot wait to see Dani/Kali and especially Porsche’s face when the vote is four to 2 for Rachel to stay and then see Brendon walk back in. That will be a moment that will go down in BB history!!!!!!!!! Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


VOTE for BRENDON! we need the entertainment and a change up.


How is bringing Brendon back entertainment? I’m really stupefied by this line of thinking. All he’ll do is be condescending to everyone and enable Rachel’s erratic behavior.

Bringing Cassi back is where the true drama and entertainment lies.

Ilyssa Lieb

Brendon fights with people Him and Rachel will fight with everybody. Cassi is a regulator and passive aggressive. She’s a pajama jammer. That means do nothing but talk behind people’s backs.

Ilyssa Lieb

Go be a regulator and join the worst alliance in bb history.


I’ll do that as soon as you sleep in the same bed Brenchel are having sex in. Thanks.


Bringing Brendon back will be hella entertainment. All the fights, I could imagine. Dom and Cassie won’t fight for BLANK. Rachel will be on fire if Brendon comes back too. I can’t wait to see what happens, but I’m hoping for Brendon especially if they go against JJ and get Shelly out.


How the hell is that entertainment? So another couple weeks of Rachel and Brendon either A) Brendon belittling Rachel, and Rachel taking it B) Brendon and rachel being aroggant pricks and bullying the rest of the house C) Rachel and brendon fighting over who loves each other more and D) Them having sex and having everyone else complain about how dirty they are. Sounds awesome? Obviously not. REAL entertainment would be if Dani and Rachel could team up and then watch a real divide happen.

I’m so over all these “OMG JJBR 4 lyfe, TRUE LOVE OMG” crazy drones.

Ilyssa Lieb

Yes, I would rather have Kalua win. Barf. Anybody who puts Kalua in her place deserves to be in the house. And frankly that would be Keith. I think Keith would finally give her the showmance she needs so she will stop talking and stop acting so desperate for companionship.


is it just me or is Lawon extremely creepy. when i watch BBAD and stuff he is always just sitting in one spot just staring at people with a weird smirk on his face. and when he talks to people he talks like really slow and creepy. And to add to that, he always tries WAY TOO hard to sound funny in the DR (which he’s not). I don’t know… he’s just really really weird.

Rachel's shrink

You would have a valid argument if your facts were right.

The plan to backdoor JJ was a good plan.
Dani didn’t blab the plan – Dom did.
Dani’s partner was eliminated – she got the gold key as a consolation prize – it was not what she wanted. She was immediately put in a bad position because she was the only single player in an alliance of 5 – two COUPLES and her. She knew she was in an inferior position and made a smart move to change it. It would have worked if Dom hadn’t blabbed to Shelly.


Very true. Dom should have kept his stupid mouth closed. But hat off to Shelly, at the time, nobody knew she was working with the vets and Dom fell right into her trap. But still if I planned to backdoor someone I wouldn’t tell anyone outside of my alliance.

Dani blew it

Actually u have it wrong. Dani was in the perfect position with the couples. They would become priority targets while she would not. The move was made way to early. The only reason anyone likes it because their blinded with hate towards BR and JJ.


Blinded with hate? I don’t think anyone takes it that personal. At least I don’t. The plan very well could have worked out and their could have been the BRDD alliance with Jeff gone. What the hell was Jordon going to do? She can’t win anything. Shelly would be walking around like a chicken with her head cut off.The negative to that is though they would be an open alliance, but I guess BRJJD were an open alliance as well so either way I guess it didn’t matter.

But then again Dani should have seen that her plan would not work and that BR were going to tell JJ. Which made her look stupid because Dani could have rode with BRJJ up until maybe a couple weeks after the golden key thing was over and then she could have turned on them. Assuming that she still had Dom. Instead she ended up sacrificing Dom.

Rachel's shrink

FYI…I rooted for JJ all last year and again in Amazing Race.
I originally wanted JJ to win this year but Jeff is being an egotistical douche this year and is disrespectful to Jordan. Take your blinders off and you will see it.
BR are a train wreck and I gag watching the daddy / child co-dependent dynamics of that relationship. They are much better players individually than they are together.

I am objective and unbiased. You might notice that I actually proposed it would be a good idea for Rachel to join Dani.

…next theory?


If brendon comes back he will just bully people like he has been doing all season. I’m not looking forward to that. Everyone says kalia and dani are mean but brendon and Jeff are the biggest bullies in the house

Ilyssa Lieb

Kalia is harmless. She can’t kill a fly. She just wants a friend so desperately. Watching Brendon make her cry will be awesome.


While Brendon’s bullying is out of control, I wouldn’t mind watching him and Jeff duke it out


Jeff is overrated. Brendon would crush him in the end.

Ilyssa Lieb

I second that. Brendon will win if he’s back in the house. CBS knows the only way getting him out of the house is by putting up competitions geared for people with small feet.


Brandy – I need Jeff to be crushed. Big time


I love when Jordon tries to talk about the game, but in the end has no clue what she’s talking about. Like when she was trying to explain what Rachel said. She’s always like “i don’t know.” I’m like what do you know? Nothing, you’re a floater Jordan. Just do your job.

Ilyssa Lieb

I hope Keith comes back so Jordan can be one of Keith’s angels. Will be awesome to watch the power float to Keith.


For the first time ever, I turned the TV off when Dani and Kalia were bullying Rachael up in the HOH. I got so pissed at Rachael for sitting there listening to their BS. Rachael may be as smart as hell, but she has no common sense. She is a follower not a leader and I can’t figure out how she ever got along by herself in Vegas. Shelly is playing the smartest big brother mind game ever. She will have a good reason to give DK for voting out Lawon because they did not tell her their plans for putting him up for eviction, which keeps her from being the next target. Yep….give Shelly the money.


Best game ever? Holy overstatement much? He lies are going to come tumbling down, just wait for it.


If you think about it, Rachel never agreed fully with the whole plan. when asked who would she put up she said i will tell u thursday if i win hoh. rachel is not as dumb as some think. she is playing the game finally by sitting back and observing. go Rachel

Rachel's shrink

Rachel is actually playing it smart. She is playing much better without her Daddy.
Her JJS alliance thinks she made a deal to save her ass with DKP and they are exposing that Rachel is not as solid on that team as she believed she was.
It will be an interesting couple of days.

My prediction – Kalia blabs to Shelly and ruins everything.


Barbara no, say it ain’t so. It was only a few nights ago Jeff was screaming at Kalia in the HOH

Floata Hata

I can’t believe they figured out the twist without help in the DR.

Rachel Lover

is Brendon leadin the polls now? I want him back!!! Id give anythin to see Dani and Kalia’s face! 😀


You know.. for all the complaints I see on this post about the cast ‘bitching’, you all are doing the same. From week to week thats all you all do.


To me, Cassi coming back is where the true intrigue lies for the following reasons:

a. She doesn’t have a defined alliance with anyone in the house like Dominic or Brendon do.

b. It’d piss Rachel off. The Brenchel fans love them because it makes for “great TV” when Rachel is all pissy or Brendon is being a jerk, right? Cassi coming back would be the pissiest of scenarios for Rachel.

c. For those that say “Brendon coming back would make for great ratings,” the people that watch BB are going to watch regardless of who’s in the home. The ratings don’t waver that much from season to season or show to show. And the few people that watch solely for Team Brenchel will continue to watch as long as Rachel’s in the house. Cassi wouldn’t affect ratings any more than Brendon or anyone else aside from Evel Dick or Dr. Will would.

d. We haven’t seen the nasty side to her personality like we have with everyone else. If she finds out Shelly flipped on her Day 2, we may see it and all hell may break loose. Or not. But it’s fun to not know what someone will do as opposed to knowing what someone WILL do.

e. If Brendon comes back, we know what we’re getting – same with Dominic. Cassi comes back, she finds out Shelly flipped on her and her other close bud Dominic was in an alliance with Dani, who she did not like. What WILL she do?

F. She’s not Keith.

Ilyssa Lieb

I bet you want Brit back too. Princess Brit so she can talk about Rachel’s vag.

I’d rather have Keith’s angels back with Porsche, Dani, and Kalua. Kalua will finally get the showmance she wants.


I did find Brit hilarious but she doesn’t have anything to do with why I want Cassi back in. They are two completely different personalities.

Ilyssa Lieb

I stopped watching bb from until Kalua put up Jeff until Kalua replaced him with Lawon. The thought of seeing Kalua jump up and down on a power trip is sickening. Dani was hardly tolerable. And if Dani wins hoh next week, I will probably not watch then either.


I think there’s enough Rachel haters in the house. The whole house hates Rachel. Do we really need another one? Sorry but Cassie adds nothing.


As opposed to Dom who’ll crawl up Dani’s ass or Brendon who’ll crawl up Rachel’s ass? No thank you.


I’m just saying that if you look at all the players, she is really playing the game regardless of her method. She has been with JJ from the beginning, and I have one question….has she ever back stabbed them?


So what’s Rachel’s angle here not telling them about the deal from DK? Is she so stupid that she thinks that she doesn’t have the votes to stay already from her alliance or what? They’re going to find out the truth, think that she’s turning on them and going with DK (which maybe she is?), and she’ll be gone.


If Brendon comes back, I am hoping that since he has been out of the house for a week he can see things clearer. That Rachel and he are in jeopardy by all, I do think maybe Dani is wishing she had taken the deal with them. Kahlia is worthless and can’t keep her mouth shut. The only person I have seen who can win, and lose at the same time. I think it might be interesting if Brendon, Rachel, and Dani get together in a real alliance against JJ Shelly and Adam, Kahlia will go to the JJ side and I think Porshe will be with Dani and Rachel, I find it amusing that Jeff is afraid of Porsche, he saids he doesn’t remember she is even around. Maybe Porsche is getting to him.


Reasons to vote Brendon –

1. He creates drama
2. He dressed as a super hero and made me laugh
3. He married Rachel in a trash bag.
4. He defends Rachel and would throw down for her even against his own alliance.
5. I love to see him cry.
6. He will fight like a man and then bitch out like a girl
7. 70% of the BB this season revolved around him and the drama. It would be some damn boring without him and whatever his bullshit is.
(the only exciting thing happening since he left was when Kalia lost her mind and nominated her own alliance)


The best thing for Rachel Strategy-wise would be to join Dani & Kalia this week but keep it a secret from everyone else, then try her best for HoH. If she wins, put up Jeff & jordon and ENSURE one of them goes home, them it’s all for one and one for all from their and she can jump ships if she wants. I find her a much better thinker without Brendon there because she knows she has nobody to fight her battles for her if she loses them.


Reasons to vote Cassi

1. She will drive Rachel crazy
2. She is besties with Shelly and this will in turn infuriate Rachel
3. With Cassi back, this will break up the vet alliance for once and for all because Rachel will never stand for Cassi to waltz into the house after she sent her packin.
4. Some of the male viewers think she is pretty and I’ll give them that because I long for a hottie to drool over.