Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says that they couldn’t have written a better story about what happened and how it must all look like a set up from America’s point of view..

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12:20am Everyone is up looking at Dani’s HOH room. Dani gets photos of her dad Evel Dick, her roommate, and brother. Dani’s letter from home is from her roommate Pete. Jordan leaves to go finish eating. After a bit everyone else leaves Dani’s HOH room but Rachel. Dani says that she told everyone that was what was going to happen. Rachel and Dani start talking about how hard the competition was. Rachel asks Dani if she wants to be alone. Dani says she wants to listen to music. Rachel still sits there. Rachel says that at least her and Brendon will get to be in the jury house together now. Rachel congratulates Dani for winning HOH. They hug and Rachel and decide to talk tomorrow. Rachel leaves the HOH room. Rachel goes downstairs to the bathroom to tell Brendon about the conversation she had with Dani, and how Dani told her they can talk tomorrow. They then head into the kitchen where Kalia is cutting a cake and giving everyone some. They talk about random things and eat cake. Porsche and Dani are talking. Dani tells Porsche about her short conversation with Rachel. They both talk about how excited they are that Dani won. Porsche says that Brendon is giving her the evil eye already. They talk about Brendon. Dani says that she is excited that she doesn’t have to do laundry. Kalia says that it’s like we never left. Kalia says that she noticed that Jordan is always the first to leave the HOH room. They talk how everyone is being so nice. Dani says that they will love all her friends.
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Meanwhile down in the HaveNot room Shelly and Adam are talking to Jeff about the HOH competition. Shelly starts talking about all the specifics of the HOH competition and Jeff says who gives a BLANK! Jeff says go ask in the diary room why we lost. Shelly says she’s not doing that. Jeff says that Dani would have been out if Brendon would have guessed more than 320 olives out of the 1500 that were there.. Shelly agrees and says that she was surprised at Brendon’s guess too. Shelly says that she feels like she will never win HOH. They start talking about Porsche. Shelly says that she will shoot herself if Porsche wins. Adam says that we still control the votes and that no matter who’s against her they’ll win.

1am Back up in the HOH room Kalia, Dani and Porsche are talk about how Adam’s membership to the Pajama jam has been revoked. They start talking about Lawon’s speech. They talk about how Lawon left his afro wig for Adam. Kalia starts complaining about being on an indoor lock down. Dani says that we have to get Brendon on slop. Porsche says that we have to grab all the bandanas. Porsche says that she will throw it. Dani says that you have to sleep with them. Kalia laughs that Jordan is on slop again. Porsche says that I can stand to lose a few pounds. Back downstairs Adam is talking to Jeff, Jordan and Shelly. Adam tells Jeff that Jordan would be a better pawn than him. Jeff says that it sucks playing for two people. Shelly says at least they can grab ass. Shelly says that her and Adam have no one. Jeff asks Adam if he is going to go up there and talk to her? Adam says he will tomorrow. Shelly says that she is sick that Kalia gets to fricken coast this week. They talk about how viewers can turn off their tv sets and not watch this week and that they can’t, they have to live it. Shelly starts talking about the sleeping arrangements for tomorrow. Shelly says that at least Pyjama Jam is upstairs now. Adam tells them his card has been renewed. Shelly corrects him and says no its been revoked.

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1:20am – 1:50am Up in the HOH room, Dani, Kalia and Porsche are talking about the HaveNot competition. Dani says that she is excited she’s hosting it. Kalia is pissed at Shelly for two timing her. Dani agrees. They start bashing Shelly for her hypocrisy, being so bossy and for playing two sides. The bashing then turns to talking about Rachel. Dani says that people like Rachel. Kalia says they just have her here for ratings. Kalia says that if its endurance she will throw it to Porsche. Dani says that we have a good team. They start talking about why America voted more for Brendon than Dominic. Dani says that she wonders if all her friends voted for Dominic. Kalia says that Shelly’s body looks like her body’s falling apart. Dani says that she hopes Shelly doesn’t come up here. Porsche says that she can’t believe Keith stayed in sequester all this time. Kalia says that Shelly’s cockiness is hitting Brendon and Rachel’s level from earlier this season. Dani says that Shelly and Adam are in cahoots together. Dani says that she will tell him that Shelly says she has him in her back pocket. Dani says all Adam and Shelly want is to coast to the end. Kalia says that if she eats one more thing she will barf all over the floor. Porsche starts chanting, prove it!, prove it!, prove it! Dani says that she still can’t get over how America voted for Brendon. Kalia says that she feels really bad for Lawon especially since she said she wanted him out the first three weeks.

2am In the HaveNot room, Jeff, Jordan and Adam are talking about who they think Dani will nominate. They talk about how they think Dani will nominate Brendon and Rachel. They says that Brendon and Rachel will try and make a deal. Jordan says that she knows that if she doesn’t go up on the block, that she will be the replacement nominee. Jordan starts telling Adam that if Jeff and her are on the block …that he should vote her out and work with Jeff to get to the end. Shelly joins them. Adam wonders if Dani does put up Brendon and Rachel …if they should get rid of Brendon again? They all talk about how they can’t take another week of Rachel in the house without Brendon. They start talking about the HOH competition and how fast things change in the house. Jeff says that they couldn’t have written a better story about what happened and how it must all look like a set up from America’s point of view. Shelly says that it’s not though. They breakup their conversation and leave the Havenot room. Brendon and Rachel are now in the havenot room talking. Rachel is complaining about how everyone in their alliance is BLANK useless. Brendon says that neither him nor her won HOH either. Rachel says that Dani has had HOH power for three weeks now! Brendon says that he knows next week’s HOH will be a physical competition and that it won’t be geared toward smaller people.

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Rachel complains about how she’s lost so many competitions lately and how she doesn’t deserve to be here. Brendon tells her to stop talking like that. Brendon says that if we get nominated together and she ends up going to the jury house he will go after Dani so she can either make a deal with us or have me coming after her. Brendon says that if he were to win the POV he wouldn’t use it on her again. Rachel says that she knows. Rachel says that she doesn’t care if anyone else doesn’t want them to make deals with Dani. Rachel tells Brendon about how hard it was without him here and how she didn’t have anyone to talk to. Brendon asks if Jordan was there for her. Rachel says yeah. Brendon tells Rachel that Dani can only get one person out this week and if she comes after us …and you leave ..I will take her out next. Rachel says that she thinks they will be able to make a deal with Dani but Brendon isn’t sure…Rachel tells Brendon that when he was gone she overheard Jordan and Shelly talking about how they have a final three deal together. Rachel says that they thought she was sleeping … Rachel says but she wasn’t. The conversation changes to talking about if there will be a fast forward or double eviction now that he came back into the house. Brendon and Rachel head out into the backyard and lay together in the hammock. Rachel talks about how she made a deal with Dani to be safe this week and that she wouldn’t target Dani this week. Rachel says that she really wasn’t going to go after Dani this week and that she probably would have taken Kalia out. Rachel talks about how hard it will be to get rid of Dani. The conversation changes to talking about past competitions. Rachel brings up how she really doesn’t think Shelly is with them. Brendon says as long as Shelly isn’t winning anything .. then we don’t need to get rid of her yet..

3am Up in the HOH room Dani and Kalia are talking. They talk about how the fast forwad will be coming up and they will need to be ready for it. Kalia doesn’t understand why its harder. Dani explains that you it all happens so fast that you can’t compaign. Dani starts talking about her season. Kalia tells Dani how Shelly manipulated her into screwing up the replacement nominee. Kalia says that Shelly was planting ideas in her head that made her believe that it was her idea to nominate one of her own alliance. Kalia says that Shelly kept saying that she needed to get out of Dani’s shadow and be her own person. Kalia says that she is embarrassed about her HOH. Kalia says that she is sorry. Dani says that she is better when her back is up against the wall. They talk about how they are in the jury house now. They start talking about random stuff.

3:20am – 4:30am Brendon, Jeff and Adam are talking about him getting voted back into the house. Brendon wonders if it had been Rachel that got evicted if she would have been voted back into the house by America. Adam say that he thinks she would have been over Dominic. Adam starts telling Brendon all about the past week while he has been gone. They talk about how Dani get Dominic a pity vote but that she didn’t give Lawon one. Adam tells Brendon that Porsche was trying to keep Rachel. Brendon wonders why Porsche was now trying to keep Rachel. Adam explains that its because Porsche realizes Rachel is a bigger target than she is.. They ask Brendon what happened to his hair. Brendon says that he messed up with the clippers. Jeff laughs at him. Brendon says that when he told Dani she was a liar and a manipulator …she said ..not that was last week. Brendon talks about how he had no idea what was going on until an hour before they were told that one of them would battle the evicted houseguest this week. Brendon says that he really hoped it wasn’t Rachel. Rachel comes out and both her and Brendon head to bed. Meanwhile up in the HOH room Dani Porsche and Kalia talk about past competitions and other random stuff.. The conversation then moves to talking about getting Brendon out of the house. Kalia says you know he is going to win the POV. They talk about how Shelly isn’t on their side. Porsche says that Shelly just goes to whatever side has the power. They all decide it’s time to go to sleep..

7:10am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

8:30am Still sleeping..

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205 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says that they couldn’t have written a better story about what happened and how it must all look like a set up from America’s point of view..

  1. Here is what I believe Dani needs to do to not only make this week successful, but to get through next week.

    1) Nominate Big Jerkoff and Brenda for eviction
    2) Make it known loud and clear that if anyone wins POV and removes either one of them, then either Jordan or Rachel will replace them on the block. If she makes this known then she doesn’t have to worry about anyone winning POV. They’ll be tripping each other so they can exit the competition, or pull a Kalia and feign injury. Porsche then might possibly win if she is the only contestant.

    This ensures that there will be one less strong competitor for the various competitions. Dani needs to reduce her risk for the following week. Rachel without Brenda = useless. Jordan without the Big Jerkoff will be worse than useless. So now the other side will lose 2 votes.

    3) Tell Kalueless to STFU. When K starts to talk, chuck a burger down her throat, or hurl some food at her to keep her quiet. Keep feeding her so all she can do is lay down, eat, and empty her bowels. Leave no time for her to open her mouth to speak. Ever. And do not talk planning until K is in the can emptying herself out for the next gorging.

    4) Get Shelly on board. Tell Fire Marshall Shelly that her lying is known to everyone. Get Shelly to spread disinfo among the vets, so that next week she is untrustworthy to the 3 remaining vets. Someone suggested getting her to throw the Have Not comp so the vets are on slop, and to show some loyalty to Dani. I like that idea. It’s a good start. It’s worth it to edge Jordan to a breakdown of Rachel-like proportions. It would also make Shelly a prime target for the vets….who will ALWAYS play personal.

    5) Squeeze Adam’s ovaries. Get a concession or two before the nominations are known. Let him understand that he is there at Dani’s pleasure. Let him understand the error of his ways. Let him know that but for the grace of Dani, he would be up on the block. Hide the bacon. Dole it out as needed.

    6) Porsche is not to be trusted. The ultimate floater. Is it even possible to go underwater with fake tatas? Keep telling her she will be final 3 with Dani and Kalueless. She’ll buy into that. Jordan makes her look like Einstein.

    So then the votes should be Vets – 2, Dani’s Dunces – 4. If Porsche switches, then it’s 3-3 and Dani chooses which vet goes home. Actually, it doesn’t even matter what the vote is because one vet is going home. If it’s Rachel then maybe she can look into starting a new career at Burro Fluffer Productions, or some such similar venture.

    But Dani needs to protect herself for next week. Nobody in her Dunce Crew is capable of winning anything (unless K pulls out a free bag coupon from a chip bag). She should use A/S/K/P somehow to make themselves better targets next week. She should not ally herself with the vets, as they will not honour any deals, especially if they are on slop for another week.

    1. The only flaw in your plan is #4…..she will not get Shelly on board because she is good with JJ, even though BR knows that Shelly thinks she has a final 3 with them, BR knows that JJ are just letting her think that. At least I think that JJ are more loyal to BR than to Shelly. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that JJBR will not turn on Shelly for at least 2 or 3 more weeks.

      1. I agree. Skelly will be a tough nut to crack. If she can’t get Skelly to switch sides, then at least hopefully she can make her a lot less likable to the vets so that maybe they’ll vote her ass out next week. But you’re right, this is a tough one.

    2. agreed. either way 2 vets need to be put up and im worried she may make another stupid mistake and try to get shelly or adam out instead of the important ppl that need to leave…ie jeff jordan rachel or brendon

    3. Here’s the thing though. Dani needs to think about winning the $500,000. If all four vets are in the jury house then they controll who wins the money by a vote of 4-2. With those odds she’s not winning. So she may have the power this week but ulitimatley she has screwed herself.

        1. She can win if she’s up against Porsche or Kalia. Dani controlled both of them. If JJ/BR give the money to either Kalia or Porsche then they are bitter idiots.

      1. Nonsense. If Dani somehow manages a miracle to get to final 2 AND put all 4 vets in the jury house she will win the 500K almost unanimously. You think the vets will vote for a non competitive floater Adam or Porsche or Kalia over Dani? Not happening in a million years.

        Now if its 1 of JJBR in final vs Dani then yes I agree she has almost no chance.

        1. THEY VOTED FOR THE ULTIMATE floater JORDAN to win her season . people seem to forget she does and did nothing in her season . she acts all sweet and plays the vote for me dont vote me out game very well . we have seen her mean side this yr . JORDAN IS THE ULITMATE FLOATER ! think about it . P s they let her win HOH as she herself has admitted becuase she NEVER won it herself .

          1. I doubt Jeff or Brendan could have beaten a “three” on the putt-putt course comp. She did win that HOH as far as I’m concerned, and I’m not on Team JJ.

          2. REALLY??? who helped her win 2 outta the last 3 comps to get final 2? did you even watch that season or you just running your yapflap on shit you have read/heard?Jordan has a great social game and if she is sooooo useless,why are ALL the Dani fans so scared of her and Jeff? All you Dani fans say is get rid of JJ,How much longer will production keep handing DKP wins to protect Dani?????

        2. JORDAN you are the QUEEN OF THE FLOATERS ~ you have never won anything on your own . you won your season because the others carried you along as you FLOATED ALONG . STOP acting as if you are some sort of all star PLAYER . THESE PEOPLE ARE RETARDED FOR KEEPING A PERSON WHO WON THE WHOLE GAME ! I WOULD HAVE BOOTED HER ASS OUT FIRST GO ROUND . dumb bitch you alrteady won the show you needs to go ! now go play with your hair and act stupid . oh it is not an act it is who you truley are .

            1. Wow….. “Name” is sure bitter…. Jordan wasn’t a “floater” because she had a clear alliance to specific people. Just like she has this year. A floater is someone who just runs to whoever has the power.

          1. I think its really unlikely that Jordan would get many votes aside from Jeff if she made it to top 2, mainly since she already has 500k, I think everyone else would pick the other person in the top 2 over Jordan just because they all know that she has already won the game before and wouldnt want to give her another 500k.

          2. well she doesn’t thinks that she is an all star player. but I think her fans do. you can put any other sweet, dumb girl like Jordan in the house and they will have the same “game”

      2. Best bet is side with JJ, Dani can beat them much more easily in comps.
        Take Jordan to the end, who would give her $$ twice besides Jeff?

    4. Here’s the thing though. Dani needs to think about winning the $500,000. If all four vets are in the jury house then they controll who wins the money by a vote of 4-2. With those odds she’s not winning. So she may have the power this week but ulitimatley she has screwed herself.

    5. i disagree with everything except for number 3. this would have been a good gameplan if rachel or brendan was out this week but instead its lawon. dani needs to dump kalia ( as a final two) gain porsches complete trust, (wont be hard just dont have a rachel breakdown) and make a final two deal with her, as much as i hate it make a deal with sabatoe and boy george to take out americas sweet heart couple JJ and “Not so straight shooter” shelly, she can also work to get adam on her side or at least get him to vote they way she wants now you have DKPBRA against JJS. Once those three are gone game on

    6. Jdoe, you make some good excellent points: #1 & #3 (LoL), in particular. #2 is good in theory but won’t fly as Jeff & Brendum’s egos won’t allow them to succumb to the ultimatums of any female, especially one they are up against and, especially Dani’s. They’ll definitely try to win POV because they also don’t trust D and, their egos (once again!) would have them convince that once they won POV that they could then try and control and/or make a deal with Dani if she were to nominate someone of their choice.

      Also, re: #4 – absolutely not, for two reasons: 1) She CAN’T be trusted! Period! Paragraph!! …. As K (TFU) has finally figured out (a week late) and 2) Because S has her tobacco smelling lips permanently glued to JJ’s ass …… Again, period! Paragraph! However, knowing she can’t be trusted and will run and tell JJ all, can be used to DKP’s advantage (too long state but, nuff said).

      Re: #5 – LOL!!! Agree with but don’t think A can be trusted and wants to play his own game ….. or so he keeps telling himself …. in fact, his bacon & tobacco smelling lips have been pretty much glued to Jeff’s ass at least, since day 1 as well. He’s such a fan of BB that he too has a hard time admitting this to himself but, he’s a butt kisser and a floater none the less!

      Finally, re:#6 – I tend to disagree. I think P, like K, has finally seen the light and knows BR never had her back and, I think P likes the company of D (in particular) over R (who wouldn’t), let alone BR (ugh!) and can be trusted. She was loyal to R for a long time but, now that she gets that they will not have her back & didn’t appreciate her loyalty to them, she’s ready to show her loyalty to D, in particular.

      Great points made Jdoe! Still laughing at #3 & #5!!

    7. But my thing with this is you have to play strategically. They will eventually become jury votes. u do not want to piss off the jury to much. Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel are the 4 votes and best believe Dani will only win 50grand period. they will decide not to give it to Dani because of her lies. Dani screwed herself being a bitter which. Switching sided, being vindictive and catty. The only way she will win 500hundred grand is if Kalia is with her at the end. one of them will get taken out. and I think they would still give it to Kalia just to spite Dani,

      1. ladylove33, I’m with you on this. Has everyone forgotten that Dani turned on her own alliance and waaaay too early in the game. Understandably, an alliance cannot last forever….but she turned on the house’s strongest team one week after it was formed! And for all the Jeff haters, he wasn’t power tripping because others plotted to get him out; he was pissed because his own ally turned on him behind his back with no regard. BR are annoying as hell, yet they are entertaining and they are brutal competitors (as is Dani!) – isn’t that what this game is about? BR are very loyal, but I think that might turn around this week with negotiations with Dani.
        What the hell has Porsche done in this game but follow the power? Kalia is…..hahahahhaa……no words here.
        Dani needs to put up Kalia and Pacer. JK, she’ll likely put up Shelly and Jeff and backdoor Jordan as a pawn if POV is played.

        1. Let’s not forget also by wk 1 Dani was already plotting on getting her own dad out also…Dani sealed her own fate,picked the weakest players to align with and would sell her ass for a POV… all talk how the vets play personal,plz tell me how DKP are playing,looks personal to me,but since I’m a JJ fan….i’m just a fuk’n dumbass and not a real BB fan,only Dani fans are real BB fans and think every and anything DKP says or does is great,funny and perfectly ok,even if it’s the exact samething JJ/BR/S/A said/did and was bashed for.Oh and the Dani fans and thier conspiracy theories,get real!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Jdoe, have you ever applied to be on the show? If not, you should! I’d enjoy watching your game a hell of alot more than most of the game I’m watching now!:)

    9. Not trusting Porsche and getting Shelly on board are two bad bits of advice. One is a straight misread and the other a fantasy.

    10. I only disagree with the Porsche thing. I think Dani can trust Porsche. I think Jeff and Jordan need to go to the jury house ASAP, that way Dani inevitably gains Shelley on her side. And, the earlier someone goes to jury, the less hard feelings they have when it comes time for voting the winner. Jeff this week, Jordan next. Out of the remaining HG’s Dani would win the 500K IMO.
      Great post!

    11. I’d take a different approach.

      I think BR are pretty certain that Shelly and Adam are fully with JJ. At the very least they know Shelly is. JJ only use BR in the game now to be the bigger target and as a means of having votes on their side. That’s exactly why JJ fans voted Brendon back in. If it ever came down to JJ, Adam, Shelly, and BR, JJ would sell out BR in a heart beat and will not go to final four with them because they know Adam and Shelly are the weaker competitors and Jeff would dominate final HoH taking Jordan to the final 2.

      JJ are the two most stuborn people on this show. There is no way to win them back over or make a solid deal with them because they think that even if they lie or go back on their deal, they’ll still look like angels. However, BR (as cocky as they are and vengful as they are) are more likely to waiver towards a deal because they realize their options are limited.

      Put JJ up on the block. When Jeff wins and takes himself off the block (and you know he will because he likes Jordan but he’s not the Brendon-obsessed type that would sacrifice himself and Jordan’s already talking about sacrificing herself), replace with Shelly or Adam to show a “favor/deal” to BR. You have the votes to send Jordan home at least. Even so with Dani competing for Veto, Jeff has competition and it’s no guarantee he’ll win it over her.

      Even if BR aren’t on board with a deal, this move would definitely make them look guilty as sin with Jordan crying and “Big Jeff” enraged that BR turned on them.

      At this point, Shelly is a lost cause. She seems deadset on going with JJ to final 4 or even 3 (which is stupid on her part because she can’t make the finals against JJ and would NEVER win against either of them). Porsche is the one DK need to keep on their side. Porsche is competitive enough to win challenges and well aware that her only “friend” outside of DK is Rachel and that’s a friend she doesn’t even want. She just wants her in the house as a bigger target. Porsche doesn’t trust Shelly, Adam, or JJ. She will be loyal to DK because they’re her only hope. Porsche’s time as a floating is done. She’s floated as far as she could and knows it’s time to team up.

      I still think Jeff is the number one target. Rachel’s a mental wreak now and can’t get it together in competitions so that weakens BR. But even though Jordan isn’t a good competitor, we know she’s good at coasting as a weak player and then getting the final votes because she’s “nice.” Take away her right arm and then take her out too.

    12. I really don’t understand why so many of you are against Dani…….if you have 5 vets someone has to start kicking the strong players to the curb (THE VETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). When ED left she’s on her own..other pairs are in tact. If not you do not lose you definitely have the upper hand in the game because you’ve been there before and know what you need to do….align yourself with people you can beat in final three……if she’s there and continues to win….even the vets should show her the money. . She the only one with balls and can win comps. Go Dani!

  2. Wow another week of gloating, whining, moaning, bitching, hypocrisy and whispering from Dani period. Period! Lol.

    1. Your descriptive comment is a “Fill In The Blank.”

      You chose to put in Dani’s name and, IMO, Jordan’s name is the perfect fit.

    2. I couldn’t agree more…………………..That high pitched, let’s stab everyone in the back, voice of Dani’s is the worst…………almost as bad as Kalia’s non stop talking………….Why do people think that Brendon and Rachel are back stabbers………….They have been very loyal to their alliance, even when it put them in jeopardy.. It’s Dani who wanted to back door Jeff so she could carry on with Dominick………….Also Shelley lied to get her allies further ahead in the game…………Aren’t you supposed to be doing whatever you can to get those you want to the final three or four……..I guess it all depends on who you are allied with. Dani’s a terrific player so it’s going to be tough to get her out. Jeff is awful………….I don’t think he cares for a single person but himself and why is it that everyone was supposed to be working to keep him in the game………..What an attitude………….It looks like he might be out soon………..Although you never know.

      1. i agree. Rachel and Brendon stayed true to the allince. JJ flipped on Rachel. Now JJ are saying that if Rachel doesn’t go up then Rachel struck a deal. but wasn’t it Jj who struck a deal with Dani come on now they are so phony.

      2. I despise Dani’s game this year. Her game involves 100% competitions and terrible strategy. She’s made two major mistakes in this game. She was sitting in the best possible position and she let it go cause she’s a complete idiot. I think this week, BR are up on the block, If brendon wins the veto he’ll take himself off and either Jordon will go up as a pawn or Jeff will go up to go to jury. Daniele is screweddd. Once she’s gone Kalia and Porshe will be too terrified to make any
        moves. I honestly think Daniele F**** up this season.

  3. Very disappointed about Dani winning. I want to see BR and JJ battle it out. If BRJJSA would have won HOH, Someone on Dani’s side would have been voted out, then they would have probably joined BR’s side. Now everyone targeting DKP, just like last season when everyone was against BR and the house stayed united because they all wanted the same people out and they finally turned on each other when there were only 5 people left.

  4. If she puts the guys up and threatens to take out their women if they win pov will make them work harder. Both guys have a better chance with the gf’s gone and they realize this. So that is zero threat. I think she will cut a deal with JJ and put up BR

      1. Confused … So last night Jordan talked about how during the have not competition she had to go against Adam (“Jeff and Rachel tied it up and then it was up to me to chug against Adam, and I tried to make his as thick as possible”) … did I miss something? Adam and Rachel did not play – she went against Dani …

          1. Right, that’s what I’m talking about, last weeks competition. She claimed to have gone up against Adam after Jeff tied it up with Rachel, but Rachel and Adam did not play in that comp (Only 3 from each team played) besides that, she went up against Dani, not Adam …

            1. I caught that too not sure if alot of that comp wasn’t edited apparently on part of CBS because jordan became an irrational baby during it and didnt want her to look bad but i noticed that too didnt make sense

            2. It’s probably like Survivor where you don’t see the whole competition. They probably had to do drink more than 3 times. If that’s not the case then ?????

        1. Jordan was rehashing last weeks have not comp…………I forget who she played against…………..doesn’t really matter…………the have not for this week is played today…………and also nominations are today as well…………Are they?

      1. Far from a Brendon fan but the anti-Brendon votes were getting split between Dom and Cassi if this site and others like it were any indication.

      2. in Many of these games such as american |idol etc .. to keep the votes in order and to try and keep it fair they have an outisde firm audit the voting .. does cbs not do this ??

    1. I am!!!!!!!!! I really hope Dani teams up with brenchel. They are the only ones she can beat besides Kalia or Porche in the finals. Plus they might just prove to be loyal to a deal. Jeff and Jordan will break any deal given. I never thought BR would be more honest than JJ.

    2. The only reason I’m still reading (& watching) is because Dani won HOH. Otherwise, the clusterf**** known as Kalia’s HOH & “America’s Choice” would’ve done me in for this season.

    3. Thrilled Dani won HoH! Pissed Brendum won(??????) America’s vote & is back. Already starting to feel nauseous just watching BR making out … and no doubt feeling each other up (poor JJ – still not get’n nut’n. The jig is up you two …. we’re on to you!).

      GOvTEAM DANI — TFW!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Love your site Simon! Yea this twist was so stupid and f’ed with Dani & Kalia’s game. I was going to stop watching until heard Dani won HOH. Seriously CBS has given BR so many f’ing chances to be on this show. I am so over them. I kind of think D&K are in a better position now without Lawon and at least they finally got a clue about Shelly. They need to get out of that HOH room and interact though.

    5. Thursday here after the CBS hour, I gotta admit I wasn’t too happy, not only at Brendon coming back, but at seeing that Matt and Ragan both now apparently love Rachel. The whole episode left me wanting to take a bleach bath. But tuning into BBAD later on and seeing Shelley freaking out over being found out, Adam’s voice shaking as he unsuccessfully tried to apologize to Dani, and especially seeing that key around Dani’s neck… my mood quickly improved;) I don’t know how long it’ll last, but for now, I’m happy:)

    6. I am so happy with twist followed by wonderful HOH. Makes for great TV. Now watch Jeff and Jordon threaten and bully Dani.

    7. lol Yep! Very very happy. You might have heard something about that.
      This week.. if I were Dani..I would put up Shelly and Adam together. With the idea of back dooring Jeff.
      I think it’s very possible to keep a side alliance with Rachel and Brendon. At least until they take out JJS.

  5. This is a set up to pay for Brenchal’s wedding! This makes me sick! The camaras are always on them. They get more TV time than anyone! Does CBS really think that’s what america wants to see? What do you think Simon?

  6. I think Danie will force Shelly to put up or shut up this week by putting her up along Brendon. Either one wins POV and any one comes down, then another from the five goes up. I think she can make them dance this week because while on the surface it would seem there are 2 weeks of wasted HOH… they’ve managed to scare the duos and make them sweat. She needs to play on that fear factor.

    1. I like the idea of using the Havenot comp to get her to show some loyalty. The vets already thought she threw one. If Jordan is on slop again she is going to loose it. She may just self-evict for cookie dough. Sorry for posting soo many comments so quickly Simon. I am just excited that there may be some new alliances formed.

    1. Dani made a strong move and got Brenden out of the house. Kalia was the one to allow Lawon to go on the block. She should have nominated Jordon

      1. Yep, she should have nominated Jordan. Then it would either be R or B in the house and not both of them. Bad, stupid move on Kalia’s part. What a dunce.

    1. I cannot believe I’m saying this yo…. I like BR better than JJ AND Straight-Shooter! ( although I do feel badly for her because she is missing her family terribly)

    2. Let me rephrase a bit though… BR really aren’t that bad as compared to JJ/S ( ONLY as long as they aren’t making out and being gross and being bullies)!

  7. This is the worst season ever! How stupid to vote Brenda back in! I was hoping America would bring back Dom to see what game he had. Of course this season sucked from the minute the vets entered the house. I hate when the shows do this. Seriously, the vets have all had more than their 15 minutes. I was a huge JJ fan on BB and I supported them on Amazing Race, even though they proved to be idiots. I won’t even go into the Brenchal mess. Dani is ok because she’s pretty much been on her own. I am done watching this scripted and production controlled “reality show”.

    1. The newbies are a big part of why this season is terrible, not the veterans. They chose an absolutely horrible cast of newbies. Not a single one of them were interesting.

      Keith: Just an arrogant idiot
      Cassie: Nice to look at it, but was boring and had terrible game play
      Dom: He created a 4 person alliance, and 4 of the 5 first evictions were that alliance. He became friends with Dani, and then they just laid in bed together all day every day playing grab ass. This kid was boring when he wasn’t an idiot
      Kalia: A complete idiot. When she isn’t eating, she is talking. When she isn’t talking, she is eating. Or usually she is doing both at the same time. NOM NOM NOM NOM, “hey Dani, what do you think about getting rid of one of our own alliance members?” NOM NOM NOM NOM. She has been on this show 6 weeks too long.
      Adam: The bacon shit became annoying within 5 minutes.
      Porsche: Wait… is she still in the house? I can’t remember because she is so boring that editing rarely even shows her.
      Lawon: Well I’m sure Marcellus loves this guy for finally taking the crown of worst move in BB history
      Shelly: At least she is playing the game. She completely manipulated Kalia last week and it was awesome. But I can’t get past her look. The way she walks reminds me of Goofy, and its amazing how much she looks like David Spade (and really creepy). And that damn kiss thing she does after her eviction nominations grosses me the hell out.

      1. Sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree… I think both the newbies and the veterans’ games have been lacking this year. There’s a cowardice amongst the newbies, and there’s a sense of really irritating entitlement amongst the veterans, at least in my eyes. This really might be a year where the winner is the one who screwed up the least rather than who played the best game.

        1. Well then we don’t really disagree. Because I agree with you that their is a cowardice among the newbies, and the vets feel entitled. But at least the vets are playing the game and making moves. The newbies are just sitting back and doing nothing, and when they do attempt to do something they completely screw it up (Shelly is the only exception).

          1. Actually, the only vet making moves, whether they’re smart or not, is Dani, in my opinion. The others are trying to make moves, then throwing a fit when their moves don’t work. Overall, the veteran game is just as flawed as the newbie game, from what I’ve been watching, but the flaws on each side are like apples and oranges.

  8. BR is loyal to JJ, SA is loyal to JJ and JJ is loyal to JJ. Cut a deal with BR for 2 weeks, put up JJ, Jeff is the target. If Jeff comes down, Brendon goes up. Shelly/Adam and Brendon/Rachel really are not aligned. Get the BR to target floaters and SA to target BR and you have gained 3 weeks.

    JJ is the only pair linking this gigantic alliance. JJ are alliance floaters! They float to BR when they win comps and SA when they need votes. I see Jeff out this week for a deal to target Shelly next week. If what Dani is saying is true, with Jeff gone you have Adam v Brendon in a physical endurance and both would be willing to target Shelly so long as the POV stays with someone who will not use it.

    Sorry JeJo, if Dani has learned anything from last week, it’s bye bye for Jeff.

    1. You’re totally right. This is the best plan indeed. I hope Dani realizes this!

      God I can’t believe I’m becoming a BR supporter for the itme being. WHO AM I?

  9. to all those people who are complaining about Brandon and Rachel… did you vote? cause if you didn’t then you have no right to complain about brandon being back. I hate hearing people moan that he is back but then they say they didn’t vote

  10. Dani tells Kalia and Peterbilt they have to exercise this week for the next hoh because its endurance. I’ll believe it when I see it, those two cant stop stuff ing their face day amd night LOL.

    Peterbilt is one goofy looking chick, weird expressions on her face. She just a awkward duck and very uncoordinated, shes seems like she has two left feet. Very sloppy looking she looks like a little kid getting to big for her clothes.

    Still can’t wait to see her and Joba work out, after their they’ll prolly reward themselves with a half a pie of pizza( w/ extra cheese)and dessert.

  11. Simon, I need your opinion…

    Say Jeff and Brendon go up? If either of them win veto, would they even take themselves off? If Jeff takes himself off, there’s a chance Jordan goes up and if Brendon takes himself off, there’s a chance Rachel goes up. Would either one risk it?

  12. Jeff and Brendon this week straight up no tricks and gimmicks, that will start to destroy their alliance, just getting one of them out is not enough she has to pit them against each other.

    1. I agree, except I think Dani will have a short term alliance with Rachel and Brendon.
      She may not trust him and vice versa but if Brendon thinks about the long term, it is
      in his best interest to take out Jeff, asap. If he loses to Jeff and Jeff uses the POV on
      himself then Dani will put up Jordan.
      S/A/J vote to evict Brendon.
      P/K/R/ vote to evict Jordan.
      Dani will break the tie and evict Jordan.

      Brendon and Dani can cross swords later on in the game.

      The J/J $howmance has gone KABOOM!
      BB/CBS is ready to sponsor the real deal romance of Rachel and Brendon.
      The Best Proof of that was last night’s interview with Rachel’s former enemy and now
      close friend, Regan. He is going to be in B/R Wedding Party. Great BB Public Relations.
      IMO, BB/CBS is ready to host the B/R Wedding. No more waiting around for
      the never going to happen J/J wedding day.

      1. I got that same sneaky suspicion while watching lastnight’s broadcast! Who would really watch that? I wouldn’t it, BR are only fun to watch when they have BB drama …. a wedding show would be a barf inducing trauma.

        1. B/R will be the FIRST BB Wedding.
          BB will be sure all former BB HGs are invited and most will attend.
          Why not? It will be an all-expense paid for vacation and a fun reunion.

          It’s a Win Win for BB.

          Will Rachel become Bridezilla?

          1. BTW – I don’t think Rachel will become a Bridezilla.
            She will be so over the top happy with her Dream Wedding to Brendon that
            all of her tears will be joyful ones.
            IMO, Regan validated Rachel being a nice person……. outside of the BB House.

            1. I think that was the most shocking thing about last night’s show – Reagan and Rachel are friends! I am not a Rachel fan by any means, but the fact that she can be friends with Reagan after the tongue-lashing he gave her on national TV speaks volumes. As does the fact that she could forgive Brendon for his
              Wiener-esque ways. Apparently, Vegas can forgive and forget. I would say, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but the bedsheets would call me a liar!

      2. I agree with Midwest Fan!! Everyone on here is talking about floaters and liars…BUT how come no one is talking about JORDAN…She’s the biggest floater ever!! She can’t win anything to save her life and number 2 is Jeff is has won what one competition this season!
        There is something that has to be said when Regan was talking about Rachel! He totally hated her during their season and now there are best friends!! That shows me that outside of this house, Rachel is probably a really good person!! Don’t get me wrong… on TV, she is a HOT MESS, and I also think that if she goes home, Brendon will do better without her!
        Dani is not my favorite fan! She rode on Daddy’s tail her entire season and there is a reason why she didn’t win over her dad! I think She is a total mess outside of the house! Pictures of her roommate and brother….there is something totally dysfunctional with that family!!!
        I believe that she needs to cut a deal with Brenden and Rachel this week and get Shelly out…Double crosser never make it to the end!! THen after that they need to go after Jeff and Jordan because I really believe that Brenden is the better competitor than them all!!

        And as for thinking that CBS rigged the outcome!! Are you kidding?!?!? Quit complaining!! I guess you people have never watched reality TV before!! It is all about ratings…and it is not that CBS rigged it, it is just the way of editing it!! Please!!! I think you all who are complaining that Brenden came back find it hard to believe that there are more fans out there who likes the drama that Brenden and Rachel bring to the game! Get over it! :0)

      3. if Jeff wins the POV and Dani puts up Jordan as a replacement, it’s not to evict Jordan but to do the same as two weeks ago, make sure Brendon is evicted, again. Dani isn’t stupid enough to waste her HOH on Jordan. Plus I don’t think Kalia would vote Jordan out this early in the game either.

      4. As you see the Dani fans are now BR fans as well,they want BR to help get JJ out to protect Dani,what you Dani fans are forgetting is….BR have to do what’s best for them,not the on her knees in the DR

        1. BR has to do what’s best for them,not the on her knee’s in the DR earning veto’s/hoh’s Dani. Aligning with Dani is not BR’s best move,their best move is to compete with whoever is against them in the veto comp.Dani does not play nxt wk and her deal will mean BLANK…”I promise not to put you up nxt wk BR” no BLANK,you can’t play for HOH nxt wk.

  13. I totally agree. Brendan and Rachel also love competitors. I think they would honor a deal. Dani is also the only person one of them can beat if they make it to finals. I am not a BR fan but they are bit more forgiving than JJ. JJ act like they are entitiled to win this game. Especially Big headed Jeff! He would knock out Jordan to win the money. It is like she is only there to help him win. She is not really trying to win for herself.

  14. i agree but br dont keep their word wat did rachel do she told everyone wat kalia and dani said to them so thye cant be trusted

    1. She told them they were “bullying” her. She did not reveal the deasl made even though JJS asked her a dozen times. Which means she’s keeping that idea on the back burner, and I can definitely see her and brendon going for it this week.

  15. Yay! So excited! Back on team dani… I hope they cut a deal with BR and get shelly out the house. Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome (unless dom were here!)

  16. omg i am so mad now, brendon i voted for u so u can take out the wicked witch(dani), so disappointed i wanted you to win this HOH but u let me down, now i am hoping u win the POV and cut a deal to safe rachel and JJ and get rid off of snake shelly… here is to HOPING !! lol

  17. I agree with you. I hope Jeff goes home and Dani works with BR. Porsche wins HOH (hey Kalia won) , and sends Shelly packing. Loving the show again!!!!!

  18. If I were Dani, I would sit down with JJBR and make a deal. I would tell them up front she is putting up Shelly and Jordan so Shelly will go home. [Dani needs to talk with Adam to let him know she spared him over Shelly] In exchange for her not putting JJBR up, they must agree to put up and evict Adam next week. This will get rid of the two biggest floaters which JJBR keep saying floaters must go. JJBR lose two of their allies but they remain safe for two weeks and they still have the majority (4 to 3). If Shelly or Team Dani win POV, then backdoor Jeff after cutting a deal with BR to save Brendon from going up [make B&R swear on their future together], and let Shelly and Adam know the deal JJBR cut and how expendable they were to JJBR and tell them if Jeff doesn’t go home, they will be putting up Shelly and Adam next time.

    Just an observation: It’s like when one of Team Dani come up with a good insight, someone else on the team dismisses it as that couldn’t happen and then they drop it. Also, Porsche already said Shelly will go with the power, which opens them up for Kalia and Porsche to tell Shelly strategies again since they will believe she has changed sides – because they are that stupid. Dani would be best to not tell Kalia and Porsche any more than she has to.

    1. Haha I love when ppl say make BR swear on their relationship etc and if they don’t do as agreed…what they have to break-up? haha I would swear on splitting my winnings to take me to final 2….doesn’t mean I’m actually going to. Kinda like I swear on my life I’m not lying…but if I am I’m going to die,lololol

    1. Yeah well, sometimes a bitch can gets things done. :) And didn’t her Dad call her a bitch years ago? She may have had a reason to be one with parents like hers. So who cares what her Dad called her LOL. He’s one to talk. The girl hasn’t played a perfect game but she does have good instincts and is a fighter. I think her win will help make it more interesting this week. I didn’t want to see any side just come in and railroad the other the whole season. The season is already bad enough.

  19. I am 100% convinced it was all a set-up by the producers.

    Rachel’s reactions and the fact the cameras stayed on her alone most of the time are very evident of a scripted event.

    She actually looked like she was acting.

    1. lol who else would you expect the cameras to go to? The person who was going to have the best reaction was obviously going to be Rachel. Dani’s only reaction to anything is to sit still and put on her mad face. If it was really set up by the producers, they would have given them a competition that favored Brendon. And they didn’t. That competition was as fair as it could get.

  20. I totally think if Rachael was voted out then (oddly they would have said America voted Dominic back in the house) but they waited to see who was going to go to so they can have both Rachael and Brenden in the house b/c BigBrother loves their hot mess drama…it’s such a SCAM….not cool b/c it’s bringing down the authenticity of the show..if production is going to completely dictate the show then it just becomes another soap-opera like drama series…

  21. OK…I admit it. I’m a sore loser. I wanted either J, J, B, R or S to win HOH. Now that Danielle has, I’ve decided its rigged. :)
    I really don’t, but all of these “twists” are starting to feel very scripted. I don’t know what Dani had to do to win, but as much as I don’t care for her, I’ve got to give her credit for winning.
    If she was aligned with anyone with more than one third of a brain, she could have ruled this house. BR still bug me, but I do admit, I like having them in the game and I’m still crazy about J&J.
    I would love a vet to win because I don’t think any newbie is worthy….except possibly Shelly. Only because whether you like her or not, she has played both sides very well.
    P.S. Did you see how disappointed Keith looked when they announced that he wouldn’t be going back in? Seriously….did that idiot really think he had a chance? Does anyone care about the 1st person voted off of anything? Fool.

  22. I feel like we’ve run the gamut of emotions this week: we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve bitched, we’ve sighed! Though this certainly isn’t my favourite BB season, I enjoy weeks like this past one …… Wait! Let me explain. …..because you can run the roller coaster of emotions and, still not know for certain what will happen next. It’s exhausting, but exhilarating!

    Just want to add my gratitude and thanks to SIMON & DAWG for their relentless efforts! A phenomenal site! Thanks guys & CHEERS!

  23. alright i believe this could work well for dani make a deal with br to make a porsche , dani and br final four put up jj to insure they won’t continue to work with them send jeff out then make it adam , shelly , jordan vs pdbrk that would really shake the power and the other side would be useless

  24. I don’t believe Rachel was acting nor was Brenden when he found out that Rachel was nominated for eviction and did not get evicted.

  25. Agree that JJ are NOT on D’s side but, still say BR are the biggest and/or strongest competitors D is up against and since JJ & BR are currently aligned, and though there may be cracks in their alliance (R being the biggest “crack”), I don’t see things changing such that JJ would take out BR and, lord knows none of the floaters have shown the remotest sign of being able to do so. Dani is the only one who can take out her strongest opponents and, she needs to strike while the iron is hot …. she may not have “another” opportunity to do so down the road …. as next week she could be going on the block.

  26. UGH I dont understand why everyone likes Dani! I watch RTVZone for Dicks POV and all his guests love her! Im sorry but she is soooo not playing the social aspect of the game. she has a foul attitude and is just over all nasty. I think Shelly has done a great job up until this point her lieing can only work for SO long. She needs to pick it up and win HOH. I’ve been hoping Adam would pick up his game but I have a feeling he will be voted out soon. :( RIP TEAM BACON

      1. I am not on team R she was really immature too. I think JJ have been super flip floppy. im not really loving anyone this season.

  27. Nominate Jeff and Bren for eviction, if one wins POV and takes themself off, nominate their girlfriend. Let it be known RIGHT NOW your plans and watch their alliance fall apart while yours strenghtens.

    1. I really hope she does this to see how the “super alliance” destroys themselves, you know Jeff doesn’t give a crap about anyone else he’s gonna be throwing people under the bus and into oncoming traffic to save his ass.

      He’s already playing Kalia’s dumbass and she so stupid she can’t even see it.

  28. It wasn’t rigged. If you put your bias aside and actually think about it, it’s obvious why Brendon would win.

    America has only known Dom for 3 weeks, and he didn’t do anything to leave a lasting impression. Like the rest of the cast of newbies, he was boring. America has known Brendon for over a year now. He actually has a fanbase (I don’t know if you’d call it a fanbase, but him and Rachel are a train wreck, and people love to stop and watch a good train wreck). America has known Jeff and Jordan for two years now, and America loves them (I never got their appeal though). Brendon coming back would be a huge gain for Jeff and Jordan. So who do you think all those JJ fans voted for?

    Brendon got all the votes of the BR fans, all the votes from the JJ fans, and all the votes of people who just wanted to watch Kalia and Dani see Brendon come back into the house.
    Dom only received the left over votes. And he had to share those votes with Cassi.

  29. Oh, holy HELL, was it hard to watch BBAD last night. I could almost hear the herpesvirus organisms multiplying with each BR makeout session. I’m sorry, really am not trying to be mean here (ok, maybe I am), but GOOD GOD do these two slobbering all over each other in between ‘You’re so great. No, you’re so great!’ rancid pillow talk gross me out beyond words. I’ve managed to remain happily married to my husband for eighteen years, still going strong, and in my real world, a couple who acted like this would probably get their asses kicked if they acted like that in front of most real couples. Jesus, I’m just waiting any moment for Brendon to buy Rachel her Homecoming mum. I’m surprised that he didn’t in Season 12 hand Rachel a piece of paper saying ‘Do you like me? If you do, check the ‘yes’ box’. Oh, wait… they don’t have paper and pens in the BB house. Nevermind;)

    1. This is what 1,000,000+ idiots voted for. Like I said the “mentally challenge” supports their own

      Last night I wished I was a Canadian, for the 2nd time since Bush Jr had the 2001 Presidential election rigged for him, my country let me down.

    2. I’m 100% sure he knew he loved her soon as she had his dick in her mouth week 2 of last season. wait til the sexual bliss is over and he realized what AMERICA realizes, gonna be the funniest Annulment ever.

  30. And we are what………..spending time writing all this critique about people we know not at all……………..Brendon and Rachel deserved another chance…………tthey were the best players last year…………..there was a twist (can’t remember what it was) that skewered their chance at winning………Anyway let’s lighten up folks……………As Rachel and Jordan often say…….”It’s only a game” folks…………..”It’s only a game.

  31. What about the competition between Brendon and Lawon?

    Why did Production allow the HGs in the BY during the competition?
    IMO, they should have been kept inside and watched the game from there.

    Rachel and others helped Brendon win by yelling out the COLOR of the BALLS
    he still needed to play.
    Would he have screwed up if he hadn’t had their help?
    Who knows? I doubt he would have gotten all of the balls in time.
    IMO, Lawon didn’t have a chance.
    Even if someone attempted to call out tips to Lawon, they wouldn’t have been heard.
    Rachel and the others were screaming non-stop to Brendon.

    1. I agree Midwest Fan. Lawon didn’t have a chance in hell however I thought having all of them together was just over played. Brenden would have won, Lawon didn’t know what to do. He had been much to smug thinking he was coming back that when he realized what was happening it was too late.

  32. I’m relieved that Kalia has FINALLY realized that Shelly is a snake. Shelly has helped evict all of the newbies (of course, Kalia helped also in the first week, SMH).

      1. I agree. I think Kalia has some issues about being accepted by certain types of people, and her game will always suffer as a result. There’s a Kalia every season, if you ask me. BB casting intentionally picks this type to throw into the mix in order to see if they’ll pick the need for the money over the need for popularity. To date, I’ve never seen a ‘Kalia’ get to the top two.

  33. JJ should go home next week, at least one half of it. Double eviction would be the best scenario! DKP should cut a deal with BR. It wouldn’t benefit them to waste their energies on getting B or R out, AGAIN!!! It’ll be like reliving 2 wks ago for the 3rd time. Make BR understand that she was right when she told them to backdoor Jeff since JJ has a final three with SSS. Appeal to their hatred of floaters and make them understand the friend of your enemy is your enemy: JJ being friends with SSS, ergo they’re BR’s enemies. Ship them home!

  34. first of all dani is screwed, because her move to backdoor jeff was way too early! now she MUST stop go on war with BR or/and JJ. if she keeps playing like the past 3 weeks she will have no shot to win!! she cant win every comp and kalia and porsche are not strong players.

    i would make a deal with BR. they are good competitiors and nobody really likes them. so in the end that could bring dani the money. if JJ hang around nobody will vote for dani. and she has to get rid of kalia. all the others HATE her and that is coming to bite dani too. so dani make deal with BR, take out jeff. allow BR to take out kalia next week and then go on…

    but danis poor gameplay (in large part her ego) will not allow that. she thinks she is the one and only. so in the end sooner or later she will lose and nobody will help her.

    1. lol. funny. her former alliance playing personal.

      dani is the one who began to play personal. that cost her DOM in the house and then she went on war with BR. because she thought they are the ones who where respnsible for DOMs exit. instead of getting rid of jeff she made this stupid move.

      now she is where she is. at least give it a try with BR. oherwise she is screwed anyway. ok she can the week and a brendon exit. but afetr that she will be in deep trouble!

    1. The people who run this site absolutely know how to spell. They also know that we the readers want to see updates asap, so they sit at their pc’s and type as fast as they can what’s happening so we can get those updates, knowing that most of us will read past the errors and get what’s going on. They also do this without charging a fee to the many people who read here, rely on donations from time to time, meaning that they’re basically providing the feeds, the screen caps, the entire interaction for free to anyone who wants to visit.

      For the record, I’m a published writer, not to mention an editor for other writers, and this is THE only Big Brother site I follow regularly… the errors don’t bug me a bit when you’d think I’d be the first to say something. I’m too busy reading details I can’t get anywhere else, hilarious comments from other BB fans, and feeling an overall sense of dedication I’ve never seen at other BB sites:)

      My advice to you is to keep reading and stop worrying about the spellcheck. You’ll get addicted, I promise!

    2. when you pick on simon or Dawg the claws come out. They are in my alliance, like it or not and well that means death to all others who mess with them. They can spell, shall I go over this again –

      simon and DAWG twitter, facebook, tumblr etc. not only that they have to watch the feeds, keep current, update, approve comments, participate etc, now tell me when in the run of a day would they have time to let alone wipe their asses but yet here they are having to fend off asshole comments. really? you think that is okay? it’s not. I would ban your damn ip and never ever let you post, but that is me and I am spitey. simon and DAWG are awesome which is why they allow you even a chance. so there we go, another point on their side. amen

  35. Brenda: said when they showed Daniele’s message, he thought she needed more makeup because she “looked like skeletor”.

    I found this kinda comical seeing as his future wife looks like a man without makeup and a tranny with makeup.

    Say what you want about Dani but fact oif the matter is she still looks a shitload better than Boy George

  36. Hey Simon, you were right about last night. Great predictions. Who do you think is going to go up for nominations this week :)

  37. First off Lawon’s exit interview with Julie Chen only solidified the notion that the casting staff had partaken in “some mighty fine wine” before he walked in the door. I loved when Shelly scuttled across the yard to hide under the hammock when Brenchel were performing their daily affirmations that they were the only ones playing a good game and everyone else was no good. Does anyone have a link to this? My husband missed it. Thanks!

  38. i still love JJ, but i honestly think jordan is not into the game this year; being on slope & just being in the big brother house re-living the whole experience; no excuses though, i’m pretty sure she’s just going to lay low this week with jeff. it might be better if she leaves, i love her to death; butmaybe jeff can consentrate better not trying to protect two people. either that or jordan needs to get her shit together.

    1. Who said she was in the game her season?, I was happy she won, but I didn’t forget the fact that she floated and got help to get to the final 3.

  39. I believe no one can truly trust Dani, she has already proven that she will stab her own alliance in the back. Dani is a woman scorned. obviously from the other night’s conversation she wanted Brendon, and he never came back for her to make her move on him. When they were first in the house she tried to get close to Brendon and it didn’t work then she wanted Dom,{ probably to try and make Brendon jealous}, and he got voted out . she is playing a very personal game, and I believe that Brendan knows it. He was out of the house for a week and now has a new insight on the game. He also told Rachel if they both go up on the block and he wins pov he is not using it on her. Also, didn’t Jeff say that if he and Jordan went up on the block, they should vote Jordan out. By the way, having all 4 vets in the house will not get Dani any money, they dislike her, she messed up their entire game plan and they never recoupe from the damage she caused, she will never win the money. By the way Shelly will vote the way JJ tells her to vote. Dani will only win $50,000 again.

    1. “Dani is a woman scorned. obviously from the other night’s conversation she wanted Brendon, and he never came back for her to make her move on him. When they were first in the house she tried to get close to Brendon and it didn’t work then she wanted Dom,{ probably to try and make Brendon jealous}, and he got voted out .”

      1st off, ewww, a women wanting the famous NeanderTALL(who talks down to his beloved like she was a child(I know she constantly acts lie one but still), is just WRONG on so many levels firstly being he has the “emotions of a female”, but the only other women in the house that wanted Brenda was Porsche.

    2. Dani isn’t and hasn’t been going after Brendon. lol
      Her comments were about Brendon telling Dani and a group of friends, some former BB HGs, that
      he wanted to join them at a bar. He went to park his car but he never came
      Dani attempted to call him and find out if he was coming back to the group or not
      as they were about to head to another bar.
      Brendon never returned to the group and never called back.
      Dani and the group thought Brendon was rude/thoughtless.

  40. What Brenchel needs to do to stay in this game
    1)Make a Deal with Daniel To put them up as pawns but let them win the veto to backdoor Shelly, if they say that shes playing both sides and cant be trusted it might just keep them around another week.
    2)Keep there mouths shut.

  41. I was bashing Lawon for being the biggest idiot on BB. But, I must admit that seeing the look on his face, as he tried to continue with the comp, even though he knew he had no chance made me feel bad for him.
    I am so psyched that Dani won HOH, and PRAY that they are truly done with Shelly. Scare the crap out of them Dani!!!!! Maybe it’s time that Shelly the snake leaves!

    1. Ragan and Dick on Twitter both had the same sentiment about Lawon: Real good guy but not cut out for Big Brother.

      His exit interview is on I’d suggest checking it out. Very classy guy.

      1. Once again I agree with CJ. Lawon was great but he wasn’t meant for the game. He lacked both social and physical skills but he seems to be a wicked guy.

  42. you guys i need to know one thing WHY there is so many haters on here. Does anyone work? I think CBS know’s who’s going to winner you can tell that with the live feed . It doesnt matter who’s talking if they say something about production the cut away. And if anyone one think that CBS is not controlling the out come them you might not be smarter then a 2nd grader. So just set back and watch the drama show its not reality.

    1. I attend and work at a university. I don’t have crap else to do during the day after going to the gym and making myself food. :-)

      1. I’m with you CJ. I work at home on my computer however I work outside the house in the fall for shows, after that I’m back to the house again. Bitch is getting paid. It’s fun to come here and let loose. We can talk game, scream for our favorites, compare ideas, discuss conspiracies etc, why do others condemn us for it?

        How much time do people spend out of their day being all righteous by bullying people on the internet? Do you work?

  43. I can not stand DANI,Porsche or Shelly. I want the three of them to be evicted. I do think that Dani will try to evict Jeff or Jordan and keep Rachael and Brendon to have at there wedding. I feel that Big Brother has made a HUGE ERROR THIS SEASON. It should have been only newbies not vets in this show. I hope though that Jeff or Jordan win the game

  44. Best case scenario is a backdoor of one of the BRJJ. Even if one of them win the POV, you still get a chance of taking one out. Obviously all bets are off if it’s Jordan who gets voted out in this scenario. She’s useless so she can stay until she has to go.

  45. This is my first time watching bb. I love it. I love this blog and the chit chat…. Hilarious!
    My 2 cents is it was a total cbs set up last night. They so want the vets to stay and it is sick! All the dani haters, i dont understand why u hate on her so much…. She is totally the reason i watch. She plays the game. Omg…. Adam, pooch, shlepy and jj are all soooo boring! I do hope dani dumps khumbi… She is sick!
    I too wld have stopped watching this season unless dani won hoh! Phew.

  46. Same idiots who believe in that BLANK, are those who believe if you break a mirror you get 7 years bad luck, it’s the same superstition BLANK.

  47. Well, it is pretty obv that this show if rigged. It would have made more sense if Dom or Keith were brought back in… Not Brendon, Clearly this is a show made for Rachel and Brendon because they believe rattings would continue to go up. I for one, am no longer watching Big brother 13 .. I will check this site from time to time to see who the finals are but other then that. CBS couldn’t have made it any more obv that this show is totally rigged.

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