Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff gets pissed off at Rachel and tells her that we didn’t put you up ..we aren’t the deciding votes.. *Updated*

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12:45pm Brendon, Rachel and Shelly are out in the backyard talking. Jordan says that if Adam is voting to keep Shelly they will have to vote to keep Shelly too …because they don’t want to make bigger targets of themselves. Rachel says that no matter what they would vote to keep Jeff or Jordan. Brendon says that he would just appreciate them telling them what they are doing. Brendon says that he still needs to talk to two people. Jordan says that if you can get the votes we will vote for you. Jordan heads inside. Brendon tells Rachel not to fight his battles …that he will fight them for himself. Rachel says worst alliance EVER!! Brendon says yeah right! Rachel says that when everyone was against Jeff they fought to keep him. Jeff comes out and they question him. Jeff says that they can’t go against the house… Jeff says that if you don’t get Adam on board I will not vote for you …because I still have to play in this game.

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1pm Jeff says that we didn’t put you put …we aren’t the deciding vote. Jeff questions Rachel and Brendon …don’t you think that Dani’s mind is already made up. Rachel says no .. well I don’t know … we can still talk to her. Jeff says that you are focused on the wrong people … focus on Adam .. if we vote for you …he is going home … if we don’t vote for you …he is still going home. Jeff tells Rachel that he still has Rachel’s back if Brendon goes home. Jeff tells Brendon to bring Adam to him to say that he is voting for you and we will vote to keep you. Jeff says lets be real …Dani is not switching her vote. Jeff tells Rachel that if something bad happens she needs to keep her head on straight.. Brendon says that no matter what if I leave you two are the number one targets. Brendon says I am not done fighting. Jeff asks Rachel if she is going to continue this attitude …we are going to have a problem moving forward! Do you have a problem with me? Jeff starts really getting mad. Brendon tells Jeff to stop .. she is just upset that I am leaving. Jeff says that he really tired to protect her while Brendon was gone … Rachel says that she is just upset …we have been the target for three weeks now.. Brendon tells Jeff that he is going to try and make sure she gets along with as many people as possible if he leaves. Jeff explains that he is just pissed and that she needs to target her anger at other people. Jeff walks over by the pool. Brendon asks Rachel if she is okay. Rachel says that she is just upset and that she will die trying to win HOH this week. Shelly, Adam, Kalia, Porsche and Jordan come out into the backyard…
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1:10pm – 1:20pm Brendon and Rachel are in the havenot room talking. Rachel is going off about how Jeff talked to her. Rachel says who the BLANK are you …who are you to talk to me like that! Brendon says that he is going to talk to Jeff and tell him that he can’t talk to Rachel the same way that he talks to Jordan. Rachel says that he talked to me like that the whole week you were gone. Rachel says that if he leaves she will NOT cry … she will NOT get frazzled… she WILL go out there and WIN THAT BLANK HOH! Brendon says that he will tell Jeff that he doesn’t care if he doesn’t respect Jordan …but that he needs to respect Rachel.. Brendon says that he is going to put him in his place and show him where he stands …this is my place to step in as a man. Rachel says that we stuck up for them ..they are the worst sheep followers. Brendon tells her to calm down. Rachel says that she is really pissed off … BLANK you …you aren’t going to go against the house …BLANK YOU! Brendon tells her to calm down I am the one on the block. Brendon tells her to think about how this is just a game ..whenever she gets upset. Rachel complains about how Jeff and Jordan will be Americas favourite again … Brendon says that production just edits them that way. Rachel says that Jeff and Jordan will never ever have a target on them. Brendon says that he will be a vote in jury just think about that. Rachel says that Jordan is going to get to second place and win $50 grand. Brendon says who cares… it doesn’t matter ..what will that get .. it gets you by one more year of life. Rachel says that Jeff and Jordan are weak. Rachel says that no matter what situation ..whoever wins HOH …she will be going up. Brendon tells her when you think that way it will happen. Rachel says don’t tell me that again. Brendon says again that he is going to talk to Jeff again .. and tell him that he can’t be disrespectful like that to you …he can be as verbally abusive to Jordan …but not to you ..if we were outside of the house I would beat his ass!!!

1:25pm – 1:35pm Rachel says that it is just frustrating that there is nothing we can do to win in this game… this game is made for people who can be fake. Brendon says who cares .. people watch because we fight in this game .. Brendon tells Rachel that she doesn’t need him to win at this game. When it is all over we are going to be together and get married. Brendon says that even though last year I didn’t make it to the end I got you! Together we are both unstoppable … we we get out of here I will fight for us … fight to get a degree … and fight in life. Brendon says that he will fight for her… and you need to turn all anger into fight too. Brendon says don’t take BLANK from anyone .. but don’t become someone you don’t want to be.. Brendon tells Rachel that she needs to work with them to stay in this house. Brendon tells Rachel again that he is going to have a nice long talk with Jeff. Brendon says that we are far from perfect ..but we are perfect for each other…

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1:40pm – 2pm Rachel asks Brendon if he thinks she could win HOH and POV’s back to back to make it to the end? Brendon says yeah I do … you are an animal! Brendon says nothing is impossible ..improbable may be but not impossible. Rachel tells Brendon to talk to Kalia. Brendon says yup I will I promise. Brendon says you promise you are going to fight hard for both of us? Rachel says that she promises. Meanwhile out in the pool Jeff and Jordan are talking about the fight with Brendon and Rachel. Jordan says that she has told Rachel since the beginning that she has been honest with her the whole time! Jeff says yeah but how many times do we have to tell her. Jordan says AHHAHhh.. just get today over with already!! Dani comes over and tells them that when they talked earlier …she forgot to mention that she will not go after them the week after next either …that she will be willing to listen to what they have to say too as to who goes up. Jeff and Jordan then tell Dani all about the fight they had earlier. Jordan says that Rachel can’t stand how Shelly and her like to talk. Jordan explains that she tried to tell them that they don’t have the votes … then she went inside and told Jeff not to go out ..and of course he went outside and killed them. Jeff goes off about how he told them to bring the people that are going to vote for them to him and then I will vote for you … but no one will do that for you. Jeff says that they are in a fight to be the Biggest Big Brother players …but I dont give a BLANK about that! Jeff says that Rachel is just mad to spite them because if Brendon can’t stay then she thinks why can we. Jordan says that he baby sat Rachel all last week ..and she forgets that… and now I bet Brendon is getting a workout with her. Dani then heads inside.

2:10pm Brendon then comes out and joins them by the pool. Brendon asks what did the mistress of the night have to say? Jeff says nothing .. Jordan says that she said that she isn’t going to break the tie. Jeff says well she didn’t say it out right but know she won’t. Rachel comes out and starts yelling at Jordan! Jordan says that she baby sat her last week and that they campaigned to keep her …and so that is why she got to see Brendon again. Rachel says baby sat!?!! Jordan says yeah …you were an emotional wreck! Jordan says that she had her back 100% but that she is not pissing off Adam and Shelly if Brendon has no chance to stay. Brendon tells her to just stop! Brendon says it doesn’t matter. Rachel start in about it again…and says that they saved Jeff when people wanted to back door him. Jeff says that maybe baby sat was the wrong term.. They bring up all the same stuff and Jeff says that he finds it hard to believe that they would vote for them if they had no chance. Jeff says that friends don’t talk to each other like this. Rachel says well friends don’t say they Baby sat a friend. Jordan says okay sorry.. Jeff says we worked to get you to stay and get you two back together. Jeff says there is no point in voting for you ..he has no chance… you want us to go against the house for no reason. Brendon says that Jeff needs to talk to her in a more respectful way …Jeff says okay I will …and tell her the same thing.. Brendon says okay I will. Jeff says all you see is what is good for you and Brendon …you don’t see anything that we did… Rachel says thank you .. but when people says that they had to baby sit me … Jeff says she apologised to you about that .. dont keep throwing it around…

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204 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff gets pissed off at Rachel and tells her that we didn’t put you up ..we aren’t the deciding votes.. *Updated*

    1. LoL! It’s one of those cheesy pick-up lines where some sappy music would be playing in the background, like Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch” (next lines and chorus):
      “The honesty’s too much
      And I have to close my eyes and hide
      I wanna hold you til I die
      Til we both break down and cry
      I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides.”

      Kleenex please. Oh wait, make that a barf bag.

      1. That was funny!!! And here is what Rachel will be singing tomorrow night; by Harry Nilsson…”Without You”..”No I can’t forget this evening, or your face as you were leaving but I guess that’s just the way the story goes…..I can’t live if living is without you..I can’t live, I can’t give anymore..”

      2. Again, the interaction between JJ and BR is exactly the reason why Dani was smart in putting up brendon rather than Jeff. BR would have voted for Jeff to stay if he was up against Shelly, no drama there. This divides the house even further.

    2. BR are idiots, dani has successfully voted out Brendan twice and somehow JJ take all the heat from BR. Ridiculous.

    1. I would love to see Jeff whoop his sorry ass BR are pathetic JEALOUSY what else can be said Tha Devil Is alive and well in BR heart

      1. The only reason Rachel is, rightfully mad, is because they stood up and fought and defended Jeff, while they made enemies – in the name of an alliance. Now it’s turned around, Jeff and Jordan have the opportunity to help them out and do something similar by saving Brendan (I’m sure they can get Adam on board) but they won’t do it.

        It’s obviously a way of betrayal. I would also be pissed off.. and wouldn’t label it as “jealousy” that’s really childish.

        1. Dani wanted to backdoor BR when Jordan was HOH & Jordan wouldn’t do it either. They’re even as far as I’m concerned.

        2. JJ are punks plain and simple. since when do they care about going against the house. But wait and see if one of them are on the block then they would want Rachel to vote for them. and if I were Rachel I would say no cuz I dont want to go against the house. Jj are looking out for themselves and themselves only. I am actually sick of JJ and their holly than though attitude. It should show BR that they are definitely with S+A, pleaseeeeeeeeee team with Dani and get JJ+SA out cuz they are the ones who feel entitiled. It should show Rachel if she is on the block they are not voting for her now. I just cant get over them saying they are not going against the house but yet they went against the house when Lawon was up. This is JJ screaming we are no longer in an alliance with you Rachel. get JJ out NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW geez

          1. Do you not get it? If JJ could vote for BR and actually win, they would. They can’t vote for him here because even if they vote for him he leaves and they lose shelly, and adam. AKA everyone is against them. JJ has stayed loyal the whole season. JJ RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. ppl are focusing on the house – but you have to think about the fact that JJ also need Shelly to trust them after B leaves. JJ are being logical. BR are NOT logical. And I don’t believe for ONE SECOND if Jeff was on the block that BR would vote for him if the tables were turned. They’ve fought hard to go against JJ with no reason. So this is just an excuse.

        3. And that’s exactly why B/R are terrible players. It would have been one thing to say “Dani, we took it into consideration- we think its too early but we do want to work with you in the future” they didn’t do that. They went and told Jeff like two kids telling daddy on their big sister. Then to make matters worse Brendon blows up at Dani and Kalia and tells them he’s coming after them and they are going home. How stupid can you be?
          This is a great opportunity for Dani to step in and say your alliance chose Shelly but I will save you if you go after J/J with me. The unfortunate thing is that Brendon burned bridges out of nowhere for no one’s benefit but to prove how much he’s with Jeff??? And now Jeff isn’t even voting for you. WTF.
          Just to show how stupid they are. He tells her to play both sides and she says I need to win HOH no dummy HOH is what put the target on you in the first place.

          1. CBS favors Dani just a little for the simple fact – she is there to play the game. Same as Brenden and Rachel – they cause drama and they fight to win. the rest sit around like lumps taking up space and air.

  1. Where’s badass Brendon now when Jeff is blowing up at Rachel? Oh yeah, it’s a guy. Had it been one of the girls, Brendon would’ve been all over that. Lights out Brendon, say buh bye.

    1. Ya, I actually think B is intimidated by Jeff & his temper. Remember when Jeff laid into R right after a HoH comp when R was pissed for not taking slop to stay in the game? B said nothing to Jeff and good thing, as Jeff would have pulverized B, given how ticked he was at R. B’s a pussy when it comes to Jeff.

      1. Brendon is all talk and Jeff is all temper. I wonder if a fight between the two would cancel them out of the BB House?

        1. Probably, however I think for the chance of winning 500K, they’ll control their tempers. Unfortunately, no one, no even B, can control R’s mouth!

          1. In Rachel’s defense (wow I never thought I’d ever be typing those words) I’m pretty sure Production encourages her emotional outbursts. They have been hearing the feedback from people like us on this site who are complaining that the house is too sedate. Rachel was casted because of her craziness so they want her to show it.

            1. Yes, and like an idiot, she does. Any fans of BR (???) who may be wondering what to get them for a wedding gift, a filter for R (or better yet, a muzzle) and a leash for his bitch (if it’s not already part of their collection of sex toys).

            2. Some whinny BS can be faked some can’t trust me I have been tried with the best we are talking professional drama courses and Rachel puts them to shame. And it is even with him in the house remember the crying fit behind the tree?

              1. I thought Brenden tryed to harness Rachel because he wanted to make sure he was not going home AGAIN. He wanted Jeff’s vote. If he had a fight with Jeff and kicked his ass, he would not get his vote.

          1. I dont think he was a bully, and friends sometimes hold back from calling someone out when they are acting outrageous. Come on there are lots of things they could have told BrenDone about RacHells behaviour when he was gone from the house, one of them being she had to be psychologically evaluated. Jordan was more on suicide watch with her for the first 24 hours not babysitting. Instead RacHell creates her own pitiful version of the events last week and spoon feeds that to BrenDone. Jeff and Jordan were friends and they did have RacHells back last week….so when RacHell is acting foolish and screaming at someone or death staring the others you can only take so much and I think it was justified for him to raise his voice to her. It isnt like he called her names or anything he told the truth; but for RacHell and BrenDone the truth hurts so they ignored the message and zeroed in on the messenger.

    2. And just how did Jeff “blow up” at Rachel that was so “disrespectful?” Being truthfull with her? Rachel is nothing but a 27 year old petulant, insecure, obnoxious child. And friends have every right to be honest with friends–in fact, it is a responsibility of friendship. Jeff and Jordan are an adult couple and B/R are two kids (on an emotional/maturity level) trying to “play grown-up house” Jeff holds his tongue EXTREMELY well with Rachel.

      1. I never said it was disrespectful. I said he blew up at her. Any time anybody blows up at Rachel Brendon jumps in to her defense, except when it’s a strong guy. My comment was regarding Brendon’s wimpiness,not about whether Jeff was right or wrong.

        1. Since when is Jeff tough? That dude is one mad, closeted gay guy. Dude wheres pink sweaters from Forever 21, and styles his hair like a queer. Sorry that is not very intimidating to me. I think Brendon would kick his ass. Jeff is one of those guys who goes down quick. All of Jeff’s real life friends need to tell him “it’s okay, just come out of the closet” so that he feels more comfortable with who he is.

      2. what’s so funny about the whole thing is that if you hear BR fight, he’s scary. I sometimes think he’s going to hit her, he gets so frustrated. IMO he’s worse than Jeff because Jeff doesn’t owe R anything. B is her man – he should never disrespect her like that, but he does it all of the time.

        If you have Super Pass, you should check out the “fights” section. I just did last night and was blown away with how BR speak to each other.

    3. He was a tough guy once he got safely in the have-nots room. He was rattling on about if they were outside the house he would have kicked his ass. Brendon is such a pussy.

  2. Jeff is an asshole! I can’t wait for him to leave this game. I don’t know why Big Brother would let a sexist pig back in the house unless BB consists of other sexist pigs who think its OK to talk down to women and call them names.

    1. Uh, this entire game is sexist… toward guys. Notice how they challenge them on endurance usually in terms of a weight to strength ratio and mental/memory games. Notice how they don’t have straight up competitions that really play toward pure strength and speed.

    2. Bulls*#t. Those women give as good as they get! Stop with the “poor women getting beat up on by the big, bad men” routine. Rachel, and in fact all the females” talk about having “more balls” than the men–Rachel constantly talking about how’s she has “manned up,”and she emasculates Adam and Jeff frequently in her comments about them. Like I said, they give as good as they get. Jeff and Jordan are the ones showing how adult men/women interact. Jordan knows/understands Jeff; knows when he’s serious and when he is just venting; and is secure enough in herself and her relationship with Jeff that she doesn’t need to whine and cry about Jeff not treating her right or not being nice to her. They are quite refreshing

      1. JJ are in a relationship so like you wrote, she knows when he’s serious and when he isn’t. Not everyone is in a relationship with Jeff or has to put up with his attitude. Some behaviors can be fine by some people and not by other, aside from the fact that some attitudes are universally disrespectful. I don’t like JJBR as a wholesome but I think that these two guys are just a kind of worse versions of each other, depending on who they’re talking to.

      1. Have I called you any names for voicing your opinion? Maybe you should grow up.

        And the next time you want to call someone an idiot: learn how to spell.

        My opinion about Jeff stands. He’s an ASSHOLE.

    3. I would like someone point specifically when and where Jeff is being a sexist and talking down to women. Whenever I am online watching he is very respectful especially to Jordan. He just does not put up with Rachel’s loud mouth spitting venom.

  3. You should’ve been a real man and did it right when he was talking to Rachel like what a straight coward!!!

    1. We all know Brendon is just bluster. He’ll gladly confront a female or a small weak guy. A guy who can take him, Brendon backs down from. Not sure why they are all so afraid of Jeff. He’s blood and tissue like any other guy, not a demigod.

      B/R get exactly what they deserve, because they were the first ones jumping on the J/J Love Van. J/J have done absolutely NOTHING to deserve adoration they get. Jeff only gets angry like that when his status as Lounger-In-Chief is threatned. He’s not going to lift one finger to do anything that does not benefit him and becomes majorly pissed off when someone suggests it.

    2. At least someone is standing up to drama queen Rachel and telling her like it is. Just the sound of her voice is sooo irritating. Why is she even on the show? We fast forward the show when she is on so it can’t be for ratings. I wish they chose to keep Brandon and take her out first. Besides what is a competition unless all players bring their best game. So far only Dani has brought game.

  4. whats with brendons sideburns? they are always at different angles and sizes lol. rachel calling dan from bb10 a super floater? hahaha

  5. Jeff needs to go home. He is the fakest bitch in the house. I hope R makes it to final 2 with Dani.

    This is how it needs to go:

    Jeff>Straight Shooter>Bacon>Jordumb>Pinto>Cowlia

    Dani/Rachel final 2

    Would be kind of interesting to see who gets it because both are annoying in different ways

  6. Who the heck does Jeff think he is??.. I bet he is even more verbally abusive to Jordan. Uggg I hate this creep…

  7. So far has Dani worked the magic in the house and accomplished herself in a strong possition going into a week where she becomes a sitting duck????

    1. I wouldn’t sweat it, they will be sure to gear the competition so Porsche and Kalia will have an easy win. It is in the best interest of Big Brother to have Dani win, there is no way they are going to let her go home. They would lose a majority of viewers.

  8. You people are all nuts! If you were cooped up in a nut house with those 2 and the rest of this band of misfits, you’d be blowing off steam at this Bimbo as well. BR are the most delusional people i think i’ve seen in a while. Who do you know that would get after their partners love stick with other people lying in a bed right next to them? Thye’re disgusting and annoying to boot. If Rachel has PTSD from the last BB season, why would Macho-Man, Women Protector, Defender of all that’s good Brendon allow her to compete again. Maybe they both shiffed too many chemicals in the lab.

  9. What do Rachel and Brendon have to lose?

    At this point the best thing for them BOTH to do would be go Public against Jeff and Jordan. Loud and Public!

    Then Brendon would have KPR’s vote and Dani could break the tie saying that BR are clearly on Team Dani’s side and its best for her game to save her face. Then it would be JJA against the house next week.

    Plain as day… that’s what needs to happen to save BR and make the show so much fun to watch.

    1. No matter how you slice it, B is going home. Too many people think of the BR duo as threat (true or not). Also, the more R rants & raves, the more she seals B’s and her fate. KP&D, as well as A, definitely want B gone.

  10. How can you be mad at Jeff. The girl is crazy! Someone needs to put her in her place. They have babied her long enough. She cries about how they saved Jeff, if it had not been forJJSA she would have had to play against Brandon to stay in the house. They saved her just last week and she has given no one credit for that! She is a horrible human being.

    1. I doubt that very much. But I did hear Dani is quite the bich outside the house. Makes you wonder why she doesn’t have a boyfriend. I thnik she is bi-sexual and I think she likes Kalia and Porche in that way. She has already said is picked up on ore by women than men!

  11. I’m glad the conversation with BR and J went down the way it did…it was almost poetic the way Jeff brought up how ungreatful Rachel has been about JJSA protecting her last week…the girl needs to open her effin eyes and STFU!

    Just because Jeff does not pander to Rachel’s meltdowns, does not make him a sexist pig. Rachel is acting like a child and as a result she is being treated like one… Jeff stuck Jordan with the task of babysitting Rachel all week and the two of them have gotten no credit for keeping R in the game. I’d be pissed too!

    1. The minute brendon was back in the house ” boo hoo everyone was so mean to me”. I hope when brendon gets to jury he gets to see a DVD of all her lies and the fact that Jordan did BABY sit her for a week.

  12. Why is Jeff stupid and sexist for telling Rachel how he really feels about her? Isn’t it true JJS had to babysit her after B left because the girl is CRAZY? Wouldn’t it annoy the crap out of you if you had to make nice with someone as annoying and immature as Rachel? Yes, they are in an alliance, but Jeff has to play his game too. Why do they expect JJ to vote for them when it’s not going to keep B in the house? BR were trying to throw Jj under the bus with Dani and it was ok for them to do that because they have to do whatever they have to do to stay in the house, but then they don’t expect other people to do whatever they have to do to be in the game. I don’t get people like that…

    1. i agree! I think that any sort of openness in this house is refreshing. Besides what is the difference between these fatty women going behind each other’s backs and talking mad shit about each other…that is disrespectful and abusive on a different level. I find it rested ing when someone comes straight out and says it like it is. Problem in this house is way too much estrogen and not enough testosterone. Brendan doesn’t say anything because he knows Jeff is correct. Jordan doesn’t have to get in anyone’s face because she can complain to Jeff and he takes care of it. Honestly if I were in that situation I would have done the same thing. Rachel is a complete drama queen just like the rest of those women. Someone needs to put her in her place. I don’t think she knows any other way to communicate.

    2. totally agree he is sexy and strong love it- he is smart and tells them what they don’t want to hear ………the truth

  13. I need jesus , I need my eyes washed with gasoline I just saw a pic of kalia shaving her bikini line…. I Have seen the devel’s(Rachel’s twat) Spawn …AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    1. They are definitely not one in the same. Jeff hates Rachel; he could never be in a relationship with someone like her. Brenda is a drama queen just like rachel. Nothing like jeff

  14. You guys all live in some sort of fantasy land. I do not know any guy that is going to continually stand there and listen to a girl (who is not his girlfriend) bitch and moan at him and get loud at him and then the guy just stands there and takes it. GET REAL! Rachel bitches at him, hes going to bitch right back. You are all so annoying with your “every guy I know is holier than God and would never speak to a woman like that” Give me a break.

    As for when he calls Jordan stupid or dumb. Have you ever heard of sarcasm? She says shes fat (which clearly she is not at all) and he says your’re stupid or don’t be dumb. After 2 years of dating someone, guys aren’t going to baby you when you say that.

    1. not to mention…if you see the live feeds, Jordan calls Jeff stupid all.the.time. It’s their thing. On the surface, that might seem a bit disfunctional. lol. But, they really do not mean it in a mean spirited way. They joke that way. I’ve watched a lot of the feeds that are not reported on here (maybe the posters aren’t JJ fans. hee hee). Jeff and Jordan are really cute in the feeds. Not fighting and crying with each other all the time like BR. The latter are so emotionally all over the map!

    2. WTF! Neither BR’s relationship nor JJ’s relationship is what I’d an even remotely consider to be a healthy one. BR, as B himself said to R last night, both “need to see a psychologist when the show is over.” As for JJ, though less of an unhealthy relationship, Jeff telling Jordon to “shut up and go get something to eat,” walking away from her in mid-stream of her talking with him, his desire to put on a facade that they’re a real “couple” yet Jordon’s wariness when it comes to showing more affection towards Jeff, given his issues with it (this is beyond Jordan not wanting to embarrass themselves to on TV with family and friends watching & Jeff thinking it would nit be good game play, as even the HGs think it’s odd) and, Jeff’s tendency to bully and mock Jordon (all in good fun though …. hardly), absolutely do NOT make for long lasting, healthy relationships.

  15. Jeff does not respect women, the end of story. Is that really what America is rooting for? I can’t believe it. Society is CORRUPT.

    1. how doesn’t he repsect women. being honest doesn’t mean a person doesn’t respect women. you can’t always be lovey dovey with a person if they are doing something wrong. sometimes people need to be talk to like that; to understand reality. people need to get over the whole “disrespect women crap”.

      1. I don’t think Jeff or Brendan are being disrespectful to her! The key to respect is: You gotta GIVE respect…to GET respect!!! The girl shows no one respect…AT ALL (including Brendan) so how in the world does she think she is EVER gonna get some???? I’m just saying…

  16. Hm… I don’t know if you watched it or not, but Dan did nothing, but win a few things – other’s did a lot for him.

  17.  Adam is doing dishes.  Porsche at the counter.  Tells him she is kina covering it.  Rachel comes in and gets her glass without speaking.  Back outside and back inside again.  Brendon asks the time.  Adam says 1:08.  Rachel goes to her drawer and searches, pulls out her clothes and makes her way to the bathroom, swinging the clothes.  She goes into the toilet to change.
    Things seem to be calm again… for now.
    Rachel comes out of the toilet and is short with Brendon. They walk from the bathroom together holding hands and go into the HN room.  Brendon says 100 percent… Rachel says he can not talk to me like that!  Who does he think he is?!   She says we went against the house with the backdooring of Jeff.  He tells her to sit down and kisses her, tells her he loves her.  She says I just don’t know who he thinks he is, they won’t vote for you?  F* them!  We made it so Daniele had to be put in that situation… Brendon says I know.  Brendon says I will have a serious conversation with Jeff.  Rachel says you need to says listen to me who the f* are you, what have you done in this game.  Rachel is bitter. 
    Brendon says he is going to tell Jeff he can’t talk to Rachel the same way he does Jordan.  Rachel says he did that everyday when you weren’t here.  Brendon says all you have to do is get the next HOH.  Rachel says oh I will, I will die trying.  I am not going to cry or get frazzeled and I swear on our relationship; I will win that f*ing HOH.  F* all of them that don’t vote for you.  She says I already have a f* genius nomination speech.  Brendon says we still have today and tomorrow, don’t yell and scream at everyone, if you blow it before I leave… I’m going to tell him to respect you.  We saved  your ass.  Rachel says he doesn’t talk to Daniele that way!  Brendon says it is my duty as you man to stick up for you and make sure they don’t disrespect you. F*ing crack skulls if I have to.  Rachel says I didn’t say a word.  So basically they don’t want to go against the house… they are f*ing worst sheep… then anyone from their season.  Brendon says if you blow up before the next HOH.  Rachel says I’m already the next target.  F*ing sheep! Not going against the house… 
    Brendon says look at it like this, when you get upset… Rachel says i go to the DR.  Brendon says this is just a game.  Rachel says they should stand up for what they believe in.  Brendon says we do, they don’t.  I’m sure they do that in life too.  I’m ok with it.  I’m marrying  you because I love and respect you.  Rachel says what can they possibly see in him.  Brendon says if he gets put on the block he will yell and scream at them but they won’t show that on TV.  Rachel says because he is their f*ing pet.  Brendon says production wants to portray him as…
    Brendon says we are fighters.  Rachel says they have never had a target on them.  Brendon says I won’t forget about the people that didn’t vote for me.  Rachel says Jeff will take Jordan, Dani will take Jordan.  Rachel says Jordan will leave with 15K, Jeff will get 15K and probably America’s favorite.  Brendon says I don’t care, it doesn’t matter.  He says once you let go… (inaudible)  Rachel says I understand that this is a game, they do stupid things because they are f*ing weak!  Rachel says if Adam wins, I get nominated, if Kalia gets HOH, I get nominated, If shelly wins, I get nominated.  Brendon says if you keep thinking that… Rachel says I was here a week without you.  Brendon makes fun of Dani, Kalia, Shelly, Adam… well everyone as being weak players.  Brendon says you are a part of this game, you have to play smart.  Smart is not opening your mouth and wearing you emotions on your sleeve.  Brendon says I will talk to Jeff about how he talks to you and that he can’t talk to you in the same way he talks to Jordan, it’s disrespectful. 
    Brendon says the number one thing is I’m going to talk to him, that is where I draw the line.  He can take out his anger with Jordan.  Outside of here, I would f*ing beat his ass.  Brendon advises her to play both sides of the fence and go along with them.  Rachel says if there are POV’s where I can get presents, I’m taking them all.  Brendon says then do it, but you have to get there first.  Rachel says it is so frustrating because there is nothing we can do to be good in this game.  It would be different if it was All Star… no, they would have f*ing Dan, another f*ing super floater! 
    Brendon says you need me here to lean on me, but you have to realize coming back for this week was, maybe God had a reason to bring me back in this house, remind you that you can kick some ass.  When this is over, we will get married and have a happy life together. Think about how unimportant this all is.  I don’t need 500K, I need you!  I’m thankful to have you, I got you and that is what I wanted.  Nothing is worth losing you.  We have a little money to start our lives together.  We are strong together, unstoppable.  When we get out of here I will be fighting for my degree, for us, to have a family.  LIfe is not as hard as Big Brother.  They kiss.
    Brendon says grieve, you shouldn’t have much you got it out the last time.  Play smart.  Don’t become someone you don’t want to be.  I told Shelly that you always speak your mind and she told me she is not putting you up if she gets HOH.  Brendon says you need to make them think that you would never put up Shelly to keep them on your side.  Brendon says I have no doubt J/J were up talking to Daniele last night.  Rachel says they are best friends now.  Brendon says I will be talking to him about the way he talks to you.  I will try to avoid a fight.  I need you to win the next HOH.  Trust me, I’ll have a nice little talk with ou and if he gets pissed I will tell him this is what I’m talking about, and you are not going to talk to my fiancee like that.  She will turn you off if you are disrespectul.  Don’t talk down to her (!)  We are far from perfect, but we are perfect for each other.  WE are different people inside this game.  But I’m still completely in love with you. 

    1. Nice recap!

      Very nauseating conversation.” I don’t need 500K, I need you!” LOL

      This is their 3rd stint on a reality show in the past year .So apparently they do need the money or at least the attention and not just each other.

          1. Jeff and Jordan were on the Amazing Race. When were Brendon and Rachel on? I watch that show also and could have easily forgotten.

  18. A big thanks to Simon and Dawg! You guys have always done a great job with this site!! This week has been an exact copy of the week Brendon was evicted. He said he was going to tell Jeff how he has to talk to Ratriess 2 weeks ago……and never said a word then. I hope CBS is happy for making this season one of the most boring ever by bringing him back. What a waste! I wish people really got into fights on this show like the Europeans do.

  19. Brendon definitely has a screw loose. Just last night he was yelling at Rachel in the have nots room and was calling her dumb!! Rachel deserved to be yelled at because if Jeff was on the block I guarantee they would have said they were voting with the house.

  20. looking forward to all the blind JJ lovers explain how Jeff and Jordan are so honest in this game, stick to their word, protect their allies and don’t back stab anyone.


      1. all the JJ minions.
        Go back and look at comments from precious days (in fact, almost the whole show) comparing the integrity and honesty of BR vs. JJ.

        The JJ fans consistently rationalize or ignore JJ’s dishonesty while attacking BR for same.

        I am NOT a BR fan – actually I dislike them both.
        I’m team Dani, but I try to stick to the facts rather than just blindly following a team and ignoring their missteps.

  21. OK everyone if Rachel is man enough to disrepect a man then she should be able to handle him talking back to her… I feel Jeff’s anger with her..She is the nastiest and grosses person I have ever seen. She is the one stabing JJ in the back every chance she gets. JJ has tried to protect her all the way and she is so stupid to even see that… Whaaaa Whaaa no body has my back BOO HOO whatever

    1. Did Brendon EVER talk to Jordan the way Jeff treats Rachel that way???? uh-no I bet you never experienced verbal abuse! so just be quiet cause you don’t understand!

      1. Who cares. She’s a bitch and deserves it. I am sure if B talked to J that was she could handle herself. But Jordon doesn’t go wacko and start yelling and crying and blaimng everyone but herself!!

        1. Jordan doesn’t stand up to Jeff. lol
          Jordan is THE #1 BB FLOATER – practically comatose while waiting
          to be handed the Grand Prize for doing NOTHING.

  22. Okay Jeff, okay it’s bad enough if you do that to Jordan, but other women in the house ????? Really….. Brendon NEVER shouted at Jordan the way Jeff does to Rachel! I think Jeff pulled the final straw and let Rachel play with Dani!

    Bye Bye Jeff

    1. I’m pretty sure Jordan never bitched out on Brenden. If some random skank bitched you out i garentee you would probably get mad.

  23. I love how Rachel says “she wont cry when he goes home”. She is going to fall apart all over again and this time around, Straight Shooter, Phillip, and Pinto won’t be her shoulder to cry own. I don’t care what people think of Jeff at this point, he is making the right game move by creating distance between him and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel. There just comes a time in the game where you have to come out looking better than your alliance, so that the house works to get your alliance gone and you sit pretty making a new one.

    If JJ and Dani can come to some SORT of Alliance for a Final three deal, that would be smart considering they could work everyone else into believing that they are not on each other’s side.

  24. I thought Brendon was supposedly going to talk to Jeff before he left the last time. That seem to never happen and I doubt if it will happen this time. I would like to see Jeff’s response if Brendon did decide to say something to Jeff about not speaking to Rachel like he does Jordan. lol Talk about some good entertainment.

    1. Brendon should have immediately spoken to Jeff. He could have taken him aside, if he wanted to “be the more mature person” and told him to not speak to R. that way. However, Brendon is all talk and no substance. He will yell at people he feels he can intimidate, but when he feels he cannot, he pipes down. Jeff is wrong for yelling at Rachel, not necessarily what he is saying. He could have said that her attitude is annoying, tiring, etc., without yelling FY. BUT, I would have a hard time not telling R and B that their antics in the house are hard to live with.

  25. I feel like this is deja vu. Brendon told Rachel once before that he’s gonna tell Jeff that he can’t talk to Rachel like he does Jordan. I don’t think he ever did though. I don’t think he will do it this time. I think he’s just telling Rachel what she wants to hear cuz Rachel is kinda fiesty and if he doesn’t step up Rachel will call him out on it. Brendan doesn’t have the balls to step to Jeff


  27. Shelley can’t vote, she’s on the block. If Jeff pushes Adam to change his vote, their alliance is done because Adam won’t be able to trust Jeff and Jordan if he turns against the JJSA alliance to keep Brendon. Jeff’s totally right that he has no say in the votes. It would be 3-3 (JJR v AKP) with the tie going to Dani who would evict Brendon. Adam is their best bet and Jeff’s told them repeatedly to go talk to Adam and they don’t, they are just giving Jeff shit, which is why he’s pissed and rightly so. Jeff and Jordan still have to live in that house when Brendon is gone so there’s no point in voting for Brendon if he’s going home anyway because a split vote just stirs up shit and makes JJ’s game more difficult.

  28. Outside:  Brendon and Rachel have cornered Jeff and want to know about where his vote is.  Jeff says you get Adam’s vote, we go with you.  Rachel says she thinks Dani’s mind is not made up and it could come down to a 3-3 vote.  Jeff tells her he still has to play this game.  Brendon says I will tell you before the vote happens.  Jeff says as I see it you don’t have the votes, someone tells me different… we still have to play this game.  We don’t want Shelly and Dani both made. Brendon says he feels Shelly will put up Rachel.  Jeff says whether we vote with you or not with you, he still goes home.  Brendon says all the floaters are playing for themselves.  Jeff says then bring them to me and have them tell me that.
    Jeff says don’t put your anger at me.  Rachel says I don’t care, do what you have to do.  Jeff says you don’t have the votes, she won’t change now.  You can’t make us hang out to dry.  Brendon says I don’t want you to throw in the towel before this is over.  Brendon says I still have power, I have a vote in the jury house. Brendon wants assurance they will work with Rachel.  Jeff says she has to keep her head together.  Brendon says either way, when I leave the house, you guys are the targets.  Brendon says I’m not done fighting, maybe they will listen to reason.  Jff says I’m telling you, I’m not the vote, you need to talk to Adam.  Jeff says if you are going to bring that attitude to me with we have worked to help you all along.  Brendon says Jeff come on man… she’s upset.  Rachel says I’m not angry, I haven’t done anything, you are not the one that has been a target for three weeks.  Jeff says I can tell by your body language, you take jabs at me and I ignore it, then you go buddy-buddy with pepole that attack you. 
    Rachel says I’m upset, not a bad game player.  I have played this game two yhears in a row, I’m emotional, but not stupid.  Jeff syas just make sure yhou are loyal.  Brendon says I’m making sure she gets along with as many as possible.  Jeff says he will continue to help her, but she has to want it, she doesn’t want to hear it.  Jordan and Shelly tried to help you, so don’t direct your anger at us.  I’m as much a target as you.  I’m in the same boat as you.

  29. I did like Jeff and Jordan a lot in season 11
    But this season they are showing their true colors, they are horrible people..and like rachel said ” they are weak”

    But this is good for B and R because when Dani told them to backdoor they did not, and they turned the whole house againist Dani…
    now they are getting back what they deserve.

    This is good… Because in case Porsha or Kalia dont get HOH…I hope Rachel gets it and put JJ on the block.

    1. After so many days of complete chaos from BR youy just can’t be nice anymore, I understand where Jeff gets his anger!!

    2. come one. how are they ‘horrible people’? Rachel has been lying and manipulating B for heavens sakes. She tried to turn him off of Jeff…said Jeff was hitting on her when he was gone. So which is it…was he mean or hitting on you? B and R would have totally taken Jeff out when Dani proposed it – if it was 2 weeks later (their words). Seems to me (maybe most) that part of this game is lying and underhandedness…they are ALL doing it…J and J are certainly not the worst of them either.

      1. Jeff “hitting” on Rachel is one of the funniest I’ve heard out of her mouth. She is unstable & delusional! Rachel, push the button & walk out the door!!!

      2. Jeff hitting on her while brendon was gone just plain nasty skany want to make me puke STD ridden so fake she could be mistaken for a blow up doll pox faced , when Jeff has Jordan not in this lifetime or any of my decendents, not on this planet or even this solar system. Just plain HELL no, not ever, gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ugg i can’t stand Jeff.. At least Brendon doesn’t make comments about gay people like Jeff does.. Jeff also talks down to simple Jordan.. I mean come on JORDAN of all people.. Its like being mean to a child… Sorry Jeff lovers, but I can’t stand homophobics..

    1. I know a lot of homophobics, but I don’t dislike them. It all stems what you have been taught! They just don’t really understands the gays, but they are not bad people. Too bad you are as narrow minded as Jeff. He doesn’t like gays and you don’t like homophobs

  31. Jeff is nobody’s punk. Russell was a cage fighter and Jeff told him straight up, “I’ll kick your ass, bro. That UFC, WWE stuff don’t mean shit to me!

  32. That is such a lame move on Brendon part. If my man has my back he would step-up and handle Jeff right then and there. Forget all this buddie, buddie stuff. Brendon has nothing to lose now that you made it clear that you are voting with the house. Forget loyality when BR on the block. Let anyone be the target as long as it isn’t dear old Jeff. WOW Jeff is a piece of crap. I don’t like him and I can’t for the life of me understand what he is useful for in this house. He only plays hard when his behind is on the line. Really, Jordan won BB her season b/c she is liked so much and she broke everyone heart with her life story. I would have given that girl the shirt off my back at the time if I were there but not Jeff. He is rude, harsh and a female basher! Poor Jordan is just by his side all the way. Really ~ she would stand by her man side not matter who it is because she is the golden charm (calf – LOL!). Too bad her prince charming is a complete horses behind!!

    1. What did Jeff do that was so bad” He says show me the votes and I will vote for B to stay. That is when Psycho Bitch started getting crazy. Jeff handled it just as I would have. Go Jeff!!

  33. I think it’s so funny that Brendon always says Jeff talks to Jordan disrespectfully but Brendon goes into the other room and yells at Rachel..

  34. All B/R have to do is exactly what Jeff asked them to do and bring the people who are going to vote for them to them and tell them. B and R cannot do that because there is no one that is voting to keep them, and Rachel is the one that yells and screams at everyone and then Brendon acts like the ass that he is. Have met Jeff and he does not have a temper at all but after being around B and R who would not feel like they are going totally insane. If they truly are J and J’s friends they would want to look out for them and in turn if and when Brendon gets voted out they would still be a force to reckon with, but Rachel is such a baby and babysat is the 100% correct word for what poor Jordan had to do last week. Rachel conveniently forgets what a total pain in the rear she was and how Jordan had to talk her out of just walking out of the game and how Rachel boo hooed all week long. Cannot wait until these two are gone unless they can grow up and quit acting like they are 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Are you nuts?? If anyone regardless of sex starts yelling at me I will say what ever it takes to shut them up. Which is actually impossible with Rachel becasue everything is supposed to center around BR!! Go Jeff she is a lying bitch who deserve to go and go quickly!!

    Do yut think because she is female she can say what she wants??

  36. Everyone is hard on Jeff, I agree he is being sarcastic with Jordan. If you pay attention Jordan probably would starve to death on just pickles and sweet tea if it was’nt for Jeff he cooks her meals. If he was such a sexist he would just cook for himself. Give him a break, he’s not like Brendan who tells his FIANCE! to shut up and don’t talk to anyone without him there. I think maybe Brendan didn’t stick up to Jeff because deep down he knew Jeff was right! Just a thought!

    1. Finally… someone who is thinking. Jeff is not that bad! Jordon needs that kind of guidance, otherwise she would just sit there with a cute look on her face! Some people need it believe me!

      1. I agree with you MR ILL, especially when I find out that Jordan paid for Jeff’s Lasik surgery (not cheap folks) and his loans. He shouldn’t ever say jack shit to Jordan, except thank-you.

    2. And then he apologized and said he never should have said that to her. I’m sure if there were cameras on you 24/7 you might say one or two things you would end up regretting.

  37. I love how you all hate Jeff and Jordan so much. Its funny. These posts are almost as interesting as the show. The rest of America loves them and you all hate them so much. Yes, they continue being in game. Go JJ!

  38. Why the hell does anyone shave their bikini line in public? Saw the pic of Jordan doing it outside… and Kahlia… thank God I missed Rachel’s twat! EWE!

    Thoughts on Brendon and Jeff…. they are both insecure pusses.

  39. This kind of crap is why Jeff is an asshole. All he had to do was sympathize with BR, tell him he’d see what he could do for them, and go back to catching some rays. If there was any question about who Rachel is going to align herself after Brendan leaves, I’m sure it’s Dani. Rachel would be more likely to nominate Jeff and Jordan than either Porshe or Kalia.

    1. Right, him snapping back pretty much exposed that they are no longer with BR, further confirming what BR already knows….

      1. And I guess it was not BR throwing JJ under the bus to Dani and then acting like BFFs to JJs face. But I guess when they got slapped with the truth it hurt like hell.

  40. How come Jeff the self proclaimed genius of BB hasn’t figured out yet there is a move to make by placing Dani into the deciding vote thursday?
    All J&J need do is tell Adam now they will vote for Brenda considering KP are voting for Shel making it a 3 – 3 tie forcing Dani to evict Brenda and covering J&J’s asses to their alliance, thus Rach sides to get Dani out and if Rach gets HOH Thursday and targets Dani, the following week Rach is the target.
    Not rocket science just takes a brain and between J&J is there one????

    1. ARe you kidding me? Jeff and Jordan voting out shelly will anger Dani, Shelly, and Adam. Please dont say its not rocket science when you make just an “astute” plan.

      1. ummmm since you obviously cannot read, I won’t even bother replying. Especially after reading your post about people saying things on here vs Jeff calling Jordan stupid to her face and so on really shows that you are completely clueless, even when it comes to abusive behaviour!

  41. Everybody is talking about some jeff who is that ???? oh right i just remembered him i totally forgot if he was playing the game so not fav

  42. Brendon abuses the sh#t out of Rachel, think about how she was last year (a little annoying yeah) but she would talk without having to get permission. I don’t know what happened in one years time but she has lost her spirit, confidence, and sense of self worth. And while that is not physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse might be even worse. I watched BB after dark last night and seen Brendon tell her sit here not there, be quiet , shut up, u are so stupid, look at you, u have to get a job, they don’t even have a house together yet and he has been saying his house and he tells her if she can have lipo or not. I know guys like Brendon they take a girls insecurities and use them against her, then convince her that he is better than her and when she talks its useless but he “LOVES YOU MORE THAN ANYONE” he has already cheated on her. I don’t know what his mom did but he hates women Jeff might not be the smartest guy but have you ever seen him tell Jordan how to exist.

  43. Lolz. Jordan is not a floater. She is actually on a side; therefore, she is not a floater.
    Are you kidding me with this “jeff is abusive to girls” kind of BS? Abusive implies that a form of physical contact takes place. Jeff doesn’t hit Rachel and I am sure that he has never hit Jordan.
    The majority who call Jeff a bully are hypocrites. This board is full of people making fun of the women of the cast I hear Kalia fat insults, Jordan being dum insults, and Rachel being fake insults. MANY OF YOU are saying worse things then Jeff except, you are talking about the VERY FLAWS of the people. Jeff is actually phrasing rational thoughts and I dont think he is bullying whatsoever. He doesn’t want to vote for B because if B goes home (most likely), then SA will not trust them. Its mofoin common sense. Of course he is mad….. the masses here talk shit about Rachel and Kalia being annoying and even more worse stuff, but guess what? JEff lives with them. I blieve he should get some mofoin love for dealing with this unlike you whiny asses who make personal, unneeded attacks.

    1. I completely agree! It’s so hypocritical how nasty the comments are about the houseguests, but then people on this forum get completely bent out of shape if they aren’t perfectly polite to each other at all times.

    2. Most of these people are pulling for Dani and they just need to find something negative to say. Jeff is a great guy I am sure. He and Jordan banter back and forth all the time. She has called him stupid a couple of times as well. Of course most of the women think that is OK. It is only when a man does it that it is abusive.

  44. Jeff telling Rachel how things are doesn’t make him sexist…Rachel is a whiny self-obsessed, hypocritical drama queen, and she needs to be called out by people. Jeff just happens to be a man, and Rachel just happens to be a woman.

  45. jeff and jordan’s logic is clear they only will fight for themselves not anyone else , when dani ask them to back doored jj they didnt they prove there loyality and what does that get rachel and brendon no votes from these two i hate jj

  46. RB are delusional. They think everyone should always protect them. The only way to play the game is protect yourself first, and your alliance second. BR have tried making deals with everyone throwing JJ under the bus, but get pissed if anyone tries to save themselves over them. They are ridiculous immature children! Of all people B has NO RIGHT saying anyone else disrespects their girlfriends. Look at the way he talks to Rachel! She’s not suppose to speak without him there, really not to speak at all. They make me sick!

  47. When they are allin the jury house and actually talking honestly with each other they will all figure out that Dani played each and every one of them…they are all at each other and it is dani sitting back laughing at the chaos she caused and whips her hands cleans because she allows everyone to do her dirty work….she needs to get out!! Don’t like her at all!! And shelly is right there with her!! Booooo!!!

      1. She doesnt want to backdoor Jeff. She wants someone else to get rid of Jeff, like Kalia or Porsche or even Rachel now. If she wanted to backdoor Jeff she could have easily done it.

  48. Rachel may be Top 10 of the worst human beings to ever be in the BB House. She has absolutely no social skills (well, she does have POOR ones) and can’t put together two sentences without saying something patently offensive to someone. Brendon is constantly telling her to “stop” or “think”, so he clearly knows the way she is. If they do eventually get married, since Congress doesn’t seem to want to do anything about the nation’s many real crises, can they at least pass a law forbidding Brendon and Rachel from having children….PLEASE! LOL.

  49. I think its funny no one talks about dani! All of a sudden she is a saint. She betreyed the veteran alliance the first chance she got just to be like dick. If Jeff and Jordan were smart they would keep brendon in. I understand they don’t want to piss adam off but what has shelley even come close to winning? Even if adam went to the other side jjbr would be a hard tandem to compete with. I will add that jeff shoots straight with everyone. He has a tell it like it is attitude and doesn’t back down if someone talks back.

    1. Adam someone that may actually be sincere with his alliance > ( greater then sign) Brendon someone that will throw you under the bus in a nano second.

  50. BB production will make the votes go the way for Brenden to stay in the house. JJ vs BR will be the drama CBS needs for ratings.

  51. Go Jeff and Jordan!! So sick of Rachel and brendon’s attitude. They act like children, when things don’t go there way. GRow up! Your almost 30 years old.

  52. If Jeff is “verbally abusive” to Jordan then the CBS editing crew must be working overtime to make it look otherwise. He is constantly saying positive things about her and speaking gently to her (even though she is a total ditz). They can’t make up stuff to show…it actually must happen first. They can’t edit in a statement that was never made. Get off of Jeff’s back, people.

    Likewise, Rachel can’t be depicted as a total a$$ out of thin air. If she isn’t saying and doing the things she does they can’t show them. I cringe every time Brendon and Rachel are on screen. He is totally enabling her bad behavior. I know…if he tells her the way it is, she will probably blow up and they will be done so he continues to baby her during her many meltdowns. Brendon is constantly walking on eggshells around Rachel. If that is truly the way it is, what kind of relationship is that? I feel sorry for Brendon. Jordan was 100% correct when she used the term “babysat”.

  53. I don’t have the livefeeds, but occasionally i like to go onto this site to catch up on what’s going on in the house since the show doesn’t show every thing that happens in the BB house. Anyway, i’m just wondering why people say that Jeff doesn’t respect Jordan? Brendon had said it and i’ve seen other people on this site saying it as well..

  54. Dani= genious. Who would have thought that after BR reunited with JJSA that Dani would single handedly crumple their whole alliance and take the target off her own back all at the same time. And she got a veto ticket.

  55. Jeff is a big baby. He should be fighting for Racheal and Brandon. I think it would have been a way better game this way and they aren’t going to win because they one one before. Atleast that’s what I think ????

  56. Whats the big deal about voting against the house? Why does everyone have to vote the same. Dont get it. Regardless of how J/J vote, everyone knows they had an alliance w/ Brenchel, so why not just vote that way. In the first seasons of BB, didnt people vote how they felt. I hate the that we know the vote now before it ever happens.

  57. BR have completely embarassed themselves on national television. Between the childish outbursts, the sex on camera, and every other inappropriate thing you’ve put on display for all the world to see. Good luck finding a job one day. You two asshats really do deserve each other.

  58. Did you all forget that Jordan tried to get Shelly to vote for Brenden but Shelly said she didn’t no if she could stand to do that because she can’t stand Rachel. She would do it but Jordan should be glad she’s a team player. I guess the cards have changed because of Adam.

  59. Jeff is not a douche… Rachel is bitching him out, and she’s not even his girlfriend! Don’t ever take BRs side lol. They’re the demented couple.

  60. What Rachael should do.. should she win HOH… is to put up Shelly and Jeff.. then if she needs to backdoor someone she should put up Jorden..

  61. best case scenario…rachel wins HOH puts up Jeff n Jordan and Danielle wins POV to ensure nominations stay the same..sigh..Jeff goes out…

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