Big Brother Spoilers – Brendon tells JJ he’s saving himself tells Rachel he’s saving her, Adam: “He’s going to pulling a d!ck”

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3:50pm Purple Room Jeff, rachel and Jordan Rachel has another amazing idea. She’s telling JJ that they need to convince Dani to put up Lawon or Kalia and we’ll vote them out. Jordon: “Umm she’s not going to do that” Rachel says that Dani has no chance unless she works with us we have to offer he 1 week of safety if she puts up a pawn. Jordan: “She’s not going to do that” Rachel continues that with Brendon and Jeff going after her there is no way Dani will last more than one week unless she take the deal. Jeff says that we’ll be gunning for her but he really doesn’t think she’ll go for sending home a pawn. Rachel again says that if she puts up Jeff then she “Thinks” that Jeff has the votes to stay. Jeff doesn’t say much, both JJ are doubtful that Dani will make that deal. (the only thing I’m worried about is Dani will put up Shelly and all of Shelly’s lies will unravel and she will go home. Dani you gotta put up Jordan or Jeff) Brendon joins them and they start talking about the comp. Jeff Leaves and Rachel brings up getting Dani to put up Lawon or Kalia. Jordan says they can all go and try but she’s pretty sure Dani isn’t going to use it jordan says: “If it ones another HOH yes maybe but she’s smarter she knows.. “.
Rachel: “what is she going to do with Brendon and Jeff in the house after her”..
Jordan: “you can all try I just don’t know”
Brendon: “Rachel and I decided I’m going to use it on myself.. rachel is going to stay up on the block”
Rachel: “She might not put Jeff up”
Jordan: “You don’t know.. that was her plan in the first place”
Long moment of silence…..
Rachel: “I’m just glad you won it babe.. now we have the chance to stay in the game”
Brendon asks if Dani is super pissed. Jordan says she isn’t she’s been pretty cool during the whole thing. Rachel says Dani looks bitter, Jordan changes the subject says she can’t wait until lockdown is over.
(there’s tension in this group)

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Rachel’s positioning herself well in the big brother house.

4:10pm Havenots Brendon and rachel Brendon is saying that he wants Rachel to stay in the game it means more to her than to him. Rachel asks him who has the better chance of winning. Brendon says that Rachel does and she needs to stay.

brendon: “You can do it I believe in you.. If I can save you on last time before I go it’ll be pretty cool”
rachel: “I don’t want you to go… I just need to get it in the back of my mind that I can do this”

Rachel starts crying they talk about their love and marriage. Rachel: “these are happy tears because I get to marry you and be happy forever” Brendon says they will have babies… (I think he’s saving Rachel but telling everyone he’s saving himself to find out were the house stands)

4:24pm Room Porsche and Kalia Porsche says that she loves Rachel she’s her “Girl” in the house but Brendon is WAY too big of a competitor to keep in the house. POrsche is starting to think about her long term strategy and she knows Brendon will be a huge challenge to get out because he wins all the POVS. Kalia agrees says that sooner or later you need to start thinking about how you fit later in the game. They talk about the comp and how crazy and stressful Monday is going to be..

4:40pm Jeff Cooking

4:50pm Lawon reading some old tattered bible he brought onto the show.

4:55pm Kalia, Jordan, Porsche, Team Bacon General chit chat about shit.. Kalia really talks the entire time about anything and everything her mouth motored on and on and on. (The sad thing Is I couldn’t hear the side conversation with Prosche and Adam that was actually interesting. It was about Adam’s job and it sounded cool). Jordan leaves to go to bed.
They start talking about how small the big brother is compared to what they thought it was going to be like. Adam: “The camera adds 10 feet”
Kalia leaves.. Adam asks Porsche who she thinks is going up. POrsche says Brendon is going to save Rachel, POrsche, Adam, Shelly and Rachel will vote to Keep Brendon and whoever the replacement nomination is will go home.
Porsche says they might try and get Shelly put up. POrsche says she’s worried that Jeff is going to talk to dani and they will put Porsche up. Adam doesn’t think so. Adam never thought that there was a chance that Brendon would save rachel, “He’s going to pull a dick”. Adam and Porsche both cannot stand hearing Kalia talk anymore it’s makes them sick (You and me both)

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I LOVE Kalia

Kalua is the best house guest ever!!

Cannot wait for all stars:
Jensa, Ragan, Maggie, Ivette, Erica, Lane, Jesse, Kalua, Zach, Nick, Annie.

Kalua would win, and everybody in that group would want a showmance with her excpet for poor nick and jensa.

Kalua really wants jordan though. It’s so clear.


ha ha very funny


Kalia will not be on the next All Star Season, if there is one….I would bet ANYTHING on that. Lane is no All Star either. What about Renny, Russell, Brit, Matt, Ronnie…they make better television and game than Motor Mouth (Kalia) and Lame Lane.


I’m sorry but if Brit is on another season, that’s the end of Big Brother. Her and her late night vagina talk on the live feeds was absolutely disgusting. At least bring back Cassie, Brit 2.0 if you need a bi-atch so badly.


I dont’ think Ragan would do an all stars without Matty. And we all know that “Professor” is near the top of the list for the must have an all stars. And it’s not clear how matty can play a 2nd time after his lie.



that is the dumbest thing i have heard since fat nasty k-fat said something….all star?….she cant even hold those peoples underwhere after they pooped in them… are insane….let me guess, you agree with k-fat about her being black and a woman is the reason people hate her


are you on crack? Kalia is one of the worst house guest ever. she needs to learn to shut her mouth.

Kalia is a hottie

Kalia is going to win, you will see. She will use her muffin tops and urine to win all of the competitions to come.

Not Meg

THANK YOU EW!!! She sounds like a valley girl from the 80s


Kalua hahahahahahhah

That’s right, Kalua will win!

Kalua and Brendon Final 2!


Kalua is the best house guest!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cassi is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That would be interesting. It would floaters v.s. floaters with the exception of jensa and nick. that would be incredibly interesting dynamic. Maggie would try to enslave them all. Kalua would urinate on them.


I bet you any amount of money he takes his lady love off the block instead of himself.


Put Jordan up


TJ I agree! Dani’s best move would be to put up Jordan. Votes for Jordan: Kahlia, Lawaun, Jeff & Shelley. Votes against Jordan: Porcha, B or R (depending who PoV is used on) and possible Adam (though I doubt it; he’s an unknown right now). This would secure Dani’s plan of getting out B or R this week.


TJ I agree! Dani’s best move would be to put up Jordan. Votes for Jordan: Kahlia, Lawaun, Jeff & Shelley. Votes against Jordan: Porcha, B or R (depending who PoV is used on) and possible Adam (though I doubt it; he’s an unknown right now). This would secure Dani’s plan of getting out B or R this week.

I Disagree plans change, Jordan would ensure Rachel goes home but that’s the wrong move, Jeff needs to go up votes would be 3 to 4 for Jeff to leave if Adam votes to keep him (which he might not do)


I think it’s in Dani’s best interest to get rid of Brendon over Jeff. Brendon wins competitions more and also is a bigger enemy of her’s then Jeffs at this point. If she doesn’t get rid of him then there is a huge chance that he will win HOH next week and then Dani is dunzo for sure. Even if Jeff does get put up against Brendon he’ll have enough votes to stay. And it’ll also be good if one of JJ is up against Brendon on the block to see who really is on whos side and we all know Rachel will campaign against JJ in the house so Brendon can stay. It’s dood that Brendon won POV – it made it more interesting. WICKED!!


Fuzzie – who are hoping to see go? Jeff or B/R? My suggestion of Jordan going up would be with the intent of B or R going home. Dani goes to JJ, tells them she wants BR out (as she does) & JJ to stay but to ensure this she has to put up Jordan who is well liked and would have the votes to stay, as I indicated above. Dani cannot afford to trust that if she put up a floater and not J or J, that JJ wouldn’t screw Dani, vote out that floater and Dani’s whole plan of getting out B or R would have failed, leaving BR & JJ back in fighting range against Dani. Dani has to put up Jordan over Jeff as he’ll campaign like hell to keep her and the newbies preference and their votes right now say that Jordan would stay and B or R would go = mission accomplished. Dani needs to focus and stick with her plan. This may very well be her best, if not only chance to break up B & R and ….. to ensure at least one of them isn’t on the jury.


Brenden needs to go!! This will make it interesting watching Rachel screw herself


That’s what I wanted to see, but if RacHELL goes home this week she’ll be able to watch on TV as Pacer steals her man out from under her. Oops, guess the wedding’s off. Worst part is I can’t return the strap-on dildo I bought them as a wedding gift.


I hope Dani puts up Shelly and in perfect world she’d put up Kalia!

I know I’m in the minority but I really want Brendon and Rachel to win this. They may be annoying but they have so much passion and energy that is unparallelled in the game of Big Brother….

I appreciate passion and dedication more than anything else! I hope they don’t go home so early. I’ll be sad.


I’d like to see Rachel win this and dump Brendon. Look how much they fight.


Don’t like BR..but if she dumps Brendon then I’ll also jump on the TEAM Rachel bandwaggon


I was thinking the same thing myself, but she wouldn’t dump him because she’s too in love to see what a jerk he is.

BR 4 The Win

I agree! I really hope Brendon and Rachel win, although its unlikely. Kalia needs to go! I CANNOT STAND to hear her BIG mouth run any longer!!!! Anyone else notice how no matter what anyone talks about she has a story to top it, or an opinion that just HAS to be heard..? Like SHUT UP Kalua..gdamn.


I totally agree with you.


If Brendan uses the veto on himself I wonder how long Rachel’s meltdown will last? I get emotion at times as well, but this girl is crying every second.


Rachel is so damn emotional I’d swear that girl is prego! Or has some wacky cycles. I am so sick of seeing her cry!


I know I think she might kill someone if she had her normal emotions doubled by pregnancy…


You mean whining. I think I’ve never seen a tear come out of Rachel’s eyes.

Rachel Is Boy George

lol Rachel is one crazy lady, she honestly believes she can get dani to put up lawon or kalia soooo funny, if she was smart she would be trying to get shelly put up


She can’t, that will only cause a bigger target for herself. Jordan should be her choice.


If Dani was smart she would get rid of Kalua. At least it guarantees her America’s favorite house guest. Kalua is going to betray Dani for Jordan. It’s just a matter of time. Kalua wants to go all crazy annie on jordan. That is why she wants Jeff out first.


Putting Jordan up is the best Dani can do. If she puts Jeff up and he ends up going home, then her game will be even more screwed than it is now.


agreed…there is no way Jordan would go home over BR


I say put Porsche up. Is she really contributing that much to the game?


She cooks…lol


Send Rachel packing and watch Porsche and Jeff get it on!


Elf Bacon and Pacer got a thing going on, looks like their starring into each other eyes lustfully….. Maybe he wants to put his pork into some pork and make a Ham Sandwich….


Can Kalia like say like anymore????? She has to be like the most annoying person in BB history!!!!


sexiest carpet muncher. she wants jordan soooo badly.

Jordan K.

I want to see Rachel play without Brendon.


Rachel makes the show with her drama but enough is enough. Her arrogance is disgusting and they fact that she acts humble about nothing only seems fit to get rid of her


Jeff goes up now IMO you don’t want Jeff and Brendon playing you in the Veto comp next week.

Brendon is staying now if Rachel is gone hes going to have Jeff and Jordan fired up to take her out, Id rather have Brendon Rachel and Jordan after me
than Brendon Jeff and Jordan, Rachel is not better than Dani in comps whens she’s trying to win, Jeff has to be the new target.


I’d rather have Jeff, Jordan and Rachel after me….and knowing Rachel she’ll eventually screw it up with JJ which is even better for Dani. Send Brendon packing Dani!


Definitely but that’s only if Brendon uses the Veto on Rachel


Dani’s game is over at this point she might as well take the deal b/c she is going home anyways might as well try and stay a bit longer, and my own opinion is Dani is a hypocrite going back to season 8 Her, Dick, and Alex (i think that’s his name) were in a 3 person Alliance and it was final 4 and Alex won HOH and put the two up b/c Alex said he didn’t have anyone b/c those two had each other and Daniel was pissed as hell at him and now she’s doing the exact opposite saying she didn’t have anyone b/c BR had each others back, And now she is playing the innocent card saying Oh well i didn’t doing anything wrong “YOU SCREWED ME” its complete bullshit she screwed herself.


Dani is smart shes gonna put up Jordan and send brendon home! Shelly needs to go next week

Uncle Cool

I would send Jeff home after Brendon this week. Then there would be no true contenders left for any physical competitions for Dani.


Stop saying send Rachel home without her, the Drma will end just like last season Brenda will fold to whoever talks nicer to him, just like the Bagade did…… Rachel IS DRAMA


even if rachel goes there will still be drama. kalia likes to run her mouth and will more and more often as the stress of being in this house gets to her. and rachel is just as big of a threat as brendon. she wins almost every comp she’s in. she would definitely give dani a run for her money. dani’s best chance is to keep jeff and jordin. just because jeff is saying he won’t keep his word doesn’t mean he won’t. i would say the odds are better of jeff and jordin keeping their word than brendon and rachel.


simon how come sometimes I go to respond to comment and it says I am posting too fast then kicks me out? is this a flaw in the program or am I doing something wrong?


no worries thanks I will just be a little more patient. 🙂


I hope Brenden uses it on Rachel. We’ve all seen Brenden without Rachel now its time we see Rachel without Brenden. With him gone we have the chance of seeing full blown crazy ass Vegas Rachel. Just imagine her winning HOH and getting drunk with Porsche and then she opens her eyes and what does she see Porsche. Then she realizes their both naked. And us on the live feeds won’t know what to do. Vomit at the sight of Rachel or get happy at the sight of Porsche. We could name this new duo Beauty and the Beast or Boy Georges Joy Ride.


I didn’t think about that, good call.


why would it be a bad move to backdoor jeff? he already said that he was not going to honor the one week deal if he wins HOH and he will put dani up, plus he wont be in the jury, his only true ally he has is jordan so that is only one person who is mad at her…i know BR are stronger but if they are saying that brendon is going to stay and everyone thinks he is stronger then isn’t it better to get Jeff out than Rachel?? anyone will win against rachel when it’s final 2 but not jeff, rachel/brendon are more easily manipulated than JJ and Jordan is not really a threat by herself (though who knows bc she seems to keep floating by like BB11)
but really, the fact that he already said he is not going to honor the deal is enough – which I know Dani doesn’t know

but please, anyone, tell me what I am missing here bc i dont see it and i know people keep saying it would be a mistake


Sending Rachel home is the emotional move and alot of ppl are really emotional, the strategic move is to get Jeff out then reassess the situation.

Shelly can’t win anything
Porsh is useless, she can cook though!
Jordan is useless without Jeff
Adam tries (Wild card)

Brendon and Rachel will play hard for HOH and so will Lawon Kahlia

That’s a 50 – 50 shot to have the power on your side, those are better odds than keeping Jeff around.


exactly, that is how i see it… but i guess not everyone does


Rant the women in the house of BB13 I’m order of the pretty levels





Hottest to least hottest:

1. Kalia
2. Jordan
3. Rachel
4. Porsche
5. Dani
6. Shelli
7. Cassi

8. Brit


1. Mrs. O
2. Kalia
3. Holly Robinson P
4. Princess Brit
5. Chenbot




yes really. i love kalia’s smile. she looks like she is sooooooooo much fun. cassi has an ugly soul; therefore she is disgusting. probably because she has had such a bad and troubled background. rachel looks like she will be aloving and amazing mother and wife. jordan is the best. danielle has no soul probably because dick abandoned her; therefore she is ugly. brit and her vagina talking. she is the worst ever.


1 Dani
2 Dani
3 Dani
4 Dani
5 Dani
6 Dani
7 Dani


5.Kaila (ugh)


1. Dani
2. Cassi
3. Porsche
4. Jordan
5. Rachel
6. Kalia
7. Shelly


Jordan is def prettier then porkie



When should they have the POV ceremony? I really hope jeff or Jordan do not end up going home. I hope brendon goes.


Rachel said she doesn’t “wanna make a deal with the devil”, but it’d benefit all of them to make a deal. She said that if Dani doesn’t take the deal, then it’s purely because of Dani’s ego.

Ego??, Devil?? Anybody else sees the irony??


ummm no. Porche is not good enough for Jeff…he wouldn’t give something like her the time of day. Why would he when he has the sweet and classier Jordan? Kalia….do you EVER SHUT UP with your Valley Girl voice….nothing more annoying than that damn voice that goes on and on and on….


Just realized Anonymous meant watch Porsche and Brendan get it on. Ya, that would be hilarious.


This ain’t a kiss @$$ or personality game! You have 2 win competitions. B&R won 2 HOH & 2 POV’s! Hello! They deserve 2 off the block. Kalia is a kiss @$$, whining poor me dummy. Adam is good sh!t. Lowan can’t do any thing. Shelly don’t know sh!t her or himself! B&R please have a twist!


Brendon will use POV to save Rachel. Jordan will go up. Brendon will go home. New alliances will be drawn. Dani is Goddess of BB.


Goddess? She royally messed up alliance is getting kicked out next week and she’s a goddess? Haha.


hopefully brendon wises up and uses the pov on himself….lets his girl get sent home so she can do some growing up….then hook up with posche…..they could have little baby doctor rolli pollies….please BB


I liked JJ and BR in their original seasons, but I’m having a hard time liking either of them right now. The dynamics for both of them are just, off somehow. JJ seem to be playing the game, but are not competing very well. BR are competing very well, but are not playing very well. I like BR and am happy that they found each other and are happy together, but they can be so nauseating and annoying, that’s the same reason everyone wanted them out last year. It seems like everyone still thinks JJ are nice and sweet, but geez they need to get it together and do something, both in their game and in their relationship. And my last mind boggle puzzle, why is no one wanting to put up Lawon or Kalia? Lawon doesn’t seem to be doing much, and I keep reading about how annoying and whiny Kalia is. Is this another case of keep the weak ones around and pick them off when you need to? Better be careful, that strategy has a way of coming back to bite you.


Why would she not put Porsche up? Make her squirm a little bit

mason vaughn

First, simon I would like to give kudos to you for your amazing website. I have a 4 month old son so I can’t afford to pay for the live feeds but this definitely makes me feel like I’m watching television. Second, I love how everyone gives good prospectives of the game with their comments. So keep commenting big brother fans! Your different views entertain my brain that’s for sure! Third, here’s my view on the status of the game right now, I agree with a lot of people that I’m not sure what they were thinking when they casted big brother 13, why couldn’t they have made it all dynamic duos from previous seasons? That would have been a good season! However, I was pleased to see jeff and jordan back but dislike them a little because I got over jeff being gorgeous, and I think a lot of the viewers need to get over it as well, there is so much more to a person than their looks.. I’m not seeing any drive in him or jordan to win the money, they just want to make it to the jury house, kind of bugs me because they’re so many people out there that want to be on the show to win the money! As for brendan and rachel, they are a love/hate couple for me. Good television but I seriously think these two deserve to win big brother if there wasn’t a social game to it, so I have respect for them in the sense that they are great competitors but they need to learn how to lose gracefully. I think I’ve wrote enough so ill leave it at that. At this point I think its already in the bag that brendan’s going home and I’m ready for the next hoh, I’m wanting porshe to win and then put shelly and kalia up 🙂

Mary R

Lol I guess I will be Mary R


Are you guys still paying attention to Dani’s game plan? Try putting yourself in her place, what would you do within the game to assure that you would win? Vote out Brendon, wait for Dom to return, not act arrogant as HOH, think stratigically about how your next move will cause the least amount of negative waves, use who you can, get rid of people who can’t be used, make sure you take the right person to the end. She has had the right chess moves all season long, play nice with the noobs, turn the house against the dictators, win when she has to, lose when it doesn’t matter, turn herself into the underdog, stay prepared for the BB twists especially the ones that can be easily predicted, etc. Like her or not, she is on her game, at least right now.

No matter how BR try to spin it, Dani is not playing the game personally. She’s smartly taking advantage of everyone elses emotional buttons. That is strategic. She’s been semi-working the house for jury votes since day one. Now that R has threatened her with losing jury votes, she will take both B&R out of the jury pool. If she’s sitting next to anyone other than Jeff (or possibly Jordan) in final 2, she will win. She will have to get JJ out but not until after jury starts. She will have to let rachel hang around until at least final 3 to take R’s vote and influence out of the jury house. Play out the senarios, Dani and Rachel, Dani and Lawon, Dani and Kalia, Dani and Shelly (after Shelly gets busted for lying to everyone), Dani and Porshe, even Dani and Dom. If she keeps her head on straight, she’s won the game.


Now hear me out on this most likely this will not happen but i think this would be a good three way battle. say if dani put up jordan in replace of rachel and somehow jordan gets voted out then jeff thinks br backstabbed him and made deals to get her out so he get in an alliance wit shelly and somehow adam so we have a three way battle jeff shelly and adam vs. brendon rachel and porshe vs. dani lawon and kalia. this will not happen but its fun to imagine cuz tht would be good then who ever comes back have to choose who alliance they would be in.


Has anyone given it a thought, that if Dani puts up Jordan, that Jordan might want to go home and start her classes, Also, Jordan has already won $500,000, that just might be a reason to send her home.


mason vaughn: I agree with everything you said! JJ are not the same JJ we originally fell in love with, they are boring and stale. Whoever came up with this casting scheme must have been smoking crack. My opinion: Either all all stars or all newbies but casting part real life couples and part newbie put together just for big brother couples isn’t really fair to the singletons and that golden key nonsense is drivel. Porsche and Dani were forced to do nothing for most of the game so far. Porsche might be better than we think now that she is allowed to compete.

And rating people for looks might be amusing to some, but has nothing to do with the game or game play, look at Evel Dick for Pete’s sake, but of course society is way meaner towards girls and their looks than to men. I don’t know how any girl who isn’t a perfect 10 can even face a camera with all the cheap shots taken by the audience.


who’s Dawg?