Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says she was shocked that Kalia didn’t go for the money.. and wonders if maybe her life story isn’t the truth..

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9am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Lawon and Shelly are sitting in the kitchen in silence, while all the other houseguests are still trying to sleep. Lawon says that he went to bed about 5am. Shelly says 4 or 5 hours of sleep ..max! Lawon says that it’s the coffee that keeps him going. Lawon tells Shelly that he likes what she said last night… that she is playing a totally different game than anyone else. Lawon says ..and you know what’s strange ..thats exactly how I am playing … not lying ..only telling people what I want to tell them. Shelly says that she should have been more creative with her story. Lawon says like a bounty hunter. Shelly says that’s a good one … FBI. Lawon says yup like a bounty hunter. Lawon says cuz some of these stories I was like ..what ..girl?! Lawon says I think Keith though a good one… and you found him out. Shelly says Cassi had a good one too.. she got all that off the internet. Lawon says that when he found out about her family ..he knew that would be their connection .. that he and she love their family. Lawon says take away the game …everyone has something special to bring. Shelly says yup. They talk about how Adam will get to spend his birthday in the house and that it couldn’t have happened to a better person. Shelly’s says that she will have to look for something to make for him. The conversation changes to talking about Shelly and Lawon’s families. Shelly and Lawon talk about the HOH competition last night. Lawon says that he liked it because it taught him that his upper body isn’t that strong. ..then he says it it. Shelly says well at least you know and you can work out your upper body. Shelly says that Dani could have stayed on another 3 hours. They talk about how shocked they were that Kalia stayed on so long. Shelly says she was shocked that Kalia didnt’t go for the money.. and wonders if maybe her life story isn’t the truth. They talk about how proud they were of Adam.. saying that he was hyper ventilating.

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9:45am – 10:30am Lawon and Shelly talk about the live feeds. Lawon says that Shelly schooled him about the live feeds …that he didn’t know about them until she told him. They talk about how the nominations are today …and that usually the havenot competition is today but ..they did it last night during the HOH competition. They talk about how the Nominations are today, POV saturday, POV ceremony on Monday and that Tuesday, Wednesday they do nothing. They talk about how it is 10am and they are still taking down the HOH competition in the backyard. Shelly says that she might as well quit smoking. Shelly and Lawon look at the memory wall and talk about the other houseguests. Lawon says that its just crazy of all the years he has tried out for the show .. 80% of the people trying out were the same people every year ..yet no of them got into the house. Shelly and Lawon discuss what they will do when they get out of the house…

10:30am – 10:55am Big Brother cuts the live feeds for a few minutes. Adam comes out through the kitchen, goes to the wash room and then straight back to bed. Shelly and Lawon talk about their past competitions. Brendon joins them in the kitchen. They all talk about how much the want to get into the backyard. They ask Brendon how it was sleeping on the havenot bed. He says that it wasn’t that bad… and that he had to use his bandanna to cover his eyes. Brendon comments on how Lawon must be running on 4 hours of sleep. Shelly mentions that the producers told her that they can have up to 48 hours of lock down. Brendon says oh really?! Right then big brother cuts the live feeds..

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Dani really needs to get Adam on her side. She needs some numbers.


My new BB 13 fantasy: Lawon and Kalia make it to final two and they both starve to death since they can’t get off their asses to cook anything.

Dom has a professional page for his modeling jobs. Play the first vid here and stop it at 0:29. Does anyone else think this could be Cassi?


That isnt cassi xD


Cassie looks just like Olivia Wilde from the new Cowboys VS Aliens movie. Google her and look at her photos. Almost like twins.


I don’t think it’s Cassie. She has similar hair and face shape but her eyes look smaller and her smile is different. I didn’t realize Dom had all of the acting background. He should have tried to use some of that knowledge to help him get further in the game. He definitely could have tried to be a little more behind the scenes. Oh well, maybe he’ll get a chance to come back in the house.


Why was Shelly shocked, he didn’t notice the obvious that Kalia was told by the ALMIGHTY ALL KNOWING ALL WHINY Brenchel(barf) that she was useless and floater, yet this floater lasted longer than athletes(ill never ever get over that) they should congratulate her. all Brenda’s pathetic excuses were thrown out the door.


shelly was shocked because Shelly watches Fox news and probably thinks all black people are thugs who commit crimes and are dirt poor. Kahlia obviously has a privileged background. She doesn’t cook or clean because someone always has done it for her, OBVIOUSLY, and she’s a college graduate from one of the nations top black colleges.

Kahlia is the type to have a maid for a one bedroom apartment. She honestly isn’t in dire need of the money but who wouldn’t love to have an extra 500k???? Does Shelly really believe that people are here to PUSH the Vets forward? If so, Shelly is a moron.

Shelly’s here to win the prize just like everyone else, and to make others think that she’s only here to be a SUPPORT system for others is quite ridiculous.


Brendon thinks everybody is beneath him. He’s really hit or miss in competitions himself (Mostly miss). A chiseled body only speaks to a person who has dedication to working out. It doesn’t make them an all-star athlete. I know he was a swim coach and perhaps that gives him somewhat of an advantage over the obvious non-athletes. But mental stamina plays a great part and that’s what Kalia and Dani displayed last night.

I’ll be the first to admit I was equaly surprised that Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly hung in so long. With her non stop smoking, I guarantee that’s a feat she won’t repeat.


Did Adam even get a golden key? If he did what was the point, it made no sense. It is a golden key there should have been more to it like they open up something and it is either good or bad. Julie talked about the twist that will happen on thursday and all it was that they are competing as individuals and not duos anymore, what a shock to everyone, it is not like everyone didn’t see that coming. I think Dani could have benefited more in the game if she gave Kalia the HOH, so she can compete next week in the HoH competition, she will probably think that come next week during the HOH competition.


If she let her win, then BRJJ would’ve got kalia to put up Dani….


Plus there was no guarantee that next week’s HOH competiton would’ve been one that she could’ve won as easily. They won’t do two endurance comps consecutively so the next one will probably be a game of chance (e.g. how fast can you put together a puzzle and the fastest time wins),which would’ve been dangerous for Dani as anybody could win (well anybody except maybe Jeff and Jordan).

Dani needed last night’s win to establish her ability to make some future strategic moves.


i wholeheartedly agree. I think Dani would’ve automatically given herself another week in the house, had she given Kahlia the win for HOH this week. I’m sure in Dani’s head, she’s thought this through tho, so i’m wondering what her strategy is at this point.


I’m wondering if the letter from home had anything to do with her game play. Interesting that she didn’t want to read it aloud or let anyone see it.

Uncle Cool

I’m sure Big Brother producers went through that letter line by line if it was from grandma…


I think all the golden keys are dead.


If last night’s Golden Key ‘twist’ as announced by Julie Chen was it, it was without a doubt one of the lamest game components. It really did nothing and as everyone else has mentioned, Adam didn’t benefit in the least by having one.

I thought there was going to be more to it but I think that whole Golden Key twist is finished.

ily dani

i think that that dani adam khalia lawon
should work together
i think shelly need to mind her damn business about lawon and khalia personal life!!!
You are here to win money you wrinkled rat


They haven’t revealed the twist yet. They will announce it next week I think …it’ll prob be an old house guest returning.


Yup it will be next week according to Juile. Something we will get to vote for.

Also, Simon, why does it tell me I’m making comments too quickly when I haven’t even posted one before?


If that’s the twist Julie is saying, and it probably us, it wouldn’t be a surprise to any HGs. They’ve been talking about that since wk 1.

And did Julie really said twist will be revealed next wk? Or she just said twist is not over?


Edit: “and it probably is”… Not us.

ily dani

shelly why are you in the bb house if you know that you just gonna be at the bottom of the vets allowance they are just using so that you can turn on the newbies and be their rat til they dont need you nomore
isnt it 100% obvious


Thoughts on Big Brother:
I’m willing to say Shelly will be the center point of this week. Whether she is finally figured out, manipulates Dani or something else. She will play a major role.

After watching BBAD and reading this site, I’m willing into say that Porsche is a dangerous player. When I thought she was an idiot, I thought she was in a good position, but now that I see her actually playing the game, she is one to look out for.

Others agree with my statements?

B sleazy

I agree a hundred percent. After watching her last night talk to RATchel she has a lot more insight than I gave her credit for.

Not Meg

I think Porsche wants Brendon in that special way.

Dark Horse

I cannot stand Shelly… She’s more annoying than Lawon or Kalia!

I hope Dani does get rid of either B/R or J/J…or even Porsche…it was nice of Porsche to crawl out of Rachel’s ass and join us for the eviction last night.
Now be gone!

Rachel Is Boy George

Thanks for the update, Lawon is starting to grow on me, he’s hilarious and i can’t wait to see how he reacts when he eventually gets put on the block, i think it will be good tv


Shelly is really getting on my nerves. There is nothing wrong with lying we all lie, but she tries to play this innocent card.


Okay so the have NOTS are Brendan and Rachel and Jordan and Lawon?? Because Jeff got the $10 grand.


No just Lawon, brendon & jordon


Rachel is still on slop for a few more days though. It’s her choice to sleep in the Have Not room because Brendon is in there.


How can I get an email everytime you make a new post?


I’d love love love for Keith to come back.


Question for those that post here…

Which would be more likely to happen and how much drama would it cause?

Brendan gets evicted and is back on Skype in a few weeks?
Rachel gets evicted and Porsche and Brendan hook up?


Rachel gets evicted and Porsche and Brendan hook up?



Rachel needs to wake up and kick Brendon to the curb. Cheat on me once, embarrass me on the internet and I’ll cut you. She needs to grow a pair and send him packing.


I think that was a lie ILL WILL. Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve heard many drunk tales and none of them were true, but it does sound cool to your friends.


Did he cheat? I know it was alluded to at one point but it was never really clear.


I agree, and it also gets their best competitor out of the game. And as many times as Brendan has said that he’s only here again because Rachel wanted to come back, he might just walk out on his own. And if not, we have the possibility of witnessing him cheat on rachel with porsche. Yeah, don’t see a way to lose with that scenario.


Gawd Shelly is acting like a total “c u next tuesday!” i mean dont get me wrong she is playing a great game so far but her holier than though routine is getting real old real fast…. And serious question, what makes her any less of a floater than lawon or kalia?

BB Fan 5

I really hope that Dani uses her brain and focuses on getting out Rachel or Brendon. In my opinion, Rachel is a much bigger threat – she is by far the best at competitions. Brendon is literally TERRIBLE at endurance competitions. I hope she doesn’t focus on getting Jeff out, because Jeff is useless (and don’t get me wrong I love Jeff). He could probably win a POV here or there but he is not good at HOH comps at all. Quite honestly, I feel like Jordan has a bigger chance of winning an HOH than Jeff does. And, once again, Jordan is flying completely under the radar. I see Jordan making it to the final 3 again. No one sees her as a threat. And Kalia’s performance last night just made her more of a target than Jordan.

On a different subject – I am really disappointed with the endurance competitions over the last few seasons. Back in the day – people would hang on for hours and hours. I mean maybe last nights comp wasn’t really one that you could be up there for more than a few hours, but I hope we get better endurance comps in the future. I want to see who really has heart, who really has endurance. A couple hours doesnt really compare to the endurance competitions we used to see in the earlier seasons.


BB FAN5- I agree. These lazy losers piss me off. I want to see blood and guts. These cry babies make deals and last an hour or so and then go on their merry way. I want to see tears. I want to see someone compete and deserve it.. Even if Jeff competed and earned it I would give him credit and believe me, it would kill me to praise him but I would not care. I just want to see someone earn a HOH or a POV

BB Fan 5

I totally agree – I think back to the days where people lasted 14 hours in HOH comps and look at these last couple of seasons and they dont even compare.


Rachel should have let Brendon win the HOH last week so she could have competed this week. Darn that hindsight!


She wouldn’t have beat Dani anyways, so good thing she didn’t waste an HOH on that caveman


What Brendon caveman? Dare say, how you!


funny situation. daniele overplayed her cards. now she is trying to sell it as brenchels fault. but she needs people in the jury…and after this week, she cannot win every competion or not any competion will be built for her.


Want to know what the big twist is? I know I know, you don’t. The big twist is …. wait for it ….

the twist is that there is no twist… it’s just a mind f$#%. Go Twist!

Team ?Dani? Team Adam Team Gay Tracy Morgan.


Brendon leaves and Dom returns (america’s vote)!

Rachel Is Boy George

I hope so


Here is a twist for you… What if Porsche is the girl Brendan was stroking it to on skype..


That would be epic awesome


EW Recap of Thursday’s Episode. Very funny and Interesting

ily dani

shelly is a racist bitch
im white bt i dont respect white racist people
and she is nuthin bt an ass kisser
and i thought brendon said wuznt gona let dani win..
jeff is the real loser cuz he has not won anything.. he’s just anotha trash
rachel has no rite nd wut makes her think that they are safe just cuz she threaten dani..she mite not even go to the jurry
shelly need to grow the fuk up and stop stick her wrinkled nose in the other newbies business and keep kissing the vets asses

BB Extreme Fan

i think that shelly stratagy is to rely on the vets til they send her home

Dani stratagy is to get on America’s good side by making big moves

Kalia and Lawon stratagy is to get competive towards the end

Pourche stratagy is to get close to BR so when rachel leave she will hav 100% of Brendon

Jeff stratagy is to make everyone scare of him and make jordan win competition so he he can make her decisions

Jordan stratagy is to make think she is a good girl so no one sees her as a threat

Rachel stratagy is to win everything

Brendon statagy is to be like jeff and run the house and take credit for Rachel work


@BB Extreme Fan Those aren’t their stratagys. Your just saying random stuff.


I was guessing BR. Simon now how many POV contestants? BR-Dani makes 3. 3 more? Let’s see how Prod can manipulate the other players.