Big Brother Spoilers: Dani BLOWS up on Brendon in the HOH room. Dani says that they are giving her the shaft…

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9:20am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Shelly was already awake. Porsche and Lawon head to the bathroom to get ready. Shelly and Brendon talk about Dani. Shelly says just open your ears and listen when he said he could not even talk with Dani anymore. Shelly says Dani spends half her time talking about what a good player she is and Rachel buys into that. Brendon agrees. Shelly says that they can’t give Dani that much power by being scared of her. Brendon agrees and says that anyone has a chance to beat Dani. Shelly says Dani is manipulating people, that she is telling both Dominic and Adam she was voting for them. Shelly says Dani told her she would put Brendon and Jeff up if Brendon doesn’t use the POV. Brendon says that’s fine… let her bring it. Shelly says that Jeff and Jordan are not after Brendon and Rachel. Bren agrees. Brendon says that he really likes Dani but can’t trust her. Shelly says keeping Dominic and Dani would open the door for every floater. Shelly says that Dani told Adam that she is going to vote out Dom and Shelly says no way. Shelly says that she would never vote for her in final two. Brendon talks about how Dani threatened them if they didn’t do things the way Dani wants. Brendon says that Dani wants Dominic to stay for her not for them. Brendon says that he liked Dani so much that he just didn’t see what she was doing. The conversation changes to talking about how Lawon is sitting back and being happy to let people do stuff for him. Shelly says that he has no pressure on him. Brendon says he’s going to talk to Lawon and let him know Dominic and Dani would vote him out before Kalia. Shelly agrees and says that Lawon thinks he’s safe. Brendon says they need Lawon on their side for now. Shelly says he will be easy to manipulate. Shelly says that liars are very easy to manipulate. Adam comes out into the backyard and the conversation ends.

10:10am – 10:40am Lawon comes up to the HOH room to talk to Brendon and Rachel. Brendon tells Lawon that Kalia is throwing him under the bus. Brendon says that Kalia wants to be put up with him and that she is so confident that you will go home. Brendon tells him that Lawon probably thought you and her had each others back …but she’s been selling you out. Brendon tells Lawon that they like him way more than they like Kalia and that they want him to stay. Brendon says that Lawon has an amazing social game but that Brendon and Rachel doesn’t really trust him because of that. Brendon says that you are cool with everyone … and so there is nothing stopping you from going to them and telling them everything. Brendon says that Lawon stays up all night with them … what are they talking about? Lawon says that he hasn’t heard anything. Lawon says he hasn’t discuss anything with them. Brendon says that Dani wants us to use the POV in a certain way …has she said anything to you about that? Lawon says no she hasn’t talked about that with me. Rachel asks what about Shelly. Lawon says that Shelly only talked to him yesterday asking him about what I do for work. Brendon tells Lawon that nothing they talk about can be talked about with them. Brendon says that they were all throwing you under the bus … Kalia is making deals with everyone. Brendon says that Kalia swore up and down that you were the second vote to vote out Keith. Lawon asks what?! Brendon says that we know it wasn’t you, we know for a fact.

Brendon tells Lawon ..what will keep him in the game will be him coming and telling them information about the other side. Lawon says MMmHHHmmm..actions speak louder than words. Brendon says that he wants Lawon to listen carefully to Dani especially because she has been acting odd this week. Brendon says that this is going to be a game changing move. Brendon says that Dominic was up here telling us to put you up and send you home… so that he still has Adam. Brendon says that you can’t trust them. Lawon says that he listens. Lawon asks if he should trust Shelly. Brendon says we don’t know ..the jury is still out on her. Brendon tells Lawon to not tell anyone about what they have told him and to just keep it in the back of his head. Lawon says that he is a big cat. Brendon says that another thing that makes them trust him is that he has never thrown Kalia under the bus. Brendon says that Kalia is throwing you under the bus and your her partner …so how can we trust that she wont do the same to us. Lawon says that he is going to win the academy award for this …and that they are going to present it to him. Lawon says that he is 100% with them and he appreciates them coming to him. Lawon leaves.

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10:40am – 11am Brendon and Rachel discuss the fact that Lawon was lying about how he doesn’t hear anyone talking game late at night. Brendon says that he is trying to buffer him from the BLANK that Dani is going to tell him. They talk about Dani and how she talks a lot about how much she knows about this game. Brendon says that Dani BLANK up Dominic’s game and that is why they can’t keep him. Brendon says Dani prepared Dominic with everything to say …and that he addressed every issue. Brendon says that Dani is the one up here trying to back stab us. Brendon says that when we put her up …you know she is going to back track. And when we send Dominic home know very well that she will be up here trying to mend fences. Brendon says that they need to just keep making Lawon think that he is great full to not be up on the block. Brendon says that great fullness can turn into loyalty.

11am – 11:15am Dani comes up to the HOH to talk to Brendon and Rachel. Brendon starts talking about Dominic was telling them that he was down there making side alliances. Dani says that she will be pissed if Dominic goes home… because they told her to go down there to make deals with him and now you are going to send him home. Dani says that she is furious that they are thinking for themselves and not about her and them. Dani is pissed. Dani says that she is pissed that they told her to work with him and now they are going to send him home. Dani says that they are giving her the shaft. Brendon asks you think we will all make it to the final five. Dani yells and tells Brendon not to talk down to her… I’m not stupid.. I’ve made it further in the game than you. Brendon says that maybe all five of them should come up here and talk. Dani asks why Jeff doesn’t talk game to me any more. Dani says that if they go behind her back then she is going to be pissed. Dani asks why Rachel doesn’t have anything to say. Rachel says that she likes Dominic but that they aren’t sure about him. Dani starts getting really mad. Brendon asks Dani why she thinks it’s against her for Dominic to go and says he doesn’t understand why she takes it as a personal attack. Dani says because of last week and them asking her to talk to Dominic. Brendon says he perception is skewed. Dani asks are you stupid? Brendon asks if Dani wants to dissolve their alliance? Dani says no that she is just pissed at them. Dani says that she isn’t stupid. Rachel says if they get rid of Jeff, it will make her and Brendon the biggest targets. Dani says that she doesn’t have a problem with Jeff …he just doesn’t talk game with her any more and she doesn’t know why. Dani says okay we aren’t getting rid of Jeff ..EVER! Dani saying she never wanted to make them targets, they can believe her or not…and then gives her word. Dani says that she is just really annoyed … that she isn’t going to turn on them … she’s not a 12yr old that people can just put things in her head and then she will turn on them. Dani says that she is not like that. Dani gives them her word that she has never said anything about them and never talked behind their backs. Dani says that they will see that she hasn’t. Dani says that if they are just playing the for themselves …then that is not cool .. and if she is working with someone ..then she needs them to have her back. Dani says that if there is a power shift, you want there to be a parachute on the other side to get by…

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LOL. Mad Dani cracks me up.


LMAO @ great full and great fullness


Always knew Dani will revert to her whiny moaning ways when things don’t go her way. I love how she spins everything her way. I was “forced” to hang out with Dom. I was “forced” to take out Cassi. I ended up “alone” after my dad left. Wow. Say what you want about Rachel but Dani is just as bad. They have a skewed perception of reality. Can’t wait till Dom leaves and she’s next.


Okay, let me get this straight Dani. You have turned on 2 people in your own alliance for sure (J&J) by campaigning against one of them (Jeff) getting backdoored and you think that the other 2 in your alliance (B&R) are supposed to believe that you are being loyal to them? Are you really serious?

DANI betrayed and broke the alliance. JJBR are still solid. Dani has proven where her loyalties lie and it’s not with them. I can’t believe she’s playing the victim in all this. She really is a TERRIBLE player in this game.



its funny to see Dani play on her own. I think being under her father’s shadow in the past definitely made her look like a better player than she actually she was. She’s terrible.

I actually feel kinda bad for her. I bet Dick is laughing/ embarrassed by his daughters horrible game play. Say what you will about Dick, but he would never shoot himself in the foot like this… week THREE


Dani is a lieing bi*** Never talked about them behind their backs BULLSHIT.


It has been a juicy morning in the BB House……Has anyone noticed that Dani is very evasive and contradicts herself when questioned about her motives about keeping Dominic? At times, she doesn’t even make logical sense. If I hear her say, “Blah, Blah, Blah” one more time, I am gonna hurl.


I hate that she also always says “It doesn’t matter either way BUT…”

Goodness. Put a sock in it. She’s only ended up in making B/R/J/J tighter.


I think Dani is playing a little like Rachel now… letting her emotions for Dom RUIN the game for her… she will be gone in a couple of weeks now


Well Dani, if you hadn’t shown your cards yet, you SURE HAVE NOW. Wow, how foolish. She had a good thing going too.

If Dom slips out, she shoulda known, and been happy with, still being 5 strong, Did she forget that individual comps and gameplay are coming real soon? Why do something this obvious and detrimental to your game?

You had it made and then tried to go all Dr. Will or something. Sorry hun, you ain’t that bright. Buh-Bye Dom.

Rachel Is Boy George

wow Dani screwed Dom over so bad,I feel bad for the kid having to go home because of her, he shouldn’t of threw the pov but at least now we can finally see some drama next week, i hope Dani wins hoh just to get one of the vets out so someone else has a chance to win BB. Im having a hard time finding someone in the house to root for, maybe Adam by default. I love how upset Jeff has been getting over people trying to team up duh you have had the strongest alliance since day 1 and your mad others are trying to do what you did.


I hope Dani gets out by next week. She is a lying backstabbing Biatch…playing the victim…makes me sick…then to see her go downstairs to talk with Dom and hate on JJ and BR. I have never really liked BR but they have played an excellent game this far.


Look, Dani can fix this. Brendon could use a nice BJ right about now. I mean, who couldn’t, right? And hey, nothing else is really happening in the house right now, so why not? Plus let’s just imagine the drama of seeing Dani on bended knee blowing Brendon and then Rachel walking in. Instant drama, yes? At the very least, instant porn if Rachel just jumps right in.

And if she’s blowing ole boy well enough, Brendan may cut her some slack and do what she asks. It’s all depending on how well she can blow the POV holder.

Let’s wish for this, yes? Oh yeah CBS, if this WERE to happen, NO cutting the feeds. ‘kay?

Dani, this is your new strategy–Sex.


Lololol that would be great tb!!!


Oopps … Meant TV. 🙂


I enjoy watching Dani stir up trouble. She is hilarious. If it weren’t for her, there would be very little drama aside from the stupid fights that Brendon starts with Rachel all the time (getting tired of those). I for one hope Dani wins HOH and gets Jeff out. That’s the only way anyone else is going to win BB. I don’t want to watch the 2 couples make it to the final 4. That would be very annoying. Plus, Jordan has already won. Let somebody else win. Go Dani!


Ditto to all this. I love how just bc Dani is playing the game hard too soon that ppl think shes a back stabbing bitch. Yes, she wants Jeff out, but I honestly think she wouldn’t turn on BR and she’s hasn’t once thrown them under the bus. Sure she makes snide comments about their game play and relationship but she WANTS them to stay bc she knows she NEEDS them to stay. Say what you want but Dani is on their side albeit for her own benefit.


actually Dani won 2nd place (50,000)…so if your wanting someone to win who hasn’t won it would be the newbies or Brendan/Rachel.(this is not a positive comment towards those two either…yuck)! Actually Jeff too…


Coming in 2nd isn’t winning. 50K is pocket chanel compared to half a million. Just bc she made the final two doesn’t mean she should be considered in the same category as Jordan


Right on, Matty!


wow i used to like dani when she was on the first time. she seemed kind of mysterious and a bit melancholy . she thinks she’s smart at the game but it sounds like she’s not playing a smart game at all. i get why she would want jj out. they are likeable people and could easily win on that alone, but i never got why she clung to that noob dom, and being a floater herself (let’s face those free passes make you a floater) she shouldn’t step on any toes yet. that being said i would love to bang her. yeah i said it.


Let’s see, this is BB house where no one lies, cheats or ‘steals my man’
C’mon, finally some game play, not the best by Dani but game play
My guess is they will bring back a HG this week, probably with a challenge.
That way Adam gets a gold key for a week off or all gold keys play in the challenge
and the last 3 are SOL. Whether the HOH is played before or after the challenge remains to be seen.
Just my thoughts on the Thursday ‘Twist’. Por, Lawon and AudreyII could be going Home Thurs.


Sorry, wishful thinking that Kalia and Lawon could be gone in the challenge. Let’s lose Por, Keith and Adam.


Not rooting for anybody anymore I don’t care who wins as I know it’s either going to be one of Brenchel or JJ it’s being rigged that way by production


Lol I love dani for standing up to brendon and calling him a dumbass. Anyways hope she wins HOH next week and the rest of the povs this season!


Rumor has it the Keith and Cassi are sequestered and it looks like Dom is going home this week, so hopefully the rumors are true and if Dom does get voted he has a chance to come back in the game. Damn it Dani you royally screwed his game.


Actually Dom screwed his game the week before by being so close with Cassi.

Those calling Dani a backstabbing b!tch are going to be the same people complaining how boring this season is, because no one else is playing the game hard right now. I applaude her for trying something. Anything is better than the status quo. BBAD has been simply hard to watch. The only drama in the house is the tired Brendon/Rachel fights. If you’ve seen one of their fights, you’ve seen them all. Brendon has more patience than me. That’s for sure. He can sit there and advise her not to do something and he has to see it. Her eyes glaze over and her mind wanders. She’s not hearing a word he says, but rather she’s thinking about what she wants to say next. I would expect this behavior from my dog or my 10 year old. Not my fiance. Good luck with that Brendon.


I was wondering if my post would get through. I was worried about it being too candid, I made sure not to use “bad” words though. LOL.

Rachel Is Boy George

they also seem to get everyone to throw comps for them so when they win they are tainted wins, not anymore though!


Exactly most of the comps they won, because everybody else was either deliberately throwing them or they sucked. That is why I never took Brenchel seriously in comps they haven’t played against anybody that was really trying yet.


Jeff and Brendon wanting to get Dani and or Dom upstairs to expose them is really stupid. Why show them all your cards?? Even if your going to send Dom home? And Jeff bullying everyone in the house is also not a good game plan. If someone even had a doubt about putting him up all that crap he lays will just cement it. The 4 were in a great position to play the others if they could just play it cool. Now that you know that they are all after you and that Dani has turned, that’s the time you get even closer to them!!! It’s just smart. Let them show you there hand and never reveal yours. T


That sounds good and all, but you’re forgetting one thing – EGO.


Is anyone else sick and tired of Shelly telling Jeff and Jordan how wonderful they are.


Truthfully, I am just sick and tired of Shelly all together. She’s seems nice enough, but where I am from bad things happen to snitches. And that’s the only game she’s playing right now.

Loose lips sink ships. I am hoping Shelly is going down like the Titanic


YES!!! She’s soooo annoying. She’s more interested in being best friends with JJ and getting an invite to their wedding. She’s already mentioned having the perfect gift for them. She’s playing the game terribly. She should have seriousness considered teaming up with the newbies and Dani. Dani, Dom and shelly could have changed the game and given themselves all a shot against BRJJ. Instead she’s rather be an ass kisser and hope to be #5. I think shes thinking BR and JJ turn on one another eventually and she’ll be in a good position when the dust clears. Loser. Use your brain and your balls and actual go after the big targets yourself

Lady E

I wonder if Adam, Dom, and Lawon figured out that it was Shelly and Kalia that flipped, knowing that they were both chosen to go upstairs for the luxury comp. prize.


Them and everyone else.


finally someone put brendon in his place he did that condescending stuff with cassi but glad dani snapped back about making it further than him. Hes such a smart player thats why he got completely played last year.


LMAO i think Dani is becoming more hated than Rachel


No way – Dani pales in comparison to Rachel.


Wow Brenchel finally started playing the psychological aspect of the game by recruiting Lawon to be their spy. Brilliant idea and he is none the wiser. Now I respect them.. a little..


This! Yes Brenchel has won lots of competitions. But last season the Brigade threw all competitions until the end when they had to win. Matt was the only one that tried to win. So there’s 3 people not competing. Kathy was useless, Ragan didn’t try to win in the beginning, and Kristen, Annie, Monet and Andrew didn’t get much of a chance to compete. So really, most of those competitions they won they were only really playing against Brit and Matt. Pretty easy to win if you are determined enough, your back is against the wall and nobody else is trying.

Same this year. The newbs aren’t even trying. Keith and Porsche threw the veto. Dom is the only newb to win anything, Adam hasn’t stepped up his game, Shelly is playing, but she’s gonna get caught out soon. She hasn’t shown ability to be a factor in the competitions and Lawan and Kahlia are useless. The only person that can play and could beat JJ and BR in a competition is Dom, and it looks like he’s toast. Even when the key holders can play, Dani is the only one that could beat them. Again, pretty easy to win when the competition is so lame.

Adam Lawrence

I’m so frustrated…it’s not fair! Dani BB8


LOL .. I remember her saying that all the time ONce in the HOH in particular when everyone hated her because of her dad.