Big Brother Spoilers: Interview with Adam Poch, “I lost a little respect for Rachel’s game”

Why did you vote for Porsche to win the money?

“Frankly, there was two main reasons. The first one – I really wanted to see a new person win the game. The new person I wanted to win the game was me, but obviously it was not to be. Porsche was the other newbie in the house. Second of all, I lost a little respect for Rachel’s game when we had a talk a couple days before and I made a comment that the Veterans this year all they had to do to get in the house was answer a phone call. Rachel told me everything she gave up to be in the house this summer, making it sound like she gave up just as much as me. I left a girlfriend at home, she went into the house with her fiancee. I had a job where there’s been a lot of layoffs, so I was running a risk of not having a job when I got out. Having an apartment that I was still paying for. I really felt insulted by that and for her to try and tell me she gave up just as much as me made me lose respect for her, especially because I worked with her, I pumped her up when she was down, I had her back. I voted based on my relationship with Porsche. I thought Porsche played a great game. I thought Rachel was not … she was making herself seem like the victim when she was making herself the victim. She would never own up to the fact that she was the victim she made herself out to be.”

Do you really think you would’ve won if taken to the finals?

“I would like to think so. I would like to think that the jury members were all people that respected me, they liked me. I know people on that jury wanted me to make big decisions, but that was to benefit them and I think that they realized if I did make those big moves to help them, it may have cost me. That would’ve been my argument to them … I did feel like I had a great shot.”

For the full interview:

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Adam was a jealous DOUCHEBAG!!


Adam… if you had all those things on the line, why didn’t you make winning your first priority? You make it seem, as if Rachel, stole $500,000 from you. She won it fair and square. You don’t even deserve winning $50,000, you didn’t even try in competitions, and you were a major floater. Atleast Shelly had a social game to backup, her horrendous physical game. So yeah. Quite the bullshit!


WOW Adam! you are even a bigger douche bag than i thought.
You had your lazy a$$ carried the entire game. And now you are bitter that rachel wouldnt carry your sorry, fat a$$ even further??? How about this captain douche bag- MAYBE IF YOU COULD HAVE BEATEN A COUPLE OF GIRLS IN AN HOH COMPETITION YOU MAY HAVE WON…..

try hanging on to the merry go round of butter a little longer you fat phuk!


Adam is the MAN! Floaters always win. He knows that. But CBS rigged the game in Rachel’s favor. Adam is the true winner of BB13. Adam in BB All-Stars 2.


CBS doesn’t RIGG comps…. They may have comps that are geared towards someones strengths but it doesn’t guarantee who wins…. Everyone has a shot to win

Look at Jeff and the clown shoe comp…. That comp was tailormade for him to win in my opinion but he screwed up… I’m sure production was very disappointed/suprised when he lost that one…. The double eviction was a major blow for the show when they lost the 2 best players (Dani &Jeff) and production had to scramble to temp Porche with pandora’s box to bring the duo twist back in and a veto comp that they thought Rachel would be good at so Jordan/Rachel would be safe….. I was suprised Porche didn’t do better in that comp since she did well hanging on the bananna week 1 and it was a similar type of comp… Regardless, there was no guarantee Rachel win’s that veto………..

I think if Rachel/Jordan didn’t win that veto, we would’ve seen the Fortune Teller give a “special power” like a diamond power of veto ect… But in no way does the show RIGG comps…. We really missed out this year when we lost Evil Dick… It would’ve been a totally different season….. “Much Better” 1000x Better


Maybe if Adam didn’t throw his glasses out like a dumb a** he could’ve won and could’ve had a chance against Rachel in the ?’s don’t blame CBS or Rachel I liked Adams, but he didn’t deserve to win… in his words ” you have to earn it “


Not even close to a all star besides he will be to busy looking for a new job after his boss saw what a loser he is.


Poor Adam is so delusional it is just sad!!!


Adam also said he would vote for whoever won the final HOH
He wasn’t serious when he said he wouldn’t vote for someone if they didn’t take him to final 2…… Rachel would’ve been smart to take Adam to the final since she would’ve won 7-0 most likely….
Adam preached all this crap about earning it and then he got sour/bitter when he didn’t earn it but still wanted to be in the finals (which he thought he would’ve won???)
Adam said he wanted to battle it out with a vet in the finals… Then he said he wanted someone new that never played before to win????/
Adam also said he voted for porche when he noticed Shelly was voting Rachel after she fumbled her vote key?????
Adam said he voted for porche and lost respect for Rachel because Adam felt he gave up more to come on the show than the vets????? (the vets don’t have lives outside of the house in Adams Delusional GROUPIE FAN head)
Adam’s stock fell big time in the last hours & he really made a fool of himself…
(Rachel said she was shocked Adam didn’t vote for her)
Adam Adam Adam…… Poor guy will probably have it pretty rough outside of the house and at this point will be remembered as “THE WORST BIG BROTHER PLAYER EVER”….God Bless…… keep your head up buddy… When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade flavored bacon


Does Adam know Rachel was turned down in all her job interviews after BB12?


Why? What did BB12 have to do with her getting a job? I hadn’t heard that.


Rachel all the way yay adam is just bitter of the 50k that he might get ….. Well i do lost respect for adam poch


Oh please! He’s just mad because Rachel didn’t take him to the end!! Even if she had, there’s no way the jury would’ve voted for a floater. Glad its over & so very happy Rachel won !! Not only that but the ladies of “The Talk” put her thru a mini comp where they gave her & Brendon a honeymoon trip so ENJOY Rachel & Brendon! You so deserve it!!


Adam is a doofus. First he whines to Rachel telling her all she had to do
was answer the phone and when she defends herself he accuses her
of whining. Big baby. He’s the one who brought up the subject, what did
he expect Rachel to say? Oh you are right, here is the 500K. Ha!

Adam had the right to vote for whomever he chose, but he lambasted
Porsche during his speech on finale night and then turned around
and voted for her. In other words, he adopted Shelly’s play book. Like
Shelly he didn’t go out with an ounce of class. Stupid idiot!


Too bad Kruddy, you just mad!!!! Rachel got the money & CO-HOH record!!!! Better luck next time!!!!


With is vote for Porsche over Rachel, Adam sealed his fate as the worst BB player of all times. Congrats Adam, you left the house with no fans, no dignity, and no money!


Simon, also with my statistic. Can you add the BB HOF?


i’m going to look into your own BB stats page this weekend.. I’m kinda taking a break today.


And, certainly a well deserved break! Someone else will feed the cats.


Okay, Sorry about that Simon. Just take a break!!!


Adam must live in a delusional world. You are only as good as your own word, which I might add his to Rachel was this:

” If you win the final HOH I WILL vote for you”.

Of which he did not.

Seriously now, he had NO way of winning against either of them.

Keep living in your elf world Adam. That is where you belong.

You are no BB AllStar.

Your dream is fulfilled and OVER.


I hope he never returns to the big brother house, I couldn’t bear another season with him in it.


the guy was already pushing the limits of sanity when he was talking about being on All Stars at the finale and that he would have won – i mean in the house is one thing, but in front of everyone at the finale!!!

but after reading this, i think he is clinically insane – so rachel didn’t have to give up as much as you BUT porsche who is all of 23 and didn’t have anything to give up (mostly bc she is too young to prob have a real career going, has no kids or husband, can cocktail anywhere) except some time with her family – it makes sense to vote for her

and he lost respect for rachel’s game – what about how he couldn’t ever pick a side!! i usually dont criticize someone’s style of play bc i think it’s relative and you do what you gotta do based on what you can do -but apparently adam can do is NOT MUCH OF ANYTHING and he is CAH-RAZY (and yes, bitter but that doesnt bother me as much as his irrationality)


Doesn’t Adam realize that everyone on BB leaves behind their life? So he left his apartment and girlfriend. Cry me a river. He really disapointed me in the end. Rachel was in the final 2 because she won the comps to get there. Adam was in the final 3 because he never won anything that counted so he was never a target. If he started the season out winning he would have been a target and would have to fight to get to the end, which we know he would have never made it. I hope Adam reads these posts and sees what a bad player he was.


Yes, that is how it usually works but not this season. The Vets came in with either their significant other or their father and knew each other outside of the house. So, they still had their love one, immediate support, someone they could trust, and a sure vote. The others were starting from scratch. That is why I had a problem with this season. Everyone was not starting on even ground. In that area, Adam does have a point. He didn’t make many more, though.

Brown Fat

school em bbgrandma… the oldys went in with the advantages of real time experience & partners, they knew what to expect (yea i know the unexpected) and they had backup. i dont know any of the hg’s enough to hate them so no disrespect but adam voted 1000% correctly. cant even he sucked as a player cuz he was in the fray & was home in my comfort zone snug as a bug…


Thanks Victoria, you and Adam are such an awesome coulpe!! What a perfect day!I hope your trailer can show others that done right, a wedding film can create emotions that a still image can never do.


I bet if CBS/BB told them this season 6 Vets would be returning,not a one of the newbies woulda said thanks,but no thanks.They all woulda still came into this game.Using this as an excuse is pitiful,they had the numbers and had the exact same shot at winning the first HOH as the vets did.Adam being a BB fan fav. should know that the Vets gave up as much or more than the newbies did to get there also.So if Adam gets called back on another season,will he think he gave up as much as the newbies did? Also I find it funny that you and Rockstar leave at the same time and come back exactly the same day…leads me to believe your the same ppl,just like a few others on this site.


You are pretty silly aren’t you. No, Rockstar is her own person and I am my own person. If you have been a regular on this site you would know you are really off base in thinking we are one person. Although, I find it a compliment to be thought of as Rockstar. She certainly can hold her own. I didn’t just show up on the last day and I never left. I have been on here continually and you have said rude things before. You must not remember because you do it so often you forget who you attacked last. I said that it was my problem with the season not an excuse that the Vets came in with advantages. Adam said that he left his girlfriend behind and Rachel had her boyfriend with her during the game. He was correct on that point alone. I don’t know about others on the site but I am sure Simon will tell you BBGrandma is only BBGrandma and that is enough. You need to find a smile once in awhile and turn your name into a happy face.


Grandma- H8ter is a Jordon & Jeff fan. You cannot reason with him. While I am usually offended when I get accused of being someone else I feel like I’m in great company when he compared us. If he had any brain in his head he would realize that we have two distinct writing patterns. Both of us have a sharp tongue and quick whit but you my dear lady are way more diplomatic and sweet where I am an unpolished stone, a little rough around the edges but you’d still want to pick up and put in your pocket. haha I visited the website daily however I refused to comment because I was upset with this season and did not like the way it was being played out. I buttoned my lip unlike all those who say they are never going to come back but yet do 2 seconds later. Of course I was here in the last day or so. BB is my favorite show. H8ter cannot fathom reasoning at all. He was like that a few years back and is still the same now.


Rockstar, polish comes with age. But, watch out for polish build up. That causes cracks that end up as wringles. You are doing okay, you rollin’ stone.


Adam acts like the vets don’t have lives outside the BB house….. they all have rent, bills,priorities, problems ect…. He says all they had to do was pick up the phone and POOF the vets magically appear from they’re perfect no responsibilities world..

Let’s say BB called Adam back to play… would he just have to answer the phone to come then????/ Would Adam feel he shouldn’t deserve the $$$$ in that situation????

Adam was just bitter and delusional…. Julie Chen was laughing when Adam told the world he thought he would’ve won BB…. Julie though he was joking….. Julie just finished telling him he didn’t do so well and Adam came back and looked her in the eyes & said he did pretty good?????

I lost so much respect for Adam in the last hour as did everyone else…. At least before we could say he was pretty loyal & honest even though he stunk in comps… But he ruined everything by acting like the CRUDDY Peice of Elf Poo I guess he really was… That elf suit looked soo good on him… I don’t think it would’ve looked better on anyone else… It was meant for him……… Adam, You really messed…… Big Time….


The Newbies had a huge advantage, especially after Evil Dick left…. They had the numbers 8 newbies to 5 vets before any evictions….They just didn’t use the advantage… Remember how the vets wanted to quit after Dick left and they were all crying poor me…. Then Jeff gave his Rocky… “WE can do anything if we put our mind to it” speech…. I think the newbies having an almost 2-1 numbers advantage (after dick left) was a much bigger advantage…. They were stupid for not sticking together…. I thought the vets were screwed early on & they should’ve been


Wow, Adam really has proven himself to be a total idiot all around. He’s one of those losers who tries SO hard to be lovable so that everyone likes him, and that made me always feel sorry for him, but he was always annoying. NOT as funny as he thinks, NOT as nice as he thinks, and DEFINITELY NOT as smart as he thinks. He’s always been delusional about his game play. Now he’s delusional about his life and Rachel’s. He’s no worse off than she is. And if he is, it’s only because he chose the oh so respectable profession of stocking CDs at Best Buy or whatever $8/hr an hour job he has. And explain to me how exactly that’s Rachel’s fault? And she never said she was WORSE off than him, she just said they’re in the same position, and it’s true. They are.

Like AdamSux said, he is 100% NOT going to be an All-Star. What a delusional, selfish, clueless, annoying tool. He sucks at everything, and he has no sense of self awareness.


people talk about living in glass houses and throwing stones they did it all summer (they blame rachel for everything all summer )

jeff said it best = bozo
dani said it best = piggy back ridding , will only be remembered as the guy in the elf suit

politics aside
some dissappointed others elated and yet some so bitter and angry that it will take a long time if ever for them to recover DANI / ADAM …. the mean girls knew their chances of winning was extremely slim so they resort to whatever low down tactic they can divise and which might appeal to us the viewers ..
1/ dani= complains her stuff is going missing and she is getting blame for other stuff going missing she thinks its RACHEL.

2/DANI= wanted to hid adam cigarrets or hold them adam thought that was childish / i guess dani wanna blame rachel for her bad behaviour to.

3/dani told rachel porsche hid her duck/ i guess thats rachel’s fault

4/ dani told rachel shelly hid her dog / thats rachel’s fault to

5/dani hid the chess piece / thats rachel fault

6/kailia hid the other chess piece

7/ shelly told dani rachel lend her a shorts and they had spots and were dirty . all shelly had to do because she shoots straight go to rachel and tell her the shorts are dirty or just wash it simple but no shelly had to make a mountain out a simple situation , but rachel was just being nice

porsche porsche this has to be my least favourite or should i say she is tie with bozo

porsche wants to hit rachel in the stomach if she’s pregnant it will kill the unborn baby . porsche is unbelievable the house is boring so what did porsche do tamper with jordans, drink food wow i dont care how the chips fall that is unacceptable to tamper with people’s drink harmful or not the main focus was her intent , i dont care people try to chop it fix it wrong is wrong …. … i guess people who support this behaviour tampers with people drink

these same people what did these stuff to rachel feels she shouldn’t have won bb13 because of her behaviour but they should be rewarded for treating her like shit . i have chosen all summer the lesser of two evil and even though unethical and ill judge actions willbe their down fall they see no wrong in what they did . their souls need to be transformed or is there no hope for the hopless i guess all this is rcahel’s fault right

adam= bozo jeff words not mine


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Big Brother inductee Class of 2011:
-Eddie McGee(BB1):1st Big Brother winner
-The Chilltown(Mike “Boogie” & Dr. Will Kirby, BB2 & BB7):Best Alliance in Big Brother History:Dr.Will Kirby & Mike “Boogie” Malin Will K(Winner of BB2 holds the BB record 146 days stayed in BB House) Mike “Boogie (4 HOH wins & 2 POV wins, winner of Big Brother 7 Allstars)
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BB Hall of Fame Class of 2011
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-Jerry MacDonald (BB10):Inducted by Dan Gheesling (Winner of BB10) & Robert “Memphis” Garrett (Runner-up)
-Amy Crews Ouellette (BB3):Inducted by Lisa Donahue (Winner of BB3) & Marcellas Reynolds
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-Julie Chen (Host of BB):Inducted by her Husband Leslie Moonves (CBS president & CEO)
-Kaysar Ridha (BB6 & BB7):Inducted by Michael Donnellan (BB6) secret partners and friend
-Janelle Pierzina (BB6 & BB7):Inducted by Porsche Briggs(BB13 Runner-up) & Rachel Reilly (BB12 & BB13 (winner))
Welcome BB HG’s Class of 2011


Thanks for making laugh BIG TIME Adam! TroLOL LOL! In short, he was BITTER.

VK loves BB

The only reason Adam voted for Porche is because he didn’t have a chance to consult with Jeff!

Honestly…I think Adam thought he was going to be the “swing vote” again and that he wanted in some strange way to be remembered for making the “big move”.

Too late!

BB King

Adam, I lost a little respect for you as a human being.


Sour grapes from Adam, no surprise. He is an idiot and I’ve said this all along. There was something about him that I did not like from the very start. Hey Adam, everyone gave up something to be on BB and the bit about the phone call well, the vets had to go through the same things like everyone else the first time they were on. Grow up Adam, stop sounding like a sore loser which you are being!!!


OHhhh Adam. I tried defending you and having your back. You’ve gone too far. You’re not the worst player in BB history, but you’ve gone waaaayyy downhill ever since Finale Night.


adam really is delusional, and i said that before as a goof, but after reaing that snipit, he is a jealous bitter man, his whole problem is everything he does he needs to compare it to others, he thinks he is a all star far from it, and i love how he puts the audiance down by telling them ” they have no idea.” umm you suck, that is reality, you had an ecscuse for every comp, you only won when there were 2 other people playing, and veto was given to ya, go get all star.


I was very disappointed that Adam didn’t give Rachel his vote. For some one who claims to love this game so much and knows so much about it, he should know that Rachel played a muchy better game then Porsche. I was hoping Adam would have made it to the final two but still wanted and believed Rachel would win between the 3. She definitely deserved it more. I didn’t care for Porsche or her game play at all. I believe Evil Dick who Adam idolized when have voted for Rachel also. I also didn’t like the fact that he could go over to Farah and hug her before he voted. The jurors are suppose to be sequestered, no contact with the outside. Hard telling if she might have whispered something to him and effected his vote. For the future seasons I don’t think they should be aloud to do that before they vote. It could cost some one $500,000. Luckily, Shelly put all hard feeling aside and voted for the best player.

Reality ck

I saw this thread about adam(waste) and took some time to do more productive things other than anything adam. I:
-popped a zit
-Picked my nose
-took a dump

Share with everyone what you did instead of talk about adam.


Adam truly was disappointing. He’s 40 going on 12 with his heavy metal screams and his making weird faces while on the jury. He voted for Porsche for either of two reasons: Porsche told him she would make it worth his wile; Porsche has been working her dare I say “charms” on Adam all summer. He had the hots for her. Did you see the prolonged hug with her. I can’t believe BB let her stay in the game after she maliciously tainted a houseguest’s drink! Are you kidding. She should have been thrown out asap. Also she supposedly came into this house with Janelle’s help. Back to Adam, you went against your word to Rachel, who totally deserved to win out of the final three. She should have taken Adam because I think she would have won by a landslide. He being such a fan, he acted like a preteen boy with a crush in the end. And Adam, you never had a change at winning.


Adam thinks he’s a fan favorite and will for sure be in the next all stars ….. Oh god…

BB King

Adam is also a liar. He told Dick that he didn’t vote for Rach because he saw Shelly voting for her and he knew she won anyway. Now he changed his story. I hope this liar gets exposed in all BB sites.

bbfan, lol

I feel sorry for the guy, He actually thought he was important…


can only say to Adam … out of the mouth of the BIGGEST LOOSER EVER… dam he was worse than meow… at least he showed some class at the end… someone should tell that IDIOT that Rachel already went through the ringer to be on BB12 … that was one player that made me major sick … gag gag gag ..


What a big fat whiny bitter jack of all a$$es this fool is! I hope you read this blog in particular but I doubt you’re smart enough to be embarassed even if you did read it. You did next to NOTHING all season and you’re angry because Rachel didn’t also carry your butt over the finish line…just disappear will you? Do us all a favor.


How does Adam think he’s automatically a BB All Star…. Just because you got invited to the club doesn’t mean you get into the V.I.P room……… I don’t think Adam knows what All Star means…. Maybe big brother will do a “No Stars” theme…. Combine all of the worst BB players bring them in the house and lock them in forever…keeping cameras off, lights off and give them a lifetime supply of SLOP…… BB would be doing society a huge solid favor…. Adam Sucks & I bet he’s a Hermaphrodite Elf…


Are you kidding me… Adam, Kalia, and Dani? You said Porsche kept a low profile as a reason for her to win. Bullcrap, first of all Porsche wasn’t even playing the game at all 3/4th of the time, remember that time their was a house meeting and everyone was arguing, Porsche has no freaking clue what the heck was going on! …yeah playing the game, yeah right Porch! Also it looks like the 3 sore losers vote Porsche because their friends aka social game…. cmon now that does not make a good valid reason as to why Porsche would win freaking 500k. Its Big brother(alliances, enemies) not freaking facebook(make the most friends, wins).

Julie B

Get over yourself. You didn’t even deserve f3. You were so disliked throughout the season that many would turn off the feeds when your sorry a$$ would swig all over the place. Good luck porks!


IMO, the Waterloo moves for the season Adam made were: A) threw his googles and then wasted the precious minutes jumping out of the aquarium and looked for them B) assured Rachel he would voted for her even she voted him out.


Wait till adam is home and reads all the negative posts people wrote about him. I would venture to guess 80% of big brother viewers can’t stand him and his arrogance. Bet when he reads how much people h8 him he will be drinking alot to get over it.


wow Adam really disappointed me (a well as others) – saying one thing then doing another….. sounds like was a little jealous…..yep and if Rachel took – he would lost the 500G’ but made 50G’s….

i don’t think he would be one of the all stars unless the could not find someone to find a spot…..


Does Adam think he’s still playing the game? And just when did he lose respect for her? Before or after she saved his ass and he got to meet Tori Spelling? He must have forgotten all about telling Rachel he owed her big. I have no respect for someone who claims to love the game so much and then vote for the person who didn’t even play the game until day 52. Grow up Adam!


Wow Adam what a dumb move!! FIRST…by you telling Rachel that you would vote for her if she did not keep him, you gave her the PERFECT reason TO evict you!!! As you said it during Showtime I thought “perfect, get rid of him”. Stupid move!!!!

But as a big fan of the show I am sooooooooooooo disappointed that you would vote for Porsche who DID NOTHING!!! You are no fan. It was just a bitter bitter move by you. And if you stayed you WOULD HAVE NOT WON! Give me a break!!!! You clearly floated back and forth and did not deserve one penny!!!

Congrats to Rachel!! You deserved the money!!!!


did u know that rachel made it possible for u to meet tori spelling?. adam i cant say what i feel about u i may get banned from this site but u get the point.